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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 30, 2017 12:05am-1:06am EDT

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but the defense was dynamic and at the end, the eagles beating down the an fran will break it all down. plus, map down another sixers first round pick has season wrecking injury and we'll have the latest on markelle sglults that was nine years going tractor-trailer. thod. >> quick what do you think about earlier today. >> we expected win and 49ers to be tough. they're a stuff-behinded team. we were significantly tougher. >> when you looked at the score. >> that was not an easy game. i mean that's a team that wins their personal battles not on the scoreboard but tough whip it's a good win. it's a good wind we can build on without a doubt. >> 9ers are first team to win five straight games by three
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point or vieer. tougher game. >> they are competitive. >> we'll show you how the birds got to the doug today if with you go to the highlight lacking foral shawn and the ball was high and eagles settle for field goal would make it nine. 2nd quarter eagles defense looking for a place to play. robinson picked off on the play and laid out by robinson surprise mic cloud. >> and closes in with the big hit and mc cloud always away. >> always aware indeed. it's a bic. later in the second quarter under pressure. fletcher cox. head over -- >> he was dominant today. >> he was shook. birds offense gets it going. zach ert in the end zone. will teams could have him or not. >> that was all scheme they had unique personal grouping
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in a say. for for -- picked up by jaylen mills. jaylen what's you got. beefing up the field he goes 37 yard touchdown return pick six. and eagles will get two point conversion they're up 17-0 at the half what did you see. >> great break on the call look like it's hard to believ believe. >> still great resheer jaylen mills beat him to the punch on that one and then the wherewithal to fibdz says locker. and the fact that every defender was out there trying to maul people for him i love sglat make it into point. jake elliot for 51 yards out and here's the reason we show you. it's 20-0 at that points and eagles team record 5 fieldgoals 58 yard and single season. looked for matt collins picked off by swijer spooj. >> what's walt did you tate.
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>> they expected to continue the route as he stat down. man cover ramming you have to get open and go back to the ball and he did not -- that's why we don't see owe more of this town. >> and that's what i was asking -- during the game i was like write should see more of mark collins obviously miscommunication. shovel mass to matt freeda and 21 yard touchdown. 9ers will take it 24-123w4r how to take advantage of what the eagles defense was doing so well and getting up field after the quarterback and as we she the young guy was afraid for his life swiing that big it. >> eagles coming back. wentz looking deep, got a man, it's am shawn jeffery. hello, get off me. and he did got the score. 53 yards out. eagles up 27-27.
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>> this is why -- plays best. a little under thrown but di fepder when he has back to ball i'll catch that every time. that's word that's book on him and we have not seen that enough this year. and when we have he has not taken advantage or won and i hope this is newer rar to the season where he makes all 5 50/50 catches. >> 49ers looking for a field go. no sake's denied. to ken may. >> no, no, no, block right there robby gold and barnett this dude is always hustlin hustlinging. i love the intensity. he never slows down. doesn't take a play off. right. there beautiful job blocking it and knowing he can crush that dude in ordered to clear the way if you recover for himself. >> number three overall pick was solomon thomas does he febs receive end in the game
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and blunt with a twelve yard touchdown birds win 33-10, lesley van arsdall has more. >> this game was kind of like the weather. messy at times. certainly not perfect. but at the end of it the son is shipping on the eagles. they won stix straight they're 7-1 and still have the guest record of nfl. >> not everybody and every game will be trj and but i wanted to way to win and that's what comes due. >> we could be better an i could be better. i started and took me a while to get oing. after you got going after the whole room got going it was hard to stop us. >> obviously we work really hard and having a lot of fun. and you know it's not every day that you get to be in this position. but we're going to enjoy every moment and stay in the home and keep doing what got us here. >> overall you can bring us plays here and there and cause and baptise we can take and
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make our destiny. at the same time -- >> while the weather not ideal, it was not a factor. >> it was not that bad. i don't think people have to wear different cleats i think we kind stuck to our game bird off to best start since 2004. good start to the season. you're up pressed aren't you. >> today demonstrated this team gets up for the trapped games. doug had them ready to my and the intensity was impressive. and they were not always sound in their aasignments opt
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offensive side of the ball but butty and hard work overcomes mistake and it did today. >> party at the linc even though wet, stoing jury and nasty. >> john going to stick around a little while longer. we're taking a break. remember when the 1/4 are backs wvr weak link defendant fence. we may want to rethink that. fraet day by the bird secondary tlalt and more when we come back.
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>> and welcome back to the zone. don bella long side john richie. let's jump in a time machine and go back to july. man, this defense is really good. but, those defensive backs i'm skird. >> uh-huh. >> i was. >> yeah. >> you? >> still scared. shook. >> and jaylen mills is making plays and you mentioned patrick robinson you love the way he played. >> i had no idea he was this good. no one in the league had any idea he was as good as he's showing us. he had a dumb plays today just aggressive run support plays that were rare. i have not seen a corner back come in and you're a full back all right. >> all right. >> you're the best full back in the nfl. kyle, and you're coming to block me sgle here i come. >> tiny patrick, i'm going to
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submarine you, chop. i chop right through you. and i'm flying so fast i bar ill into carlos hide as well. i took two gaze out and second guys were ball yourier bit way. unbelievable play. he makes uncanny almost impossible to understand how he possibly could do that. >> not a big dwi for his speed and size and miserable. he thinks things are almost irrational. but consistently. so, it's real. and i gets so excited to watch this and then you know that group i think about each position on a team as a room. because that's who you go with to watch the film. i guarantee that secondaryy group that room has greater time when think go back and watch the film because they're blowing people up levrts and right. >> you see that from jalen
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mills run support on the outside it's impressive. >> absolutely. the corner backs are now way over achieving and they continue to do so. i felt like this games with patrick robinson's best game and that's my view point it may not grade out that way. but the way hi blew people up and flew around i loved it jaylen mills the same thing. and i think it's contagious. and i think. >> point is you have malcolm jenkins back there he's a tough guy and can play cornerback by the way. skills and plays with safety. he has rest of corner back could have canning hoo like corner backs and playing like safeties. >> and obviously fearless as well. rodney mc cloud. >> as a union they played well. always in position. and the wide nine remember how it stunk and we could not stop nip? running the football.
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well, now you have these defensive ends wider but you have corner backs and safeties that are willing to insert and fill and strike fear into the hearts of offensive players. and so it works. they know where they're supposed to be and where their help is playing with leverage amazing week after week to see predecision and fury all. >> defense as a whole played well and we noticed an sense of jordan hicks. i'm sure that xwil change. we deposit see too much from walker in terms of being xosed in any way, shape or fine. we didn't mention those guys. >> we didn't see much of them e i do? i muk alkendrick almost over pursued on so laby plays. that's picture in my head. he's almost over pursuing and then falling wack out an making attack. >> yes, so there's good to
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see there oden five side of the ball and owe depend receive side of the ball worried about jason peters. you cannot loss a future hall of famer and not buzz a deep and what did you see from big v. >> we had -- heeds searching for words. >> we had our handful not just because of big d but because the offensive line was challenged today. i think the 49ers said we're going to test them. we're going to very what this quluping left tackle can handle and we'll flow a lot of overloads in there and stuff late. so, basically they come up to the line of scrimmage and they're set and then right before the snap sne shift or bring a safety down late. and so that exchanges calls for the entire offensive line. that changes who the mic is. the direction protect and
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these calls need to be communicated and echoes and they need to get phone call. >> same as lane johnson want the breakdown campaign and it was not just line it was backs being irng operated. they did a good time skaping. they threw a lot of looks at us. ape thought the o line played one of their poorest game this season. >> this is worst we've seen owe fenively from the eagle sgldz some of that was the warm. we could get into that. i'm a little worried about what will happen when we get colder. >> here's what heeds resing carson wentz played at north dakota state. he played in a dome. we always think about it it's luv and item tlbl warm, this, that and the other he came out wearing gloves and found no to
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a pair of gloves. latex. >> he has to sticky, chatty gloves. pain tin wore those as well. >> he wears fwhem 2 gets cold. he'll one one glove almost all the time. the fact car sop was out there two gloves trying to throw with the things on in warmups he's trying to get used to inchemical epsy. blades have not played it i had coach who's said if you did not traffic pick all week where does that device. i had that bad or above. >> not wearing it on the cam came. >> on game day. >> so he was trying some stuff that i was worry xwd you know you got to work fly the the footing issues. those gloves our receivers i'm surprised we caught the ball as well as we d no matter what
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when you are drinking the game at the stadium i put it in the car. >> when you watch that game if home you don't look back. >> we were in for the pregame zone it was ridiculous. >> it's employ and than let's as nice. >> gloves if he get sick they're pud on them and stopped. he's never had to deal with some of the stuff he told you today in tells of weather and what will he do once they're top 35. >> he's shop us that he can take in a whole lot of new information asem late it and incorporate it under his beat. hopefully that continues in terms of getting new company we'll be forced to play in. >> midway play for seigels.
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next record in the nfl. >> next game at home against denver. through after a season how hospital mystic are you. >> i'm amazed. i'm extremely optimistic. thaep is a special year. and i think we all felt that from the gecko. but when you first start the steps. >> third do you remember and d. 6. >> okay. /we have a great some mymentry team. not just run and pass owe fen servicely and -- but the offense and d fence kicking teams. >> chris christieing goal side lipdz was korey. >> even though he broke a record he missed two extra points something to keep an eye on. >> one was bad snap and some soggy plant foot. growing paindz but i think we
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all feel -- i don't want to jinx things i put up against -- feel confident he could have their own. >> we hope they continue to play once we gets to jaep they can play. >> everything is coming through philadelphia ft. play yvrs start that's a huge advantage. volume that we can create at the linc makes a big difference. >> next week at the linc taking on denver brovrping owes, john good to see you hear on radio all this week as well. we're taking a break here and the jeep sports zone. when we come back it was action packed sunday including nfl including this game down in washington. the red skips and cowboys see how to panned out we'
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are more football talk in a
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minute dpivrt baseball. dave capler currently dodgers director of player developmen development. he spend twelve seasons in the big and won world series with boss strong red sox congrats to dave former colleague of mine "fox sports", super bright, insightful all that stuff. looking forward to it. >> bassle second place nfc east and shootout in pacific northwest to tell you around the national football league. at washington. fist quarter zeik elliot. up the middle to the touchdown. power run. 7-dal at lead late end of 4th quarter kirk cousins with a touchdown. 26-19. last chance. cousins drops back to pass and was disaster. by ron jons takes it to the house. coye because whips 33-19. this may have been game of year. seahawks and "sex and the
12:28 am
texas yaps in the pacific norm west. de shawn watson to de andre jankens. text yaps take the lead 3-34. washington had four touchdowns and three picks. it's tough down to jimmy gram and final second game 4 touchdown passes as well and seahawks win if a short and the bird take on seat atle later they have screen. now let's talk about nba. sixers are back action tonigh tonight. by toypt need in houston as they tre on rocket this we're sneb with you over awe pick matthew felt would be added to the lineup indefinitely. >> after seeing specialists markle has right shoulder soreness and scapular muscle imbalance apps. there's no structural damage
12:29 am
and will be reevaluated in five weeks. i asked at the beginning of training camp and this things has been a mystery and fans and sichers i don't know how they hand it will to be honest with you. time for final break here in the zone. but about we return, we'll have the top three plays of but about we return, we'll have the top three plays of week, top three on three
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>> it is that time of the week here is ram top throw on three. key component by utah jazz. >> and explodes. whoa. fans loving that one the athleticism.
12:32 am
6 6 play action again. over the top. what an interception by add early >> well done. we hope you enjoyed your time in the zone for saul, dominic dominick, andy and paul. i'm don bell. thank you for watching and i'm don bell. thank you for watching and have a great night
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♪ george clooney's new daddy milestone. >> let me just tell you what happened three days ago. >> his new interview about the twins. >> shocking. it was shocking what's changed. >> plus -- ♪ >> justin timberlake gets a second shot at the super bowl. >> what a time to be alive. >> what to expect from his halftime performance and why janet jackson could join him. >> are justin bieber and selena gomez back together? why he's hanging at her house. and does the weeknd know? >> plus our behind the scenes exclusive at live with kelly and ryan. >> hi. you're so handsome. >> and the flashback that left them speechless. >> oh! >> also only "e.t." is on the set of shania twain's first movie, co-starring with john
12:36 am
travolta. >> the whole crew went crazy. >> then bod image confessions. why she hated being skinny. and we turn the tables on david letterman. the question that completely cracked up the comedian. [ laughter ] >> this is "entertainment tonight." >> george clooney sounds off on the harvey weinstein seblgsial harassment scandal. >> george and his buddy matt damon were both out this week promoting their new movie "suburbicon" and both had plenty to say about harvey weinstein. >> i want to know who took women up to a hotel room and then left them there for harvey. i want to know who did that. harvey's going to get his, you know, and it's going to -- and deserves it. but there's other people involved in this. the kind of assault we're talking about now is -- it's so infuriating that this was allowed to go on as long as it did. >> clooney is standing by the
12:37 am
woman who had the courage to lift the veil on weinstein's dark history of alleged sexual abuse. ashley judd was one of the first actresses to share her allegations of being harassed by harvey. in her first tv interview, she told diane sawyer her story of escaping his advances nearly two decades ago. >> finally, i just said when i win an oscar in one of your movies, okay? he's like, yeah, when you get nominated. i said, no, when i win an oscar. then i just fled. then i just fled. >> she and george are hopeful this will be a catalyst for change across all industries. >> my wife, who is a human rights lawyer, says she's faced this exact kind of situation in law. it's everywhere, and so it needs to be addressed as if it's a problem for all of us. and we have to take it on full force. >> at the hollywood premiere of "suburbicon" george arrived with both amal and her mother. >> mother-in-law here so you guys say nice things, okay?
12:38 am
>> their twins, alexander and ella are nearly 5 months old and george keeps it real talking about their latest milestone. >> three days ago my children started on what we would call solid food. it went in fine. i don't know how it goes in as a carrot and it comes out the way it comes out. but it was shocking, and it was terrifying. >> do you have any baby hacks, like things you can share with your fans that you've learned that are good tips? >> don't feed them solid food. i mean till they're like 20. till they can change their own diaper, they just get milk. >> listen, george, if you still need a babysitter, i don't care what happens with those babies. i'm your girl for real. we have got much more on the way. hear matt damon's reaction to clooney's worst jabs. and if you think george was hard on him, wait till you hear why matt was intentionally injuring himself on the set. it's bananas. that's ahead. >> but right now let's talk about these two co-hosts.
12:39 am
kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. i hit the set of live earlier this week six months after seacrest stepped into his new role. >> how are you? >> hi. you're so handsome. >> how are you, buddy? nice to see you, man. how much time? >> i've got 25 seconds. >> here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. >> 25 seconds before the show, kelly and ryan walking out. for them, that's an eternity on live tv. >> thank you very much. thank y'all. >> it's so fun to watch you two on camera. i get excited. >> i'm actually genuinely excited to see her every morning. i know in the past sometimes you didn't say hi before you go on the air. i like to say hi to her before we go on the air. we don't talk about too much. >> ryan is exactly who he is off camera and on, and he's sincere and genuine and authentic and generous with every person.
12:40 am
>> next week, ryan will celebrate six months on live, and it's clear his chemistry with kelly isn't just for the cameras. you're hosting a halloween party together. >> yes. she's hosting. i'm a guest. >> oh, you're a guest. >> he is the reason we're having the party. so i said we are hosting it together. this would not be happening. it's on a tuesday. >> it's on a tuesday. >> i go, most people will not be arriving until -- >> welcome to new york. >> the 42-year-old has to keep a tight schedule. in addition to live, he's got a daily radio show and he's back to work on american idol. >> i think you've got to work kelly in there somewhere. i meant like on a special guest judge kind of thing. >> i'm going for hollywood. >> she wants the golden ticket. >> this combination of judges makes me so happy. >> they said to me when they were talking about me coming back to the show, she said you have to go and host the show.
12:41 am
>> he is the heart and soul of american idol. >> because kelly and i go way back, i couldn't pass up on a chance to reminisce about our time together on all my children. right now, i'm going to let you know there was a ryan before you for kelly. >> how are you feeling? >> oh, i'm still breathing. >> it's that acting that drove me to talk shows. >> so good. >> i'm going to be there. >> oh! >> no! >> that's when i slipped you the tongue. >> that's right. >> we were great together. >> i can watch that reaction over and over and over. i can watch this too. look at this. look at the cold shoulder i'm getting here. >> you better be glad i lost my voice. >> time to move on and get to justin bieber and selena gomez. they were once hollywood's young it couple. now it justin getting back into
12:42 am
selena's life? >> kicking off this weekend's couples news, we separate fact from fiction after justin shows up at his ex's house. ♪ >> these are the images that fueled social media speculation about a selena and justin reconciliation. ♪ "e.t." has learned it is a fact the two reunited last sunday at selena's home. justin arrived first, followed ten minutes later by a casually dressed selena. but a source tells us it is pure fiction that the meeting was romantic. selena is still committed to her boyfriend, the weeknd, who is currently on tour. so what's really going on? a source tells "e.t." selena was hosting friends from hill song church, including justin. ♪ our source says selena is making amends with fractured relationships from the past after undergoing a life-saving kidney transplant this summer. and monday and tuesday, her emotional first interview alongside her donor and best friend, francia raisa, will air
12:43 am
on the "today" show. >> you feel that francia saved your life. >> because she did. i guess i got to the point where it was -- it was really kind of life or death. >> now to blake and gwen as shelton's new album has a sweet shout out to stefani. "e.t." got a listen ahead of the release. the song is called turning me on, and blake sings she's revlon red in the blackest night. stefani has been a longtime brand ambassador for revlon cosmetics and even longer advocate for a bold red lip. shelton goes on to sing that someone knows how to set me on fire. ♪ a source close to blake tells "e.t." that he and gwen's real priority right now is having a baby together. gwen would love nothing more than to give brake his first
12:44 am
child. from music royalty to the real thing. looks like actress meghan markle is moving in with her man, prince harry. >> meghan is likely to be moving to london as soon as november. she's planning to leave canada and make london her new permanent home. >> and that new home will be at kensington palace. >> meghan already keeps a wardrobe of clothes at harry's house. she's going to be spending all of her time over here from now on. i'm told that the plan is for harry to move to a bigger apartment within the kensington palace compound, but that won't happen until an engagement announcement is official. >> how about these couples? the kardashian/jenner clan is expanding as we hear kris jenner is awaiting three new grandbabies. i talked to the mom ager, whose biggest change might be her blaun blonde ambition. >> i was going to dye my hair blonde. kim is like, let's try a wig, so we did. >> so? >> and then kim took a picture,
12:45 am
but after the martini, i forgot. then she posted it. i'm like, you brat. >> as the woman behind the kardashian empire, kris says the key to her success is keeping it all in the family. between the television shows and cosmetic lines and just about everything, how do you just keep it all straight? >> well, it's not a lot of sleep. i'm really lucky because i have all the girls and rob, who has the best work ethic in the world. so it takes a village. >> at 61 -- kim and kanye are expecting baby number three via surrogate, and our sources tell us khloe and kylie are pregnant too. >> how do you think major life changes for such a young woman will impact kylie's business empire? >> she's really, i think, equipped to handle whatever comes her way. i'm so proud of that kid. >> we caught up with kris at the wwd apparel and retail ceo
12:46 am
summit where she spoke this week. but even though this family works hard, they also play hard. so prank calls are something of an art for the kardashians. is there any chance i could convince you to do a prank call with one of your kids right now? >> we could try khloe. hi, boo. i have a really quick question. they asked me to do playboy. >> like naked? you're going to be naked? >> is that a no? >> listen, it's your life. i support you. you support us. is this a real thing, though? >> khloe, i love you so much. this is a prank call, and i'm on "entertainment tonight." and this is wild that you were so nice to me this morning. >> my man. >> you have to understand, i literally just kind of brought this up out of nowhere. without hesitation, kris grabs her phone, makes the phone call, and delivers. >> that's why she's got a billion dollar empire, because she's just that go. way to go, kris.
12:47 am
on the way, we turned the tables on david letterman. the question that completely cracked up the comedian. [ laughter ] >> then bombshells from anna faris' book. >> during the decade or so that chris and i were together -- >> what she's revealing about her ex, chris pratt, and the recent experience she credits with changing her life. with changing her life. >> james with changing her life. >> jamwelcome to maxx you. you are whimsical, vibrant, statement making. we see what makes you unique. so we have something for everyone, at a price that's just right for you. maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx right, right and it's on the ice. and it starts with a c. cat, cat. it's cricket. no, not cricket. it's curling. how did you know? she has her phone right here. (laughing) why you cheating, baby? (laughing)
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'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico. goin' up the country. later, gary' i have a motorcycle! wonderful. ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. you produced this show. isn't that fun? you've been in ten battles and lost every one. >> that is drop the mike, which just premiered on tbs this week. >> james corden has done it again. it started off as just a bit on his late night talk show, but now it has joined carpool karaoke as a full blown show. you know who was there for the big premiere. kevin frazier.
12:50 am
>> how do you do all this? >> i don't know. it really takes our breath away, you know? >> come on. it's hal le berry. >> james corden, i'm coming for you. >> jimmy kimmel said obamacare. what have you done? >> hoping to host and lend some street cred, this rap icon. >> how would you rate his battling ability? >> i'm going to keep it honest. he's pretty good at word play. >> if you wonder what she smells like -- >> billy baldwin co-stars alongside the grammy winner, method man, and his boss have that mutual respect thing going on. >> it's wu-tang clan. i can't get my head around the fact i know him. >> i like to think i'm a decent backdrop of authenticity for his vision. >> i never thought he'd be as good as he is hosting the show. i've never seen anything like
12:51 am
it. >> but as for james respecting halle, not so much. >> she's had an incredible, astonishing career, but her personal life is a mess, and i'm going to taefr her apart. >> how did you mess that up? >> oh, snap. come on, james. did you have to kill her like that? this show, though, it's addicting. now to david letterman. we miss him. fresh off his jimmy kimmel live appearance last night, letterman, bushy beard and all, got honors. some of his famous friends were there along with our kevin frazier. the former late night host was celebrated for his contribution to american humor with the kennedy center mark twain prize. >> okay. >> his wife and 13-year-old son were there to cheer him on. >> what does this night mean to you? >> it's part of my never-ending campaign to impress my son. that's what it means to me. >> by now he's got to be impressed. >> do you have kids?
12:52 am
>> i do, and they could care less about me. >> there you go. we have that in common. >> dave vows, steve martin, martin short were part of the gala event. >> dave was on jimmy kimmel's show last week. kimmel came here still gushing about his idol. >> how great was it having david on the show? >> i wouldn't be doing my job if it wasn't for david letterman. i think i fall into stalker category. so to be here, to be asked to be here is a big deal for me. >> jimmy loves you. he worships you. >> yes. jimmy is misguided in that sense, and the audience was great. and the whole thing was a fun experience. i wouldn't want to do it every night. that would kill a guy to have to do that every night. >> and if you douthought the bu beard was just a phase. >> no, not unless we have brush fire problems in this part of the country. >> next year, david will launch an interview show on netflix, and we wondered what else he might do now that he's got more free time. >> is there any chance you would ever do something say like
12:53 am
"dancing with the stars"? [ laughter ] >> well, dave's old show is still on fire. this week, stephen colbert welcomed anna faris. she's telling all in a new book about her eight-year marriage to chris pratt. it was surprising when they split. it's even more shocking when you hear about anna feels about chris. >> during the decade or so we were together, we were happy and in love and we really are just regular goofballs. >> anna has put her eight-year marriage to chris into the past tense. anna admits she made minor re-edits in the wake of her split but still dedicates the memoir to chris. >> your wisdom and sprth have made me a better person. >> revelation number two, chris wrote the foreword after their separation. however he did not lend his voice to the audible version. >> when i was asked to write the foreword, i immediately said yes
12:54 am
without thinking about it. boy did a lot happen between then and now. so much. like so much. >> revelation number three, anna was embarrassed and hurt when false tabloid reports of an affair between chris and his passenger co-star jennifer lawrence made the rounds. >> jennifer and i really are friendly and she was apologetic even though she didn't need to be because she hadn't done anything wrong. >> revelation number four, anna describes the set of this summer's overboard remake as her sanctuary. "e.t." was on the vancouver set in june. it was just one month before the couple oh officially announced their split. >> it's been the best filming experience of my life. it really has. >> now it was on the set of overboard that anna met her rumored new man, cinematographer michael barrett. they were first spotted together last month. coming up, the stars of a bad moms christmas. how they handle justin hartley's sexy santa striptease.
12:55 am
>> so much energy. i was freaking out. >> only "e.t." is behind the scenes when they take over the price is right. >> a technique i witnessed first hand.
12:56 am
12:57 am
no more perfect decorations, no more perfect anything. >> take christmas back. >> to taking criticihristmas ba. >> the film hits theaters next month. it takes place in chicago, so i hit the windy city with mila kunis, kristen bell, and katherine hahn at gino's east. >> to christmas. >> our way. >> it's been nearly 15 months since the ladies last linked up for the first bad moms. but now there's some new faces. >> mom? >> hi, mom. >> amy. >> who's going to play your mom? i was like, christine baranski makes me really uncomfortable. she genuinely makes me nervous in a good way. then i met her, and i'm like
12:58 am
you're the nicest human being on the planet. >> compare your relationship with your real mom to your relationship with your character's mom. >> no thanks. >> you don't want to go there? >> i love my mom. my mom's like super mom. she's just a mom like in the best sense. >> what kind of moms do you guys become? >> my whole house becomes a giant arts and crafts project, and it's really just for me because i love seeing everything sparkle. i like trees and santas and bows everywhere. whatever. >> no, whatever. >> that's a good one. the whole family? >> yeah. >> if i can only get my dogs on them. my dogs are like -- >> who's in charge of selecting every -- >> how dare you. >> my bad, mila. how about two of the wildest scenes in the sequel? the dodge ball game. that had to have been so much
12:59 am
fun to shoot. >> my back is still -- >> it was also very hot because we were in christmas sweaters and jumping on those trampolines. it was very sweaty and hot. >> you also took a shot to the head. >> i was knocked out cold for almost a week, i think. i didn't get back to production for seven to ten. >> glad you're back. >> thanks. >> glad you're all right. >> where am i? >> so she's kidding, but speaking of wild scenes, how about katherine hahn waxing this is us star justin hartley, who plays a sexy santa? >> how many takes did that take? >> it's really serious. >> i understand. >> it was for real, okay? >> you guys connected there. >> we were very connected. two hearts and minds connecting, okay? >> i don't think i've ever felt this way about another human being in my entire life. >> you really were focusing on keeping the eyes up. >> i don't know about you, but i
1:00 am
don't think i would have had that kind of concentration. now, as is a tradition at gino's east, the ladies added their own signatures to the walls of the restaurant. >> i need to know how many slices of pizza you had. tell the truth. >> pizza is not my thing. you know that. i had a little taste. >> you know those ladies weren't done making the rounds because they also answered the call to come on down! hitting the set of the price is right. >> again, i tagged along for the wild, wild ride. >> it's mila kunis, kristen bell, and katherine hahn in your new convertible. >> who's our next contestant on the price is right? >> hey, bad moms, come on down. >> look at how excited you're getting from a name tag. >> so much energy in here. everyone is freaking out.
1:01 am
i said that i learned english by watching price is right. >> i literally had an out of body experience. this is amazing. my 9-year-old self was like ahh. >> monday on cbs, the three bad moms were spokes models for the day. some techniques that i witnessed firsthand, showing off the prizes. >> a great prize worth $12,172. >> if you could teach me -- >> sure. >> you had some nice -- >> i did. gentle gestures. a jazz hand every now and again. >> sprinkle it. >> just sprinkle it in. >> 10,000, 10,000, 10,000. >> they were, great, man. they had a lot of energy. they were super fun. had just the right attitude for price is right. >> the audience was treated to an advanced screening of the
1:02 am
movie where the three deal with all that holiday stress and pressure. >> amazing. >> what just happened? this was incredible. >> at first i was surprised seeing how excited they were to be on the price is right, until i heard this. >> my dream is to be on the price is right. >> see what i mean? >> if i ever get to spin the big wheel. it will be bigger than an emmy if i got to spin the big wheel. >> well -- >> both hands. you spin it with both hands. >> up next -- ♪ >> justin timberlake gets a second shot at the super bowl. >> what a time to be alive. >> what to expect from his halftime performance. >> and why janet jackson could join him. >> plus matt damon on getting flak from his director and getting smacked on the set. >> one cheek, which was completely discolored. >> but first, deion sanders
1:03 am
botox confession. former nfl quarterback just turned 50. >> when you look at the mirror, you look at yourself and say, hey, i don't like that. i see frown lines and crow's feet. i got to do something about that. botox cosmetics. a lot of men are apprehensive, especially when you have something called cosmetics. i'm not that kind of guy. >> he has a steady gig as an analyst for thursday night's pregame on cbs. his other steady, girlfriend of five years tracey edmonds, who he plans to marry as soon as her son does one thing. >> at the conclusion that dylan graduates from high school, we're going to be, yay, dylan. then you'll hear the bells right after that. >> closed captioning provided by --
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