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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 13, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> low snap. looks. fires. completes at the 15, the ten, the five, and in for the touchdown, goes nelson agholor >> merrill reese with the call as the eagles stun the carolina pant nerves their own stadium. now the birds sit an atop the nfc. we'll hear from carson wentz and the rest of the road warriors. >> also, another clean up job after mold cancels classes in another local school. what the school district is saying about the problem. >> and cool ends to the work week, but a welcome surprise for the weekends. >> well today is friday, october 13, make sure you don't walk under any ladders
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today, but good morning, i'm wearing the suit. >> yes. >> rahel solomon, jim donovan, it is friday the 13th, we're feeling so happy it is friday, the eagles won, and jim's wearing his suit. >> and meisha, in the last show, agreed wear that tune i can dress, wearing it on amazon. >> you know, i don't know if you guys, katie just tweet philadelphia jim would have had a.m. amazon prime could have gotten the dress two days ago, now i put my foot in my mouth because it is on its way >> that's right. >> tgif. looking outside. >> we are looking outside, just couple of minor accidents and construction, overall things are looking good. >> and things good in the weather center, too, thankfully not as soaking, don't have the dry rain like yesterday, so much quiet nerve that regard, actually pretty thick overcast overhead, not picking up all that well on the radar, satellite, i should say, but again, you know, things are still a little unsettled, which we will get to. it is worth pointing out when meisha says she doesn't want to be a floating head, we
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stand against a green wall. that's what that is here, not weather map, it is the green walbeck here, so she is wearing something green, then odds are that everything else would justice appear, that's where that comes from. >> no. >> we'll see, jim, i don't know, that's pretty nasty shade of green. >> whoa. >> just like your suit. oh. all right. >> oh! right storm scan still quiet. let's move along, take a look at the temperatures, as they currently stands, still little on the cool side, but it is october, nothing really atypical here. low 60s even start the morning off in atlantic city. but notice the winds barbs, still coming in on shore, will keep things cooler for us. take a look at the day ahead, how much, things are still a little unsettled, i would say, though, if you don't want to walk out the door with a umbrella, okay to do that. won't and lot of sunshine, any showers out there are incredibly spotty. so mainly just cloudy, and daytime highs rebounds to about 69. just quick check on few hours of the span of the day, we're up to 60 by 10:00 a.m.,
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hitting daytime high by 3:00. meisha? >> all right, katie, thank you so much. yes, yesterday was absolute nightmare, with all of the rain. so good news waking up like katie said with dry roadways, things actually looking pretty good. just construction out there. so looking at some construction, schuylkill westbound at 30th street. it was closed. now it is just one lane that's open. but you can see, already, how busy it is getting around this area. plus some construction 422 westbound, between 202 and route 23. that left lane is still compromised. you can see the cones in the roadway there. and 95 south at cottman, quick peak here, looking good. looking real nice on this early friday morning. but we do have couple every accidents out there. so, we do have an accident here in cinnaminson. route 130 southbound closed at riverton road. you will have to use your alternates, river road or 295 your best bet. another swenksville, route 29 main street at park avenue. around the area looking okay, i want to pull to your attention in case still out there as we push moved toward the 6:00 hour. point of construction on the p a turnpike, crews still out there, of course very dark,
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just take it easy out there. pa turnpike eastbound before valley forge, left lane compromised there. plus another area of the pa turnpike eastbound, between willow grove, bensalem two. left lanes blocked there, jan, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. eagles fans are celebrating huge win for the birds on the road. and against one of the league 's best. >> the eagles are off for awhile now, plenty of time to reflect on real statement win, pat's here with a look at the game, hi, pat. >> wow. what a game. what a team. with a a night. >> yes, balls of the short week, lack of rest for the players, thursday night can be kind of mixed bag, but last night was one of the best games of the season, as two contenders in the nfc squared off. carson wentz and the four and one eagles taking on cam newton and the four and one panthers, cam made some mistakes, but this was not one every them. he trots in from 16 yards out, and carolina up ten-three in the second. carson though did not disappoint. he threw for three touchdowns, two to zach earth in this 24- yard ers, to nelson agholor , to go up 28-16. and it gives jason kelce the
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honor there. late in the fourth, here is the big mistake by newton. jaylen mills with the interception, they pick cam off three times. and the birds holds on 28-23. despite some brutal officiating and few ailing players, they're now sitting pretty in the nfc playoff picture. here is sport director don bell from charlotte. >> for the first time since 2013, the eagles with a four- game winning streak. it was a gutsy win here at bank of america stadium. they beat the carolina panthers, 28 to 23. now the top team in the nfc. >> had to be a team win. offense, defense, had couple of guys with injuries, didn't let it phase us, everyone continued to play hard, all three faces, great team win. >> everyone was pumping me to be back, i was pump to be back and surprised to actually go out and play the way i did. miss too long games in a row, but, you know, i have been working, man, to get this injury back, you know, back 100%. >> you looked prime. you look happy, generally like
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you missed the game. >> i did, man. when you see your guys out there fighting every sunday, you know it, makes you want to get back on the field. >> a great start, i mean especially, you know, knowing only two of those, two of the six games at home, so to go on the road, the amount of injuries we've had, especially on defense, guys in and out, last two weeks have been team contribution, it is a big win for us. >> it feels good. honestly feels good t says a lot about the guys in this lockerroom. we stay together the whole game. they did good things defensively, different pressure looks we hadn't seen, tough on a short week, but we found a way to win a close ballgame. that's ultimately what we struggled with last year, winning close games, and done that successfully these first six games. >> eagles now begin a stretch of three straight games at home. they have ten days off. their next game is monday night october 23rd against washington. that's the story here from bank of america stadium. i'm don bell for cbs-3
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eyewitness sports. >> check out this morning's daily news back cover. the birds defense coming up large at crunch time. your eagles now the long stretch off. matter of fact, we have to sit through two sundays with no eagles football, two, two, next up is a big divisional battle with washington, a week from monday night. yet again in prime time. that means we're off staying up late. what a win. i know the delaware valley didn't get a lot of sleep, but totally worth it. >> so we can get our sleep in the next couple of weeks. >> load up now. save it for next monday. >> thank you, patrick. >> thanks, pat. >> you know what goes on with tired eyes? coffee. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live inside the melrose diner where people will be talking about the eagles big win today. how is it going, trang? are they still all sleeping in >> anybody there? >> reporter: you guys, fortunately, i'm not alone any more. i actually found one of the biggest eagles fans right here in the kitchen. here is jimmy, good morning, jimmy. so he is such a diehard fan he
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actually stayed up and watched the game last night. so what did you think of the game? >> oh, it was wonderful. it was a beautiful game. even though we almost lost, but we got there. >> yes, that one must have been a heart stopping moment for you. >> yes, yes, it was big, yes inch died, big win for us, anyway. >> so what do you think? are we going all the way this year? >> that's it, we're, there we're going all the way. >> you guys heard it from jimmy video. and he he's not the only one who feels that wayment take a listen. >> ♪ road to victory ♪ >> five and one, take it to the nfc championship, i'm ready, fly eagles fly, baby. >> eagles nation is flying high after a 28-23 win over the highly favored carolina panthers, in carolina country. the birds pulled out a win despite being up against two teams, according to many fans. >> fans, referees ... >> they say this game will do a lot to silence the nay
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sayers. >> went -- complete game. the chemistry they have, how sweet they are as far as how they work together, incredible >> obviously i hope they go all the way. but just where they are so far , i'd be proud. >> with the eagles sitting pretty atop the nfc, fans are already saying the s word. >> wentz is off the charts this year. this does look like the year of the superbowl. >> so jim, rahel, i do have to give a shout out to rhea hughes over at wip. sport radio. she accurately predicted that the eagles were going to win this game. also, to our very own pat gallen, who amazingly predicted the score, just off by one point, predicted it would be 27-23. it was actually 28-23. so kudos to pat. lots of happy people here, and all around philadelphia this morning. >> if they can only pick the powerball numbers i would be a happy person. >> you're right. >> thank you, trang. >> he said it only works in
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football. >> well, today "eyewitness news" as we follow the eagles all season long, and when you're not near a television or listening to the games, go to our coverage on line at >> and in other news this morning, elementary school in philadelphia's germantown section is closed for a second e mold is removed from several classrooms. the school district is blaming the h vac system inside john b kelly elementary. here are photos now showing the extensive connecticut tam nation, sty there. they say they immediately responded to the issue, clean up efforts are underway. we did spot work crews outside of the school yesterday. they say the work verse already removed 80% of the mold. >> the school will not reopen until it is mold-free. currently there is remediation , but, you know, at the end of the day, it is clean up of this issue of mold and condensation. >> caught up with some parents who say they've knott received a lot of information, other are worried the molds could cause breathing issues for their children.
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experts say it is hard to tell if health problems are from exposure to mold. >> well, meanwhile, schools in gloucester counsel i monroe township also closed that's after one of the schools there , holly glenn elementary, tested positive for mold contamination. running tests in out six schools, outrage parent are waiting for those result. some of the results may be available as soon as today. officials say holly glenn could be closed for the next three months. >> even the penn state berks campus in reading is having an issue with moldment take a look at these pictures of the school's library. you can see crews inside cleaning up. signs posted on the doors cited emergency maintenance. one student told "eyewitness news" that school officials suddenly closed the library yesterday. the university spokesman told us, workers were removing molds from the building, however, they did not say how long that building will be closed. >> all right, coming up: jason aldean makes emotional return to the stage.
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>> it is his first appearance, since the mass shooting in las vegas, what the country music singer told the crowd about the tragedy. >> and then covering the mystery surrounding attacks on workers, at the us embasy cuba you will hear what may have been harming the diplomats, when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> country superstar jason aldean performing, aldean's first time on stage, since a gunman opened fire during his set at a las vegas music festival. at the concert aldean addressed the crowd about the shooting. >> we're going to have up here on stage, and i want to say thank you guys for being here tonight. you guys are going to help us get through this as much as we're going to help you guys. (cheers). >> meantime, the official time line of the las vegas massacre is being questioned yet again, this time by the hotel, where the gunman opened fire. >> mgm resort international the owners of the mandalay hotel say steven paddock opened fire at the music festival at the same time or within 40 seconds after a
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security guard called for help the latest police time line searched six minute gap between the first shot and the radio call to police. >> in other news, associate the press released first recordings after sounds that man intentionally used to injury us embassy workers in cuba. listen to this. >> well, investigators say diplomats in havana heard that sound, at extreme volumes before they fell ill. the apparent attacks caused everything from hearing cents lost, to mild brain damage, anibal issues. the recordings have been sent to the military for analysis. cuba has denied any involvement or knowledge of the attacks. you know how i am with weird sounds around this place. can you imagine? i would be like freaking out. >> i'm glad the low level. >> buzzes all the time around here. >> weirds. >> in this building, all right , let's bring kate my the conversation. katie, it is friday, good friday, the eagles won, all very happy. what's the weekend look liking
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>> you know, the weekends starts to warm up jim? only going to last the weekend though, then right back to fall conditions. talk about fluctuation, can't decide on a pattern, well, not our fault, mother nature can't decide on pattern, as a result , we're all over the place again. so, there is a lot more consistency looking forwards into the second half of our seven day outlook, but for now expect some cool seasonable conditions, eventually warmer and even warmer conditions, and then, another nose dive. now, storm scan right now, still very, very quiet. and even though we're technically still in the midst of somewhat of an unsettled pattern, i would say you can walk out the door without the umbrella today. keep in mind, may still be a spotty shower, here and there. today, tonight, and then, likely couple of additional spotty showers throughout the day tomorrow. so, you know, we can't quite break this unsettled pattern yet. but we will with time. pretty potent cold front comes along to help dot job. briefly touch on the tropics. there are couple of areas to monitor. and ophelia continues to churn now, over achieving, and
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becoming category two hurricane by the way, this is, at this point, appearing as though it will have pretty substantial impact on the british aisles, eventually into scotland, they'll have their hands full as the storm goes in a strange direction to the north and east. meanwhile, there is a pretty low chance that this area of showers and storms does develop over the span of the next couple of days, got about two in ten chance to do so. but notice it is expected to go in a much more typical pattern, off to the northwest, so, still many questions remain. is this even going to develop into anything let alone have any direct impact on any land masses in we'll keep you posted there. but back here stateside, good news kind after morning out there, right, with center city offer in the distance, if you look real closely, you can see some shades every pink on the skyscrapers for breast cancer awareness month. but it is somewhat of an overcast start to the day. even despite that deck of cloud cover overhead, acting like blanket, still casino every cool out there this morning it, would bee hoof you to walk out the door with a spare layer, later today, to up much more typical 69
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degrees. don't get used to. that will again, watch for stray shower, along the way. that will likely be the case tonight. look how cool it gets. not very. just 64 degrees for the nighttime low. all we can do is heat up from there. now, temple of course back at home, we give that you forecast, taking on uconn, 70 degrees at kick off tomorrow. with a pretty minor wind still out of the northeast however. looking forward, i expect that we heat all the way up into the 80s by sunday, that gets wiped clean early to mid next week. >> eighty-two to 64 between sunday and monday, wow. all right, katie, thank you so much. very good morning to all of you, tgif. still look outside at come construction, a lot of which has been clearing out at the top of the 5:00 hour. as we push little deeper, so construction, schuylkill west at 30th street closed one lane open, now since cleared, so crews are all gone. looking good there. construction 422 westbound between 202 and route 23, left lane compromised there. crews have moved out of the way there cents well.
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forty-two northbound creek road take it to 295. no construction out there, just want to show you some volume levels. starting to heat up. see plenty of headlight out there. a lot of people going to get a jump start to their day, get out of work early. that's good. forty-two, heating up just little bit. couple every accidents, one cinnaminson, route 130 north and south closed, at riverton road. both directions, you will have to use alternate, river road, or 295 there, going to be your best bet. and you're dropping little less than posted speeds, as well. now, another accident out there, as well, swenksville. route 29 main street, at park avenue. just a heads up. no real gaper delay. that will start to change in the 6:00 hour. if that is still out there. we will see what happens. overall though looking pretty good on this friday morning, rahel, back over to you. >> all right, meisha, thank you. and now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> in the trentonian, trenton man arrested this week when police raided his home and seizes more than $11,000 worth of opioids. jose santiago, also known as king silence, was the target
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after month long investigation during the raid, police seized 574 oxycontin pills. >> from the times her herald, 20 plus of the monument celebrated yesterday. ceremony held next to the recently refurbished monument, and fountain that pays amish to the italian explorer 15th century voyage to the new world. >> in the news journal, mccullough middle school in new castle unveiled its new planetarium, recently updated after sitting dormant for ten years, this is in part due to mccullough trans nice a steam school. steam stands for science technology engineering arts and mathematics. >> i like that, the a, arts, as well. that's a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. and philadelphia's decision to call itself a sanctuary city may come with a cost. still ahead, how philly is responding to a letter sent by the justice department. >> oh, and the wild fires in california now the deadliest in that history. the trouble firefighters continue to have as they
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battle the flames in a live report coming up.
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>> dealedly he is wilds fire in california history has claimed 31 leaves. >> unfortunately officials expect the number to rise, also, looking into what might have caused the fires in the first place. cbs news correspondent is live for us in santa rosa. greg, good morning. >> what they think could have started this fire strong winds that sparked a fire, strong winds carried that and caused all of this death and destruction. >> as flames in northern california continue to spread out of control, authorities have gun the grim task every trying to find and identify those who couldn't escape the burning homes. searches in some areas are being helped by cadaver dogs. authorities say some remains are so beyond recognition, they will use serial numbers on medical implants, like hip
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replacement, to id victims. >> some of them are merely ashes, and bones, and we may never get truly confirming identification on ashes, cremated, you can't get id. >> though fire fighers have made modest progress, covered more than 300 scare miles, area as large as new york city officialsy? addition to dry, windy weather making the flames hard to contain, fire crews have been working non-stop, and will exhausted. >> they've been up for couple of days, they've been working their tails off. they're doing unbelievable work under tough conditions. >> estimated 25,000 people have been forced to evacuate. alley may put sprinkler on her roof before heading out hoping that will help keep the flames at bay. >> just wet down everything, all of the neighbors stuck around us that we could reach with our hoses. >> forecast calls for more windy, dry air. which threatens to feed the fires even further.
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>> and rahel, jim, some good news this morning, containment numbers are up, the biggest fires between ten and 13%, essentially what that means is draw a line in the sands, and for 10% of the fire they've kept the fire behind that, the other 90% though keeps on marching. they want to get that containment number up. >> every little bit helps. >> i suppose. but even still. greg, live for just santa rosa , california, greg, thank you very much, as always. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news," president trump takes matters into his own hands leaving the future of healthcare uncertain for millions of americans. >> coming up: we break down the president's late night moves and key cost saving subsidies. who is expected to pay more for health insurance, and the person already pledge to go take legal action to stop these cuts. rahel? >> and jan, a joyful day in eagles nation. we know how jim donovan is celebrating with the suit. but how are fans bathing after their performance in south
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carolina. >> we'll explain when we come
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trusted battery for your do you need the most son's favorite toy? maybe not. maybe, you could trust he wouldn't leave the upstairs water running. (woman screams) or, you could just trust duracell. ♪ >> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan and i'm wearing the sui


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