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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 23, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> good norming. >> first, here's what you need to know to start your day in our morning minute. today is monday, october 23rd. >> gun violence in chester. five shootings, three days. >> all the kid are playing on the swings and stuff. everybody has to rush their kids inside. >> one every them described as a sniper-style attack. >> people were fighting over territory, fighting over different territories, because they're trying to make some money. >> ivanka trump heads to bucks county today. selling her father's tax reform plan. >> she expected to explain how this proposal will help middle class families. >> battling wild fires in utah hundreds of acres already charred. >> monday night showdown. the eagles scare offer with
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washington tonight at the linc >> this is an epic moment. epic. epic. >> epic moment. >> look at this. this is breakfast of champions >> now that was paula abdul enjoying her breakfast of champions at geno's. >> first philly cheese steak ever and she said shy loved it >> i know a lot of philadelphia people conflicted >> everybody has a place. >> i like geno's, what say you , katie? >> i say cheese steak isn't the breakfast of champions. >> oh. >> i feel like that's going to be settling in your stomach for real long time. i feel like that's not the best way to start the day. >> end the day. >> ya, you can end your day that way, absolutely. but i feel like that would hurt. hit the road in the morning. well, folks looking ahead to day that's definitely featuring ewing some transition, definately have fog issues out here, folks. and it is skewing the entire center city skyline.
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likely to get worse before it get better too. i can feel the humidity rising out here on the skydeck. you'll notice that, as well. check outside first, quick check, where i think it shows despite the lack of daylight, there is a haze, a mist almost , that's offer in the distance here. so you'll be running into round every fog in some spots here this morning, and we have seen the visibilities dropping as low as down to half mile or under. this is all in advance of this guy. storm system starting to get its act together back over the midwest, but what will eventually bring the next round every rain, will hole off until at least late tonight, but for now, very mild start. low mid 60s from i95 all the way down to southeastern new jersey, 67, your current temperature at rehoboth. on shore wind flow, combined with light winds, means that you will encounter some fog in a good portion of the area. now, the shore has the best shot today with this system starting to head our way. see some sunshine, most of us stuck in the clouds for the vast majority of the day. the worse, low cloud cover,
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the fog, should start to lift as sun comes up. so, it is is an issue for the morning commute at least, meisha. >> kate, exactly what we are seeing right now in some of the camera shots. but first, before we talk about that, i want to pull your attention to this, live shot, overturned tractor-trailer, authorities see here, looking at maybe when they zoom out, you will be able to see it, overturned tractor trailer in havertown. flips what looks to be on its side, this is kind of looks like maybe apartment complex, but take a look at the tractor-trailer, completely on its side. hit looks like telephone pole. nevertheless the wires came down with it, and it is on fire, on this sidewalk here. so where is it, west chester pike closed right now, both directions, between darby road and manoa road. you'll have to use an alternate. darby road or route one, going to be your best bet. and you're in and around this area, because of all of the flashing lights, and service vehicles on the roadways, you're traveling very, very slow. looking at around 10 miles per hour, so looking at censor map so again, overturned tractor
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trail, all the way up on the grassy area in havertown. downed wires, downed polls, fire there, west chester pike closed, this is going to affect you if this is around your area. also, an accident here, limerick twp. line road at long meadow road. not so much slowing you down, see a lot of green around this area still. just a heads up on. that disable vehicle here as well pulled off to the far right. 309 north past the pa turnpike , overall, though, both directions, on 309, north and southbound, actually looking pretty good this morning. so even though we have this disable vehicle, and it is dark outside, probably not going to slow you down too much. septa new bus route, started sunday, new boulevard direct. frankford, neshaminy mall, only eight stops, kind of showing you how quick this is going to go. thirty-four minutes compared to 26 in a vehicle. forty-seven on the normal route. talking more about this coming up in the next ten minutes, rahel, back over to you. >> meisha, see you then, thank you. new this morning, fire officials trying to figure out
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what spark overnight fire in philadelphia's fair hills section. this happened on cambria and reese streets. flames broke out inside the building before 2:00 a.m. crews managed to put the fire out in about 30 minute. no one was hurt. >> ivanka trump will be in our area today trying to stall her father's tax plan. fist daughter hold town hall in richboro bucks county to discuss how past reform will help middle class and working families, president trump stomped for that plan in harrisburg earlier this month. >> meanwhile, president trump is urging house republicans to adopt a budget passed by the senate last week. gop leaders say passing the budget he will this week gives them the best chance at tax reform by the end of the year. >> in other news this morning, surge in gun violence in chester delaware county over the weekends has both residents and police concerned since friday, eight people have been shot. four of them gunned down on basketball court in what police describe as a sniper style shooting. since the beginning of the year there have been 127 shootings in chester, many in the community blamed the violence on the drug trade.
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>> people fighting over territories, fighting over different territories because they try to make some money, you know, when this can just get out here, get a job. >> senseless violence going on , senseless, craze. >> i how the homicide rate in chester city already equal to that, the total of 2016. sources say the numbers do reflect increased conflict between drug dealers in may. city officials state police would assist chester police on patrol. well, time now 5:36. in business news this morning, stocks are once again record territory. >> i money watch's diane king hall joins us from the new york took stock exchange with the numbers. good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. well, that's right. wall street wakes up in record territory again today, on friday, the dow rallied 165 points, the nasdaq climbed 24. the s&p 500 added 13. earnings season continues this week, with slew of heavy hitters on tap. mcdonald's, tomorrow, wednesday hear from visa and
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coca-cola, and the tack sector takes top billing on thursday, with results from amazon, and google's parent company alphabet. fidel at the working to control workplace conduct issues. last week an emergency meeting was head by the stock unit, meeting was to reiterate the service policies against. sexual harrassment and inapropriate behavior. two portfolio managers left one every sexual harrassment another inapropriate comments. >> master cards, company ditching customer signatures on receipt. starting april, mastercard is going signature-less for debit and credit card transitions cents. some consumers said too time consuming, may also be owe so heat given other technology checks. new survey reveals people are boards dollars at word, polled 700 workers and managers found the average employee is board for about ten and a half hours a week. that adds up to 68 days a year
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40% also said they quit their jobs because of boredom. and men along with employees between the ages of 18 to 34, were the most board on the job >> who has ten and a half hours to be moved? i'm moving for the both of us, 2:30 until noon, running around like chickens with you are head over. >> you know millennials? >> mill millennials. exactly when i saw that number , that's millennials. >> i guess multi that is king, you know, you got instagram, facebook, twitter. >> oh, that's why they're board. >> but i was surprised by how many people, i mean, like i'm not. >> oh, work in a news room. you won't be board. >> decades every secrecy will end this week when the national archives release thousands of files on the assassination of president john fk den. >> i 54 years since president kennedy was assassinated in dallas, recent pole at least 61% of americans, don't
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believe that shooter lee harvey olswald work alone. to quiet conspiracy theories, the archives has until thursday to disclose all classified documents. university of virginia professor larry soboto since it was a line of de mark case, between a line of america that basically trusted its government to an america that began not to trust its government. >> and president trump does have the power to withhold the document, even longer, but he has indicated he will allow their release. and there will be much more on the jfk document coming up on cbs-3 this morning, the secret service agent that protected mrs. kennedy. right after cbs this morning. >> police in florida on the hunt for cereal killer after three people were murdered all in the same tampa neighborhood vigil head for the weekends, viacheslav tips over the weekends. all three people shot and
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killed within ten days every each other. police fear the three killings are all connected, even though the victims didn't appear to know each other. officials released this video of someone who they say may be a suspect. well, this morning, fire fighters west virginia are finally getting a handle on massive warehouse fire that broke out two days ago. the fire started early saturday morning, at the aims plant in parkersburg. this is about 8 miles north of charleston. it is an added 40-foot flames shot into the sky. thick black smoke billowed into the air. officials say it is not toxic. firefighters battled that fire for nearly 48 hours, so long, they had to start using water from a nearby river. >> if we continue, we would rob customers of water in their houses. so we quit at that. using the city water system, and we've been drafting water out of the river down here. >> and this morning, crews are just dousing some hot stubborn spots, there but the renmant smoke still causing air
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quality concerns, nearby schools being closed today as a precaution. up next, the reason some of philly's top athletes came together over the weekends. plus this. fog going to love it, dave. >> bill murray one of the comedians honoring david letterman, we'll have more from last night area ceremony just ahead. >> also, we will tell you how much money was raised during the one america concert. event that brought together five living ex presidents, we will be back.
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>> up the art museum steps in philadelphia. >> ♪ >> you can kind of tell him, the billionaire posted this on his instagram account. branson, was in town to promote his new book finding my virgin at this, the 67 year old said he was slightly out every breath after running up the steps. >> good effort there. plus, i have to tell you about the one america concert, brought in $2 million for hurricane relief. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> star studded line up, all five living presidents attend the the concert in texas. president trump a periods in a
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video message, it raised money for hurricane victims in texas , florida, and the caribbean. and it looks like justin timberlake will be returning to the superbowl half time show. he broke the big news last night on twitter. a lot every jp fans in the studio right now, yes. the singer will be the first individual entertainer to perform at the event three times. count them up. three times. it has been 14 years since the infamous wardrobe malfunction with january the it jackson, yes, who can forget that. before that he performed with n'sync, the game is sunday february 4th. >> also, former late night television host david letterman is honored for his contributions to comedy. last night letterman was awarded the prestigious mark twaine prize for american humor, at a ceremony washington dc. letterman received the awards in front of dozens every his fellow comedian, including amy schumer, bill murray, the 70 year old letterman spent 33 years on late night tv host g the late show. >> there are so many other people in the world who are
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more humerous than i am, so i feel un deserving, and withering with guilt. >> letterman says he plans to send the awards to his alma matter in inch lana, things already on display, letterman signed off in 2015. >> so many funny people in one room. >> no kidding. >> hopefully they didn't have any wards robe malfunctions on that show. >> yes, that would be a bad thing. >> that would not be as interesting. >> hopefully we won't have any more of those. >> they need to check everyone's clothes that day, just saying. >> okay. >> wear your underwear. >> yes. just wear your under pants. all of your undergarments. >> yes. >> mom always said, make sure they're clean. >> oh, lord. >> you started it. >> yes, i did. >> so i see lot of green behind you. >> i know. i feel like the storm scan has been lit up with some kind of eagles spirit.
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>> okay then. good. >> almost every time we've had had an eagles game lately, storm scan decides i'm going to rain today. right now the rain is not here i think at this point it is looking good for the game itself. yes, looks pretty good. we will get to. that will we start things offer with a shot with, at the moment, does look a little foggy. you got to look off in the distance here, from the hotel bethlehem. overlooking main street. off in the distance, mountains , definitely shrouded a little bit. you know, typically would you have really clearview of all of the lights along the mountainside there with lehigh university campus, and what not. but some fog certainly coming through somewhat patchy, but where you run into it, it is coming in pretty thickly. eyewitness weather watcher definitely saying that, too, comes in the form of pictures we've got never, foggy start to the work week out at phil's house chestnut hill section, fog again definitely leading to that sort of haze, that glow, coming off of a street lamp there. back out to the observations, we've got some variety going on here, handful of fog, up
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ear's, 40's mary ann out in pranks mills, then also the low and very mild low 60s, 62 degrees from dave bradley out in essington, also did mention that he is hoping the rain will hold off until after the game. and it looks right now like it should. there may be this spotty showers coming in, down at the linc, in time for specially postgame. but overall, the rain should hold off much later tonight. now, keith up in saylorsburg, reporting just 55 degrees, a lot cooler by comparison, mild to him, certainly mile for the area at this point of the year and what a georgous weekends we had, but we did mention he's got some fog issues, as well, now, switching back over to the maps, here is eagles green i was telling you about, kelly green coming in, but also brighter shades of red, orange, yellow, indicating line of heavier thunderstorms rumbling through parts of alabama, kentucky and into tennessee. this is what heads our way late tonight specially but then into tomorrow, most specifically. so rain embedded thunder pretty much any time tomorrow.
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you need to break the umbrella out finally. but his will start to clear out pretty quickly come early wednesday. so expect that we may ends up with a inch plus worth of rain in most locations, because of this. and it is a potent cold front. knock the temperatures back solid 10 degrees just like. that will. >> just like, that happens quick. all right, katie, thank you so much. good morning, everyone, and happy monday. take a look at this, overturned tractor trailer in havertown, wires, now seeing flames on west chester pike. so where exactly is this? west chester pike closed both directions between darby road and manoa road. you will have to use alternate darby road or route one is going to be your best bet. yikes take a look at this, firetruck on scene, tractor-trailer completely on its side, knocked down a pole, and all wires are on fire. this is slowing you down, traveling around 10 miles per hour, or slower. so if this is your neighborhood, you certainly want to, a, avoid the area at all costs, have to use alternate if you can, just know it will be very slow
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around the area. disable vehicle 309 north, 95 south at cottman looking like it is getting slower now push in the southbound direction, because of all of that fog out there. take a look at this. you can almost barely see those vehicles. you can just see the heads lights, fog lights, and the brake lights. ninety-five south at cottman, getting slow. construction, schuylkill eastbound, at 30th street, right now, just heads up on this. hey, take a look, what's that? did you hear me honk my horn? >> pay attention to the road. >> i was paying attention, i prom is you, and also driving the speed limit. you better be, too. >> we were looking at the westbound side last week, now looking at the eastbound side. one lane will be open 9:00 p.m., to 11:00 p.m., road will be closed, 11:00 p.m. through 5:00 a.m. we will be talking more about this coming up in the next ten minutes, jim, back to you. >> thank you shall meisha. thousands of people laced up sneak nerves hopes of erradicate g breast cancer. at cooper river park in pennsauken yesterday for the making strides against breast cancer 5k. more than 12,000 people took
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part, a breast cancer survivor and credits her first mammogram at age 40 for saving her life. >> my reaction when i first found out, my whole life flashed in front of me. because everybody doesn't understanded the things you have to go through and the sacrifice, you know it, changes your whole life. it really does. >> the american cancer society estimates more than 250,000 women in the u.s. will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year alone. >> well, october, as you know, national breast cancer awareness month. cbs-3, the "cw philly" and komen philadelphia are joining forces by turning our region pink. here is a look at the pennsylvania convention center supporting a pinkish glow. check out jefferson stratford hospital in camden county, not only is it lit up pink, it also has the breast cancer pink, when you see the lights a remind for schedule a mammogram and stay vigilant, 16th year for the lights for the cure campaign, and you can fine more information on our website
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well, some eagles players made a difference during their day off yesterday. >> yes, players from the past and present came together to raise money for hurricane relief. "eyewitness news" at chickie's and pete's' in south philly yesterday. fans bid on signed memorabilia , played for photos with players, as hurricanes ripped through part of texas, vier gin islands. the least he could do he says. >> makes really appreciate what you have until you actually those pictures, you know, sometimes you just don't know. >> we are told the mondayly go to millions of people who clearly need so much help. >> coming up next, coin toss wasn't the only thing happen at the 50-yard line of yesterday's colts game. >> see what happens when a man proposed to his girlfriends there, when we come
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>> an indianapolis colts fan and his girlfriends are headed down the aisle. >> that's after about 60,000 people got to see jacob miller propose to his girlfriends.
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>> (cheers). >> that would be clearly los ing it after he popped the question on the field, at luke al oil stadium yesterday. won he is kay contest and told his girlfriends they were headed down the fields to play a game against other couples. >> you told me that we were coming here like two weeks ago , and it would be way moretti exciting for you, but way more exciting for me. >> she asks almost every day what we're doing, when we're getting married. >> question answered. jacob and harley met in the navy plan to make their home in fort wayne and raise a family of colts fans. congratulations. >> welcoming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news,r tonight's eagles game. pat gallen sits down with within on one with former coach dick vermeil to talk about carson wentz, the birds, and a cause near and dear to his heart. and in the health watch, not all flu vaccines created equal. finds out which version might
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not protecting from getting
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news " this morning. commuter alert in delaware county to tell but before you head out out the door, some roads closed after tractor-trailer crashes, taking down power lines, even sparked a fire. meisha will tell you where in is affecting traffic. >> also happening today, ivanka trump is coming to
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bucks county for town hall meeting we're liver to tell you about the plan she is pushing, on her father's behalf. >> and a foggy start this monday morning, will give way to another warm day. then big changes are on the way. >> well today is monday october 23, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning. >> happy monday guys, earlier in the 4:00, even 5:00 hour, talking about accident after accident, because of all of the fog. those have all since been cleared. but talked about a bit ago, downed polls, downed wires, almost 500 people with the power right now, talking about that coming up. >> apply goodness, the fog probably going to be stuck with us for few more hours, keep that in the back of your heads, maybe go for the travel mug instead of sitting with your cup of coffee, hitting the little sooner because you may get slowed down because of t still not necessarily patchy , where you do have it, it is pretty vast, but not everyone has it. so, expect that you could be running into it, around philadelphia, basically 10- mile radius, finding it,


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