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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  October 17, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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police announce the mother of one of the boys found dead has en charged in wilmington. good afternoon, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm d donovan. the mother appeared before a judge in charges in connection with the death of two young in wilmington where police struck up a news conference, good afternoon,cia, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good afternoon, jim, a hell. the wilmington mom that polic say killedwo young boys, now, police here at this press are continuing with the belief that the two lboys were drown, elaborated, though,
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saying that palima is the one who drown them in the bathtub in their tub yesrday. ese chgesome 24 h after police went tthey checkedr old alex bell, a brother, just ur month old, you. now they were called thereby palima who made statement to police on the phone she may have harmed the children, when officers walked into the home, they saws bodies of theittle boys in the water in the tub. now originally, it was believed thatal chiren. that's what she said t policeauw that she is theiological mom her of ther month old a five year old. both boys recently from the home just few days a. police elaborate onha just. >> the father at this time is incarcerated in york pennsylvania. he was pick up on an ice federal
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authorities pick him up october 6. lld he has been incarcerated weot of bot children. >>asotive, ats press, police said pal ima was worried about her own status here in the state. she was here on a vis shwas possi that she me she called police a couple of hours before they found the two young boys, dead in their homes, she called them a few hours ahead of time. worried about her status here in the united states. now, palima has been charged with two count of firsteg murder, put for $2il reporting live in alicia, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> very sa you. in other news this morning f justice has indicted 18 inmates, 16 of which will face first degree
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murder charges, in connection with a february 2017 prison riot. correctional officer steven floyd died in the stand-off ment the james t vaughn correctional cent in smyrna. two officers were injured in the counser aken hostage. officials say inmate took control of the building to protest unfair conditions. the inmates face murder, assault, and kidnapping charges. >> investigation is underway, into the cause after ame hill. the fire broke out last night at the colonial amounts, on cooper landing road. the sixth floor. indamaged. some resident tell "eyewitness hear their building's smoke alarm. >> and the firemen and the neighbors knock at my door, and they say there is fire. so i wake up my sons,out to seeg tt smoke inhalation, no one else
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is hurt. >> and firefighters in north plane field, new jersey battle huge flames this morning, ke tht building, the fire reached five alarms, the bui something the former site of villa maria, opened in 1889. later hou a nursing facility that close in the 2002. the second fire at the property in jus the last three month. investigation.he fire is under >> well, if you've beent been feeling like fall, but there is warm up on the. melsey ingram on the skydeck, so what can we expect? >> it is feeling a lot more like fall youth here. we had , one of the colds he is mornings that we've seen since the spring. so some of the coldest air far this sees o take a look at some of the numbers, right now across the region, even though standing in the sunshine here on the skydeck, still comfort tonight wear a jacket because it is 54 degrees right now in philadelphia. we're mid 50's down the shore, 55 atlantic city, and we have two in reading, ooh degrees in mount pocono, 4 degrees colderme
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yesterday, and in philadelphia , and 7 degrees colder in dover with those win coming in out of the northwest , filtering in some of the chillier air. so as we head into the rest of your afternoon, and evening, it is going to be cool one, abundant sunshine shine on tap , 50 degrees -- 58 degrees by 6:00 a.m. ooh degrees by 9:00 p.m. overnight lows dropping down once again into the 40's. we will slowly warmho over the next couple of days, i'll have details coming up in your full forecast in just a bit. for now sending it back to you >> thank you, chelsey. philadelphia officials have released a second video in their campaign to bring amazon new headquarters to the sit. >> i you also have a community here that doesn't pull any punches. if you like to lead with feedback, this is the city to go, to come to, because you will get feedback. >> the new video highlight philly's talent by showcasing its highly educated and differs work force.
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yesterday's hashtag philly delivers campaign video focused on the city transportation logistics. amazon will announce which city will become it second headquarters next year. >> well, philadelphia business owners and workers are in harrisburg today to address the economic impact in the city beverage tax. they are expressing their concerns before a state senate committee. just yesterday a survey by the city controller's office revealed that the one and a half cents per ounce on sweeten beverage is a money loser for businesses, the survey showed 60% of local businesses have lost revenue. the tax has been on the book since january. >> the city has been a testimony, how much, in support of the tax, it says in a statement that the tax sent 2,000 student don't pre k for free, created two ooh jobs and supported 11 community schools >> new at noon, pennsylvania governor tom wolf says health insurance will be more expensive next year for people who buy individual plans, and he's blaming president trump. governor wolf released
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approved 2018 race yesterday. they show average increase of just over 30%. wolf says the increase could have been just under 8%. president trump's decision to stop cost sharing payments to insurers and the uncertainty he created around the space of the individual mandates to change that outcome. open enrollment for 2018 start november 1st. >> president trump's nominee to be the next drug czar has withdrawn his nomination after a zero six minute report, he revealed a bill in fighting the opioid epidemic. correspondent a mola lenghi has more from the white house. >> congressman tom marino withdraw his name to be the next head of the us drug enforcement agency. president trump tweeted this morning representative tom marie even owe has inform me he is withdrawing his festival of families from consideration as drug czar, tom is a fine man, and great congressman. he told me, look, if there is even a perception that he has the conflict of interest, he doesn't want anything to do with it. >> marino came un intense scrutiny after a 60 minutes
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report showed that a bill he sponsored tied the dea hands in fighting the opioid drug epidemic. bill passed unanimous mustily last year. >> when the dea signs off, and the deal signs off, democrats and republicans sign off together, it is not unusual for something like this to roll through without much fanfare. >> missouri senator claire introduced legislation to repeal the law. president trump said he's committed to fighting the opioid epidemic, plans to declare a national emergency. very important step, and to get to that step a lot of work has to be done, and time consuming work, going to be doing it next week. >> as as par of the war on opioid, the department of justice announced indictments against two chinese nationals, who allegedly use the internet to sell phentinol to drug traffickers, and individuals in the u.s. mola lenghi, for cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> a philadelphia firefighter is honored today for risking his own life to save another. >> firefighter dana mueller
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was 2017 firefighter of the yearward. the five year veteran of the department rescued unconscious child from burning homback in may. the child latie from injuries sustain if the fire. fifighter was recognized for his dedication and the fireman hall's museum in center sit. >> i after out of e monroeto school. we talked parent and a student ak for the first time since mild concerns shut the district down. plus this. >> it takes a special type of ono out of their way, all in a attempt to save an injured wild animal n today's love it, team effort man d bird. heartwarming experience ofreturning it
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a fighter for the working men and women of atlantic county. chris brown: brown fought for what's right by taking on trenton special interests and stdif atlantic city. he fought to protect jobs in our region toh jersey casino and now brown is working tkeep atlantic county affordable for families and retirees. let's keep chris brown fighting for us. chris brown foate senate, he's on our side.
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>> well, update willing g breaking news delaware mother facing murder charges in the death of her four month oldssond police say palima drowned the two boys yesterday in a bathtub in her wilmington home authorities say she is the mother of the infant and the caretaker of the five year old the children's father is incarcerated in york pennsylvor alleged immigration vie lakes. palima is hine bars on investigationd. meanwhile, student in monroe township new jersey return to school today after the district closed schook,ue to mold concerns, and testing.
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some students are learning in crediatet nearby schools while the school building to remain closed solly glenn student are going to the high school and others were relocated to another whitehall elementary student going to class at williamstown middle. paren and student say they're happy the district is addressing the problem. >> i was very concerned about the mold because i don't like germs. >> i believe a lot of the building probably have it, never new about it, but it is a good thing that they're making a conscious effort to take care of it, that's all now. >> now, five schools are awaiting lab tests, the sixth school, holly glenn elementary, will need whole new hvac system. >> coast guards suspends being the search foreman who dis disappeared after oil rig eggs explosion, happened sunday night in louisianna, 44 year old from techs, hospitalized afe blast. four had since been released.
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crews have put out the fire. lo whether a chemical combination may have ignited on the platform leading to the explosion. >> florida's offering free repair for more than a million of its explorer suv's, sent to relieve public concerns over possible carbon monoxide leaks from the vehicles. now, ford previously offered free repairs not law enforcement version of the explorer. now the company has expanded the offer to about 1.4 million explore nerves north america. the auto maker not calling this move a recall, only, saying repairs are for peace of mind. >> cooler temperatures have arrived. but a warm up, well, it is on the way. >> chelsey, what's up for the weekend? >> never too soon to srt talking about the weekends, guys. we are going to be warm, warming up through the week, especially by the weekends. talking about high temperatures in the 70s, not only that, we'll top it off with a good amount of sunshine as well, i'll have your full forecast coming up.
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cbs presented by target.... urban agriculture and community greening are helping cities become more sustainable for the future. and that's why target has partnered with the nonprofit greensgrow in philadelphia. the novel idea was... can we put a farm in the heart of the city and really put food directly accessible to the people that were eating it. i think it's very important for us to come outside of target and really be inside of peoples' communities, as well. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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>> hems i, chilly morning if. >> thousand dollars find the jacket, dig it out of the closet, maybe even dust it off a little bit? i know, i saw you wearing those uggs coming in earlier this morni, but yes, we have some cool air across the orning, but also this afternoon. guess what? another chilly nice one headed our way overnight. so take a live look osi at least we're dling with the chillyir. but look at the blue skies. we have abundant sunshine right now, across center city philadelphia. and really across the entire delaware valley.
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>> live look, looking at the cut town area, just abundant blue skies, current temperature right around 51 degrees, simply stunning outside. you have that crisp fall feeling, it feels a lot more like october should, that's for sure, we have cool afternoon and evening on tap. the average high temperature for this time of year right around 66 degrees, so, only going to make it into the lower 60s, we will be slightly below that, but still, it is feeling a lot more like october should. as i mentied, another chilly ni is in drop and beyond there, see slow but sure warming trend, that is going to be tak sha over the next several days, temperatures in the 50's, 54 degrees in philadelphia. fifty-two in allentown, 50 mount pocono. have the wind comin out of the north and west, that is helping to filter in some of the clear air, that's in place across the region, 56 in
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millville. fifty-three in wildwood. atlantic city checking in at 55 degrees, then, delaware, mid 50's, as well, 54 dover, it is 55 degrees, currently in wilmington. so, high control. not just in control for today, but in control for the rest of the week, and even into the weekend. so that's going to promote also very dry conditions, see abundant sunshine all the way through the week, but another chilly night on tap tonight. low humidity also can be expected through the entire week. high pressure will be pushing off shore later on this week, that's going to turn our winds little more out of the south and southwest. and then allow the numbers to once again to climb, so by wednesday, we're looking at high temperature right around 07 degrees, 73 by thursday, then mid 70s as you head into friday, also saturday, 75 degrees, the sunshine, saturday, are you kidding me? that is a special treat for the month of october. so, here's a look at hawk
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expect. across the entire region headed into the latter pt of the afternoon. 61 degrees in philadelphia. tons of sunshine. 58 degrees down the shore, then in the poconos, we will be checking in later on with temperatures in the mid 50's, but overall, spectacular tuesday, overnight the numbers fall once again. overnight low temperatures around 46 degrees, with the mostly clear skies, high pressure in control. we'll have the light winds, as well. your eyewitness weather seven day forecast, that looks like this. 70 degrees as we head into wednesday. staying seasonable, slightly warmer, by thursday, with a high of 73, 74 will be comfortable, sunshine on friday, 75 on saturday, just a couple of extra clouds, but hey, tons of sunshine, sunday looking good, too, guys, like this is like a jackpot fall forecast. >> got to get through today. >> thank, chelsey. odd plot to steel fahita's lands texas man behind bars. >> talking about a lot of fahita's, he was employee at the juvenile justice center, had been saling the fahita's over the last nine years, thes r
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another employee intercept adored for 800 pounds of fahita's, the problem is the center doesn't serve them. investigators say the suspect was using the fahita a's for side business. you got to do what you got to do, i guess. >> recovery now, bald eagle flies again after mysterious injury. >> meisha johnson shows us how the bird's return to the wild in today's love i >> a happy ending to a story many people felt compelled to follow. bald eagle with mysterious scalp injury in omaha, february rays, a finally flying free again, one rainy morning, but, that rain didn't stop almost 100 people from coming out to watch and fly free. take a look at this. >> a feisty and dedicated eagle now known as bowl is finally being released back into the wild. the national bird, here we go. >> and just like that, the once injured bald eagle took to the skies above. the release was a celebration
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of america's national birds and animal rehabilitation as a whole. >> to be able to celebrate the recovery of one of our most magestic species i, and have all of the kids here to watch it fly away, meaningful to me. >> it has been quite the john toy get here though. back on memorial day, they brought the birds be recovery ca myery burn, turns out, had been shot, only thin layer of bone pro ticking his skull was there. unable to grow feathers on his head, the bird would have likely died in the wild, but a plastic surgeon gave him a skin graft with skin from his leg, now the bird starting to heal, and small little black fit remembers coming back. but on this day, all eyes are going straight up to the sky with hope, happiness, and friendship, between man and bird. one of the spectators said that to see the injured bird take to the air after all this time healing under the care of humans seems like a wonder.
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and it is indeed. it takes a special person to care that much about wild animals. so the folks at raptor recovery would like to remind people however these are still wild animals. one should always give wildlife rehabilitation sent area call if you do see an injured bird or any in other words animal for that matter. the birds will also be tagged and id so they can go back to the wilds in their natural habitat. those stories, they always warm my heart. i love it. if you can come across any other warm and happy story ideas, make sure toen my way on either facebook or twitter. guys, back to you. >> coming up, search for cold blooded suspect has come to a mends florida. >> but with unique twist, wait until you see this guy's mugshot.
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>> the search is over for west of west palm beach. >> suspect, giant iguana. after resident expressed concern over the large lizards , they've been searching for the big guy for days, what they cawley gant a hunting, apparently kept getting away. when they finally did catch up with him, outside seating area after restaurant. >> glad they finally caught him. >> that's "eyewitness news" for today at noon. >> i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line at have a great day, everyone, the young and the restless is coming up next.
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>> ashley: we need a doctor! my mother's unconscious! i don't know for how long! we need a doctor! >> graham: this is dr. hummel. he'll be caring for dina. >> dr. hummel: what are the patient's vital signs? >> ashley: are you associated with him? because if you are, i don't want you anywhere near my mother. >> graham: let him do his job. >> ashley: i'm not letting you near my mother. >> graham: this is dina's private personal physician. he has -- >> ashley: i am her daughter. i am the one who has say about her medical care. please, back away. we need a doctor! where the hell is a doctor? >> graham: do you want your mother to get the best care or not? >> dr. hummel: ma'am, there is no time to waste. i'm familiar with your mother's medical history. i will take excellent care of her. you have my word. >> ashley: okay! >> dr. hummel: we're good? >> graham: we're good. go. >> ashley: yes! go! mother, jack and traci are on their way! we're gonna take good care of you, i promise.
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you! get the hell out of here. >> graham: i'm not going anywhere until dr. hummel informs me about her condition... >> ashley: you are leaving now! >> graham: ...and we make a plan of action based on her diagnosis! >> traci:


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