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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  October 31, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EDT

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right now at 11:00, the science of getting scared. why do some people love being frightened while others hate it. >> an amazing catch out of the blue and tonight a happy ending to this lobster tail. where it will soon call home. but first. >> i'm at fault. i don't know -- i'm appalled. i don't know what else to say. >> disbelief in a delaware county niib hood. this man used a business to prey
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on young children and they fear more victims may be out there. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. police say the suspect dressed up as popular characters at childrens' parties. >> david spunt is outside the courthouse with disturbing allegations and what the suspects neighbors have to say. >> reporter: the story is disturbing. authorities believe that there are more victims out there. there were some allegations of this alleged behavior a few years ago but authorities did not have enough information to slap cuffs on this guy. tonight they say they have plenty of evidence to be able to do this. he is behind bars and he is no where near children. >> come on. did you rape these boys? [ bleep ]. >> reporter: hiding his face, an angry michael anthony crips walked out of the delaware county courthouse after being charged with raping four young boys. >> as a parent it makes you wince with agony.
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>> reporter: his prison uniform a far cry from his work uniform. some days he was mickey or minnie. other days he was elmow. even dora the explorer. he was hired for children's companies. authorities say he would befriend single mothers and get access to the boys. sometimes as young as five years old in some cases he slept at the boys' homes. crips moved around a lot but we found his home and spoke to a neighbor who asked us not to show her face. >> to think that people would hire people that somebody like him to come to their kids' party and this is what you turn around and do? i'm appalled. >> reporter: other neighbors who didn't even want to speak on camera says crips was a problem neighbor. a police officer driving by told us crips had issues. this woman watched as crips was walked to a waiting squad car. she breathed a sigh of relief.
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>> this is ludicrous to know you've got pedophiles walking around you and not even knowing that they sometimes could be your next-door neighbor. i'm appalled. i don't know what else to say. >> reporter: michael crips was convicted of burglary in the past. he is in jail tonight here in delaware county. authorities believe parents have more information out there. if you do, give the strict attorney here in delaware county a call. reporting live, david spunt, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> thank you david. we now know that the fourth man was shot by police in a parking garage he allegedly went on a 4-day crime spree. violent crimes in wilmington and clay mont delaware and the parking garage on saturday. alexandria hoff is at the police department tonight. >> reporter: the most recent update we received is that the suspect remains in serious condition at the hospital and with that once perhaps unlikely
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individual is offering some sympathy tonight. >> i feel sorry for him because a young man. i think he's -- i'm not sure where he came from in the past. >> reporter: 87-year-old richard byrd is describing this man, identified by wilmington police as kalin jackson. >> he pulled over to the side of the road and said we're going to set here about 20 minutes and take you home. >> reporter: that time together was the product of a car jacking. around 8:30 a.m. friday jackson walked up to him as he sat in the driver's seat of his car in front of his house and ordered him to the passenger seat. >> i didn't feel threatened by him except when he had the gun in his hand. >> reporter: eventually byrd was dropped off unharmed. >> he gave me back my cell phone and my wallet. >> reporter: what byrd didn't know is that police allege the same suspect stole a separate car the evening prior in wilmington firing two shots at the victim's apartment.
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it was a spree that authorities believe may have led the man to the mall on saturday where a woman was robbed at gun point. for some reason on sunday the same suspect returned to the same spot. >> reporter: he intentionally rammed police cars and was attempting to run down officers that were on foot. >> reporter: the suspect was shot by police on sunday and taken to paoli hospital according to sources. the car at the scene, the same make, model and color as a vehicle stolen from richard byrd. >> he's reacted badly to the point where he's now in a hospital and that's not good for him. >> reporter: sourceness delaware have identified the suspect to be kalin jackson. police in montgomery county will not identify the suspect until they formally charge him. alexandria hoff, cbc3 eyewitness news. >> we've been spoiled with mild weather this fall but tonight you may have to turn up the heat
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and add the extra blanket. kate bilo is tracking a chilly need and we're even talking about 30s. >> we may be talking about 30s in a few spots tonight but certainly tomorrow night many spots headed down to the 30s. hopefully that happens after the trick-or-treaters are all nefld in their beds. we've got a couple of cold nights on the way. a cold front moving across the region right now. we have some showers and notice how these showers have fizzled as this front continues to push eastward and move into our area not seeing much as that system heads our way. it's part and parcel of the same system that brought the winds to the area yesterday. that's up here circulating over portions of eastern canada and if i could move this ahead, the clicker doesn't want to work for me tonight, but that is what produced the wind earlier today. now as we advance the temperatures, you can see temps are dropping but as we await the
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arrival of the cold front we're on a southwest wind. right now the temperatures are not that bad, poconos will drop into the 30s, will drop into the 40s in philadelphia. tomorrow for halloween it's going to get chilly. coming up i'll tell you just how cold it will be for trick-or-treaters out there. just how bundled up they'll need to be. >> major developments in the russian investigation led by special council robert mueller. the white house says the charges have nothing to do with the president. >> reporter: on monday special council robert mueller unveiled the first charges stemming from his investigation into possible collusion between russia and the trump campaign. paul manafort and his business partner rick gates pleaded not guilty. manafort's lawyer says the charges are ridiculous. >> there is no evidence that mr.
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manafort or the trump campaign colluded with the russian government. >> reporter: the other man charged is george popodopoluos. as part of his plea agreement, he admitted lying about his dealings with the russians. the white house distanced itself from the three men charged while also down playing the significance of the indictment. >> today's announcement has nothing to do with the president. we've been saying from day one there's been no evidence of trump-russia collusion and nothing in the entiiment today changes that at all. >> reporter: the president said sorry this was years ago before paul manafort was part of the trump campaign. also there is no colation. jeff flake of arizona cautioned the president against issuing any pardon. >> the firing or pardoning those who are indicted.
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>> reporter: manafort and gates posted bond and were confand under house arrest. they're due to return to court on thursday. despite today's development the white house says it believes the special counsel special is close to being completed. >> police are asking the public to help them catch a kill letter. 57-year-old brad hayes of clist ton heights was discovered beaten to death in his car last tuesday. two people were seen on surveillance video running from the area where he was discovered. one of those people is now considered a person of interest. >> the number 2 subject, the person of interest met him in the alley. so he wasn't part of what happened at the car. we're looking to talk to him. >> reporter: officers say a motive for the beating is unclear. anyone with information about the murder is asked to contact police. >> two more penn state university fraternities have lost their recognition.
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both fraternities violated new rules about serving alcohol at social events. the university says delta epsilon will not be recognized again until the end of spring semester. pi lambda thy will not be recommend niced until 2019. >> governor wolf has signed a bill that allows a big expansion of bam bling in pennsylvania. it will make the fourth state to allow online gambling. it allows the current casinos for the right to operate satellite casinos. airport gambling is now okay. supporters hope the legislation will produce $200 million a year. it's the night before halloween and you can bet plenty of
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creatures are stirring. >> you either love it or you hate it. we're talking about getting scared. why do some people pay money to be frightened and others just avoid it at all costs? new brunswick with the science of fear -- nicole brewer with the science of fear. >> it was a catch straight out of the blue. we have an update about this lobster caught off the coast of new jersey and where it will soon be call home. >> serious allegations against kevin spacey. how the actor is responding tonight. >> and a live look at downtown bethlehem where the temperatures are dropping.
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>> the annual palmyra new jersey parade went through town between main street and riverton and race street. even a fire breathing dragon. >> that's good. >> when it comments to halloween, some people just want to focus on the candy. others are all about the fight. >> from scary costumes to haunted houses, why do some love spooky things and others do whatever it takes to avoid it? nicole brewer joins us. >> that would be me doing whatever you can to avoid it. >> yeah. past experience has a lot to do with it. but research suggests some people are simply more stress sensitive. as you're delighting in all things fright this halloween, remember there are plenty of folks who absolutely dread it. >> reporter: you know it when
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you feel it. >> a sense of alertness. >> you can feel everything freezing up inside. >> fear. the unpleasant emotion that helps identify threat and this time of year some pay good money for it. >> i like to feel my heart jump a little bit. >> my blood pumping and stuff. >> i think in the moment i love it and sometimes i close my eyes and i avoid it. >> many respond in many different ways when they're afraid. >> reporter: a sociologist and author. she says our personal experience shapes our reaction. >> you grew up going to haunted houses and watching scary movies with your friends and family. if you didn't have that or if you had a bad experience, that can create a strong negative relationship. >> reporter: brain tem industry also comes into play. >> our body is thrust into this threat response so that's typically thought of as the fight-or-flight response and our body starts releasing chemicals.
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>> reporter: while some enjoy the rush, it lands harder on others. >> people get paralyzed by fair. >> hoe did our yuk washington react when a zom be inmate made its way through the news room and under is desk? >> i wasn't really scared, i was startled. there's a difference. >> even ukee admits he was sweating but it's good to get out of your comfort zone especially in safe spaces. >> fear gets a bad wrap but really we do need it for survival. it's what has our speess to survive over time. >> let's hope that helps our friend ukee forgive us. >> we all need it. >> she was scary. >> she was. >> a little freaky. sorry about that. >> i was startle a little bit.
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tried to play it cool. >> let me just tell you something, ukee and jess since you're both here. fear doesn't have a gender bias. while women express their fear more openly as a scream or something else, research shows that men are equally impacted. it's just that society largely expects men to keep it together. which isn't really fair either. >> no, that's not fair. >> didn't i keep it together? >> you did. >> on the outside. let's put it that way. thanks nicole. appreciate it. kevin spacey is apologizing to fellow actor anthony rapp over claims that he made a sexual advance towards rapp when he was a child. he said it happened 14 years old. he doesn't remember the encounter but he apologized. many are outraged in part because spacey used the same tweet to come out as gay. today netflix announced "house of cards" is ending after season
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six but that the decision was made before the allegation. an update now on a story we brought you last week. a blue lobster caught in the waters off the jersey shore. >> a lot of people were talking about this one. the rare blue lobster was caught about 80 miles off the coast of sea isle city and the fisherman vowed that lobster was not going to the dinner table and we are happy to tell you the lobster has a new home at the adventure aquarium in camden. >> we'll have to go see him. >> i like that guy. >> i like this weather tonight. >> it's not bad. >> after this morning. >> it's definitely feels like fall but it's not that whipping wind we had this morning. we had some wind gusts over 50 miles per hour, tree branches down, power out. now everything has recovered pretty nicely. it is a pretty decent night out there. seasonably chilly. tomorrow will be seasonably cool as well. tomorrow night once that sun goes down on your halloween, it is going to be a little on the cold side. we'll start off with a time
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lapse of today. this is in rehoboth beach as you can see this morning. the board all wednesday and cloudy and windy. it look how quickly it clears up. the afternoon was gorgeous and the winds gradually died down as the stormson continues to move off to the north and that pressure gradient slackened just a bit. it's 50 degrees in rehobeth beach. there's a secondary cold front passing through pennsylvania right now. the cold air back across the midwest and the northern plains and woor going to tap into some of that as we head into your halloween tomorrow. right now it's cool. it's not that bad just yet until that second front passes through overnight. it's 44 in mount pocono. most other spots will be in the 40s tonight maybe some upper 30s but we don't have any forecast or freeze worntion out there. 49 right now in dover.
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it's a lot colder as you head to the north and west where we're seeing 30s in spots like minneapolis, des moines, chicago dropping quickly and that chill will be felt here tomorrow night after the sun goes down. the good news for the trick-or-treaters, no problems out there. look at tomorrow afternoon. here's about 5:00 p.m. we start to see the sun go down, dusk settles in, the kids are ready to go door to door. it's crisp, clear and cool and it is dry. it's the only day we can guarantee dry weather. wednesday afternoon evening stray showers. thursday, mostly cloudy it is warmer but more clouds than sun with a chance of a shower. tonight clear and cold 46 for your low. tomorrow nice day for the halloween parties. 60 degrees and not a ton of wind. once trick-or-treating begins
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right about sundown it will be in the mid 50s but it gets cold quickly with sky and nearly full moon drop through the 50s and into the 40s and by day break many spots will be in the 30s. we've got to fall back this weekend, set those blocks back before you go to bed saturday night and sunset time on sunday. a super depressing 4:53 p.m. say good-bye to these long evenings. 70s thursday and friday and pretty seasonable this coming weekend. >> i like that. super depression. >> but halloween looks good. >> we'll take that first. >> don's up next with sports. >> we have some breaking news tonight. a devastating below for the dallas cowboys. fright night in south philadelphia and the sickers looking for redemption in hous
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z. >> the sixers have four losses,
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one of them hurt more than the others. the rockets outscored them and won at the buzzers. tonight the sixers looking for payback. houston third quarter we go. sixers up by zero wins and 10 losses. the arizona coyotes stink. no way they would come into south philadelphia and beat the flyers. it ain't possible, or is it? flyers down by 2, under a minute left in the game. he cuts the deficit with
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seconds remaining. first win of the season for arizona and it comes in philadelphia. the phils have named a new manager. gabe cap letter. he's 42 years old and over the last three seasons he worked with the dodgers as their director of player development. in 2007 he managed a minor league team for the red sox. he also won a world series in boston in 2004 as a player. something bad could come from something really good. the eagles defense scored a testified in yesterday's win but fletcher cox may combe punished for his role in the play. a video of mills picking off a pass. during his touchdown return, he threw a block you see it right
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there. it may have been illegal. not only did he leave the game, he couldn't fly back with his team to san francisco. instead staying in philadelphia overnight. the is investigating the incident and cox could be fined or suspended. the eagles will go for their seven straight win sunday at 1:00 p.m. right here on cbs3. they're 7-point favor. denver right now is playing in kansas city and losing 29-13. they'll come here on short rest. big news that impact the dallas cowboys. a district judge has denied an injunction in the ezekiel elliot case. he does have 24 hours to appeal however. this means he will miss the cowboys eagles match-up in
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dallas on november 19th. the cowboys are 4 and
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you're looking at the pagoda building. october is breast cancer awareness month and the pink lights are a reminder to schedule a mammogram and stay vigilant in the fight against breast cancer. you can find more information at halloween came a day early to the white house. trump and the first lady greeted trick-or-treaters today. >> military families, children from community organizations and more than 20 washington area schools all met on the south lawn and they had a great view of the white house all decked out for halloween.
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