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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 26, 2017 11:15pm-11:51pm EDT

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will be -- which will be half the distance. suh must have done something to mallett to upset his offensive linemen. oh, here we go. here comes another one. jim: austin howard in this. tony: let's see if we can see any punches thrown. looked like somebody did. howard not happen. -- happy. jim: and mallett is still exchange examining -- exchanging words with suh. tony: suh and mallett got entitle. suh jumped offsides, hits mallett a little bit. mallett is not going to take it. suh is offsides, he kind of pushes. he doesn't know the play is dead and mallett is not going to take that, because he's pretty tall but not quite big enough. referee: three fouls on the
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play, all by the defend defense. unimpeded. defense, declined. personal foul, defense, number 93, declined. personal foul, defense, number 95, accepted. hatch the distance, first and goal. jim: next time suh gets his salary, there will be a little less in it, i would think. tony: why does he grab his throat? that's just silly. you have to have a little bit of awareness. he says he poked him in the eye. i've been arond a lot of offensive linemen, they don't lie about that stuff. it's kind of like their manhood.
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all their buddies will make fun of them. you are acted like blah, blah, blah. he probably did get poked in the eye there. if it's accidental, it's one thing. jim: they had three defensive penalties call and would for the game, three personal fouls called on the miami defense. tony: looks like we're going to actually snap this ball and possibly finish this game. so i can go home. [laughter] jim: one of these days. three receivers to the left. first and goal. allen the running back. low snap. allen drops the football. it's in the end zone! and it's recovered by a raven for a touchdown!
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tony: it's the old fumblerooski. allen needs to hold onto the ball. an exchange problem between him and mallett and fortunate for baltimore to recover. jim: look at chris moore, though, on the spot. tony: you see how many fumbles the guy trying to recover never gets it like that? he grabs and it one, boop. tony: and he's got a touchdown for the second great straight game. he scored on the last play of the game at minnesota. from 13 yards out this time he recover as fumble in the end zone and the extra point makes it 33-0. get the new i sprint -you'll get the best price for unlimited and network reliability within 1% of the other guys. i'm going to sprint! (vo) celebrate at sprint. get the new iphone 8 and save $350, plus upgrade to the latest iphone anytime for people with hearing loss, with iphone forever. visit
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jim: 6:39 to go here in baltimore as the ravens are going to end their two-game skilled. they're going to trounce miami for the second straight year. and you and t-brewer having a time of it down there. tony: we are. promo this, jim. jim: regional action sunday. the chargers in new england. oakland travels to buffalo. indianapolis and cincinnati. some will get your game late. houston at seattle and it starts with the nfl today at noon eastern. j.b. and the crew. coach, nate, boomer, phil.
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noon eastern. nfl today starts out a regional sunday of action on cbs. tony: they still have suggs in the game. this is the point where i would start taking some of the guys on this defense out if i'm baltimore. jim: carr coming up from the outside. tony: i really do feel like there's a thing that's about giving up zero points. for a defense inspect nfl it's a big deal. it doesn't happen very often. you'll see baltimore give great effort here but if it's 33-3, you'd probably already see other people in the game right now. jim: you know, they already have a shutout. they opened the season with a shutout at cincinnati. tony: but you don't get them a ton. the fact they could do it twice in a half season. that's a big deal. jim: it is. 2- pretty amazing and the it was such an oddity, on sunday. we had three shutouts alone on sunday. which you don't see often.
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humphrey prosecute -- humphrey again with the tackle. that a.f.c. north, as we've already given the ravens a win here. tony: all right? you never know. there's time on the clock. i'll give it to you, though. 5-2. baltimore is 4-4, 2-1 in the division. this sets it up, i feel like every year cincinnati sprinkles in, obviously. but baltimore, pittsburgh. jim: we've seen the steelers in the last two games. tony: they're coming together. jim: yes, they are, in every facet. tony: but you would argue argue baltimore today is coming together if not for the flacco injury. if he's in the concussion protocol, they have 10 days before their next game against tennessee and then a bye. it will be interesting to see if he plays in tennessee. the -- if not, you'll have a really long stretch for him to
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take a break. with the back stuff he's had going on with him. it's probably in the best interests of him and the team for the rest of the season to have time off, get himself ready to go and take that two or three weeks of rest. jim: it's picked. look out. here they go. jimmy smith weaves it to the end zone. a second pick six. tony listen and that's the big play i thought someone needed to win this game. jim: right. tony: and moore just throws it right to the sideline and smith is just staring at the quarterback. that was intercepted 100 out of 100 times. and that throw has to leave his hand because of the free rusher and really that's what separates
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top-level quarterbacks a lot of times. there are a million reasons but one of the big ones is to get their protection right. jim: extra point makes it 40-0. and again, it was 38-6 baltimore in their matchup last december. how about that as a stretch against a team that's won 13-17 games, to beat them 78-6 combined? next thursday, a.f.c. east action. the bills battle the jets. "thursday night football". we'll call it, we'll be there. nfl network. tony: it's going to be a big one. game of the year. buffalo really is playing well and the jets have been playing pretty good football. both teams complete surprise this is year. you have to give both their head coaches a lot. of credit. jim: well, you got the bills at
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4-2. sean mcdermott doing great things and todd bowles and how many people flouth the jets would have been 3-4 at this point? they could have won a couple more games, particularly against miami. tony: todd bowles can come up with some crazy stuff on defense and they need it and he's got them in the mix in each game. mcdermott has them playing solid football. he's building something. jim: that's next thursday night, nfl network. bills-jets. a chance for one of our colleagues or operating from home next week and i'm talking about the one and only freddy "bucky" pinciera. there he is with our buddy sean mcmanus. tony: is this sean? jim: be careful.
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bucky, 50 years with us. he's covered every big event we've had in the last half century. 36 masters. more super bowls than we can remember. he's here tonight. an amazing guys. -- guy. a tremendous teammate. tony: that's pretty impressive, that resume you just ran off. jim: how about 50 years? referee: personal foul, horse collar tackle, defense. 15-yard penalty. automatic first down. number 99 was the number on the -- 99. jim: so they call that on judon, the second-year player out of grant -- grand valley state. matt moore was undrafted coming out of oregn state.
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back in 2007. interest out there in north carolina, detroit. they all tried to talk him into signing. he ended up signing with the cowboys at a time when they had a couple of quarterbacks in tony romo and brad johnson. he came to camp and played in all these preseason guys for you guys. the cowboys tried to sneak him onto the practice squad and as soon as they did, the panthers signed him off of. that there you are. preseason 2007. what do you remember from that monoand a half that you spent with matt? tony: matt had real good velocity. threw a great ball. the cowboys learned a lesson there. they had the same coaching staff they have now or a lot of the same ones on the offensive side of the ball. a bounceout. matt actually -- we tried to sneak him on the practice squadful he had a really good
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preseason but he had skill. he had ability and ever since then whenever anybody's ever played good in the preseason. you see it this year, cooper rush with dallas. dallas. back in the day they did with the dustin vaughn. certain times they tried to sneak guys onto the practice squad and haven't done it because of the matt moore situation. they let that go and it changed the way they thought. if a guy plays well in the preseason, we're going to let him stick around to see how good he is. jim: i know you said you were impressed with his throwing motion. tony: the only way you make it 11 seasons in the nfl as a backup for the most part is one, you have the ability to throw the ball really well so every time you come into camp, you look good. you look good on air. you look good in camp and then all of a sudden when you get asked to go in there and win games, you just don't play
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poorly every time. he's had stretches where he's played really good ball and tonight is not one of his better games, obviously. but he's shown enough over the years that you're going to keep him around. it's like a vinny testaverde. he was so good. he played until like 45. he threw the ball as well as anybody. if you can flow you're always going to have a job. jim: as drake is knocked down. that will bring us to the two-minute warning. tony: all right, jim. i'm out of here. pwhat do you say?r two minutes.
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jim: coming up next, "the mazda postgame show" be be with interviews, analysis, highlights of tonight's game and a live interview with the star of the game coming up on "the mazda postgame show." they just run out these last two minutes and this is our final score, it will be the third worst shutout loss in dolphins history. there's the a.f.c. east standings, which again we've updated. new england 5-2 but hightower,
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surgery today. he's out for the year. buffalo at 4-2. miami 4-3. jets 3-4. that was intended for carroo. and there is again, humphrey. i mentioned his father. his father has to be very proud of his son following in his footsteps. drafted in the first round. his mother barbara, u.a.b.'s record still standing in the 400. the dolphins now will be next playing oakland on sunday night, november 5. tony: there's a cat on the field, jim. jim: it's halloween season.
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incomplete. hold on. that's what i want to see. tony: look at this, jim. this is like how you ran in high school. look at that. perfect form. extension. jim: exactly. tony: and doesn't even get fazed that there's people around. ooh, look at the change of direction. does he get both feet in right here at the end, jim? he's in. [laughter] that's way too much fun at this point. i feel like we're in that tired mode where you're delayers -- delirious and laughing at silly things. my kids have a way of doing that every day. jim: take a knee. mercifully, a couple more times and we can held on to the "the mazda postgame show" with interviews, analysis, and highlights an interview with one
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of the ravens. maybe a couple of them will stop by. by the way, skura coming back at right guard. you just saw him there in the huddle. they put up 88 6 yards on the ground. tony: they control it would line of scrimmage tonight. that's why they won this football game. on both sides of the ball. that was a a dominating performance out of the reigns. jim: coach harbaugh had one streak that didn't come into play here tonight. he'd never lost three consecutive home games in his 10-year career. again, he's on his way to his 99th win against 6 losses. started that career with a great
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run of consecutive wins in the playoffs. wins a super bowl. he's put together a heck of a resume. tony: yeah, i think he's going to stick around. he's been there 10 years and i don't see any -- he's too good of a coach. he has a good quarterback. they're really well coached and if you're really well coached in the nfl, i don't know why you'd ever make a change. subtly adjust a scheme here and there but you're going to win more than you lose over the years if you have a coach who can get his team to be sound. jim: and they've been hobbled by so many injuries. and they have a couple of guys back tonight like maclin. the dolphins, the eighth stretch of games they don't even have a rushing touchdown. there have been 144 now rush touchdowns around the league. they don't have one. tony: and i tell you what, they need to get this running game --
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today the dolphins had 45 rushing yards, jim, and i think 20 or 21 came on the first play. after that they had 24 yards on like 18 carries. how dominant? 18 carries for 24 yards if rest of the game. that was the number 32 ranked defense in rush defense. baltimore got brandon williams back. he was healthy and ready to go. that's a different front right now. jim: they're not going to be last any longer against the rush. tony: and adam gase knew that coming in. jim: it's the largest shutout team by any team since november 2014 when the rams beat the raiders. final score again, 40-0. coming up next, the "the mazda postgame show." back with more after this. you've been watching "thursday night football" on cbs and the nfl network. at o this. ♪
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>> welcome to the "the mazda postgame show." >> 40-0 in baltimore, the biggest shutout since 2014. two defensive touchdowns this one coming from c.j. mosley on an interception return. it was all ravens in baltimore tonight and our set is getting ready as we speak. a special guest will be coming to set momentarily. perhaps it will be c.j. mosley. we'll check in with those guys in a couple of minutes. for now it's steve mariucci, dan
11:41 pm
haley, our hall of fame wide receiver, michaeler vin. michael? michael: i do owe everybody an apology after watching that game and we talked so much about matt moore. i'm sorry. i'm so sorry. i did pick the dolphins because i believed matt moore would give them more but that was not the case. that was a hard watch. steve: if you're a baltimore fan, you're thinking defense is back. they were the last ranked rush defense in the national football league and they showed up tonight. held the dolphins, jay ajayi and drake for 45 yards rushing. the defense scored a couple of touchdowns and held them to 196 total yards. i don't care what quarterback was playing, this was a pretty good darn defensive show. michael: the old defensive formula. great defense and great run game. 113 yards, he ran well.
11:42 pm
>> he was great and this is the second time the dolphins have been shut out this year. for now, back to tony romo and jim nantz. guys? jim: the second shutout pitched, if you will, by the ravens this year. yes, the dolphins have been shut out twice as well. 20 points in the first half, 20 points in the second half. we came in all week preparing for this game saying this max:y game is 4-2. how have they done it? because their offense was mosting such amediumic numbers. you said it from the outset, you have to give adam gase some credit. tony: this game was going to come down, to like we talked about, big plays. it obviously got away from them and miami doesn't have the offense to come back when it gets down that big. be the big play from flangeo opened the floodgates and it was chip away. a field goal here. a field goal there.
11:43 pm
fumbles and a touchdown. baltimore controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball and that's hard to do against the miami defensive front. they beat them with scheme up front in that run game and that for a whole half allowed baltimore to control the game. jim: once again, we're reminded -- how do you figure this national football league? you have a dolphins team that had these come from behind wins at atlanta. a team that have -- that was a quarter and a half away from winning the super bowl earlier in the year and then you have a baltimore team, as adam gase said, everyone is talking about baltimore like the sky is falling and here they are, fehr 40-0 tonight. tony: like you just said. miami, when you're always having to come from behind. they had two games where they scored six points total. that was their two losses. a couple other games they had to come back from 14 down.
11:44 pm
4-2 but not the kind of record as other teams. if they don't play the right away and -- way and have big plays happen, they're not going to be able to consistently win these football games. jim: don't miss the late show with stephen colbert adds he welcomes in july ran moore. tonight, only cbs. and for more football, "the mazda postgame show" continues on nfl network. there's flacco and maclin celebrating the first touchdown of the night. there were more to come, including two pick sixes. 40-0, the final. for tony, tracy and jay, jim nantz saying so long from baltimore and thank you for watching "the mazda postgame show."
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>> cbs sports thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league.
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>> right now on eyewitness news they grew up watching eagles and now they're playing for the birds. cowery clemens and wendell smallwood about a breakout season. >> on the red carpet with bruce willis the honor he received it in philly and the latest project. and first new developments in the murder of two philadelphia teenagers.
11:49 pm
police say they have identified a person of interest. the development comes as family an friends held another emotional vigil for the victims. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> and eyewitness news reporter hof alexandria hof is is liver with new details. >> reporter: within the hour we have learned police have a person of interest in this case. right now they're working to locate that individual and that all happening as the families of these two teens killed continue to press on through their grief and shock. >> i want to say i loved him so much. and my life will never be the same again. >> reporter: scenes of sorrow do the the city. >> don't let how he died define the way he lived. >> reporter: a vigil was held near 1th and washington two days after he and 16-year-old sal de nu li were showed and
11:50 pm
killed involving an argument with a group of teens near 12 and rittner street. this private surveillance obtained by eye us with news shows young people fleeing the area following gunfire. >> he was a good head. had a great head on his shoulders. >> this happened feet from the home where he shared a home with his family and flowers and candles and messages of love. >> i have so many years ahead of me. let alone him he was 16. >> kalil miller as young and loved. balloons were released in the name of both teams. two boys and now two families forever linked by loss. >> it's two lives lost. there's no difference between color. they're still sisters and brothers because god created all. and we love and we praying for them because they lost their son, too. >> reporter: now again, police have said that they do


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