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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 29, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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snv breaking news up fern owe in south jersey when a house goes up in flames. >> shots fired odds a local landmark in sent he of town. we got a major update on the investigation. >> and the kick is, it's good. >> and unforgettable kick and unforgettable call. live with the voice of eagles merrill reese about what the eagles need do to win again this week. that would be nice.
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would doesn't area we're down to one. >> we're literally counting done the hours for the -- how many hours? >> not that we don't love being here. >> exactly let's not make you know exactly. >> all right. so let's take a lookment storm scan nice and clear and quiet. cooler start to the day though my goodness you have to walk out the door with a sweatshir sweatshirt. tag a welcome at current temperatures in terms of deficit and difference in the last 2 hours. so you take 60 yesterday versus today and today it's anywhere from 18 to as man question as 27 degrees colder by comparison. so yeah you start to see the blue contouring coming in on map and that means cool are air obviously is doing job and really starting to mess with those thermometer readings. it feels g you have to be prepared for it with sweatshirt or extra layer of some kind and wind eased up
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substantially and tad breezy mount pocono. that's where you are really cool as you might exhibit. 43 current value mount pocono and mid to low 50s down to the shore. now with the bright sunshine and crisp feel you can only imagine what it will be. not bad to have a plus on friday am i right it definitely looks like nice day. 71 eventual daytime high. i just send the kid with sweatshirt meisha in school colors mine were canary and blue. what was yours. >> red and black. >> you look great in black you're dressed up with the season. >> i have my biker boots on too. >> good morning, everybody, happy friday to you. we're all smiles around here. disabled vehicle schuylkill eastbound. mcdrive. heads up on that flashing light on and you see them scotting by. probably not cause too many problems yet and it probably will in the next 30 minute or so. done looking outside. cottman pushing in south direction center city coming around s curve. tapping breaks.
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you are traveling speeds there as well. weaver been looking at construction in bucks county all morning long. 95 south 332 and route 1 that right lane compromises and crews are out there and we have cones in the roadway. dark out there. take is easy around there. this is the one loan accident still lingering out there. it's out there thorn bury township. 9:26 street road route 52. heads up put on your brakes a little and wold of septa construction going on. sunday, this sunday, next two after that furnish rock and glenside changes to airport, lansdale, doylestown. check schedules online. that's sunday for the next three of them. rahel back to you. >> meisha thank you. updating breaking news in den county where a brand new home goes newspaper huge flames. we have dramatic video from eyewitness news viewer jr. sicklerville. the fire probing out before:30
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this morning. under control in 0 minutes. in reported jerz and clearly a lot of damage. so far it's not clear what sparked the fire. >> developing right now feign illismville police on the hunt for this man. he is 21-year-old keon carpenter. he shot 20-year-old joshua mitchell following argument last night. we confirmed mitchell died at the hospital. police have been out on the 2 200 block of bridge street investigating all night. that shooting happened sent he of town same block as colon yap theater. anyone with information about carpenter is asked to call police. >> david creato jr. the camden country father that plead getty in death of his son will be in the cam didn't country room and will learn his sentence. >> trang doe joins us live. we know this is a case that stretched for years and may come to conclusion today. >> yes, that's why it was surprising when d.c. pleaded guilty to manslaughter in this case. though his defense attorney
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and prosecutors came one a plea agreement it's ultimately up it a judge to seal his fate. >> david d.j. creato shocked many when pleaded guilty to manslaughter weeks before second trial was set to begin. first trial resulted in a hung jury on may 1. and prosecutors alleged hadden township man killed-year-old son brendan because then girlfriend did not like children and brendan's body was found laying on a flock shallow water in wooded area of cooper river park on october 13, 2015 and medical examiners ruled boy's death a hospital soyd and could not determine how he sigh died and if convicted of murder cato could face life in prison. following unexpected plea defense attorney rich ar facino told eyewitness news it was client's best option. >> this is tear bally sad situation he would be a fool not to take what was offered to him. >> with guilty plea to lesser
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charge of manslaughter attorneys agreed to ten years if prison with crew at owe eligible for parole in 8 1/2 years. crew at owe already served more than a year an a half in jail. under this plea agreement he could be out of prison in early as 7 years. and sentencing is scheduled for 1:30 this afternoon. for now live outside the cam didn't county courthouse i'm trang do cbs3 eyewitness news. >> thank you trang for the update. >> millions in puerto rico desperately waiting for aid after hur can maria devastated the island. >> devastated? and desperate. that's the situation for mill ynz of people in puerto rico. >> this is no way to live really. they should bring us water or other supplies because kids keep asking. >> most residents are without powder and pane other don't have pace being necessities. >> you cannot get them there overnight.
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because you got to get them there by boat or by plane. >> fema officials say they handed out almost 1 million meals so far and is this of packages were not delivered yet can. stuck on island largest port because of lack of drivers and vehicle fuel. >> frustration of knowing that maybe right now right now there's a person in need of medicine that right now, babies, children, don't have water bottled water. and it's here. it's in puerto rico. >> on thursday the whitehouse author roosed temporary waiver of of jones act that allows more ships to bring supplies to island. as for recovery efforts the u.s. army corps of engineers vows to rebuild puerto rico infrastructure and area hospitals are attending to the sick and injured. >> we have to triage patient and triage logistical needs and prioritize delivery to make sure we sustain lives in
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achievable bite size way. >> john lawrence eyewitness news. >> in other news green bay packers say their anthem demonstration was not a protest. >> what so proudly we hail♪ >> members of packers lichinged vrmz during the plague of national anthem at lambeau field. fans an members of of check chick bears also linked their arms in chant of u sment a were heard before the game. some fans don't agree with the recent protest. but the packer are united. >> there's about -- this is about equality and about unity and starting a conference around something that might be a little uncomfortable for people. >> i'm not opposed to end goal end purpose it's ow they're getting there. >> many players, teams and fans demonstrated during the national an them at games this year. last work president trump criticized players that took a knee during the anthem. >> days before o.j. sim sop walks out after jail a free man we heard from murder
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victim ron goldman father. the nfl star set to be released sheing nine years of 3 year sentence for armed robbery at a hotel he was found not guilty of ron goldman and his ex-wife. >> closure. >> is there closure. >> is there such a things. >> not such a things. you read and book and done you close it you're done. family member of victim of violent crime doesn't get closure. that horror stays with you in your head forever. >> no arrest wherever made in murdered of rop goldman and neck ol simpson. he was found civilly liable in the deaths and ordered to may families $3 million. ron goldman would he have been 49 years old. >> coming up this morning. yosemite hit by substantially
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bigger rock fall a day after a land slide. >> two car seats in perfect condition after horrific car crash that left the family vehicle mangled we'll hear from the pennsylvania mom next. >> this car covered in thousands of clams. makes you do a double take. that's not the most interesting things about it pass. >> jim we are live here in delran new jersey friday "football frenzy" happens here at holy cross taking on floor eps. coming up next sun nfl football eagles take on charmers and merrill reese live with us don't go anywher live with us don't go anywher anywhere.
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>> we can see each other outside of the office once in a while. >> no, that's all right. >> all right. >> there's too much togetherness. we need a break. absence makes the heart grow fopder i think. >> i love you to death. >> well. >> we have a fun weekend coming on this friday is upon us we made it. katie says what made it is fallment starting to feel like fall. she'll have full details. >> she wants us to baby sit. that's why she's saying this. >> we love you. we love you
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cigna healthspring. snv one person was har the slide came after a twelve torey slab broke away from same rock formation killing a hiker and injuring his wife. >> pennsylvania mom is turn what could is been a tragedy to less yn for others. >> after being into awful car crash her kids are proof that car seats save lives. look at these photos. lancaster resident jennifer bad question where trapped in. her car was mappingled mess and her kids escaped without a scratch. she is now stressing importance of car seat safety. >> it hit you and i think that's maybe why people are sharing the photo because it doesn't seem real. it doesn't look like both seats came out of that car. but they did. >> it's very easy to get caught up in we got go. got go. take a moment. slow down and everything else can be replaced. the seats, the car, everythin everything. my kids, no way. >> she must have been so shaken up. her story went viral on
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facebook. she hopes it reminds parents buckle up kids. it builds good habits my mom would never let us drive without seat belts. >> couple from new york reunited with their stole ep car 23 years after wept miss sfwling it's a wonder they recognized it take a look under all clams is ronald and kath question fraching's honda accord. you see it was reported stole anyone 1994 about a year later scuba differ spot today at the bottom of mow hawk river by then home to bass and clams. lots of clams, the structure of the car and style of the car inspite of clams it was no longer green but mud colored. it was our car. >> well recently police began working with dmv and confirmed this was in fact the frank's stolen car. they're not looking for follow up though. they're happy to have closure. >> in spite of whole clam thing it's same car. >> clear as day.
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>> right katie. >> yeah. >> it would appear the thieves of that car were on the clam. >> oh, katie. >> that was not very good. i'm sorry. >> you know it is national coffee day. i had a good zippinger earlier. i don't think my mic was up he said he likes lattes and i said you must like them alatt alatte. >> you heard that one. >> you pretentded not to. >> i getty see how i'm treated here i understand. >> let's switch gears. >> storm scan we have a few showers around across the great lakes. this is batch of reinforcing cool air that drops in here and pays us a visit and brings in showers along the way too. timing is not ideal. it could be worse. we're not talking about widespread wash quout by any stretch. scattered showers late tonight and into tomorrow at times. now, also want to draw your attention to this batch of showers and storms that's working its way across parts of crib condition and florida
6:18 am
straits this has a chance at least 4 in 10 to develop into something bigger vl right now no guarantee on that something we're watching and still have maria thankfully further out to sea. kicking up rip current risk for another day. while surf may be subsiding it's three to five feet and rip current risk remains. it's looking look a nice day. you want a sweatshirt as you go out to the shoreline today. lots of bright sunshine throughout the day. i stay on dry line. meanwhile eagle as cross the can'ty this sunday and looking as though weather will be gorgeous out in la. lots of sunshine for you. 79 and just beautiful and moon while take a look at hone and fine weather wise and that means sunny warmth for days. >> nice that looks beautiful.
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thanks so much katie and good morning everyone. well it's our friday. how are we looking outside. we do right now have accident on the boulevard. this is going to be area that get very, very slow. boulevard south schuylkill right lane compromised and take a look at how many vehicles seem to be just piled up there. they're not all in the accident. but some of them are trying to move over to left lane. this is really going to start to slow down here. boulevard southbound by schuylkill as you approach schuylkill i would say give yourself extra time now and once you jump on to skull will westbound city avenue building there as well. right now focus is where it is accident southbound by the schuylkill right lane come pissed. schuylkill off ramp to montgomery driver show moving path actually looking good. again we're starting levels there as well. construction this bucks county columns in the road. 95 south between route 33 and route 1 right lane compromised there. so right now we head over to pat. bhat are you up to. >> i'm over in delran, new
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jersey. meisha, because tonight thefy "football frenzy" take over as florence takes on holy cross. we're at holy cross high school on the field. we'll talk to some students and coaches and players in just a couple minutes. we want to talk about sunday first as philadelphia eagles head to los angeles to take on la charmers and joping us as he always does on friday mornings it's great merrill reese from 94 wip. >> good morning. >> good morning pat. >> let's talk about last week first. you had a memorable amazing call as did rky ricardo after jake elliot hits the 61 yard field goal. i've neevr seen anything like that i'm sure you have got either. take us through the call and play. >> actually i have seen something like that tampa bay a number of years ago against eagles beaten by a 62 yard field goal. this was a lot more fun. >> so what's it leak having 'call like that. >> you don't think about the call as you think about the
6:21 am
moment. he line today up i was not thinking it would government i any it had a hair of chance you're thinking more about about to be over time and theft his got and you watch tment one thing you never do it never call a field goal until you see the officials arms go up you can be easily mistaken. but once i saw those arms go up it was amazing feeling. it was just so skill rating to think with one stroke of jakeel wrote's leg the eagle he's beaten the giants. >> so merrill they can go 3-1 this week in los angeles against chargers and one of the things that got them through the giants was running game. he get the ball twelve times against giants how did running game change what do you see moving to are ward. >> i think it depend on opponent. i think there will be weeks
6:22 am
when the eagles throw a lot more than they run. i don't think this is one of those weeks. if you look at the chargers they're 31 next to last in entire nfl against the run. so i think that glount and smallwood and rocky cory clem ept that comes not far from where where you are now glass bow owe will see a lot of action. >> okay. eagles heading to los angeles. we know about philip rivz and antonio gates. what else do we need to know about charmers team. they're 0-and desperate. >> they're a good edge rus rushing team they have squoy bosa great start ohio state and he can create problems and they have ing graham on the other side and he's a good pass rusher and they're tough to really figure out. they're as you said 0-3 desperate team and rivers is quarterback who when he is good he's really, really good and he also is so aggressive that he tries to throw through people and four ipt acceptings in first three games.
6:23 am
>> eagles and changers 97 wip. >> see you pat. can don't go anywhere.
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>> now for a lock at up sooer head lines across the region. >> in atlantic city margate residents this week told board of commissioners they want army corps of until nears off the beach by spring. city officials should be gone by may after which the city would be responsible for its new beach drainage system. hurricanes off the jersey coast delayed the do you know project. >> and from the mercury
6:27 am
pennsylvania supreme court revived a lawsuit that claims the state is under funding low income school distrit and commissioners claimed total expend turz range 98 a student and incomes more than 28,000 per student and wealthier districts. >> in spirit of delaware country acting commissioners reclaimed long time township residents barry pinkwitz citizen of the year among other things he was driving force behind construction of chester creek trail and coordinated township 911 memorial. >> that's a look at headlines around the delaware valley
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>> i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. meerz what you need to know september 29, 2017. >> huge flames engulfing home in camden county. this is eyewitness viewer video. >> police in chester county serving for a gunman after a shooting in downtown phoeni phoenixville. in the same block as colonial theater. >> it's sentencing day for camden county father who pleaded guilty in daeling of young son. >> though he came it agreement with prosecutors today a judge will seal his fate. we're american citizens. >> a grand new crisis in puerto rico. three start army general headed to the island and direct relief efforts. >> what so proudly we hail. >> nfl flares unit. green bay packers and chicago bears stand in solidarity during the national anthem. >> this is about equality and unity and love and growing
6:32 am
together as a society. >> and that was packers quarterback aaron rogers speaking for the game. last night against chicago on cbs3. >> let's send it out to katie it looks and feels like football weather starting today. when you walk out the door it's anything from 17, 18, to 27 cooler than yesterday. region wide. with nice clear sky out there and fact cool are air actually caught up it certainly is is reflected on temperatures. storm scan is nice and quiet and stays that way. we take a look at comfort as well we talk about a good hair day. remember lower dew point value gets the drier the air. with wind easing up 43 for dew point is literally off the charts. you noloest we have on own comfort index is down to what we call awesome. what gets better than that i'm not sure maybe a good hair
6:33 am
day. we do have, however, cool air with this 56 current temperature philly international and down in the 40s and basically half the region. as that bluer shaved contour map over takes the area especially outlying suburbs you feel that chill this morning. i sent the kids out the door with sweat shirts an polices. not only do you have a have gaper delays but sustaining real backups here. sfeeking by. you carry on. get a little better. once you up jump on the skull will westbound city avenue we get busy there as well.
6:34 am
we're zoomed in. some ak tougherty here not quite sure what exactly is going on there. heads up. around city avenue westbound that's where you start to get busy as you pass by that accident on the boulevard and then also we have accident route 1 southbound off ramp to 213 now since cleared and that gives you a little view of what's going on there and timmy clicker is not working help me out. we have an accident towamencin township with the injuries and we'll try to go to map if we can. route 6 welsh road and you'll be working with that and green on sensor map at least good and another accident route 352 overall busy morning jim back to you. >> thank you meisha camden county father that pled guilty owe death of 3-year-old son will be sentenced today. he is facing 10 years behind bars after admitting to playing a role in his son's brendon's death. he pled guilty avoiding a possible murder conviction.
6:35 am
that came weeks before the second trial was to begin first trial ended in hung jur jury. >> imagine walking outside and seeing your cariting is on supposeder blocks. this is happening to a lot of people in manyunk and roxboro. most targeted for wheels are honda acords and lug nuts designed to prevent theft litter the grouptd. they are stepping up controls to catch the criminals. >> people work hard for what they purchased their belongings and possessions and nobody wants to come out to go to work in the morning and see your car on cinder blocks. >> these guys do these things when he want something they go to extreme measures to get them. and and white house says and army general to the island along and trump meanwhile waived restrictions on foreign ships yesterday and will be
6:36 am
easier for shichz to deliver supplies to puerto rico. thoughts of containers and supplies are stuck at the port of san juan. officials don't have drivers to move them the island is running out of food, drinking water and gasoline. people in puerto rico are holding out hope that aida rivz as soon as possible. people have no power and no ways to communicate with loved ones. hundreds of people are trying to flee the island we're at the airport when they landed she flew out of philly yesterday morning to get a first happened look at conditions. >> i want to see my mom. that's the main thing i'm doing now. way tonight make sure she's all right. >> i know for a fact at least my son survived. how she shdoing today i don't know there's no communication at all. >> with most power lines and cell up toers done it's hard
6:37 am
communicating relief efforts. she is also trying to connect with her own family on the island. she'll have live reports during the day you can catch them here cbs3 eyewitness news. >> new plans from elon musk ceo just unveiled the rocket that could revolution niz here on earth and outer space. big falcon rocket flies 18,000 miles an hour and says it will transport humans anywhere on this planet in under an hour. more ambitious he unveiled details on plans to colonize mars and plans it use the same rocket to reach the red plane planet. >> complete the ship and be rad for launch in five years. >> five years seems like a long time to me but i can't think anything more exciting being out there among the stars. >> one question is cost of 140 million mile trip to mars. last year he said it would be
6:38 am
$200,000 per ticket. construction is set to begin next year. >> getting ready for friday "football frenzy" on cbs3. >> our team of week is holy cross academy in delran, new jersey, pat has the whole students body out of bed early. he's live at holy he cross this morning. hey, pat. >> we have a bunch of 15, 16, 17 years up before the crack of down. it's insane. and friday "football frenzy" is here as florence takes on holy cross. this is frank holmes good morning my friend he's head cope of the team. tell us about the season you had so far. >> it's off to a decent start. we had a real nice division win against cinnaminson last week. kids played hard. real big match-up tonight with very good team and rich in tradition one of best coachs in history of football and looking forward to the challenge tonight. >> how surprised are you all these kids got up this early. >> not surprised at all.
6:39 am
this is aida mazeing place. the kids are wonderful here and they take so much pride in school and i'm just very lucky and policed to be a part of this great institution. >> now, coach, some of your well most of your players are up early. are you worried about that fatigued later. >> all of them are here. am i a little worried i would belying if i said i was not. i'm sure they'll catch a no at some point and be ready to go at 7. >> naps in order for all of us. >> this is senior captain brian. tell us about the season you had so far individually and as a team. >> we've within doing good so far. we come out practice hard every week and hope for a win on friday. we had a big division win against cinnaminson last week and confidence levels high and we're ready. playing holy cross football. >> you're the captains and your job to get jacked up for a game like this how jacked up do you think you can get the people behind you. >> i can get them jacked up. >> yes, sir. >> senior captain get them jacked up
6:40 am
>> >> floor eps takes on holy cross. common guys, once more. i wish coye hear you but i can't. we'll throw it back to you. >> obviously they're taking advantage of national coffee day. >> pretty jacked up. >> and they can take a nap in geometry class. >> who needs geometry. >> thanks, pat. >> that's awesome. >> coming up next the most expensive pickup truck ever made. >> plus first lady mel ania trump donates books to elementary school and the lie brairian says no thank. what people are saying about it. >> have you ever seen them. >> i'm not actually seeing them i have felt his presence.
6:41 am
>> feeling look you want to do a little ghost hunting. meisha got a chance to explore local mansion known for unknown. up next. katie. >> promising to be a very exciting block i can not wait. we're look ago head my friends. much more fall like weather. definitely a little erie feeling when it's a little cooler outside. that's absolutely the case for our area. but before we get to full forecast here's cure auto insurance travel forecast. insurance travel forecast. mannedy.
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>> saying sorry but not sorry for the first lady. >> a donation of books turned down for national read day. when liz received first lady mel ania donation she thavrned the first lady and saying the bookdz should have gone instead to under served community. some surprise ported the librarian's decision. >> i thought it was very well crafted crafted though the librarians opinions do not represent the district as a hole. >> if you shop at whole foods it's the latest to get hacked. and hackers got access to red
6:46 am
credit card information for customers at some instore tap rooms and restaurants. experts say hackers targeted credit card machines no word how many may being impack sghd ford says this is most expensive mass produced pickup ever. the f 450 super duty limited edition four door i guess duelie. >> i would say duly. >> if you include options price tags and fees it's more than 1100,000. heated and cooled misaging seats, >> need those. >> ten speaker stereo system and active cruise control. it can toe 15 tons and quil arrive at dealerships this went i. >> okay. . >>.
6:47 am
>> i'm system ing at the mass am. >> the name alone is worth 1,000 bucks. how long is it 20 words if that name. good grief come on. >> just get me point a to b. you should see the junker i drive. >> it's not worth $100,000 i'll tell you that much. eyewitness weather watchers they're really reporting cool air. you have a couple of 44 degrees values here. let's look at temperature readings. levittown 47. let's see if we can find cooler than that i know with can. 44. that wlonged to dolores in new york reporting 44. mild response in the pack. aj, moorestown and david and cleming ton both low 50s. we're all going to rebound granted and we're off to a schooler start. this is what you get typically it time of year. don't know that compared to recent days. this is what it should be lik like. ground fog out there out if the country side. nice clear sky allowing temperatures to drop off easily because heat from
6:48 am
yesterday wept back up to atmosphere. with time the sun angle is strong. allows things to warm up as efficiently as possible and lower 70s today. reinforcing cool air coming our way in form of showers. that starts to pick up later tonight wet weather that is. scattered in nature. late tonight and parts of tomorrow there may be a little bit of activity on radar. not enough to cancel outdoor plans but certainly coolest day of bunch here feeling like fall. as it rest of outlook really. feel more like early fall by the time we hit midweek flirting with 80 again by thursday, meisha. >> love it. >> and forecast and and boulevard southbound approach schuylkill accident pulled blocking and one lane maybe still two. take a look at how many vehicles are out of there. lots of flashing lights and causing very significant backups. heads up boulevard southbound headed to schuylkill.
6:49 am
most certainly add extra time in your compute. if it were me he would give m myself an extra hour. more towards city avenue schuylkill westbound ramp to city avenue hard to see. accident right through those trees and you see flashing lights there. heads up on tat and also another accident here with injuries. 40 foot road route 63 welsh road. i would say overall we're starting to eat hoo up. friday will be lighter travel days. as far as congestion is concerned. overall it has been a pretty busy morning with a lot of construction and accident. just take it easy out there and pack sunglasses as well sun will shine as well. meisha. >> today's dream drives meisha found a spooky spot. >> special permission to take a tour. >> i did. >> so as both of you know i love all things spooky and generally get scared too. i know man yv of you do too. this was a ton of fun this time of year. bucklep time for a raid. let's go. >> one of my favorite things
6:50 am
haupted mansion and this is going to be really exciting. >> welcome to rock wood park and mansion. this is english country state in delaware. >> we built it 1854 had no air and left to family and nephew actually bought the house. we'll see this beautiful mansion and then we'll learn about some of the people who lived here and some of the people who we staten island say are still within the wall walls. >> do i dare do it. >> absolutely. >> they're nice. >>. >> inside you get a glils of wealthy family life in late 1 1800s. >> county acquired this property in 70s and it's very important to us that we retaken the historic character of it. >> there are ghosts here i encourage people to come and you'll find stories of your own.
6:51 am
>> and i went looking with lewis dimeri dr. lieu, para psychologist introduced me to these former residents part of bringhurst family. >> mary, edward, bessie, anita. >> and married to one that people say they see. >> yes. >> she died at the age of 100 in the house in 1965. sometimes you smell lilacs which was one of her favorites. the room gets cold. mary is not overly happy late at night to have people in the house. >> i just got goose bumps. >> this is drawing room. people take photographs in her. >> i'll do that before i leave. >> sadly no ghost to be hold this time.
6:52 am
>> basement is one of the more haunted areas. >> oh, boy. >> okay let's do the basemen basement. >> this is so creepy. about the i love it. >> also this is where one of our most ghostly operation as pier the shadow men. i provided a photograph to your photographer that we had taken of him. >> you have ever seen him. >> i'm not actually seeing him but i felt his presence. ghostly things happened here. people see individuals looking down from upper railings and people hear people walking up the steps. thank you for letting us spend time with you mauri. >> bye mary. >> we ran out of there you guys. rock wood park mansion in wilmington, delaware you have got to go to this place. it's so great and our tour guides they are phenomenal. and of course halloween is coming for anyone that likes. >> spooky timing. >> it's not how spooky it s. it's history. there's so much history to learn about house and family
6:53 am
and one of the coolest dream. >> you cannot wander around they have to take you on a tour. >> it's a tour. by the way say you saw it dream drives they would love that. it's fun to be there they will live you if you go they'll give you a creepy tour. if you see a ghost in pictures send them to me. we want to see. >> if you see a ghost in your sglikt send them to a lot of people. >> yes. >> and make sure. >> tonight we're starting new segment eyewitness news at 11 to celebrate heroes behind headlines. >> we call it three khirz. cbs news aching or jessica dean with a preview. >> you have ever seen someone watching the news whose actions inspired you or maybe they made you feel better about your community or just people in general. >> and we're going to choose one of those people and highlight them every friday night at 11:00. so who will be the first person to get our three cheer cheers? we're pretty sure you'll agree
6:54 am
when you see the choice. i'm jessica dean. we'll see you at 11 after the season premiere of blue bloods season premiere of blue bloods here on cbs [rooster crow] honey, what are you doing? watching a cow...? what's it doing? impressions.
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snv it's time for three to go. >> police oyvtd a suspect in deadly shooting in phoeni phoenixville looking for key on carpenter and death of joshua mitchell. >> camden county father that
6:58 am
pled guilty to manslaughter in the death of-year-old son will learn sentence today d.y. crew at owe jr. face as i ten year prison term. >> today national drink coffee day celebrate with dealing at dunkin donuts and krispy kreme and several other places. >> we're definitely going to see full sunshine. off to say school start. rip current risk. that scene looks calm don' don'tnessly trust t i would stay on dry land today. looking to ward couple showers late tonight into tomorrow and not enough to cancel plans we warm up with sun meisha. >> thank you so much we had an accident starting to low you down far right as you approach the schuylkill far right two lanes that since now cleared. busy. the other camera looking at by city avenue. that accident is still there. >> this is is it, cbs3 has last chance to win tickets to see kevin james live saturday october 7 merriam theater. >> word of the day. chale name of character on cbs
6:59 am
series kevin can wait, chale is potential son-in-law for kevin's character he is not too happy with. go to to enter with a chance to win. >> cbs philly next. don't forget friday "football frenzy". here's a live picture from holy cross academy. >> that's into the fat ball. >> apparently they are equestrian team too. >> there you go. >> they're pumped up. >> nice day. >> good luck to both teams. have a great day, everybody. >> good luck to both teams.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, september 29th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." many hurricane victims say they're still struggling to find help. david begnaud is in one hard-to-reach area where food, watering and fuel are running out. a divided congress comes together to welcome back house republican steve scalise three months after he nearly died from a gunshot wound. we were there. plus more rocks come crashing down from yosemite's famous el capitan after man was


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