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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  October 9, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news ". well, if you're about to head outside you'll get wet. storm scan3 is tracking rain from what used to be hurricane nate. it is a soggy start to the week. it is wet and warm, it even feels tropical outside on this october day. good afternoon everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. live team three weather coverage, katie fehlinger in the cbs-3 weather center, and lauren casey live with the mobile weather watcher. let's start with katie. you're tracking the rain. >> indeed. you saw thereon storm scan3, that was three hour loop. that will rain is really book ing it across the region. so, if there is any sort of
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light spot in this, or breitbart spot in this, it is the storm itself, or the moisture associated with what had been nate, moving along swiftly. so midday concern more than anything. but as we take you out to nice wide zoom, on storm scan, in a second, actually going to start things off with a view on "skycam 3", overlooking plymouth meeting, your visibility, not great, flicking the windshield wipers for sure, actually view overlooking plymouth meeting. but look closely to make out the buildings and mid-county just barely off in the distance, zocore visible kind of start to the early afternoon, back to storm scan to show you the system we're talking about, really moving along quickly. if you joined us earlier this morning on "eyewitness news" this morning, the bulk of the moisture was pent up over the virginias, and now it is all the way into new england, so, yes, while we are sitting getting hammered hard here specially across the garden state, this is moving along, snapshot of the current radar to show you where it is moving , trenton getting clocked along parts of the new jersey turnpike, as well as
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i95. philly in the waning stages, 74 the current value in both philly as well atlantic city. you have pretty persistent and noticeable southerly breeze, but i mentioned this is primarily midday issue. with time, this starts to taper off to showers, even still, as the anchors mentioned it, feels tropical outside with values 10 degrees above average in terms of temperature readings and dew points that are off the charts , it feels really really steamy outside. speaking of taking you outside , we want to take you out for the conditions with meteorologist, lauren casey live in the cbs-3 mobile weather, right now on the schuylkill expressway, hi, lauren. hey, katie, yes, definately not a nice day for a drive. the rain is coming down, as you were mentioning about an hour ago, the rain was pouring , the intense intensity let up, we'll get you onto dash cam, but windshield wipers and the mobile watchers are going, visible is reduced, because of all of the spray coming up offer the roadway. we are seeing some areas of
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ponding, especially a little bit closer to the areas where you're merging in, so people moving pretty slowly, things, though, are flowing right now, everyone's using their headlights, so that's good news, everyone being safe. we can see the roads are extremely wet. windshield, still wet. we will get you up to the roof cam even better look at the soggy conditions right now, but as katie was mentioning, we will see improvement as we head into the second half of the day. as the bulk of the moisture from nate has now moved throughout of center city. we will still see some lingering showers headed into the haft half of the day, pick up .4 of an inch of rainfall in philadelphia, we will still see some spray on the roadways , some ponding on the roadways for your evening commute. so you still want to leave yourself that extra time, as you are commuting about later this evening, but conditions are going to improve. the heaviest rain has moved through the area, but of course, take it slow, take it
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easy, for that pm commute. we'll still see wetness on the roads, guys, be sure of course to use the headlights. everyone needs to be safe. mobile weather watcher, we have the headlight on, windshields wipers. plenty of distance. stay stay safer out there. >> good advice, lauren, thank you. as remnants of nate bring rain to tour region, clean up way along the harder hit gulf coast. >> resident dealing with downed trees, branches, nate slammed into louisianna saturday, made second landfall yesterday in mississippi as category one storm. resident were spared the kind of catostrophic damage left by a series of hurricanes, that hit the united states and the caribbean in recent weeks. meanwhile puerto rico, remote areas devastated by hurricane mary tyler moore owe a remain in crisis, this dramatic video from the coast guard shows rescued swimmer being lowered by helicopter to deliver food and water in the mountain town the coast guards has been using one of its air station toss deliver relief supplies to areas stranded by mudslides , and washed out roads. well, eagles fans are
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flying high today. the eagles are firmly entrenched, firmly, entrenched in first place in the nfc east >> do have short week before big prime time match up thursday night. going to the fields, eagles quarterback carson wentz had career hi, four touchdown pass es in yesterday's win over the arizona cardinals in south philly. nelson agholor pulled in one every them. seventy-two yarder. and the eagles defense and special teams also came to play and the eagles win it 34 to seven. >> had great production. >> that's live look at eagles head coach doug pederson after the eagles big win, now four and one, the only nfc esteem over the 500 mark. let's listen now to coach peterson. >> scouting department is aware of guys like. that will same way with rick, we had him in here last year with the dorenbos injury, with the wrist injury, so we've been able to work with him. but, you know, we're
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constantly, as we have stood up here and told you, constantly looking for guys, and, you know, in situations where, you know, like bryce, you know, cleveland needed a receiver, bryce treggs is gone so, everybody's looking, you know, for talent. >> we'll hear more from coach peterson on "eyewitness news" beginning at 5:00. also this morning one of the players made a stop at a local school. >> i do not like them anywhere , dow not like agreeing eggs and ham, dow not like them, sammy a.m. >> and that's one of the stars of yesterday's eagles game, wide receiver nelson agholor. this morning, he red to the student at the tanner g duckery school in north philadelphia. part of the stepping stones scholar program that helps underserved student achieve academic success. >> well the eagles take on the panthers thursday night, and " eyewitness news" hitting the road for the game. our ukee washington, sports direct or sean bell, and
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vittoria woodill, for coverage , height over on bs3. >> firefighter in stable condition after being injured battling a house fire in philadelphia. you can see the flames shooting from the second floor of the home. that's on the 2800 block of cedar street in port richmond last night. this video was shot by " eyewitness news" viewer aaron moth, firefighters worked to quickly put out the fire. the fire is still under investigation. >> wilds fire burning out of control right now in california's famous napa valley. the fire has swept through hundreds of acres, and threatened homes, cars, and wineries. forced evacuation of a hospital in the country club site of this weekend's pga tournament. terrified residents are running for their lives. >> this is my neighborhood in flames. completely in flames. (crying). >> these poor people. the hot and dry conditions that are feeding the wild fire
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expected to continue today and tomorrow, authorities don't know yet what sparked that blaze. >> well it, has now been a week since a gunman in las vegas caused a deadly mass shooting in modern us history. last night the las vegas strip went dark for ten minutes marking the exact moment the week earlier when shots rang out killing 58 people, wounding 500 more. vigil was also held last night in vegas for the victims in the mass shooting. this is time lapse video of the remembrance that took place from sunset. >> we are also learning new details about the chaos that unfolded after bullets began flying, hundreds of people ran to the las vegas hair or the -- airport, hit down fences and briefly mistaken for attack ers instead of victims. coming up on cbs-3 " eyewitness news" at noon, the controversial ad that went viral over the weekends. what saying about this add that some are calling racist. >> you are of course watching "eyewitness news" at noon, we will be right back.
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>> eighty-four year old woman in critical condition right now after she was hit by a car earlier this morning, it happened as the woman was crossing pine road, near rhawn street, in fox chase. the driver of the car is cooperating with the police investigation. the trump white house releasing list of demands in exchange for extending the dac a program that protect young immigrants from deportation. >> among the priorities money for the border wall, and i am
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posting marriage based immigration. quickly blasted by congressional democrats who say this goes far beyond what's reasonable. wean while, president trump and prominent republican senator are in the midst of an intense social media war of words, trump wrote tweet accusing senator bob of tennessee of lacking the guts to run for re-election. he then tweeted that the white house was edging toward chaos. in a interview with the new york times, corker also said trump is treating the presidency like, quote, a reality show, with wreckless threats to other countries could set the worlds on target for formed war three, and said he will not set re-election next year. >> called one of its ads racist, controversial aid made its quickly went viral. this is the ad that appeared on dove's facebook page, it
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shows a black woman taking off a brown shirt to reveal a white woman. the company tweeted apology saying it had missed the mark in representing women of color thoughtfully, and deeply regret the offense it caused. still ahead on "eyewitness news," how you can help your community. >> great event taking place later this month. the autism speaks walk. this walk not only raises money for autism but helps families, as well, we'll have
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>> we take a look at what looks somewhat like an angry ocean out there. this is our new camera out in cape may. nice shot for you here, looks a little bit shaky, understands bridge. we do have pretty persistent tent winds out of the south- southwest, obviously wet out here, very dreary beginning to the afternoon. this is all from the renmant tropical moisture that had been nate.
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technically post tropical cyclone, but it is primarily just a big nuisance for us, as we go back to storm scan3, and show you what's going on with this, really the bulk of the moisture at this point, locally, pent up over the garden state. that's where you're going to see the bulk of the steadiest, heaviest rain, still going to encounter spray from the vehicles, that kind of thing throughout the rest of the afternoon, likely few additional showers, this whole thing, though, again, pulling away, and then we're going to see frontal boundery drop in, knock at least the humidity back, because it has been so steamy. as we're still talking about tropics, let's also focus on the fact that we do have new named system, ophelia formed this morning, maximum sustained winds 40 miles per hour, moving very sluggishly. this is well out to sea. it is far east of bermuda. it is about 860 miles southwest of the azores islands here it, will really is going to just whoever, essentially, in the same spaces over the next couple of days. meanwhile, future weather does
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show this system there is moisture from nate making its departure here. we are going to with time at least start to clear out. you may still see few residual showers before said and done. as we take a lack at the dew point, currently at 72 degrees , and that's incredibly steamy. so it feels down right oppressive out there. i don't think it will get much higher than the mid 70s, we don't want to classify it as unsufferable, but is close. future dew points start to drop off. this is tomorrow morning, at 4:00 a.m. low 70s, by the time you hit 8:00 a.m., mere few hours later, back down to the mid or 60s, 50's, so becomes more more comfortable as the day progress, stay in the low mid 60s, essentially region wide as the afternoon progresses, now, looking forwards from this point, we are expecting a large dome of high pressure to settle in. do still have potential for showers, i'll explain why in a second. however, this picture says it all. it is a live view from the live neighborhood network,
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where i show this for specifically the reason that this could be your visibility, without the windshield wipers, in short, you're going to need to have them going. keep in mind if your windshield wipe remembers going your headlights must be on. all of the rules that go hands in hands when out in weather like this, now, beyond tomorrow, we certainly are very warm tomorrow. but beyond tomorrow, we see high pressure start to settle in. large canadian dome of t right on the cusp of it. we still cool off little bit here. may run into few showers, specifically wednesday, thursday, and friday, all future potential. but come thursday, friday, it is actually seasonable for a change. the last -- it doesn't last long but we'll take the october like temperature profile as long as we can get it, jim, back to you. >> indeed we'll take it, all week long here on "eyewitness news," spotlighting some of the community partners way for us to share some ways that you too can get involved. >> later this month, folks will lays up their tennis shoes and walk for autism awareness. the autism speaks walk is saturday october 21, and the event raises money for autism
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research in support. >> joining us now, are two moms, who have experienced the overwhelming support that the walk provides. sheila mitchell green, and stacey harbaugh, thank for joining us this afternoon. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> sheila, let's begin with you, your son julian, 16 now, diagnosed with autism whether he was two years old. tell us a little bit about him >> so julian when he went to day care, the day care director noticed that he was not verbally performing where he should. and woe not socialize with the rest of the children. he also had a tendency to line up everything, cords inningly, to color, or, you know, whatever category was in his space was important. that the point she did recognize that he may have issues and we had him tested and diagnosed. >> now, stays, your son jason also 16 quite snow. >> yes. >> whether did you realize he was autistic? >> when he when he was two years old, the same issues, he was totally non-verbal. with years and years of early
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intervention, and just nominal , phenominal therapists un he's doing great, tenth grade, in public school, the manager of sports teams, and he's just doing amazing. >> looking very happen any these pictures as well as julian, as well as great pictures. we know you participated in the walk before. we know that it is a big event , jim, you emcee it last year, hosted it last year, for people who have not been out before. tell us about your experience? >> so the autism walk has been a very fun and enlightening family related experience for us. julian was lucky enough to cut the ribbon for the walk few years ago. it is a wonderful walk. you know, we invite families to come out, you know, to join teams, and to walk. the walk really focuses, this year, the walk will be focused on more of a sensory-based opening where as before it was a little bit loud, a lot, you know, we will do wonderful things with pompom, in helping
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individuals that have sensory issues to navigate the walk of the it is only a mile. so i ask everyone to really come out. don't be sprayed to walk a mile. get that fit bit up. and get out there and walk for a great cause. >> great cause. >> stacey you were the philadelphia walk chair woman. tell us where the money goes. that's what folks want to know >> definitely, before i pass the baton over to sheila, i was it, goes to innovative local research programs and services, the autism response team available to answer calls and emails at family services at autism so it is really important that the money is local for us. >> and sheila, or stacey, now that we know where the money is going, talk about how important programs like that are, where children who have autism? maybe even your son? >> well, absolutely. i think research is very important. you know it, may not cure my son, at this point in time, but if you think about what the numbers are like with autism, everyone, it really is going to know someone with
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autism, and research is so important. so i think that's very, very important. also, autism speaks, has a huge tool kit. it has over 40 tool kits to help you from every stage of your child's life. so we use, right now, are using a transitional tool kit as he goes from a teen to a young adult of the. >> stacey, how can people get involved this year? >> this year they can register for the walk which will be held on october 21, at citizens bank park. and they can go to autism >> all right, and i know some of my friends have participated in the walk before, jim, you have, and this year i am. thank you, ladies. >> thank you very much. >> the autism speaks walk again saturday october 21, it will be at citizens bank park, registration start 8:30 a.m. and the walk begins at 10:00. not only am i going to be out there my colleague pat gallen will be out there, going to get the crowd fired upment be sure to join us. you can find more information on just look in the events section. >> tomorrow we will feature another community partner
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ronald mcdonald house charities, see how you can help this organization that keeps the families of sick children close as they travel out of town for hospital treatment. we're coming right back.
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>> coming up on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 what's this caterpillar have to do with forecasting winter weather matt peterson has the answer, plus some other interesting forecasting folklore,
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including why today's weather may and important clue, you don't want to miss this today at 5:00. >> today on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 dog owners know how important it is to get their pup out for a walk each day. not always easy. now simple solution, tonight's "3 on your side" consumer reporter, how you can find a dog walk near matter every minute, tune in tonight at 11:00. >> a final check on the forecast with katie? >> definitely looking very significant. billion being of the rain starting to push into specifically new jersey but still going to find the issues on the roadways, quickly take a look at the traffic. there you go. southerly wind flow, i mean, definately noticeable. so keep that in mind. breezy day. you have to hang onto that umbrella just snapshot of the localized radar, yes, still pretty soggy again specially through new jersey right now, guys. >> thank you so much. appreciate t that's " eyewitness news" for today at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00 always on line at the young and the restless is next.
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>> phyllis: you're being an ass right now. i thought we were past all that, but clearly we are not. >> jack: listen, phyllis, i -- >> phyllis: there is no way billy used my computer to get into your server! he wouldn't do that, jack. he wouldn't. >> billy: we can't run ads for a mask if the product doesn't exist. do you understand that? so just guarantee me that it'll be ready for the release date. that's all you have to do. no, damn it, before that. have you ever heard of a thing called a holiday sale? [ chair scrapes floor ] i don't care what you need to do. just get it done. >> victoria: that budget memo that you downloaded from jabot, i was looking over it again. >> billy: and? >> victoria: i just think that we need to be cautious ramping up dare. >> billy: vick, jabot is leaving a huge hole in the marketplace for men, so who better fill it than us? >> victoria: jack specifically said that they weren't abandoning the men's line, that they were just reallocating funds so t


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