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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  October 23, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> a double shooting leaves one person dead in north philadelphia. this morning, officers say they have their man. we'll tell you about the questions they're still trying to answer as the investigation continues. >> and ivanka trump is in our area to see her father's plan, will be taking part in later today. >> and phillies top athletes spends their free time raising money for hurricane relief. we'll let you know how much money they raised. >> today is monday october 23, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel sole plan. we'll tell you where abdullah. >> good morning. >> paula abdul, few months ago that concert, yes. >> i bet.
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well, we're looking outside, good morning, everybody, looking outside, things actually looking really good. i will say, how much, in certain areas we have three accidents already. >> oh, boy. >> you know, well, i'll let you tell the story, but fog is a big issue this morning. hope hopefully that's not the reason for it. but keep in mind fog definitely will be coming up on you fast, and thick. so, expect that to be the issue. the one thing i will say, though, is that at least it is not fog that's patchy, very much widespread, so where do you have the fog, you don't really break out of it all that much. that can be helpful almost in the sense because you know it is coming, not just going to pop up on you. depending where you are, it isn't terrible, miles miles visibility, my entire drive, in i notice the fog pretty much the whole span. so expect it will be with you, and un half mile in places like lancaster, wilmington.
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fog will eventually lift, however, primarily foggy day, still warm, but won't be the breitbart sunny sky hole hopefully the fog is not in kings, and talk about that in a little bit. thank so much, katie many looking outside, good morning, look how quiet look, no overnight construction, vine looking pretty good. very quiet, the westbound side , we only see one vehicle, eastbound side starting, i wouldn't say heat up, but you certainly have more vehicles on the eastbound side traveling eastbound around the city than you do on the westbound side. now, this is what we're talking about when we see fog. ben franklin bridge, very foggy out, there push from jersey westbound into center city. just a heads up, straight up action fog lights working this morning, 59 at cottman, quick peak, looking good. we do have overturned tractor trailer in havertown, downed, and then downed wires from earlier accident that has cleared, in bristol. newportville closed between
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ford live, use alternate here. route 413, going to be your best bet. and another one in limerick, we will be talking more about coming up in the next ten minute, jim, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. police arrest suspect in a double shooting in north philadelphia. one of the victims is dead. the other in critical condition. the shooting happened on the 3300 block of mutter street, around 10:30 last night. officers arrived and returned both victims to the hospital. one of the men died short time later. it is unclear if police are looking for any other suspect. investigators are also trying to figure out what sparked the gunfire. >> new this morning, firefighters bat al blaze in philadelphia's fairhill section overnight. flames errupted inside a vacant building on cambria and reese street just before 2:00 a.m. crews got the fire under control within a half hour. they're now trying to figure out with a sparked the flames, fortunately, no one was hurt. >> police are investigating after a car jumps a curb and smashes into a home in the strawberry mansion section of the city overnight. take a look at the damage,
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corner of 22nd and west glenwood avenue. you can see a traffic light was knocked to the grounds, it is unclear what cause that car to crash or if anyone was hurt new concerns from resident and police officers in chester , delaware county after surge in gun violence over the weekend. since friday eight people have been shot, four gunned down on basketball court in what police describe as sniper style shooting. someone fired down on the court from a nearby hill. since the beginning of the year there is have been 127 shootings in the city many in the community. >> people fighting over territories, fighting over different territories because they're trying to make some money. when they can just get out here and get a job. >> all of this violence going on, it is senseless, crazy. >> the homicide rate in chester city is already equal to the total from 2016. the numbers could do reflect increased numbers from drug dealers, they announce the state police, chester police.
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>> philadelphia father facing charges this morning after his six year old son reportedly shot his three year old son in the city's tioga section, happened saturday. returned to the 3600 block every 18th street, around 3:00 . we're told the boys were home with their 12 year old brother police arrested their father, 36 year old sir haven williams , now facing wreck esiason endangerment charges, and the child in extremely critical condition. >> three highway patrol officers on the mend after injured while performing a stunt in center city. septa transit police chief posted this photo on twitter saying our thought and prayers for the philly police highway patrol officers injured on market street, officials say the officers crashed during motorcycle stunt at a police convention, the officers were taken to hahnemann hospital for treatment. >> meanwhile, office other philadelphia police officers are recovering there is after they were injured during a scuffle with protesters, who gathered to protest law enforcement in center city saturday. authorities say the officers suffered minor injuries, two
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protesters were also arrested. >> well, researchers at penn state say prison death sentences are more common when the inmate is white. a new study analyzed records from 11 year period, study shows when an inmate is white the odds of a death sentence increase by 8%. black inmate chance every being sentenced to death are 6 % lower, also found wide disparities between pennsylvania counties and how and when prosecutors pursue the death penalty. >> a warning from philadelphia authority. they say scammers trying get their hands on your information, and posing as city health department employees making house call. how do you know if the visit is legitimate? they say it employees often schedule visits ahead of time, if they do show up unannounced need an i.d. will never request personal identify action information like social security numbers, police say if you're unsure about someone claiming to be from the health department just call 911 immediately.
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>> if you live in new jersey and haven't gotten your flu shot yet, you're in luck. pop up clinics coming to camden county this week. if interested head over to the magnolia community center today from two to 4:00 p.m. tom flu shouts out 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., camden county college, also another one saturday at the budd double senior center from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. >> ivanka trump will be in town, the first daughter headline town hall to discuss how tax reform will help middle class and working families, then comes as president trump continues to urge house republicans to pass tax reforms by the ends of the year. >> well, president trump and florida congressman frederica wilson remain at odds over how a condolence call to the family after fallen soldier was handled. yesterday, the women of the congressional black caucus joined wilson in demanding an apology from the administration. here can is cbs-3 correspondent roxanna.
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>> president trump continues to defends with conversation with a us soldier's mother. >> in a interview on fox news, the president denied being anything less than respectful. mr. trump also said his chief of staff, john kelly, every right to be upset with congress woman frederica wilson. he said she over heard the call and complains about it tone. >> so offended that a woman would be -- that somebody wobblies inning to that call. >> the president took another shot at wilson sunday, in a tweet he called her quote the gift that keeps on giving for the republican party. florida democrat says she is the victim after character assassination. >> not only does he owe me an apology, but he owes an apology to the american people >> father of us army captain killed in iraq in 2004. >> utmost dignity and respect. >> he said the families of fallen soldiers should be allowed to grieve in private. >> that had not been done, had
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been made political football. >> senator lindsay gram wants to know more about what went wrong in niger. >> i would urge president trump, let's talk little bit more about the poor solder. >> will brief congress about the incident this week. roxanna, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> from the eagles players busy on their day off yesterday. players from the past and present teamed to up raise money for hurricane relief. "eyewitness news" at chicky's and pete's in south philly yesterday. they bid on signed memorabilia it has been over a month since hurricane went through part of texas, and devestated puerto rico and the virgin island. they say it was the least they could do. >> peaks zero makes you appreciate what you have, until you actually see those, you know, sometimes you just don't know. >> and the event raised about $10,000 for hurricane victims, we're told the mondayly go to millions of people still in
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need of help. >> well, staying it in football, tonight in prime time, eagles set the best record in the nfl on the line. >> eagles face washington tonight at the lidge. carson wentz and company have won four straight games including the tough road win over the carolina panthers. washington comes to south philadelphia at 3:00 and two on the year. las vegas odds makers say the eagles are eight to shod shot to win the super boehm. more on tonight's game coming up in our next hour. >> meanwhile, coming up. crews are battling an industrial fire in west virginia, it has been burning since saturday. >> and take a look at the flames. we'll tell you why officials are closing schools today because of the fire. >> and justin timberlake makes it official, performing at superbowl 52. we'll tell you about the records he will set when he takes the stage.
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because at hellmann's, we're on the side of food. >> welcome back, philadelphia police investigating a shoot that critically injured two len. it happened yesterday
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afternoon, 2900 block of waterloo street in fairhill. police say one man was shot twice in the leg. the second man was shot twice in the stomach. there is no word right now on a motive or suspect in the shooting. >> meanwhile, more gun have i lens in west philadelphia, where a man was shot multiple times, this shooting happened 5400 block of media street, yesterday afternoon. twenty-five year old victim was returned to the hospital in critical condition. so far no arrests have been made. >> this morning, firefighters finally have the upper hand on massive warehouse fire in west virginia. the fire started early saturday morning, at the aims plant in parkersburg, about 8 miles, 08 miles, north of charleston. at it height, 40-foot flames shot into the sky, thick black smoke filled the air. officials say it is not cost i can. they battled that fire for nearly 48 hours. so long, in fact, they had to begin using water from a nearby river. >> if we continue we would rob customers of water in their houses, so we quit at that
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point, using the city water system and we have been drafting water out of the river down here. >> and this morning, crews are still dousing some stubborn hot smokes. remaining, air quality concernsment and nearby schools are closed today as a precaution. >> time is 4:44. katie here with another check of your forecast. >> watching the fog this morning? >> we are. definitely something that's been a problem so far this morning, for many hours, in fact, because building of moisture content in the atmosphere. one thing you need to be cautious of when you go out the door this morning, perhaps able to scoot out, few extra minutes i do think this will slow you down if you're used to flying down the freeway with very minimal traffic. so expect that that will be an issue. but, we are also focusing on the next big thing, which is a building storm system, showing a lot more organization, gathering erring up lots of moisture, what is going to strike our area as early as late tonight, but specially tomorrow. so tomorrow is the day that really requires the umbrella, good portion of the area will have to deal with rain for
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many hours during the day. and it looks as though we may end up with couple of inches every rain before this is all said and done. we will get to that in a second. today, watching for the fog over the span of the next couple of hours. we are going to brighten up, at least the fog will lift, primarily just cloudy for the rest of the day. high hit 74 degrees, in the that wind direction, southeast , that's going to again help your nerve some moisture, watch for areas of showers, primarily late tonight. for monday night football, basically looking okay. i don't think that you will really have to plan for wet weather per say. but there could be a sprinkle. there could be a shower around the linc at some point. most of the weather holds off, unless multiple over times, should hold off until after the game wraps up. potent cold front, wet weather will bring, generally the expectation for southeastern p a is one to 2 inches, going to southern new jersey and delaware probably nothing more than about an inch, but a round every showers will be present throughout the day. so everyone will need the umbrella, look like, right
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through the better part of tomorrow. and then we clear it out. also talk about much cooler conditions, low mid 60s where we should be, to wrap up the work week, meisha. >> very good to know, thanks so much, katie. looking outside right now, little on the fog, kind of what we're seeing from the cam with a shot. walking out the door, what's going to be probably very busy monday morning. put the fog light on, you'll need them today. what we're looking like eastbound, so, not even in the 5:00 hour, eastbound side, both here on the schuylkill at girard and also looking at vine camera, little bit ago, also looking pretty busy, heating up faster than what we typically see for a monday. that to makes sense. blue route near 76, both directions looking okay. ben franklin bridge giving you a shot of yep, the fog, that's what we are talking about pushing in the westbound direction toward center city from jersey what you are finding with the fog. you will have some visibility issues to contends w now, we have overturned turned tractor trailer in havertown, heads up we have downed wires here, as
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well, traveling less than posted speeds, plus, all lanes closed right now west chester pike westbound closed at country club lane. alternates route 30, route one , your best bet. more coming up in the next ten minute, jim, rahel, back to you. >> thank you shall meisha. first time for everything. >> paula abdul stops by geno's to try her first ever cheese steak. >> this is an epic moment. >> epic. >> epic. >> epic moment. this this is breakfast of champions, because it is now approximately 9:15. >> celebrity stylist martino cartier, visited the cheese steak. abdul on twitter said she loved it. >> well, coming up. ment amazon wants to make sure your packages make it right into your home. into, literally. >> gentlemen, we will tell you about the technology they're testing that will let delivery drivers in your home, while you're not there. i don't know how i feel about that.
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>> time for check on business news. >> money watch's diane king hall joins us from the new york fock stock exchange, good morning, diane. >> good morning, again today on friday, the dow rallied 16 appoints, nasdaq climbed 24, the s&p 500 gained 13. and whole foods says its point every sale system where card information was stole send been replaced, national food grossers revealed last month, it had been the victim after breach, where thieves made off with card information. top of my system involved restaurants, taprooms, other venues in whole food stores. >> oh, that's not good. diane, i understands amazon working on some sort of smart, the package makes its way into your hands, how does this thing work? >> that's right. you may soon allow an amazon delivery right to your home
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while you're not there. reportedly researchers a different method, including that smart doorbell, the way the doorbell is supposed to work it would let drivers input a one-time post that would awe law them into your home and lever your package there, keep in mind wal-mart recently announce add plan that would allow people in your home to stock your fridge one, two, back and forth battle between the two. and really relying on customer err's trust with these techniques, right? >> okay, this is the craziest thing i've heard in a few days . >> operation few days. >> i love that you gave that, few days. >> because you know every day. >> who going to do that? who let a strange nerve their house? >> i know, i know. >> not me. but somebody orders something, and they don't want it on the front porch. >> yep. >> i can see if you have like a storage area or something like that, that i can see.
4:52 am
>> yes. >> right. like maybe a key to your garage, or something like. where you can't get into the rest of, you know, rest of your home, that's fine. but front door? i mean, it is going back old school. taking it back decades where you just left the front door open, right? >> we trusted people back then i don't trust anybody now. >> not now. >> diane, we will check in with you in the next hour. >> for every product there is a consumer, you snow. >> for sure. >> they say third time's the charmment justin timberlake confirmed he will be performing at superbowl 52. >> katie is excited. his third appearance, will set a record for most appearances by individual entertainer. made the announcement on twitter last night, it has been 14 years since the infamous wardrobe malfunction with janet jackson, before that he performed with n'sync in 2001, game set for sunday february 4th at minneapolis us bank stadium. >> hopefully they secure the wardrobe. >> well, we are waking to up some fog this morning.
4:53 am
>> katie how long do you think the fog is going to last? >> at least through the morning, we will be stuck with it, how much, we are also tracking a pretty substantial pattern change, wet weather is finally returning to the forecast, you're also going to see a plunge on the thermometer. we'll let you know how far that
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> okay, which one every you guys took the center city skyline? own up to it, clearly, well, not clear at all. with that fog settling on, in at least at the surface you can make out the roadway, but traveling area bridges little bit more elevated from the surface of the water, so, you're going to be running into fog out here this morning , i had it for the pretty much majority every my entire drive in this morning, you will likely finds it, as well, depending however your travels take you. it is not too bad everywhere. definitely have fog around the city. so if you are coming into
4:56 am
philly this morning, expect that it may slow you down little bit. we want you to slow down if you're driving through this. more on that in a second. let's talk about the reason for the fog in the first place , because we're building moisture in the atmosphere ahead of this guy. next storm system getting its act together very heavy rain, thunderstorms in a momentment back toward the mississippi right now, that's what hits us tomorrow. so we're likely to maybe see stronger thunderstorms rumble through here, but at this point, it looks to me like we're going to get that eagles game in without any major hits , perhaps by postgame, there is a shower here and there. it is not enough that it will cause any major issues, however, for the game tonight. of course all eyes on the forecast this evening. tomorrow, who cares, as lodge as we have won by tomorrow, that's the only thing that matters, right? i don't want to see that suit, however, mid 70s continue even tomorrow, we need the front to to cross through, once it does that's when the temperature plunge comes along, by wednesday, meisha, where we should be in the mid 60s. >> good, not that i want to say looking forward to
4:57 am
wednesday, but good morning, everyone, looking outside, point out a lot of the fog out there actually seeing it in the camera shot. heads up. forty-two, freeway at creek road, approaching 295 starting to heat up little bit. take a look at how many headlights are already out there, not even in the 5:00 hour, almost, 422 at route 29, headlights moving in the eastbound direction, lot of fog out there on 422, and, early in the morning, lots of deer still roaming around out there. with the fog lights hopefully, and see what happens today. but overall fog will be an issue, delaware county, same story, lots every fog, 59 north 452, plus couple every accident out, there we'll touch base coming up in the next ten minutes, jim, back to you. >> many coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news,t tonight's eagles game. plus we'll tell you which former birds is being honored. >> also ahead, where authorities are working right now, to gain the upper hand on the wild fires. >> and dramatic testimony is expected today in the sentencing of army sergeant, bo berg doll.
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start your day with the new hash brown scramble bowl from chick-fil-a. >> violent weekend in philadelphia cams off with a double shooting, one person is dead, update on the second victim and the police investigation. >> happening today, ivanka trump coming to bucks county, we'll tell you the message he's hoping will resonate with resident here and across the country. live look in center city in for mild monday, much of the area seeing blanket of fog outside. katie is here with the forecast and look at whether the rain will be moving in. >> well, today is monday october 23rd, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. another monday. where did the weekends go? katie keeping an eye on things this morning. good morning, guys. >> did you say that. i know, like i h


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