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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  October 10, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news ". this is the school. >> hundreds of angry parent demanding answers in monroe township. they want to know what is being done about the mold that's plaguing at least one of their schools. good afternoon, i am he rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. the closure of the schools led to the closure of six schools for the entire week in the monroe township school district. that's 6,000 students sit out class today, "eyewitness news" reporter henry rossoff has reaction from some of their frustrated parents.
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>> this is the school. >> so many angry parent packed the williamstown high school auditorium monday night. the fire marshall had to ask some of them to leave. but with the help and safety of their children at steak, everyone stayed late into the evening demanding answers about the mold plaguing holly glenn elementary school. that school was shut down last week after the disgusting discovery inside dropped down ceilings, now the whole monroe township district, thousands of student across the school, will be closed for testing. >> we want to make sure everything is the way it should be. so everybody feels comfortable >> though the shut-down seems to be doing the opposite, creating an uncomfortable situation for parent as they scramble to find childcare. >> i'm real upset that the kids are off school for a week you had all summer to test for everything. >> the kids here at holly glenn were supposed to go to other schools during the shut-
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down for removal of the mold. now with the whole district closed and all of the schools being inspected these parent like the others in the district, are solving the same childcare problems. in williamstown, henry rossoff , cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> in other news this noon, septa bus driver is in stable condition right now, after being shot on his way to work. police say the 47 year old victim was shot in the leg near ridge avenue, diamond street, in strawberry mansion before 4:00 this morning, he was returned to a hospital by a good samaritan, investigators have a description of the gunman, and they say nab hood security cameras could help them in the search for that's suspect. >> temple university student shot and killed by police in miami beach after hitting an officer reportedly with her car, 18 year old carryann was a temple transfer student from maryland. they say she ran a red light, hit several cars, and it appears she tried to get away, crashed into another vehicle, and hit police officer david. another officer opened fire on the car killing her.
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>> ran, ran away. i heard like shot, like four, five shots, pop, pop, pop, pop and then the car lost control. >> police investigation is not complete. the injured officer has been released from the hospital. >> meanwhile, a texas tech freshman faces murder charges in the deadly shooting after campus police officer. authorities say 19 year old hole as daniels shot the officer at the campus police station last night. he was taken thereafter officer found drugs and drug paraphernalia in his room. the texas state attorney general says he'll travel to the school today to meet with school and law enforcement officials. >> meanwhile, california's struggling to contain one of the deadliest wild fire outbreaks at least 11 people have died, 1500 structures have been destroyed by the fires across the northern california. correspondent greg mills shows us, firefighters are hoping to make some progress today. >> raging wilds fires are still burning near the town of santa rosa.
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the shear size and scope of the fires right now is massive 20,000-acre fire with another 25,000-acre fire and 5,000- acre fire. crews are battling more than dozen fires, many broke out simultaneously, forcing firefighters to spread out resources. the biggest fires are in the state's famous wine country. >> arm get on, just gone. >> michael, returned to his neighborhood in so no, ma'am a county to finds his and his mother's homes burned to the grounds. >> my mom's going to come home to this, and all she has is what she threw in the back of the car, to evacuate. she is zero eight. >> this fire has devestated parts of santa rosa. fast moving flames have leveled entire neighborhoods, businesses, and strip malls. in southern california, near anaheim, another fire is burning more than
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the blaze already destroyed at least two dozen structures, and threatening more than 3,000 homes. fire fight remembers building containment lines, and hoping for for a break in the weather >> the winds die down last night. the humidity came back up. that's good for us. we don't know what the winds will do today yet. that's going to be air area of concern for us. >> governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency. asking the federal government to do the same. greg mills, cbs news, santa rosa, california. >> it has been nearly three weeks since hurricane maria slammed puerto rico, eight a% of the islands still without electricity. puerto rico governor asking washington for billions more in emergency relief, as people try to put their lives back together. many resident say they're frustrated because aid distribution is slow, in san juan also concerns about debris clogging drains, contribute to go widespread flooding. >> i have to make a decision, either i open the road in order to save lives, and i use the money that i had for medicine and for food and for water, and i decided that the route to go was not a
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logistical route, but a human route. >> puerto rico's governor also critical of the mayor ace response and sent team of his own to help clear the street for monday. >> investigators are still stumped about what let a high steaks gambler to kill 58 people during a country music concert. over the last week the fbi and vegas police sorted through more than 1,000 leads, through his politics, finances and social behavior. none of which have revealed many clues. the fbi has brought in behavior profilers as they continue questioning paddock's live in girlfriends, marry lou danley, they say there is a chance they may never understands what motivated the gunman. president trump challenging secretary of state rex tillerson to, quote, compare i q tests, unquote, if tillerson did inch died call the president a more on. the president tells forbes magazine he thinks it is fake
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news, but claims he would win the iq test if it came to that trump and tillerson are expected to have lunch together in about a half hour with defense secretary jim mathis. >> guess we've see what comes out of that. today the deadline to register for pennsylvania's planning to november in the november 7 elections, you can zero you can register on the state's website and also in person at county voter registration offers. if you are getting or update ago drivers license, you can also register at penndot. reminder that you cannot vote if you are not registered. a plan that is has divide add community, the rallies and protests over proposal to build a football stadium at temple university. >> why people are gathering today. stay with cbs eye on the community... presented by target. urban agriculture and community greening are helping cities become more sustainable for the future. and that's why target has partnered with the nonprofit greensgrow in philadelphia. the novel idea was... can we put a farm in the heart of the city
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and really put food directly accessible to the people that were eating it. we're making sure that they have access to fresh local produce, to education, to a space where they feel like they can come in and just enjoy themselves. the impact that greensgrow has on the community is amazing. what they do and what they stand for is really important. having partnerships like we do at target helps people along this journey to creating a better, healthier, community for themselves. target has been essential to a lot of our programs that we've been able to start this year. i think it's very important for us to come outside of target and really be inside of peoples' communities, as well. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target. making our community even better, together. hey, girlfriend. how's your café au lait?
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>> remains to robotic arm, it can ex ends up to 60 feet, crucial peels of equipment used to grab large object like cargo shipped to the space station, and is also used regularly, for inspections of the orbiting lab. >> well, student at one camden elementary school looking to their future by stealing away momentos in a time capsule. ceremony was held this morning at kramer hill, to dedicate the new school building to its families and the camden community. during the event, student filled a time capsule with various messages, that time capsule is scheduled to be re-
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opened in 2034. that's the year current garden student will be graduating from college. >> i think that's a great idea interesting. >> well, septa celebrating some big upgrades to one of the busiest busloads in the city. cut the ribbon this morning for the newly recon instructed route 42 loop, 61st and pine in west philly. the route bus serves 1400 riders every day, new end point includes safety enhance the, added handicap accessibility. >> student staff and neighbors plan rally this afternoon against the proposed new temple football stadium. they say the stadium will bring traffic and crowds to their north philadelphia neighborhood. the rally is planned for the same time this afternoon. 3:30, the first temple board of trustees meeting of the school year. >> show your stripes for a great cause. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" at noon, how you can raise money for the ronald mcdonald house house, and look pretty cool, like this guy. very same time. katie? >> much bigger than he appears
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on tv, wait until you see. getting ready for an upcoming weekends, things starting to come into a little bit of focus. still appears as though the temperature will remain well above average. i do think we've got the possibility to see shower if not sprinkle around, especially saturday, but, overall, the overall theme, is that we should be brightening up for more and more sunshine with the passage of time. in the meantime, there is more wet weather to track, we'll do
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>> a little plug i when i left 2:30 this morning to come to work inch. >> deed it was. >> no, i've not. okay, so, the deal with that
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is that it is definately still very warm outside. still feels like august, however, the worse humidity getting scaled back. so kind of a balancing act. it really does feel very warm outside. but, really, isn't as humid, technically, as it was yesterday. i mean, it may be tough to talk, felt like pea soup, could you cut it with a knife. ah, just glows. >> any improvement is a good improvement. >> all-in-all, i know you're not a fan of this really excessive warmth here, jim, but still dead well for the rest of the day, another real nice afternoon, all things considered. it just doesn't feel like october. you're in the going to have that christmas -- crispness to the air, not that kind of air mass, but there are some changes, and pattern change, that awaits us it, will bring in some rain, also bring in some cooler conditions. let's take to you storm storm scan, show you the regional view first, at the moment pretty quiet. we had what was left anyway of nate crossing through yesterday. that is now making its full departure, in fact, already long gone, but we do have another system already getting its act together.
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and it is already bringing in some pretty heavy rain and thunderstorms, in fact, back toward really just where the mississippi meets the ohio. when you look at this, bit of wider zoom for one thing, but also more detail, you can start to make out this comma shape, the classic mid latitude cyclone shape. it will come in two pieces, two separate fronts, warmfront followed by cold front. there is an area of high pressure far off to the north, essentially going to help steer. >> this but the bottom line here is this, i suggest taking the wet weather gear with you, both tomorrow, and thursday, and we will take you into future weather, jump to 7:00 a.m. wednesday. by this point, we may see at least little bit of sun initially, but the rain and the moisture already going to be overtaking our area, so, if anything, at least start to see clouds building, but also some rain starting to over spread the region. and notice it is generally scattered, but, you know, you could ends up with a few drenching pockets of rain along the way, that's why i say have the umbrella with you , that will continue, again , in the form of a cold front crossing through. late wednesday night, then
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into thursday. and some that far rain could also be quite heavy. we could always use the rain, right? so, we're not necessarily in a major deficit right now. but, we will take that, then we should start to clear things out looking toward the weekend. let's briefly touch on the tropics. ophelia did become tropical storm, as of yesterday, and now it is still a tropical storm, with max sustained winds speeds 50 miles per hour , but i have to step to this side to show you where it is head. so often these storms go to the west, recur every and go to the north. not this one it, will make strange path, head east, northeast, it may even just barely brush by the azores islands, but for the most part not any direct threat to land, at least not right now, maybe it becomes a european issue, down the road. but certainly not a concern for us. it is already hundreds of miles east, so not even chopping up the surf here at home. dew point currently stand. remember, lower the dew point, the drier the air. so very warm outside. but dew point is technically below where it feels quote
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unquote steamy outside or at least beginning to feel humid. that will benchmark about 65. so it could be a heck of a lot worse. granted as you're into southern new jersey, or into delaware, still in the upper 60s, does still feel touch humid. but is it 70s on the dew point feel like yesterday? no. so it is at least a little bit of relief for you in that regard. wind flow is technically out of the west northwest in most locations cents, that's helping matters, as well, drier air can come in from that location, from our friends in canada, sending it down our way. 81 degrees already, outside palmyra cove nature park, where do you have at least little cloud cover. very quickly jump you right out to the seven day forecast, take a look moving forward. both wednesday, thursday, turning cooler but again those daisy highly suggest the wet weather. guys? >> all week long here on " eyewitness news" we're spotlighting some of the community partners as way for us to share hey you can get involved. >> today focusing on the ronald mcdonald house and its show your stripes campaign. the ronald mcdonald house is a home away from home for sick
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children, a place to keep families together, when a child needs medical care. >> there are four ronald mcdonald houses in our area, joining us susan campbell the executive director of the ronald mcdonald house. and susan october is real a exciting time for ronald mcdonald house. >> it is, philadelphia ronald mcdonald house, celebrating our 43rd birthday, officially on october 15th. and we're the first ronald mcdonald house in the world. and we're still proud and excited. over 360 world-wide now. and it started right here in philadelphia. so, in every october, we have our show your stripes campaign a way for everyone to celebrate the birth place and what the philadelphia ronald mcdonald house does and our mission to support as many families as we can. >> little earlier we were modeling our socks here in the studio, our typed socks. there are many different ways it get involved. so explain few of them? >> sure, for the show your stripes campaign, you can
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purchase a striped item, whether t-shirt, scarf, hat, pair of socks or a sock monkey >> okay? >> we also have some partners that have some red and white type theme food. we have de bruno's that has a specialty sandwich this week, proceeds of which come to us. we have federal donut, has red and white stripe donut. >> this week that you can purchase. we have yards brewing company, that also has promotion, and copa ban an in university city and all of those four locations have the opportunity to buy this week striped items , and on friday, the 13th , we're going to have a celebration where we encourage as many people to wear striped items, to take a photo to post it, that information on the stride item, also on our website so people can go to our website to find out where
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to post their show your stripes spirited pictures in support of the ronald mcdonald house. >> we want to make sure we're raising money, is it just posting pictures or donation every $10 or more? >> buy striped item for $10, you can certainly make an additional donation, or if you do not want a striped item you can make a donation to support our families. then it is part of that see where on the twitter account wherever one has very unique pictures of their striped items. >> oh, we have to think after good one. >> we will. but the key thing here, all of the money raised goes for expanding ronald mcdonald house here in philadelphia. i mean, you've got major expansion going on. >> we do. so all of the proceeds support , all of the families staying with us, as well as our expansion. so, we have broken grounds, and we're in the process of building a eight story tower in university city, that will
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connect to our existing facility, and when all is said and done, adding 88 new room, and going to more than double in capacity. and we anticipate completing at the end of 2,018. so, all of the communities support is needed to help us get to where we can serve many more families that are traveling to philadelphia. >> i'm sure we can do it, i've been at the building site. it is a great expansion, looking forwards to the ends result. >> ronald mcdonald house does such great work. >> and tomorrow our friends from alex's lemonade stand foundation will join us to talk about one of their biggest fundraisers at the year, the lemon run. learn how to get involved in this wonderful organization that raises money to fight childhood cancer. that's tomorrow, right here on "eyewitness news." >> that's right. we're coming right back. don't go anywhere.
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>> we're hitting the read with the eagles, the eagles take on the panthers right here thursday night on cbs-3, ukee, sean and vittoria are head today charlotte. game night we have you covered , on thursday, we will get you started on cbs-3, kick offer show, at 7:00. and at clock 30 the guys cbs sports take over for nfl kick off. at 8:00 the eagles and the panthers, all right here on cbs-3. >> also, fans getting very
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excited for the next star wars movie. >> big surprise the trailer appeared last night in prime time. >> the trailer debuted last night during nfl half time, last jed eye latest installment in the franchise, hits theatres december 15th. >> jim, katie and myself, may the force -- >> you keep doing. that will you have no idea what you're doing. >> , i think it means something to star wars people. you understanded stands. >> we'll finds out. >> tweet them. not me. that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line at >> there is no meaning for that motion. the young and the restless is coming up next. >> it never stopped you. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ hey, girlfriend.
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>> john: i have been going over these figures you gave me of your young teen line. and i must say that the junior jabot numbers are impressive, to say the least. >> ashley: well, it's not exactly my teen line. >> john: oh, i wouldn't say anything different. listen, you pulled it off the shelf, you got the ball rolling, and you deserve all the credit. >> ashley: daddy, it was just woman's intuition. >> john: oh, woman's intuition. >> ashley: [ laughs ] >> john: a lot more than that. now, you have done a great job, and you're showing enormous instinct into the business. no, really, i am very proud of you.


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