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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  October 27, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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right now at noon a house riddled with bullets and police say it could be connect to the murders of two teenagers earlier this week. also a person of the interest i am's rahel solomon. aim jim donovan no one was hurt after this latest shoot bug police are keeping a close eye on the neighborhood. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live at police headquarters with details on how it all unfolded, good afternoon, dave i had. >> reporter: jim, it has been a brutal week for families of these two teenage victims. authorities are calling this person, simply a person of
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interest, right now not a suspect because nobody has been charged, but commissioner richard ross wants this person , to turn himself in, as soon as possible. more than a dozen bullet holes lined the south philadelphia home of a 16 year-old person of interest, in the shooting death of 16 year-old sal dinubile and caleer miller, both murdered at 12th and ritner on tuesday. >> we all discuss among ourselves why did they have guns, these young kid have guns. where did they get them? i don't know. i just don't know. >> reporter: authorities rushed to the scene of the juniper street home overnight, the detectives believed that someone fired 14 shots into the home. no one was hurt. just hours before, a philadelphia police officer tweeted out a name, photograph , and address of the person of the interest, but later deleted. person of interest is under age and we are not naming him. >> i think the important thing to under score is that the individual, or individual, that we need to speak to speak
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to behooves them to come down, and then have a talk with us, before this gets out offhanded already there are signs that it is heading that way. >> detectives now who they are looking for in this case, it is just a matter of finding this person, authorities as you just saw the commissioner the head of the department, asking this person to come forward, but of course, police are always taking tips. if you have any, give police a call you can remain anonymous. we will stay on this one today bring you updates later. reporting live, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, david. meanwhile in other news a shooting in kensington send two men to the hospital and one is fighting for his life. chopper three over east somerset streets, police say officer found a 47 year-old man shot in the neck and 24 year-old man was shot in the foot just after 7:30 this morning. the 47 year-old victim is in critical condition, and the other man is in stable condition. police are searching for that
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shooter. now, new information about the assassination of the president john f. kennedy is public for the first time. last night national archives released thousands of previously classified documents but last minute decision to withhold those documents could fuel more conspiracy theories. correspondent seth lemon has more from the white house. >> reporter: new jfk documents are revealing undisclosed information about that faithful day in november of 1963. >> president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time. >> reporter: but it was murder of the alleged assassin lee harvey oswald that really kick off conspiracy theories. the document show the fbi knew of a possible threat against oswald, and fbi director j edge gar hoover saying night before oswald was shot a man called saying he was a member of the committee organized to kill oswald, and the fbi reportedly contacted dallas police, who assured them that adequate protection would be given, however, this was not
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done. the full extent of what the government knows about the murders are still not clear because of the last minute decision to withhold, some of the documents. president trump agreed to give cia more time to review documents which it says could still compromise national security. president trump tweeted about his decision saying there will be great transparency in the end, and he hopes to get just about everything to the public the decision to keep some documents secret is sure to fuel even more speculation and conspiracy theories. 61 percent of americans already do not believe that the government's conclusion that lee harvey oswald acted alone. seth lemon for cbs news, the white house. well this sunday marks five years since super storm sandy roared a shore devastating parts of the east coast including the new jersey shore. this storm carved a path of destruction in several coastal towns, thousands of homes, businesses, went without electricity for weeks and more than 150 people died in the united states and rebuilding
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continues today. officials say the storm caused more than $70 billion in damage. this sunday's shaping up to be a soaker as well, meteorologist katie fehlinger is live on the cbs-3 sky deck to tell us when heaviest rain will arrive, katie. >> it is looking like it will be sunday here, jim, so the storm in question is showing some very, very solid organization right now, and your eyes do not deceive you when you go wide to storm scan three it is in fact, snowing across parts of the midwest and northern high plains right now. take a look at this wide zoom we have a classic candy kaine, comma like shape going on here and cold front associated with this storm is what it is going to be crossing this area with very poor timing as it pertains, to our beloved eagles game coming up on sunday. we are expect to go see very nice weather leading up to. that we are expecting that the rain will arrive here, into sunday, as early as saturday overnight but for now we have got picturesque conditions, and so nice outside, but here's a bullet point for
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sunday if you have outdoor plans we could end up with easily one to two plus, locally up to 3 inches of rain out of this storm with wind gusts peeking as high as 30 plus miles an hour, and true for folks at the shore points but it will be a predominantly westerly wind flow so shouldn't cause too much in the way of coastal erosion or coastal flooding, because we're not going to have that on shore wind shore per se but back to the here and now you cannot ask for a better day, granted dress in layers certainly but a really nice afternoon and that is how we will hold, at lee for now, guys. >> katie, thank you. well, you'll soon be able to walk freely on some streets in philadelphia thomas katie just said weather should be nice for it. city is hosting second annual philly free streets event. three and a half miles will be closed from city to fair hill, to cars encouraging people to walk, walk around, event runs from tomorrow 8:00 in the morning to 1:00 in the afternoon some road closures and parking restrictions have already started. you can find the details on our web site at cbs
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now unbelievable story, navy rescues two americans and their dogs lost at sea for five months. that is sound of relief works man say they have been stranded since may, they were attempting to sail from hawaii to tahiti but their boat lost power but was damage during a storm. taiwan fishing boat found them 900 miles southe of japan and contacted the coastguard in qualm month. man say they survived because they had more than a years supply of food on board. take a look, researchers say this great white shark is, playing on the ocean floor, and this is off the coast of new zealand, shark is using equipment like a toy, it was attract to the canister because it is filled with chunks of tune a this footage was captured by scientists a few months ago as part of the effort called global fin print >> do sharks like tuna. >> apparently. >> touchy subject for some, homework, coming up on "eyewitness news", where school officials, are banning homework in elementary schools
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, and what they are urging students to do instead. plus, celebrating halloween with the animals at philadelphia zoo, i'll take you along for boo at the zoo when "eyewitness news" continues.
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a bridge shut down over politics. their biggest triumph was a traffic jam. chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and our economy is crawling. we are better than this. i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that works for every new jersey family. christie and guadagno left new jersey stuck. i'm serious about moving new jersey forward.
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well, welcome back, it is a topic that candy tried parents and teachers, it is homework really beneficial for elementary school students.
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some schools nationwide say no , including one in new york city, which are it banned homework from kindergarten through fourth grade and said kid are encouraged to read 30 minutes each night but critics say doing away with homework isn't the best idea citing recent stud that is say home work can help kid do berth on test an improve their self discipline and achievements. i agree. >> yeah, reading is still a comfort. >> yes. it is trip to the zoo is much more fun then homework and this weekend is your last chance to visit boo at the zoo >> just like that, plenty to do like trick or treating and seeing animals. i wanted to check it out. i got quite the scare. >> reporter: if you dare to visit boo at the zoo this weekend, it is a warning thaw are in for a scare. oh, wow, nailed it. good job, buddy. okay, okay, probably more cute then chilling. >> boo at the zoo is a philadelphia zoo tradition to be sure. >> reporter: year after year event brings out young people, often times, thousands many in
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customs for trick or treating and halloween theme fun with the animals. >> it is one of our favorites weekends. >> there are bears. >> that is blue. >> like jungle book, yes, the sloth bear from the jungle book. >> blue and his love bird kayla were brought together to hopefully mate. they clearly love pumpkins. there are legless lizard, that look like snakes. i buy the way am terrified of snakes. >> i'm sorry. >> yes, no, no, no. >> i did. >> when they are being chased by a predator they can drop their tail but they just don't drop their tail it shotters in to tons of little pieces and that scares a predator. not only to get them off their tail but scares them away because it is so surprising. >> there is a simple fascination, why do you think that is. >> bats are one of those animals that everybody knows about them but they don't know that much about them. they hear these cool things, they are a mammal but they can fly. they use floattation.
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>> people think they are spooky, scary but they are associated with halloween for that reason but i think they are really cute. >> there are owls like maya who is originally from the wild. >> there common misconceptions one that they sleep during the day. not necessarily. people often think they can turn their head around all the way. >> not completely. >> they can really only go 270 . i'm saying only. that is impressive. >> not quite 360. >> so come, learn, trick, and treat. jim what did you say. >> i wish i had eyes in the back of my head. >> yes. >> and look out for boo at the zoo is the price of the regular zoo admission. >> eighth great place to go. spending is on the rise, national retail federation says spending will break a record this year at $9 billion that is not just for one person. that is also up from 7 billion in 2014. experts say millennials are doing buying, they are spending more on costumes to get those great picks for
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social media and dressing their pets, for the holidays. sales of the pet costumes especially super hero costumes for dogs are trending. >> i got my costumes for my dog. >> hollywood comes to philadelphia, stars of the cbs comedy, superior doughnuts are in town. >> coming up, how they are inspiring future actors and which doughnut shop they plan to visit while they are here, katie. >> now that the weekend is right around the corner we are expecting a half and halfer, absolutely, tomorrow does look beautiful as we have mentioned great excuse to be outside but by sunday, soaking rain comes through with some gusty wind to go witt, we will time out this pattern change in your full forecast and i'll have th he's a husband, father, veteran...
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but most of all, he's a fighter. chris brown has never been afraid to take on the big fights. that's why he stood up to republicans and democrats alike to fight the north jersey casinos and the takeover of atlantic city. chris brown is fighting to protect jobs in our region... a true champion for the working men and women of atlantic county. on november 7th, let's keep him fighting for us. chris brown for state senate, he's on our side.
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he stood up to north jersey special interests jersey than steve sweeney. to increase funding for our schools. he stopped christie's over 200 million dollars.outh s and he led the charge to pass paid family leave. aarp applauded sweeney for freezing property taxes for seniors and cutting prices on prescription drugs. "i got to take my hat off to him. he's a man of his word." steve sweeney. because there's more work to do to get south jersey's fair share.
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"eyewitness news" at noon continues with a look at how social media can impact your life. >> tricia recently launched a you tube channel called truthful tricia tells doctor phil on line haters are ruining her life, and, her marriage. >> recently over course of two nights we had five pieces delivered to our house that we didn't other. >> i eat pizza with black pepper in it, i'm severely allergic to it. >> unaudible. >> okay, well, first off, if somebody sends you something you didn't order and you didn't necessity where it came from, why did you eat it. >> i paid for it and said i didn't to have make dinner tonight. >> you gave us a video of you having a severe allergy to pepper like peanut allergy which kills, children of course. >> i talk to doctor phil today to find out more about tricia
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and her on line life. >> we have a woman that we're talking like a truman show here this woman walks up in the morning and everything that she does she thinks she has to broadcast for an audience. that is all well and good until the trolls come out, until haters come out, and start attacking her and she makes the big mistake of engaging with these people, responding to them. >> hater will hate. catch doctor today at 4:00 p.m. on cbs-3 followed by "eyewitness news" at 5:00. never engage. >> yes. >> do you do daily facebook live. >> it is just filled with joy, love. >> it is interesting, i think it is one of the toughest parts of the job, for me because we have to be on social media, understandably but there is a lot of mean people out there, this is really an interesting. >> you have dealt with that in the past. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> block.
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>> yes, ban, all that good stuff. >> how is the forecast, i'm exited to get out the door for tomorrow, sunday, i will stay inside. >> it is not the war idea but there are diehard eagles fans out there, of course, as there should be and they will all be out at the tailgate. meisha's will be out there get your tarps, get your rain gear ready, sunday is looking soggy and we will get more of. that we mentioned earlier that it is coming up, on can you believe it, the fifth anniversary, of super storm sandy and we will take you outside, in a second here, to the traffic cam but here's a beautiful view outside cape may, just overlooking, the beautiful reflection on the water, you cannot find one single cloud in that sky. it is just gorgeous. it looks like there is no one out here either, do you want privacy on a very beautiful afternoon? beach's empty, you guys. lets take a look at that anniversary trek, for you here , back in october, late october, 2012, this was an interesting storm system in the way that it moved on shore , and we all remember the
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impacts as this made its land fall officially at 7:30 p.m. on october 29th, brigantine, new jersey ended up being the land fall for that storm system but thankfully we have, luckily no major tropical issues right now but there are some hints of tropical issues, down the road, here, which we will get to as well. so here's another look for you the leading edge of the frontal boundary that will be moving in come saturday night, overnight, and then into sunday the prime area issue of sunday, this is still working its waye, slowly moving east and then tropical outlook just within the next few days this area of low pressure has a six in 10 chance at this point to develop. should it develop into a named storm, which is still somewhat unlikely philip would be the next name but it does have a decent chance here to become a depression. regardless of its tropical status though this is trucking north bound and it will join up with a frontal boundary. so as the two converge it is primarily over new england but we will be in the cross hair of that, you know, little, pow
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wow those two pieces of energy will have. today looks gorgeous. tomorrow looks absolutely gorgeous. warm up nicely here to the lower zero seven's but front charging east and you will see cloud building. still a great excuse to get outside. sunday however rain will come through, it will douse us at times, and this is a model, so you know, not gospel but something we can use as a guide here as that tropical moisture joins up with the storm or front specifically, we are going to see drenching rain not to mention gusty win. sunny and warm tomorrow, rainy and wind up tomorrow, half and half forecast if i ever saw it that rain could be heavy at times. outside to kutztown area middle school where we have decent frost on the ground earlier this morning, and we're at 56 degrees at this hour and then currently we're in the mid up toker 50's across a good portion of the area, lower 60's through south jersey, halloween, brand new, super fun graphic to show you, i love our running man franken stein monster here, we're
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going to be nearing a full moon this halloween so with a nice clear moon it should be a sight for kid as they helped out and halloween in general looks really nice though, sunday is the wet day, that would be the day thaw want to try to stay inside if you can help it but have the rain gear ready tailgating.
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i'm guess a contact dean. every friday night at 11:00 we are giving three cheers to someone in the news honey expires us or makes us feel good about our community.
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so far we have cheered eagles kicker jake elliott for his 61-d goal, we have honor mike mc gary of south injuries hoy risked his own life to save others in las vegas and we have spotlighted m knight shamelen forgiving his hometown a starring role. tonight we are doing it again and it is a first, we will see you at 11:00 for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" right after an all new blue blood. tonight is night cast of the comedy superior doughnuts on cbs is here, in philadelphia for their comedy show at punch line. >> before that show tonight they held a panel discussion hosted by our very own pat gallen for students at philadelphia high school for creative and performing arts. >> how is everyone feeling today. good, good, good, good. >> those students at capa could not get enough of david, and, the others, and even jermaine fouler made impression before the panel ended this morning. before their show the cast will head to frankford avenue this afternoon so we should
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say after their show, this afternoon for a taste test at factory doughnuts and punch line philly at 8:00 p.m. can't catch the stage show tonight, don't worry see the cast in action on superior doughnuts monday at 9:00 right here on cbs-3. it is teddy bear broke the interest note, thinks instagram video of charlie a french bull dog from new york honored, dressed in a teddy bear showing that, rushing toward camera and then enjoying a car on the. nine month-old dog has gain half million views on soaks media. >> he has more views then we do i can't blame him. that is "eyewitness news" at noon i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. for katie and all of us here watching. >> i'm katie fehlinger. >> a amazing weekend everybody the young and restless is coming up next.
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