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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  October 19, 2017 12:00pm-12:32pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> right now at noon the suspected gunman in yesterday's multistate shooting spree faces a judge just hours after his arrest. >> he's now facing multiple charges in delaware including attempted murder. good afternoon, i'm rahel solomon. >> and i'm jim donovan. our trang do is in wilmington where the suspect was arraigned this morning. >> reporter: 37-year-old radee prince of wilmington now faces a charge of attempted murder and three gun charges after police say he shot a man
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at a wilmington car lot around 10:45 wednesday morning. keisha par sons says she knows the victim who she identified as jason ball. >> we're just hoping for a speed key recovery to bring jason home. >> reporter: parsons says he owns the auto store where she was shot. >> jason done have any enemies. >> reporter: police say prince drove to wilmington from maryland after gunning down five of his co-workers at advanced granite solutions just before 9:00 a.m. three of those victims have died. in a news conference wednesday night, chief robert tracy of wilmington police said there was no sign of prince until an observant person spotted his gmc acadia near glasgow high school in newark. about an hour later another person saw prince walking in the area. after a short foot chase near the school these 3atf agents took prince into custody. >> without the tips from civilians out there that
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helped us along the way because without their efforts and the trust they had with law enforcement and working together we would no have been able to make the apprehension. >> reporter: prince is being held on $2.1 million cash bail. he'll be extradited to somed to face murder charges. from the wilmington police department, i'm trang do cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, no rest -- arrest after a teen is killed gunned down in west oak lane. chopper3 was over the 6700 block of north 16th street last night. that's where police say the 17-year-old boy was shot in the head. the victim has not been identified. authorities are trying to figure out the cause of a house fire in parkside that sent one person to the hospital. flames broke out at a home on the 4900 block of kershaw street. firefighters responded around 4:45 and had the blaze under control in 20 minutes. one person was taken to the hospital. >> security concerns a growing in gainsville florida.
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richard spencer is expected to talk at the university of florida in few hours. he led the march in charlottesville virginia some sparked violent procession. federal and local officials are teaming up to help prevent and deescalate any potential violence at today's events. florida's governor has declared a state of emergency ahead of the speech. >> by the governor signing the declaration of emergency it has allowed us to have other units and things that we might need readily available at our disposal. >> and in total more than half a million dollars is being spent on security for spencer's speech. in washington today senate lawmakers will get their first look at a bipartisan bill that proposes a short term fix for the affordable care act. >> mola lenghi is on capitol hill with a look at the plan and why the president is refusing to support it. >> reporter: a bipartisan plan to shore up obamacare hits the senate floor today the plan co-authored by republican lamar alexander and
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democrat patti murray attempts to stabilize the individual insurance market by reinstating subsidies for insurance companies to bring down the cost of coverage for low income persons for two more years. president trump announced last week he would halt those payments which he claims are a bailout for insurance companies. >> if something can happen that's fine, but i won't do anything to enrich the insurance companies. >> reporter: the white house coming out against the bill has given some key republicans the green light to come out against it as well. house speaker paul ryan says the senate should keep its focus on repeal and replace of obamacare and utah senator orrin hatch called for a long term solution not a short termsz fix. >> at this point the lukewarm reaction by the republican leaders in the house and senate is not encouraging. >> reporter:sed declare the bill dead oival. >> trying to find a solution to a real problem. i think we shouldn't give up on it of. >> reporter: the bill's best chance to pass could come in december. republicans will likely need democratic support to get a new spending bill passed which means democrats could force through a compromise on
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healthcare. mola lenghi for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> in other news the top two candidates looking to replace new jersey governor chris christie faced off last night in their final debate democrat phil murphy and republican lieutenant governor kim guadagno clashed for on hour at william patterson university. they argued over various topics including immigration. >> would you do that knowing that new jersey is then at risk of losing millions of dollars in federal aid. >> we're going to be probably in court for every single day of our time with the attorney general alongside who is going to fight for every dollar. >> sanctuary state will harbor criminals, it will impact and challenge law enforcement officers and as you said already, it will put at risk millions of dollars of funding. >> well, the tension continued after the debate when both candidates were asked to say a few last words. >> phil murphy is a fraud.
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he's kept making promise after promise to fund project after project after project. and yet he has no plan to pay for it. >> i don't think that my opponent put a sliver of daylight between herself and the governor on the one hand and i think on our side i think we got -- we made the points that we need to make which is we got to get this economy going again. we need change. we need new leadership with new priorities. >> president obama will be in newark later today to rally support for phil murphy. it will be his first return to the campaign trail since leaving office. election day is tuesday november. >> the candidates in the race for philadelphia district attorney faced off tonight in a debate at lasalle university of the the debate starts at 6:00 p.m. at founder's hall. democrat larry krasner and republican beth grossman are running to replace seth williams who was convicted of corruption earlier this year. williams faces sentencing next week. >> well, today is the last day that cities can submit bids for amazon's new headquarters.
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>> 50,000 jobs and a $5 billion investment are all on the line. philadelphia got its work done early. the city submitted its proposal on tuesday night. amazon is expected to make a decision next year. and several locations in our area are also competing to become the online retailer's second corporate home. in addition to philadelphia, they include bensalem unspecified communities in the lehigh valley, and two locations in delaware county chester's waterfront and middletown township. over in new jersey, camden and newark are throwing their names in the ring. and in delaware wilmington is entering the race. >> the competition. >> yes, yes. talk about a close call. coming up on cbs3 "eyewitness news" a view from inside a jet as the pilot buzzes the airport control tower. >> find out why he may have aborted his landing at the last minute. katie. >> and jim we're looking ahead to more of the same. the sunshine it's an absolutely beautiful start to the afternoon and this will last us awhile. when is the end point? the answer is coming up.
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>> ♪ +' 4uj
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osthe pilo airfromaborteds had the last moment. officials won't confirm if the pilot was performing an intentional happen of honor. you see air berlin recently filed for bankruptcy and that
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would be the last time the airline would make that particular flight. >> new crash tests nstitute for highway safety showed 10 out of 13 mid-sized cars earned a good mark when it came to the safety of front passengers. in those tests only 25 percent of their front end was damaged after crashing into a barrier while traveling at 40 miles per hour. meantime the volkswagen jetta received a and theatj]einal ratings.g4snbu's restraint system. >> for these vehicles the passengers heads came close to or contacted the dash which we consider to be a risk for passengers heads. >> the group is now calling on manufacturers to improve passenger air bags and safety belts in those cars. other vehicles tested previously received good ratings for similar tests on the driver's side. >> ford is recalling 1.3 million of its top selling pickup trucks over faulty side door latches. this affects the 2015 through 2017 models of the f-150 and 2017 super duty f series trucks. the automakers says issues
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with the latch could prevent the doors from opening or closing. ford says it's not aware of any accidents or injuries associated with this problem. the holiday shopping season will be here before you know it and the folks over at good housekeeping have released their best toy awards for 2017. >> so, did toy testers pick the winners. correspondent meg oliver breaks it down. >> reporter: dressed in lab coats and armed with kelly green folders, these professional toy testers are ready for action. >> what do we think of this toy? do we like it? do we really like it? oh you made it go. >> reporter: when it comes to ranking the best dis good housekeeping doesn't play around. >> i want to keep this. >> reporter: you want to keep this one. >> reporter: it starts with more than 500 toys at the good housekeeping institute they screen them for creativity educational value and safety beginning with the drop test. >> going to drop it and then once it lands, we take a look to make sure the plastic is
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intact we also make sure that it's still operational. >> reporter: if the toys pass they bring in the professionals for honest did you really like it or you kind of liked it? >> i really. >> you really liked it. >> reporter: we returned three months later to see which ones made the grade. >> the winners have been revealed. this was a popular one. what's this >> reporter: 24 toys made it to the winners table including r2-d2 kids build on their own two affordable options incl the crayola magic light brush and leap frog ice cream cart for under $40. tyler the tiger earned the top toy of the year impressing engineers with more than 100 sounds and animations. >> it was the number one favorite from kids from us. we absolutely love it yewitness news." >> is that tiger. >> if you give a kid a pan and a spoon they could make a
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band. >> for 10 bucks. >> a restaurant owner has some explaining to do. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" what was discovered in the kitchen that has now caused a chicken controversy. katie. >> there was a controversy with you guys too . >> [laughter] as we look ahead to our upcoming weekend we're going to be warming things up. lots of sunshine in the forecast. daytime highs into the upper 70's as well. it looks like a gem of a weekend but this pattern can only last for so long. i'll let you know when the rain is making a comeback coming up. >> ♪
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>> welcome back. looks like bill joel will be singing lullabies again. he's expecting his third child due next month. the 68-year-old singer. the long awaited sixers season is officially under way. >> while the sixers lost there are a lot of positives ahead of tomorrow night's home opener. ben simmons scored his first career points last night and finished with 18 points, 10 rebounds and five assists not a bad debut. first overall pick markelle fultz had 10 points. joel embiid played more than was expected and had 18 points and 13 rebounds. it was a great night for robert covington. he had 29 points. but the sixers lost to the washington wizards 120 to 115. >> good effort. we'll get them next time. >> trust the process. >> tomorrow. >> hashtag. >> the weather is pretty nice outside. we can celebrate that. >> exactly.
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it's so nice outside. now the afternoon is under way and it feels really comfortable outside and and thing too is this time of year the sun angle is still nice and strong, strong enough that it feels warm when you're standing in the direct sunlight so a really nice afternoon and a little hint of a breeze not too much. it's enough though that it does still feel like fall but it also feels very comfortably warm as well and that continues to be a theme for us. we'll warm up by a few additional degrees with almost every passing day but the general trend though is that it's above average so let me get you out there, i'll show you why things are as warm as they are. for now we've just got a completely clear view all in all of storm scan. not going to find any stormy weather on this northeastern view. really any time soon. our next shot to seeright now. so, it's looking good. storm scan empty locally empty across the northeast and it's virtually across the continental united states. you can go west of the mississippi, there's not much to track and the view is very very clear. so, all is well. we don't have any activity in the tropics either. it's just a very tranquil
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stretch of weather for a lot of people and frankly we deserve it. now, looking at what's going on, high pressure is the dominating force here. it keeps things very, very spare in the next few days and the sometimes boring is good. i mean look at this much you've got with high pressure dominating dry conditions prevailing for the next couple of days. temperatures as a result at least five, if not 10 plus degrees above their average. the normal high today is still just 66 degrees. and we are already exceeding that in a lot of spots which i'll show you in the temperature map in a second. now, because of high pressure i predict that you're going to see some pretty good viewing conditions this upcoming friday night and that's important because we have your orionid meteor showers. we should have a nice clear view of it. if you're looking closely enough you may be able to see n or up to 20 plus meteors per hour. look in night sky. the moon is not all that bright so even that shouldn't
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be hindering your view all that much. it looks like a good excuse to maybe lay out under the stars. that's friday night. for now though we've still got beautiful conditions i see lots of folks enjoying the afternoon on the beach line here. the water is starting to get a little chilly for my personal tastes but it definitely is a nice start to the afternoon and it feels so nice in that sunshine. why not? even up here at pleasant valley middle and high school some of the fall foliage starting to pop on the trees and with that bright blue sky and the sunshine it really is just a nice start to the afternoon. mid, upper 60's like we said. there's a lot of uniformity here and you do start to feel like a broken record in my department because it's just one day after another that looks like this. even though you start off cool, you warm up very efficiently. flirting with 70 already. already we're above average but we're expecting that high to rebound to 74 degrees. it has been quite cool the last few mornings. it's october. no nothing new there. it won't be as chlatesaoblem. with time the clouds begin text k( a little damp at the monday night football game. generally the wettest
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conditions don't come our way until at least tuesday but then it could be a pretty goodo dust off the umbrella quite literally. >> a nice until forecast though. >> it's awesome. >> like that forecast. >> yes, i approve. >> jim and i can agree to that. what we cannot agree to is this next story. a california restaurant is embroiled in fried chicken controversy. the owner of the sweetq di reheating popeye's chicken and using some of that in her dishes. >> kimberly sanchez is getting backlash after a customer noticed a popeye's box in the kitchen and gave sweet dixie's a bad reviewret she uses popeye's.g= >> my kitcher]n 't sete tzin#0uatbefvxgú q z6 >> coming up tonight, from help rebuild their lives. our stephanie stahl shows you how it all works and the inspirational stories of recovery tonysifornia alloweenra prankould
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be a case oft,kf paranormal activity. check out the after hour security video from crony's in ventura. a chair tipping over for no reason. there's chairs moving during business hours. patrons who hang out at crony's say it isui> and i'm rahel solomon. for katie and all of us here thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. we're always online at >> all this talk about chicken now i'm hungry. "the young and the restless" is coming up next. have a good day everyone. >> have a good lunch. [laughter] >> ♪
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>> ashley: jack! where is he? >> jack: he's gone. he must have moved her before he came to talk to us. >> ashley: he's still playing games with us. >> jack: no, that's what he does. he plays games. that's what he's always done since he weaseled into our mother's life. >> traci: okay, let's not jump to worst-case scenario. >> jack: no, i'm basing this on facts, on what i've seen him do what i've heard him say. he's a time bomb. you saw him at ashley's party. >> traci: i admit, he is unstable, but we're in a hospital! maybe the nurse or the doctor has taken our mother off to get more tests done. let me at least check it out okay? >> jack: i'm gonna see if graham is still in the hospital. who are you calling? >> ashley: i'm calling graham. >> jack: you think he's gonna pick up? >> ashley: i don't know, jack but maybe he wants a chance to gloat. call me if you find them, would you? oh, my god. ♪
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