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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  October 11, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EDT

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wine country. the scope of this destruction massive. and tonight, people from our area, who now call northern california home share their stories with "eyewitness news." good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm nicole brewer. ukee washington is off. hundreds of firefighters are struggling to contain one of the top five deadliest wildfire outbursts in california history. the flames killed at least 15 people and authorities say the death toll expected to rise. nearly 300 people have been reported missing since wildfires started sunday. flames have destroyed 2000 structures and many more are in danger. "eyewitness news" david spunt joins us live from the stat center and david, you spoke with people with local ties to in the middle of this fire storm. >> it is really a nightmare for them. the ground is dry. the wind relentless. it's peak fire season in california. the nukes are expected to rise. but those alive and accounted for are doing whatever possible
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to stay safe. the blaze is far from out and people's lives and lively hoods are in a constant state of danger. >> arm get en, gone. >> reporter: crews working 24 hours a day seven days a week, hospitals are on overload. taking in victims. two hospitals in santa rosa became news when smoke filled the buildings >> it was at that time that the police department came in and said drop everything. go now. >> the wine industry is upsidedown. native michael score zone is a wine maker in so he know ma county. he moved to the area 17 years ago to begin the business. >> the air quality is horrible. you can't see much install >> he can't get to several vine yards, this is one in the distance. it's completely torched. his winery is a few miles from the fire line but the smoke so
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thick, he says it's hard not to choke >> one of the saddest things is to see some hundred-year-old landmark wineries. wine country experiencing the winds is a fraction of the blaze. residents in the los angeles area are directly in the path of the dangerosanta anna winds. he calls southern california home. he's in touch with several close friends who are all evacuating. >> but the winds kicked up here quite a bit, which is causing the fires to get even more out of control. >> michael score zone said he can't get to his vine yards to see the full extent of the damage. california fire officials say the cause still under investigation. david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." david, thank you. as he mentioned the winds are only adding fuel to the wildfires.
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koby bryant has more on the phenomenonal spreading the flames. >> we hear a lot about the santa anna winds. you don't hear much about the dei can't be below. they form in an area where high pressure is formed in. that creates a pressure gradient for winds speed up as they didn't come in from the eastern direction and down slope through the ridges and mountains over california. winds up to 50 miles an hour these gusts expected to through tomorrow and continuing the winds have been relentless. that means fire danger is high. especially through the wine country, throughout the central valley, the northern part especially. what you're seeing with the winds be much like a santa anna, they descend those mountain slopes. the humidity is very low. what you're seeing is this dry air fanning the flames, any fire that is currently burning is just going to be continually
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sparked by these relentless winds. looks like the danger is not over yet. and we'll continue through the coming days. back over to you. >> thank you. tonight a homicide investigation underway in berks county. authorities say a body was discovered in a wooded area on sunday the 23-year-old is from reading. detectives are waiting the results of toxicology tests. authorities not announced any arrest. two people are behind bars after atlantic city police say they were trying to sale high powered firearm ammunition and pipe bombs. 37-year-old daniel dan very, aka daniel smith and 31-year-old nina face serious felony a savage 3006 was scoped and
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seized in the police sting that led to the arrest >> we're very concerned about the damage they could have caused. they were actively trying to sell them to anyone. >> the pair do not appear to be connected to any terrorist groups but officers are concerned that they allegedly provided instructions how assemble the point in time bo s bombs. the brandon bostian was the engineer when the amtrak train flew off the tracks killing eight people in may of 2015. the philadelphia district attorney opted not to pursue a case. that led a victim's family to seek charges on their own and state prosecutors to take over. last month a judge dismissed the case ruling that evidence pointed to an accident. police in wilmington borrow, new jersey, need your hope catching the suspects.
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surveillance cameras from the meat stop in country club plaza show two people storming into the store and starting the fire. if you have information, call police. schools in monroe township remain closed after mold was found in one school. frustration is growing as parents wait for a additional test results. one of six schools in the gloucester county district. holly glen elementary is contaminated with mold. rest of the schools were was closed to the district could conduct testing. charleser written told joel holden minimal mold was found at other schools and can be inclined up >> not so far. anything that was minimal, they took care of. >> reporter: so at this point, holly glen is the focus. >> that's the focus. >> reporter: the balance of the schools seem to have >> minimal. >> it's important to note those
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schools have not yet complete. irlink said an ant activate. it will take about three months to clean the school. the rest of the schools may be able to hope next william. the countdown rolls on eagles nation has its sights set on thursday night. >> they will take on the carolina panthers. you'll see on cbs3. don bell has more. now that it's late news night >> very short week we talked about it all week. only been what? two days. in five weeks, the eagles went from local obsession to national story line, relatively unknown coach jumping out to a four and one start. thursday, carson wentz and doug pederson will be front and center for the football world to see. it's the bird's first nationally televised game this season. so far, the two have been in sync. the eagles are third in total
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offensive and six in point scores. chemistry between doug and wentz is peak >> i talked to him sometimes this morning, once, twice, three times, whenever we install plays, what do you think about this idea, how do you feel about this? and you know, i'm very -- we're very comfortable with each other, he'll come to me about what do you believe, about this? i don't think there's anything i'm hesitate to speak of. we have a mutual respect. we can have an open dialogue >> we'll have that on cbs3 starting tomorrow. i'll join ukee washington in charlotte as we get you ready for game day. and here's the schedule for thursday. we'll get it started with kickoff at 7:00, at 7:30. the four in one birds hooking up with the four and one pathers
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here on cbs3. it is thursday night football. >> exciting stuff. >> you got to get ready to leave tomorrow. >> yeah, that flight will come early in the morning. >> we'll see you later. >> thank you. approached on campus football stadium at temple university is facing opposition and the protesters are making their voices heard. the rally outside of temple's board of trustee meeting comes as school felonies moved forward with the $135 million plan. the stadium will save the university roughly $3 million a year. cost of leasing lincoln financial field for home games. protesters say the stadium would have a negative impact. explosive allegations against harvey weinstein. >> tonight his wife has something to say about the scandal. straight ahead, what she's telling people magazine. plus reaction from former president barack obama.
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the daughter ma lea >> delivering bad news, whether it's in a relationship, or a workplace, the one thing you should never do. >> and it's another warm night. but weather is on its way, kate bilo is tracking changes and chance for rain when "eyewitness news" news at 11:00 continues.
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♪ musguys, i'm good. say goodbye to distractions. now you can last longer with new k-y duration spray. cca can. this is cbs3 eyewitness news with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo, nicole brewer, and don bell. the fall-out from harvey weinstein's sexual harassment
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scandal continues. the wife of the hollywood mogul tells people magazine she's leaving him. three women accused weinstein of rape. an a lifter angelina jolie are speaking out. weinstein was fired from the film studio he co founded following he paid off at least eight sexual harassment claims. the former president barack obama who attended democratic fund-raisers in office say he and mrs. are disgusted. the oldest daughter malia interned earlier this year. the obamas said, quote, any man who demeans and degrades women in such fashion needs to be condemned and held accountable regardless of wealth or status hillary clinton made a statement saying she was shocked and opal who was a big contributor to her
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her campaign. she appraised it the women. saying it will help to stop the behavior. the oval office meeting comes as the president is reportedly clashing with his secretary of state rex tillerson. president trump discussed the trip to asia with mr. kiss injure. north korea's threat will be on the agenda. >> they were on the wrong path before, if you look over the last 25 years, the numerous administrations we're on a path to a very big problem. a problem like this world has never seen. we're on the right path right now. believe me. >> president trump was scheduled to meet with secretary of state tillerson today to discuss north korea. meanwhile, first lady milania trump visited lily place infant recovery center. located in huntingdon west virginia is the nation's first nonprofit facility to provide
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services to infants with prenatal drug exposure. mrs. trump and white house counselor kellyanne conway took part in a discussion. joe biden is keeping his son's memory alive. today, biden visited warm misunderstand to announce the go biden of latest partnership. it's teaming up with doylestown healthy. they didn't will train medical staff how to prevent and recognize child sexual abuse >> child sexual abuse is a leading health risk to children. of one in ten children will be molested by the time they're 18. >> while serving as attorney general, bo biden focused on protecting children from abuse. nobody likes being the bearer of bad news >> from backache breaking up with somebody to telling somebody they're fired. you might want to try to follow
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one simple rule >> whether on the giving or receiving end, bad news is never good. >> the last thing you want to do is ruin somebody's day. >> try to say something nice first. >> start to focus home >> dropping or whatever i have to say >> it may be easier for the person giving bad news, researchers found those getting it do better without the buffer. >> in most instances i say straight to the point. >> i just want to get it over with >> if you're being fired or broken up with, the study shows leaving lines like we have to talk are helpful >> preparing you for what is about to happen >> dancing around the issue did more harm than good >> somebody with maybe >> participants valued clarity and direct ness.
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next time you're the bearer of bad news, get to the point. >> and move on. >> the studies's author said previous research on delivering bad news has been mixed because it's bone focused more on what makes it easiest on the deliverer, not the deliveriee, someone that has a lot of experience with this thing, ms. bilo >> sometimes the weather isn't great. you have to stay direct to the point and just try to smile through it. >> say don't shoot the messenger. >> exactly. i have no control over this. >> you know, firing or, the weather is what it is. >> we don't blame you at all. >> we don't have that great of weather to talk unfortunately. here's the bad news, getting to the point. it's not looking great. tomorrow looks luke a wet day. then chilly. then we heat up once again you just can't buy a nice sunny crisp fall day around here.
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let's get outside and look how it's shaping up. it's not as humid as last night, pretty steamy, but things looking great as we look towards center city from the studios on sky cam 3. and everything pretty quiet across the water. in palmyra cove. take a look at storm scan 3, the green is coming at us from all sides. one points to move into delaware. this is the band of rain that will impact much of the area during the day and this will come through tomorrow night into thursday morning. so none of this is extremely heavy rainfall but it will be a prolonged period of unsettled weather taking us to thursday when the temperature begins to drop. take a look at our almanac. 84 was the high. six degrees off the record look at the morning low, 71 even than our normal high of 69's we have so far above average and that's not going to change much.
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still warm. 72 in philadelphia. 72 in wilmington. down to the south, it's still mild with temperatures into the 70's and atlanta and charleston and raleigh. 53 in st. louis, it's in 30's in cheyenne, 45 in only had a. if i had to choose i'd rather have unseasonal warmth in october than unseasonal cold. like we're seeing in the central part. tomorrow you'll start to see showers creep in from the west. heaviest will be to the south, just an unsettled day. 4:00, slow afternoon commute, quiets down a bit tomorrow and another batch of rain comes through overnight and into your thursday morning. let's take a quick look how much rain we're talking here. again, it's not heavy flooding rain. of but we could see upward of half inch in spots especially off to the south and around rehoboth beach where some of the
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heaviest downpours will be locate 5ed. overnight, we'll see temperatures drop to the mid 60's, partly cloudy and mild. tomorrow, clouds, rain around at any time. heaviest to the southerly, but scattered showers from basically morning until night. speaking of a shower, there could be a thunder shower for the eagles game thursday night in charlotte. 75 there, it will be much cooler here, but if you're at home watching the game on cbs3, it will be nice and dry. 66 thursday, but look at the warm-up. 80's again by the westbound. i remember sitting here two weeks ago and saying, you never know, this could be our last 80 degrees day. we had like eight since then. maybe that's the last one. >> maybe, you never know. >> here's hoping. >> don is up next with sports. >> talking about action on the ice. a shocking end for the flyers in nashville and why cam newton presents a special problem for the eagles.
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. this cam newton looks a lot like the old cam newton. the one before the shoulder surgery. the one before panel they ares finished six and ten. thursday night, he will be the focus of the eagles defense. last week, he talked 350 yards and two touchdowns in a win a at detroit. he's a match-up nightmare because no quarterback in nfl history has more rushing touchdown. cam is a dual threat >> he can be a pocket passer, run read option, design run, he can run off schedule runs. that's what makes it difficult >> roger goodell, many owners around the league joined players on the field for demonstrations.
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eagles react. >> with the fact that you know, you're telling somebody exactly you know how they can and can't protest, things like that. >> that's a tough one. what we do here. >> hopefully, we can continue to do this in a respectful manner, in a way that continues to support the players that are trying to make positive change. and then you know continue to make the game great. >> on to the ice now from the golden state to the music city. the flyers are nashville tonight. orange and black picked up four out of six points. looking to wrap up the road trip against the winless predators. game tied at three in the third. travis on the break way. finding the back of the knelt. the orange and black come back from a three go ahead deficit to take the leave.
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five four flyers, predator, former flyer scott, loose, the find minutes left. final minute, natasha passing the puck around. the flyers losing 6-5 final score. so close. the polls are still open. here's your choices for the friday football, delran, cv west and cv south. go to and i will announce the winner tomorrow. >> the drama. >> thanks, don. next a duchess of cambridge
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. the duchess of cambridge made her first public appearance since it was announced she was
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pregnant. she joined her husband and harry world mental handle day, they're expecting the third child. kate suffers from severe morning sickness. cbs, "cw philly" and komen philadelphia are teaming up by turning region pink you're looking at the fmc tower. october is national breast cancer awareness month and the pink lights are a reminder to schedule a mammogram and stay vigilant. this is the 16th year for the lights for the cure campaign and you can find more information at cbsphilly./cure >> all eyewitness on the weekend and looks like no crisp fall weather, above normal both saturdays and sunday, looks like highs both days, we should be in the upper 60's. can't rule out sprinkles here or
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. late show followed by the late late show. the morning team is back from
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