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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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. at 11:00, sucker punched in the stand, police make an arrest in this attack at the eagles panthers game, a race against time dramatic body cam video shows the desperate scramble to save people from raging wildfires. first, >> i don't think any of us feel comfortable sending our kids back to school at this time >> uncertainty lingers, many parents still expressing concern over mold even after the district says it's safe for kids to return to school. issues have been plaguing schools in monroe township all week. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm nicole brewer. ukee washington has the night off. alicia nieves is live where parents came together to talk about the issue. alicia. >> reporter: parents after they learned that students can soon return to school in monroe township gathered here at the high school mostly because they're still concerned about mold testing results and the plan for next week.
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concerns over toxic mold in monroe township forced all district schools to abruptly close earlier. that was roughly 6,000 students who have been out of class. >> i've been trying to find daycare for him all week, scrambling here there and late for work. >> reporter: parents say it's been a nightmare. one that hasn't gotten better even though the district announced late today, that students can return to school on tuesday. of >> i'm not happy or thinking safe going back to any school until we get the answers. >> reporter: the district has not released tests of the mold and air quality testing. it's only told parent two schools, holly glen elementary and white hall elementary will stay closed. the four others will reopen but each have a few rooms with mold issues. according the district, those rooms will be, quote, isolated. >> when are they going to fix these rooms? and who's going to guarantee no one will go in. >> reporter: questioning the district's handling of this mold
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issue, tells herself she has three did i say weigh whether her son will return to school when it reopen >> we're looking into home schooling, other options. >> reporter: and next week essentially all the students for six schools in the district will return to class but only four schools as we mentioned will reopen. that has some parents now concerned not over the mold but possible overcrowding, live in monroe township, alicia nieves. charlotte police arrested the carolina panthers fan who punched another fan in the face. kyle adam maraghy is charged with simple assault. we want to caution you. the video disturbing. eagles fan gene of mt. laurel was seated next to the victim who is his friend and rooting for carolina. he said the punches happened quickly he almost didn't have time to react >> the guy was being a jerk.
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they were standing up not to watch the game or cheer or just to be a jerk >> serba said his friend is a seasoned ticket holder and does not plan to miss any games because of that incident. important information if you're planning to travel the northeast extension this weekend. the pennsylvania turnpike commission closed i 476 in both directions between the lehigh valleytive exit 56 and the mahoney value interchange 74. it will remain closed until 4:00 a.m. monday, crews will replace a bridge. pennsylvania joined 18 other states in suing the trump administration over its latest move to dismantle the affordable care act. white house is eliminate $7 billion in subsidy payments to insurers, those help keep premiums low. attorney general jack sharpe wants the court to to force the administration to make the
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payments, he said they're required by law under the aca. president trump is new steps to make good on a campaign promise to rip off the iran nuclear deem. today, president trump announced he is decertifying the deal saying iran is not in compliance and the move is in best security interest of the u.s. the president said it's up to congress to decide whether to fix the deal >> 90 we're not able to reach an agreement it will be terminated >> the u.s. issued new sanctions against iran revolutionary guard is a sponsor of terrorism, places sanctions on iran missile program. and congress has 60 days scorched earth, it is now the deadliest wildfire disaster in california's history. crews are searching for signs of
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the missing as the death toll climbs to 36. and 6,000 homes and businesses are destroyed. natasha brown with latest. >> these images are hard they don't watch. authorities say it firefighters are slowly gaining ground on the more than 20 wildfires torching california but the numbers keep rising. especially in the northern part of the state. we're now getting an up close look from the night the fires broke out. dramatic body cam video from first responders sunday night shows the desperate rush to get people out of harm water main break. >> come on, she's disabled, let me get her feet >> a sheriff's department cruiser drove through neighborhoods. >> this is mandatory evacuation order >> out on foot waving cars away. >> go, go, go, go, go. >> 9,000 firefighters are now battling the multiple blazes torching northern california and have made some progress.
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>> we're really exciting that it's going to be a big difference out there. >> the sheriff's office is concentrating on missing persons more than 200 still unaccounted for. recovery teams with ka database er dogs. >> it's the worse things ever. >> 5700 homes and businesses destroyed including sweet teas restaurant. owner brought employees together friday for a lunch ton pick up their final paychecks. >> payroll is almost $90,000 a month. and so it's just -- it's all, you know, it's all going to effect it have a rippling effect through the economy >> the fire chief said it could be weeks or longer before investigators can ultimately determine the causes of the wildfires. california jerry brown and senators diane feinstein and kamala harris are set to tour
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the devastation tomorrow. that is the latest for now. live in the stat center, natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news" the city of philadelphia has stepped up to help those affected by the crisis in puerto rico. "eyewitness news" in north philadelphia? a disaster assistance service center has been opened. people can register for fema disaster assistance, find temporary housing. schooling, replace vital documents and medicines. she went to the center with one goal >> so i can keep helping myself while i get back. >> we've seen folks that have lost potentially everything. the first thing we want to do is make them comfortable in that recovery process >> the office of emergency management said the center will be open from 9:00 to 3:00 p.m. monday to friday until the need tapers off. officials investigating the
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mass shooting in las vegas offered new versions of events shifting the timeline surrounds the declivity shooting in modern u.s. history. it aligns with resort owner ming resort said yesterday, they disputed six minutes passed between six minutes and hotel hallway and start of the rampage. clark sheriff sheriff joe lombardo said 45 people in the attack remain hospitalized, some still critical. lombardo said a visual exam of the suspect's brain during an autopsy did not show any abnormalities. the philadelphia branch of the naacp celebrated its annual awards tonight, eyewitness at first district plaza in university city. mayor jim kenney spoke at the reception and discussed how the city is helping to support the civil right organization's mission. several community leaders were also honored. the fund-raising event helps support the philadelphia naacp's program "eyewitness news" also at the 22'nd annual prominent
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hispanic awards center in voorhees tonight. the camden county freeholder board recognized ten people who have made a positive impact on communities. the celebration is part of the observation of national hispanic heritage month. every friday night, we highlight one person in our community who is helping to make difference >> we're turning the spotlight on a big name with philly roots. find out who's getting three cheers, straight ahead. be careful what you say, the ten things you should never tell your coworkers. summer will return this weekend. at little damp. you can see the boardwalk is wet in rehoboth beach tonight. couple of showers and temperatures on their way up this weekend. but a beautiful fall weather in the seven-day i'll tell you when it gets here. it's friday night. you know what that means? the friday football frenzy. lesley van arsdale has highlights from all overtime region ahead in sports. i'm here with conan
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on late show >> the late show with steven colbert is all new and coming your way at 11:35 right after "eyewitness news" at 11:00.
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day in and out we spend a lot of time with coworkers and talk not only about work but life. sometimes your word can come back to haunt you. >> when you work eight or more hours five days a week, some colleagues become friends or as ukee says family >> tell somebody to check in with you every day, to talk to if you have frustrations at work >> how much should you deas a rule. ? a recent article listed the ten things never to tell your coworkers from plans to trophy another department to job hunting and long-term career goals that take you away from current position >> you don't want to burn bridge >> the author discourages telling team mates about the calls your getting from
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recruiters >> can create jealous, tension >> gives you the appearance you've been considering something else >> not fan of your boss or job? don't announce it especially full of it's beneath you >> it's better to just not engage in any of that. >> taking a sick day when you're really not sick? keep it to yourself. s things can be said for personal finances and office romance, if the relationship isn't solid enough to share it with your manager, it should remain under raps. >> i think that's saying, kind of stray away from that. >> i'll, how could i not include that? by the way, the author of the article goes ons at the healthier the environment, the less you have to worry in a general way. if it's extremely competitive or toxic, less is more. and that my photographer and i were talking about this, we broken every single -- between the two of us, we spent so much time together. >> you do that in at the news
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>> cbs and komen philadelphia are teaming up by turning the region pink you're looking at cooper in camden >> and bellevue aglow, october is national breast cancer awareness month and the pink lights are a reminder to schedule a mammogram and stay vigilant. this is the 16th year for the lights for the cure and you can get more at we've bentyl you how hollywood have designed on philadelphia, with stars in town to shoot glass. it's the man behind at the cameras, a tireless supporter of philadelphia, who we're turning the spotlight on tonight. we give him three cheers. ♪ >> the septa station at broad and snyder. bruce will list on the streets
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of south philadelphia. and old city comic book store, philadelphia is now starring in the latest film glass >> tonight is everything in philadelphia, he's the reason why we've become such an important location for filming. >> his career has spanned over two decades but the writer and director has never forgotten where he came from. as he's grown in his successes he's made sure to bring the city of philadelphia along with him. >> in all of these years, it's been about two or three years we've had a film with snipes >> cities like philadelphia aren't unlike people. we all want an advocate, someone who understands our best qualifies, complexities and celebrates all of it. philadelphia has a true advocate in shamalan who shot everyone of his films in the area. he could have packed it up and
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moved to california or a lot of of other places but he stayed, advocated for philadelphia, showcased our area time and time again. he's been loyal to a city that values that attribute almost more than anything else. for that, we give shamalay, three cheer >> thanks to him for always being philadelphia's biggest supporter. of we also love the idea it is friday the 13th. and his films will have a little edge to them >> have the theme going on. >> keep your eye out. >> really, i mean, like you said he continues to put philadelphia on the map. not that we aren't already. >> packed it up and gone somewhere else. >> yes. >> i love it. >> that's awesome. if you're staying here at home, you are i'm going to really warm up. put the jackets away. you probably won't need them this weekend. you may needed umbrella if
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you're out and about tomorrow. we'll break down the activity forecast in a moment. first let's take a look outside. it's friday night. taking you down the shore. i know this isn't the best camera shot we've seen in ocean city but that's kind of the point. we got low clouds, you see the fog shrouding the lights on the boardwalk, notice the glistening. ly it is wet at the shore, showers moving on shore, i showed you rehoboth beach earlier. we got wet weather along the coast. here's why stormscan 3 shows the showers lurking out to sea and moving in on the east wind, kind of fizzle as they move inland, if you're among the coast you'll pick up showers and the best chance for showers will be tomorrow. we're not talking steady heavy rain, but you can see rehoboth beach atlantic city ocean city cape may county few scattered showers and few sprinkles along 95 in new castle delaware. temperatures on the cool side, but we're not going to drop much below these numbers, it happens will rise gradually overnight as
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the winds become more of a southwest flow, especially further inland. even as we still have the brisk east wind along the coast. you wake up tomorrow to a lot of cloud cover. of couple of showers in the morning and tomorrow is a cloudy day. you can see through the day. the chance of showers mainly limited to areas east of the city, if you're northwest you may see sunshine before the day is through. that clears out. sunday starts off with cloud cover as well. as we await the arrival of our next cold front we'll see kind of what we say a blow torch flow that will allow the sun to peak out briefly here comes this fronts. 7:00 sunday, a line of showers perhaps a rumble of thunder. lingering clouds early monday, then monday turns out sunny and much, much cooler, this is when fall weather is really going to settle in across the area. let's break down saturday. you probably have fall fun.
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if you're apple picking 67, mostly cloudy, but mild, 76 at the pumpkin patch in the afternoon, and a haunted hey ride, take the sweatshirt it's not going to be chilly but the 60's, a little bit on the cool side. temperatures rise this is weekend and we fall off a cliff next week. barely getting into the 60's by monday and tuesday. we've been waiting for fall weather to arrive and it is going to get here as we head to next week. let's break down that "eyewitness news" weather seven-day forecast. 77 degrees is the high tomorrow, it is mostly cloudy, a stray shower but not really a wet day, just not a very nice day to look at. sunday more sunshine warm and muggy, 80, showers sunday evening, but next week, is a jackpot, cool and crisp with sunshine monday and tuesday, little warmer by the end of the week, back to the low 70's, looks like it will last through the weekend. just a perfect fall week. >> thank, kate >> lesley is up next with sports. >> everyone is excited about the
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eagles but also excited about the sixers having the final warmup in kansas city taking on the heat and we have highlights from new jersey, delaware, all over pennsy
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the eagles zeroing to a soring to a five and one record. last night, carson threw three touchdown passes to zach ertz. the last eagles quarterback to pull that off. nick foles, carson has 13 touchdowns three interceptions. no sophomore jinx for number 11-birds win 28-23, carson pumped after the contest. >> feels good. i think it says a lot about the guys in this locker room, we're
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staying together the whole game. they did good things defensively, different pressure looks we hadn't seen. but we kind of close ball game, that's what we struggled with. winning close ball games and we've done that successfully. >> joel embiid and the sixers final tune-up game against miami and kansas city, joel played college ball. process is off game for five points from one to seven shooting but it didn't matter, sixers were able to cool off the heat 119-95. it's time for friday football frenzy. hi, lesley [cheers and applause] well, thank you, ladies. we are now in week six of the frenzy if you can believe it. plenty of action from around the area, including two big match-ups in delaware.
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palumbo visiting roxboro and the quarterback have to run for it here. looks like he'll make it but shoved out at the one. score on the next play, palumbo wins 30-14. lower moreland visiting valley forge military academy. pebbleman hitting 14 for the second touchdown of the day, volunteer forgery 16-15. >> heading to delaware, middleton visiting louisiana and nick key johnston for the touchdown, the middletown the winner 19-13. howard visiting st. mark and check out the fantastic run for the touchdown. st. marks will come away with the win 23-16. we head over to jersey, haddon heights visiting audubon. audubon, winner 26 to 14. upper merion at pottstown, may
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not really see the seven-day. anthony in his uniform, homecoming kink congratulations to him. to the game, anthony friend with a touchdown pass to hamond stone, upper merion will win 27-six. pottstown visiting phoenixville, a contender play of the week. sason, you'll hear that name a lot. getting in for the touchdown, pottsgrove a big winner, 53-7's don't go anywhere, we still have one more game to go. coming up is the game of the week, burlington city taking on delran, highlights more when "eyewitness news" continues.
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cbs presented by target.... urban agriculture and community greening are helping cities become more sustainable for the future. and that's why target has partnered with the nonprofit greensgrow in philadelphia. the novel idea was... can we put a farm in the heart of the city and really put food directly accessible to the people that were eating it. i think it's very important for us to come outside of target and really be inside of peoples' communities, as well. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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. it's entitlement for the game of the week and you voted to see burlington city travel two and two delran trying to spoil home coming. head to the sideline to see if burlington city is ready. burlington city is ready. clearly delran is as well. this was a big night for burlington city's jimmy brown. check him out. a nice touchdown run here, that will get burlington city on the board. then short time later, guess
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who? brown yet again. this time make as great cut gets on into the end zone for the second touchdown of the game, delran will not go down without a fight. a facing run here by dominic betters. few cuts and he goes in for the touchdown, that will cut into burlington city's lead. this night will belong to jamie brown, no one will catch him here. he carried the ball 25 times, rushed for 223 yards and three touchdowns. burlington city the big winner. 46-22 and here's the coach. >> we are very sloppy in some areas, we got to clean up some of the stuff we're doing. >> it's a great game time of the week thanks to everyone. good luck to both teams the rest of the season. hi, kate. >> the weekend is finally here
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and it's going to be a warm weekend once again but we're tracking the threat for showers tomorrow. saturday, could see a few spotty showers here and there, mostly cloudy, sunday the sun will break through, sunday is warm and muggy feeling like summer with temperatures in the 80's. sunday a cold front comes through and that's going to change everything and bring
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. morning is back from 5:00 to 7:00.
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i'm jessica dean >> i'm nicole brewer. late show with steven colbert is captioning sponsored by cbs >> trump proposed i.q. tests face-off with tillerson after secretary of state calls hem a moron. >> he's essentially challenging, you know, the secretary of state to a-- an intelligence duel. >> welcome to another edition of "thunderdome." >> we come here today to the i.q. thunderdome for the battle of the wits. tonight, the president of the united states, donald trump versus the secretary of state, rex tillerson the tenacious texan, versus its manhattan moron. two brains enter. one brain leaves. >> two brains enter! one brain leaves! two brains


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