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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 4, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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authorities are learning more about how, stephen paddock carried out his shooting massacre, this is as president trump prepared to meet with survivor and first responders i'm moa lenghi with the latest from las vegas. father is behind bars his child is dead this morning after a crash in bucks county a crime that happened just moments before that led to the man's arrest. beautiful live look at boat house row in philadelphia if you thought summer was through with us, well, mother nature has other ideas in mind , big warm up is coming up >> today is wednesday october 4th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning, guys so nice to know that summer is
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delivering for us. >> yes. >> yes. we are looking outside, and it is busy, we had a few accidents, couple have cleared , lots of construction. >> but you said it we're really warming up. we are going back in time a couple weeks here and it will be more likely summer. take you outside very quickly storm scan three is clear and will stay that way throughout the day. minor problem thaw might find and we have not find too many cameras is just fog, currently 46 degrees at pleasant valley middle and high school. one of the spots that tend toss fog out if we will see fog at all right now it is all clear. we will keep you posted there, but our eyewitness weather day planner is featuring patchy fog on your drive-in this morning but warming up nicely with sunshine. 78 degrees, yeah, that is frankly, hot for early october normal high only 71. it will be a warm day for standard, meisha. >> all right. so many people loving that myself included, thanks so much, katie.
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happy wednesday, we are looking outside at the vine, not pulled overnight so that construction won't be all week long. that is great. vine we're looking g we are talking about columbus boulevard that close another there between oregon and packer avenue because of chemical leak that happened around 3:00 p.m. this has been since opened. columbus boulevard having to use an alternate now it is opened, so that is great news. i will remind you in the next travel hit after this one. construction in bucks county 95 north and southbound near route one that right lane compromised see the cones out there on the red ways and flashing lights, i will let you know whether that clears and this accident is only one that is left still out there, in lansdale still there so fourth street at ridge street it is an accident that is not clear. just a head fun that is your neighborhood. 295 southbound ramp to route 42 is closed, construction crews are still out there jim, back over to you. president trump travels to las vegas today following deadly mass shooting at a country music festival.
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>> police are offering up new information on sunday night ease massacre as investigators prior to question the girl friend of the gunman. moa lenghi is standing by live in las vegas to bring us the latest. moa, good morning to you. >> reporter: well, good morning, rahel, good morning, jim. investigators are learning more about how stephen paddock carried out his shooting in the days leading up, to the shooting massacre, the minutes lathing up to 10 horrific minutes where he aimed his assault rifle on thousands of people but that critical question of why remains unanswered all this begins a backdrop of president trump's trip to las vegas in just a few hours his first time confronting a mass shooting situation as president of the united states. las vegas police released body camera footage from sunday night shooting you can hear officers warning each other after realizing the shots were being fired from up high somewhere inside mandalay bay hotel. >> everybody stay down, stay
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down. >> reporter: as president trump gets set to visit las vegas to meet with survivors and first responders investigators are releasing more information about how the shooting unfolded. these are photos from inside the shooter 64 year-old stephen paddock's hotel room. he fired on and off for between nine and 11 minutes, had bump fire stocks, legal devices that enabled semiautomatic guns to fire continuously as fully, automatic, paddock brought surveillance equipment. >> two cameras in the hallway so suspect could watch as law enforcement or security approached his room and there was another camera placed inside the hotel room door peephole so that he could see down the hall way. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell cbs there has been more than a hundred suspicious reports of paddock in the days leading up to the shooting transferring large amounts of cash, some of that money went to the philippines where paddock's girl friend was staying. paddock's girlfriend marry lee
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danley is a person of interest , u.s. official tells cbs shoe flew back and landed in l.a. overnight. she was met at the airport by fbi agents. investigators are also looking into whether stephen paddock planned an earlier attack in las vegas before ultimately deciding, on taking aim on those thousands of people on saturday night. back to you. >> mola do you have any idea how cooperative the girlfriend has been with the authorities so far. >> reporter: jim, simple answer is that remains unclear , we know that authorities were in contact with her when she was overseas it is unclear how un cooperative she was, then and how many details they were able to get out of her then. we know as fbi agents met her at l.a. airport when she landed yesterday, it is unclear whether they were able to go into great detail in terms of questions at that point. obviously investigators want
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to speak with her especially considering they have so few lead in terms of a motive for paddock massacre, so it remains unclear how cooperative she has been, how willing she has been to answer questions, and investigators will continue to pursue that end, jim. >> all right, mola lenghi live in las vegas, thank you. philadelphia is one of the many cities standing with the victims of las vegas. at a vigil last night officials and community leaders discussed gun control. speakers remembered these killed and injured in las vegas. then they also talk about having to move forward from the tragedy, some called on congress to enforce stricter gun control, others who spoke with us said more regulation is not the answer. >> congress should get its act together before another innocent american goes to the corner store, school, or a concert and never comes home to her family. >> obviously it is a tragedy but you cannot put the rule,
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that infringes on the remaining populations rights. >> vigil was organized by seized fire pa a statewide group that calls for tougher gun laws. we have learned this morning that a man from pennsylvania was among those kill in the mass shooting. thinks bill wolfe, junior of shippensberg 150 miles west of philadelphia wolfe was a youth wrestling and little league coach. his family says, he and his wife rob written at a music festival during an anniversary trip to las vegas they were separated and his wife survived. a vigil for wolfe will be held in shippensberg last night. shooting from 32 store ace above the las vegas gunman had advantage over thousands in the crowd. so how should you react if you ever find yourself in the cross hairs of the active shooter. coming up in our next half an hour a law enforcement, agent with one thing you should always do. new jersey man is being held on five million-dollar cash bail, after police say
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that he caused a crash that killed his two-year old son. >> "eyewitness news" reporter frank does live in tulleytown boro bucks county with the details on his death, good morning, trang do. >> reporter: good morning. christopher kunis charged with third degree murder, now crash that killed his young son happened right here at intersection of bristol pike and levittown parkway, police say after he caused the fatal wreck kuhn left his son for dead right here in the middle of the roadway. twenty-seven year-old christopher kuhn of hamilton, new jersey held his head down low following his arraignment for third degree murder in the death of his two-year old son. tulleytown police say kuhn caused the three car crash that killed the toddler tuesday afternoon. the boy was not in a car seat and was ejected from his father's gold jeep. >> the suspect then exited his vehicle after the collision, stepped over the child that was in the roadway and fled on
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foot. >> reporter: it all started around noon when investigators say kuhn, his young son in toe , made off with a $228 sound bar from the wal-mart on levittown parkway, witness said kuhn took time to cover his license plate with the sweater but did not strap his child in the car seat that was in the suv. police say his rush to get away kuhn ran a red light on bristol pike and rammed into another car, officers arrived, caught kuhn and performed cpr on the child but his injuries were just too severe and he died at lower bucks hospital. >> this could have very easily a we process the guy, we put him in front of the judge on the retail theft charge and he would have been home, a couple hours later, verse now we're dealing with three vehicles that were involved in the crash and a two-year old that is dead. it is senseless. >> reporter: kuhn was also driving on a suspended license
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, in one else was hurt, in the crash, but for now we are live from tulleytown i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". rahel and jim back to you. thank you. another frightening incident with a child to tell but coming up next. we will tell what you happened after an suv is stolen with a eight year-old in the back seat. and riding in style how two groups are redesigning bike sharing in the city. >> ♪ >> on a wednesday morning you might want to save a place outside over next few days, katie's telling us about a warm up next. inn daigle
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an eight year-old boy is okay after a frightening ride with the stolen car suspect. man on the bicycle saw a driver checking on a property near broad and duncannon streets in north philadelphia. the bike was jumped into the running vehicle and took off. the boy was still in the back seat, eventually the suspect ditched suv a mile away and police reunited the boy with his family. fire department says a
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chemical leak at ashland manufacturing plant in south philadelphia ace now under control. chopper three over columbus and oregon avenue yesterday afternoon and vapor was released from a material used in the making of plastic and flakes of the material floated down on to the vehicles on the property. fortunately there were no injuries reported. >> oh, boy. >> lets send it over to katie. it looks like for those of us, not me, for those who want a warmer weather, they want a come back this week. >> both of you are not too happen bye this so traffic and weather can be excited about that, how is that. meisha is excited bit. we will find a frontal boundary and then getting stuck nearby. there is a couple shots to see wet weather because of that. we have the potential for some activity in the tropics which we will get to. as we take a live look from the parkway library we are not finding much visibility issue whatsoever. completely clear with the basilica there you can see tops of the buildings lit up in pink in expert of the
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breast cancer awareness month. we are going to generally i think find sunshine throughout the course of the day but this is not necessarily how it will look all morning depending on your location. you may have a few visibility problems. we have begun to see fog develop in our field cameras, not this one per se but some are showing that and the sunnies going to come up just shy of two hours. we have sometime for that to develop. meanwhile storm scan is empty locally high pressure anchor overhead but see beginning signs of the life here over great lakes and thunderstorms starting to fire up in lower michigan. so with time that is front that will bring in our next shot for showers. lets talk tropics though we are far from through, with atlantic hurricane season. so there is still sometime climatically speaking to see something develop. there is a pretty good shot for. that we have 10 percent chance of development of this round of showers and storms but also this batch, this is looking like it will have the best chance to turn into the next
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name on the list which would be nate, and it is headed toward the gulf of mexico, so eventually we're talking in to next week, well into next week possibility that tropical moisture reaches is is very much a plausible thing to happen. we will keep a close watch on that. meanwhile visibility issues at least observations really in the too bad but i do think closer to the river banks and valley region, higher terrain you may start to see visibility dropping off here in the next few hours. meanwhile lets talk about what is average. seventy-eight is where we are top off normal high 71. we are not far off from where we should be but it is warm, far cry from the record though last set in 1941 of 88 degrees , sun which come up 7:00 a.m. later and later every single morning and going down earlier and earlier where passing day. lets talk burr grade. it will be a nice day say for that fog, only reason you wouldn't get a a plus from our
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really, very sophisticated grading system, 78 degrees the eventual high for kid and this morning is warmer. look at this meisha this is next seven days at lee 80 degrees. >> yes, katie that looks absolutely beautiful, who can complain about 78 and 80's for rest of the week. thank you so much. that is helping your commute. we have gorgeous roadways out there. we have construction crews out there right now. so they are not going to slow you down but they could as we progress more toward 6:00 o'clock hour. we are looking at construction 422 overnight construction still out there, headlights westbound between route 23 and troop their left lane is compromised, barely see those cones, also in bucks county we have got crews as well 95 north and south near route one that right lane is compromised there. quick peak at 95 south at cottman coming around that s curve heading toward center city 95 south we're looking good, i mean i will give you a
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thumbs up there. we have an accident in lansdale, fourth street, at ridge street, it doesn't sound like it will slow you down. head up it is out there construction crews 95 south ramp to 295 right now is closed and also some construction in new jersey as well, route 70 between the 25 and haddonfield road one closed in each direction, rahel, back over to you. now for a look at newspaper headlines. >> times shore old prosecutors announced one of the largest fentanyl seizures in montgomery county history, kilo of the synthetic opioid was taken off the street enough fentanyl to kill half of the population of the county according to district attorney kevin steel. three people were arrested for allegedly distributing, the fatal drug. i'm tongue tied this morning. >> i know, it is early. from the bucks county courier time pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro and new jersey attorney general christopher per reno are teaming up with ag's from 37 other states to urge
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congress to eliminate a decade old restriction that prevents larger drug treatment from medicaid. they have a filed an agreement of sale with the intent to purchase the revel casino hotel. the 2.4 billion dollars revel was purchased for 82 million-dollar, in bankruptcy court from glenn straub in august of 2015, planned to reopen the property but it remains close. >> finally something will happen with that property. >> you would hope. >> yes. >> and that is a look at newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. >> two local groups are working together to make the term riding in style, to a new level in philadelphia. >> whole new level. barnes fun days has teamed up with the indego ride sharing program, and replica paintings from the barnes collection to show them artist part of the fabric of the city. partnership includes one free year of admission for indego members. really good deal. also cbs-3, cw philly and
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komen philadelphia are teaming up in the fight against breast cancer by turning the city pink. >> we are looking at the peco building in center city with special message scrolling at the top, october is national breast cancer awareness month and pink lights are a reminder to schedule a mammogram and stay vigilant in the fight against breast cancer. thinks the 16th year for the lights for the cure campaign. >> always so nice to see buildings lit up in pink. >> that is our joe and, still going strong. pat's up next with the morning sports. >> it is a big sports day in philadelphia, eagles, of course, prepping for sunday but sixers and flyers both get underway tonight one game counts one doesn't but we are still excited. we will tell y
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welcome back we're glad you are with us. >> pat's got your morning sports. >> good morning, sir. >> tonight it begins, sort of. the sixers exhibition schedule kicks off tonight at wells fargo sent's begins memphis grizzlies first of five pre season games. as we know joel embiid will in the play. sixers announced he will sit out friday's second preseason game begins boston as he works his way back into five on five shape. here's what brett brown and ben simmons are focusing on. >> how to get jj out, what are you going to do with them, once the nba players guard them how they match up with them. >> i feel prepare. we will go out and win and i'll be happy.
5:25 am
>> eagles great and future football hall of famer brian dawkins was in camden yesterday speaking to the sixers at their practice facility. weapon x meets the process, coach brown says young sixers can learn a lot from dawkins. >> you want to choose somebody that can best reflect what we're trying to do here and, you know, spirit with which we want to approach things to and compete, play, and bring the city with us and have the style of play, mirror the personality of the city, well he is a heck of a spokesmen to be able to share stories, to our young guys. >> the al wild card game, indians in the al division series, twins and rockies traded three run first inning but yankees win eight-46789 yankees actually got one out from starter louise severino but still win, game one of the alds is tomorrow night in cleveland, the national league wild card game is tonight,
5:26 am
arizona diamond backs and colorado rockies. >> with the youth movement taking shape philadelphia flyers kick off their 2017/ 2018 season tonight but you'll to have stay up late a 10:30 start in san jose. if you do make it you'll see flares beginning the year with five rookies on their roster the first time that has happened in 25 years, that means they will be leaning on veterans like wayne simmonds. i caught up with simmons and asked him what he thinks of the roster changes. >> you know, i think the combination of the youth with the vets, i think it will be great. we have young guys in there. they have lively legs and they are quite upbeat. so it will push everybody else to be that much better. >> i fired off ridiculously hard hitting questions as i do , at wayne simmonds on the block, of course, full disclose another in the really that tough but they are pretty interesting, so we will goal wrapped fire with wayne simmonds coming up at 6:00. >> very interesting, you got our attention.
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>> thanks, sir. >> well, coming up next on "eyewitness news" inside las vegas shooting. >> dramatic new video shows officers under fire, as they arrived on the scene. also ahead we will talk to an expert about what everyone need to necessity about surviving an active shooter
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good morning i'm rahel solomon. >> aim jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in a moment but first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute on october 4th, 2017. >> everybody stay down. >> sheer chaos, las vegas police released body cam footage as new details emerge about the gun man. it is senseless. >> a father accused of leaving his toddler's son to die, while fleeing the scene of the violent crash, after shoplift nothing bucks county. >> christopher kunis charged with third degree murder. >> largest hack in history yahoo now saying every single account was affected by a data breach


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