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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 25, 2017 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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we join together in response to president trump's criticism. he said those who protest against the "national anthem" should be fired. james brown is here with a debate over what is appropriate. a church usualer is credited for stopping a gunman who attacked eight people after sunday services in nashville. we're at the scene where the fbi has opened a civil rights investigation. and calls for help intensify in puerto rico. a majority of sit extends are still without power five days after hurricane maria slammed
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ashore. plus we have not sheldons today. we begin with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> they're making a lot of money. i'm not begrudging anything. i'm saying they have to respect our flag. >> i'm pissed off. i'll be honest with you. calling our players s.o.b.s and all that stuff. >> everybody ha ahs a right to speak out. >> i can't imagine how horrified they were. >> police say emanuel samson is the man who opened fire. >> we can't let acts look this interrupt our effort is.
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>> the plan is on the ropes. >> officials in puerto rico are getting a clearer view of the destruction left by hurricane maria. >> the outer edges of hurricane maria actually scraped the east coast of the united states. >> the death toll from tuesday's powerful quake in mexico continues to climb. >> a deadly aftershock called more damage. >> all that -- >> a partygoers snapchatting in the elevator when in walks bill nye the science guy. >> -- and all that matters -- >> has this changed you? >> no. wait a minute. i say, you've had a great life, old man. you've about had a great experience. >> -- on "cbs this morning." . >> they get a touchdown. >> instead of going in, he slows up and gets hit from behind. >> that's a bad play.
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that's a horrible play. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." pro football players are defying president trump after he told them not to protest during the "national anthem." mr. trump's criticism led to sideline demonstrations yesterday at stadiums across the country. >> more than 200 players kneeled, locked arms, or sat out during sunday's ritual. president trump said it's a total disrespect of our heritage. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that s.o.b. off the field, he's fired. >> mr. bob kraft who gave mr. trump a super bowl ring and
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contributed to his campaign said he was deeply troubled by hiss statement. he said our players are int intellige intelligent, thoughtful and care deeply. demarco has more, good morning. >> good morning. christopher johnson linked arms with his players during the game. his brother is the president's ambassador to england. sunday's final matchup between the washington redskins and oakland raiders was played minutes from the white house. ♪ what so proudly we hail >> during the anthem, players joined arm, sat or knelt. even dan snyder, a trump supporter joined in. >> at the end of the day, unite wed win. nobody's going to divide us.
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>> a muslim owner and trump supporter locked arms with his team. jaguars. dozens of baltimore ravens players took a knee. >> we got a glimpse of an eye hf o eye-op eye-opening daying. >> they wanted to draw attention to racism and police brutality. on sunday the tennessee titans and most of the pittsburgh fields stayed off the field during the anthem. pittsburgh lineman, a former army ranger stood alone. steelers coach mike tomlin. >> they chose not to be disrespectful so they were not going to participate but they were not going to accept the words. >> players said in the statement, quote, we will not stand for the injustice that has plagued people of color in this country. while some fans booed the
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players, two anthem singers in nashville and in detroit knelt in solidarity. while many nfl owners have been in support of their players, there are many nascar executives who d their employees owner ri quote, anybody who don't stand up for the anthem ought to be out of the country, period. >> demarco, thanks. president trump is doubling down on his opposition after the nfl protest. he tweeted last night sports fans should never condone players who do not stand proud for the "national anthem" or their country. nfl should change policy. major garrett is at the white house. major, good morning. >> good min morning. a bit of perspective. they all face congressional tests and very soon. north korea remains a potential flash point, and yet this
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weekend was all about the president's heated call to fire players who would kneel for the anth anthem. not once but twice sunday -- >> they have to respect our flag and they have the respect our country. >> reporter: president trump amplified his criticism of nfl players peace pli protesting during the "national anthem." president trump set it off friday during a rally if lieu thekt strange in alabama. >> wouldn't you love to see the nfl owners say to players who disrespect our flag, get that s.o.b.he field. he's fired. >> does that say total disrespect of our heritage? that's a total disrespect of
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everything we stand for. >> the next morning roger goodell called the president's comments divisive and said they demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the nfl. president trump watched some of sunday's games and took the protests as a personal win. >> i watched a little bit, and i will say that there was tremendous solidarity for our flag and for our country. >> throughout the day the president slammed the nfl and players calling the kneeling not acceptable and said the games are boring. but football isn't the only sport whose players are unhappy with the president. basketball super lebron james called the president a bum on twitter. >> this guy that we've put in charge has tried to divide us once again. >> the president insisted none of this is about race. he also irked the nba by withdrawing the white house invitation to the champion golden state warriors citing
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their lack of enthusiasm of being celebrated by mr. trump. charlie, not all is lost. the pittsburgh penguins have accepted a white house invitation. >> thanks. in our next hour james brown joins us with his reaction over the protest and the next steps for the league. tropical storm warnings and watches are in place in north carolina because of hurricane maria. the category 1 storm is 3 meals off the coast. it could deliver a storm as early as tomorrow. puerto rico's governor is calling on the pentagon for more help after hurricane maria devastated much of the island. the majority of the territories, 3.4 million american citizens are still without power five days after the storm made landfall. at least ten people are killed. some are criticizing president
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trump's lack of response. former secretary of state hillary clinton said the president and secretary should send help. david begnaud, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is a sweat box in here. there are i'd estimate about a thousand people in this terminal waiting to get a flight. most have tickets, but some were told to leave last night and sleep in another terminal but now they're back this morning in the back of the line fanning themselves with cardboard and they've been doing it for 72 hours, even longer. >> it's just tough. there's nowhere to lie down. >> reporter: san juan's main airport looks like a shelter. hundreds have slept on their suitcase. >> we have very little money. we have enough to scrape for one
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sandwich a day. >> reporter: she got more money. >> the food is not enough. the wagas is not enough. so even is fighting to get more. >> reporter: across puerto rico everyone is waiting in line. in the hard-hit toa baja people have stood under a lone cell phone tower in search of a signal to let everyone know they're okay. this dam is breaching. 70,000 people were warned of flash flooding. >> along the river in isabella town, you've evacuated everyone. >> yes. >> reporter: he said a dam failure would be catastrophic for those who live in isabella and others who rely on it for drinking water. drinking water is so scarce in some areas, people have been collecting it on the side of the road. in other places it's everywhere,
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choking entire neighborhoods. carmen barrero owes home has been destroyed. i don't have anything, she said. back at the airport it's becoming confrontational with people yelling i have been waiting days to get on a plane with children. the hurricane destroyed one of the transmissions at the airport reducing the radar that pilots need to fly in. that's one reason so many of these people have been waiting to get off this island. >> boy, david. thank you very much, david. the more you hear, the worse it is. i know of people who still haven't heard anything from their relatives. they're taking the no news is good news, but they can't get any communication there. >> hillary clinton made that point yesterday. >> yes, she did. thank you again, david. he's reporting from. >> reporter:
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the fbi opened a civil rights investigation over a deadly shooting at a church in tennessee over the weekend. the suspect is emanuel kkei kidega samson who shot himself accidentally yesterday. they're praising a man who confronted the gunman. errol barnett is there with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they're searching for a motive which drove samson to attack churchgoers that witnesses say he attended if the past. the ordeal began just before 11:15 sunday morning as church services were being let out. >> you can only imagine the kind of hor that unfolded inside of this church. >> reporter: police say samson
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drove this suv up to the church, left it running, got out with two guns and shot and killed melanie smith, a 39-year-old mother of two. >> everybody's looking for why, whying why. there's no understanding evil. there's no understanding hate. >> reporter: samson then walked down the main aisle of the sanctuary hitting atz he moved. he wounded six including the pastor before he was confronted by engle. he pistol whipped engle and accidentally shot himself. >> reporter: this woman said he started shooting. >> he started shooting more. >> reporter: injured in his
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struggle with samson, engle went outside to get his own gun and then went back in the church and stood over the wounded shooter until police arrived. >> mr. engle saved countless lives at the end of the day. he's the here rowe at the end of the day because this could have been much worse in terms of death. >> reporter: samson has been charged with one count of murder with additional charges pending. as for the man who tackled the gunman, he issued a statement saying he doesn't want to be labeled a hero. he said that label should be reserved for the police and the first responders an doctors who have help and are helping everyone involved. charlie? >> thanks, errol. the president is placing new bans on countries. it came the same day as the original travel ban was set to expire.
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chad, sudan, and others have been added. there are some exceptions by country and occupation. mr. trump tweeteded last night, we will not admit those into our country we cannot safely vet. a new cbs news poll finds most do not support the last-ditch effort to replace the obamacare. 52% disapprove. the poll also finds 87% believe insurance companies should be required to cover people with pre-existing conditions. nancy cordes is on capitol hill where several key republicans came out against the bill. nancy, good morning. >> good morning. this is why graham/cassidy rushed out a new version of the bill last night, one they say delivers more funding to the states of some of these gop holdouts, states like alaska,
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arizona, and maine. it's not clear that move is going to sway these no-votes like john mccain who said the process is already too rushed or rand paul who says he believes the bill is already too expensive. ted cruz of texas and susan collins of maine are also leaning no. she said she's worried about those on medicaid and those with pre-existing republicans. right there they have enough to sink the bill. but graham/cassidy are still going for a hearing today and they hope for a vote later this week on this bill that takes most of the obamacare funding and hands it over to the states that would come up with their own plan, a move that would give states more flexibility. but the time is really running out because if republicans want to pass a health care bill in the senate majority. they only have until saturday.
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after that they would need 60 votes. north korea is treeing to convince other governments to condemn president trump for vowing to totally destroy his words in his united nations speech. he called the president's threat an intolerable insult. the country's foreign minister said, quote, makes our rockets visit to the u.s. all the more. ben tracy has more. >> reporter: good morning. this does appear to be a new approach in which north korea is trying to use president trump's threats against him and he's using president trump's threats as propaganda. they claim that 100,000 people showed up. on the same day that bombers and jettings flew off the east coast
7:19 am
in a show of force that the opponent gob says was designed to show its military options. this is the furthest north korea in the korean peninsula the u.s. has flown so far this century. meanwhile president trump continues to refer to the north korean leader as little rocket man despite the fact that his aides have warned him against personalizing this conflict. >> thanks so much. criminals and people with terroristic links can register for planes for just $5. ahead, we share the spotlight. first
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in oher 60 minutes debut, oprah winfrey learned about the deep division. >> oprah, if i want to sell you a bushel of apples for 20 and
7:21 am
you pay me ten, it does me no good and it does you no good. at some point we have to figure out how we're going to come to $15 at some point. >> $12. >> fair enough. and that's what bothers me about congress. you've got people over here saying -- >> ahead, seeking common ground. >> announcer: "cbs this morning" sponsored by rocket mortgage. apply simply, understand fully, mortgage confidently. she also builds her own fighting robots. destroy. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately for sarah, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so she can understand the details and be sure she's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently.
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news ". good morning, i'm rahel solomon, eagles fans flying high after thrilling record setting victory in the season 's home opener. take a look, this is rookie jake elliot, he kicks 61 yards game winning field goal with just one second left on the clock. eagles beat the giant, 27 to 24, at a rocking lincoln financial field. the game winning kick by the way, the longest field goal in eagles history. no big deal. let's get a check of the forecast with katie fehlinger. look like the heat from the weekends sticking around this monday morning. >> certainly is, much like the linc was heating up yesterday, doing the very same with the weather pattern here today. i expect we will come close to records, but also, worth a mention is the invisible press out there, going to the beach, taking advantage of this beautiful sunshine and heat. keep in mind rip countries being quite high with maria
7:27 am
churning off shore to the south. that storm doesn't have direct impact on us, but it is going to get swept out to sea and keep again the surf turned up 90 in the sunshine today, meisha. >> all right, another hot one. all right, katie, thank you so much. good morning, happy monday everyone, weaver an accident here bucks county route one north northbound near route 13 , blocking the right lane and the right shoulder. another accident blue route northbound at norristown pulled all the way off to the right in the median area. and another one montgomery county lower state road, intersection is blocked, rahel >> meisha, thank you. next update at 7:55, up next on cbs this morning, oprah winfrey and her first six off minutes. i'm rahel solomon, good morning.
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dave matthews, you hear him there, kicked off a concert f e charlottesville. he organized the benefit intede. some joined players. pharrell williams took a steve i ha stevie wonder took a knee with dave taking a knee for america and two knees for the world. it's a very serious conversation we're having in the
7:31 am
country. >> it was very nice of them to do the concert. welcome back to "cbs this morning." german chancellor angela merkel faces a new challenge this morning after being elected for a fourth term. it was tempe b showing of a far right 0nd adviser jared kushner used a private e-mail account for white house business. his lawyer said kushner received or responded to fewer than 100 e-mails from white house colleagues on his personal account between january and august. there's no indication that he shared any of his information on his private account. in the weeks after mr. trump's election victory, president obama warned the facebook ceo is the problem of
7:32 am
face news would only get worse in the presidential race. mark said there was no widespread use. anthony weiner is expected to be be sentenced today in a sexting scandal. he's expected to plead guilty to transferring obscene material to a 15-year-old i go. director james comey cited finding e-mails on wiener's laptop exposed hillary clinton. in her debut last night as a "60 minutes" special monitor, she traveled to michigan in a heated focus group. in a portion you'll see only on "cbs this morning," she talked about participating freely, finding common ground, and securing the border. >> the biggest thing that we've started to lose in america and
7:33 am
what is the biggest danger to the republic is we've lost the ability the debate freely, to sit down and have intention passionate rational debates. you know what? people may have feelings hurt and we may not like each other when we're done, but when we stop having that ability, when we loose the ability to debate ideas, the republic is over. >> is there a way for us to all reach some kind of common ground where all sides can be heard and that is possible? and if we could that at this table, why isn't it possible for congress? >> well, the thing is if -- oprah, if i want to sell you a bushel off apples for only $20 and you want to pay $10, it does me no good if i say no and walk back to my truck and you walk away. at some point we have to figure out how to get to $15 at some point. >> $12.
7:34 am
>> fair enough. that's what bothers me about congress is you've got people over here saying, no way f and you've got people here saying no way ever. you take the hot button issues off the table. you look for the common ground t common denominator, and then you work from there. >> the day after our blf van r derworth ouf his farm in grand rapids. >> what did you think of that? >> i got to visit with people i would. normally unter act wit>> it wit whether your congress gets you, whether or not the president gets you. do you think most of gets what it takes you to do what you do out here every tay? >> unfortunately i believe the vast millions o americans have no idea what it takes. everything you see behind us, all of these apples are hand
7:35 am
picked. every apple in the united states are hand harvested. there are no machines on this. we depend on high grant labor, skilled migrant labor. we have had over the years dozens of american citizens show up and say, yeah, i'd like to pick apples. most don't make it through a day. >> how are the immigration lawe to let more people in this country at some point, but we have to have a handle on who's coming in, where they're coming in, where they're coming from, all these things. >> if president trump were here right now, what would you advise him? >> i would advise the pretty to securing the path of securing the border. >> do you think it has to be a wall? >> i do. but as he said, we can add a big
7:36 am
beautiful door. we allow them to come in and fulfill jobs we have here. >> boy, i really like thad interview and i thought jeff gave a very important perspective about people who are doing hard work on the front lines of agriculture and other things, knowing the business, picking apples by hand. that's incredibly important. >> he really did show an understanding of both sides and seeking common ground. >> i thought it was interesting to see all the passion around the table last night watching it. i like what jeff also say. we have to be able to have passionate rational conversation in this country. so many times we don't do that. we just hear anger. >> also late night they looked at john mccain's fight against brain cancer. "the arizona republic" shared his glioblastoma diagnosis earlier this summer. >> what did they tell you about the prognosis? >> it's very serious, that the prognosis is very, very serious.
7:37 am
some say 3%. some say 14%. you know. it's a very poor prognosis. so i just said i understand, now we're going to do what we can, get the best doctors we can find, and do the best we can. and at the same time, celebrate with gratitude of life well lived. >> senator mccain told lesley stahl he's more energetic and more engaged since his diagnosis. he said he's got to do everything he can to serve the country while he's able to do so. >> he really got to me, i have to say. h had so much grace and compose your. he said, whatever time i have left because nobody really knows. he talked about how great his life has been and all the things he's accomplished and he said he's not done yet. >> with that kind of attitude, he'll be better able to face the future. >> one thing, his mother,
7:38 am
roberta mccain is still alive in her 100s. they have great longevity in that an airplane in the united states is less secure than getting a driver's license. ahead, "the boston globe's" investigation into how someone linked to terrorism can easily get a plane. we invite you to go to our podcast, see extended interviews and and ipod apps. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. art? that idea... ...we borrowed from the experts. blue diamond almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. hey. what can you tell me about your new social security alerts? oh! we'll alert you if we find your social security number on any one of thousands of risky sites, so you'll be in the know. ooh. sushi. ugh. being in the know is a good thing. sign up online for free. discover social security alerts.
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a web of secrecy could make it nearly impossible to identify a plane's real owner and whether the plane still in operation. "the boston globe" spotlight fellows spent a year investigating the system saying it could be exploited by drug dealers or corrupt politicians. there's even a link to terrorism of those who hold active faa licenses to fly or overtake planes. kris van cleave is outside washington, d.c. kris, good morning.
7:43 am
>> it raises questions by the faa of who flies them. they're registered through the legal. they make it very hard for law owns a actors like runners pla. >> those layer terrorisms. >> and kelly carr -- >> it's like getting the u.s. stamp of approval. >> reporter: what they found was an antiquated system that was easier than getting your driver's license. >> you need a bill of sale that says kelly sold the plane to jamie and you fill out the form.
7:44 am
that's it. >> you go to the dmv and it's a birth certificate, passport, utility bill. >> the cost to register with the faa is $5. >> the faa does not see itself as an active policeman of the registry. so when information comes in, they mate sure the information is there but they don't vet it. they're honoring the honor or's system to say this is who i am. i am a u.s. citizen, you know, i live here. but if somebody has bad intentions or wants to lie or has ill-intent for yaus of that license or certification of a plane, they can lie and the faa says that they're not going to vet -- they're not checking. >> reporter: the faa says they're not vetting because it lacks the resources. the globe found two of the planes used in the 911 planes were listed as still active
7:45 am
until 2005 and they didn't have listed a twa cargo plane that crashed in 1959 until 50 years later. like two airline pilots who were convicted of flying a plane drunk. or five people the globe identified with potential ties the terror who were listed as having active faa licenses. as recently as august this airline mechanic showed up in the faa registry as a valid licensed holder. his license was revoke ntd 2015. you can read the stories online. now in a statement this morning the faa tells us that they do investigate fraudulent aircraft registrations and says it is constantly working to strengthen
7:46 am
the integrity of registry information. they're planning to significantly upgrade and modernize the aircraft registration format. >> thank you so much. airbnb directed people to short-term rental. the director of the company is transforming how he wants to increase the sightseeing business. they deliver with a
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>> score! he whips it! >> unbelievable. rookie jake elliott kicked a record 61-yard field goal yesterday in the final seconds. score, 27-24. it was the longest field goal in the eagles' history. the teammates swarmed elliott afterward. he said it was awesome and all a blur is that o blur. >> that's great when it happens the a veteran let alone a rookie. ahead, we'll prince harry and the invictus games.
7:52 am
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>> the search on for suspect on violent home invasion left teenager in critical condition police say two men and woman barged into an apartment in pottstown last night, and opened fire, hitting a 17 year old in the chest. police do not believe this was a random shooting, and they say at least one of the suspects new the victim.
7:56 am
>> the forecast, hot and humid , also still breitbart and sunny too. we look at the wider zoom on storm scan three notice, hurricane maria churning away in category one storm, no direct impact, at least not locally. will graze north carolina however but does churn up our surf in the next few days, possibly bringing shower tuesday, wednesday, meantime, hot. >> okay, katie thank you so much. still few accidents out there, still the northbound blue route at norristown, pulled in the median area, still heads up. montgomery county chalfont, big accident here involving tractor-trailer that's leaking oil, lower state road now closed between county line road and foley road. use alternate. horsham road is your best bet. back to you. >> next update 8: 25, coming up this morning, ceo and founder co-founder of air bnb. i'm jim donovan. good morning.
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it's monday, september 25th, 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ahead, james brown on the next step for the league's players after the protest during the "national anthem" and what tom brady has just said about the president's comments. plus jim parsons of the big bang theoriy is in studio 57 along with the young boy who
8:00 am
plays young sheldon, iain armitage. first your "eye opener" at 8:00. >> it seems that the president's words only reignited the protest. >> tax reform, health care, the budget, all face severe congressional tests, yet this weekend was all about the president's heated call to fire nfl players. >> puerto rico's governor is calling for more help after hurricane maria devastated the island. the fbi is still searching for a motive for why the gunman attacks this church that witnesses say he attended in the past. >> this does appear to be part of a new approach in which north korea is trying to use president trump's threats against him. >> too bad he wasn't on the team when a squirrel stole the show at a college football game.
8:01 am
>> he might do it. he's going to do it. oh, my goodness. do it, do it. touchdown. man, he's my favorite squirrel. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by liberty mutual insurance. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. one puerto rico leader said hurricane maria set the territory back decades. most of the nearly 3.5 million citizens there still do not have power. officials say electricity will not be restored for a while. >> at least ten people were killed and that number is expected to rise. flooding is still a problem. puerto rico is asking the pent gone for more help. our david begnaud is at the san juan airport. he said there are thousands o people waiting to leave in sweltering conditions. no one is handing out food or water there and some have been waiting for four days. it is cooler outside, but people
8:02 am
don't want to loose their place in line, so they're not leaving. commercial flights are slowly beginning to talk off. president trump is still telling nfl sidelines they're wrong. he tweeted it has nothing to do with raese. it's about respect, our flag, and the "national anthem." there were protests from london to los angeles. it was in response to the president saying players should be fired for kneeling during the anthem. the demonstrates started last year in protest over police brutality and racism. >> many teams locked arms in a show of unity. more than 200 players knelt or sat during the anthem. only six sat the week before the president's comments. tom brady was one of those locking arms and spoke about the president's comments in a radio interview. >> i certainly disagreed with what he said and thought it was just divisive and, you know,
8:03 am
like i said, i just want to support my teammates. >> cbs news special correspondent james brown is host on nfl on james, good morning. >> goo good morning to you, charlie, norah, and gayle. >> what did you see? >> what i saw was togetherness. i saw owners, the commissioner, nflpa, directors and players all in unison, not necessarily agreed with the method that the players are tay seaying but hearing what they're saying and it is not anti-flag but more pro the issues that have been longstanding and trying to find a solution together. >> i think that's what's concerning to people is they're missing the message about how this started. it didn't start against the
8:04 am
country or patriotism. >> gayle, not at all. we talked about the kind of issues that are systemic and lonld standing and weekend documented in terms of community and color and racial inequal tell and these players aren't just making a statement. most of these players have been actively engaged in trying to um prove the fabric of those communities with their actions and with their dollars, so certain hi they're to be commended in that regard. >> this started with colin kaepernick over a year ago and many people didn't support him at that time publicly. why do you think now is different after president trump's word? >> i have yet to talk to colin kaepernick, so let me be clear about that. what he said in the early days in 2016 is he wanted to raise the level of awareness and engage civil dialogue among not a homogeneous group but
8:05 am
all-inclusive. it's in the public consciousness and people are having conversations across different strata if you will to try to find out what the solution is. >> some fans say they appreciate the players' rights to protest but it shouldn't come during the "national anthem." what do you make of that? >> you know, norah, and i truly and completely understand how many people only see the flag and what it stands for and think that it is an affront to those in law enforcement and military. it's not anti- any of those things. it's more pro what the issues are. i think to the degree, the old expression, can we reason together, sit down and hear one another. that's what we're seeing when we see arthur blank, ownership like arthur blank and pete of the seattle seahawks. they're at least engaged in dialogue. they're hearing the players. you can agree to disagree without being disagreeable is the manner in which they're going about it, norah.
8:06 am
>> where's colin kaepernick a year later? >> a year later? still from a visible standpoint unemployed as far as the nfl is concerned, and that's another whole issue. one thing i have to give him credit for, although i might have chosen a different position myself, he's donated money to be a bridge builder. he's not one sitting up living comfortably off his money and talking about the issue. he's out there on the front lines and he's involved. >> many people would still like to see him play again. thank you very much, james brown. >> thank you, guys. airbnb has changed the way people stay. the company owner and co-founder brian chesky -- there's brian and his mom and sister. they're all there. hi, mom. ahead how they're trying to
8:07 am
>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by liberty mutual insurance. liberty stands with you.
8:08 am
wounded warriors around the world are taking part in the invictus games. ahead why it's also a special occasion for prince harry and his american girlfriend. you're watching "cbs this morning." i was playing golf a couple days ago... love golf. and my friend mentioned a tip a pro gave her. did it help? it completely ruined my game. that advice was never meant for you.
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airbnb transformed the travel industry in less than ten years. it provides a worldwide online platform to find rentals. founded in 2008, the company is now valued at more than $30 billion. it features more than 3 million listings around the world. it's now expanding to include online restaurant reservations and online experiences. they're posting over 100,000 new experiences today. brian chesky is co-founder and ceo of airbnb. good to have you again. >> thanks for having me again. we realize when people travel they want to have a great experience. we realize what if we can empower new yorkers through a
8:13 am
guided activity from bee keeping, a concert on the roof. if you have a passioning you can share it with another person. we think when you travel rather than going to see a site, you can have a new experience. >> first of all, who knew there was horseback riding. >> you weren't sat feed, mr. chis skiing with having a hugely successful company. you wanted to take it to the next level. >> our company took us here. our community. they were offering their homes but they would come to us and say we'd like to offer more. we said more like what. they said, i would give people a tour of the city or make them dinner and before we knew it, their imaginations kind of showed us a path forward. >> so they provided all the experiences? in other words you didn't go out seeking the experiences? >> no, no. primarily people came to us. we have tens of thousands o people who came to us and applied and said we want to offer experiences to people.
8:14 am
someone might be a kk and said i want to create food in a home. dave in seattle has a wolf conservation. he said i would like to give people a tour of these wolves and i have wolves and you can hike with the wolves. he's making $200,000 a year hiking with wolves. this is an amazing opportunity economically. >> don't you think this is fascinating people want to do more. when i did airbnb in st. bart's the owner left champagne and all of these instructions and i was amazed at the hospitality. >> it proved people were wrong. people thought, this will never work. they'll net let strangers stay in their home. 200 million people, i think it's clear they want to connect with others and share their home and great experiences. >> let's talk about the expansion of airbnb.
8:15 am
how are you doing in china? how are you doing in terms of international expansion? >> china is dog really whelm we're the largest home-sharing company in china. we've had millions of people in china use airbnbal over the world. >> do you have chinese competitors? >> we had a couple. >> uber had a difficult experience. >> a lot of american companies have struggled in china. one difference with airbnb is we're a travel company. if someone in china wants to travel around the world, you would not use a china website. our international global company gives a leg up. >> there was a little bit of kerfuffle about airbnb. when white supremacists wanted to rent, you stepped in about that.
8:16 am
talk about that. >> a rear and a half ago we started noticing discrimination on our platform, which is in opposition. we hired eric holder, and he helped us create a nondiscrimination policy and now when you sign up for airbnb, you have to sign a community dmitment that says you will not discriminate again people, including letting all people inside your home. we noticed a group using our site and we prevented them from using our site and that created a backlash but we have to stand up that another republican your mom and dad who are here are very proud. they thought it was off the wall when they heard the idea. your dad was praising you for the guts to do it. they thought you were going to work in art and here you are. >> exactly 60 years ago little
8:17 am
rock nine made history. in the classroom it's caught the attention of a director, that would be ava duvernay. she talked to our degree ga about that. >> ahead. why they say there's still very intense seg grigation in schools. you're watching "cbs this morning." we appreciate that. we'll be right back.
8:18 am
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prince harry created this sports competition for wounded veterans. he mads he first public appearance with his girlfriend meghan markle. everyone was very excited to see them together. markel lives in toronto. the couple . >> good morning. more than 500 athletes from 17 different countries competing in 12 events. overseeing all of it, one prince. at saturday's opening ceremony prince harry sat next to first
8:22 am
lady melania trump. his girlfriend meghan markle sat four rows away. they're getting star power but it's the athletes who are competing onnen the field in toronto like u.s. air force master sergeant ben seekell. >> i'm going to have put my first foot forward. >> sergeant seekell and his canine charlie came upon a land mine. he lost his leg. >> the only thing to to is get up and go. >> reporter: still on active tutti, sergeant seekell is looking to add to the stlee he won last year. >> my expectations for myself
8:23 am
are high and i'm not willing to walk away from the field with anything less than goal. >> reporter: sebastiana lopez arellano is also looking for gold. >> i don't care what those boys do. what are they going to do. flip me? >> she flipped her motorcycle. she lost her right leg. >> i was in a coma for 36 days or something. when i woke up, i was so happy. we us like, oh, cool. i'm alive, because i thought i died. >> so many come from literally off the couch. >> reporter: aaron moffett is their coach. >> we don't want them to be active one day a year but active 365 days a year. >> reporter: we're standing at a square in front of city hall
8:24 am
that includes two tennis courts. norah, the invictus games run through saturday. >> jeff glor in toronto. so glad to see you there. exercise and sports can help you heal many things. ahead, how sheldon cooper became the star of the good morning, i'm rahel son man, medical professionals from delaware planning a trip to the caribbean to provide care in the wake of hurricane maria. meanwhile, peco crews are back in delaware county after two weeks of restoring power in florida following hurricane irma. the crews worked at making repairs, handing out food and waterment welcome back home to those crews. now we send it back to kate. here at home, pretty soaring
8:25 am
temperatures? >> definitely, see very significant warmth, another day should heat 90 degrees at least here in philly. twenty-seven already outside palmyra cove nature park, little haze you but off in the distance barely make out the center city skyline. meanwhile elsewhere around the region at least mid to upper 60s, even mount pocono, started off on pretty warm note. we all warm up efficiently as result, nice day in the poconos, here in the city just hot, again, notice the humidity climbing tomorrow, wednesday, more clouds build in here, maybe even see sprinkle, maria, however, bypasses our area, thankfully, but will children up the surf and mean dangerous rip countries being the next few days, meisha. >> all right, katie, thank you so much for. that will still busy out there, still talking about some accidents. so accident leer record 95 north the ramp to the vine. actually giving you kind of a clear picture of the back up view, as you move toward that area. plus, tanker truck is leaking oil. still lower state road, county
8:26 am
line road, that intersection there closed very slow moving around the area. and accident in frankford, cheltenham at bustleton avenue the intersection is partially blocked, there as well. rahel, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. next update 8:55, ahead this morning, the olds and young shell on's, i'm rahel solomon. good morning!
8:27 am
8:28 am
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plus tv and phone for just $79.99 per month. welcome back to "cbs this morning", let's take a quick look in the green room. jim parsons and iain armitage are there. young sheldon and older sheldon. let's say this. when les moonves heard this idea -- he's our chief. >> jim's having some peanut
8:30 am
butter. >> we like when people eat the stuff that hello, jim parsons. less m les moonves says it's the fastest yes. politico says they're looking at price's use of planes. on saturday price said he would stop using private aircraft penlding a review. an indiana university freshman was left behind on a school trip and accidentally locked in a cave for 60 hours. 19-year-old lucas was on a spelunking trip. they didn't know he was in the cave when they pad locked the entrance. club members realized he was
8:31 am
missing. >> but, norah, it took a couple of days. if we all went out and you were suddenly missing, i would notice right away. >> that's kind of sad. it raises the prospect of shortages. many pharmaceutical plants on the island are not working. last year pharmaceuticals made up 72% of the exports. the success tore accounted for 25% of total u.s. pharmaceutical exports. >> "usa today" reports on the study. it's based on graduates' income. it includes engineering, pharmaceutical sciences and topping the list, petroleum engineering. the least, composition and rhetor rhetoric. miscellaneous, fine arts and clen cal psychology snow i was a
8:32 am
philosophy major. i wonder where that is on the list. >> i was psychology. that always comes in handy. always. the "washington post" reports on a study that says if you want to stay strong as you age, you should find a purpose. researchers say older adults with a stronger sense of purpose tend to maintain strong hand grips and walking and they're less likely to suffer from heart attacks and strokes. they're likely to live longer. 60 years ago today nine black students entered an all-white school in little rock, arkansas that they will not act as segregationists or integrationists. >> the new movie tea"teach us a is about the little rock nine. bianna golodryga is here with the movie and influential backer. >> still such an important issue facing this country.
8:33 am
the director of that film sonia lowman. the director is ava duvernay. i sat down with them in harlem, new york. >> we're one of the few countries in the world that systematically and deliberately spends less money to help less affluent children. >> it's not true things are equal. there's still segregation happening in all forms all over the country. what i love about the film and what she did and it spoke to my film "thirteenth" in a way that what's supposed to be truths are actually falsehoods, veils that are pulled over ugliness that
8:34 am
america hasn't dealt with. >> reporter: "teach us all" talks about schools all over the country. the film says children living in poverty continue to suffer. >> my mom makes about $9,000 a year. there's five of us. you can kind of malk what we have to go to to survive. >> reporter: what you see in the segregated schools is they tend to get far less resources and more importantly less experienced teachers. >> everyone knows teachers are most influential in a child's development. why do you think this country isn't doing more to promote good teachers, to promote and give them better raises? >> if we were really serious about social progress in this country, teachers would be paid like lawyers and doctors and we
8:35 am
wouldn't be just peaing lip service to teachers. what we're seeing is a widespread disinfranchisement. >> you see kids who say, i just have a quarter, is that enough to buy a book at the buyer fare and i want to cry. you dig in your pocketbook and give them $10 because you want them to have a book. >> is it racial inequality or -- >> i think they go hand in hand. class in this country has been conflated with race, you know, with brown versus the board of education, race is protected. it's a loop hole. race is protected. the class was never protected. you know black people and brown people are poor in this country. you say race doesn't happen. you know they tear poor and you don't have to serve that part of it. you think it's a given kids should go to school and get an education wherever they live. >> it's not an environment a kid should be raised in. it's not a pretty good safe
8:36 am
environmental. >> what is the solution? that the idea, again, that we were -- you know, a lot of people said, oh, we're not racist. now we're at a point where you can't say, i'm not racist. you have to say i'm anti-racist. for me it's going to come back to those students from the little rock nine who were teenagers who showed such unbelievable courage. >> such important film and the film is available on netflix today. you talk about hypersegregated schools. the average income is $15,000 versus $50,000 in the more integrated schools. it started at a young age and affected children so greatly. >> ava duvernay is on a roll. >> sonia said she won the lottery. >> i think she's right. thanks, bianna. fans of the big bang theory
8:37 am
will soon know more about the childhood of sheldon cooper. actors jim parsons and ian arm tackle will share what they've learned about the
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
leonard does? >> all right. leonard is attempting to learn why sub atomic particles move the way they do. >> really? that's it? that doesn't sound so complicated. >> it's not. that's why leonard does it. >> that is a beloved and brutally honest sheldon from "the big bang theory." now he's also behind the camera's executive producer and narrator of a new show. it's called "young sheldon." the series introduces us to the eccentric scientist as a child. iain armitage stars as the boy genius. in the prequel 9-year-old sheldon goes on his first day of high school. >> oh, dear. >> yeah. >> that boy has an exposed tattoo. >> he does. >> i wonder if he knows that's
8:42 am
in violation of the dress code. >> speaking of which, how about we lose the bow tie? >> why? >> look around, honey. known else is wearing one. >> perhaps i'll start a fad. >> no, you won't. please trust mommy. i'm tell you what. you take it off and this weekend i'll take you to radioshack. >> the kid wants to go to radioshack. we're pleased to welcome jim parsons and iain armitage. what were you going to say, iain? >> i was going to say you asked me to think of three words i thought were funny, three lines. >> from the pilot. go ahead. >> actually i have four. >> thank goodness. >> give me four. go ahead. >> first of all. that girl's blouse is diaphanous, which means i can see her brassiere. second of all we have, mom, when should i be expecting my test
8:43 am
tackles, your favorite one. >> yes, that is my france. >> third. perhaps i'll start a fad. >> we saw that one. >> and fourth -- let me think -- >> we'll go to jim and you think. >> i had it in my head. >> jim, this was your idea. you said wouldn't it be fun to show sheldon before? why did you think you were on to something? >> the first thing we were trying to think of, me and my production company, anything we could take a show about. we were going with my nephew who was 10. he's 11 now in texas. he's very smart. i thought, this is describing a young sheldon. i checked in with chuck first of all. >> chuck lorre. >> i thought if he has any interest, i should talk to him about it. i thought, they would have thought of it before. they've been building it for a decade, anecdote after anecdote.
8:44 am
but they jumped at it. and what they even done with it is really miraculous in my opinion. it's its own show, its own memory play, origin show. what were you going to say? >> i love how you don't refer to yourself as old sheldon. >> what do i call myself? >> big sheldon. >> big sheldon. >> it would make sense -- >> that's the nicest thing i'll say about myself, just big, not old. >> also thought of the fourth one. i think, monkey, think. >> iain, what did you -- you started "big little lies" a lot of people know of you, but what did you think when you got this character? >> oh, my goodness. i was so happy and excited that it was like i was just -- it came sort of as a total shock because i thought, oh, yay, i get to do another audition.
8:45 am
i was at my grandma's over christmas, i had just barely mem orrized it, and i was just like -- my mom filming it was probably the best thing about it. like -- and then i got a call back, so i was like, oh, that's pretty good. so i went in, i did it, and now -- i met mr. jim. >> who's responsible for you being an actor? you or your mom? >> well, you see, it doesn't exactly run in the family because my mom's not an actress, but my dad is an actor. >> you just saw him this weekend. >> yes, i didn't i saw him in "hamilton." the only difference is he's a theater actor and i act in tv shows. i did actually do a thing, it was called "millions." i'm blanking. a workshop. >> this is the thing that's so cool about this role, jim. for iain's character, you're not
8:46 am
putting sheldon's words in his mouth. >> no. it really is its own character in the same way that -- what you're seeing is sheldon how he became what we see in the adult show, and so this is kind of its own creature that he's portraying here, and there are overlaps, but there are also -- we watch him discover things like comic books and his clothes are going to change style as he goes through this. i don't know. it's like all the things that you associate with sheldon now, you see how they got there through him. >> yeah. >> and what's it like, jim? because we're used to seeing you in front of the camera to now have this additional role as a producer? >> i'm very mediocre at it. i'm very mediocre. >> that's what they say about you, jim. >> not true. >> that's not true, is it? >> not true. >> it's very strange and it's taken a lot to get used to even
8:47 am
talking to another actor, in this case, iain. >> giving direction? >> sort of. i'm not comfortable in giving another direction. i don't want to break it or him. but he's -- iain's -- >> i'm not that fragile. i'm fragile but not that fragile. >> flexible and resilient. >> pliable. >> goodian. but iain's so easy to talk to. >> this takes place in 1989. and you were not alive in 1989. >> i was not alive. >> we were all alive. what were some of the funny things you learned from the '80s about doing the show? >> first of all, the clothing sort of took me by surprise because you have a lot of things that would be considered totally outdated and really weird today, and stuff like that -- that no
8:48 am
cell phones. >> yeah. no cell phones. there are these huge thing, whatever they are. >> and "big bang's" coming backham you ended up proposing. >> that's right. >> did she say yes? >> you'll find out tonight. >> you got married. >> i did. >> what did it take for you to become honest people or honest men, you and ted? it took a long time? >> i thought when we first got together we knew it was a real thing it was long lasting and marriage wasn't a possibility. we went on for so long we thought, we're happy. then we said, what the hell, let's have a party. >> congratulations sth thank you very much. >> have a great show. >> jim parsons and iain armitage. you can see this. children pick up everybody, jim.
8:49 am
at 8:00. >> i know. >> and young sheldon. right here on -- >> -- cbs. >> hear more of "cbs this morning" on our podcasts on itunes.
8:50 am
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8:54 am
like steve sweeney. if we want to change trenton, there's only one way. fran grenier. >> good morning, i'm jim donovan, well, hear from eagles coach doug pederson this afternoon a day after the eagles beat the giants on last second record setting field goal. it was rookie who kick it, jake elliot, hit 61 crashed field goal yesterday with one second on the clock to win the birds home opener 27 to 24. the longest kick in eagles team history. the birds now two and one, play the largeness los angeles
8:55 am
, next sunday. let's turn to katie for a look at today's forecast. >> toed, all-in-all, jim, looking like another very summer like day. lots of sunshine for us, heating up easily all the way to up 09 degrees, but here is wide zoom, hurricane maria churning away as category one storm, will barely graze north carolina then make sharp right hands turn taught sea but churn up our surf in the meantime. these aren't your air temperatures, rather the dew point temperatures, the higher they get, the steamier it feels, now starting to feel steamy. so along with the higher humidity, it is up a tick, certainly will be hot today. ninety the call for the daytime high, fled with records by the way, next few days, mid 80s, expect more clouds the next few days, maria's close as passage, thursday, friday, cold front sweeps in, knock the temperatures back, meisha. >> good to know. katie thank you so much. a lot of people will be happy about that. looking outside right now. we do have disable rv pulled off to the shoulder. schuylkill eastbound before montgomery drive, slow
8:56 am
traveling on past, that's congestion, also accident vine westbound right lane compromised here, but it is not actually too slow. westbound, eastbound, as you approach the schuylkill westbound, tap the brakes here eastbound actually looking pretty good. then the tanker truck leaking oil, lower state road at county line road limekiln pike , intersection closed and will be for quite some time. >> that's "eyewitness news" for now. join us for "eyewitness news" today at noon, i'm jim donovan make it a great day. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's up to 16 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $24.90 more per month.
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>> can this young mother clean up her act before it's too late? do we need to rethink our recent assault on salt? the doctors have a salty debate. >> your kidneys get rid of excess salt. >> not for everyone. >> a device that blasts away fat. >> we put it to the test. >> family members of pilots, killed during production. speaking out. >> that's today! ♪ [ applause ] ♪ >> hello, everyone.
9:00 am
welcome to the show. joining us today is clinical psychologist dr. judy ho. welcome. >> thank you, guys. thank you. [ applause ] >> dr. travis: for decades now, we have said, high salt diets are bad for our health. but what is the real deal? ♪
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