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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  October 23, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> breaking news now at noon, urgent care centers raided for synthetic opioids. the drug enforcement agency is cracking down in our area, and advanced urgent care locations were searched this morning in several local areas. good afternoon i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. willow grove one of the areas targeted by federal agent henry? >> reporter: jim, rahel, we can still show you federal agent moving in and out of the advanced urgent care just behind mere here. willow grove, north yolk road splits into easton road and york road, fbi and dea raided
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the offers a few hours ago one of several thin ethic opioid or oxycodone buses in the area, people would come and go at all times every day to get prescriptions from this location works lead to drug dealing in the parking lot and other related crime. we know at least one of the other locations being busted is at 9432 roosevelt boulevard that's also set up as an advanced urgent care, and it is also believed the advanced urgent care on the boulevard is part of this bus. but still just getting very few details from federal authorities, so we'll keep digging for more, as soon as we have more, we will pass it along to you. live in willow grove henry rossoff, cbs 3 eyewitness flues. >> all right henry thank you attorney general jeff sessions just wrapped up a speech as a law enforcement conference here in philadelphia. >> sessions took the stage this morning, at the pennsylvania convention center he delivered an address to the international association of cleve of police about the plan to combat ms13, that's international criminal gang. >> i'm announcing today that i
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have designated ms134 as a priority for our organized crime drug enforcement task force, and they all have one mission, to go after criminals gangs, and drug trackers at the highest level. >> and his convention appearance on saturday led to protests in center sit that i left two philadelphia police officers hurt, resulted in several arrests. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos live near the convention center where police are in place to try to keep the peace. greg? >> reporter: rahel, that's right, here at 12th and arch street across the street from the convention centerment you can see police presence, in front of the convention center right now as you mentioned attorney general jeff sessions just wrapped up his speech, and all of these officers here to make sure everything remains calm. >> the final day of major law enforcement conference in center city, and no planned protest. heavy police presence, however , surrounding the pennsylvania convention center
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where attorney general, jeff sessions is addressing the international association of chiefs of police, on the fed's plan to combat the ms13 gang. >> traveling trends. >> on saturday sessions telling those gathered law enforcement won't concede single block and the crime war targeting the most violent offenders. outside the convention hall saturday afternoon about 40 gathered protesting the conference and calling for abolishment of law enforcement hours after that, demonstration, a scuffle between police and protesters, near the frank rid rizzo statue, cell phone video shows the melee. police confirms two officers suffered minor injuries. now, jim rahel once again , there are no planned protests scheduled for this afternoon here around the convention center, but of course, the nature of this convention right now means that some folks might be concerned, and that's why there is pretty police rise ends, we'll stay on top provide you the latest.
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live in center city, greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news ". thank you, greg. meanwhile, in other news, one every president trump's daughters will be in our area today, ivanka trump to pitch her father's tax reform plan. >> this afternoon the first daughter headline town hall in richboro to discuss how tax reform will help middle class and working families. the president trump's stumped for that plan in harrisburg earlier this month, our anita o will have live report on ivanka trump's visit beginning tonight on "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> house of representatives gets back to work today and the biggest item on the agenda is consideration of 4 trillion-dollar budget passed the senate last week. mola lenghi to explain why president trump urging house members to move quickly. >> president trump urged house republicans on conference call sunday to quickly pass the budget bill pushed through the senate last week so they can move onto tax reform. he told the lawmakers: we are on the verge of doing something very, very historic. >> i call it tax cuts. it is tax reform also.
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but i call it tax cuts. it will be the biggest cuts ever in the history of this country. >> the white house wants the house to adopt senate budget without any changes. but some conservatives may bulk at the one and a half trail year dollars the budget asked of the deficit over the next decade. >> difficult because washington -- >> white house budget director says the tax cuts will spur than enough growth to make up for the increased spending. the president will make the short trip from the white house to capitol hill tomorrow to push republican senators to support his tax plan. so far the president hasn't been able to get enough republicans behind his legislative apply ores tis, but says they're running for a win. >> i think that we are going to have the vote for taxes and the fact that healthcare is so difficulty think makes the taxes easier. >> mola lenghi, cbs news, the the white house. >> your first place philadelphia eagles play in prime time tonight. >> they face washington at sold out lincoln financial
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fields. the question is: could carson wentz be this year's nfl-mvp? the quarterback has made a strong pace so far this season he's added 13 touchdowns only three interceptions, and the eagles have the nfl best records. angelo kit ailed fry sister station sports radio 94wip tonight's game is a pivotal one. >> this makes lincoln financial fields the lands of great opportunity. if the philadelphia eagles it beat the redskins, six and one have two and a half game lead in the division, and probably in a spot at that point to win the whole nfc and to go into the playoffs in great shape. if they don't win the game, suddenly it is a race again everybody's gets nervous again , you got three home games in a row. tonight they got to win the game. if they do, the rest of it should be easy. >> and the eagles go into tonight's game five and one and on a four-game winning streak. washington by the way three and two. >> for a look at your game day
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forecast, we kick it over to meteorologist, katie fehlinger will the birds stay dry. >> i think so. you know, looking right now jim, as though the rain will arrive tonight. but that it will hold off until after we're starting to, you know, clean up down at the linc here, hopefully will have cleaned up against the redskins too. but right now the clouds have really started to thicken across the region. we take a look at storm scan3 very evident, so not going to see ton of sun. we've seen it trying to peak through, here's what's on the way. going to see ton of sunshine for the rest of the day, but the rain and eagles green on the radar will hold off i think until much later tonight. current temperature readings mid 70s up and down i59, and i don't spec much more on the thermometer that said. the best place tone counter sunshine at this point pretty much down the shore. even there the clouds have gun to thicken. here is your egg else game day forecast about 69 degrees or so at kick off. at the ends of october that is not bad. but expect very cloudy sky overhead. and maybe again isolated shower, at earliest, position game, but generally guys i do
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think we will stay rain free, for the eagles tonight. back into you. >> all right katie thank you well, more gun violence has residents of chester delaware county on edge this noon. since friday, eight people have been shot, four of them gunned down on basketball court saturday. about 6:00 p.m. police say the gunman and the sniper style shooting fired on the court from nearby hill. since january of this year, there have been 127 shootings in chester sources say those numbers reflect increased conflict between drug dealers. double shooting in north philadelphia, ends with a suspect in custody, one man dead, another man fighting for his life. the gunfire here errupted on the 3300 block of mutter street at around 10:30 last night. one, 25 year old victim pronounced dead at the hospital. police say second, 25 year old victim arrived at temple hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. remains in critical condition. investigators now trying to figure out a motive. well, the hearing for us army sergeant was captured by the taliban, has been suspended until wednesday.
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thirty-one year old sergeant bowe bergdahl faces life in prison after pleading guilty last week to desertion and other charges. now the defense claims recent comments by president trump could prevent bergdahl from getting a fair sentence. bergdahl was held by the taliban for five years until he was released in a prisoner swap. he -- sentencing hearing expected to take several days. police in florida are is her clinic for possible serial killer. authorities are investigating the murders of three people in one tampa neighborhood. vigil was held last night for the victims. had he were all shot and killed within ten days, police believe the killings are connected, even though the victims didn't appear to know one another. >> looking for something out of the ordinary, that maybe somebody is armed maybe somebody is ac nag suspicious manner. >> police released this video of a person of interest, they say, that person was walking in the area during one of the murders. police believe that person may have information about the killings. well, coming up on cbs-3 " eyewitness news," let's lighten things up a bit.
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humble acceptance of a humor awards. david letterman takes home an honor for list comedy. why he says he feels guilty about the recognition. >> and you can't stop the feeling. we get from the latest justin timberlake news. we'll tell you what it is next
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>> former late show host david letterman honed or for his contribution toss comedy. >> awarded prestigious mark between fight for american
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humor, ceremony washington dc, letterman received the awards in front of dozens every fellow comedians the 70 year old letterman spent 33 years on late night tv. >> there are so many other other people in the world more humerous than i am, so i feel un deserving and withering with guilt. >> letterman says he plans to send the awards to his alma matter in indianna, where his 15 emmy awards are already on display, letterman signed off on cbs in 2015. >> it is official, justin timberlake back in the superbowl half time show. he made the announcement last night on twitter. he is the first individual performer to do the half time show, three times. one of those times you may recall, 14 year ago when he was involved in the infamous wards robe malfunction with janet jackson. superbowl 52 is sunday february 4th, at the minneapolis us bank stadium. hopefully they check the costumes this time. >> let's hope for everybody's sake. >> extra tape. well, still a led on " eyewitness news," debate over philly del cast. >> i this is the cheese steak
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in question. why people are re acting so strongly, about the sandwich. >> coming up: eight year old girl refuses to let an illness hole her down. because that far determination and positive spirit, an unlikely friendship has form that's coming up in today's love it. katie? >> meisha, never too soon, we think here. to take a look all the way ahead to the weekends. at the moment looking like seasonally warm. mid 60s generally the expectation for temperatures, mix every sunday and clouds, also overhead. although we are so far away. so chance for showers, and we are going to have more of the wet weather that is in this forecast for you coming up on the other side.
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cbs eye on the community... presented by target. urban agriculture and community greening are helping cities become more sustainable for the future. and that's why target has partnered with the nonprofit greensgrow in philadelphia. the novel idea was... can we put a farm in the heart of the city and really put food directly accessible to the people that were eating it. i think it's very important for us to come outside of target and really be inside of peoples' communities, as well. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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>> we started off with a lot of fog this morning that's lifted, still cloudy but not low to the grounds. but yes very gray skies. still warm, though. >> we have that going for us, yes. >> we need the rain. i mean -- >> exactly. thank you, not in any major drought crisis, but little bit of rain after the stretch of nice weather, would serve us well. >> information moderation only have to deal with one day's worth of rain, then back to quiet werth. but big pattern change, we get you outside, take to you one of the brand new cameras actually, out from plymouth meeting from place one apartments over montgomery county you can see how gray that sky really has to come. the sun real did i try it best to peak through the clouds, and you can even see it still trying. but, not quite succeeding.
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we've had this absolutely beautiful blue sky full sunshine for so long now. this is kind of a drag. i think to look at. but it is again as jim said something that we can always use in moderation. so some rain is eventually on the way. just not yet. with time, even as early as late tonight there is storm system, which is really starting to show a lot more organization at this point does usher in some rain. this big batch of rain is likely what's going to strike our area early tomorrow. morning commute tomorrow, not looking all that hot. but the rain, itself, should certainly holds off until after the eagles have been wrapped up for the evening for the night. so that's what's on on the way. specifically going to be the cold front passage bridges about pattern change, though, so front that lives up to its name with time. temperatures drop off. already the wet weather is working its way into western p a. so the window of dry weather opportunity for you to enjoy is starting to dwindle. but you'll have it right through there evening at least really not until even after midnight we're thinking, that the rain starts to over spread our local radar.
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but tomorrow, looks to be the day, that you really want to have the umbrella just at your side and ready to go. it is colds front. so i wouldn't call it all day wash out per say. but you are going to see some periods of steadier rain throughout the day. and also, some embedded thunderstorms which could be locally gusty. even slight risk for part of the area. come early wednesday though, maybe left over shower, that's it. then skies start to clear out. see the temperature difference in the seven day. wait for t how much rain are we talking? over the span of at least 24 hour window, upward of an inch maybe locally up to two specific to southeast pa i think where you will see the heaviest bouts of rain rolling on through here. but even down to the shore in atlantic city this particular model, european interpretation , expecting it to pick up about an inch or so worth of rain. so big solid soaking but thankfully comes over time. so not going to have to deal with any flooding. let's look at the current conditions, just hands full of spots at the atlantic city international airport up at mount pocono, dew points beginning to climb. feels muggy.
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if you stepped out the door i'm sure you noticed that, that southeast winds really the reason for it, just building up moisture, in the atmosphere ahead of this front this is the one spot or at and down the shore one spot where we've had the opportunity to see some sun. that's still gleeming through but, again that's going to be waning with time here. don't expect that sunlight to really last too much longer. the clouds thicken for everyone from west to east, and if you're in the in the clouds yet you will be. seventy-four the expected high so pretty close to that value already. but take a look at the drop off, points a a knows diver tuesday to wednesday, once we see the rain roll through clear it out, 10 degrees just shaved off the daytime high like that from one day to the next. >> will feel like it too. >> yes. >> all right, katie, thank you little girl facing a serious medical condition, is getting some inspiration from a star football player. >> here's meisha with today's love it. >> aaron from west virginia, has a rare autoimmune disorders that's led to multiple hospitalizations, eight biopsies, and lung biopsy. but she is not letting the pain slow her down.
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she on mission to become the best softball player she can be, and hopefully hit her first homerun. and now drawing inspiration from a very unlikely friendship. >> aaron is eight years old. a student at hilltop elementary, and softball player. he also has an extremely rare autoimmune disorders called cr mo. >> and it is chronic recurrent small -- it is one in a million, something that we had no clue she had but probably had her whole life. basically she just has bone lesions throughout her body. at the moment she has 13 in her last -- >> erin visits for medication infusion cents and once after visit, the pittsburgh steeler rookies visited the hospital, including her favorite player of all time, josh dobbs. she missed her visit but her dad reached out to ask for an autograph. and a unique friendship was born.
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>> to see limb was pretty cool because i was at my infusion, then they just pulled in when i was done with it, and then he came and surprised me. >> gentlemen just looked up to him. if he can play football, inning play softball. and it gets you through most kids that have her disorders does not even attempt to play any type of sport. so we're very thankful that she can do what she can do. >> erin and josh have formed a very unlikely bonds indeed between football pro and third grader. erin has seen him play twice and he even gave her a steelers sock monkey. so great to see professional athletes or professionals in general going out of their way and using their stardom or platform for a real lasting good. way to go. and erin, keep up your hard work and inspirational dedication. well, if you have got any other inches national story ideas sends them my way on either twitter or facebook. >> good store. >> i we'll be right back.
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>> the eagle take on washington font, we'll see some good football, rowdy fans no doubt a shot of someone making a cheese steak on national tv. >> we have come to except that this time promotional video to hype up the game. one that works to take it a step further by own guide to making a philly cheese steak. the video is getting a lot of reaction. take a look. >> ♪ ♪ >> all right behind this,
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former eagles coach and broadcaster john gruden, cooking what he calls philly cheese steak whole lot going on there but what do you think, jim. >> i say no. >> ya. >> no. >> let us know what you think on twitter. is it the true philly cheese steaks? use the #cbs3. >> he was cooking in like a wok? it looks delicious. >> there were peppers in it, a little more like stir fray. >> yes, but not a clues steak. last check on the forecast. >> stir friday in a peta. all lit up in eagles green yes, way to go, radar. the rain is going to hold off as we mentioned i think until just after the game is over, and in terms of how much we're talking about from this potent cold front, one to 2 inches specially southeastern pa. >> thank you that's " eyewitness news" for today. i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line at the young and the restless is up next. fly
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