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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  October 18, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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a murder investigation underway after a man is found overnight with a knife in his back, we will tell but the big question on the minds of investigators. and we're waking up to a crisp, fall morning this is a live look from our parkway central library camera we will tell you how cool it will feel heading out to work this morning. judge will deciding whether jerry sandusky will get a new trial, we will see his lawyers argue in court later today. it is wednesday october 18th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm natasha brown, rahel's off. we will check with the forecast with forecast with katie and traffic with meisha. >> downtown natasha brown. >> bright and early with you this morning, with you guys. >> yes. >> katie, welcome back.
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>> thank you. >> we are looking outside, things are looking g i have camera after cam use of construction to show you. >> yes, find some wood and go knock on it. >> all things considered it is looking really nice. it is chilly. i broke out my winter coat this morning, you guys. i'm a wimp. i'm a whim been this stuff but it is still chilly outside. keep that in mind especially since yesterday i think you have got the idea that fall is finally making its return, appearance here and feeling very, very chilly as a result. when we look at storm scan three you can understand why. no blank tote trap in the heat we have with that nice clear sky will see temperatures plumet pretty readily. lets take a look around, even millville checks in at 39. allentown 39 at this hour. again we still got about two plus hours before that sunrise s, so that means it will drop from here under the clear skies, only 37 in quakertown this observation is coolest spot of the pack. that is winter coat weather if
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you ever saw it. as day goes on we are looking at a day you may be able to dress in layers here. more like say, you know, slacks and t-shirt kind of an afternoon here in philadelphia 70 degrees in the sunshine. little warmer then yesterday, meisha awe about very quiet and cool. >> i'm right there with you, i had a winter jacket on too, again today. jim, are you saying we're wimps. >> yes, yes, yes. >> i know, i know. all right. we're saying good morning everybody. still very early and dark out there. dry roadways. that will help us this morning i know earlier on with the rainy roadways it just set up the tone for the week being very busy starting early. kind of the same story here we have a disable vehicle boulevard southbound before wissohickon avenue. that right lane compromised. only headlights out here. here schuylkill westbound between south street and vine we have construction blocking the right lane, lots of vehicles as well. plus here, schuylkill eastbound between 202 and conshohocken right lane and
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schuylkill ramp to conshohocken is closed until 5:00 a.m. we begin with a gruesome discovery in philadelphia. a man is found with the knife in his back. victim was fun last night on the porch of this house on the 6400 block of north 20th street in west oak lane. police say that the four three-year old victim does not live at the home. >> we're not sure if he was stabbed at this location, or if he was stabbed somewhere else, but medics pronounced him dead victim still had a knife protruding from his back >> police took several witnesses in for questioning and plan to check surveillance cameras in that area. loved won are remembering, brian gravely in north philadelphia family and friend s held a candle light vigil for the man last night. gravely was shot and killed on erie avenue in tioga on sunday police say a gunman fired in the suv hitting the 27 year-old and another man. that second victim is in critical condition. well, also this morning
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four juveniles are six people injured in the crash of truck and car in trenton. chopper three over bridge and lambert ton streets just after 9:00 last night where we're told four people were inside truck, two in the cars but so far no word on the extent of their injuries. cause of the crash is still under investigation. a delaware mother is facing murder charge these morning after police say she admitted to drowning her four month-old son, and his five-year old brother. police say this woman, coolape lima led officers to the children found dead in the bathtub. it happened monday morning inside a home on west ninth street in wilmington. investigators say, five hours, before pelima killed the kid she called police and told officers she was worried about her immigration status. >> i assured her that no, we're not looking for her. we gave her the help number for the delaware help line that can help her with any of the issues that she's having. >> police cannot say at this time whether the mother's immigration concerns caused her alleged actions, meantime
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11 days ago the boy's father was incarcerated in york pennsylvania. police say he was pick up by ice for immigration issues, pe lim ace being held on two million-dollar bail. mold clean up at john b kelly elementary school is completed as students are heading back to class today. the school in fail's germantown section has been shut down since last thursday, that is after officials say they found traces of mold in several classrooms. the building's hvac system is blamed for that contamination. judge is set to announce at noon whether convicted child molester jerry sandusky will get another chance at proving his innocence. former penn state assistant fat ball coach claims his lawyers didn't represent him adequately in his 2012 trial. that prosecutors should have disclosed more information about the changes to the victim's stories. the seven three-year old sandusky is serving 30 to 60 years in prison for abusing 10 boys. a bipartisan bill aimed at
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stabilizing health insurance markets is in the works, two senators a republican and democrat, said they have found a way forward and have rallying their respective side cbs news correspondent mola linc a has more from the white house. >> on the senate floor lemar alexander offered up a short term plan to sure up obama care. >> this agreement avoids chaos , and i don't know a democrat or a republican who benefits from chaos. >> reporter: the plan would for the next two years restore subsidies to health insurance companies to help cover low income americans. president trump announced that he would stop the payments. the bill would also allow states to offer a wider variety of health insurance plans, the tennessee senator is crafting the bill with democratic senator patty murray of washington. >> we have been able to bridge the divide. >> reporter: plan appears to have broad support from democrats, but among republicans, it is a mixed bag >> we are sub dicing a broken individual market. >> reporter: but senators susan collins is pleased with
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the agreement. republican from maine held previous attempts to repeal and replace obama care. >> acting quickly is an urgent priority for me. >> reporter: president trump says he has been involved in the process but it is not a long term answer to health care reform. >> well, while i commend bipartisan work done by senators alexander and murray and do i commend it, i continue to believe congress must find a solution to the obama care mess instead of providing bail outs to insure companies. >> reporter: but late tuesday afternoon he tweeted, any increase in obama care premiums is fault of the democrats forgiving us a product that never had a chance of working. mola lenghi for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". senators alexander and murray hope to present their bill to senate leaders by the end of the week. also the investigation in the russian meddling in the 2016 election continues. sources say special investigators have interviewed sean spicer. the former white house press
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secretary is latest official, investigators have spoken to in this case, special council robert mueller is reportedly reviewing the dismissal of fbi director james comey and national security advisor michael flynn. lawyers for spicer have no comment. well, white house is blasting a federal judge's decision to block latest version of its travel ban. the ban was set to go in effect and apply to sit sense of chad, iran, libya, north korea, somalia, syria and yemen as well as some governmental official from his venezuela. trump administration says decision under cuts the president's efforts to keep the american people safe. the judge said the ban is dangerously flawed. the pennsylvania house of representatives, has passed a bill that realize on borrowing to close the state budget as $2.2 billion short fall. the plan, also includes one time fund transfers and other accounting maneuvering, oppose by democratic governor tom wolf. wolf has demanded more recurring sources of funding,
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one of those could be a tax on natural gas production. a house committee will consider a bill that includes that tax, later today. well, pennsylvania state university system and union that represents its faculty have tentatively agreed to a new one-year contract. they have approved the deal would take effect at end of the current contract which expires next june. details of the new agreement were not released, 14 state owned university including bloomsberg, millers villain west chester. well, state of new jersey, is taking action in the opioid epidemic, officials are doing it by cracking down on people abusing medications given to their pets. they have set up a monitoring system that tracks the names of the owners and their pets to see how often certain medications are being obtained >> if we have a suspicion, that somebody is abusing the system, they are trying to give us the mechanism by which we could find out whether this is happening. >> prescription monitoring system also shares information
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with other states, including pennsylvania. well, philadelphia's expected to release another video today as it compete toss land amazon's new headquarters sit has been putting out promotional videos all week long as bid for amazon comes near. the tech giant plans to invest $5 billion in its next headquarters, it would also hire 50,000 high paying positions. the moody's rating agency listed philadelphia as the third most likely to win the bid, behind austin and atlanta >> we have talent, we have affordability, quality of life and a capacity to grow. there is an opportunity on a national scale to tell a story about what makes philadelphia unique. >> philadelphia officially submits its bid tomorrow the city has not yet recommended a location for the headquarters but it hopes to work with amazon to find a site if selected. coming up president trump is criticized over a even if call to a grieving widow. >> congress woman said the
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president told the wife of the service member who was killed in action. fbi is searching for serial bank robber we will tell you unusual thing witnesses say he does as he commits the crime. and it is now, less than a month until voters in new jersey select a new governor, find out what the candidates to have say, today, jessica dean will be among moderators of a live debate between republican lieutenant governor kim guadagno and democrat and former u.s. ambassador to germany phil murphy. you can see the debate tonight at 7:00 right here on
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a florida congress woman is sounding off this morning calling a phone call that the president trump made to the widow of slain solder, insensitive. she said the president told the solder's widow that he quote, knew what he had signed up for, the body of 25 year-old army sergeant le david johnson arrived in miami yesterday afternoon. democratic representative
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fredricka wilson says president trump called to offer his condolences as she and johnson's widow drove to the airport to meet his body. >> i was in the car when the president called. he said to the wife, well, i guess he knew what he was getting into. how insensitive can you be. >> johnson and three other u.s. soldiers were killed earlier this month in an isis affiliated ambush in africa. fbi is looking for a man robbing banks up and down florida, they are calling him the shaky bandit, robber first struck in late september and hit several banks since then. on money robbed two banks in 45 minutes. authorities gave him his name because his hand is apparently shake during the robbery. surveillance video shows him wearing different disguisees, one time he wore medical scrubs and surgical hat, in one has been hurt during any of these robberies. >> man, i would shake too if i
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was robbing a bank. 4:44. katie has another check of your forecast. >> it is pretty cool, out there, katie had to break out the winter coat, she said. >> yes, you know, you can put that cota side by later in the day. we are still in that period of time where we are transition go to a full fall pattern where you need heavier layers all day long. we are not just there yet, we will have nice warm afternoons but very cool if in the just down right cold start to the day and that is what we have out there again this morning. we have frost advisory in a handful of spots. but it is all clear on storm scan. we have high pressure for days , not even figuratively, i'm talk literally, really look at eastern 23rd of the united states just northeast part of the maine it is primarily all just in the just dry but clear, so this huge dome of high pressure is in place and it is setting up shop, paying a very long visit , and this is a visit
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thaw want to last a really long time with nice weather expected as a result for many, many days. here's the frost advisory. it is specific to new jersey. you might think wouldn't you go into the northwestern suburbs? not necessarily at this point. down through parts of the ocean county, burlington, atlantic and cumberland county it will get cold enough with the light enough wind that there could be a frost that develops on your path ohio furniture lets say. watch for. that you may need to thaw out the windshield before you hit the road. bright, sunny, beautiful day. wind flow is not noticeable but turning more southeasterly later on tonight saying clear, calm, cool, nice light southwest wind continuing and this is the story for days on end. wall to wall sun right through not just friday but whole weekend, meisha we may see showers as early as monday but that is not a guarantee just yet. >> so nice to have that stray sunshine, thanks very much, good morning everybody. happy wednesday. looking outside lots of construction out there. we are looking at schuylkill
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eastbound between 202, conshohocken right lane still compromised see flashing lights, construction we are seeing right around, 4:30 is now starting to clear. just in the past few minutes a lot of areas have cleared this one still out there, also schuylkill west off ramp to conshohocken is closed until 5:00 a.m. we have another 12 or 13 minutes. construction on 422 both directions between 202 and trooper eastbound between oaks and first avenue, you can see crews out there we are not seeing too many people traveling here so still looking light in terms of the congestion, any congestion that would be building at this hour around 422. that is good. construction 95 north between betsy ross and bridge street also ramp from castor avenue 95 north is closed but it sounds like crews are here between betsy ross and bridge street and they are getting this cleaned up, so i'll let you know when that does get cleared out of your way, jim and natasha, back to you. while you slept, a local principal slept on the roof of his school. >> we will explain the deal
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that he made with the students , that ended with this very strange, camp out.
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time for a check on business news. >> money watch's die ann king hall joins us from the new york stock exchange. good morning to you, dianne. the dow jones we understand crossed a new milestone level, how would you describe the reaction to wall street on that? >> reporter: well, good morning, natasha and jim, dow jones crossed the 3,000 mark for the first time. here's what the reaction has been ovulate, every time there is a new milestone they break out these hats. this is dow jones 23,000 so we will see if there is new hats come the new milestone. ultimately blue chips pick up 40 points closing just below 23,000 mark so those hats will live on. s and p500 added a point, nasdaq ended where it started. turning to the housing market
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u.s. home builders are feeling optimistic these days despite higher labor and materials prices, following hurricane harvey and irma. national association of home builders, sentiment index jumped four points to a reading of 68, the highest since may. dianne, for years we have heard tuesday, wednesday are best days to book flights but is that still conventional wisdom? >> reporter: it seems to be the case, but this surprised me, sunday may be the best day to book air travel and ideally 21 days in advance, new survey reveals domestic flights are about 11 percent cheaper on sun dade while flights to europe cost 16 percent less. the airlines reported corporation data indicates that fridays are the war day to book travel. >> that makes sense. >> i have done so much of those stories i cannot even keep straight. you need to shop around. just don't buy the first flight. thanks, we will check in with you next hour. this morning at your local school principal is keeping
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his word and camping out for a cause after making a deal with his students. >> chopper three over newtown middle school where tim long is spending the night, and here's why after hurricane harvey newtown middle school adopted a school in houston, long told his students if they raised $8,000 for their adopted school, then wow camp out on the roof. and that is his word, clearly. >> good for him. >> very nice. >> perfect weather for it, for sure. it could be raining. we have an amazing forecast. >> katie, we will enjoy this forecast. >> absolutely, i hope the principal had a campfire going because it was chilly, still is out there. there are a lot of spots that bottomed out in the 30's this morning. however, this is classic, perfection for fall weather if we ever saw and it lasts for days. we will let you know when wet weather does return in the forecast, that is coming
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very quiet view right now, it looks like 1lone car and photographer out here on lancaster avenue in ardmore and, you know, we're off to a pretty chilly start. you can see things are all clear up in the early morning sky and they will stay that way all day to day, not a single cloud to be found throughout the day yesterday and that allowed things to cool off incredibly efficiently early on this morning we still have frost advisories, specifically to southeastern most new jersey especially but it is all cleared, regional wide. we are not willing to go see one drop of rain, not one drop on that radar for days, courtesy of a large dome of very persistent high pressure. when we talk almanac, where we normally end up where we should end up where we are going, the record is 85. far cry from that. it ace above average up to 70. normal high 66. this is just a nice fall day. sun will officially rise just
4:56 am
around 7:15. looking at area temperatures this is just cherry picking obviously of the region as a whole. there are spots that are well in the 30's right now with quakertown, pottstown, 41 your current value at mount pocono, warmer there then in allentown at last check only in the 30's do you need to walk out with that heavier layer today. i broke out my winter coat maybe time did you the same. if you didn't yesterday. next couple days we are in the low to mid 70's for daytime highs. don't go by that necessarily when you walk out the door in the morning you need to go buy those early morning lows at the bottom of the screen there with time we will see wet weather return but the absolute earliest that would happen, meisha is monday so we have time before that will take place. >> i broke out my mittens, my scarves. >> no, did you really. >> , no i can't go that far. good morning, happy wednesday. looking at ben franklin bridge from new jersey westbound into center city, looking good, looking really quiet. as katie pointed out we will have gorgeous weather, lots of
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sunshine. nice dry roadways. it is still dark we don't to have deal with sun glare just yet. construction schuylkill eastbound between 202 and conshohocken. it was right lane block. what we are look at right now is schuylkill westbound off ramp to conshohocken that is still closed and probably will be for maybe the next five or 10 minutes, hopefully clears early on a 5:00 o'clock hour. construction on 422 is still out there as well both directions westbound between 202 and trooper, eastbound between oaks and first avenue, you can see flashing lights, cones in the roadways. this is an area on 422 that is starting to get us about a approaching the 5:00 o'clock hour, jim, back over to you. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" more trouble with penn state's greek life, we will tell you about new charges against a fraternity there. we are following developing news from the west coast this morning where a refinery fire sent flames shooting in to the night time sky. bob schieffer's in town to talk about his latest book, he never holds back when it comes to politics, he is a legend,
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we are back at the top of the hour.
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murder mystery in west oak lane, authorities find a grizzly crime scene with the murder weapon, lodged in the victim's back. we will hear from the investigators as they work to uncover a motive. another chilly start to the morning as we take a live look at lancaster avenue at ardmore, katie says you will need that jacket, maybe a winter coat. get ready for a wednesday warm up. more than just a chill in the air excitement is growing for sixers opener tonight but one of their star players, well, he is not happy. pat's here to tell us why. it is wednesday october 18th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm natasha brown, rahel's off, clearly.


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