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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  November 1, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EDT

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. at 11:00, terror in new york city. a suspect rammed a truck on to a busy bicycle path. crashing into pedestrians and cycle of its and setting off panic >> i see people running and screaming the search for a motive and we learn more about the authorities
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good evening everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm natasha brown. . >> here's the at least at least eight people were killed and at least 11 others were seriously injured. the suspect has been identified as 29-year-old sayfullo saipov. he rented a truck from home depot and mowed down cyclists. they say he yelled allah akbar, are back for god a great when he got out of the truck, a note found referenced isis. its estimated barrelled along the path about 14 blocks before slam ongoing a school bus. he was eventually shot by police and taken into custody. >> we have team coverage of the attack, we begin with david spunt near the scene in lower manhattan. david? >> reporter: jessica, this is the deadliest terror attack
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since 911. ironically i'm standing a cob of blocks away from the world trade center. i want to back out of the way and show you this is an incredibly active crime scene. hours later you can see this crime scene team behind me. they're still collecting evidence trying to keep people out. we know the suspect is in the hospital and police are hoping to talk to him. on a beautiful halloween afternoon. melee in lower manhattan >> there was three bicycles and destroyed to the point where i didn't know that a bicycle could be destroyed in such a way. one was completely bent in half. >> reporter: 29-year-old sayfullo saipov driving a rented home depot truck mowed down bikers and pedestrians on a bike path along the hudson river >> this is tragedy of the greatest magnitude. >> reporter: local and federal authorities were at the west highway scene moments after the crash. sayfullo saipov collided way
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school bus injuring two adults and two children, eight people were pronounced dead soon after. this video shot by an eyewitness shows the suspect pulling out gun, police feeling threatened opened fire. shooting him in the abdomen. it turns out the guns were a paint ball and pellet gun. >> we have been test to do before as a city very near the site of today's tragedy and yorkers do not give in. he watched the horror unfold from a classroom window. >> i saw the emergency vehicles down the highway we were able to see the dead bodies as well as the broken bikes and the damage that happened. >> reporter: authorities believe sayfullo saipov who has homes in new jersey and florida acteded alone, acted more than a dozen and taking the lives of eight innocent people >> they lost the house this
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morning, enjoying the beautiful we have the side of manhattan on a beautiful fall day and they won't be returning home. >> reporter: tragic story and impair bill di blasio in new york said nothing will break the spirit of new yorkers or the city as a whole. historic i'm looking up right now from my vantage point i can see the red, white and blue tonight to honor those people injured and killed. report live in lower manhattan david spunt cbs3. >> there in the shadow of it. what do we know about the victims tonight? >> reporter: well, we do know that the argentinians officials said five of the eight victims are from argentina. winning bell engine officials are saying one is from belgium. our our sister reporting another victim from germany. we don't know the identity or
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nashnal tea. crews expecting to be behind me much on the day tomorrow as well. we've learned he has ties to pennsylvania. sayfullo saipov owned a tractor-trailer. he received several traffic citations in pike and cumberland counties in 2012 and 2015. one of those tickets was for operating unsafe equipment. the 29-year-old has residents in patter son new jersey and tampa, florida. according to authorities, he does not appear to have an extensive criminal background. president trump used twitter to respond to the attack. he wrote my thoughts, condolences and prayers to the victims and families of the new york city terrorist attack god and your country are with you. he also said we must not allow isis to return or enter our country after defeating them in the mideast and elsewhere. enough. the terror attack did not
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stop the annual halloween parade. mayor di blasio and governor cuomo took part. the philadelphia police department said its officers continue to be vigilant, they're asking residents to join them in keeping the city safe. alexandria hoff joins us live from center city with this coverage. >> reporter: we spoke with police commissioner richard ross and he said tragic events like this must be used as a learning tool for other cities like philadelphia. a bike path is designed as a safe haven, a place to enjoy free of vehicles. in new york's we have the side. the trust was breached by a rental truck on a deadly rampage. those in philadelphia who had not yet heard the news grief. >> it's shocking. my dad is there right now actually and i had no idea what
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happened. >> reporter: a vehicle as a tool for terror is attack tick and the world and our nation come to know. while utilize bike trail, he said he always held some fear >> when i'm on this trail, right down there. and there's nothing to protect me. like. like i said they're going to fast on this road >> i grew up in new york city. like this is something i always thought about. >> also walking along kelly drive. abraham had a different take. >> it's a risk you have to deal with. someone could drove a car somewhere. you can't really change >> it's always an additional act that forests to you do things just a little bit different. >> reporter: in the wake of vehicular attacks, philadelphia gatherings such as this past weekend free streets event are largely juried with trash truck
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with increased entrances >> this is why we stack the things the way we do in an effort to protect the citizens of philadelphia and to safeguard this country as a whole. >> reporter: the commissioner just graduated and applauded those new york city police department officers who came to the swift and immediate action today. he also urged philadelphia residents to continue and report any suspicious activity that they might see. live in center city, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the attack. you can find the latest any time at a car struck and killed a pedestrian in pennsauken around 7:30 on route 38. police say it car also hit a second person. no word on that victim's condition. police say the driver of the car stayed at the scene and is cooperating with investigators. right now, no word on what led to the accident. take a look at this video,
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the search is on for the driver of that minivan who police say deliberately ran over a 25-year-old man. it happened last tuesday at 56th and wyalusing avenue in west philadelphia. the minivan stopped at the corner and words were exchanged between a male passenger and the victim. the victim suffered a broken leg and pelvis. police are asking for the public's help to find the suspect who robbed a bensalem bank. here's the video on street around around 10:30 this morning. peter james harkens the third. he got away with cash. also wanted for the robbery of a pizza hut on sunday and the robbery of a domino's pizza yesterday. >> this guy is a bad guy, committed at least three armed robberies we know of. probably start and bensalem was going to be his last stop >> if you see or know the suspect you're asked to contact
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bensalem police. the legal age to buy tobacco products in new jersey will increase from 19 to 21. that law will also apply to e cigarettes. the new jersey department of health says about 13 and a half % of all 18 to 24-year-olds are smokers. convenience stores near college campuses might see the biggest impact. the owner of a shop nero want anticipates a 5% drop in tobacco sales. a treatment for pain that leaves you bruised on purpose. >> stefanie stahl shows you more on an ancient technique that delivers quick relief. what's called and how the bruising can actually make you feel better. plus you probably had candy tonight. what trick treaters really want. i'm nicole brewer breaking down the best and worst halloween candy >> the weather was nice for trick treaters earlier.
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but this system heading our way, clouds moving in now. i'll tell when you the best chance for showers will be and the area most likely to see showers tomorrow.
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. update on the new york terror attack. a man detective on to a busy bicycle path this afternoon in lower manhattan killing eight people and injuring nearly a dozen others. the 29-year-old driver who's been identified as sayfullo saipov was shot by police after jumping out of the truck. cbs news reports a note found in that truck references isis. he's in custody. there's no word on his condition. new tonight, a different kind of treatment for pain relief. the result looks like it would cause even more discomfort but people are raving about it. >> stefanie stahl has more on
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the popular therapy being done in manayunk. >> reporter: getting bruised to feel better. that's exactly what's happening. >> let me know if the pressure is too much. >> reporter: it's a therapy that draws blood to the surface of the skin leaving red and pink bruise marks. >> what happened to you? >> i think maybe like you're injured or hurt or beat up or something. not torture, an anyone which he didn't chinese technique used to treat muscle and tendon soreness >> it's useful to help to soften the soft tissue and muscular tightness and help to return proper blood flow >> i'm running on the atlantic city boardwalk >> she competes in triathlons and depends on regular treatments for things look shin splints >> dave is a licensed accu punk resist. he said people often use them and it's done with a chinese
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porcelain soup spoon. >> reporter: what do people say >> some are except tall at first >> it's similar to cupping that increases blood flow with suction. scraping but not breaking the skin. while it might be popular for some, there are plenty of sceptics >> what would you say to sceptics who say there's not enough science to prove this works and that you might be able to get the same results with the heating pad >> i'd say for them to come and in try it. because the proof is in the pudding. >> reporter: a hairdresser aching from using her arm, she said it's a tremendous help doesn't it hurt >> it's not very comfortable. it's a good hurt not painful. slightly uncomfortable >> there's also immediate relief from pain and more freedom of movement. and it feels really good. >> reporter: guasha costs
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between 25 to $45 is often combined with acupuncture for extra pain and stress relief. i'm stefanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> interesting. >> very. trick or treaters spent time gathering goodies and the chances are they took inventory. as soon as they got home, you dump it out, sort through. so was the candy handed out a hit or miss >> nicole brewer joins us with the treats considered the best and worst >> this is serious stuff. >> you know the drill because you mentioned it. you get your treats home, put them into piles and try to trick your siblings into trading down. that's how it went when i was a kid. here ap look at the best and worst halloween candy according to customer survey data. ♪ >> when you're a kid at halloween, you go door to door collecting all the candy. >> what did you get? >> a few
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>> we have our favorite. >> what's your favorite can you tell me >> how do grown ups know if it was a hit or miss, after southerning 40,000 people. candy store reveals the best and worst. towards the bottom of the list, mary janes and neck waste bottles then there's candy corn and circus peanuts voted the worst treats grown ups give out. it's all about the m & ms, kit kat and twix. snickers begin at number two and recess peanut butter cup make the top five. >> it's about the sticky faces and finger, the smiles. >> the time they get to spend
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together? >> they're so cute. with $2.7 billion being spent on candy this halloween it's probably a good idea to get the kind people like. especially the little ones. if you missed the mark, there's always next year. >> you guys were reacting the whole time. you got your favorites. >> when you listed the ones that nobody wants, >> the only person who likes any of the stuff we mentioned on the bad list, my photographer, matt. >> peanuts and the candy corn. i'm like, dude, you got >> i told my kids there's, i brought them into the world, everyone for two one >> the trick or treaters were like, the weather
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>> it was in sync with the holiday >> it was exactly what holiday night should feel like. things are looking good. let's take a look at the city all lit up still from halloween. this is a beautiful shot from our parkway central library camera. you can see a lot of lights and fountains looking, they will be tomorrow as always. beautiful looking shot from center city. and here's a look at a time laps video from earlier today from rehoboth beach it was clear blue all day long. beautiful day. people walking on the beach, boardwalk, enjoying halloween sunshine around the area. unfortunately. as you can see the clouds are filtering into the west. clouds are increasing. tomorrow will be much grayer meanwhile much of the area will stay rain-free, this ba of showers, it looks as though most will miss us they don't the north and west. but if you're up toward the
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lehigh valley or poconos you will have the best chance of picking up showers. let's take a look at temperatures first and foremost because is it chilly outside. 38 in reading. 38 in allentown. 33 mount pocono. and down to 37 in millville. we're at 45 degrees in philadelphia right now. we'll bottom out about 41 in the city. north and west suburbs will be down around freezing. and mount pocono expected to drop to 27 degrees overnight. there are frost advisories in effect. berks county up into lehigh county and burlington camden and gloucester county. the frost advisories begin at midnight. overmight. things are quiet but by 9:00 clouds are in. notice how most of it misses us a stray shower. the warm front lifts to the north and i think thursday the sun will peak out friday, we'll
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see sun as well as this next front approaches from the west. perhaps a stray afternoon shower as the front comes through. it's going to knock the temperatures back once again for the upcoming weekend. clouds increasing, it's chilly, 41 overnight. tomorrow cloudy and chilly with those showers especially north and west. much of the area will be dry. but it is on the cool side at 59 degrees. again we have to fall back this weekend. i'll keep reminding you guys of that. you don't want to be the one that >> exactly >> and misses perhaps the eagles game here on cbs3 because you're an hour ahead of >> nice weather this weekend, by the way. >> maybe a shower you don't want to miss that. >> probably don't want to miss it. >> kickoff is at 1:00. we'll make it. we're talking about football. eagles are better now than they were 24 hours ago, how the birds
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christie: this is new jersey is facing an epidemic fueled by addictive opioid painkillers. codeine... oxycodone... fentanyl... morphine. these are just some of the medications prescribed for pain relief.
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these pills can be highly addictive, and the addiction doesn't end when the prescription runs out. many times, people turn to a deadlier option - heroin. addiction is a disease, but help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or visit
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the jay train meets the wentz wagon. so many for identification of transportation, hopefully both will take a stop at the super bowl in minneapolis. the big welcome for jay ajayi. the runningback from miami. they trade add fourth round pick in next year's draft for the 24-year-old pro bowler. he rushed nearly 1300 yard last season. fourth player in nfl history with three 200 yards in one season. they held joint practices with the dolphins in august. >> we saw the player. we had the player here in philadelphia on our field. and he's one of the guys that when we came back after practices, we said, that's our kind of guy. he's got the mental tea we're looking for. he brings the kind of presence and he plays the kind of way we
2:31 am
want to play and we want to represent our football team with and our fans with. >> reports say he stormed out of a locker room after dolphins win because he was upset with the number of carries he had. he here la gar wet blunt >> playing football their whole life, systems a similar in some ways, what you do as a player, you have a way of narrowing it down so it makes sense to you and as coaches we have a way of putting it to them so it makes sense so that's what you do. >> jay train should make his debut sunday on cbs3. that's when the seven and one eagles will host the three and four denver broncos, kickoff at 1:00. the flyers start a two-game midwest game former in chicago. fly guys lost three off-duty police officer. sixers are declining a fourth year option of jahlil
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oakford's contract. he will become a free agent. sixers continue to find, how you say, mystifying ways to not play him >> high liked ja. it's not over till it's over. let's go sixers. up next, duke the blue lobster, is getting used to his new home when you can
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cbs cbsphilly and komen are teaming up once again in the fight against breast cancer by turn, the region pink. the pink lights are at the dow chemical company in newark delaware. they're a reminder to schedule a mammogram and stay vigilant.
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you can find more information at an adapt to a story we've been following, a blue lobster caught in the waters off the jersey shore >> the catch got accustomed to a new home at the venture aquarium that camden. he could be on display as early as next year. thanks to its unusual coloring only about one in a million lobsters is blue. >> weekend watch we're looking at temperatures about where they should be for the time of year around the low 60's, we'll see a mix of sun and clouds saturday, more sunshine, chance of showers especially late saturday first half of sunday. right about where we should be half of sunday. right about where we should be for the first weekend of your toilet is germ-ridden with mineral buildup. clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach is no match against limescale. but lysol power toilet bowl cleaner has 10x more cleaning power against limescale. so switch to lysol. what it takes to protect.
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for katie, don, everyone here i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean. thanks for watching. have a good night everyone and sleep well. flush
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