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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 11, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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card. tonight -- the harvey weinstein sex scandal stirs up trouble for ben affleck. >> yeah, he pulled that move. i'm like, what are you doing? >> the actresses claiming bad behavior. then -- ♪ i came in like a >> we have lots of miley cyrus surprises tonight. >> that was like insane. >> what you didn't see as she shocked everyone on the red carpet. her rare appearance with liam. and angelina jolie goes wild in a wedding dress? posing with cheetahs. are. >> your arms are ridiculous. >> i photo-shopped your arms on to my torso. i want to say thank you. >> you're welcome. this is "entertainment tonight." now, it is oscar-winner ben
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affleck under fire for allegedly groping a female reporter as he gets swept up in the harvey weinstein sexual harassment tornado. >> ben is owning up. he says he's sorry for what he did. >> i'm just free spirited. it's so nice to see you. good to see you. >> that is a 14-year-old "trl" video allegedly showing ben groping 21-year-old hilarie burton. because of that, people are accusing him of being a hip owe krit for speaking out against his former boss. the video resurfaced hours after ben released a statement saying, quote, he was angry that a man i worked with used his position of power. >> he pulled that move. >> someone referenced that clip. and burton joined the conversation, saying, quote, i was a kid. i had to laugh back then so i wouldn't cry.
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>> how old are you? 19? >> i would rather have a high five. >> today, ben apologized on twitter. saying i acted inappropriately toward ms. burton. and i sincerely apologize. ben was also called out by rose mcgowan for saying he didn't know about the behavior until now. they co-starred in the weinstein-produced 1998 thriller "phantom." yesterday, she tweeted she told ben about her allegations of assault and called affleck a liar. earlier today ben had no comment. >> rose mcgowan said you lied. you knew about harvey. is that true? >> well, ben may be facing a lot of cameras in just a few weeks when he's expected to go out and promote "justice league ,"which hits theaters next month. we'll see if the news results in a change of plans.
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>> people will be asking questions, no doubt. meanwhile, a major change involving harvey weinstein. he said his wife stands 100% behind him. he adds, i support her decision. i am in counseling and perhaps, when i am better, we can rebuild. a source tells "e.t." right now, the british fashion designer is holding up okay. weinstein married chapman in 2007. she's the co-founder of marchesa, and a hollywood power player in her own right. >> this is a perfect night for harvey weinstein and his wife, georgina chapman. >> reporter: chapman dresses the a-list. j. lo. taylor swift. halle berry. >> you take responsibility. you get called. it's someone's big day. they've chosen to wear you for that big moment. >> reporter: the couple's wealth has been estimated at $140 million. they have two children,
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7-year-old india, and 4-year-old dashiell. a source tells us weinstein is struggling. meanwhile, weinstein was snapped in l.a. today outside the office of one of his attorneys. he's reportedly reluctant to turn in his cell phone before going to rehab. today, cara delevingne joined the growing list of actresses. she said he tried to get her to kiss another woman in his hotel room. and when she asked to leave, he walked me to the door, stood in front of it, and tried to kiss me on the lips. lindsay lohan posted a video of support. >> i think georgina needs to take a stand and be there for her husband.
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he's never done anything to me. we've done several movies together. i think everyone needs to stop. i think it is wrong. lindsey's publicist deleted the post. >> reporter: kevin spoke to oscar-winner cate blanchett last night, who worked with weinstein on "the aviator" and "carol." >> when a man in a position of power, whether a film producer or president of the united states, who thinks it's his prerogative, they need to be held to account. all the all the talk about the "ragnarok" premier wasn't all about weinstein. kevin found out nothing was going to stop the couples from having fun away from the kids. >> reporter: a bit of a date night? >> the kids with my grandparents. it's just the two of us tonight. >> reporter: it was more like triple date night for chris and elsa. matt and his wife lucy was there. so was little brother liam, and his love, miley cyrus, making a rare, public appearance together. >> i'm wearing a sparkly gold
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dress. >> reporter: cate blanchett rocked the red carpet. to play the first ever marvel movie villainess, hela, she worked out every day with chris' personal trainer. seems like the way you stood was powerful in the movie. >> you try wearing that rubber. it's got the inbuilt breasts. it's got the whole thing. >> hela the goddess of death has invaded. >> reporter: thor's mission in "ragnarok"? save his home from destruction. oh, and try to beat mark ruffalo's hulk in a one on one. >> loki, look who it is. >> your kids are in the movie? >> they spent the day in hair and makeup. sitting around waiting. i asked them, do you want to come back tomorrow? they're like, no. >> they learned a lesson. >> it isn't easy. you have to work hard. >> are yours in the movie? do they make a cameo? will they ever get a chance to be in daddy's film? >> maybe one day. one of my kids is impressed that i play a superhero. the other two don't care. so 1 out of 3 is good.
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>> as long as they're impressed by good old plain dad, that's all that matters. it was a family affair on the "harper bazaar's" cover shoot. they take a walk on the wild side. >> we're in namibia for the anniversary of "harper's." >> reporter: beaming like a bride in white strapless versace and backless ralph lauren, angelina struck a pose with some rescue cheetahs she's been sponsoring since 2015. >> this country is a special country to me because shiloh was born here. it's a special country because it's one of the few countries that is doing so much for the environment. >> reporter: also on the trip to africa, angelina and shiloh opened a new clinic for wounded and orphaned animals called the shiloh wildlife sanctuary. >> reporter: it seems the 42-year-old is following in the steps of her friend, jane goodall.
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>> reporter: angelina was at the premier of the new documentary "jane" this week. and says her children look up to the wildlife activist. the "harper's bazaar" cover girl telling the magazine, quote, if my life experience has taught me anything, it is only what you stand for, and what you choose to stand against, that defines you. evidently, her kids are learning the good message, too. shiloh named one of the rescue animals wonder, after her favorite book. which is about loving people for their inside and not their outside. coming up next, miley is a wrecking ball breakdown. behind-the-scenes secrets from her musical ride-along. and pink on the reality of being a rock star mom. how she balances her music with her two young kids. >> i would say the hardest part is just trying to figure it all out. what do you think, will? you like all this fuss? >> first, i stopped by the set of "chicago p.d." where authenticity reigns. right down to the wardrobe. >> is this the uniform? >> i love it. it's my personal style, as well. >> reporter: tracy spiridakos is
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now a series regular for season five. she hooked me up with some tactical gear. but i'm missing one important item. i don't have a belt on. my pants are falling down. that's okay. >> we call them duty rigs. you're going to have bullets, handcuffs. you're going to have flashlights. >> we're taking heavy fire. >> you see what i'm doing? why am i standing like this? >> it's happening. >> put your hands in there. >> oh. >> that's my favorite.
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oh, hard to believe it's been 25 years since whitney houston declared her forever love in "the body guard." and keltie knight joining me now. the movie sound track is still the best-selling sound track of all time. >> not hard to believe. the first cd i owned, by the way. more music is coming with whitney houston, i wish you love, more from "the body guard." that is out november 17th. >> previously unreleased studio and live recordings. it will be good. speaking of live, or lively, you don't get more lively than miley cyrus and "carpool karaoke" do you? >> no, you don't. we have the behind the scenes secrets. the first secret, the timing. a production source tells "e.t." miley filmed with corden about two weeks ago. that's around when she released "younger now," and took to instagram to do an a cappella rendition of "the climb."
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her first time in six years singing the track from her hannah montana movie. she also harmonized it with james. >> reporter: cyrus and corden belted out six songs in all. including this one about fiance liam. but secret number two? hemsworth was not there behind the scenes, says our source. we're told her 13-minute segment took two hours to shoot. but secret three, they weren't always out on the open road. most was shot either parked or moving slowly through the cbs studio parking lot. ♪ a party if the usa >> reporter: good thing james was behind the wheel. my le revealed she was just involved in a hit and run on "the voice" set. >> and i backed my car into the sound trailer. the whole windshield had to be replaced. but i didn't tell anyone. i just left. i had to go back the next day. i go and tell adam and blake, you're not going the believe what i did last night. i totally [ bleep ] the voice sound trailer. i was already miked. >> reporter: that's probably why she didn't drive during her family's apple music carpool karaoke session. and miley had another big confession. ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪
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>> i really was crying. i had a puppy that had died. i thought about my puppy the whole time. >> that is so sad. she's an incredible actress, too. i'm sorry. >> me, too. still ahead, pink doubles down on motherhood. how she's getting real about raising her two kids on the road. and then, why carringtons and couture do mix. breaking down the high price of drama. >> i totedled this small, one rack of clothes. closed captioning provided by --
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( floor creaks) i can't believe we're doing this! (thunder cracks) ahh! gus, you're not scared, are you? i don't like thunder! this is getting creepy! (a wolf howls in the distance) heeey ... -whoa! (shriek) did you say creepy? fang-tastic fortune. the new scratch off from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, with top prizes of $50 grand. that's a monster of a prize! (giggles) (laughs) keep on scratchin'! ♪ i mean, come on. how sweet is that is this pink's 9-month-old son getting a lift from mama. in new york city yesterday.
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new york is where nischelle joins us from. you have more pink news. >> yes, ma'am. pink is here. promoting her new album. you'll see me my interview with her on rid the. it's really, really good. ♪ whatever you want whatever you need ♪ >> i signed up for this when i was 16. now i have children. and i have a marriage. it's not a simple puzzle anymore. >> reporter: but at 38 years old, pink is putting the pieces into place. ♪ and it's a place that we come alive ♪ >> reporter: pink's seventh studio album, "beautiful trauma" is out friday. that same day, apple music will release an intimate short film documenting the balancing act with her kids, willow and jameson. >> i would like to put everything i am and everything i have into everything that i do. i would say the hardest part is just trying to figure it all out. your 6-year-old has surf camp. your 8-month-old has
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vaccinations. and then your album is out. i said 8-year-old? oh. >> reporter: okay, so balancing work and motherhood isn't easy. but pink makes sure her kids are her constant companions on the road. >> what do you think? what do you think, will? you like all this fuss? >> oh, man. i asked her, how does she not just bite that lit m boy's cheeks? she said, i do. every day. i can't get enough. pink posted on instagram this shot with the caption, willows are good for climbing. i mean, what else are big sisters good for, right? >> this is true. they are absolutely adorable. i don't blame her for biting those cheeks. thank you, nischelle. tv news. tonight's cw breaths new life into the 1980s primetime soap, "dynasty." i'm most excited about the fashions. >> you won't be disappointed. it's the same team behind the classic gossip girl looks.
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such trend certificates. i loved all of it. now the new carringtons, natalie and elizabeth, taking me inside their wardrobe wonderland. dynasty is back. and you are evil. or good. so what are you? we don't know? >> i think i would lean more toward evil for sure. >> reporter: those infamous catfights are back in the remake. "dynasty" is the story of the superrich backstabbing carrington clan, who live in an outrageous mansion and wear the most extravagant designer outfits. the first "dynasty" was famous for the big '80s shoulder pads. >> we're not disappointing. we're still incorporating the shoulder pads. >> reporter: the '80s original was ke fined by those glittering gowns. and big hats. in the remake, they're going very haute couture. >> here's this beautiful mark jacobs. the detail work is so beautiful. there's so much going on.
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but it all works. >> show me the gucci. >> this is a pink moment. a serious pink moment for krystle. >> this beautiful rodarte. i know, i know, i know. >> i totalled up this one rack of clothes. $65,000. and it's not just the clothes. there are high-end hats. handbags. and the shoes are to die for. okay, you can have these for your own. $3150. you got them on sale for $1800. so it's not so bad. >> tease are new. these are the new babies. look at them. is there this shoe weighs, like, five pounds. and before i left the set, do you think they noticed a took a few mementos with me? i'll see you. is have a great week -- a great day today. good the see you. mwah, bye, guys. i did have to return the goodies after. if you want to talk about glitz and glamour, look no further
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than the costumes on "dancing with the stars." no one knows more about that than cameron mathison. our rhinestone guru. >> real men wear sequins and glitter and tight pants. no, that's not true. some professional athletes love wearing these things. at 25 seasons, 19 nfl players have competed in the ballroom. four have won the mirrorball trophy. and this season, terrell owens is hoping that he's going to be one of them. compare cheryl to some of your nfl trainers that are kind of pushing you out there. is is she as tough as one of those guys? >> if she was a coach, she would be really, really tough. >> reporter: cheryl knows what it takes to partner up with an nfl player. in season two, she won the mirrorball trophy with emmitt smith. and in season ten, she placed fourth with chad ochocinco. does that add any pressure to you, knowing that you're dancing with someone who has been dancing with nfl players in the past? >> no, not at all. i think i bring something different.
7:53 pm
with her, my rehearsals, she says, smile more. smile more. it doesn't come out until i have to perform. >> reporter: and there's no question the former wide receiver knows how to put on a show. from pom-poms. to popcorn. t.o. made a name for himself with his over-the-top touchdown celebrations. >> i love me for me. believe it! >> reporter: terrell made it to the super bowl when he was with the eagles. and tomorrow, philly will take on the carolina panthers for "thursday night football" on cbs. the 43-year-old's been on the sidelines since 2010. but won't rule out a return to the nfl. >> you never know. >> you never know, right? >> like i said, i have always kept myself ready. i'm in decent shape. may not be in game shape. i can still play the game. >> i love that he said he's this decent shape. the guy is a beast. if anybody can come back, even at 43. >> maybe taking a little t.o. >> oh, nancy. coming up, meet a christmas story's new ralphie. that is next. ♪
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right frame of mind. >> watch our full interview. promo considerations provided by -- trusty carbine action. >> oh, yeah. >> i love it. that is just one of so many classic lines in "a christmas story." now one very lucky talented kid is going to star as ralphie in a tv musical version. >> such a classic role. who landed this coveted role. they searched nationwide until they found 11-year-old andy. >> it kind of feels like a dream. i feel like i'm going to the wake up any moment now. it's family tradition that we
7:57 pm
watch it every year. like three or four times. >> andy looks like ralphie. his mom put anymore the glasses when he was 5. >> the bunny suit is a fun one i'm looking forward to. >> gosh, they look-a-like. >> i know. it was tough. remember how the original movie was narrated by the grown-up ralphie? you'll hear math crew broderick's voice in the new version. >> it airs live on fox on
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>> jeff: previously on "survivor": the hero tribe, alan was aiming to take out a power couple. >> whatever jp is actually trying to do, i'm blowing it up. >> jeff: at the healer tribe, joe and cole went on the hunt for an idol. >> got it. >> yeah. >> the fact that cole knows that i have the idol could absolutely backfire. >> jeff: at the hustler tribe, simone and patrick were the clear targets. >> simone's not that great at challenges, but patrick, even though he's strong, i don't trust him. >> jeff: at tribal council, patrick made a questionable remark. >> i feel like i can trust most of the people here. >> jeff: but in the end, simone was sent home. simone, the tribe has


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