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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 1, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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♪ julia louis-dreyfus battling breast cancer. what we just learned about her diagnosis. >> then inside hugh hefner's time days. e "e.t.'s" time with heavy at the playboy mansion. will his widow his millions. >> plus kevin hart after the cheating scandal. >> shut it down. >> will his pregnant wife leave him? how she's coping behind closed doors? >> then fixer upper over. >> that chapter in our life is coming to an end. >> what has them stopping production? >> plus why kelly clarkson said yes to the voice instead of idol. >> let's get real. >> talking new music, mother hood and marriage, nothing off limits. >> i'm tired of being noyes at
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this point. >> and sofia vergara gives us a look at her revealing new project. >> this is "entertainment tonight." >> let's get right to the latest hollywood news. >> the 56-year-old made the announcement herself with this tweet. just when you thought. one in eight women get breast cancer. today, i'm the one. >> am i prepared? i'm as prepared as i can be. >> we about just with julia 11 days before at announcement. it was a career high as she won a history-making sixth emmy. julia found out her diagnosis the day after. photographers captured her moments before she heard the news. she had a face of courage, and then spent four hours inside the hospital. she was joined by her husband, brad hall. >> what does julia like to work with? it's like not working. >> she's exactly like al pacino.
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>> i get to be president. >> have veep to seinfeld to snl, julia is beloved, but it's been an emotional year for her. two days before her 2016 emmy win, she lost her father. >> i'd like to dedicate this to my father, who passed away on friday. >> here's what julia calls the good news. she has the glorious support of her friends and family, including her two sons, charlie and henry. >> so good to be alive. >> "e.t." has learned the writers on veep are currently working on scripts for the final season, but there's no set day for production to resume. >> the show's going to end. are you prepared for that? >> i wring my hands about it but we have a whole other season to shoot. it gives it a finality that feels really strong. >> cancer doesn't stand a chance against you. we're pulling for you. some more sad news, the passing of playboy legend hugh hefner at the age of 91. >> look at my life and say it's been a life well spent. >> we're told the legendary
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playboy founder peacefully passed away from natural causes at his home, the playboy mansion, surrounded by loved ones. a source tells e"e.t." hefner hd not been well for the last year and as far back as 2006, hefner always travelled with a physician wherever he went. this is the last known photo of hef. he posed in his custom made silk pajamas with two of his sons on father's day. hef's four children came together thursday night for a quiet family meal to remember their father. hef's last "e.t." interview was in 2011. >> i am essentially a very romantic person and wear my heart on my sleeve. >> memorial plans were in the works this week as "e.t." learned about hefner's final resting place, westwood memorial park next to marilyn monroe. monroe was on the first cover of playboy. after his passing, many of the women he made famous were mourning his loss. pamela anderson, who appeared on
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the cover 14 times, was in tears. and jenny mccarthy, playmate of the year in 1994, called him a revolutionary. >> i will always miss you, hef, and you will never be forgotten. >> now, to who inherits hef $50 million fortune. >> i started the magazine on no money, total investment of $8,000 on my kitchen table in chicago. >> with an empire that surpassed his wildest dreams, in 2010, his then fiancee showed kevin around the iconic playboy mansion. >> have you met crystal. >> the beautiful bride to be. >> "e.t." has learned hugh's widow, crystal, was not included in his will. it was certainly a bumpy road leading up to their 2012 wedding. >> and on sunday evening we were watching a movie. when the movie was over, i found she was gone. >> a runaway bride days before their wedding date, crystal told
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us the legal process of getting down the aisle scared her. >> i'm going to prenup lawyers and lawyers to do a show. it just makes me realize that money isn't everything. >> she eventually came back and did sign an iron clad prenup. a source close to the hefner family tells "e.t." they do not expect a fight because, quote, crystal was made well aware that she was not going to be inheriting anything. it's widely speculated that hugh left his fortune to his four children, kristi and david from his first marriage, and mars stop and cooper from his second. >> i could not ask for a better son. he makes me very proud. very close. >> when he finishes school, would you want to -- >> absolutely. that's the plan. >> "e.t." saw the tight bond shared by hugh and cooper. now 26 years old, he's a carbon copy of his father at the start of his career, and growing up in the mansion, he also had a sharp business sense. >> when you were a kid, people would drive up. they wanted to see the mansion, and you would charge them.
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you were an entrepreneur at an early age, right? >> i learned from the best, you know? >> he certainly was one of a kind. now, we have more on the way, including the priceless moments we spent inside the mansion with some of hef's most famous guests. plus how he discovered anna nicole smith. but right now, let's talk about kevin hart. we have the latest on the cheating and extortion scandal. >> there we go. look, right now we're shooting a scene where my eyebrow got blown off. >> that's kevin hart in atlanta tuesday, upbeat on the set of his new movie. >> i tell you the comedy just gets better and better. >> hard was joking, smiling, and no doubt relieved. a source tells "e.t." that and his wife, eniko are keeping a united front and have moved on after hart was targeted by an unidentified extortionist claiming to have a sex video. but kevin embarrassed eniko at her most vulnerable time. >> i'm not perfect.
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i made a bad error in judgment and put myself in an environment where only bad things can happen, and they did. >> the source also says enicco's support for kevin should not be seen as a sign she wasn't upset about the sex scandal. of course she's mad. wouldn't you be? adding she let him have it, but she's not leaving. we've also learned that an extravagant baby shower is in the work. and there's new about the other woman. she held a press conference last week. >> i'm not an extortionist. i'm not a stripper. i'm a recording artist and actress, and i've not broken any laws. >> she says she's a victim as well. her attorney now tells us they've been in touch with law enforcement and are pre-paparin statement for investigators. >> now to the other big news this week. km chip and joanna gaines pulling the plug or fixer upper. >> it's still hgtv's number one show. are there rumored marital troubles to blame? >> y'all have become a big part
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of our lives. you've invited us into your living rooms. >> jojo, back here, babe. >> the last five years, i mean this has been our life, this show, the crew here. >> kind of like family. >> more than 3 million watched each week and the show helped make them worth an estimated $13.5 million. but the big question is why end the fikxer upper series? according to the couple, it's all about their four kids. >> our beautiful children are growing up so quickly. drake is almost a teenager. i think we get to step back, get some rest, but also just hunker down with our kiddos. >> holding hands in their home, chip and joanna made the statement, explaining their plan is to rest the places that are tired and give lot of love and attention to our families and our businesses. >> i think he's still the star of the show. whatever, i -- >> don't be dumb. >> who's the star of the show? >> i was going to say you both are. >> many wonder if the couple's
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14-year marriage is starting to crumble. >> i think the reality side of this business both strengthened our marriage and caused some real, you know, issues. >> there's no indication of a breakup, and as for the future, chip and joanna still have more than seven furniture and decorating lines, two bed and breakfasts, a real estate agency, and a successful store. chip also has a new book coming out in three weeks. >> our first priority, even before all of this, was our children and our marriage. this is the most important. ♪ ♪ >> come on, the hands are up. you had them up. you were singing. you were ready to go. jennifer hudson killing it this week on season 13 premiere. kelly clarkson will be a coach in the spring instead of joining american idol as a judge. >> i am still flummoxed by all
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that. kelly knows how big of a deal this is. listen to what she told kevin frazier. >> you are now on the voice, which is interesting because people were like what? >> i know, because of idol. think of how i felt. i had to do an interview with ryan seacrest. we've 911 been never been on op networks. it's been a family decision. my husband manages blake. gwen is like the queen of trying to get us hang out. we're text queens together. we just don't have time to hang out yet. hopefully with the voice, we will. >> kelly was cheering on fellow idol alum jennifer hudson during her debut. >> i think there is a difference being one of the contestants previously on a show like this. i think that does carry weight. >> is it true you wanted to lose american idol? >> i don't like to lose. justin and i both found out that last week, that whoever won had to do this movie. ♪
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and i was like -- i was like what? it's like, nope. >> and now your thoughts on that movie? >> then, now, future, nope. even my nanny loves it. i like if you show my child that, you're fired. >> "e.t." was on the set of that movie. >> kelly, they're coming right now. >> can i tell you something? i don't even remember it because all i did was cry. >> really? ♪ all i could do was cry i hated it. i obviously tried to put my best foot forward. it's just that's my best foot forward. that's it. >> i love that lady. >> she's so good. >> so good in that interview that we actually had to save some moments for later on in the show including on how she hit back at a hater. it was epic. >> that was epic. and so was this. three kardashian sisters having babies? >> what? >> here's the latest. >> i wonder how tristan would feel. listen, i'm pregnant. >> khloe foreshadowed the news
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in the june "keeping up with the kardashians" finale. >> tristan and i definitely talk about starting a family. but now like knowing i'm not on birth control, it's scary. it's like a really big step. >> a source close to khloe tells "e.t." she is expecting her first child next year with cleveland cavaliers player tristan thompson which makes three pregnancies for the sisters. "e.t." previously confirmed 20-year-old kylie is having a baby girl with her boyfriend, travis scott. kim and kanye are expecting their third baby, also a girl, via a surrogate. now to another couple. prince harry and meghan markle. no baby news but a lot of pda earlier this week in toronto. the couple walked hand in hand, strolling into a tennis event. they were accompanied by a small security detail. this was their first official appearance as a couple. meghan and her prince sat side by side during the match, seeming to break traditional protocol of not sitting together at a royal function until
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they're engaged. monday's sighting was a surprise because saturday night they were not exactly together at the opening ceremonies. >> hello, toronto. >> meghan was there cheering him on but sat with her friend, toronto based businessman marcus anderson who introduced her to harry back in 2016. coming up, who is tv's highest paid actress? we have the new list. plus is the "this is us" cast going to extremes to keep season two secret? >> then we're on the set of "kevin can wait" after kevin james reunited with leah remini. what they really thought about each other back in their king of queens days? >> it's all about getting paid, you know, because he's a horrible man. >> it shows you how far she'll go for a dollar. afi sure had a lot on my mind. my 30-year marriage... 3-month old business... plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i made a point to talk to my doctor.
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oh, iright, rightt is. the band it's on the ice.his - and it starts with a c. cat, cat. it's cricket. no, not cricket. it's curling. how did you know? she has her phone right here. (laughing) why you cheating, baby? (laughing) look at you with a beard. >> looks good, right? >> no. >> well, "kevin can wait" had its season premiere this week on cbs. the tv wife of kevin james is
5:16 am
out. leah remini is in. >> how are they going to make it work? >> it was nothing to do with her. she's a fantastic actress, but we needed to take the show in a different direction. >> take one. >> kevin's a widower in this new direction. the story line picks up a year after last season's finale, and he's reunited with his old police partner. that's where leah comes in. >> what could she do with a beard? >> looks good, right? >> no. >> when you have a connection with somebody and you have chemistry with somebody, it doesn't go away. it's like riding a bike. >> i can't ride a bike. >> that chemistry is undeniable. the first time we saw it was almost 20 years ago when they first co-starred together on king of queens. >> i dug into the "e.t." vault, and i found the first ever set visit that we did with both of you. >> no! they let you have it. >> i have some quotes. what do you think you said about leah? >> either i loved her or she's a pain in the butt. when i first started with her,
5:17 am
she was annoying, but then as we grew to get to know each other, it went down more and more. >> funny back then, right? >> what do you think your first impression of kevin was? >> that he smelled good. >> i think you went a little deeper. >> oh. >> we didn't have any chemistry. it's all about getting paid, you know, because he's a horrible man. >> it shows you how far she'll go for a dollar. >> on the way -- >> i showed my underwear to everyone. >> sofia vergara shows us her new lingerie line. >> did joe have any input? >> is she tv's highest paid actress? then stars of "this is us" after their big premiere. >> i
5:18 am
5:19 am
monday. >> mila kunis, kristen bell. "e.t." is behind the scenes of bad moms christmas. >> it's too much. >> and the late show takes us back home to oklahoma. >> thank you, nancy.
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>> talking new music and backup with gwen. >> that's a no-brainer for me. >> monday on "e.t." >> you'll be fine. >> uh-uh. not yet. >> millions tuned into this week's premiere of "this is us" which lit us twitter, had people grabbing for those tissues. i know you're one of them. >> listen, just how did the cast keep the big how did jack die reveal a secret? i have no idea, but "e.t.'s" leanne aguilera found out. >> the last two minutes of the premiere are mind-blowing. what was your reaction when you read it? >> part of it i didn't read because it wasn't omitted from the script. >> my script was redacted. >> i said, why are you doing this to me? >> so we won't spoil the ending but we will tell you how the crew kept the skrempt there were two sets, one built five hours away from hollywood so paparazzi couldn't get a shot. also mandy filmed the scene just last week and nailed it on the
5:21 am
first take. >> i don't want people to be disappointed. it's not the full story because we have 18 episodes to tell that. >> i think people need to pay attention. you'll see some things that maybe you haven't seen before. pay close attention. yeah. i feel like it's like a game of clue. >> a "this is us" speed round. as you're watching these episodes, how manitiy tissues h you gone through? >> i'm more wipe it on my shoulder. >> how many times have you audibly gasped while you're reading the script. >> three times. >> how many times have people asked you how jack died? >> 2 billion 5,700,857 times. >> 4,500. a lot. >> 1,000,575 thousands. >> how many times have you almost slipped up? >> zero. >> nicely done, milo. >> after all, he is every female fan's fantasy. >> jack is mr. perfect. you're making women swoon all over the country.
5:22 am
does that help or hurt you in your real dating life? >> totally hurts. only because people are like, man, i wish my husband were more like jack. man, i wish my boyfriend would do the things that jack would do. i'm like, jack's not real. give your dude some love. >> how sexy you make me feel. >> kate and toby have moved in together. >> on the show, toby is constantly doing these romantic gestures for you. does that help or hurt you? does that have josh step up his game at all? >> i think toby has everybody stepping up their game. it doesn't hurt me. it helps me. >> kevin is one of the most romantic characters we've seen on tv. is your fiance expecting you to go above and beyond now. >> you can't get or keep a woman unless you go above and beyond. >> randall has got abs for days. does that help or hurt you that you have to keep up with him? >> i try to keep up. i take some days off and i look
5:23 am
underneath the shirt, and i'm like, it's looking a little soft right now. i know that one day randall will have to show his stomach again, so sterling will get it together. >> you're fishing, sterling, but i'm going to play the game. you know your body is on point. remember when we heard about the cast salaries, saying chrissy metz gets $40,000 an episode while mandy moore gets $85,000. as you can imagine, they're not the highest paid actresses on television? who is? forbes is out with a new list. the taste of success is sweet for mindy kay ling. she ranks third, tying with gray's anatomy star ellen pompeo. kaley cuoco reported $1 million an episode paycheck put her second on the list. in the top spot for the sixth year in a row, modern family's sofia vergara. she banked $41.5 million this past year, but most of that was actually from endorsement deals.
5:24 am
>> speaking of sofia's side hustle, she is now selling lingerie. we got a sneak peek at sofia's double down on the sexy. >> i don't need to ask anyone for anything. oh, you want to give it to me, give it to me, but i'm not asking. >> their two-year anniversary is in december. he still looks at sofia like this. and joe also gets to be all proud as his 45-year-old wife strips down, modelling her brand-new underwear line. >> did joe have any input as well? >> not only joe. everyone. i showed my underwear to everyone. >> i'm sure they liked being a part of it. >> i had to. it was a test. >> speaking of success, forbes just announced it's 2017 list of the world's highest paid tv actre actresses. for the sixth year in a row, you smoked everybody and you're number one. >> don't believe all the gossip. but that's why i'm here.
5:25 am
that's why i'm creating a business like this. >> that business is called ebi, and sofia designed it for women of all sizes. tell us what that means. >> it means empowered by you. subscribe. you're going to get a pair of underwear. 10% is going to go to empower the women of colombia. >> sofia got her start as a model so this is kind of a full circle moment. her handsome son, 25-year-old manolo is making his move into modelling as well. >> he's trying to be in the entertainment business. every exposure helps, so go ahead and do it. >> he inherited your amazing genes. >> up next, we are one-on-one with tom cruise. why he wasn't scared to show a little nudity in his new movie. >> you're cheeky in this film. >> i'm cheeky period. there's a lot of mooning going on. >> then jamie foxx. >> tlc's t-boz on the private health struggles that killed her. >> i couldn't close my eyes.
5:26 am
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and feel better about facing the world. learn about a free trial offer for rexulti at if you're just joining us, here are this week's top five stories. number five, american idol locks down their last two judges. >> i will be one of the three judges on abc's american idol. i will be joined with the beautiful miss katy perry, and my heroes, mr. lionel richie. ♪ >> luke bryan and r and b legend lionel richie will take the seats next to katy perry making this a very expensive lineup. >> i'm really proud that as a woman, i got paid. >> yeah. >> in a radio interview, caty spoke on her rumored $25 million idol payday. bryan's salary is said to be $15 million and it's speculated that luke will earn $13 million and lionel around $10 million.
5:30 am
>> pretty much any guy that's been on that show. >> number four, j.t. and the super bowl. a source tells "e.t." that justin timberlake is close to finalizing a deal to be the halftime performer for next year's super bowl. ♪ although timberlake hasn't signed the dotted line yet, we're told an agreement has been made. that same source tells us that the ten-time grammy winner and his team have not yet started conceptual iegz the halftime show. number three, royal news. prince harry and meghan markle and a lot of pda earlier this week in toronto. the couple walked hand in hand, strolling into a tennis event. they were accompanied by a small security detail. this was their first official appearance as a couple. meghan and her prince sat side by side during the match, seeming to break traditional protocol of not sitting together at a royal function until they're engaged. number two, emmy winner julia louis-dreyfus is battling breast cancer. the 56-year-old made the announcement herself on thursday
5:31 am
with this tweet. just when you thought. one in 8 million women get breast cancer. today, i'm the one. and number one, the death of hugh hefner. we're told he peacefully passed away from natural causes at his home, the playboy mansion, surrounded by loved ones. a source tells hefner had not been well for the last year and as far back as 2006, hefner always traveled with a physician wherever he went. the legendary playboy founder was 91. >> to dream the kinds of dreams i dreamed and have them come true, to make the kind of difference that i've managed to make in terms of society is very satisfying for me. so i think i have to look on my life and say it's been a life well spent. >> go to for the layest. in theaters this weekend, tom cruise in american made. we knew the man was fearless, right? but could he also maybe be just a bit of an exhibitionist? our carly steel found out. tom definitely really does his
5:32 am
own stunts, even when the script calls for a little nudity. >> you're cheeky in this film. >> i'm cheeky period. that's what that character did. he would always flarn his wife. there's a lot of mooning going on. >> tom's a renegade pilot who occasionally drops trow in american made, and it seems when he poses with fans in real life, well, some get a little handsy. >> people are always asking you for photographs, and the husbands take photos of you with their wives. but a lot of the wives grab your bottom. >> it does happen, yes. it does happen occasionally. >> sarah wright olsen is tom's onscreen wife. she's married to eric christian olsen who just so happens to be a tom cruise super fan. >> i was on the phone with my husband, and my phone was ringing and i was like i don't no this number.
5:33 am
he's like, take it. it's probably tom. >> it was. >> then of course i called my husband back, and i was like, you were right. it was him. oh, my gosh, i don't even know what i said. i just kind of blacked out. >> anybody would be freaking out to get a call from tom cruise, but her and her husband both have movies out in the box office. eric is in the film battle of the sexes. >> let's talk about the man tom cruise's ex -- jamie hit up a red carpet career this week, his first since that pda with katie. kevin frazier talked to jamie about the new tv series based on his life. >> you're a very smart man. everything you do is calculated. you set the internet on fire with those pictures. tell me the story behind that, jamie. >> come see it. >> jamie wasn't touching the topic of this photo, i had to
5:34 am
ask the next best person. >> jamie, when he came by here, everyone asked him, jamie, you didn't bring a date tonight. of course he walks on by. he walks on by. how would jamie, or how should he in your jamie foxx voice answer that question? >> y'all know y'all see what's happening right now. shut up and sign -- walks away. >> that my friends is spot on genius. you can see why jamie picked jay to star in white famous. >> explain it in a sentence. >> white famous is like we did records. let's take music. we did records, record, records. but once we had blame it on the alcohol -- ♪ i whole different team of people came in. jamie, we got your popcorn. >> straight ahead, ryan gosling. which of his roles got harrison ford -- >> then our time inside hugh hefner's playboy mansion with some big stars.
5:35 am
>> excuse me. >> check out our "e.t." in session right now. it's the first ever live show on facebook, makeup or breakup. >> i ended up hooking up with one of his friends. >> i have kissed a girl. >> are you going to tell me? >> these couples are real couples. they're real problems and they really want an objective opinion, and the facebook community is the first place you can truly get that. >> relationship expert shan bood rum is host and basically your hashtag vote determines if a couple gets to stay together or split. >> if a guy got me a puppy, i would stay with him forever. >> their fate is decided in 20 minutes live. >> trust me. give it 20 minutes of your time. you'll be a believer just like i am. >> watch make up or breakup on facebook.
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it's been on the decline with the closing of the refineries and there's no jobs in the community. if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children. steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from. steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back.
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they know you're here. >> let's talk about blade runner 2049. >> ryan gosling is joining forces with the og in the highly anticipated seek wequesequel. >> things were simpler then. >> what do you want? >> you said you wanted to work with ryan after seeing a lot of the work that he'd done. was there one role in particular? was it the notebook? >> no, it wasn't the notebook.
5:39 am
>> everything i've seen him do was a challenge well met. the discipline to learn all the dancing, all the dance routines, the singing and the keyboard. i love the keyboard in "la la land." i admire what he's done. >> in blade runner 2049, ryan unleashes a new lair of fierceness. >> who do you think trained harder before the movie? >> that would be me. >> but ryan gets a shot at harrison catapulting the 75-year-old over a couch and totally loving it. the film is a sequel to the 1982 cult classic and hits theaters next week. during their international press tour, these two have been rocking some fall-inspired fashion. >> you have been given the headline that you have invented
5:40 am
autumnal red carpet dressing. >> yeah, i knew that. >> you knew that before i did. >> i knew it before you did. >> i saw it in his eyes. we came to get down and it seems like we've done that. >> their buddy act is so good i could watch them all days. we have more on hugh hefner after his passing. "e.t." has been inside his famous home which became a place where hollywood mixed and mingled with quite a few playboy bunnies who would become celebs themselves. >> there is something magic, i think, that happens between her and a camera. a lot of women are beautiful, but that certain kind of magic is special, and she has that. >> anna nicole was perhaps one of hef's most famous playmates of the year. the mansion held a huge bash when he showed her off to the world. >> there is a great deal of marilyn monroe and jayne mansfield going on here. >> invited "e.t." to his iconic
5:41 am
home dozens of times and the wild parties were legendary. the mansion was also part of hollywood history. we were there as will smith shot an episode of the fresh prince of bel-air. >> excuse me, uncle hef, can i use the car please? >> why not. >> thank you. >> there's women running around, you know. i expected that. the grotto was really interesting. for people that don't know, it's a cave under the swimming pool. you swim under the swimming pool into a cave. >> i'm sarah jessica parker. we're here on the set of sex and the city at the playboy mansion. >> that famous episode was filmed in 2000. the mansion came to symbolize his swinging lifestyle, but after a health crisis, he told mary hart he was going to slow down. >> i had a very mild stroke in the spring of '85. i used it to kind of change focus of my life. >> that change included getting married for the second time.
5:42 am
the sprawling grounds were the site of his lavish wedding to playmate kimberly conrad in 1989, who was more than 35 years his junior. >> getting married is the best. >> the couple had two sons and invited us to visit them after they'd transformed their backyard from playmate paradise to kiddie playground. >> this is your horsy. good horsy. the mansi >> the mansion was the embodiment of the era of sexual and social revolution and of the man who embraced his every moment on earth. >> i think that life is so short, and you dance as fast as you can. >> still to come, more from our kelly clarkson exclusive. her rules to raising kids while still saving time for music and her marriage. >> we don't really have like a good cop/bad cop scenario. it's just like you're going to get it done, or you're going to get in trouble. >> then shania twain. her new music 15 years later. and tlc's t-boz fighting for her
5:43 am
life. her secret struggle with a brain tumor and how she ended up in a coma. >> i was rolled out of the hospital in a wheelchair to the stage and right back to the hospital after the show. >> first this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which oscar winner appeared on "the tonight show" at age 9? is it brie larson, leonardo dicaprio, or patricia arquette? your answer is next in the "e.t. weekend" birthdays. >> now gospel singer tina campbell. her new message of forgiveness after her husband's infidelity. ♪ >> is that what this single is about? forgiving and moving on in your life? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> tina's well known as one-half of the grammy winning gospel group mary mary. the cheating scandal has been featured on their reality show. >> you cheated on me. >> the final season premiered this week. i talked to her about the scandal back in 2015. >> i had a bad day, so i took a hammer, and i took some scissors
5:44 am
and went crazy on his car. >> i did what he told me to do. >> tina says through hard work and the power of prayer, she was able to forgive and move on. >> it seems like you're a new tina campbell. >> i hated what unforgiveness did to me so bad, that i fought to be different. i was like, i'm miserable. i've become one of those bitter, angry, skeptical, negative, doubtful people. >> tina just released her new album, it's still personal. her tour starts october 18th. >> it's going to be awesome. this music saved my life and carried me through the worst times of my life. ♪ before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain these feet... liked to style my dog as a kid... loved motherhood, rain or shine... and were pumped to open my own salon. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and she prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes
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and pampers superior protection so you'll see fewer leaks and they'll see their first underwear pampers easy ups, an easy way to underwear pampers ♪ that is kelly clarkson's new song. she said she's finally got to make the album she's always wanted, soulful and a little less pop because at this point in her life, she's found her groove. >> thank you very much. in part two of kevin frazier's interview, kelly says she is happy with family, her music, and most importantly herself. >> this album is literally the chapter of my life that is like, i'm blessed, man. i love my life, and it definitely bleeds through in this album. ♪ it's got some stank. >> that's one way to describe her album, meaning of life, which drops october 27th.
5:48 am
inside hollywood's tao restaurant, kelly told me manager and husband of nearly four years, brandon blackstock, helps her unleash her sultry side. >> he makes me feel so sexy. i always make fun of him, i'm in an interview and he'll goose me. i'm like what are you doing, but i really like it. >> but at home kelly says they run a tight ship raising 3-year-old river rose and 1-year-old remi. >> we don't really have like a good cop/bad cop scenario. it's just like you're going to get it done or you're going to go get it trouble. our unanimous nnanny, we're str making sure thaer strict on them. >> your daughter is starting school. do you have to be away? >> i constantly think of date line shows. i'm like something is going to happen to my baby. kelly e number one goal is to instill in them confidence. she led by example last fourth of july when an online troll
5:49 am
commented, quote, you're fat to her health felt message to the troops. >> somebody was like, you're fat. and i'm like, are you for real? at least wait until i post a picture. >> her clap back included an expletive that she's still awesome. >> i am a smart ass. >> it works, though. >> kelly clarkson, my spirit animal. do not mess with that lady or this lady. shania twain has some new music out. after 15 years, she's back, and she's telling all to nancy o'dell. ♪ >> i was sure i would never be able to sing professionally again. i mean my voice was so unreliable. it was linked to lyme disease. >> shania contracted lyme disease from a tick boite in 2004. it took rigorous exercise to get her voice back. now, it's shania's album in 15 years, and her first without
5:50 am
ex-husband mutt lang. mutt denies the cheating allegations. >> is it scary coming out after so many years? >> it was really scary getting started because i had collaborated with mutt for so many years. ♪ >> shania is happily remarried and mutt is 100% out of the picture in her life's about to get good music video. >> what was that moment like for you? >> i'm at a point now where i can be tongue in cheek about it. >> you pay homage to, man, i feel luike a woman. >> not exactly the way i used to fit into it, but i still did fit into it. i was like, oh, i can't believe this. >> oh, you canadians. you can see her on the late late show with james corden this
5:51 am
tuesday on cbs. >> it's time to move on. the biggest american girl group of all time, is she move something i just wanted to make sure that everything was normal over here. i'm talking about tlc. >> absolutely. kevin frazier just talked to t-boz as tlc confirmed they are postponing the european leg of their tour because t-boz is dealing with some health issues. ♪ >> tell me the story behind, i'm pretty. >> oh, well, unpretty. i watched ricky lake and these men were downing women, calling them fat and stuff. and i said you know what? society has a way of making us feel like we're not good enough to fit in. so i'm going to write a poem called unpretty. so there came the song. it went number one. >> t-boz is the t in tlc, delivering hit after hit. ♪
5:52 am
♪ don't go chasing water falls >> but behind the scenes the singer struggles with sickle cell disease. >> the doctors told you you shouldn't be here now, that you wouldn't make it to the age of 30. >> correct, and i would never have kids and would i be disabled my whole life. >> even at the height of her fame, she struggled with pain. >> it's a daily process for me. a lot of times, like let's say for the pay-per-view hbo special we did, i was rolled out of the hospital in a wheelchair to the stage and right back to the hospital after the show. i was on so much medication, they had security around the stage to make sure i didn't fall off. >> in her new book, a sick life, she describes how she went on to defy the odds. in 2000, t-boz gave birth to her daughter chase. afterwards, she fell into a coma for three days. >> i just remember waking up, and my mom telling the nurse to lay the baby on my heart.
5:53 am
i remember her whispering, you have someone to live for. and that is what pushed me through that coma. >> that was followed up by another health crisis in 2006, a brain tumor. how hard was it to work your way back? >> 3 1/2 years of physical therapy. i couldn't close my eyes. i couldn't form words. i lost my speech, my sight, my hearing. >> what is it about you? you keep just pushing through? >> i have kids to live for. i have a fight in me that i want to live. so you can either woe is me and dwell on it and feel bad for yourself, or you get up and fight. so i'm going to fight. >> that's my girl. we are rooting for you. >> you get well real soon, and we'll be right back.
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travel considerations provided by -- stars with birthdays this weekend. fran drescher is 60. zach galifianakis. julie andrews is 82. take a final look at your choices. which oscar winner appeared on "the tonight show" at age 9? that is brie larson, who is celebrating turning 28 this weekend.
5:57 am
monday. mila kunis, kristen bell. "e.t." is behind the scenes of bad moms christmas. >> it's too much. >> and the late show takes us back home to oklahoma. >> thank you, nancy. >> talking new music and backup with gwen. >> that's a no-brainer for me. >> monday on "e.t." >> we are almost out of time this weekend. but for all the late breaking hollywood news, just go to our website, >> before we go, check out this video. >> it's for her song, new rules, which is climbing the billboard hot 100 chart. this weekend, the 22-year-old is wrapping up her tour, opening up for none other than bruno mars. >> that's what i like. enjoy this video and the rest of your weekend, everybody. bye-bye. >> bye. ♪ ♪
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breaking news, o.j. simpson is a freeman, the former football legend and hollywood star, walks out of a nevada prison overnight after serving nine years forearmed robbery, coming up we will have details of his release. and signs of progress in puerto rico meantime president trum april accused san juan's mayor of poor leadership, hear how she's responding. we're waking up to chilly temperatures once again a live look outside this morning as we wait for the sun to help warm us up today. it is sunday october the first , good morning everyone i'm jan carabao, lot of news to cover today but first the weather. here's meteorologist matt peterson with the forecast, good


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