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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 4, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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with the latest from vegas. and the sonnies day after a crash in bucks county but it is what police say man was doing leading up to that crash that has led to criminal charges. well today was wednesday october 4th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this wednesday morning. >> hey, guys, happy wednesday, it has been very busy, we have an accident after accident, starting at 4:30 and now tipping in the 6:00 o'clock and they just keep rolling in. >> yeah. >> we do have some fog issues, hopefully that is not add to go this problem. it is not a widespread concern but it is a side impact of just the way that we're finding the pattern unfold here in the next couple of days. we have got a couple field cameras definitely very fogged out but majority of our high definition won are still pretty clear. it just depends where you are more remet areas in the typical spot that tend to see
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fog we are most likely to see that. storm scan is still so quiet. we have got temperatures from the upper 40's to the low to mid 50's. philadelphia is warmest spot of the bunch but mount pocono is warmer then trenton, interesting, right, plus we have some fog up that way and that could be part of why we are finding those temperatures somewhat milder. now at this hour temperature or wind direction is starting to shift a bit more southeasterly, it will be generally out of the south throughout the day. what we can do from here is start to warm up. mid 70's at lee come lunchtime in the recess hour for kid and ride home we are flirting with the 80-degree mark even in full sunshine no less but it looks like a nice day out there all and all but once we get past fog and head forward in the forecast we will get warmer which we will talk about as show progresses, meisha. >> katie, thanks very much. we are looking very busy. take a look i want to show you something looking good, schuylkill near spring garden looking nice here pushing in
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the eastbound direction toward center city but we do still have construction crews out there. bucks county 95 southbound near route one that right lane is still compromised. this is an area starting to get very, very slow moving. if you have to travel 95 south near route one that right lane compromised slow bumper to bumper conditions. lets talk about these accidents that will slow you down this morning, first of all probably most serious overturn vehicle with injuries here on the boulevard, it is still out there dropping speed now northbound, at hartel avenues, because that overturn , head up on this factor in i would say at leann extra 40 minutes or so on this one. also another accident here, in the ac expressway so what happened a truck was traveling east bound flipped over on to the westbound side and now caught on fire. so fire is under control now but i will have you know getting very busy around this area as well. westbound closed at ac convention center, alternate
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40 or route 30 is your best bet. another accident at park avenue we will talk about this in a little bit, jim and rahel back over to you. president trump travels to las vegas today the scene of the sunday's deadliest mass shooting in recent u.s. history. >> police are releasing new information and questioning gunman stephen paddock's girl friend. here's cbs news correspondent mola lenghi. >> reporter: las vegas police released body camera footage from sunday night's shooting you can hear officers warning each other after realizing they were being fired from up high somewhere inside mandalay bay hotel. >> everybody stay down, stay down. >> reporter: as president trump gets set to visit to day to meet with survivor and first responders investigators are releasing more information about how the shooting unfolded, these are photos from inside the shooter 64 year-old stephen paddock's hotel room. he fired on and off between nine and 11 minutes, had bump fire stops legal devices that
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allows semiautomatic guns to fire continuously as fully automatic. he brought surveillance equipment. >> there were two cameras elected in the hallway so suspect could watch as law enforcement or security approached his room. there was another camera placed inside hotel room door peephole so he could see down the hall way. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell cbs there has been more than a hundred reports in the days leading up to the shooting transferring large amounts of the cash overseas. some of that money went to the philippines where paddock's girlfriend was stehlin. vegas police say paddock's girlfriend marry lee danley is a person of interest. u.s. official says she flew back from the philippines and landed in l.a. overnight. she was met at the airport by fbi agents. mola lenghi for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia is responding to the tragedy in las vegas, at a vigil last night community leaders were demanding policy changes. speakers remembered these killed and injured in las
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vegas, then they talk about how to move forward from tragedies like this, some called on congress to enforce strict gun control, others that we have spoken to said more regulation is not the answer. >> congress should get its act together before another innocent american goes to the corner store, school, or a concert and never comes home to her family. >> obviously it is a tragedy but you cannot put .5 percent of the population you cannot make a rule that infringing on the remaining population's rights. >> vigil was organized by seized fire pa a group calling for tougher gun laws. in other news this morning a judge set bail at five million-dollar for a father accused in the crash that ended his two-year old son's life. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live in tulleytown bucks county more on the crash and crime, that led up to this trang do, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, christopher kunis charged with third degree murder, police say he caused fatal crash here at intersection of the bristol pike and levittown parkway
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after shoplifting at wal-mart in the plaza there and following the crash witnesses say kuhn left his son for dead , in the middle of the roadway. >> christopher what do you want to say. >> reporter: twenty-seven year-old christopher kuhn of hamilton new jersey held his head down low following his arraignment for third degree murder in the death of his two-year old son. tulleytown police say kuhn caused the three car crash that killed the toddler tuesday afternoon. the boy was not in the car seat and was eject from his father's gold jeep. >> the suspect then exited after the collision, stepped over his, over the child that was in the roadway and then fled on foot. >> reporter: it started around noon when investigators say kuhn, his young son in toe made off with $228 sun bar from the wal-mart on levittown parkway. witness said kuhn took the time to cover his license plate with a sweater, but did not strap his child into a car seat that was in the suv.
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police say his rush to get away kuhn ran a red light on bristol pike and slammed into another car. officers arrived caught kuhn and performed cpr on the child but his injuries were just too severe and he died at letter bucks hospital. >> there could have very easily been we processed a guy , put him in front in the retail theft charge and he had been home, a couple hours later, verse now, where we are dealing with three vehicles that were involve in the crash and a two-year old that is dead, it is senseless. >> it was also driving on a suspended license, no one else was hurt in the crash but for now we are live from tulleytown bucks county i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim and rahel, back to you. meanwhile police are searching for the man who stole an suv with an eight year-old boy in the back seat. investigators say it happened around 8:00 near broad and
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duncannon in the logan section of the north philadelphia. the owner of the suv got out to check on the property and left the suv running when a man riding a bicycle stopped his bike, jumped in the suv and then took off, suspect ditched the suv about a mile away, boy was still inside and fortunately not hurt. three people are behind bars in montgomery county after one of the largest drug busts in the history. they seized a kilo of fentanyl during an under cover operation at a cheltenham shopping center in july. that is enough fentanyl to create at least 300,000 doses of the deadly drug. >> that kiehl owe of fentanyl had ended up in the hands of the drug dealer it would have been sold as heroin, to addict s throughout montgomery county and anywhere in the region. >> three suspects are facing drug trafficking charges. street value of the drug is three million-dollar. well, still ahead president trump's visit to puerto rico. >> every death is a horror but
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if you look at a real catastrophe like katrina and you look at the tremendous, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that died, and you look at what happened here with a storm that was just totally over powering, no one has ever seen anything like this. >> hear what else the president told people on the storm torn island and how white house is responding to day, pat. our city is a beautiful city look at the sky line behind me but we have been wrong yet again, as sports fans. i've got colin cowhurt's comments about us and i got fired up and you got to get fired up with me, that is coming up. >> ♪ >> boy, he is all fired up out there. >> he will be throwing things off the sky deck before you know it, come on back in here, pat. >> pat gallen is a hometown
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well column back. one day after president trump 's trip to puerto rico there are significant developments. confirmed death toll from maria now stand at 34, that is up from 16. >> and talked about the u.s. response to hurricane maria. >> i hate to tell you puerto rico but you have thrown our
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budget a little out of whack because we have spent a lot of money on puerto rico and that is fine, we have saved a lot of lives. >> reporter: he said puerto rico should be proud of the low death toll in comparison to new orleans after hurricane katrina which he called a real catastrophe. >> you can will be proud of all of your people, all of our people working together. >> reporter: president did meet with the mayor of san juan who he chastised after she asked for more help last week. nearly two weeks after maria hit 95 percent of the island remains without electricity and food and fresh water are in short supply in many areas. in response, the u.s. has deployed 12,000 federal aid workers and 70 percent of the island's gas stations are backup and running. later the president met with sailors and marines, assisting with disaster relief. seth lemon for cbs news, the white house. president trump says he received an incredible response on what he described as his quote, lovely trip to
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puerto rico but some of his comments spark a fire storm on twitter. >> he said about the budget and hurricane katrina didn't sit well with people and neat der this, president trump tossing paper towels in the crowd of people at a disaster relief distribution center, he and first lady passed out food and posed for selfies. today he's planning to travel to meet with the victims on the families there. >> time now is 6:15. we're in the middle of a warm up, calendar is a bit confused >> you are right, mother nature is confused but calendar is not confused. who am i, late september is where she thinks we are falling right now, see what i did right there, falling? nothing like fall about this forecast actually. i know that was a pretty weak one i'll come up with a better pun. so, right now, i wanted to show outside pleasant valley
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middle and high school. thank you, first of all but secondly i wanted to show you this again. earlier in the show this was completely cleared. it has fogged in, more hazy in the distance. this is one example of a few places where we will find that keyword patchy fog but because it is patchy, sometimes i feel that can be worse scenario as you are driving because it comes up very quickly. just be mindful you might run into some fog if your neighborhood tend toss see fog very likely you will see it this morning. not as widespread, however. looking at wide zoom on storm scan threee of the mississippi and for the most part we are looking quiet hearsay for great lakes that is where the front will bring about change in our pattern, it is copping from, it is strung out over there it will weaken as it gets closer and bring nothing more than a couple showers friday and then gannon sunday. meanwhile looking at tropics, far from through with hurricane season now, guys important reminder there. we have a 10 percent chance of development with this batch of
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showers and storms heading toward the gulf. this is more likely scenario, however for the next named storm, invest 90l, that is still trying to she signs of life, next name on the list would be nate we will see if that develops later next week. we might see that tropical moisture in fact. look at how warm, see the next seven days at least 80 degrees >> absolutely gorgeous, all right, that is a good start to our day but i will say in the world of the commuting this morning it has been pretty busy since the 4:00 o'clock hour. first of all we have live chopper three over an accident here but where is this? well, this is the ac expressway westbound, it is closed at ac convention center use your alternate route 30. what happened? a truck was traveling east bound flipped over on to the westbound side, caught on fire and then now you can see it is right side up. they have fire under control but like i said you have to use those alternates. lots of crews out there and this will slow you down.
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quick peak at 95 south, you can see taillights, brake lights off here as well and construction in bucks county starting to slow you down 95 south near route one come on clicker right lane compromised that is now all since been cleared but we have more accidents when we come back in the next 10 minutes, rahel, back over to you. philadelphia of course known to have a passionate knowledgeable fan base. what are you laughing at? fan base when it comes to our sports teams. >> but a national sports radio host ripped our city seemingly out of no where. pat gallen is here to tell us bit and tell us why he is dead wrong, patrick. >> that is correct, more hot takes. here's the cut for you philly because you have been labeled an unfairly yet again this time by a sports radio host and board and needed to drum up rating. colin cowhurt came to philadelphia yesterday by making fun of our intelligence and using antiquated arguments here is a piece. >> i want to talk about the city of philadelphia for three minutes which has to be the
6:19 am
dumbest sports city in america because they ran andy reid out of town, andy reid was bum rushed out of philadelphia. by the way philly was originally the nation's capitol and you blew that too. yeah, late 1700s. you probably ran george washington out of town. maybe philly fans are so dope i they don't like the word read, they don't like to read, i don't know what it is but you cheered michael irvin's career ending injury. i can't trust a fan base that has a courtroom and jail under their stadium. >> our morning meeting we hand a idea of sharing twitter responses but imagine that philadelphia was not kind to cowheard on line. most of the responses were, not appropriate for morning television. the eagles however fired off this tweet, they not only questioned accuracy of his rant they pretty much called him out for being a troll and stereo typical attack on philadelphia. and, you know what, i could
6:20 am
not agree more. let me just stoop to his level for a second because thinks pure garbage. andy reid was here for more than a decade and we appreciated him but time for a change after a few rough seas opposite. to go off about michael iring is lazy as you can get. let me a will guys forgiving this guy more air time then he deserves but it was my duty as a philadelphian to stick up for my fellow fan base and share my thoughts because we are a great sports city, so i have had my say, i'm sure cow heard would feel free, give him a proper philadelphia greeting. >> what kind of name is cowher >> now jim's involved, um-hmm. >> didn't we, this capitol change because of yellow fever >> yes. >> i was like, i didn't think, you know, i go for the history side not sports side. it was yellow fever. >> and, devoted three minutes of tv time is a lot of time. i feel like he has a personal problem here. >> go after him, philly.
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>> simmer down. >> up next where you can see a hollywood film crew filming a new movie. >> in the healthwatch why your mood matters when you get a flu shot, we will be right
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looking ahead to the weekend that will feature summer-like warmth for you mid 80's expect all weekend long, warmest day in fact of the pennsylvania couple saturdays with some sunshine but sunday promises to bring in some showers. if you are tailgating for eagles you may want to think about having a rain gear or te nt ready to go but we are not talking wash out status just showers throughout the day, guys. fashionable puncho. all right, katie thank you. now for a look at newspaper headlines across the region. >> in the mercury upper pottsgrove resident are speaking out about a proposal to spend two million-dollar on a new 12,000 square foot solar power highway garage. am gree that the current 4,000 square foot facility is too
6:25 am
small they say current design being proposed is too pricey for what taxpayer will be getting. from the intelligencer penndot is warning of seasonal road hazard involving leaves and sun glare reminding drivers that wet leaves in the roadway can be slippery as ice sun glare is at its worse during fall months and sunrise and sunset begin to line up with morning and afternoon rush hour commutes. in the news journal and around the clock i-95 traffic headache will begin sunday north of wilmington. delaware department of transportation say contractors will be rebuilding the concrete bridge deck on the interstate's northbound span, over tally road. project is expect to be completed in early november, weather permitting. that is a look at the newspaper headlines from around the delaware region. >> well, city of philadelphia is ready for its close-up again. >> latest thriller from hollywood director m knight shamelon is filming right now, it is called, glass, they spent yesterday shooting in olde city near second and arch that is not too far from you. >> i drove by it, trying to
6:26 am
figure out what was going on. >> cast includes bruce willis, samuel l jackson, sarah paul son and james mca invoice. it is expect to last more than a month. >> screw up parking down there coming up next on "eyewitness news" former president and ceo of equifax testifies about the data breach that put 145 million americans at risk. >> another call for strict gun control laws following massacre in vegas what lawmakers are saying about the debate as we learned more about the gunman and his arsenal of weapons, plus this. i'm going to keep my promise as a big brother. >> that promise required a lot of trust, what he sacrificed to lift spirits of a teenager with cancer, that is this weeks story of brotherly love. and we are looking outside right now bus/than this wednesday morning we have an accident on the ac expressway, one of the schuylkill, boulevard and park avenue. we will have updates coming up but first stay where you are cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right
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are. good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. it is 6:30. here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute today, october 4th, 2017. >> investigators are learning more about how stephen paddock carried out his shooting. >> but that critical question of why, that remains unanswered all this against backdrop of president trump's visit to las vegas in just a few hours. it is senseless. >> a father accused of leaving his toddler's son to die, while fleeing the scene of a violent crash, after shoplift nothing bucks county. puerto rico's death toll from hurricane maria more than
6:31 am
double a new damages mate now stands at $90 billion. largest hack in history, yahoo now saying that every single account was affected by a data breach in 2013. to me a slow dance was like the mess beautiful thing in the world. >> i know. >> that was ben schwartz slow dancing with james corden on late, late show. >> julia roberts looking hot in that black little number, speaking of hot, it will be hot outside. >> i thought you mentally was you are always hot. >> where are you going with this transition, it is fun, okay. we are looking for another very warm trend underway in our area we will hit 78 degrees today and we will end up in the low to mid 80's
6:32 am
from that point forward. so very, very warm conditions. now we're off to a cool start, still in the 50's at best and many of you have started morning off in the 40's but skies are still very, very clear we are finding a little bit of fog in a couple of spots through our area field camera network. expect thaw could run into that this morning, but for the most part, we're just looking ahead to sunshine and another warm day, 44 is current value in atlantic city, up to 50 in mount pocono and here in philly at international airport 56 degrees at this hour. as day progresses we will heat up more so then the last two days up to 78 degrees in full sunshine, no less, new this time it eventually has to go by the way side. we will see potential for wet weather moving in toward tail end of the week. we will let you know which days you may want to think about having an umbrella on hand, however with the pattern change in the precipitation department comes change in the temperature department. it really gets warm.
6:33 am
also, dairy say muggy, by week 's end. so, coming up here a couple days in the 80's which we will discuss we will let you know which daises warmest later on. >> katie, thank you so much. very good morning to all of you, pretty busy. lets start with live chopper three over an accident on the ac expressway westbound closed at ac convention center. we will to have use route 40 or route 30 is your best bet, what is going on this truck traveling east bound flipped over westbound side, caught on fire, and there you have it. we have schuylkill expressway closed again, ac convention center, right side up, fire out, and, causing a major slow down there, and another accident here, schuylkill taillights and blocking, and left lane, and, backup shot, taillights, and, very business around this area as well. and your vehicle 95 north before betsy ross bridge blocking a center lane. you can bet this is an area
6:34 am
that will get very busy even though it is moving in the north bun direction just a head up on. that help me out my clicker is not working accident overturn vehicle with the injuries on the boulevard northbound at h artel north bound outer lanes are block, bumper to bumper conditions there and plus another accident in worchester that we will talk about in a lit bit on park avenue. we have got this one and another one coming up in 10 minutes, jim, over to you. new information this morning on the las vegas mass shootings, the girlfriend of the man police say killed more than 50 people in the deadliest shooting in recent u.s. history is back in the u.s. marilou danley arrived at u.s. lax airport from the philippines last night. she's called a person of interest in the investigation of her boyfriend stephen paddock and las vegas mass shootings. we have seen body cam footage from police, responding to the sunday night shooting, that killed 59 people, including the gun man and injured more than 500. in addition to that video we are also seeing the hallway near paddock's room at
6:35 am
mandalay bay hotel there were cameras set up presumably to spot anyone coming for him. investigators are trying to figure out which gun shooter stephen paddock used in the las vegas shooting and whether they were automatic weapons. andrew spencer reports that the deadliest mass shooting in recent u.s. history has re ignited the debate on gun control. >> reporter: this sign, thoughts and prayers are not enough echoes sentiment many people have expressed in the wake of the massacre in las vegas amid another call for more strict gun control laws. >> i don't think that the second amendment was designed to include weapons of mass destruction for every day citizens. >> reporter: several democratic lawmakers did the same on tuesday hoping to get the ball rolling on new legislation. >> let's spend a little bit of time this week and next week coming up with some bipartisan solution to this epidemic so that we don't continue to offer what is a quiet endorsement of these continued
6:36 am
killings. >> reporter: investigators are still looking into which guns from stephen paddock's arsenal he used in the shooting, but a dozen of them had bump fire stock which allow a semiautomatic weapon to be fired much more rapidly. >> bump fire stock while simulating automatic fire do not actually alter the firearm to fire automatically, making them legal under current federal law. >> reporter: stephen paddock bought one of his guns a shotgun from this saint george , utah, the store owner said paddock passed all federal regulations and background checks with no problem and there weren't any red flags but even though he says it is unlikely that shotgun was used in sunday's shootings, chris michael said wow like to know why stephen paddock did what he did. >> i do have that pit, i do have that guilt, i know i'm not at fault but that doesn't mean i went like to have some sort of a closure, okay, is there the answer that i have been personally looking for.
6:37 am
>> reporter: andrew spencer for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back here at home bail set at five million-dollar foreman accused of recollect restly causing death of his two-year old son, who crashed after shoplifting. and his son was eject from the back seat. police tell "eyewitness news" things could have ended differently. >> it could have very easily been a we process the guy put him in front of the judge on the retail theft charge and he had been home a couple hours later, and verse now, where we are dealing with three vehicles involved in the crash and two-year old that is dead, it is senseless. >> police say kuhn actually stepped over his son while trying to runaway. two year-old was not in the child safety seat even though
6:38 am
there was one in the car. police in chester county are warning residents about a scammer posing as a phony utility worker. take a good look at this sketch of the suspect he pre tend todd work for peco there were two incidents last month, one was in duncannon and another in highland township. highland township incident police say the suspect got away with $11,000 in jewelry. happening today former president and ceo of equifax will testify in front of the senate banking committee about the hack that put data of more than 145 million americans at risk. richard smith got public scolding at a congressional subcommittee hearing yesterday , and he says he takes full responsibility for that hack and that both technological and human error were responsible. we are learning that the data breach at yahoo back in 2013 is much worse then first thought, yahoo now says all 3 billion users were affected and now making this the largest hack in history. investigation found that the stone user account information did not include car data or
6:39 am
bank account information. for more than a year philadelphia man has devoted his life to lifting spirits of the cancer patient throughs his non-profit. >> as ukee washington shows news this weeks story of brotherly love he was willing to lose a lot for his clients. >> reporter: founder made a big promise to a teenage patient, we were there to see the smiles, that promise was full filled. sixteen year-old nasir blake is getting a lesson, in how to cut hair, barber pete michael is his tutor. >> these are my students for the day. >> al harris will be nasir's first haircut. >> yes. >> now is found are of the non-profit supreme group when nasir was diagnosed with a abdominal cancer, small cell cancer in february of 2015. al started jim him for treatments and outing and the
6:40 am
brotherhood blossomed. >> just a constant smile all the time and that is rare when he is going through what he is going through. >> yeah. >> al was also there in september, when mastery charter high school welcomed him back to class. >> it is wonderful. we have a great support system i love the school for helping me through everything that we are going through since day one. >> basically. >> now nasir's cancer has spread and need radiation to his skull and he will lose his hair and new al is fulfilling a promise, to let nasir shave his head. >> don't move. just hold your clippers. >> under pete michael's watchful eye, nasir goes to work. >> however it goes, i mean keeping a smile on his face, so it is all right with me. >> reporter: a few days later,
6:41 am
nasir returns for his own haircut once again al was there. >> as long as he is happy i'm happy, i'm cool. >> reporter: happy to be his brother involve. now that is beautiful. you'll be able to find out more about cancer who on our web site at cbs brotherly. i'll see you tonight. i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". up next in the healthwatch that vitamin can help people with asthma. >> plus the next time awe reply for a new job you may not be dealing with the human see how artificial intelligence is changing the way people get hired, pat. the flyers are back, nhl season kicks off late tonight for orange and black but before the new year begins i'll pick the brain of forward wayne simmonds asking him to extremely tough questions like who has the best hair on the team, that is coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this
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on the healthwatch a vitamin that can help people with asthma. >> yeah, researchers in london are saying vitamin d can protect begins severe asthma
6:45 am
attacks. doctors say it is daily dose of vitamin d combined with regular asthma mexican cut risk of serious asthma attacks in half. obesity-related cancers are on the rise according to a new report, cdc, from the cdc, data suggest being obese or overweight was associated with 40 percent of all cancers un diagnosed, in the u.s., in 2014. well, also here's an interesting new study income a good mood apparently may increase effectiveness of your flu shot, researchers in the u k found participants who reported having a positive mood had higher levels of anti bodies in their blood weeks after the shot, researchers say there is a variety of reasons including how well a vaccine works but believe that moodies one of the factors. my question is just why? >> we're getting our shots tomorrow so we better be in a good mood. >> for whatever reason, yes. >> yeah, lets do a stand up routine before we get our
6:46 am
shots, put us all in a good mood. >> it would have to be funny. >> yes. >> all right, guys, we are all over the place right now, like um, we have to make sure we are in a good mood. i'm sure it is inevitable but we can tweak the pot a little bit. lets look at eyewitness weather watchers starting off with cool air certainly. upper 30's in the central part of the new jersey, john sent this in the last four minutes or so. he has a nice clear sky overhead but did he say, that, yeah, you know, it is a chilly start. temperatures dropped to 39 for him no wind thankfully to make it feel that much chillier. lets go into delaware where 51 for lisa kerrigan, nice clear sky for her as well. she did mention she has fog out there, and, you can see that coming through, throughout the region as a whole but dineen is in west chester where she has been reporting some fog too. so, just watch for that. it will be very patchy in nature. where it does come up, it will come up quickly and it could
6:47 am
be very kens. something to keep in mind. storm scan next place, next stop on our little weather hit tour here. we have high pressure on our side that will keep control for one more final day, a day and a half really a front is crossing through here, but get somewhat stuck as it approaches our area that will keep warm surging north and keep potential for showers in our forecast. i don't think any day is a wash out but we have two particular days that look a little wet through the weekend , anyway, for nour sunshine and then anything. we are 78, patchy fog this morning. certainly with a blanket of cloud cover overhead that will chapter heat n we only dropped to 62. that is it for overnight low. really warm, night coming up here and looking ahead to the eyewitness weather seven day six of the next seven days hit 80 degrees. eagles game day could see wet weather out there and then by monday, as well, showers are still in the forecast, meisha. >> all right, katie, thank you so much. so we still have live chopper three over this accident ac expressway westbound is closed right now at ac convention
6:48 am
center. we will to have use alternate route 30 as your best bet. that truck that you see right there was traveling east bound flipped over on the westbound side, the fire clearly is out now and right side backup but it is going to, have a lit built of time to get this remedied for you. you have to use alternate. an accident schuylkill taillights moving in the eastbound direction in belmont direction was walking left lane and shoulder. these are your backups. not too many but we are seeing brake lights heading out to where schuylkill is near belmont avenue. disable vehicle center lane 95 north before betsy ross bridge , i'm hearing reports now that it is been since cleared so hopefully it has, so we will see backups and certainly southbound will move very slow. then an accident overturned vehicle with injuries here boulevard northbound at hartel avenue affecting outer lanes. another accident park avenue we will get to in the next 10 minutes, rahel, back to you. thanks, meisha. up in the is start of the nhl season. the philadelphia flyers are back, they kick off the year
6:49 am
at 10:30 tonight in san jose. >> before they do pat gallen had pressing questions for one of the most popular players. so patrick what did you find out. >> very interesting things, jim. i found out a number of things about wayne simmonds like hoe thinks has the best hair on the team and if he can give me a good hockey nickname but before we got into the tough wrapped fire questions i asked him how he felt going in to a new season. >> i think everyone knows we have a little bit of youth on our team this year. i think combination of the youth with the vets i think will be great. we add those young guys and lively legs and it will be quite upbeat, so i think it will push everybody else to be that much better. >> great. so now hardest hitting questions, maybe you have ever had, are you ready for this. all right. here we go. lets start the clock 60 seconds most exciting teammate is. >> most exciting teammate, jake voracek. >> good answer. >> which teammate has the best hair that is tough, if i had a
6:50 am
nice haircut and shave i with go with me. >> let's go with that. >> favorite nhl player growing up. >> at first sergei federal off until i realized i could in the play his style. >> favorite outside outside of the nhl. >> i have to go with russell westbrook. >> that is a great answer. >> back tour school days, math , science, social studies. >> i would take the science. >> not bad. >> better nickname wayne train or simmer. >> i will take simmer. >> i don't mine wayne train at all but it is a name that was given to me. i like keeping it simple sim mer. >> my name is pat gallen, not really conducive to a great hockey nickname, can you give me a hockey nickname. >> gallony that would be like gary galley back in the day. >> overtime question hoist toughest player other than you obviously that you had to face
6:51 am
>> ryan reeves. >> crosby. >> wayne simmons. >> i appreciate it. >> the flyers, will go five rookies on the opening night roster for first time in 25 years but up to players like simmonds, girl right and voracek to guide them and get them back to winning hockey but also he handled those questions with grace, and poise, as only wayne simmonds can. >> did he. >> do you think patty or galley. >> i like galley. >> just get three goals, patrick hat trick. >> we didn't get down that road. >> see katie. >> i'm going to say i was paying attention to pat's story. >> yes. >> that was good though. >> thanks, galley. >> you may see these cool new bikes around philadelphia this fall, barnes fun days teamed up with the indego ride sharing program and they wrapped 10 bikes in replica paintings from the barnes collection. >> their mission to show that artist a part of the fabric of
6:52 am
the city, partnership includes one free year of admission for indego members talk about riding in style. >> well, when is next time awe reply for a job you were interviewed by a computer. >> it is possible, some are using artificial intelligence to help hire employees. a new program called maya scans through resumes but ate laos conversation was job applicants, it can ask them questions like how interested they are in a position or what prior experience they have had in the field. >> for exam familiar we ask about the pay range and someone is hesitant we can then start to draw correlation s between how you responded to the question and whether or not you will retain or perform within the role. >> now experts say that as artificial intelligence gets better co could use it to hand the will entire hiring process >> jim, would you believe i was having a birthday lunch with the friend yesterday who works at bank of america and she was talking about artificial intelligence, twice
6:53 am
in 24 hours and i never heard of it. >> i just want basic intelligence i dent care fit is artificial or real. >> exactly. >> former first lady michelle obama comes to philadelphia for pennsylvania conference for women. >> "eyewitness news" was at the convention center in center city yesterday where mrs. obama sat down for a wide ranging conversation with television producer sandra rim es. she talk about the importance of empowering young girls to achieve their full potential in their life. >> so earl any our lives we are shushed and not just directly shushed but sometimes we're treated too preciously. we may have a father that loves us but he treats us like a doll, you know, they don't treat us like real beings, and equal partners. >> earlier, and during the conversation mrs. obama was surprise by a happy 25th wedding anniversary video from president obama. >> but i figured that you wouldn't mind me maybe parachute nothing just to say how much i love you.
6:54 am
>> but you have also been an example to our daughters and to the entire country. >> mrs. obama tweeted earlier that the former president is still the most extraordinary man that she knows. >> they do make a great team for sure, we will be right back. >> three to go.
6:55 am
paulsboro's a very with the closing of thee refineries and there's no jobs in the community. if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children. steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from. steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back.
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president trump travels to las vegas today and president will meet with people injured in sunday night's deadly shooting and emergency personnel who responded to the violence. flyers open up their regular season way 10:30 face off in san jose against the sharks. sixers open up their preseason with the game at center a against memphis grizzlies. >> fee takes for taco lovers it is national taco day and many national chains are celebrating the big day with free tacos and special deals, count me in. >> lets get a last check of weather and traffic. >> fit is free, jim says yes. >> for sure. >> so, yes, we have a lot going on, patchy fog, prime example of it, 44 degrees at kutztown, normally we will see gorgeous sunrise but it is, fogged out. that will leave and we will end up with sunshine and warming trend for next few days, meisha. >> katie, thanks very much. we have an accident 95 south near allegheny avenue pulled out block ago this right shoulder and right lane you can see that there. plus an accident ac expressway
6:59 am
westbound is closed at ac convention center, use route 40 or route 30. >> yes. >> saint bernard in south carolina has broken record forget this longest tongue on a dog. >> whole lot of slobber to me meet eight year-old mo, that sloppy tongue that looks too big for her mouth, it measures a whooping 7.3 inches. >> look at that. >> mo doesn't always have her tongue hanging out but when she does it probably involves food. >> she loves peanut butter so much that today we used peanut butter to help encourage her to stick her tongue out as much as we could so she can show you impressive length and how far she can lick up on her face. >> okay, previous record for longest tongue on a dog was four and a half inches set by a peak sneak made pug i. incomes up this morning two of the largest auto makers in the u.s. announce a push to develop electric vehicles. >> remember to join us each weekday morning on cbs-3 at
7:00 am
4:30 a.m., have a great day. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, october 4th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." overnight the las vegas gunman's girlfriend arrived back in the united states from the philippines. investigators now call her a person of interest. they hope she can tell them why stephen paddock carried out the deadliest shooting in modern american history. >> officials say he had 47 guns. norah is in las vegas where she talks with those leading the investigation. >> this morning, what they faced during the gunman's attack. more stories of survival including a


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