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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  October 27, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news " this morning. >> well a community continues to mourning the loss of two teens in south philly. that is potential break in the case as philadelphia police ida person of interest. we're live. >> and more than 50 years after the assassination of president kennedy, thousands of secret files are no long area secret. what they reveal and what remains a mystery. >> and gambling in pennsylvania may not just be for casinos any more. we will tell you about the plans for the expansion, and whether it is a sure bet. well today is friday, october 27th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. tgif. let's get a look at today's forecast and the roads with meisha. >> tgif indeed. jim came dancing into the make up room this morning. and everybody's excited. we're looking outside right
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now, everything looking really good. just lots of con vukovich shore of course. >> anticipation of the weekends, eagles game, more rain. >> no. >> ya, sorry, but not sorry. not today. today looks like gorgeous day. it is chilly though at the onset. i would say winter coats is a smart idea to walk out today. storm scan, nice and quiet this morning, virtually clear overhead, but, you know, as a result of the wind, chilly air , do have frost advisory posted until 9:00 this morning , basically your outlying suburbs, closer to the shore, this isn't an issue , you have the influence of the ocean. closer you are to i-95, you don't have as much of the influence bus it is a bit more urban eyes the won't cool off as readily. so the more remote suburbs like chester county, upper bucks county, you get the idea you may need the extra time in the areas, all of the win shield, just waking up with us and you don't have the benefit after garage, go check out the window see if you need to do. that will currently 46 agrees at the airport, hedge after lot colder in the outlying
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suburbs, as the day progresses , looks like picture perfect day just to dress in layers, late october after all , meisha, what we should be seeing on the thermometer. so full sunshine, sun glare as a result, too, but chilly at the on set. >> all good to know. sounds good to me, thanks so much, katie. good morning, everybody. happy friday. looking outside right now, we have construction out there. so you can see the roadblocked , schuylkill eastbound closed between the vine and south street. kind of getting used to this at this point. no stranger to us, i think right before the 5:00 hour it usually clears out of the way. should be okay. good to go by the 5:00 hour. the vine looking good. westbound side looking quiet. eastbound side maybe heating up just little bit quicker, see headlights out there already. ninety-five south at cottman looking good. coming around the s curve no stops. you are looking great there. construction 202 dekalb street closed between front and lafayette. markley street, another one, kind of getting used to out there. do have construction on the boulevard, cottman, byberry, one outer lane block,
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northbound between home avenue and red lion road. outer drive closed there. jim, rahel, back to you. >> thank you, philadelphia police now say they have identify add person of interest in the murders of two teenagers in south philly. >> loved ones held vigil in south philadelphia last night. for 16 year old kalear miller shot and killed tuesday after argument involving teenagers. sixteen year old sal denubile happened in front of sal's home at 12th and ritner street they released balloons in honor of both victims. >> two lives lost. there is no difference between color. they're still sisters and brother because god created all. and we love and praying for them because they lost their son, too. >> surveillance footage shows people running from the area of the shooting on tuesday. investigators believe they are looking for one shooter. >> an update, philadelphia police make arrest in the violent carjacking after pizza delivery man in kingsessing. surveillance cameras captured
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the brazen attack around 11:00 . happened at the luke oil gas station on the 5700 block of baltimore avenue. officials say if you can see in the video one of the suspect knocks the victim, another robs the victim, other take off with his car, police still looking for four other suspect, investigators satisfy they range in age 14 to 25 years old, the victim now at home recovering. >> investigators looking into the cause after house fire that injured a philadelphia firefighter. chopper three was other scene last night as firefighters work to put out the flames. this is the 1800 block of widener place in germantown. one firefighter was injured while battling that blaze. we're told the injury is non- life threatening. no one else was hurt. investigation underway after a school bus hit a six year old boy in camden. this is cell phone video taken right after the accident. which happened around 5:30 last night at alabama and collings road. it is not clear if the boy was hit getting off the bus, when he was hit, we're told, he's in serious condition.
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scholars and conspiracy their orest cents over houses of previous files over the assassination of president john fk kennedy. hundreds more being head, siting national security concerns. cbs news correspondent seth lemon. >> almost 54 years after president kennedy did i's assassination some 2800 previously secret documents surrounding the investigation into his murder, are now public. some of those documents include details of the us government's effort to overthrow the castro regime in the 60s and 70s, as well as castro he's de night to visiting congressional committee that he had anything to do with kennedy's assassination. >> these are government reports written for other government off english a new york times best seller article about the kennedy assassination. he wants to know more about shooter lee harvey oswald's trip to mexico city which is mentioned in the documents. >> the question in the back of my minds has always been
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doesn't the cia know more about what was going on in oswald in mexico city? didn't they think he was a much bigger threat? why didn't they washington wash that at the time? >> the national until archives here in washington responsible for releasing the information, but expert stay could days if not weeks to make sense of it all. >> as world shot and killed by ruby while in police custody giving rise to conspiracy theories about the kennedy assassination, in 1964, the warren commission reported that oswald acted as a lone wolf. but that finding did little to put the matter to rest. here's a useful moment where the government tried to show real transparency about a turning point in american history. >> but it is possible the documents could raise more questions than they answer. seth lemon, cbs news, washington. >> well, president trump is now calling opioid addiction a public health emergency. he says it is time for the country to deal with what he calls the deadliest drug crisis in us history.
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>> i want the american people to know the federal government is aggressively fighting the opioid epidemic on all front, we're working with doctors, and medical professionals to implement best practices for safe opioid prescribing. >> the president's plan does not release any new money today's -- address the epidemic however ships several funds. it lasts for 90 days, and it is renewable. rowan college at burlington count any mt. laurel hosed town meeting on opioid crisis. those who have lost loved ones to opioid addiction and organizations who help addict are watching to see the government's next move. suzanne harrison lost her brother to heroin. >> there is absolutely a need for more funds, you know, to come so we can get more facilities open, we can get more treatment, we can assist if people want medication
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assisted living treatment and recovery. >> there was candlelight vigil before the meeting for partnership for drug-free new jersey organize that town hall >> merchant protest at philadelphia city hall over ordinance they say is punishing asian americans, only be selectively enforced, more than 180 asian american business owners turned out to support councilman david o, for a 11:00 p.m. ordinance, to >> in 2015, 96% of the violations were issued to only chinese restaurants. chinese population is like 1% of the city. >> attorneys for the asian- american legal and education funds are demanding the city's sees what they call selective enforcement. philadelphia police have suspended enforce that ordinance. >> philadelphians can now own and sell stun guns effective immediately. the sit had i banned the possession or use of stun guns like this one for 40 years.
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the the ordinance has restrictions on minors, a 2016 u.s. supreme court ruling which stated that stun gun bans violate the second amendment prompted the city to get rid of it ban. >> pennsylvania is placing it bet on expanding gambling. the house is approved a bill that's expected to generate $200 million to help balance the budget. the legislation expands casino style gambling to ten new mini casino sites, truck symptoms, airports. now it, would make pennsylvania the first state to allow both casino and lottery games on line. governor tom wolf's offers says he will decide whether to sign the bills in the next few days, previously, he has expressed support for expanding gambling to balance the budget. welcoming up the. bruce willis back in town not only is he filming, also excepting an award. coming up: why the actor says he enjoys making films here in fill. >> i and catch after lifetime. how group of fishermen found this rare lobster off the jersey shore. we're back in two minutes.
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>> bruce willis takes a break from fill inning to receive awards. philadelphia film festival last night, director m. night shyamalon and willis were there at the ben franklin house to celebrate. willis received the second annual award from shyamalon, who was last year's winner. willis grew up in pennsgrove, in salem county. i didn't realize. that will we caught up with the awards winning actor who told us why he enjoys making movies here. >> similar thing happened in new york. >> i believe he said he likes philadelphia a lot. and he likes to make movies here. >> will cyst currently working on m. night shyamalon's latest movie glass. that is set to be released in
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early 2019. >> out of the blue discovery off the jersey shore, group of fishermen make rare finds with a unusual coloring. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden has this lobster tail. >> eight a miles off the jersey shore, it was a diamond in the rough for these sea isle city fishermen. >> pod came over the rail, and they all got excited, doing something, and i heard them kind of like a yell, like a hoot and holler, yes. >> hot g and hollering. >> the crew of eric's boat had just plucked a rare finds, off the ocean floor. look in the pot. there she was. whoa. we looked. we saw the blue lobster, pretty cool. >> highlight of their four day trip, brilliant blue lobster in a sea of brown and green see dweller. >> we pulled it up, and grabbed the cell phone, took pictures, put some bands on it >> eric hag fished these waters all his life, amazingly
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rare one and a half pounds catch. >> i've never seen one myself. i've heard of it, but pretty rare. they say one in 2 million. it is craze. >> i a lot of older fishermen, zero seven, zero eight years old, never even seen one. >> they work the waters for lobster april through september. >> once in a while you get two with the same looking claw, and i just said to these guys, we haven't caught anything cool this year. then we state. >> set to launch new boat next week, that makes this find somewhat sentimental for final voyage a boards this vessel. >> everyone wants to know what we will de with it, who will eat it, but no one is eating. >> no but ther? >> no but ther. >> the lobster on your right might ends up on a dinner table, the blue lobster they're hoping in a aquarium so others can check out this cool catch n sea isle city, joe holden, cbs 3, "eyewitness news." >> so all can enjoy, not just us. >> well, time now 4:44. speaking every beautiful?
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>> a check of the forecast, katie, beautiful crustation. >> i enjoyed how joe described the other ones, they're blah, brown and green? >> yes. you look pretty sailorlike today yourself. >> thank you, going for the naught call theme. thank you for noticing. actually more so going for penn state blue and white, but either way, it works. so we take a look at storm scan3, all clear right now, tan will stay that way throughout the day. high pressure briefly paying us a visit, bodes well for not just today but tomorrow as well. both days look very, very nice but you zoom it out. you can see the next system on it way, already showing pretty nice organization on its northwest corner, snow currently falling, snow currently falling in minneapolis, meisha. >> oh, yikes. that is normal, though. nothing new, nothing atypical for that part. >> right. >> exactly. the same system will be arriving here over the weekends it, does not bring us any snow, but it is going to bring a pretty dreary, blah, of joe holden puts it, of an
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upcoming sun day. for now stuck in high pressure , good place to be stuck, because you ends up with full sunshine today, little frost at the onset, those outlying suburbs, but full sunshine, here comes the front charging east, we warm up out ahead of it, low 70s, for tomorrow, with more sun than anything. nice day. but the front is going to join up with eventually some tropical moisture. looks like the brunt of this really ends upgoing into long island, new england area. but we are still right on the edge of it, so most of the day sunday is looking pretty dreary, have that back up plan ready if you plan to tailgate for the eagles. sunny, warm saturday. rainy, windy sunday, total polar opposite, no pun intended and also going to turn cooler as a result. we take a look what today has up its sleeve. typical 65 degrees, just awfully chilly start, continue to dress in layers as you have been. i would walk out the door with the heavier layer here this morning, we take a look then, common, clicker, downing it, i want to get to the seven day. you hit that space bar for me, where is it going? i think my clicker has a mind
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of its own now. but regardless, lets me just step out the way. meisha, do you want to take over and save me from myself? there it is, 71 saturday. sixty-six in the rain sunday, halloween still looking pretty good. >> a lot of people don't know it but these actually have brains in them. >> clearly. >> i don't want my coffee, it says, i don't want to work for you yet. >> thank so much, katie. looking outside, construction, crews working hard on this friday morning, hopefully they'll be out of our way by 5:00 a.m. here they are, schuylkill eastbound closed between vine and south street. of course i'll let you know when they mover out of our way right now looking okay there. ben franklin bridge looking great here as well, as you come from jersey westbound into center city. looking good, looking nice, quiet, dry. exactly what we want to see on a friday morning when everybody will pop out of bed and be in a good mood. mid-county push in the southbound direction, looking there, looking good. now, construction crews here. 202, this is one of the that's
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we've been talking about for couple every days, should be getting used to this, dekalb, closed between front and lafayette. alternates, markley streets, going to be your best bet. then two-point of construction on the roosevelt boulevard, but it is to has now been cleared, looking good there, jim,ah to you. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning: extra added attraction, coming soon to a popular retail chain. >> just about everything you need when you're in pain, ailing a little bit. now cbs may be ready to add onto it business. potential merger when " eyewitness news" continues.
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>> the time is 4:50, time for check on business news. >> mine watch's diane king hall joins us from the new york stock exchange, good morning, diane, and happy friday. cbs reportedly talks to buy aetna. >> happy friday, good morning to the two of you. cbs reportedly offered more than $66 billion to buy aetna. the deal would merge one of
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the nation's largest pharmacy operators with one every it oldest health insurers. a union would give cbs more leverage and price negotiation was drug makers, final deal not expected for weeks. cbs stocks tumbled on the news as typical talking about a deal while shares of aetna jumped. jim, rahel? >> diane, i understand clean up in aisle six. robots may soon be doing a that ising in wal-mart. what's this all about? >> that's right. by the ends of january, wal-mart will have self- scanning robot in more than 50us stores. the 2-foot high robot have a camera that scan aisles to check stock, and look for out of stock items, and correct prices, and label mistakes. wal-mart says they're more efficient than human employees three times quicker at the same task, and more accurate. >> i'm telling you, these robots are taking over. they're going to -- there is going to be a robot -- there
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will be androids here in a few years. >> i'm here with the news! >> diane, have you been at wal-mart lately? it is not as if there aren't enough people in the aisles of wal-mart. now we will be seeing robot? >> yes, it will be robot, although i'm not surprised because, you know, well, i mean, this is like the jet sons happening now, i may be dating myself a little bit with that. >> the jetson's, thank you, diane, we'll check in with you in the next hour. >> coming up after the break a check on traffic. >> plus feels like fall now, katie, what about this weekend >> will still feel like fall for the most part. but there is an up tick in the thermometer readings which we will tell you about, and also the rain we're been talking about now for couple of days, it will definitely happen. i'll give i the latest timing on when the front arrives coming up.
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>> happy friday.
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walking out the door you'll need the heavier layer. this is the kind of morning, too, you may ends up with little frost, because the winds has eased up quite a built do you have the chill. so those in combination can we will i set the stage for frost to form. nothing atypical about this timing. it is late october. this is very much on par with when we would normally see our first frost here across this area. now, the urban corridor, philly, i-95, flanked cities, and towns, should not have to ever do your that. it is mainly in south and interior new jersey, and out to the north and west, suburbs , before your very eyes , mount pocono updating for 5:00 a.m. temperature, 33 the current temperature, 40's along i95 not as harsh, chilly not as harsh. but full sunshine expected today. most of tomorrow. then comes that front, we talked about. that bridges in rain and wind, probably gusts about up to 20- ish or so on sunday with essentially rain any time, and it could be heavy at times, too. behind the potent front, temperatures take a hit. held back to the upper 50's,
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or about 60 come halloween, halloween by the way does look really quiet all-in-all. pretty typical temperature wise, not too windy, and sunny , and we are also going to have pretty nice view of the moon, i think, for the trick-or-treaters that evening >> all right, katie, thank you so much. and it all sounds great. good morning, happy friday. looking at 42, 42 northbound at creek road, take this to 295 looking good. looking kinds of quiet on 42, 59 south at girard, the same story here, although i would say i95 at girard looking little busier than what we were seeing at 42, some spot starting to heat up, but on a friday morning before 5:00 pretty much going to be looking good where ever. looking at some construction here, looks like cleaning out of the way now, schuylkill eastbound, closed between vine and south street. looks like like i said they're opening that now. construction 295 southbound between route 30 and 42, two lanes blocked right there, as construction crews are still out there hard at work. they're here, as well, 202 dekalb street, also closed between front street and laffayette street. use alternate, 202, markley streets, that's going to be
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your best bet. then talking weekends closures , also, we will talk a little bit about them right now, more in about ten minutes pa turnpike weekends closures between bensalem, delaware valley there is will begin overnight, friday, 11 p.m. to saturday 6:00 a.m. also saturday, same thing, 11:00 p.m. but on sunday at 5:00 a.m. they reopen there. jim, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news," new details about the eye tack in niger that led to the death of 4us soldiers. >> more flames in california this time a brush fire, threatening homes. we'll have update on efforts to gain the upper hands. >> intentions boiling over during last night's delivers ravens match up. pat is here with the highlights. back at the top of the hour.
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>> we are following breaking news in south philadelphia this morning, shots fired at home near 16th and juniper overnight. the gunfire comes after police share a person of interest picture and address on twitter this is all related to the murder of two teens earlier this week. trang do is there. and we'll have live report for just just a moment. >> also this morning, new details emerge in the attack in niger left four soldiers dead, new concerns being raised by politicians. >> and rescued at sea, and just in the nick of time. we will tell you how two people and two dogs were able to stay alive for months on the open water, and what was just about to happen to them. today is friday, october 27th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel


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