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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 29, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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a new segment. i go inside the eagles locker room for something never been done >> why one group wants to rename philadelphia's 30th street station. we're following a developing story, a 6-year-old is shot and police are looking for the gunman. officers who arrived on scene rushed the child to the hospital. good evening, i'm jessica dean >> i'm ukee washington. the shooting happened at 24th and norris in north philadelphia. alexandria hoff is at police headquarters with more on how this happened. alex? >> reporter: ukee, jessica, those officers rushed this child to temple university hospital where he was in critical condition but thankfully at this hour, he's now in stable condition and recovering at st. christopher's hospital, so he is expected to be ok. according to police, the child was shot in the shoulder as he was standing with his father and brother on the corner of 24th and norris street, police were
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called before 8:00 p.m. police say the shots came from a block away at the hands of the man on 24th and diamond street. >> six years old, he was with his father and brother, he got shot, felt the pain and ran into his house, family members tended to him. the only description right now that we have of our shooter is male wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt or dark-colored clothing. >> reporter: police are also combing through several surveillance systems located oh and on the block to see if they can get a better look at this guy. reporting live from police headquarters, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." thank you. now to the latest on the crisis in puerto rico following hurricane maria. >> a navy ship is on its way to puerto rico, the comfort is carrying 522 medical personnel and loaded with medical supplies. there are signs of progress. phone service is back for about 30% of the island and nearly half of all supermarkets reopened.
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however, there are still long lines for basic in the intersection teas including gas >> "eyewitness news" reporter alicia nieves spent the day and joins us live from san juan to show us what she found, alicia? >> reporter: ukee and jess, i have used word devastation over and over in my live reports in the last 48 hours. it may seem like that word is being overused but it's the only way to describe what we're seeing. what's making it worst, there's growing concern over rain and possible storms headed over the island. storm clouds are rolling into puerto rico. the island is now under a flash flood watch. the last thing it needs right now. so many are still reeling from the aftermath of hurricane maria. >> that was scary. >> way out. blew everything out. >> blew out the house. >> reporter: southeast of san
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juan, he told us how hurricane maria ripped his home apart and ten days after she devastated and nearly disseminated the city, he's struggling to survive. takes him eight hours to get $20 worth of gas to power a generator for his family. he doesn't have time or the energy to get water. so he drinks it from this hose. even though he's not sure it's safe >> this is one of the lines we saw for water. >> reporter: the line is at least the length of a football field, took us exactly 1 minute 30 seconds to walk to the front but people are waiting for hours only to find out when they get up here there's no more water or ice >> something unbelievable >> joe lopez waited seven hours like so many and says the only thing getting him through is faith. >> we have the, problems but god is with us. and that's the only way. >> reporter: to give you an idea
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of how the suffering is so closely connected to our viewing area, everywhere we've been, we found people with family worried about them in the greater philadelphia area. in fact, that's the case for both this couple. hasn't been able to reach his in berks county. hoping they see this. >> it's how we hear but we're still living. >> that message that you just heard is really at the heart of why we are here. in pennsylvania and new jersey, it has the third and fourth largest puerto rican population in the united states, that's hundreds of thousands in our viewing area with a direct connection here with loved ones here they're worried about. whatever we can do to get information back to them, get a message or a call, that's what we're trying to do >> you guys trying to be the go between for people here. and then in puerto rico. but what is it like for you guys behind the scenes? we know that it's a shortage of water and food and power.
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what are you guys doing? where are you staying? >> reporter: so we made sure to bring water and food with us, just so we wouldn't add to the stress and be in need ourselves. it was a struggle for us to find a place, we found a condo where we could stay but it has no power. it is really hot but we do have cold water and that's been a huge savior for us. and at the end of the day my photographer, joe and i can't complain. places we have been, people are dealing with far worse >> alicia and joe connors, be safe. the phillies prepare to wrap up another season >> pete mackanin is out as manager but he will have another role with the team >> lesley van arsdale is with us. >> when phillies gm mat klentak took over, he inherited pete
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mackanin and he went to florida thinking about if he should continue, but he told him he was out but wanted to keep him on. the phillies are 35 and 35. they have a chance to finish over 500 after the all-star base, they played much better last two months, but matt felt the time for change was now. what does he want to see in the new leader of the phillies in 2018 >> a lot of characteristics in our next manager that i hope they will possess. but pete does as well. again, i think it's about, you know, trying finding a connection with the team and players and leading us on in the future >> i felt if you have people who you consider your best major, your best baseball people at the major league level, wipe wouldn't you want to keep them around in the system? i'm happy about that. >> there's a couple names
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floating around, lehigh valley manager dust tea watson and oriole manager buck show water. we'll learn soon. the search starts immediately. tom price has resigned as health and human services secretary, he came under fire for traveling on expensive chartered planes instead of commercial airline or trains. he offered to repay more than $50,000 to taxpayers. deputy assistant secretary don wright will serve as acting health and human services secretary until a replacement is named. prosecutors filed murder charges in the death of a pharmaceutical executive in upper mayfield bucks county, jennifer morris is accused of shooting michael mcknew after an argument august 6. she was arrested following the discovery of text message threats, she allegedly wrote. matthew weintraub recounted one
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of them >> get the gun ready i'm coming. i told you i'll be there tonight. guess you're just going to have to shoot me. you have a choice. touch my stuff or i cut your throat. >> morris is being held without bail. >> a real estate agent is now facing murder charges in the shooting death of a man in fishtown wednesday. investigators say jeaneatte wakefield shot and killed the 33-year-old man outside of her montgomery avenue apartment. there is no word on what led to the shooting. a judge in camden county sentenced david creato junior to ten years for causing the death of his toddler son. he plead guilty to manslaughter as part of a plea deal. prosecutors were unable to get a guilty verdict on murder charges. that trial ended in a hung jury. the ten year sentence creato received could be reduced to eight and a half if he makes parole and the time served the 24-year-old could be released by
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the time he's 30. community leaders are demanding amtrak abide by federal law and rename 30th street station after late pennsylvania congressman bill gray. senator casey and. they passed a law to honor gray in 2014 but amtrak yet to change the name. dr. gray rose to be the first black man majority whip in congress. money should not be an issue >> we have said that had the family, friends and legacies of dr. gray is willing to step up to the plate. and help deal with the costs associated with renaming the train station. >> in a statement, amtrak said it looks forward to working with the family on how to honor and fund the recognition. we're excited to debut a brand new segment on "eyewitness news" at 11:00.
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to celebrate the heros behind the headlines, we're calling it three cheers. who's the first person to get the three cheers? we'll reveal the choice next. tonight at 11:00. travel anywhere on the planet in under an hour. how billionaire plans to take views in space and bring them down earth >> fall is back. it's a beautiful quiet night. a live look at the rehoboth beach boardwalk in delaware and people are in their sweatshirt walking the boards. it will only get cooler as we head to the weekend, i'll tell you how chilly it will be. it's friday. that means one thing. the friday football frenzy. lesley van arsdale has highlights from around the area that's coming up in sports. oh, you brought butch. yeah! (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man)
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we have dramatic video of one of the rock falls at yo sem tea national park. this is courtesy of hikers who
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were above the rock fall. one person killed and two injured in the rock fall both yesterday and wednesday, a geological analysis finds there's no more danger than usual of a another rock fall >> elon musk wants to fly you anywhere in the world in under an hour. it would fly most routes like new york tokyo in about 30 minutes for the cost of an airline ticket. construction begins next year. tonight we're beginning a new series that goes a little deeper into the stories you see every night right here on "eyewitness news." every friday at 11:00, we'll give three cheers to a person in the news that week who gave us hope. who made us proud, reminded us all, there's still a lot of good out there. tonight we're giving three cheers to eagles kicker jake elliot who proves perseverance
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can be learned and hard work does pay off. >> the kick is -- it's good. >> it was the game winning record setting kick celebrated dissected and replayed by eagles fans far and wide. >> jake congratulations you're officially the first three years honoree, with one kicking jake elliot a rookie caught by the cincinnati bengals picked up recently by the eagles we didn't from an unknown to phillies heros >> what's the lesson >> hard works pays off. use the records that you can and put yourself in a good situation to be successful. >> elliot found football by chance. he played tennis in high school. only joining the football team after the coaches saw him kick a
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few field goals had a pep rally for fun >> i want to take you back to that high school self and see yourself here in the eagles lockerer room, your name is up there. you're the city's hero. do you ever look around and go is this real? i'm pinching myself or do you think this was always my destiny >> it's definitely a little bit surreal. i feel like i've worked for everything. and a ton of support along the way and a little bit of luck as well. just honored to be here >> he's learned a lot including a mental tough ness that helped him make that historic kick after missing two earlier in the game. >> i kind of look at it i just have a one minute rule that i kind of gone after for a bunch of years now, whether i make or miss a kick, i have one minute to enjoy it or think about it and dwell then refocus in. >> perseverance, hard work, and a victory. to that we give three cheers to jake elliot.
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>> great to talk to him. what was great about that bit he was talking about the one minute rule. whether you're an athlete or not it's kind of a lesson you can take away. if you're trying to achieve something had there will be set backs and there will be moments that is go really well and you can't get up or down. >> i know he'll miss one or two in the future but stays with it the no doubt about it. >> you mourn and move on. >> nice guy indeed. >> kate bilo has the forecast as we head to the weekend and like i said i need to put on my shades to look at your five day >> the forecast so bright you need the shades, sunshine every day in the forecast through next week. tomorrow is going to be the coolest day of this stretch. let's take a look at what's going on, roof cam where the city is lit up on a friday night. a lot of people out enjoying this taste of fall in the air. it is finally feeling like the
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new season. fall began about a week ago but didn't really feel like it awhile. now starting to settle in and it is beautiful. we had nice little breeze yesterday and today rustling up the leaves, starting to change, it's a perfect time of year in center city looks fantastic. stormscan 3 is showing a few showers though. they're really kind of fizzling as they move into the region. this is a secondary cold front you can see the front about here, showers across portions of new york state into new england, this is a system that will be reenforcing the chill as we head to saturday. right now not a whole lot. these are fizzling as predicted. you can see around the lehigh valley and poconos few sprinkles possibly one or two in the lancaster county. temperatures are in the 50's and 60's. it's 63 in philly, 59 allentown, 56 in trenton and 59 in lancaster, timing out the chance of showers again if we pick up
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anything it's mainly in our far northwest suburbs, it starts to fizzle, skies clear about 3:00 a.m. and it will be clear but not cold for us across the region. heading into tomorrow, that system is off to the north and west possibly a stray shower here and there. i should say northeast up around boston, new york city better chance to pick up showers through the day tomorrow. we'll see a few clouds. maybe a stray shower it will be that kind of day where it can be sunny. you get a brief downpour and the sun comes back. don't cancel any outdoor plans, keep an eye to the sky. the skies clear, sunday, sunday morning is very chilly. and then sunday afternoon temperatures begin to rebound. overnight we drop into the 50's. by noon, you can see we're back into the low 60's, 50's north and west, heading through saturday. temperatures will drop briefly to the low 40's in the northwest suburbs but then again bouncing back to 60's and near 70 on sunday afternoon. before another chilly sunday neither into monday, overnight
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cool, but not cold, we'll see clouds increase a stray shower 55 overnight low, for tomorrow, sunshine breezy, cool, high only 67. that breeze from the north will make the feel cooler and we can't rule out a sprinkle. if you're headed to the temple game bring the sweatshirt. if you're headed to see the penn take on indiana, 61 degrees this is perfect football weather. if i do say so myself, sunday looks great. 70. it will be hotter in los angeles for the eagles. closer to 80's. 75 monday, 76 tuesday and through next week, we're talking mid to upper 70's sunshine every day. >> bring it. >> thanks, kate >> lesley is back with more sports and the frenzy >> and the frenzy. perfect football weather but they're playing baseball. phillies got the final series of the season taking on the mets at citizens bank park.
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his knees were up to the job. aetna. you don't join us, we join you. . pete mackanin will not return as manager for the phillies next season, the phillies started the final three games against the mets and here's pete in the dug-out. he'll stay on as a special advisor to gm matt klentak, phils down one nothing. two-run, his 22'nd of the season, batting and crushes this pitch for his fifth homer the phillies beat the mets 6 to 2. penn hosted dart mouth. steps back and connects with
11:24 pm
justin, penn ties, final play, penn needs to make a stand to get the win but jared moves the pile into the end zone. quakers will lose the ivy league opener 16-13. it's frenz frenzy. >> thank you ladies, week four of the frenzy, our last one in september, this season is moving fast. this week teams making their debut on the frenzy, we'll start out with two in the public league. roxboro visiting latin, la mar will,s for the interception. west philadelphia visiting frankford, quick pass to bell west to the touchdown, frankford wins 28-0.
11:25 pm
olney, robinson looked deep, finds gonzales makes an outstanding catch right there for touchdown. olney wins 18-6. academy park visiting chichester. moving the ball on the ground. homes with a great run right here. academy park wins 28-7. penwood visiting and a strong run by joe forta but penn wood wins 16-14. springford this may be the play of the night. quarterback tj takes it all the way in with the impressive, springford will win 43-7. potts grove for the homecoming our first homecoming of the frenzy season. very nice. nice run right here for the touchdown by faz on. pottsgrove wins 49-6. let's head to new jersey.
11:26 pm
gateway at maple shade, enrique marquez. gateway wins 47-12. sterling at deptford. amir hutchinson bursting and they will not bring him down. sterling wins 40 to 10. finally we have penns grove, palmyra and a nice run with a touchdown. nice quick moves getting through traffic. penns grove wins big time 67-32. not done. coming up it's the game that you voted to see, florence of holy
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. our game of the week, you voted to see florence of holy cross. let's head inside the locker room. ready for this game bursting on to the fieldly they will get on the board first. joe la botch, seven nothing
11:30 pm
florence. then tim selly. makes sure he gets that in and ties it up at seven. this time to the left side. holy cross pulls out a 14-7 win over florence. here's the headcoach >> you better be ready. they battled we battled and came out one touchdown better. what a great team and what a great job the coach does and the staff >> thanks to everyone at holy cross and good luck to both teams for the rest of the season. kate? the weekend is finally here. with your weekend watch we're talking about a lot cooler weather coming in in time for saturday. a spotty shower mainly late tonight in the first part of saturday. sunday looks generally dry and sunny. temperatures saturday won't make the past the
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it's the late show with steven colbert followed by the late late show with james cordon. for kate, lesley, everyone i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean. >> have a good weekend. good night family and sleep well.
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