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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 23, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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hash brown scramble bowl from chick-fil-a. >> violent weekend in philadelphia cams off with a double shooting, one person is dead, update on the second victim and the police investigation. >> happening today, ivanka trump coming to bucks county, we'll tell you the message he's hoping will resonate with resident here and across the country. live look in center city in for mild monday, much of the area seeing blanket of fog outside. katie is here with the forecast and look at whether the rain will be moving in. >> well, today is monday october 23rd, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. another monday. where did the weekends go? katie keeping an eye on things this morning. good morning, guys. >> did you say that. i know, like i had friday off,
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and i feel like i didn't even have a day off. >> anyway. >> we're looking outside right now, just lots of fog, couple every accident out there, so katie is that going to impact us? >> i think so. i think we'll be stuck with it for the next couple of hours until the sun gets up here to help with the cloud cover. last few mornings, too, but been nice breitbart second half of the day. you won't really have that this time. primarily cloudy the rest of the day, all just a sign of things to come. things are starting to change in the atmosphere. and eventually we expected them to, certainly, the timing pretty much still on what we had anticipated but because of the changes, in the atmosphere , again, you will have to run into fog issues this morning, and that said you may want to think about opting for the travel mulling instead of sitting back and enjoying cup of coffee at home , trying to hit the road. you'll get slowed down by this , not necessarily where where you but when you get in the fog, seeing visibility slow as a mile or under in a big chunk of the area. current temperatures low 60s,
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up and down i95, and as sending the kids out to the school bus, pretty mild start. mainly cloudy today, still a day that they can get away with nothing more than light layer, and be able to get ready rid of it later this afternoon. >> katie, thank you so much. so yes, the fog playing an issue, seeing a lot of the camera shot, schuylkill at the blue route, taillights westbound direction, what we're working with out there. so good news, schuylkill around the blue route, actually looking pretty good ment other parts of the schuylkill starting to heat up little bit at girard, for example, starting to heat up quicker in the eastbound side, but right here at the blue route, actually looking okay, just that fog that will be kind of something we will be reminding you all morning long it, will affect cents us, your commute this morning. boulevard at wissahickon, both directions, actually looking pretty good. do have overturned tractor trailer in havertown, downed wires, the accident, and you're traveling less than supposed speeds, letting you know you are putting on your brakes at the yellow. not to mention the fact look
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at this, west hector pike closed down. alternate darby road or route one is your best bet. >> first daughter ivanka trump will be in our area today to promote her father a's tax reform plan. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live in our news center to tell us more about it, good morning, trang. >> good morning, rahel, jim. the president himself was in harrisburg about a week and a half ago promoting the tax reform plan. first daughter ivanka will be in our area later today. expected to explain how this proposal will help middle class families. >> ivanka trump will hold town hall meeting in richboro bucks county this afternoon. the president's daughter stopping in the delaware valley to drum up support for her father's tax plan. president trump's proposal unveiled last month's cuts to individual tax brackets from 7:00 to 3:00. doubles standard deduction while eliminating most personal de tuck long as, and lower corporate tax rates. >> i call it tax cuts. it is tax reform also.
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but i call it tax cuts. it will be the biggest cut ever in the history of the countly. >> the president toll maria he believes he has the vote. >> how speak he can paul ryan agrees, set being ends of the year deadline for tax reform, even more impressing, testing re cents viced senate budget, which ryan wants done this week. still under raps, democrats say they're willing to listen. >> i heard him say he likes the corporation act. likes the idea of a real working family tax relief act. he chooses that path democrats will work with him. >> under his plan, jobs will grow and family incomes will rise. sentiment echoed by senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> the goal to get middle class taxes down, to get, to prevent job exportation, which
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are current business taxes really encourage people to go off shore, and to produce more jobs and opportunity for the american people. >> white house not revealing for security reasons, but again we know it will be held in the richboro northampton township sometime this afternoon. live from the news center being trang do, cbs-3, " eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> trang, thank you. >> other news this morning, police investigating double shooting in north philadelphia that left one man dead and another in critical condition. this happened on the 3300 block of mutter street, this is around 10:30 last night. authorities rushed both victims to the hospital. that's where one of the men died. police arrested one suspect a short time later. officials are now looking for a motive for the gunfire, if you have any information on this shooting, please contact police. >> and more gun violence in philadelphia as police investigate a shoot that critically injured two men. the shooting happened yesterday afternoon on the 2900 block every waterloo
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street, that's in fairhill. one man was shot twice in the leg, and second man shot twice in the stomach. there is no word yet on motive or suspect in the shooting. >> and still no arrests after a man is shot multiple times in west philadelphia. this happened on the 5400 block every media street yesterday afternoon. twenty-five year old victim was returned to the hospital in critical condition. >> three philadelphia highway patrol officers are recovering after a drill team accident in center city. septa transit police chief thomas necessary he will posted this photo on twitter saying our thoughts and prayers for the philly police highway patrol officer injured on market street. now, officials say the officer crashed during motorcycle stunt at a police convention. the officers were taken to hahnemann hospital for treatment. >> two other philadelphia officers are recovering as well, injured during scuffle with protesters, who gathered to protest law enforcement in center city on saturday. authority say the officers suffered minor injuries to protesters also arrested. >> sentencing set to start this morning for army sergeant
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, bo burying doll. >> soldier admitted to desert g his unit before being captured. nicky batiste with the details >> you know, the old days, boom, firing squad. it is true. >> president trump made clear several times during his campaign what he thought should happen to army sergeant bo berg doll. sentencing hearing begins today. last week he pleaded guilty to he deserved his army base in afghanistan in 2009 endangering fellow soldiers. he claims he walk off to report problems in his unit to commanders. shortly after leaving, though, he got lost and was kidnapped by the taliban. he was freed in 2014, in a controversial deal in which he was traded for five taliban terrorists being head at guantanamo bay. it was arrangement brokered by the obama administration, criticized regularly by presidential candidate, trump. >> they get five killers, that are right now leading and back on the battlefield trying to
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kill everybody including you and we get berg doll a trader. >> as part of the sentencing, both sides were then witnesses for why the who will ultimately make the decision. >> couple every soldiers actually wounded in the -- when they were trying to locate war sergeant was. >> defense expected to call him himself as well as character witnesses. the entire sentencing process could take anywhere from one day to several days. he faces up to life in prison. nicky batiste, for cbs-3 " eyewitness news." >> well the eyes of the nfl are on south philly tonight. >> the eagles take the best records of the nfl into tonight's match up with washington. daily news coverage today has quarterback carson wentz in the spotlight. they ask could carson wentz be the nfl, mvp this season? so far this years he has
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completed 06% of his passes thrown for 13 touchdowns, only three interceptions. angelo cet aldi from the wip morning team says tonight's game is pivotal. >> it makes lincoln financial field the lands every great opportunity. if the philadelphia eagles beat the redskins here, six and one, they have two and a half game lead in a division, and probably in a spot at that point to win the whole nfc and to go into the playoffs in great shape. if they don't win the game, suddenly it is a race again, everybody's getting nervous again, you got three home games in a row. >> tonight they got to win. >> rahel has her eagles dress, just arrived. >> we'll see. >> typhoon comes a shore, we'll show you rescues there. >> also ahead, firefighters battling several wilds fires in utah, dozens of people
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evacuated, and an update on the progress. >> who is this mystery billionaire taking his turn as rocky at the art museum? we'll tell you and explain why he is here and got to tell you >> ♪ can't stop the feeling ♪ just dance dance dance ♪ can't stop the feeling ♪ just dance dance dance ♪ >> and speaking of the eagles hope if youly eagles can't stop the feeling tonight. pat is here with their monday night match up in sports. plus, justin timberlake's superbowl plans. >> hello. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ i can't stop ♪ i can't stop ♪
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>> wild fires ripping through utah forcing dozens, fires started near salt lake city yesterday afternoon, three fires sparked off the highway, but then just couple every miles from each other. flames force officials to evacuate several buildings and homes, we're told 26 people had to pick up and go. several up on the mountains, but everyone had been evacuated. some of them were allowed to bring their things down, others had to just get in their trucks and leave. >> up therefore years, and
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never experienced anything like this, never. this is really unusual. >> at last check some of the fires still burning but no one was hurt. >> pour if you typhoon slams into the pacific coast of central japan leaving two people dead, five other injured. typhoon packed 100-mile per hour winds, triggered mudslides, several homeless people along river bank had had to be rescued after their tents were flooded. people near tokyo saw 35 inches every rain in a matter of 72 hours, that's the most in 17 years. a mess. >> yes. katie joining us now, katie, we may see some showers of our own soon. >> definitely. i think actually some pretty steady rain along the way, guys. all courtesy of storm system that's getting its act together now for couple every days, it is finally going to make its arrival even as early as late tonight. trying to go out to the link and not get hit by any showers , we should be just on
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time. so, i'll explain. we start off by looking at storm scan3, wider zoom, definately show you activities , starting to get underway. through illinois, indianna, and back all the way south towards the gulf of mexico. this is the storm, more specifically the frontal boundery that will cross our area headed into tomorrow in the moisture, so this ends up bringing us the potential for steady soaking rain, have the umbrella ready to go really any time tomorrow. but even as early as late tonight, we will likely start to see couple of showers picking up, that's the thing, mainly late tonight any showers get underway. so mainly just have overcast sky tonight, but tuesday the most unsettled of the pack here. so isolated thunderstorms, maybe gusty storms, rainfall totals with any heavier pockets of rain could total up to inch or more. look at future rain amounts starting late tonight, good portion of tomorrow, good thing it is all day event basically even left over shower come wednesday morning, but, this could end up being
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an inch worth of rain or more for some of you. notice mount pocono, 1.75 inches. so inch and three quarters worth every rain will definitely add to somewhat the meager totals we've seen every rain as every late in the area and really anywhere. looking for the in the eyewitness seven day, primarily fog in the am, cloudy otherwise, still warm tomorrow, despite the rain moving through, have the umbrella ready to go, but clear out, back to sunny skies wednesday through friday, into the weekend not looking too bad. >> looks like things are looking good. thanks so much. good morning, everybody, happy monday dark and early and foggy out, there that's going to cause some problems for us, already seen few accident, one every hey toss clear. ninety-five south at betsy ross, starting to g to heat up now pushing deeper in the 5:00 a monday morning whether we should see things change, not to mention the fact there is fog out there, visibility issues, a lot every people are leaving their homes little early. that's a good idea exactly what you should do. because of it starting to heat
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up. fifty-nine south at betsy ross , route 42 at college drive, headlights northbound direction, starting to to go heat up here as well. this is overturned tractor-trailer havertown, we're been talking about, downed wires, downed polls, even fire in the area. heads up on this. traveling clearly less than posted speeds. take a look at this. west chester pike westbound actually closed right now. between darby road and menorrah road use an alternate darby road or route one is your best bet. if you can avoid the area i think you should. if you can't, redirect, use these alternates, again very slow moving out there and continuous fog. more coming up in the next ten minutes, rahel, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> news journal, construction crews completing the city hall rehoboth beach. federal government is withholding final $2.2 million payment of a 18 million-dollar construction loan, until the city can proof one quiver co- almost it owns the lands the it is built on. doesn't have a deed for all of
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the property. >> the reading healing eagle, state parks in pennsylvania, state officials want to hear from you. the state department of conservation and natural resources is conduct ago survey, take the survey on lined at the end of the month. >> from the press of atlantic city, atlantic city marathon held yesterday, build as the thirds oldest in the country covered all of and seek son island, finishing on the ac boards walk, also winding through ventnor, longport. >> oldest in the country, incrediblement that's a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. up next pat is here with morning sports. good morning, pa pat. >> good morning, guys, eagles is it still have the best records in the nfl will look to add to it tonight as they take on washington in monday night football. we'll hear from the coach and his relationship with the
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> welcome back, we're glad you're with us. >> pat is here with sports. rush ready for some football? >> you know it, guys. eagles extended vacation ends tonight after ten days off. five and one birds play in prime time with a win, they could surpass their 2016 total of division wins with a win over washington at the linc. they said best records in the nfc lead due to the leadership of carson bug and play calling by coach pederson who have a special bonds on and offer the field. >> he and i have meetings. yesterday was like thursday type day for us, he and i meet on thursday nights, we just kind of talk about a lot of things, little bit of football , little bit about life. >> after half tonight, david ike ers will be inducted into the eagles hall of fame.
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acres spent 12 years with the birds and is the team's all time leader in games played and scoring, also excited about this year's team and want them to bring the lombardi trophy to philadelphia. >> obviously, with all of the hype going on right now, with the birds, and having the best records in the nfl, takes us back to the glory days whether we were going to the nfc championships, obviously as an ex player and eagles fan, we're hoping they get to the n fc championship game, then onto superbowl and going down broad street if they are able to have that lombardi trophy going down there. >> the defending champion patriots started the season slow, but brady and the boys look to be back. last night foxboro, new england braved what looked like the famous fog bowl for the birds and bears back in 1988. despite that limited visibility, tom brady and the patriots made this rematch of superbowl 51 a mismatch. brady through for 340 yards, and two touchdowns, and the
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pea tree at easily handle the falcons. paths now five and two, atlanta, falls to three and three. 49ers honored legendary tight-ends clark battling als. on the field they took on the cowboys, dallas, just too much elliot, a one man wrecking machine. he rushed for two scores and added this 72-yard touchdown catch coming up right here. the cowboys blow the doors off the 9ers, 40 to ten. the birds, zero and seven san francisco here sunday. >> account sixers finally get a win? please. please? after a brutal o and three start, and 34-point lost in toronto saturday, the sixers are in detroit to take on the two and one pistons, embiid did not play in that game against the raptors but is playing tonight. >> check out the oklahoma city thunder andre robertson, never great free throw shooter.
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he proofed that he has not improved much since we checked last tight. roberson, robertson, excuse me , air ball straight free throws against the timber wolves. that's just ugly for nba player. minnesota beat okc on andrew wiggins buzzer beater 115 to 113. >> last night nets hawks game in back lynn, got more than they bargained for. quincy tossed wild pass that landed right in their lap. that means beer all over the place. >> oh,. >> ya. sorry. right there. ah. did apologize, no word if he replaced the beer, the fan, i guess, didn't seem to minds. i really want beer all over my lap. >> i wouldn't either, but part of the experience. sit that close, feel like you can smell the sweat, feel it. >> i guess better than being run over by a player. >> not that that is a nice thing, just saying. >> sure. really getting there it. >> we can all agree this was great time.
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pat end i had great time over the weekends at saturday's autism walker at citizens bank park, walk 1.2 miles, sponsored in part by cbs-3 and the "cw philly." fundraiser works tone happens the lives of people living with autism. it raised nearly $320,000 for autism speaks. and pat, the turn out incrediblement look at this crowd, about 500 volunteers, at least 5,000 people participating. >> the weather was outstanding beautiful day for a walk like that. i was happy to be there. i know you were, too. >> we real did i have a good time. so many viewers, too. >> absolutely. >> did you it last year. >> we did it last year, freezing last year, windy, like hurricane winds out there >> you got lucky. >> beautiful. >> thank, pat. >> well, coming up in the next half hour every "eyewitness news," complaints every sexual harrassment at major financial institution. >> plus the credit cards company doing away with signing receipts, the details in a live report from wall street. also ahead, shadowy figure captured on camera, sparks manhunt. we'll tell you where authorities believe a potential serial killer is on
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the loose. >> plus, decades worth of classified documents are about to be released in the jfk assassination. but will it change the public 's perception in the case? "eyewitness news" continues, at 5:30. cbs presented by target.... urban agriculture and community greening are helping cities become more sustainable for the future. and that's why target has partnered with the nonprofit greensgrow in philadelphia. the novel idea was... can we put a farm in the heart of the city and really put food directly accessible to the people that were eating it. i think it's very important for us to come outside of target
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and really be inside of peoples' communities, as well. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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>> good norming. >> first, here's what you need to know to start your day in our morning minute. today is monday, october 23rd. >> gun violence in chester. five shootings, three days. >> all the kid are playing on the swings and stuff. everybody has to rush their kids inside. >> one every them described as a sniper-style attack. >> people were fighting over territory, fighting over different territories, because they're trying to make some money. >> ivanka trump heads to bucks county today. selling her father's tax reform plan. >> she expected to explain how this proposal will help middle class families. >> battling wild fires in utah hundreds of acres already charred. >> monday night


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