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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 22, 2017 5:05am-6:01am EDT

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dern credits her mom for helping her identify the incident as a crime. >> how do you think we can move forward from this? >> we're as a tribe kind of coming up with a way to join forces and move forward together. >> that tribe includes oscar winner jennifer lawrence. she told the audience she felt humiliated when producers told her to lose 15 pounds in two weeks. >> one woman before me had been fired for not losing enough weight fast enough. during this time a female producer had me do a nude lineup with about five women who were much, much thinner than me. we all stood side by side with tape covering our priefvates. >> jarks law says that wasn't the worst of it. >> after that humiliating lineup, the female producer told me i should use naked photos of myself as inspiration for my
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diet. >> on the carpet, jennifer told us she's committed to creating change. >> we're creating a community, you know. we're coming together, and we're creating a community of support. >> thank you to my strong and awesome girlfriend who supported and loved me and celebrated my success. we will change this narrative and make a difference for all of those individuals pursuing their dreams. >> well, there's another woman that's not afraid to talk about the importance of speaking out. gabrielle union. she and kevin frazier sat down to talk about her new book, and because she's a survivor of sexual assault, talk turned to the harvey weinstein scandal and all the fallout. >> op-ed in the times and you you responded to it. she suggested that women sometimes shouldn't dress suggestively and she makes sure she doesn't dress suggestively. >> the night i was raped i had on a tunic and leggings. i was fully covered, dressed very conservatively, very
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modestly, and i was still raped at gunpoint. >> gabrielle was a sophomore when she was brutally attacked by a stranger. she says she didn't leave her home for a year after the zefrnts. but 25 years later, she's no longer afraid. >> the idea that your clothing somehow should indicate whether you are the right kind of girl or whether you are deserving of sexual violence or not is incredibly dangerous. >> in her new book, we're going to need more wine, gabrielle opens up about everything from that fateful day to the contentious prenup negotiations with her husband of three years, cleveland cavaliers shooting guard dwyane wade. >> the negotiations got a little intense, didn't they? >> yeah. it was my idea to get a prenup. >> why? >> because i had not made out so well in the first marriage. hi to write a nice fat check. i just went whatever we come into it with, if we break up, we leave with it. no, no, no. i want to give you something. okay. well, i'm going to base this number off of what i actually make, what my time has actually
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been proven to be worth. and, you know, his team came in very low. >> it's very hard to put a price tag on your woman, on the woman you love. >> luckily, i'm in hollywood. i've got quotes. i can help you with that price. i can actually give you my words per minute, per tweet, per instagram post. i can actually tell you these things to give you a better idea of where to head with that number. >> what she's worth is a reported $20 million. she's also worth her weight in gold as stepmom to wade's three boys. but after suffering eight miscarriages, she has some advice for well meaning friends who want to know if she's ready for a bigger family. >> whether or not someone has kids is such a personal question, and people especially in this day and age feel very entitled to that information and feel like they deserve it. >> you put it in very plain language in this book. >> the title of the chapter, i double dog dare you to say t. i don't think you can. >> we cannot say the title on
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television but we'll tell everybody you've got to look that one up. gabrielle was all over new york after our interview. we saw her at the gala for the charity. kate hudson was also there that night. check her out with designer micha michael kors. >> we just need to keep talking about it. >> i'm proud of her. i'm proud of all the women that have been brave enough to speak out. >> we need to keep the dialogue going. >> absolutely. i'm in, kate. you in? >> no doubt about it. >> now also out in new york, late night host jimmy kimmel. >> kevin frazier was in the big apple as kimmel geared up for his big return to brooklyn this week. >> the kids will be with us. my wife, who is the head writer on the show, will be going. we take everybody. in fact, my two older kids are going. my parents are going. my sister is going. my brother is going. everybody's going. >> how is your son doing?
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everything good with him? >> he's doing great. he's a fat little baby, and he's getting big. he's going to have to have another operation soon, but everything is going great so far. >> billy's almost six months old now, born with a heart condition that got his famous dad choked up on the air and made him a prominent figure in the national health care debate. since then, jimmy hasn't shied away from controversy in his nightly monday logs. >> i feel like the only way to get donald trump to care what is happening there is to add a hot puerto rican anchor lady to "fox & friends." >> this week, jimmy welcomed back late night giant david letterman who is still rocking that retirement beard. >> you know david letterman is making his first appearance on late night television since he retired on our show, which for me is a very big deal. >> just to be out of the house, ladies and gentlemen. and, paul, you didn't tell me you work here now. >> i was afraid to tell you. >> with his former bandleader paul schaffer sitting in with jimmy's band, it felt like home
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for dave, and we've really missed that razor sharp wit. >> i have nothing but the highest regard for all the talk show men and women. even jimmy fallon. >> next year dave launches his new netflix show where he'll sit down with a guest and chat for an hour. >> do you have a title for the show? >> no. we're looking for interesting guests. >> now 70 years old, dave even poked fun at his wild and woolly beard. >> i look like a civil war statue. tonight on jimmy's show, he's talking to an aging vagrant. >> what did he do? he got his dad to deal with the tickets so that he could deal with that nightmare, basically saying that everybody can come. >> it's a takeover. >> that's right. >> it's a party for sure. coming up, another party. we're at oprah's palatial estate. but inside two star-studded concerts. we are behind the scenes with beyonce and jay-z and j.lo
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welcome back, everybody. this week "e.t." was in new york with beyonce and jay-z for a star-studded concert with j.lo, and she -- well, she was red hot. the boots, the bedazzled bra, all of it was working. even the sequin cap was a home run. ♪ >> when you're dating a former yankee, swing the bat and crank up the sexy. before stripping down to her latex and bra look, j.lo repped a-rod, she got a little help backstage, but where was her man? busy working. tuesday night's yankee game. >> game time! >> please welcome jennifer lopez. >> lin-manuel miranda introduced her. they collaborated on a disaster
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benefit song and 100% of the proceeds went to disaster relief. just last week, j.lo and a-rod took part in another relief fund. >> we raised a bunch of money for puerto rico, but we're not done. >> we're all helping each other out, and that feels great. ♪ >> stevie wonder closed out the show and got beyonce singing and grooving. >> it's all about love. ♪ >> earlier, jay-z rocked the stage for his company's benefit. b didn't performed but stunned in this emerald green custom walter mendez gown four months after having twins. dripping in more than $500 million in emeralds and diamonds, she and jay left together at 1:40 a.m. no sign of blue, sir, or rumi, but the former deejay is all in to get his son to link up with carter. >> scheduling play dates with his kids. >> i can't wait to meet the whole family. >> i can't wait for that baby to start talking. you know he's going to have some
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stories. there is one kid that did steal the spotlight. will and jada's 16-year-old daughter willow. she played guitar and sang two of her soulful hits. such a talent. let's move on to another big concert. cmt's artist of the year show. the country community came together for the first time since the tragic events in las vegas. "e.t." online was with all the performers talking about this very special tribute. >> jason aldean has responded with dignity, care, respect, and in some ways, defiance. and we are all proud of him, especially me. [ cheers and applause ] >> aldean received a standing ovation and helped close the show with the late tom petty's defiant rock anthem. ♪ well i won't back down >> it's like you kind of hug him a little longer now, and it puts a whole new level of perspective on everything going forward.
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♪ >> the backstreet boys, who have a vegas residency saying florida georgia line's emotional ballad. >> it's healing. we just got to keep at it, keep doing it, keep bringing people together. ♪ >> luke bryan was introduced by his fellow american idol judge lionel richie. he told sophie his new job doesn't feel like work. >> has keith urban given you any words of wisdom? >> keith, when he found out i was going to be a part of american idol, he sent me a text saying congrats and i'm enjoying it. i love it. we're putting in 10, 12-hour days and they fly by. >> keith told us he can't wait to see luke on idol. he and wife nicole kidman cuddled on the red carpet. >> i asked keith yesterday about working on new music in the studio. what do you think of what he's cooking up? >> i'm dancing around the living
5:18 am
room to it already. i'm like put it out. >> you're ready for the album to be out? >> yeah, i'm always ready for new music. >> on the way, chris hemsworth mixes business and pleasure working with wife elsa. our sneak peek at their first movie together. >> a working holiday. very little prep time needed for that chemistry. >> then an ice storm on a 70 degree day? that's what the producers behind the new movie geostorm led these new yorkers to believe. we go behind the scenes of this hilarious prank. and rene zellweger's nurse betty flashback more than 15 years later. >> has renee changed at all since you knew her? >> careful.
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projected to hit the $100 million mark when it opens
5:21 am
november 3rd. in the meantime, get ready to see another side of chris hemsworth acting alongside his wife elsa pataky. here is your first look at 12 strong. >> the 12 of you will be the first ones to fight back. >> chris plays a special forces operative who leaves his wife at home to go off and fight terrorists. >> i don't care how long you're gone as long as you come back. >> 12 strong is based on a true story. i hung out with chris on the set in new mexico. >> are you going to tell me about what it was like having elsa on set? >> very little prep time needed to form that chemistry. i said, look, we're big fans and we'd love if your wife would come and do this. it was like a working holiday for elsa and i. >> elsa was safe at home the day chris went to war. >> we're outnumbered. 50,000 taliban al qaeda
5:22 am
fighters. >> it's an explosive. that wall will completely explode. this film will use about 8,000 pounds of explosive. no messing around. >> finger on the trigger. >> oh, god. >> whoa. >> we're fighting against horsemen with tanks. >> now let's talk about a movie out this weekend. geostorm. the disaster movie stars gerard butler. they put together a crazy viral video stunt that really froze people in their tracks. >> oh, my god. >> a bunch of jaded new yorkers convinced that freak weather froze an entire city block? that will be a cold day in -- never mind. guess it just takes a little movie magic from the team behind geostorm. the new apocalyptic thriller about satellites that control the global climate and start attacking the earth with
5:23 am
devastating storms. two different special effects shops teamed up to big apple commuters drove into a storm. viral video experts covered the street with 2,800 pounds of fake snow, installed 14 mannequins covered with acriminalylic ice. >> hi. >> what's up, man? >> a transmitter allowed producers to spy from another vehicle as passengers watched a fake emergency news bulletin. >> an alarming breaking news. an extraordinary freezing storm is currently affecting parts of the sttri-state area. this is winter-like weather. >> what the hell? >> what just happened? >> what the hell? >> by the time tw12 taxidermy
5:24 am
birds dropped from the skoo and the frosty pedestrian begged to get in the cab, it was time to let travelers off the hook. >> it's a prank, man. >> can we chat about this movie, nurse betty? remember renee zellweger in that? she and greg kin ear are reyeuniting in the film, same kind of different as me. carly steel sat down with the co-stars. >> you two, you were together in nurse betty, which, my god, 17 years ago. >> ay-ay-ay. whoa. slow motion portion of the interview. >> how have you guys changed? let's be honest. >> we're clearly more mature. >> obviously. >> yes. >> has renee changed at all since you knew her back then? >> careful. >> let it all fly out. >> you know, we had a -- we were
5:25 am
laughing actually the other night just about that movie because we had such a great time doing it. it was fun. >> it also earned renee a best actress golden globe in 2001. >> i had another dream last night. >> was it a good one, or was it about me? >> now greg and renee are playing a couple who befriend a homeless man while trying to save their marriage in the drama same kind of different as me, and they're thrilled to be reunited. >> i have incredible respect for renee. she's a great human being and i was thrilled to work with her in that movie. >> straight ahead, we're in new orleans for an american idol takeover. why luke's betting the farm against his buddy, blake shelton. >> four horses, seven cows. >> and is the voice changing their strategy? >> the producers all panicked. >> our exclusive interview with adam levine is next. >> closed captioning provided by --
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if you're just joining us, here are this week's top five stories. number five, a big congrats to michael fassbender and alicia vikander. the couple of three years tied the knot last weekend. they even wore rings during brunch the morning after. joe jonas proposed to his girlfriend, sophie turner. they each posted this shot of herring and their hands on their instagram pages. joe writing she said yes. number four, ed sheeran's injury. >> i'm fine. i mean i'm -- >> after a bicycle accident, the singer post, quote, fractures in my right wrist and left elbow will leave me unable to perform live concerts for the future. he revealed a past battle with substance abuse. number three, ben's puppy love. check out the husky pup affleck
5:30 am
recently rescued. a source tells "e.t." the 45-year-old fell in love with the adorable stray a month ago, and he's now a member of the affleck clan. and we can't help but notice that just like ben, his four legged friend also has that salt and pepper thing going on. he brought the dog to a meeting in hollywood. his girlfriend of four months, lindsay shookus also tagged along. our source says the father of three is focused on staying healthy and is, quote, happy and enjoying his time with lindsay. anna faris is at number two. it looks like she's moved on from chris pratt. one month after calling it quits, anna was spotted with a new man. his name is michael bare receipreceipet. who is he? well, barrett is a california native known for his work on the ted movies and kiss kiss bang bang. and at number one, oprah speaks out on the weinstein scandal. >> this is what i do know for
5:31 am
sure. when something this major happens, when you have the fallout, 50 women coming forward, that it's a watershed moment. and what i do believe is actually happening is that first of all, it's triggering a lot of unreleased pain, repressed anger, guilt, and suffering that a lot of women have had. >> oprah told cbs this morning the weinstein scandal triggered ptsd among several actresses she was recently working with. go to for the latest. >> this week on american idol, the judges are in the thick of auditions right now and you know that takes up a lot of time, especially for katy perry. she is in the middle of her world tour. how does she do it? katy told our keltie knight her secrets. >> how are you handling a world tour and american idol at the same time? >> well, i'm a bit more mature,
5:32 am
single. when you're single you've got a lot of time to yourself and a lot of energy. and i'm just finding a delicate balance. these guys are pulling a lot of the weight. >> katy calls her fellow judges her showbiz folks, posting their mardi gras style arrival in new orleans for the second round of auditions while idol hopefuls waited for their moment. katy snuck up on luke bryan. >> what's in the cup, luke bryan? >> sweet tea. >> should we be worried about you? >> luke is keeping an eye on best bud blake shelton who is trying to find a superstar over at the voice. >> luke, would you like to look at the camera and make a bet this moment to blake that you are going to find the next country superstar on american idol? what are we betting? >> blake, i bet you four horses, seven cows, 15 deer stands, and 45 acres. >> oh. >> not the country idol.
5:33 am
just the american idol. see, i can spot all forms of talent. >> we also asked him which judge would be the cryer of the group. everybody, it's lionel. >> of course. we know that. >> i love that. >> he's a softy. we love l.l. we love you. meanwhile, there is some big news from the set of the voice. joe jonas proposed to his girlfriend of nearly a year, sophie turner. >> they both posted this beautiful shot of herring and their hands on instagram pages. joe wrote, she said yes. >> i love -- you know i love it. let's go to last july at comic-con when leanne asked. >> is joe rooting to end up on the iron throne? >> i don't know. we don't talk about it. >> blushing when she talks about her fellow. very cute.
5:34 am
>> as we mentioned, joe is on the voice this season. he made his debut as adam's team mentor this week and "e.t." online's sophie schillaci was exclusively behind the scenes. >> what up, y'all? >> why did you select joe as your mentor for this season? >> he's a beautiful man. >> i love this dude. ♪ >> it's the dnce front man's first time on the show even though these two go way back. >> how did y'all meet? >> we never met. >> we bumped into each other a hundred times. >> on monday night, two team adam contestants went head to head performing stop dragging my heart around, made famous by stevie nicks and the late tom petty. ♪ >> that song is a beautiful, heart breaking story. i think you got to show it. >> this is spoiling me because everyone we've been working with is really talented.
5:35 am
>> i trust his opinion because i'm a fan of his and because we get along, it makes it easier for us to coach themming to. >> speaking of getting along. >> how stupid are new. >> shut up. >> adam says he tried a different strategy with blake shelton this season, but it didn't last long. >> this season we tried to be nice to each other and it didn't go well at all. >> it actually lasted a day. >> i felt kind of hollow inside. all the coaches drama is drawing comparisons. >> miley and i are playing nice today. she's the best. i love her. come here. no, no. oh, whoa. >> can you not do your standing up thing. >> you're standing up. >> i'm going to sit. >> if you sit, i'll sit. >> let's do it. >> one, two, three. >> he's trying to build this friendship so you don't see him coming. you know, he's trying to like deceive us to think he's going to be nice to us so he can
5:36 am
really be like just a sneaky freak. >> i'm looking forward to winning this show, this year's show. >> did miley call him a sneaky freak? okay, adam. now, get ready for adam to go head to head with alicia keys. she's returning to her red chair on the upcoming season 14 with first timer kelly clarkson. i love that foursome so much. on the way, "e.t.'s" inside oprah's house with 400 of her celeb besties from reese to kerry washington. then could seinfeld ever come back to tv? jason alexander weighs in after jerry told us this. >> even like get back together for a special or -- >> why? >> why not? >> plus -- >> the gap is sexy. >> thank you, honey. >> we're behind the scenes of chicago fire with gaga's sexy ex. >> thanks for watching.
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5:39 am
comparing your hands to my hands? this is a one in a million hand. >> that's what comes from manual labor your whole life. >> it's been almost 20 years since seinfeld went off the air, but will and grace is back and they also started shooting the new roseanne. so would jerry and the gang get back together? we posed that very question to george costanza himself, jason
5:40 am
alexander. >> any chances we could get any kind of seinfeld reunion? >> i think we're all sure that your anticipation of it and what you think it would be might be better than what we actually come up with. all we would do is not live up to somebody's expectations. >> that's enough. >> even like get back together for a special or -- >> why? >> why not? we loved the show. >> yeah, and maybe it's nice that you continue to love it instead of us tampering with something that went pretty well. >> get out! >> so while seinfeld the series is stay inning the 90s, jason alexander is hitting the road with a dysfunctional family of musicians on a new show for the audience network. ♪ >> they're trying to fill the niche of wholesome family entertainment, and they so far
5:41 am
from that in real life. >> jason plays both dad and bandleader and is willing to do whatever it takes to make the swallow family famous. >> you call yourselves america's finest family band. >> how politically incorrect are we going to get on this show? >> it's a ten ask creeping ever higher to 11. family band, not a family show. that is correct. >> this tour just got real. >> the return of a very successful drama. chicago fire is a few episodes into season six and one of the draws to this show has always been lady gaga's ex taylor kinney. i got to go behind the scenes with taylor as chicago fire heats up. i don't know if this translates to the camera, these eyes. >> when i was a kid, my brothers had braces. my mom was a dental hygienist. so oral care was a big thing. she always asked if i wanted braces, and i said no. i didn't fix it. >> now we know who to thank for taylor's sexy smile, but throw a fireman's uniform on him, and
5:42 am
he's almost too hot to handle. >> it's kind of a bane in the summer because it's like 60 pounds worth of stuff. >> how do you move? >> it's a bit cumbersome. i remember this was like season three or something. a stunt guy that i'm throwing over -- he was an actor. he was like 6'2" and 250, and i'm throwing this guy over, and i got the worst kink in my neck. >> ever since taylor moved to the windy city where chicago fire shoots on location, stunts are the least of his problems. >> january, february, march. you wake up, it's dark, it's cold. then you can kind of like -- it's not fun. >> guys, form a line. >> this week's episode has the crew working to save one of its own from a collapsed building. but playing a firefighter on tv, well, it's giving taylor some career envy. >> if i wasn't doing what i'm doing, i could see myself being a firefighter.
5:43 am
when i was a kid, i always looked up to those guys. >> taylor kinney is getting paid to play. >> yeah. i'm kind of living the dream. >> still to come, we're taking you inside oprah's estate as she hosts an a-list bash. so what had lady o. stressing out? >> this is a problem. >> plus chip and joanna gaines tell all about leaving fixer upper. the highs and lows of being hgtv's most popular couple. >> that was just a big rumor. >> i guess he doesn't just make stuff up. >> that's ahead. but first. >> this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which modern family star once worked as a singer in an amoussement park? is it sofia vergara, jesse tyler ferguson, and julie bowen? your answer is next in the "e.t. weekend" birthdays. >> now taylor swift, behind the scenes look of her look what you made me do style. >> welcome to wardrobe land. shake it off music video. vmas. >> taylor proving she's a
5:44 am
fashionista through and through. check out her warehouse full of clothes and accessories. >> it's really important to wear subtle jewelry in music videos, i've learned. >> 15 outfits spanning her 11-year career went into the making of look what you made me do. >> picking which looks are kind of the ones that we want to call attention to and like kind of go back and have a little sarcastic look down memory lane. >> but our biggest takeaway from her behind the scenes video, now we know where taylor's happy place really is. >> i get to go home and get some chinese food with my cat. when it comes to strong bones, are you on the right path? we have postmenopausal osteoporosis... ..and a high risk for fracture, so with our doctors... ...we chose prolia®... help make our bones stronger. only prolia® helps strengthen bones... stopping cells that damage them... ...with 1 shot every 6 months. do not take prolia® if you have low blood calcium, are pregnant,
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welcome back, everybody. you know, when lady o., that's oprah winfrey, invites you anywhere, you say dwre. but when she asks you to go to her montecito, california, home, where you drop everything and run, right? well, we got the invite along with so many stars to join a spiritual feast at oprah's brunch last weekend, and it provided plenty of aha moments. >> do you ever get hostess stress in the fact that you're holding this brunch? what is the biggest challenge about having it at your own home? >> the biggest challenge is when you have 400 people. the biggest thing is not having long, long lines for the fried
5:48 am
chicken. it's having enough stations that people aren't lined up for hours. >> this is a problem. >> it is a challenge. >> julia roberts, kerry washington, and chrissy metz were amongst the 400 guests who filled their stomachs and their souls. ♪ andra day performed ir inspirational music at the event to launch oprah's book. >> hallelujah. >> hts her way of sharing those ama moments. >> everybody talks about let's get woke. let's stay woke. this is how you start. it's about awakening and about following your own spiritual gps that everything has. it's about learning how to forgive, and it's about grace and gratitude. it's about all the things that i've been talking about for years that really matter condensed in this little package that sits by my bedside table,
5:49 am
and every time i look at it, it makes me happy. >> there were stars everywhere enjoying oprah's 65-acre spread in montecito, california, which she calls the promised land. niecy nash congratulated mindy kaling on her baby bump. and the proceeds from the book will help the young women oprah is putting through college. >> for me, it really is true that when i discover something that i love, i want to share it with other people. and, you know, i didn't do this book to make money because i'm giving all of the money away to, you know. every single dime i make will go to helping girls learn. so this is just -- it's my offering to the world. >> i can't even begin to tell you how wonderful this day was. thank you, gayle, and thank you, miss winfrey. the book, the wisdom of sundays, i have not been able to put it down. oprah was also on the miend of tyler perry. she is the godmother to his
5:50 am
nearly 3-year-old son. >> how is she as a godmother to your child? >> wonderful. oprah is wonderful. oprah is everything you think she is. she is everything you've seen, everything you've read, that's who she is. all got stuff, that's her. >> what is the best part about being a dad? >> every cliche is true. having an opportunity to mold a great human being is a wonderful thing. to help nurture and cultivate his life in whatever wonderful thing it's going to be. >> the busy dad is back to playing me dee ya in boo 2, a madea halloween, out now. >> oh, hell no. >> perry plays three characters in the film, joe, brian, and of course madea. how much time do you spend in hair and makeup when you're playing all these characters? how much of your day is consumed with just changing from one character to the next? >> it's hours, and it wreaks havoc on my skin. but i think joe is the longest.
5:51 am
it took four or five hours for him. madea is about an hour. >> what is madea's life span? >> as long as people want to see her, she'll be around. >> chip and joanna gaines may be ending their hgtv hit but they aren't slowing down a bit. >> you guys and know cameron and i fight over who loves this couple more. >> kevin frazier were an op. >> for me, i've always thought i'd rather be missed than somebody get tired of us. i would prefer to leave one year -- >> you're the number one show on the network. i don't think people are getting tired. >> thank you, brother. i appreciate that. are we number one? >> yes, chip.
5:52 am
fixer upper is the number one show on hgtv, and people were very upset when he and joanna announced it was ending after season five. >> were you surprised at people's reaction also about if the show is going away, then there's something -- there has to be a concrete reason? did you look at it? >> there's so many things. even leading up to it that i had this skin caroline, and ie line leaving. that was just a rumor. that our marriage was on the rocks, that i was pregnant. it's funny when you start hearing this stuff. >> the reason for wrapping up the show, just taking time for themselves, their four kids, and their businesses. >> is this the end of you on tv? >> we really don't know, but i'm -- i feel hopeful for whatever it is. we have a real life business on the ground in waco, texas. we're opening a restaurant. there's a lot of things we've just got to get on the ground, be a really big part of that.
5:53 am
>> now chip is sharing the ups and downs of creating their successful empire with his new book, capital gaines. >> as you read this book, what will people learn about your journey? >> that it wasn't easy. not a single easy thing about it. lots of late nights. we put in tons and tons of hard work even as we were bringing our family along on this journey. even that was hard work. i just wanted it to be authentic and sincere, and i know that this journey for us has been just that. >> the fact that we got to go through this together, come out stronger, i think is a real gift. honestly, i'm just a real deal fan of those two. >> i love they put the relationship as such a priority. >> absolutely. you know chip and joanna say they are hoping things slow down for them for a little bit so they can do one big thing they haven't been able to do. i love this so much. they want to sit somewhere quiet in sweat pants and read books. >> things never slow down when you've got four kids. >> you only have two.
5:54 am
>> i've got two. >> you'r
5:55 am
5:56 am
travel considerations provided by -- a few celebs with birthdays this weekend. kim kardashian west is 37.
5:57 am
jeff gold blum is celebrating turning 65. judge judy sheindlin, 75. which modern family star once worked as a singer? that is jesse tyler ferguson, who is celebrating turning 42 this weekend. happy birthday, jesse. >> monday on "e.t." >> george clooney's parenting hacks. >> it's a lot of work. >> plus we take over chicago with the cast of a bad mom's christmas. >> monday on "e.t." >> we're almost out of time this weekend but for all the late breaking hollywood news just go to our website >> before we get out of here, check out this video from halsey for her song, bad at love. >> it's off her second studio album which was inspired by was lurman's film romeo and juliette. she said the song reminds her of leonardo dicaprio's character in
5:58 am
the movie. >> enjoy the video and the rest of your weekend. >> bye, everybody. >> bye-bye. ♪
5:59 am
the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. it's clinically proven to remove plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums. for healthy gums, and strong teeth. leave bleeding gums behind. with parodontax toothpaste. ♪
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a three-year old child fights for his life in the hospital this morning, after he is shot in the head, and police say hits six year-old brother may have pulled the trigger. violent protests just blocks away from the philadelphia convention center , where a attorney general jeff sessions was speaking about violent crime. we will have an up date. today is sunday october 22nd good morning everyone i'm jan carabao. lets get over to your eyewitness weather information cost with meteorologist chelsea ingram. good sunday morning, chelsea. what a beautiful day, yesterday. >> we made it to 79 degrees, jan. we will do it again with another warm day significantly above average temperatures and yeah, you bet more sunshine will be heading our way. lets start off with a check of temperatures as


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