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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  October 4, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EDT

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crash in bucks county, what his police say his father was doing before the tragic accident. a vigil for the victims and hear the message from a young man who survived another mass shooting. knew details surrounding the gunman, the arsenal discovered inside the hotel suite and why authorities are not taking a second look. wife dramatic new video of the first moments when police arrived on scene. body cam video from officers shows them in an ally way outside mandalay bay with gunfire raining down they helped steer people away from the bullets. also tonight, we're seeing inside the shooter's hotel room at mandalay bay. we've learned stephan paddock set up cameras in the room and on a service card outside his door. apparently to spot anyone coming for him. he worked as a letter carrier and an irs agent. his girlfriend is calling back from the phillipines and police are calling her a person of interest. memorials are growing in las vegas >> the number of those kills stands at 59 includes the gunman. >> new photos from inside the hotel suite where stephan paddock staged the deadliest
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mass shooting in modern u.s. history show him dead on the floor surrounded by spent ammunition. other photos and video captured various rifles scattered throughout the room. police found 23 guns and rifles along with 12 bump stock devices added to semiautomatic guns that allow rapid firing like fully automatic weapons. las vegases say from his 32nd, paddock unloaded his weapons on a country music festival below. police say he set up cameras including one on a food service cart outside the room. >> there was another camera placed inside the hotel room door peep hole so that he could see down the hallway >> he once worked for the postal service and as an irs agent. he spent his time gall link and transferred $100,000 to the philippines where his girlfriend is believe to be now. police say she's a person of interest and the fbi is bringing
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her back. officials are analyzing his computer and cell phone and examining surveillance footage. at the crime scene they're picking through what concert goers left behind. a memorial along the las vegas strip people left flowers and embraced >> i'm so fortunate i made it out. because it was -- it was surreal. >> president trump will visit las vegas wednesday >> police are looking into reports paddock was gambling with more than $10,000 a day before the shooting. and that he may have considered an earlier attack at another music festival. they also and he recently bought some of his weapons. >> a pennsylvania native is among the victims of the attack. this is bill wolf junior of shipberg a youth wrestling and little league coach. his family said he and his wife were at the music festival during an anniversary trip to vegas. the couple got separated during the attack. his wife survived. a vigil for wolf was held last
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night. at a vigil in philadelphia, the issue of gun control was front and center. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff joins us from center city where dozens gathered to share share their opinions. alex? >> reporter: ukee i think the focus is what can or should be done. there are others who feel that focuses on anything especially policy so soon is simply wrong. >> you have someone that you need to say you're sorry to or that you love or that you care about, say it now. don't let it wait. >> reporter: these are some of the lessons we're all left with following tragedy in las vegas. is there more to be concerned >> you got to stop the madness. >> reporter: at a vigil held in center city for the 58 killed and hundreds more injured, firearm legislation was a clear focus >> talk about safety, talk about reasonable regulations to talk about when 93 deaths will become unacceptable >> we will not stand by >> congress should get its act
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together before another innocent american goes to the corner store, school or a concert and never comes home to her family. >> i think what we make the mistake of making something that's not a firearms issue a firearms issue. this is an evil issue. >> reporter: to discuss further, we met up with head of black guns matter, a philadelphia termed national program that educates citizens. >> to creayou have to affect pe because somebody did the wrong thing is a limited scope >> we have to before we can try to let them in. >> reporter: on the las vegas mass shooting, speaker left a unique perspective same thing i did. >> reporter: parker was injured, her best friend killed when a shooter unleashed inside of pulled night club in orlando. her focused is combatting
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illegal guns and assisting fellow survivors of violence. >> no matter what the situation is, it is going to be ok. you're going to be ok. >> reporter: parker said that in the time since the pulse night club shooting she struggled with survivors guilt but that she found relief in helping others get through the same thing. reporting live in center city, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. more eyewitnesses to the deadly massacre continue to return home. to the delaware valley. the tragedy handfully sunk in >> it's like a nightmare that doesn't ever hidden r end. >> i held her hand the time. we just held hands and kept you
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know, kept going. >> >> shooting from 32 story above had the advantage over the thousands in the crowd. how should you react if you ever were to find yourself in a cross hairs of an active shooter a. former law enforcement agent coming up. today president trump toured the hurricane damage in puerto rico. where the death toll jumped from 16 to 34. the president met with first responders and thanked people like puerto rico's governor who praised fema. he met with mayor of san juan who initially criticized for the efforts. he defended the response >> i hate to tell you, puerto rico but you thrown our budget a little out of whack. he were spent a lot of money on puerto rico and that's fine's we saved a lot of lives, every death is a horror, if you look
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at a real catastrophe like katrina 16 people versus in the thousands you can be proud of all of your people and all of our people working together. >> this moment, with hurricane victims is generating reaction to president threw rolls of paper town halls in the crowd as he helped distribute supplies. a father is in custody in the death of a 2-year-old, the toddler thrown from an suv as the man fled a store with stolen goods and crashed. it happened at the intersection route 13 and levittown parkway in tullytown bucks county. greg argos is live in levittown with more tonight. greg? >> jessica that suspect is 27-year-old christopher kuhn of hamilton new jersey. he just left the district court in levittown about 25 minutes ago. he is being charged with third-degree murder in death of his 2-year-old son. his bond set at $5 million cash. an incredibly high amount for an incredibly heinous crime.
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this is what he had to say or lack thereof as he left. >> what do you want to say his head was down. he was saying basically nothing as he was loading into that police suv but it was much different scene inside during his arraignment. he shaking the entire time, sobbing and whaling in fact the judge had to stop the proceeding at least twice to allow the suspect to compose himself. now, this entire ordeal began around 12:15 this afternoon at a wal-mart in tullytown. that is when investigators say christopher kuhn had his son in the shopping cart, also in that shopping cart, a $228 video sound bar christopher kuhn investigators say left the store with his son and that stolen merchandise wal-mart employees tried stopping him, we're told but he simply brushed them off. put his son in his gold suv, you're taking a look at what
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remains of the suv right there. next to his son was a child safety seat but christopher kuhn did not take it. he did have time to take his sweater and cover up his license plate. police were not even at the scene, there's no called but saw him first through an intersection creating a three-car accident. his son was ejected from the vehicle. investigators say and christopher kuhn get this we're told by the chief of police, in tullytown stepped over his son's body and ran from police. police tackled him, arrested him, then they took him into custody. they said where is your son? he said over there. once again, christopher kuhn being charged with third-degree murder in the death of his son, his bond set at $5 million cash. once again, that is an incredibly high amount. during the proceedings. the chief of police asked for $500,000 for bail. the judge paused and set it at
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that $5 million number. right now. once again, christopher in kuhn in cannabis, had he stopped at the wal-mart and been arrested for shoplifting, he would have been home for dinner but tonight his son is dead and facing incredibly serious charges. the latest live in bucks county, greg argos, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. new tonight, police in philadelphia are looking for the man who stole an suv with an 8-year-old boy in the back seat happened in the 5200 block of north broad street. police said the owner of the vehicle got out to check on property when man on a bicycle saw the car got inside and drove off. the suspect ditched the suv about a mile away. the little boy was still inside and not hurt. >> the fire department says the chemical leak at the ashland manufacturing plant in south philly is now under control. chopper 3 over the response at columbus and organ this
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afternoon, officials say there were flakes in the air, the chemical is used in the making of the plastic in goes into fiberglass, all of the employees are ok. former first lady michelle obama made a stop in philadelphia >> she joined some of the most influential women in the world and the surprise that had the entire crowd talking. the largest data breach in history, what yahoo is saying about the private information. it's a clear cool night with temperatures in the 50's not for long. a portion of summer returns i'll tell you when we're headed back to mid 80's >> you heard of riding in style probably not like this, how two groups went to redesign bike sharing within the city. join me tonight on the late show, i'll be joined by the lovely and talented michael weatherly who is the star's hit
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drama bull. we're going to bull it up. we'll see. >> late show with steven colbert
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mass shooting in las vegas has many thinking about safety. as difficult as it is to protect yourself, there's basic guidelines about how to react. security expert david katz says in a case like the las vegas massacre the first step locate the direction of the shots. then the key is to get out of the shooter's view and that could mean running toward the gunfire. >> you don't run straightaway from the shooter because the shots will chase you try to avoid and try to get between something that will stop the bullet if it's coming in your direction, if the shooter is in this direction you run toward he can't shoot down so you're safer >> he said if you're indoors confronting the shooter should
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be a last resort. first try to escape or find a hiding place where you can blockade the door. be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the mass shooting in las vegas, you can find updates on tv and also at yahoo said all 3 billion of its users were affected in 2013 making it by far the largest hack that history. it rimly said one billion users were affected when it disclosed the breach last december. but it recently got information showing the hacking was bigger than first thought. of an investigation found that the stolen user account information did not include payment card data or bank account information. lawmakers gave the former chairman and ceo of equifax a public scolding in the first of four hearings on capitol hill. richard smith was there to explain how the personal information of 145 million americans was compromised. the department of homeland security notified equifax in march about vulnerable software
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and the company failed to protect consumers. smith resigned from equifax after the breach. former first lady michelle obama was in philadelphia taking part in the pennsylvania conference for women. "eyewitness news" news was at the convention center in center city where mrs. sat down for a wide ranging conversation with shonda rhymes. she talked about talking with young girls >> so early in our lives we're shushed, and not just directly but sometimes we're treated a little too preciously. we may have a father that loves us but he treats us like a doll. they don't treat us like real beings and equal partners >> during the conversation, mrs. was surprised by a happy 25th wedding anniversary video from former president obama. >> i figured that you wouldn't mind maybe me parachuting in just to say how much i love you
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but you have also been an example to our daughters and to the entire country. >> mrs. obama tweeted the former president is still the most extraordinary man she knows. fan paying tribute to tom petty. he suffered cardiac arrest in his home in california. petty and his long-time band the hard breakers recent completed a 40th anniversary tour when he hinted would be their last. he was 66. two local groups are working together to take the term riding in style to a new level. barnes foundation teamed up with the ininride sharing program paintings from the barnes collection to show that art is part of the fabric of the city, one free year of admission for indig go members. >> with the banana seat and the sis see bar in the back. not going to have a ding.
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>> did you have the flag on the back >> and cards in the spokes too. break it out. >> river trail tomorrow, we'll be looking for you. beautiful day for it. tomorrow going to warm up a little bit from what we felt today and yesterday. but still, some beautiful fall weather. starting thursday that the heat and humidity really starts to build back in. take a look outside and we take you to a beautiful shot from the parkway central library camera looking out towards logan square and everything looking nice, feels great. a little breeze, just a little chilly, if you're taking the dog out for one last bathroom break before bed you may need a light jacket if you'll be out for any length of time 10 tomorrow morning as temperatures are down in the 50's and in some spots 40's. stormscan 3 shows we're protected by high pressure. of clear skies across the northeast and midatlantic as we zoom back towards the great lakes and midwest that's where you can see showers. this front will take its time,
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it will move in as we get to the end of the week and start to lift back north. that's what will usher in the heat and humidity. right now we got a southeast breeze, pretty comfy. cool, 50 in millville, 50 in atlantic city. 58 in philadelphia. 59 in allentown, and it's 50 up in mount pocono. really warming up look at the average, our averages are dropping steadily as we head through october. pretty soon average highs will be in the 60's. right now the average high is 71, but we're above that every day, today is 74. tomorrow is 77. and we're back to the 80's. thursday, friday and saturday. saturday almost 15 degrees above average. saturday is october 7th. that also happens to be our average final day of 80 plus weather in philadelphia. the latest 80 degree plus day we had was back. no word if we're going to try to make a run, looks like we'll
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have 80's until october 8 or 9. here comes the front, the front still off to the west, as we head to thursday, front sags south across the region, not a lot of moisture, clouds on and off thursday. friday, possibly a few showers, mainly north of philadelphia and what happens is the front will lift back to the north and usher in the heat and humidity for saturday. and then we'll be talking about the threat for rain and we need it. it's been dry for awhile. last time we had rain over a 10th of an inch was september 16th, 2.58 inches, looks like sunday into monday will change that. tomorrow fog in the morning, mostly sunny at 77, warm and steamy, stray shower friday mainly to the north, saturday, sun, 84, feels like summertime, definitely not the crisp fall westbound, sunday, humid way chance for rain especially late
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sunday into columbus day monday, looks like could be a rainy day but we do need it. we haven't had it in a while. >> it's been a minute. >> thanks, kate >> don up next >> when brian dawk kins talks, the sixers listen, why the eagles highest paid player may be under paid. we'll tell you what's happened to the defense since
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what the what's behind curtain one, anticipation for the sixers home game against memphis is on another level. here's what headcoach brett brown is looking for. >> what are you going to do with the teams nab players, how they major up with them. >> it's my thoughts going into it. got to -- and
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>> the process meets weapon x, brian dawkins talking to the sixers before their practice today. dawkins is a future hall of famer and the guys are trying to soak up as much knowledge as they can >> you want to choose somebody that can best reflect what we're trying to do here and you know, the spirit of which we want to approach things too and compete and play and bring the city along with us and have the style of play mirror the personality of the city. well, he's a heck of a spokesman to be able to share stories to our young guys. of >> yeah, you want the roll with that guy. the eagles had a two-touchdown lead against the giants but needed a record breaking field goal to win. they led the chargers by nine in the third quarter, but needed a game grinding drive to seal the deal. what's with all the nail by theers? comes down to some light defensive breakdowns, this
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defensive tackle got hurt against the giants, they've allowed 48 points, defensive coordinator jim schwartz was asked about that. >> well, i'm glad that didn't happen before we signed the contract, because he probably would have asked for more. we've had our challenges, everybody does, plugging guys in and still trying to have a high level, you know, there's no explanations, no excuses, we have to do a better job. >> and back to the nba, the all-star game is getting a make over, the league scrapping the east versus west format. instead, the two starters with the highest fan vote totals from each conference will pick the teams. the game is february 18th in la and we hope to have a couple players in that team. >> thank you, up next the
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teaming up in the fight against breast cancer by turning the region pink. >> take a look at the peco building in center city with a special message scrolling, october is national breast cancer awareness month and the pink lights are a reminder to schedule a mammogram and stay vigilant in the fight against breast cancer, it's the 16th year >> we got summer sticking around saturday and sunday, especially saturday. temperatures in the mid 80's, heat and humidity hanging around even longer through the end of the week, sun and clouds both days, a couple of spotty showers but late sunday into monday we'll have to watch for the return to rain to the
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