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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  October 3, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EDT

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dozens of rounds of ammunition rain down on fans at a country music festival. >> everyone is telling us run as fast as you can. >> tonight, the heros who put their lives in danger to save others.
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and new details about the gunman behind the deadliest shooting in modern u.s. history. good evening everyone. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the full extent of the tragedy is just beginning to come into focus tonight as we learn more about the many victims and the gunman. in all, 59 people were killed. more than 500 injured. the gunman is 64-year-old stephen paddock. 23 guns were found in the room at the mandalay bay casino where he carried out the massacre and tonight police found an additional 19 guns. earlier president trump took part in a moment of silence on the white house lawn after addressing the nation. >> it was an act of pure evil. to the families of the victims, we are praying for you and we are here for you. and we ask god to help see you through this very dark period. >> a key question in this
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investigation is what could have motivated the gunman to go to such length. by all accounts, the shooter was a wealthy retiree and he had no previous contact with police. we want to let you know that some of this video may be disturbing to you. >> reporter: the massacre in las vegas happened just as tens of thousands of concert goers were watching jason aldean perform sun night. at first many in the crowd thought the gunshots were fireworks. >> we couldn't see any of the smoke. >> reporter: authorities identified the gunman as 64-year-old stephen paddock who took aim at concert goers from the 32nd floor before taking his life. paddock had been a guest at the hotel since thursday. authorities found 23 weaponness his suite including handguns and
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rifles. authorities say they also found several pounds of amoan yum nitrate in his car. and more guns in his home in mesquite, nevada. paddock was a retired accountant but family members say most recently he was a professional gambler who won large jack pots. >> the fact that he had those kinds of weapons is. >> reporter: back in february paddock purchased from chris michael. >> there was no red flags any time along the way. >> reporter: outside las vegas city hall residents and politicians lit candles and held signs reading "vegas strong" as a tribute. >> tonight we're beginning to learn more about the sims. sonny milton was a nurse. lisa ramera was a mother and
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grandmother. rachel parker worked for the police department in manhattan beach, california. she was a civilian employee on the department's front desk. >> a philadelphia man who survived the concert shooting is being hailed as a hero tonight. financial advisor mike mcgary was sinled out during a press briefing this afternoon. he jumped into action risking his life to save others. >> greg argos caught up with him as he returned from philadelphia earlier today. >> reporter: during tragedies like this one in las vegas it's so comforting to hear stories of compassion. one involves a man from our area who jumped on top of complete strangers when those bullets started flying. the gunfire started, the music stopped and thousands at a music festival went into survival
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mode. >> there were bullets flying all over. i would say minimum 500 to 1,000. it was ridiculous. >> reporter: mike mcgary a financial planner went to vegas as a country music fan but he left a hero. >> others risked their own lives to save people they had never met. >> reporter: his brave actions sinled out by white house press secretary. >> he laid on top of students to protect them from the gun fire. >> i'm 53, they were in their 20s. i lived a decent life so far. i would rather them live longer than me. i dove on top of 14 people, pulled a chair over them said i'm a lot older than you guys and tried to lightenen up the moment a little bit. >> reporter: he wasn't aware he was praised nationally. >> absolutely not. >> reporter: and believes his wife, still visibly shaken from the events of the past 24 hours is the person who deserves the most credit. >> she's an rn. literally i think anybody would
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have done the same thing. we're all just people trying to help other people. i don't think i did anything spectacular. >> are mike's story is just one of dozens throughout this tragedy. people really helping others. >> the humanity. >> no doubt. >> you weren't able to talk to mike's wife. >> his wife was there with him. they both went to the festival. she was there putting tourniquets on victims. when i introduced myself her entire body was shaking she couldn't speak. >> thank you, greg. appreciate it. one of the most dramatic aspects of the tragedy is the sheer number of gunshots. for a man from allentown on a business trip in las vegas, the sound of those shots was too close for comfort. >> i wasn't putting two and two together realizing there was someone a few rooms away from me
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shooti shooting. >> ben sweeney was staying in a room two floors down from the shooter. sweeney heard the entire ordeal. he also said he huddled in a bathtub until his room until he knew he was safe. >> some others who were eyewitnesss to the horror in las vegas are back in our region tonight trying to process what they saw. eyewitness news reporter alexandria hoff caught up with some of them at philadelphia international airport ♪ god bless america >> reporter: this video shows a joy-filled vegas crowd. megan o'donnell of wilmington posted it online. about an hour later, the scene was shattered by gunfire and that joy stolen. she arrived back to philadelphia and into the arms of her husband, embracing like so many others who attended the route 91 harvest festival. >> i actually called my mom while shots were being fired and told her i loved her and said
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i'm going to run i'm okay. >> reporter: steve gold. >> i could see running, bleeding and some people just had blood everywhere. you know, people trying to pick people up and get bloody from that and the next thing i know i jumped inside of a taco stand. >> reporter: gold then went on to help hoist a bike stand on its side so a large perimeter fence can be scaled. he eventually found shelter in a casino a poor lady next to me goes i know my boyfriend is dead. i just know it. >> reporter: they were attending a show inside the mandalay bay hotel. at the same time 32 floors above them police say the shooter was firing from a window. >> we turned off all the lights and told us to be quiet. >> reporter: the couple remained in the hotel theater for hours. >> the amount of emotions i've gone through now. i would never think it was anything possible. it's unreal. >> i was there all weekend, a 3-day event had to end like that. >> reporter: that man steve gold added that he has find solace in
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the kindness and the courage. he said at one point a series of pickup trucks had raced past him and in those beds he saw injured people that had been piled into there, the drivers of the trucks taking it upon themselves to bring those strangers to the hospital. reporting from philadelphia international airport, alexandria hoff, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> seeing a tragedy at a large crowd has many of us thinking about security. philadelphia police say they are confident in how they secure large crowds in the city, particularly along the parkway. they go through every hotel and work with the buildings on security measures. earlier tonight jessica and i spoke to commissioner richard ross on eyewitness news. >> you think about the fact that it could happen anywhere. and despite your best efforts to plan, it's virtually nothing that las vegas could have done
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to prevent this. >> the commissioner went on to say that philadelphia police always take crowd protection very seriously. >> saving lives in a large-scale incident like what happened in las vegas depends on quick treatment and an experienced trauma team. in philadelphia we have five level 1 trauma centers ready for emergencies and a system in place to coordinate where patients go. penn presbyterian medical center is one of them and it has one of the newest and most sophisticated trauma centers in the area. >> a tragedy of this scale would overwhelm every sinl hospital. they would activate their own disaster plans. >> he says there is a well-established protocol for treating a large number of severely injured patients. be sure to stay with eyewitness news for continuing coverage of the mass shooting in las vegas. you can find updates any time at straight ahead tonight, a hollywood film maker thinks he has the solution to violence in
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philadelphia schools. >> david lynch is behind big hits like "twin peaks." what he says students and teachers should be doing in the classroom height now. >> plus the crisis in puerto rico.
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back on eyewitness news at 11:00. tonight we know 59 people have been killed, more than 500 people are injured. police tell us they found 23 guns in the mandalay bay suite. an additional 19 guns were found
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at his home. president trump will travel to nevada wednesday to meet the victims and first responders. music legend tom petty is hospitalized tonight after suffering full cardiac arrest. the 66-year-old rocker was unconscious and not breathing when he was found yesterday in his malibu home. he is best known as the front man of tom petty and the heartbreakers. there were some earlier reports that he passed away but they have since been retracted. could violence be stopped or even slowed down? it's possible. according to a well-known hollywood film maker. >> david lynch says meditation twice a day in schools could make a difference. >> reporter: in a city known for its pride, fast pace and grit, violence is no stranger. statistics from the philadelphia police department show 917 kids ages 17 and younger were arrested for violent crimes just
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last year. these include murder, rape and robberies. could this be stopped? enter hollywood film icon david lynch who wants everyone to just slow down and breathe. >> second biggest influence in my life is the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: lynch, creator of "twin peaks" and other films spoke to us from his studio in las vegas. he lived in philadelphia from 1965 to 1970. >> philadelphia was very, veries very good to me. >> reporter: now he wants to return the favor to philadelphia by giving the gift of transindental meditation. >> it's no the a religion, it's not a cult. it's a mental technique. >> reporter: he runs a foundation in his name to teach tm. he says it allows adults and kids to experience the deepest level of life. >> you're given a mantra to turn the awareness from out out out
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180 degrees to within within within. it's easy and effortless. it does not involve trying. >> reporter: and he says he wants to take that approach to philly schools to stop violence, including some of the smallest behavior problems. lynch is backed by larry >> teaching is a high-stress profession. >> reporter: so jones and his wife will start teaching tm to their teachers. >> we see this as an opportunity for our teachers and staff to get just another tool in their tool box that will help them effectively deal with their children and the stresses. >> reporter: the couple plans to start meditating with their students. >> i think we would see a decrease in violent behaviors from students and also not violent behaviors from students which would actually be more caring, more em pathetic with
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their peers. >> teachers start to like to teach again. students start to get along. the fighting stops. people start getting happy. they get more energy. they can sleep better at night. >> when you get your mind together, your life will change. that's what i see tm doing. >> reporter: the school district of philadelphia does not specifically teach tm to all students but i'm told other forms of meditation are available. david spunt, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> president trump is set to visit puerto rico tomorrow nearly two weeks after hurricane maria slammed the island, millions are still struggling with limited access to necessities. officials say only 5% of the island has power. less than half has clean drinking water. alicia nieves has been in puerto rico for several days now.
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eyewitness news hired a guide to help alicia to locate the parents of gonzalez. she found them in ponce and they were able to speak to each other via satellite phone. >> kate bilo joins us with the forecast. >> beautiful weather continuing the next couple of days although it is going to start getting hot again. we thought we were going in the other direction but it's going back to the 80s by the end of the week. we're not talking heat and humidity like last week where we were in the 90s for a couple of days. we're just talking about an increase in the temperature and in an increase in the dew point by thursday and friday. in the meantime it's a beautiful evening. let's look outside. the skies are clear, you can see the buildings all lit up in the distance. center city looking lovely as usual. light jacket if you're heading out to maybe take the dog out before bed or if you're getting up early putting the kids on the bus heading out to work or
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school, definitely need the jacket or sweat shirts in the morning but dress in layers. you won't need it in the afternoon of the here's what today ended up looking like. nothing but sunshine, kids out on the playground enjoying the day. it's hard to dress those kids for this kind of weather because my kids definitely wanted to wear the jacket in the morning but then they get hot on the playground in the afternoon. you want a light and short sleeves underneat. high pressure protecting us from clouds or showers back to the northwest here. you can see clouds and showers through portions of wisconsin, minnesota, down through the dakotas but it's going to take a while before any of that reaches us thanks to the dome of high pressure that's protecting the north eastern united states. temps right now, it's a clear night, cool, very light wind. that's a recipe for cold temps already dropping through the 50s. 50 in millville and at lat particular city. it's a cool, comfy59.
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the normal 72. the record set 15 years ago was 87 degrees. we started the morning at 51. temperatures slowly on the rise. 75 today. we'll be right around that number tomorrow. a chance to go a little higher. 78 on wednesday, 81 on thursday and the humidity is going to increase along with the temperatures over the next few days. as high pressure continues to slide off the eastern seaboard, the flow around the western side of the high from the south and west. with high pressure prevailing through mid week, we're talking about sunshine and low humidity, morning lows in the 50s, afternoon highs in the 70s but eventually the humid a humidity will start to prevail and then we'll have to watch for a few showers. i'm going to start this wednesday at 5:00, nothing but sunshine. as we head into thursday, a few more clouds start to creep in. you can see clouds around thursday at 10:00 a.m. and maybe a pop-up shower through the day on thursday we'll repeat that on friday. that's also when you'll feel the
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heat and humidity. tomorrow is beautiful, mostly sunny with a high of 75. wednesday could start with a little morning fog. that's how you know the humidity is starting to creep back up. thursday and friday back to the 80s. so hopefully you didn't pack up all those summer clothes just yet and we may need to possibly turn the air conditioning on in a couple of spots. depends on how comfortable you like to be at night. we're back to the 70s by the weekend. >> don's up next with sports. >> talking some hoops tonight. no pizza and hot wings. how a new diet is fueling the sixers big man. and the eagles are running things in the nfc east. sports coming up next. i had this chest cold, but my medicine kept wearing off. (coughsah! hey, chad! i missed you. ah! i was in the tree watching you, and then i fell.
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the defense knew what was coming and they couldn't do anything about it. with the game hanging in the
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balance the eagles ran the ball at the chargers and l.a. had no answer for it. that's power football. the eagles improved 3 to 1 yesterday. the birds ran out the clock and ultimately finished with 214 yards rushing. >> it was great. >> after a night of reflecting, doug pederson was asked today what his team's sense of identity is. >> pounding ground, no. that's what you want, right? all right, that's my answer. >> with the offensive line that we have, with the receivers that we have that block down field, carson, it will be pretty hard to stop. >> reporter: meanwhile as a running game as stolen the headlines, the defense has quietly struggled late in the game. in the fourth kwaerts of their last three games, they've allowed 52 points.
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>> it's something that we just got to continue to evaluate. there always seems to be one or two big plays in the game that we have to try to eliminate whether it be line backers getting off blocks to not have a long run or secondary eyes in the right spot, being in the right position. things of that nature. and those are all things that are fixable and correctible. >> if the question is wit or without, okafore will never have to answer. forget cheese steaks, he's now a vegan. showing off his new lighter frame yesterday. he dropped 20 pounds and weighs around 250. he believes the change of diet should help him on the court. >> i've been through a lot and want to try to do off season was lose weight. show their appreciation for that. and i'm going to do everything i
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can to help the team this year. >> preseason hoops in boston. fans get their first look. he played 19 minutes. the celtics beating the hornets by >> packed for a preseason game. >> up next philadelphia's most
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ah, here we go. 60 second rotini hi, honey! hey mom! are you eating well? umm...yeah i'm actually making something right now. new barilla ready pasta. deliciously al dente in just 60 seconds. simply add your favorite ingredients... that looks amazing! ...and enjoy. hey, there you go. i can almost smell it. new barilla ready pasta. 60 seconds to wonderful. um, elbow! oh, sorry mom! for 36 years turn. >> eyewitness news at the ritz-carlton philadelphia tonight for the kickoff for our annual lights for the cure campaign. all october long local land marcs will turn pink as a reminder to schedule a mammogram. many members of the team were at
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the party including us along with deborah norville. >> i think it's so cool. philadelphia leaves no doubt in anybody's mind where they stand on the fight against breast cancer. you come to philly during the month of october, and this town really has been painted pink. it's just great to see an entire city coming together to fight something so important. >> and to that end eyewitness news was along the avenue of the arts in philly tonight. broad street looking great in all its pink. as you might know, october is breast cancer awareness month and for more information on lights for the cure, go to kate? >> we're just coming off a weekend but we're already watching the next one and a chance for rain does return as we head into the upcoming weekend. the coolest day will be saturday. low 70s, some clouds. possible rain chance again sunday. highs will be in the 70s. pretty seasonable both days as we head through the week we'll try to pin down that chance
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coming up next it's the late show followed by the late late show. our morning crew is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean we're always on for you at
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