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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  October 31, 2017 6:30pm-6:57pm EDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs paul manafort manafort jeff glor jeff pegues kaspersky kaspersky >> be advised, we have multiple people on the ground. >> this was an act of terror. >> mason: a deadly attack in new york city. >> oh, my god! i need an ambulance right here. >> mason: a rental truck plows on to a bicycle path in lower manhattan, mowing down riders and pedestrians. >> this is a mass casualty situation here. >> he's got a gun and everyone is rudding. >> i sue the dude with two guns and all of a sudden four shots went off. >> mason: a suspect is shot by police and taken into custody. it's the deadliest terror attack in new york since 9/11. >> we'll respond as we always do. we will be undeterred. this is the "cbs evening news."
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>> mason: good evening. i'm anthony mason with jeff galore who is in lower manhattan. at least eight people were killed in new york city today, and at least 11 injured in the deadliest act of terror in this city since 9/11, and it happened just block from froms from the d train center. >> a trucker ran down drivers and pedestrians on a bicycle path. a new york city police officer shot the suspect air, 29-year-old man originally from uzbekistan. he is in the hospital. jeff. >> reporter: anthony, thank you very much. and good evening from a shaken but still very active lower manhattan. we are at the corner of chambers and broadway right now, not far from where this took place. and as we continue to gather information and police do as well, demarco morgan has away fl came to an end. police are heavily armed to make
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sure the rest of the night goes wiout incident. >> reporter: demarco, thank you very much. jeff pegues is in our washington bureau now with the latest on what we know about the suspect. jeff. >> reporter: well, jeff, of course, we know he's 29 years old. we also learned just minutes ago he is a truck driver who has addresses in both florida and new jersey. and this is someone who doesn't seem to have an extensive criminal background. we found about four traffic tickets. and so far that's it, but you can bet both the f.b.i. and n.y.p.d. are digging into this person's background. he's 29 years old, identified as sayfullo saipov. investigators believe that he was acting alone, and this was not part of some wider plot, but it is still early. officials believe the 29-year-old suspect was acting alone when he drove that truck on to that bike path. federal intelligence officials will be combing through databases, looking for leads on the suspect. for example, where he's traveled and who he has been in contact
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with. in addition to that, agencies as will scrub their database looking for any signs that he has been on their radar. they will also try to get their hands on some of his hiz electronic devices and scrub them for information as well. was there something that he was searching for on the internet? was there someone that he was communicating with in the days and hours before this attack? on its face, this, of course, has the hallmarks of the type of attack isis and called for and cities everywhere across this globe have tried to guard against. what will likely help police in this investigation is that the suspect survived. but that, of course, depends on how much he cooperates. jeff. >> all right, jeff, thank you very much. more from west broadway and chambers here in lower manhattan in just a moment. but fory've kept in touch with, talked to, to try and identify these sorts of individualindividuals that mighs before an attack. but we don't know where he got it this truck from. >> mason: he came from tampa,
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apparently. >> he has residences in both tampa and new jersey. they'll look at that. you can be sure they're trying to put together the legal bases to try to search those places. >> mason: what are investigators doing right now? >> well, they're throok see what was his motivation and how was he inspired? so one of the things they'll look at, we know that this man, the truck driver, was from originally uzbekistan. uzbek han stan has an islamic extremist group, the i.m.u., the islamic movement of uzbekistan. and they were established in 1998. they in 2015 moved from an affiliate of al qaeda to isis. we that both al qaeda and isis have talked and sort of pushed the idea of truck attacks, car attacks. and so, the f.b.i. investigators are going to look to see whether or not he was motivated by the i.m.u., or another extremist group? did he have any contact with them? that's why they'll be looking at computers and cell phones and that sort of thing to see if there's any affiliation there.
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>> mason: as you mentioned-- and i know the new york police department has said this-- this is essentially what they've been looking for for a while. >> that' that's right. >> mason: but it happened in a place that's extremely vulnerable and really almost can't be protected, right? >> that's right. we have gotten better over years of protecting large pedestrian areas. think about the area around the 9/11 memorial. we can protect a sort of discrete area. but the west side highway, which runs the entire length of manhattan and that bike path is, as you say, anthony, near impossible to protect. so people are vulnerable when they're there gl al. >> mason: already, fran townsend thanks very much. let's go back to jeff glor in lower manhattan. >> anthony, remember, it's halloween here in new york city, across the nation, so many people attend the halloween parade here every year, and there are still so many people on the streets, as you hear sirens constantly nearby us tonight. mimounmichelle miller is
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nearby with an update on some of those who were hurt today, michelle. >> reporter: jeff, i'm at bellevue hospital, just shy of three miles away from where the attack occurred. this is a level-one trauma center, the closest to the scene. five of the people who were injured, among those 12-- more than 12 injured-- were transported here by ambulance for emergency triage. we know from our sources that two were sent immediately to the o.r. but we do not know the severity of their injuries or their conditions. we don't know if any of the five are among the eight known dead. we don't even know if the suspect is among those who were transported here. several of the other injuries went to new york presbyterian hospital down in lower manhattan. as you can see, there is a police presence outside of bellevue hospital. we spoke to many of the people walking outside. they told us there was a
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heavier-than-normal police presence inside. they are checking i.d.toss make sure that people are who they are, where they're supposed to be. so the n.y.p.d. keeping a close watch here at bellevue. jeff. >> michelle miller, thank you very much. with an update on those who were hurt. major garrett has reaction from the white house tonight to what we saw here in manhattan this afternoon. major. >> reporter: jeff, president trump has been briefed on this terrorist attack and for the very first time through his twitter feed just moments ago gave it an inisis inspiration or at least indirect isis linkage, the president writing, "we must not athrough isis to return our country after defeating them." that is a tweet from the president just moments ago. earlier today, the president made his first comment about this episode in new york saying, this yief trump, saying, "heartbreaking news coming out
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to help guide you through the confusion. well that wasn't so bad at all. that's how we like it. unitedhealthcare. >> mason: president trump today tried to put distance between himself and the investigation into russian interference in the election, this despite the indictment of his former campaign chairman and a guilty plea by a former campaign adviser. major garrett reports what the president said today is at odds with what he said in the past. >> reporter: on twitter, president trump falsely claimed paul manafort... but the indictment alleges manafort lied to federal officials and carried out a money laundering scheme during his tenure as campaign chairman and while advising the transition. manafort has pleaded not guilty to all charges. the president always said, "few people new george papadopoulos," a trump campaign foreign policy
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adviser who has pled guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about efforts to contact russian interests for the campaign. on march 2016, the president spoke to the "washington post." >> reporter: that same month, papadopoulos was photographed at a foreign policy meeting with candidate trump and future attorney general, jeff spepgz the white house said mr. trump barely remembers papadopoulos. this was the president last week: >> one of the great mmplez all time. >> reporter: today, press secretary sarah huckabee sanders said the campaign turned over papadopoulos' emails to the special counsel's office, which included communication between papadopoulos and sam clovis, the trump campaign national code chairman. the plea agreement citing those emails says that the the campaign supervisor, now known to be clovis, told papadopoulos i would advise and you other members of the campaign to make the trip to russia if it is
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feesable." but sanders tried to contradict that account today. >> my understanding is there wasn't encouragement. >> reporter: clovis has been nominated to a top scientific post in the department of agriculture, and despite questions raised by the top senate democrat on the agriculture committee, the white house said it sees no reason to withdraw clovisepiscopal nomination. >> mason: social media executives total a senate subcommittee today that russian-linked accounts began trying to interfere with the election in 2015, and they kept at it long after the voting had ended. here's nancy cordes. >> we take what happened on facebook very seriously. >> reporter: executives from facebook, twitter, and google told senators today that russian trolls were more prolific than they initially believed, posting 80,000 pieces of content on facebook alone between 2015 and this summer. >> so this continued after his election? >> it continued until we
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disabled the accounts. >> reporter: most of the posts and ads originated from one office building in st. petersburg, russia, where an operation innocuously named "the internet research agency" uploaded 1100 videos to youtube and published more than 131,000 divisive messages on twitter. facebook estimates up to 126 million users saw fake russian posts like this one, falsifying hillary clinton's record with veterans. it claimed to come from a group called "texans for truth." >> that advertisement has no place on facebook. >> reporter: all three tech giants say they have invested in staff and systems to keep bad actors out. >> we are committed to working every single day to get better at solving this problem. >> reporter: louisiana republican john kennedy was skeptical. >> the truth of the matter is you had five million advertisers. they change every month, every minute, probably every second.
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you don't have the ability to know who everyone of those advertisers sdo you? >> to your questions equestrian about seein essentially behind e platform to understand if there are shell corporations, of course, the answer is no. >> reporter: a bipartisan group of senators has introduced legislation that would require social media companies to disclose who is paying for political ads. but, anthony, most of this russian material was free content, not paid advertising, making it that much more difficult to root out. >> mason: nancy cordes on capitol hill, thanks. our coverage of the terror attack in new york city continues in a moment. she thought it was a fire. it was worse. a sinkhole opened up under our museum. eight priceless corvettes had plunged into it. chubb was there within hours. they helped make sure it was safe.
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dead, at least a dozen injured. with me now is cbsn security analyst paul viollis. paul, you think the time was very specifically chosen, the location as well. >> no question about that, anthony. i think forensically, when we take a look at this and we look at what the agencies are going to do right now and who is going to be responsible for what, one part of that investigation is going to go back forensically to look at the cameras, and we than we've done an exceptional job since 9/11, and incorporate the artificial intelligence in that to see when this guy came. was he at that scene before today? and i think you're going to find out that he was. he picked it carefully because it's 3:00 in the afternoon. it's halloween. there's a lot of kids, and he intentionally targets that school bus. he didn't-- that wasn't by happenstance. he clearly sat and scouted that area, and made sure that it was at this particular time. >> mason: this event occurred at 3:05 in the afternoon, but police responded very quickly to this. >> right, right. >> mason: in a way, this probably was the most prepared
6:49 pm
police department in the country for an haven't like this, yes? >> yes, but think about it, anthony. we see this-- our viewers see it, whether we live here or not, they're visiting here-- you see the number of exercises the new york city police department deploy all time. >> mason: they're going on all the time. >> that's not by mistake. that's by design. we should not be surprised about the and i expeditious man and efficient manner in which they responded here. >> mason: as much as we heard people in the n.y.p.d. say this is probably what they expected next, it's very difficult to guard against something like this. >> well, especially, when you start using a vehicle as a weapon of mass destruction. we're going to come back now and we're going to analyze this a little bit more. we're going to have to examine whether we do something different going forward when it relates to somebody renting a truck. >> mason: yes. >> and i think there can be internal controls and reported controls on that and i do think we're going to make changes on that going forward. i think an interesting part here too, when he exits the vehicle and he makes that proclamation, he's holding fake weapons. he holding, you know, a
6:50 pm
paintball gun. he's holding a pellet gun. >> mason: what do you make of that? >> he was not intending to live through this and he wanted to suicide by cop. he was expecting police respond, and no question he expected to be shot and killed. >> mason: it's important he's still alive. >> it's critical he is still alive because now we have the benefit of interviewing him and garnering significant intelligence information based on who he knows and how he became radicalized in addition to how he planned and why he planned this specifically. it's key information. we have not had that available to us in recent incidents over the last couple of years. we do now. it's key. >> mason: this is-- i mean, in a way, this happened right in the n.y.p.d.'s backyard. >> no question, right. it's right by 1 p.p. but-- >> mason: one police plawz afor those who don't know. >> correct, sorry. 1 police plaza. it's right in the background of what? >> mason: the world trade center. >> world trade center. carefully chose know, time of day, location, highest return on investment. >> mason: paul viollis, thanks for being with us. >> always a pleasure, anthony.
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use the tools at or call 1-800-medicare. open to something better? start today. ♪ now, and new york city is going ahead with its annual halloween parade with extra security tonight. an event that often draws two million. marchers and spectators being held not far from the scene of today's terror attack. governor andrew cuomo urged new yorkers to be new yorkers and not let this attack change them. from what we've seen so far, that is the case. many new yorkers out and about this evening. at least eight people were killed. at least 11 injured when a man driving a rental truck plowed
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into a bike path and then crashed into a school bus this afternoon. police shot and wounded that suspect when had a paintball and a pellet gun with him. he is identified as 28-year-old sayfullo saipov, originally from uzbekistan. this has been described as a lone wolf terror attack. we will have much more on this story on our digital streaming network cbsn, on your local news, and tomorrow morning on "cbs this morning." i will see you then. for now, in new york for anthony mason, i'm jeff glor. good night. nice to meet you sir. joseph, i'm are you? how's
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[ laughing ] look at the smiles and the hard work that the people here are doing. it's like making mini sandwiches. they're no different than anyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. this is a nice place. yeah. he plays basketball with lauren. steve called, fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome. lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. deep down in his heart he feels for people who are disadvantaged. lauren's a light in everybody eye. she's the spark that has started the fire. the goal is to keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment. see, i love you. i love you guys too. you know that. yeah.
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terror in new york city. mowing down bike riders. the suspect caught on tape. and kid to the rescue. the 13-year-old hero who saved a drowning man. here he is! then, something fishy? >> questions about the two women who say they were lost at sea for five months. >> was this all a hoax? and wendy williams. fainting spell on her halloween show. plus, i tonya. it's the newton i can't harding movie -- it's the new tonya harding movie, and it makes her mom the vin.


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