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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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suspicious but weren't positively sure about it. >> every day there was 30 to 40 people, hour and hour and a half before it opened. >> reporter: not a surprise when this morning dozens of fbi agents, drug enforcement officers and local police raided advanced urgent care clinic willow grove, one of the six locations statewide hit by fbi pill mill task force. they target illegally prescribed synthetic opioids like action i co down. we have confirmed five locations one in willow grove, two in philadelphia, one in scranton and one this state college. during raid at 9432 roosevelt boulevard we saw agents confiscating foxes of evidence rebecca watson and others living and work near clinic to day comes as a relief. >> it has been a problem for neighborhood and cops, you know, every day. >> about time they crackdown on stuff like this. we don't need this in this neighborhood when we have kid around. >> reporter: we're still trying to find out if i inner we can about arrest that is came out of these raid, as soon as we do have that
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information we will pass it to you. live from willow grove, henry rossoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". , hoist ready for football tonight the eagles will face division rival washington. >> let's head down to south fail where sports director don bell and leslie van arsdal join us on the field, division showdown just about three hours away. don and leslie. >> good afternoon, guys. this is a massive match up. i know we say that every single week. every week we say that. >> we mean it. >> when you play division opponent here at home and you have an opportunity to pick up a game lead in the division because floor first place it is massive. >> it gives a different feeling to the season if they win this one tonight. it has been 10 days since they played. they needed their rest. they will get lane johnson back tonight. he was out with the concussion they may get ronald darby in the line up who has been out with an ankle injury which would be huge. >> here's the thing about this getting those guys back at this particular time, it is a
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big thing for them this season , because this is the first of three straight games, here at home. redskins tonight, then the 49ers, and then the denver broncos. eagles have won four straight looking to win five straight and carson wentz has been a is mag during this stretch. nine touchdowns, one pick during the winning streak and here's what he had to say about playing here at home on monday night. >> we're excited to be at home , you know, it starts monday night, there is nothing like playing at home, so i think starting the season off the way we did on the road, with a tough schedule we feel good where we're at but we have a lot of things to focus on to keep getting better at but we're excited to be at home. >> you know, i think the fans deserve. that we have to keep it going, because we need them especially this stretch here, you know, three straight home games, i feel like every game, no distorn other places but it hats felt like a home game every where we have been. >> eagles off to i great start
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, they are five-one for just the tenth time in franchise history, and obviously looking for i am travel on that. >> carson wentz playing here. the fans, so excited to have this team finally back here playing at home and with that we will send it over to vittoria woodill at sports radio 94 wip tailgate zone where all of the axis, hi there, tori. >> this is place you want to be. take a look behind me this is wip tailgate zone, you can take your shot, taking field goals, spin the wheel with pip and we have incredible permits like john and john midday at wip doing a live broadcast, but guess what, washington is, one of those teams, where fans , make the trip up to philadelphia, very easily. but guess what i have a brother and sister, pair of fans, where one the redskins, the redskins fan and thinks rebecca and then you have your brother, wes who is an eagles fan. first of all hoist older,
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hoist younger. >> i'm the older, the wiser. he is younger and more out of control one of the two. >> yes. >> reporter: when were you watching your sister growing up as a redskins fan and you are trailing behind her as an eagles fan were you thinking what is she thinking? >> i mean you have to learn from mistakes that were made before you, you have to progress and get berth as you go. >> the trailing is usually what the team is doing to mine , so-so things have gone well. >> older sisters are brutal. >> they are rough. >> so give me a prediction on the game today. so far we have better record. rebecca, what are your thoughts so far. >> i love when our team, the redskins can come in and just destroy the eagles on their home territory, and i like to be that fan in the crowd, when everybody is, crying and i'm the one pushing at them and having a good time. >> is there always one of you, isn't there. >> quick game prediction, 28- 10 eagles win. >> i'm throwing it back to you at the desk. because that is enough with
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rebecca enough with the redskins fan this is where party is at. coming up at 6:00 we will talk more with folks at wip. it will be a lot of fun, sibling rivalry, i love it. >> thank you. president trump is eager to get tax reform through congress but to get to it he need help, to the 4 trillion-dollar budget proposal. it will not be easy. while president met with senate republicans on capitol hill, did he dispatch ivanka to bucks count pay to tout the tax referral plan at a town hall meeting. anita oh is live at jim kenney , center with more from the first daughter, anita. >> reporter: nicole, inportant details, still have to be worked out, such as income levels that go with each tax bracket. but the administration is pushing a sweeping overhaul to a tax coat that hasn't changed in more than a deck cade. first daughter and advisor to the president ivanka trump
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discussed administration's new tax reform plan with an audience of 250 bucks county residents on monday. >> people, americans want tax reform. they want simplicity. it ties complicated. >> reporter: proposal reduces seven current tax brackets to three and nearly doubles standard deductions while eliminating personal wonderful and it includes corporate tax cuts. focus miss trump says reducing burden of working families. >> cost of raising children has really increase varied dramatically, so we're advocate strongly for, the expansion of the child tax credit. >> reporter: former council one man ann heyward while the treasurer spoke on the panel and said she will push the proposal to pass. >> we're here to make sure that it does. >> reporter: across the street from the discussion at james kenney senior certainty a group of about 50 people protested outside. >> go back tour palace princess. >> reporter: critics say under plan middle class will suffer. >> it seems like this presidency is committed to making the rich, richer and
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poor poorer. >> i think if you make more money you want to pay proportion fatally more. >> reporter: supportsers say it will help all americans not just the middle class. >> yes, would it help the wealthy, i believe that also, but i think the reform is needed and it should benefit most americans. >> reporter: now some are also concerned about a possible cap honorary timer contributions, but the president tweeting this morning that will not be happening. republicans are hoping that this bill passes by the new year. live from northampton township i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you for. that now taking down violent drug cartels is focus of the new federal task force. attorney general jeff sessions made the announcement during a law enforce. conference right here in philadelphia "eyewitness news" report's leash a nieves was there for the speech. she's in our satellite center to tell bits, alycia. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions spoke strongly about the drug issue and those feeling it. he appears to have every law enforcement official attentive ly tuned into his messages specially when he
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spoke about, outlining how his office is trying to dismantle the drug cartels. where he may have who a few when he spoke about federal grand money for local police departments. at the convention center in philadelphia attorney general, jeff sessions, took the stage for the international association of chiefs of police conference. >> i'm here today, on behalf of president trump and the department of justice, to say, thank you, i am proud to stand with you. >> reporter: head of the department of justice focus the speech on crime in this country that is most concerning to his office. crime that involves the drug trade and cartel controlling it. >> we intend to dismantle, them. >> reporter: ag also touched on more than 100 million-dollar in federal grant money that will soon be going to help local police departments around the country >> they are putting money back in law enforcement we have not seen. we need more people to back law enforcement in this country. >> reporter: d o.j.'s grant money will not back all police departments especially won in
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sanctuary cities like philadelphia. attorney general sessions has had a strong stance against cities that provide any protection to undocumented immigrants. >> we have an obligation to protect everyone here. it is not about worrying about anybody's immigration status. we have some issues here with violent crime but typically they don't, they don't deal with people who are not documented. >> reporter: philadelphia police commissioner richard ross met with sessions camp over weekend hoping to difficulties weigh withholding federal dollars from his force >> jury's still out as to what will happen in fail and cities like philadelphia. >> reporter: commissioner ross continued his comments there by saying that his department doesn't mean to be put in the political fray over sanctuary cities like all departments philly's could use more money for more officers so hopefully reduce crime. reporting live from the sat center, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a leash, thank you. authorities are trying to determine the cause of the fire that broke out on a roof in philadelphia's spring
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garden neighborhood. take a closer look at this cell phone video of the flames the fire started on the roof of the four story building, a 15th and mount vernon. nearby ben franklin high school was evacuated as a precaution, no one was injured another fiery scene to tell but, this one in havertown delaware county. a crash involving a tractor trailer took down a utility pole on west chester pike near country club lane, that happened around 5:00 o'clock this morning. the energized power lines caught fire, resulting in about 500 outages. no injuries were reported and peco says that three customers who remained without power, should have it, restored, later tonight. an alert for pennsylvania drivers, coming up on "eyewitness news" something on your license plate, could cause you to be pulled over, if you drive out of the state. our greg argos is working this story to day live at 5:30 lauren. i'm meteorologist lauren casey live ine falls where people are trapped, and can they use their brain power to
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escape, before a zombie eats their brains? we will find out, kate. oh, boy lauren, thank you i can't wait for. that we have a chance for strong storms and heavy rain heading our way through tomorrow, will it impact eagles game tonight? i'll have he's a husband, father, veteran... but most of all, he's a fighter. chris brown has never been afraid to take on the big fights. that's why he stood up to republicans and democrats alike to fight the north jersey casinos and the takeover of atlantic city. chris brown is fighting to protect jobs in our region... a true champion for the working men and women of atlantic county. on november 7th, let's keep him fighting for us. chris brown for state senate, he's on our side.
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amazon received 238 proposals hoping to be the home of the company's second headquarters. the on line retailers kick off its hunt for second headquarters last month promised to go bring 50,000 new jobs, and spend $5 billion philadelphia, delaware county, atlantic city and camden were among locationness our region that submitted bid. amazon says it will announce a decision, sometime next year. the philadelphia police department is getting a new fleet of high tech patrol vehicles. the department will receive 150 new patrol vehicles equipped with technology that will allow an officer to traffic signal and change to it green when car's emergency lights are on. police cars will also come with ballistic shields on the doors and windows. >> as you know in 2016 we had two people ambushed, jesse hartnell and sergeant sylvia young, macing that they survived those ambushes, and
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we believe that ballistic protection like this would have probably protect them from any of those gunshots that were aimed at them. >> the department will receive 100 of the vehicles by mid december, and get remaining, 50 by march. first ship. is heading to a police district in west philadelphia. well, with halloween just over a week away we wanted to find a really, spooky spot, to send our mobile weather watchers. >> i think we've got it, meteorologist lauren casey took it for a drive to the zombies escape room did i hear that right in east falls. >> yes. >> lauren, are you surviving out there? >> so far, i don't know, though. there is a zombie virus, that is, just, it is plaquing this area, and we need people to help us. one of those people is professor von gutenberg, i showed up, and encountered one of these, he tried to steel the mobile weather watcher who was that hideous creature i saw when a arrived that would be my very hungry, zombied
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superior doctor oxy. >> so he is a doctor but what happened to him. >> he was work varying diligently to find a cure for zombie virus, really late one night and accidentally slipped , and hit himself with a needle infecting himself with the zombie virus but he willful i mutate in a somee he set up clues and riddles throughout the room so should he regain his human conscious state he would be able to solve those riddles and clues inn escape the room and that is your goal if you come to amazing escape zombie to solve the riddles and clues help doctor oxy find the cure so rest of the city does not become infect. >> we don't want that. i hear people inside the room, over there, there is some screaming, there is a lot of ruckus going on, so they need to solve puzzles. they need brain power to help solve this, plaque. >> absolutely, the more brave, the better. >> the zombie tried to interfere with them trying to solve these puzzles and cure this potential out break.
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>> absolutely, doctor oxy is here as a main distraction. he wants to eat your brains so you have to use yours to get away from him and solve the riddles and clues to escape. >> my goodness. you know, i better go in there for backup because we don't want this zombie virus to break out in philadelphia. you know, kate, difficult take four levels of the calculus, as did you as well, so i think i can put some brain power in there and hopefully stop the zombies from coming down into center city philadelphia i will try my best. >> lauren, if anyone can do it , you can do it. i have faith new. it looks like they have good sense of writ many in there. bring that with you as well. that looks a nation and also terrifying. lauren will do great. we will check with you later on. make sure zombies don't eat lauren's brain. my goodness. that looks like a great time. i have done a regular escape room. it is a lot of pressure without a zombie trying to eat your brains f anyone can figure it out, lauren case he are i i's the person to do it. we have beautiful conditions out there foliage in full
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bloom, mid to late october and we are seeing lots of color up through poconos region a lot more color then we are seeing down the shore where everything is gray. beach patrol headquarters in margate in trees here to speak of but a gray sky, gray ocean, and it is looking pretty, gloom on it there today. good news though the rain, it has been holding off at lee for now. we have cloud cover. there are a few sprinkles. see a few dots of green here driving you may have to flip windshield wipers once or twice but for folks heading to south philadelphia for eagles game got news is everything is looking quiet. we have had requests for viewers saying having a eagles party outside to much watch the game? will weather be okay. it looks like it will by at lee a couple hours. look what is heading our way, a slow moving cold front moving through great lakes and gathering moisture along witt. thinks all lift nothing to our region and will come through during the entire day tomorrow so, slow progression, holding off for tonight, good news for eagles game. here's your game day forecast kick off at 69 degrees, mild, it is cloudy.
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you may feel rain drop. it looks like it will just downpour at any second out there but it looks like the rain will hold off through majority of the game if there are a few showers that come through in the second half. keep a eye to the sky but foes most of the game things are quite it and warm. seventy-three in philadelphia you can see cool air moving in , through the great lakes though, behind that strong front, it is only 56 in nashville. sixty-three in columbus. cool air settling in across the northern plains as well. where temperatures are only in the 50's in bismarck, wrapped city, billings, minneapolis a chilly 51 degrees. that is heading our way. first we have to get through this front. you can see everything moving in from the south tonight, out ahead of the front we have a southeasterly wind. tomorrow morning we have at 6:00 a.m. we will wake up to heavy downpours especially north and west of the city. a few to the south as well. this continues, through the morning commute, that will slow you down, 10:00 a.m. note thinks rain is still lift nothing from south to north. it starts to move a little bit further east during the day, but continuing to move through here's 4:00 p.m. from the city on east seeing steady downpours still and we're in a
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slight risk for severe weather as well overnight tonight and especially through first half of the day tomorrow, any of those storms, could produce, localized downpours and very, very strong gusty wind. so tonight, showers develop, breezy, mild, tomorrow rain, on and off through the day, strong thunderstorm is possible, and heaviest rain west of the city in the morning,e of the city in the afternoon. we're kind of in the spot where we can get it at anytime through the day here in philadelphia. lot at difference. clears that out, cool, dry, and it looks really nice right through the start of the week. >> yes, looks good. >> we will take that. >> all right, kate. your favorite target store may look different over the holidays. >> that is new in our next half an hour, plus... >> passion, on a plate. i'm cherri gregg and i'll tell you the story of a dad's plate that transformed a kid's life, in west indian flavors. i'm here with al cystry and challenger and apparently tonight all eagles, are ready to fly, isn't that right.
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>> that is correct. >> we will be right back live from the linc. well, before it was even founded, a french teenager, bienville, scared away a british warship with just a story. and great stories kept coming. like when the military came and built the boats to win the war. [warplane] some are tales told around crowded tables.... [streetcar rumble] and others are performances fit for the stage. stella!
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cause for three hundred years, great stories have started the same way. one time, in new orleans. [crowd applause]
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he stood up to north jersey special interests nobody delivers more for south jersey than steve sweeney. to increase funding for our schools. he stopped christie's commuter tax, saving south jersey residents over 200 million dollars. and he led the charge to pass paid family leave. aarp applauded sweeney for freezing property taxes for seniors and cutting prices on prescription drugs. "i got to take my hat off to him. he's a man of his word." steve sweeney. because there's more work to do to get south jersey's fair share.
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philadelphia landmark coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 where performers were hitting all of the right nets today and who was behind it. i love the strings. >> yeah. >> right new a big nfce she down tonight at the linc. eagles verse washington. >> let's head back to lincoln financial field with sports director don bell, who business to cross enemy lines, db. >> you got it. remember guys, week one when eagles opened up their season they went down to washington and got a 13-point win begins these redskins. here we are week seven they are looking foresees on sweep here on monday night football. i decided as you said to cross enemy lines and welcome in darren haines, sports director from our sister station wusa and we had this little debate. give me one reason, the
5:25 pm
biggest reason, why eagles fans should than concerned about this game tonight. >> it is two word: it is chris thompson. you probably don't remember him because he didn't play that much in week one. you guys remember rob kelly, he wars starting running back at this time but this guy thompson lead team in rushing, receiving yard. he is dangerous, people. worry. >> he is an electric player. he averages 18-yard per carry or reception i should say out of the backfield but eagles are number one begins the run. i like their chance is a begins chris thompson. i want to switch gears and talk about the quarterbacks. both of these guys are on fine who is hottest quarterback kirk cousins or carson wentz. >> i already know this guy will go with carson wentz but i will shut him down here and stick with my hometown team, kirk cousins, he is hot. reason y redskins wouldn't be in this position if he wasn't hot. has redskins receivers around him. i necessity you cannot name them, i can because i cover the team but they are in this group, they get the job done in the fourth quarter. kirk cousins, is the hottest
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quarterback. carson wentz has other star players around him to get it done. >> blame him because he has star players, that makes perfect sense. carson wentz is the hottest player in the this quarterback , in this match up here, today. he has seven touchdowns one pick in his last few games. about quarterback in the league on third down, that is the money down. that is where you make your money as a quarterback, owe even if converting third downs they do it at a 50 percent clips. carson went is hottest quarterback you know where you lose your money, throwing picks. carson wentz three interceptions, cousins this season only to just putting it out there you like to throw out simple math. >> final question for you, you have one tailgate in here for the season. will you tailgate with eagles fans or redskins fan. >> i will not tailgate at all because, i ran into a redskins fan out there, she had to wear an eagles shirt over her redskins gear. it puts tonight perspective we are not welcome here, people. so let me get this, w and then
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bounce. >> crossing enemy lines, i don't think they will get that w and do much of anything here tonight. we are coming to you live from lincoln financial field, guys, coming up at 6:00, we will go one on one, with the voice of the eagles, merill reese, been doing it for 40 years and he will join us at 6:00 p.m. that is story from south philadelphia, don bell, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> tell darren to get on that mid need acela and get on home >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. target vows to slow down the so-called christmas. >> that is coming up next half an hour. plus hiding in plane sight remarkable story of the sculpture, when it disappeared where it was found and why it is now coming to philadelphia. we wil
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when you're a double-dipping like steve sweeney, it's important to maintain a certain... lifestyle. that's why sweeney spent over a hundred grand of his campaign funds on high-priced meals and other gifts. we're talking fine cigars, fancy watches, pricey restaurants, and expensive wines -
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all to charm the type of folks who helped him raise your taxes 145 times. too many in south jersey are struggling. but steve sweeney's looking out for himself, not for us.
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"eyewitness news" continues at 5:00 30 with an alert for pennsylvania drivers something on your license plate could put you in a sticky situation while driving out of state. it may even make you an easy target for traffic stop.
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good afternoon, i'm nicole brewer. i'm ukee washington. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins us in spring guard when that story, greg. >> reporter: end of the 2016 penndot basically stopped issuing these registration stickers. we're told that it saves taxpayers some three million-dollar, a year, that is great news, but we have also learned it is causing some headaches for some pennsylvania drivers. it takes up less than two square inches of space on your vehicle but if you have pennsylvania tags this small sticker could get you pulled over. >> we no longer require having the registration sticker affixed on your license plate. so everything is done electron ically on line. >> reporter: that means registration stickers in pennsylvania have gone the way of the dinosaur. they are no longer issued. the older won left on many vehicles are expired. even when actual registration isn't. >> people just have to carry a typical registration in your car. >> reporter: boone rodolph a spokesperson with penndot says there have been at least three instances of pennsylvania
5:32 pm
drivers getting pulled over, by out of state cops who believe that the cars registration was outdated. >> i was wondering yes was pulling me over. >> reporter: how would you react? >> not good. >> reporter: so what should do you if you're driving out of state and you get pulled over, for having expired registration? well, first thing you should do is show the officer your valid registration paperwork. and then. >> just politely explain to the officer pennsylvania's law have change no longer requiring a sticker to be affixed to the plate. you know, the officer will easily be able to check that out and clear up any complaint >> reporter: rodolph says you can remove sticker entirely but that is not a requirement. >> if you remove it, they are sticky, you will to have put some elbow in there to get rid of them. >> make my husband do it. >> reporter: back here live, official from his penndot said they have reached out to law enforcement agencies in all 50 states but as you can imagine nicole and ukee, it takes time for that information and
5:33 pm
information about this new law to pass down. we are live from the spring garden section of philadelphia , i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that it does, greg, thank you. sentencing hearing for armored sergeant beau bergdahl got underway at fort brag in north carolina but it wasn't long before the hearing was stopped and moved to wednesday attorney's family emergency led to the recess. last week bergdahl pleaded guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, the charges stemmed from 2009 when he left his powe in afghanistan and was captured by the taliban n2014 bergdahl was freed and in exchange for five taliban detainees being held at guantanamo bay. bergdahl faces possible life in prison. a war of word between president trump and republican senator john mccain has shifted focus. mccain, pow during vietnam war told c span that americans from the lowest income level were drafted, but many wealthy americans, found a doctor that would say that they had a bone spur. president trump got a deform
5:34 pm
based on a letter during the war. the president and senator have been at odd since 2015 republican presidential primary, when the president criticized mccain for being captured. president's back and forth with gold star families, also continued, this week. myeshia johnson appeared on abc's good morning america saying that the president's tone with her during that condolence phone call made her angry and that the president could not remember her husband 's name. sergeant ladavid johnson was killed in the african nation of niger on october 4th. following the disappearance the president tweeted that his conversation was respectful, and that he spoke sergeant johnson's name, without hesitation. >> i remember him stumbling trying to remember my husband 's name and that hurt me the most because if my husband is out there fighting for our country, and he risk his life for our country, why can't you remember his name? >> the 25 year-old widow confirmed that president trump
5:35 pm
set her husband ladavid johnson knew what he signed up for, she also complained that she has not been allowed to see her husband's body and has been told nothing about his death. philadelphia archbishop charles chaput took to the streets of center city to bring attention to the pro life movement. archbishop led 40 days for life, prayer vigil in front of the planned parenthood on 11th and locust streets. the focus of today's gathering was to address abortion issues in local communities. archbishop says that every state of human life need to be supported. >> every human being has the dignity that we need to respect, dignity given to that person, by god, and not by us, or by the government. so, we're just asking our public citizens to think about the abortion issue again, and to make decisions that favor life rather than destruction of life. >> the president and ceo of planned parenthood southeastern pennsylvania released a statement that read in part quote if opponents of abortion were serious
5:36 pm
seriously about lowering the abortion rate in this country they would be work ago long side planned parenthood to expand people's access to effective birth control, sex education and preventive health care. a father/son team has transformed blight on north broad street in an oasis complete with west indian sounds and flavors. as cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio tells us the owners left hospital careers to pursue their passion. >> when you walk into slumbo at broad and parish you first hear the music. >> ♪ >> reporter: the sea of colorful costumes and dining complete with king and queen chandeliers but when you get the smell of the aromas. >> hear that sizzle. >> reporter: anthony logan owns flambbo, the seed for his place is eighths love for trinidad his home country and plannedded in 2003 when on the way to a job interview at hahnemann he happened upon a abandoned building for sale. >> guy was like yeah, nobody
5:37 pm
wants that building. >> what about this place struck you. >> that it was a walk in the sent i city was mine blowing to me. >> reporter: for years he worked thinks lucrative day job in hospital administration and used his extra money to transform this place, with his son's help last december, they opened up flambo a caribbean restaurant specializing in trinidad cuisine. >> connection with food. >> reporter: anthony does cook ing with fresh organic ingredients and kevin does serving and today they make magic. >> we could whatever we have to do to get the door open and satisfaction every guest. >> reporter: they have rave reviews and growing but, they let me sample the flambo experience firsthand, with personal service for my pepper shrimp and rice. >> this is delicious. >> glass of sorrow which is, hobbenshus business cuss leaves and ice. >> it is to bring the experience to people. >> reporter: one fueled with passion for feud an a love of home n north philadelphia, cherri gregg for kyw news
5:38 pm
radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have got to go to flamb o. >> making me hungry. >> oh, my. >> nice rhyme there, ukee. automobiles are being built safer then ever. >> cost of car insurance is on the rise, still to come on "eyewitness news" is what helping drive up the rates in the answer is not what you would expect. and it might be an un conventional approach, to treating depression, meet a man who says that the active chemical found in magic mushrooms, saved his life, katie? well, we may this be coming off a weekend and hope it was a great one but lets look ahead to the next one last weekend of october looks seasonal with temperatures in the upper 60's. we will see sun, cloud, there will be a few chances for showers though especially on sunday and we will refine weekend forecast as we get closer but as of right now it looks like a pretty nice, fall weekend with seasonal
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well, cars are safer then ever but car insurance rates are on the rise. experts say that one reason is because cars are filled with so much technology, and fixing it is expensive. also, more people on the road means more accidents. so that is driving up costs. nationwide car insurance rates climbed nearly 8 percent last year. ready for fright? this year american halloween enthusiast will spend a record $9.1 billion, that is right, national retail federation revealed that and then, 179 million americans planned to participate in halloween festivities. but it is not first time that americans shelled out big bucks, back in 2016 people spent american 8.4 billion on the holiday all together. target is trying something different for the holiday season. retailer is streamlining number of promotions placing
5:43 pm
hundreds of easy gifts for around $15 throughout the stores. target is also offering free shipping on merchandise purchased on the web site starting next month. the company says that after a disappointing holiday season last year and confusing sales, it wants to keep things simple , prices lower for their shoppers. we will be right
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a letter that survived the sinking of tie tan nick 1912 has sold at auction for $166,000. passenger alexander halverson wrote the letter to his mother just one day before the legendary ship went down in the atlantic. tonight, if all goes well we will arrive in new york, wednesday a.m. he was among the 1500 people died, in the disaster. a long forgotten road even sculpture hiding in plane sight in north jersey for
5:47 pm
decade is coming to philadelphia the marble bust of napoleon sad in the mad sound town hall building for 85 years. no one knew it was authentic until two years ago when other works of art were catalogued. bust will be loaned to the philadelphia museum of art next month in celebration of the 100th anniversary of rod inn's death. on the healthwatch a psychodelic drug made from magic mushrooms is showing prom is in treating depression >> health reporter stephanie stahl shows us details on this new research. >> reporter: it is an interesting one some doctors believe magic mushrooms can reset the brain. well this latest research in the uk shows that they helped treat depression patients, who didn't respond to traditional therapies. forty-seven year-old kirk ruth er who lives in london suffered years of chronic depression after the loss of his mother. >> for me i just feel heart broken, all the time, i got very sad all the time and i got stuck in it. >> reporter: counseling and medication didn't help so he joined a small clinical trial
5:48 pm
in london for the drug that is formed from a compound that occurs naturally in magic mushrooms. scientists believe the mind altering drugs cannery boot brain activity known to play a role in depression. >> people can be changed, the outlooks can change, the perspective, their personalities but then crucial ly the plane brain reforms and that is what a reset is. >> reporter: this video from his blog shows him taking the drug in a controlled environment with mood music and counselors on hand. he says he didn't hallucinate but felt like he was looking through a stained glass window >> a lot of stuff coming out from your subconscious that you are not kind of looking at , and i mean to me i think part of it was let go of the grief. >> reporter: researchers took before and after changes of the changes in his brain. he said he felt better almost immediately. magic mushrooms became popular with 60's hippy counter culture, but these researchers say that this is more than
5:49 pm
just a party drug. >> people are kind of wising up to this, and realizing that what they have been told about psychodelics in many cases are kind of a lie. >> reporter: ruther says it has change his life and he is more focused and happier then he has been for years. >> reporter: it has been illegal in the united states for more than 40 years but like with the stud any london several clinical trials are also underway here in the united states using to it breathe not just depression but alcoholism as well. so lots of studies going on. we will keep you posted on them. >> please do, stephanie, thank you. this may look like a partial eclipse but these image where is not taken from the earth's surface. they were captured by nasa's solar dynamic observatory on thursday. images show the moon partially obstructing the spacecraft, otherwise constant view, of the sun. >> that is kind of interesting pretty cool. >> very cool. >> meteorologist kate bilo joins us now, and good to know
5:50 pm
there. >> yes. >> i like stuff like that. >> we haven't seen much of the sun today either. >> no, no, no. >> you probably won't see much of it tomorrow either but we had a nice run there. >> we did. >> weekend was beautiful. >> weekend was beautiful. we have more of that on the way. we have a cold front to get through first. our temperatures have been creeping up since last week. we started off on a nice crisp fall note and every day got warmer and warmer until this weekend i found myself turning air conditioning on. yes, i will admit to it. but as we head in the next couple of days once this front comes through we will turn back down to more typical fall temperatures. typical for october i should say. lets take a peak outside to our plymouth meeting cameras from the place one apartments. one of the tallest build initial montgomery county giving us a beautiful bird's eye view. not a whole lot to see as far as sunset this evening. it has been a mostly cloud day it is warm, humid outside but good news is it is dry for now we have a swipe my windshield wipers once coming to work today. a few sprinkles. that is bit.
5:51 pm
good news for those heading to the eagles game and shouldn't have a commute problem but just cloudy outside this afternoon. lets check with our weather watchers and see what they are seeing out there, temperatures in the low to mid 70's for most spots. seventy-two as we check in here would your friend bill, in levittown, and 72 degrees in william's house. he sent this photo over of a very gray sky. fast moving cloud, and that is what we have seen all day. those cloud moving from south to north as those winds pick up ahead of our advancing cold front. 73 degrees with knoll pits, at 72 in mantua. take a look, this photo i could not get it to go in the right decks but get the sense of it. you know i you are a weather watcher when you decide to be a storm cloud for a halloween. it is like glowing from within very, very creative. knoll, we will see that when you have it completed and have it on because i have a feeling that will be pretty epic. 07 degrees, with phil in north wales. he has cloud cover as well. phil says a gray, glummy
5:52 pm
monday after a glorious weekend. talk about back to reality after the weekend. here's another look outside kutztown you can see how quickly those cloud are moving 69 degrees outside right now. winds southeasterly as we await the arrival of the cold front, coming in from the west and that will bring us some downpours as well as the threat for strong thunderstorms. so strong scan three shows cloud cover maybe a few sprinkles up in the pocono region. rest of us are fine, for now so that is good news for eagles fans, you can leave them at home but by the second half of the game a few of these showers may start to move n heaviest rain will hold off until early tomorrow morning, and then move through all day, the front really streaming the moisture from south to north verse a quick progression from west to east. it will be around for a extended period of time. temperatures right now in the low to mid 70's, warm, dry for now but as we head in the overnight hours showers creep closer, some of heavier rain tomorrow morning but by 1:00 it is starting to move
5:53 pm
out but another round of showers will lift from the south from the citye through the afternoon. we will clear it out. wednesday sun returns and much cooler air will start to wrap in behind that system and as we move into thursday. what to expect for your tuesday? slow moving cold front. showers all day. isolated strong thunderstorm. rain totaling over an inch in south jersey where rain will stay longer, so a high risk for downpours but moderate threat for strong damaging winds as well as dangerous included to ground lightening with any storm as well. as far as tonight showers developing breezy, mild heaviest rain to the west of the sit will be in the morning e of the sit in the afternoon. in the western suburbs there may be some sun by tomorrow afternoon down the shore expect rain especially through the afternoon. wednesday we will clear out, cooler at 65. thursday looks great with sunshine at 62 then back to the upper 60's, sunny and nice friday and saturday. we will be
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a television star delivers a magical proposal with a little help from walt disney. >> paula abdul is spell bound by her first philadelphia cheese stake. bex from our sister station 96.5 has those stories and more in today's hot minute. >> thanks, guys, happy monday and game day. we are kicking things off with the late night legend david letterman honored with the mark twain award for america's humor yesterday evening. of course his friend where is in attendance to help celebrate and roast the comedian including amy schumer , jimmy kimmel and bill murray who really just for the occasion. letterman ended with an acceptance speech talking about what 33 years in late night has taught him. >> and if you help someone in anyway, big or small automatically you will feel good about yourself. >> on to uncle jesse who is getting hitched john stamos proposed to his girl friend of two years in other other place
5:58 pm
then disney land. he confirmed the news with this drawing in the caption i asked, she said yes and we lived happily ever after. on to a john stamos, paula abdul didn't get a ring from john but a cheese stake from geno's. >> this is an epic moment, epic moment. >> epic. >> she spent the weekend in philadelphia for a cancer benefit, wigs and wishes but before she ordered her first ever, provolone with, paula shared moment to her instagram account saying breakfast of champions. i love that she cuts tonight four's and i even spot sketch up on the table. that is your hot minute i'm be x from today's 96.5. >> first ever. >> surprised she used to work at qvc, i thought she would have had one. >> uncle jesse, happy birthday >> i remember that. >> yes. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00, it is game night in philadelphia, don, leslie. >> monday night football from
5:59 pm
lincoln financial field, it is five-one eagles can beat the redskins here tonight they will take a commanding lead in nfc east. >> so big, set tone for rest of the season. hey there, tori. >> how is it going guys we are live from the wip tailgate zone, fans are fired up. they are firing up the food. coming up we're talking to joe decamera and wip. kate, do you think gentlemen like strip stake? we will find out. >> how can you in the like strip stake at a tailgate. big question will it rain on the fans tonight at eagles game? i will have your game forecast and tell you when rain gets in also federal agents target several advanced urgent care locationness our region. we will show you what led authorities to those specific spots.
6:00 pm
e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> yeah. >> let's do this. fans are feeling tonight south philadelphia at bird are ready for battle, a key divisional match up with washington and the count down to kick off, is on. eagles are ready, prime time for second straight game good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer in for jessica dean. they are excited. >> little bit. >> we have team three coverage vittoria woodill firing up the fans and lets start on the field with don bell and leslie van arsdal. how many times do we have to say a huge nfc east game tonight. >> huge, huge, huge game. we have been talking bit all week. they beat carolina two thursdays ago. >> here's the thing about this match up. you know, it is a nation how much media is here for this monday night showdown. philadelphia is two and a half hour drive if you are luck if i there is no traffic but you have media members from both cities here, there is a dozen cameras here. normally it business six or s


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