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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 1, 2017 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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tonight o.j. simpson a free man. the football star is released from a nevada prison and where he is tonight. >> and tears of joy eyewitness news is there as much needed supplies with given to a family in puerto rico. first, tonight a big west coast win for the birds fans have a lot to cheer about as the eagles extend their winning record. good evening, everyone, i'm natasha brown, thank you for joining us the match-up may have been in los angeles and sounded more like a home game. sports director don bell joins us and it was close. it was a great game. >> shout dwrout eagles fans how many of them made the trip out to car sop, california it felt like a home game for the birds. >> good stuff. >> no let down for the eagle eagles. big question was how would they respond after emotional
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high of 61 yard walk-off. very, very well. birds up 2 points in the fourth quarter and whendell smallwood and back on the chargers phil rivers to hunter henery. la within two. >> but the final 6 minutes of the game belonged to birds. it was about the running game and offensive is line and 16 carries nor 1 36 yards game eagles run out the clock literally and win 26-24. >> there's no quit in the tea team. you know they're learning to play as a unit and play together and that's good to see. and just great way to finish a game. >> great way to close the game. to have the chance to leak you said run the 4 minute offense there and lien and rely no lie and no line and garrett and really the rest of the back took care of the rest.
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>> good stuff, with the win the eagles are now 3-1 and first place in the nfc east. their next game is sunday at home against-2 arizona cardinals and coming up later on in sports we'll hear from legarrette glount star of the game. >> thank you we'll sigh plat plateer. appreciate that. >> eagles started out hyped and ended up happy after the birds one. >> i thought it was great i'm proud of these guys they got a running game. our boys can run. the late nelingt puerto rico the island is slowly getting back to normal and getting the help it needs. many are without the basic necessities. fema says thousands of road issues are creating problems
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even though 11 highways are open. fuel is reaching the island and downed lines have 95% of island in the dark. half of puerto ricoians are still without drinking water and members of new jersey national guard are headed there to help in the recovery efforts. eyewitness news of course reporter alicia nieves has been on the devastated island several days and tonight she shows us how the donations families are giving them hope. millions in the united states including thousands in the philadelphia area are helping purt look owe. so many supplies are sent out and most that donate don't get to see what boxes of food, water and tools mean on the devastated island.
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he says this is not the time to be too proud to survive especially when worried about the youngest in his family. >> he's 9 years old. >> what do you tell him if he said to you i'm hungry. >> for so many people like neies he's eesed to living off the land. with maria there's no land to live off. all the crops are fearly killed and every little bit helps a lot. >> i've never been through something like this and i don't think old people older than me been through something like this. >> they told me you needed to cut wood. >> from a grassroots organization made by his son-in-law. >> that's what life is about.
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>> from the city of brotherly loved they helped him. we helped him get a message to his daughter in philadelphia. >> i want them to know that i'm okay. not to worry. my kids call me mc guyver because i figure it out. >> cbs3, eyewitness news. also, tonight a protest at the fraternal order of police. a vocal crowd made itself heard outside of a fundraiser for a philadelphia officer suspended for a deadly shooting. eyewitness reporter henery brings us the story from northeast philadelphia. >> about 10 furious protesters came face to face with dozens of philadelphia police officers tonight. >> outside police headquarter headquarters. >> bring all the gates you want you have to block the whole block off we're not going nowhere. >> un nonmembers were mowin
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mowinging a fundraiser for the 12 year veteran of the force suspended with duty with intent to dismiss for shooting 30-year-old david jones in the back killing him. >> where are we celebrating a murderer and killer. it's a slap in the case to everyone. you have 300 cops out here protecting the party from killer. >> they argue the officer was in a struggle were for his life after stopping jones from dirt biking erratically june 8. during the stop he discovered jones had a gun. none of those supporters who showed up tonight would defend him publicly. you spokesman for the police union would only tell us off camera they never asked for official police protection from the city for private event. >> after an hour and a half of shouting and party goers and police protester took off and demonstrators got into a near scuffle with two
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supporters. >> police quukly spraeted the sides and protesters eventually headed home. this is pretty much the same group that protested outside palmal's house a little while back. because of that the police union does try it stop the city from releasing nails of police officers involved in shootings and a judge struck that down this past friday. in northeast philadelphia, henery rosi cbs3 eyewitness news. >> our weather finally started feeling like fall. will it stay that way. let's check in with friend meteorologist lauren casey keeping an eye on testimony turz for us. i guess it will be a warm-up, right, lauren. >> warm up in store after a warm september and closing out the weekend. cool in the 60s for high temperature today in philadelphia and september our temperatures were running 2 1/2 above arm and we were right around arm as far as
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rainfall totals for the month our highest temperature 9 2. >> we had a late 90 degree day later than arm afternoon lo lowest temperature 53. cool today. high temperature 69. middle 60s yesterday. running below average over the last couple days and now our offer low temperature has fallen back to 40s. fall is settling in with a nice quiet evening as we get a live look at neighborhood network rehoboth beach. no one on the boards. clear sky conditions and chilly night for everyone across the delaware valley including down the shore as well. dropping back to 40s in a.c. and low autos in wildwood. immediate suburbs will be down to 40s and far north and west temperatures falling to 30s. we he could seevakumaran patchy frost to poconos. we'll talk more about this warm-up and when temperatures will climb to 80 in the full eyewitness forecast if a few, natasha. >> thank you so much we'll he soo you soon.
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disturbing armed robbery in east lansdowne all captured on camera. eyewitness news reporter joe holden bring us the latest on this case. >> all of a sudden boom they run in. >> in a flash armed robbers terrorize fisher at auto scales. >> we were playing card we go in early in case they come. >> we spoke do the store ep ee owner that did not want to go on camera. he described hem as being in a hurry and uncoar coordinated it was 7:20, east lansdale. first mistake the armed help accidentally led a dog out the front door. >> there was somebody walking by up front and they let the dog out. so i told them he had to get the dog in. when they did that the gunman was standing there with a begun and mask. i passed by and just kept going. >> michael pascal was there and he thought that slipup to
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be to their advantage. >> we saw them adds long as we could. out front we figured somebody would call the cops and cars driving by. someone should have done something. >> with the dog inside the owner was pistol whipped in the face as one tried to speed up the process. >> i moved as slow as i could put you can't move too slow. >> it's estimated the pair made off with 800 business has been in the 200 block of wildwood avenue 47 yordz and they feel neighbors could have helped in the time of need. >> i have is no problem helping somebody out. i don't think i'll do it no moresit's not worm it no one will have their should i hole out. >> cbs3, eyewitness news. >> philadelphia police made arrest today in connection with shooting of 6-year-old boy.
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this was scene on friday night at the corner of 4 and norris street in norm philly and the victim jadeen cisco was shot in left shoulder. they cuteed a warrant at the suspect's home today and took him into custody without incident. his identity was got released yet but the child is recove recovering. >> and now isis is claiming responsibility for a knife attack in southern prance that left two women and attacker dead. french counter terrorism authorities are investigating the attack at the main mar si de train station. france has been part of the isis coalition since 2014 and repeatedly targeted by these kind of attacks. >> president trump meantime says his secretary of state should not even bomber talking to north korea. they said i told rex tillerson wonderful secretary of state he is wasting time trying to negotiations with little roc rocker man. the tweet said, save your epere, rex, we'll do have what's to be done.
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>> rocket man has taken to calling norm korean leader kim young un and the president said being nice to rocket man has not worked in 25 years why would it work now. it u.s. is reaching out to north korea to see if it's interesting in talking. >> after 9 years in prison don't, o.j. simpson is now a free man. his relief from nevada correctional institute happened hours earlier than expected and where sill son want do go from there. i think he left early in western spain and why police smashed into polling stations. >> an a popular rocker to the area. wh
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snv o.j. simpson walked out a free ran in prison in nearly a decade. he plans to live in i home in the las vegas area for the foreseeable future. here's the latest for you. >> come on out. >> the only footage of o.j. sim sop rehe'sed from prison
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after midnight sunday morning was captured by nevada department of kruks. >> it what my property i would never steal from anybod anybody. >> simpson everybody served nine years behind bars for a botched robbery in vehicle sglas it will become a public record. >> they heard testimony from mr. simpson. >> i do strot grant parole when eligible and that will conclude this this sglaering before his vegas conviction simpson was prime suspect in double murder of ex-wife nicole brown simpson and his wife ron goldman. his car chase played out on highways and tv sets around the country. >> if it doesn't fit you must aquit. >> more than 150 million americans watched the trial. >> not guilty of a crime of murder. >> people are not going to forget the o.j. case even though he walked out of priso prison. >> legal expert lori levinson
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has followed always his cases. >> he's not out scott free he will be monitored next five years and given prior conduct it may be rather close monito monitoring as well. >> after decades in the national spotlight, he said simpson should avoid this type of attention. >> the best thing he can do is lay low. stay with family and friend and don't get caught up in the media and being the old o.j. >> cbs news, los angeles. >> well at least 33 police officers were injured after carrying out raids to stop an independence vote in cat loania region of spain. 844 people were injured. hundred of police were sent in from other reenl gones to confiscate ballots and stop the voting they were acting on judge's order and plame mary true show 90% are in favor the cat loania independence and the vote isel little they say.
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it is up with of the most prosperous regions and include city of barcelona. >> maryland man son concert in center city was cancelled after two gun props fell down on artist sending him to the hospital. man son issued a it's one of the most talked about new shows in cbs primetime. encore presentation of premiere of seal tem tonight on cbs3. it stars philly's own david borianas as jason hey leader of the tier one team. he along with rest of navy seals must navigate lives as they cute the most dangerous missions our country can ask of him. vittoria woodill made david and his dad philadelphia tv
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him end dave roberts on u.s.s. intrep up to find out all about the show. dave robert says the show will speak to all kind of veterans. >> i can recall world war ii in our neighborhood when families sops and daughters would go off to war and they would put a flag in the window and then many of them didn't come back. they sacrificed. that's what this show will touch. blessed and humbled to be here with my parent and wife and friends and to be able to ab part of the show that really strukz a cord with our veterans. >> well you can watch seal teams starring philly's own david or yannis every wednesday night:00 on cbs3. >> as you begin object cbs3
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cw philly and coleman philadelphia are emtooing up in the fight against breast cancer turping sideline pink again. you're looking at boat house row. it's national breast cancer awareness and also lit up serious center. stay vigilant in the fight of breast cancer. fiment our information on >> and lauren casey is alone. it's a little warm-up. >> gradual cool weekend gate weekend. let's broke out long sleeves we have not seen them in a while. >> i have a jacket close buy. >> i had to break out the bootsment here's the season. we'll put them away a couple days as things warm up. 80s in str and testimony turz now you need extra layer. 59 as we get a live look at septembersh city philadelphia lit up in pink.
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winds calm west and high tell turz today did struggle highs in 60s for both days this weekend and coolest air we felt in about a month's time. we topped at 68 in reading and 60s for high temperatures in accuweather and wildwood same case in dover made it to 0 o 70s in illville. 38 in mount pock know. 51, allentown right now 54 wilmington and 50 in accuweather. overnight 40s in the suburbs and clear and chilly. as we head into the day waxing things up back up to the 70s around average for us few degrows above 70 and lots of sun hein and wind light and variable. storm scan three showing us friend today and that's much of nothing up an down the i-95 corridor hard to find even a cloud because of high pressure in control and that's spinning off east as we head to next
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several days. so through midweek we'll see sunny skies and feel that low humidity and overnight lows fall to0s. right around average low 50s. upper 40s in suburbs and beautiful conditions to go out and take a peek at foalian tu tuning over really swruingt the next couple of weeks hard to believe we'll see peak fall foliage in maces of lehigh valley and mid october. >> your 7 day forecast stretch. sunshine in storms. 74 for high temperature tomorrow. up to 75 tuesday. not bought full day in store wednesday looking good people turz showily stepping their way up 80 by wednesday high temperatures in the 0s thursday, warm and muggy as we head into friday we fall back to 70s and rainfall looking sparse in the 7 day forecast
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and eventually we cool back to 70s. >> really pleasant though. >> thank you very much, laure lauren. >> you think carson swents still smiling. >> yes. guys have having a very fis day. and it was a good trip from the west coast indead because high it's a w. we'll take it. garrett mc glount makes his presence known. running all over the la charges
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>> rewind to week two. la glount was afterthought in eagles offense. today a complete 10. he led rush ago tack with 16 carry, 13 yard including bruising. 68 yard scam peri was looking right there. they had 37 oaf runs and use
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it to --. to see them execute it they do it on a daily basis and i feel hands down there to one of the best in the league and you know just got give them a chance with running football. they're one of the best. >> having a good couple weeks. phils host season finale. pete mc con gone is -- that there is franco with two men on. phils win in blowout fashion 11-0 and finish season with 6-9 record that is last mace in nl east even though they played fearly a500 balls after the all star break. >> all right, coming up next in the sports zone how eagles offensive line dominated day and we look at offense without darren volz good defense deposit break but this were issues. former eagle john richie will
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join me in studio. >> all right lots to talk about. >> stay with us everyone about. >> stay with us everyone we're back in a moment. sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson. thanks. pretty psyched. did you get fios too? no. mr. peterson, fios is a 100% fiber optic-network. what does that mean? think about it. if you got an awesome new car you'd put the best gas in it, right. so why hook up your awesome technology to anything other than a fiber-optic network? i got to go. peterson. peterson's wife.
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snv federal dope nuts hosted its first party.
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there was also live must psyc psych. face painting and party was designed to have the launch of the federal cookbook sdm you heard about oktoberfest. in camden county for the family friendly event. nope for socks and'sry tell a special sale alfestival to celebrate autumn and cooler warm. do the only. >> keep your feet warm good i you this shgop out there. >> sprinkles. you this shgop out there. >> sprinkles. we'll be right back.
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t comes to cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, she's coming for the multimodal therapy where the specialists form a treatment plan together. we were looking for a cancer team that would help us decide the best course of action. we have so many tools at our center. this is what attracted amy all the way from new york.
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these were people who were experts in their field. and for us that was the best choice. learn more about our breast center at slash philadelphia.
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>> that's going to do it for us tonight. we're normally taking it's 12:05. we're always on. we're happeneding it over to cbs3 sports zone. it's all the about that. cbs3 sports zone. it's all the about that. >> coming up.
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fullys look to send off pete mccannon on a high note. looks at their final game of the season. 152 games down for the flight. don bell happening out with former bird john richie and i'm excited about what i saw there today. i'm not going to lie. i picked them to lose by a kim points they wentz out and showed it. >> there's a lot to feel great about in terms of consistency of calling reasons and we have three guys. we


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