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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 1, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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i was walking down the street, it was a normal day, and, then just out of no where i hear people running, screaming and then just multiple gunshots one after another. terror attack in new york, rented truck barrels down a bicyclist and walkers this morning. eight people every confirmed dead. we are live with more on the deadliest terror attack in new york city since september 11th this is man accused of plowing down those innocent victim, he is a 29 year-old native of uzbekistan living in the u.s., police shot him in the stomach at the scene and wean tell you what they recovered their by. happening today new jersey changes the smoke age, we tell you how old you have to be to
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light up in the garden state and what it could mean for convenient stores. it is wednesday, november 1st i'm jim donovan. aim rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things. >> good morning, guys, not much going on in the world of travel just construction. >> yes. >> yes. >> we need to come up with a jingle for you because it feels like a broken record over and over again. >> yes, yes, seriously. >> just check on buzzer. >> my goodness. hopefully it stays that quiet. we have construction. weather should not pose any kind of major issues this morning. the sun coming up later, later , later, all they we are coming you up on daylight savings time wrapping up so time to fall back, don't forget about that and sun will start to come up earlier but even still, storm scan right now very quiet, sun's not up and included are thickening up when i say even no, major weather-related issues not even precipitation or wind issues, that is all non-
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existent but you may not even have sun glare to contend with, since this warm front is lift nothing and that warm front does bring in a hint of some wet weather to some areas but we will to have go far north and west to find that. philadelphia and any points southe we are likely to see cloud throughout the course of the day, don't worry about the umbrella but notice it is cold farther north and west. weather headlines takes place in outlining suburbs true for north and western suburbs we will see frost form this morning and later on today in the northwestern suburbs, a couple afternoon showers, but down the shore is where we will find warm spots if you had are looking for them still in the 50's in rehoboth but cloud build. daytime high in the city right around 60 where it should be but to the north and west, probably a little damp later today. >> okay that sounds good, thanks very much. great news we will have dry commute for most part in most areas. looking good, very quiet, we are building up now that we have crack in the 5:00 a.m. hour. looking good you guys.
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ninety-five south at girard is where we usually build one of the quicker areas of the morning. that is what we are seeing. still traveling at posted speed. war looking good. boulevard southbound as you head southbound on the boulevard, jump on the schuylkill westbound this is what we are looking at even on the westbound schuylkill. looking okay there, construction we were looking at construction earlier on 495 , pulled up between edgemore and claymont. two left lanes are still block there. looking at our sensor map you can see green around this area letting you know with the construction crews blocking a couple lanes still traveling at posted speed. boulevard southbound where we have construction crews as well between adams avenue and f street, inner lanes right now are closed. this will be an area that posts a problem, might be tapping on your brakes and because it is still so dark, just be careful for our construction crews that may be outside, jim and rahel, back outside to you. sources tell cbs news that isis may have played a role in the terror attack in new york city that i killed eight people rain injury more than a dozen others. >> lets get latest
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developments from "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live at the scene in lower manhattan, trang do, good morning. >> reporter: good morning rahel and jim. as we know police officer shot that suspect in the abdomen, we are told he is recovering at a local hospital in critical condition, and so he is expected to survive but take a look at scene, and, and , highway where this attack happened. now, about 1 mile stretch of the west side highway where this suspect police say at least this reign of terror the highway remains closed. overnight investigators continued to comb the scene for evidence in the deadly terror attack in lower manhattan. federal law enforcement source tells cbs news that a note threatening isis was used to run down several people. >> multiple casualty mass casualty situation here. >> reporter: twenty-nine year-old sayfull saipov a native of uzbekistan who came to the u.s. in 2010 drove a
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rental truck through a bike path, mode down bicycle wrist and pedestrians. it happened north of the where twin towers once stood. he then collided with a school bus injuring two adults and two children. >> the driver of the truck, exited the vehicle brandishing two handguns. uniform police office's signed to the first precinct confronted the subject and shot him in the abdomen. >> reporter: police say both guns turned out to be a paint ball and pellet gun this man caught the encounter on his cell phone. >> i heard gunshots, and then we all went down. i wouldn't know where the gun shot was coming. we were all scared. >> reporter: saipov worked as a uber and truck driver and had a florida's driver licenses. hearst after the shooting detectives converged on the home depot in passaic where he is believed to have rented the truck used in the attack, law enforcement believe they think he acted as part of a loan w wolf but security has been stepped up and additional nypd officers have been deployed across the city. names of the victims are
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starting to be revealed, five from argentina, childhood friends who were in town celebrating the 30th anniversary of their high school graduation. now, in addition to those five friend from his argentina a german, and belgium air monk the dead, the nationality of that eighth victim has not yet been released. for now we are live from lower manhattan i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", rahel and jim back to you. president trump responded to the terror attack on twit ter saying my thoughts, condolences and prayers to the victims and families of the new york city terrorist attack , god and your country are with you. later, he tweeted i have just ordered home land security, to step up, our already extreme vetting programs, being politically correct is fine but not for this. this morning the philadelphia police department ace suring residents that its officers continue to be vigilant in the wake of that attack in new york. large gatherings in the city like this pennsylvania weekend free streets event are secured
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with large trucks parked at entrances, there is increased perimeter security, officers hearsay that they used tragic events like the one in insuring to learn how to better protect our city. >> this is why we staff events the way we do, in an effort to protect the citizens of philadelphia, and, to safe guard this country as a whole. >> the commissioner richard ross added that combating violence and terrorism is a collective effort and says that residents should report suspicious activity on the streets and report any individual who may be exhibiting strange behavior. and count on "eyewitness news" to bring you continuing coverage of the new york terror attack. when we are not on tv find latest anytime on our web site at cbs new this morning still no arrest after a overnight shooting in west philadelphia police say a man was hit by gunfire around midnight near 61st and arch streets and he is in stable condition. two men were reportedly, seen running from the scene, so far , there is no word what let to that shooting. start to go day in new jersey if you cannot drink you can not smoke. >> legal age to buy tobacco in
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the state has jumped from 19 to 21. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us live from the about a was in pennsauken how this new law could affect businesses, hi there, jan. >> reporter: rahel and jim, good morning, governor chris christie signed this law back in july, soto back owe retailers have had just about four months to prepare, but still many tell "eyewitness news" that this new law will take a big chunk out of their bottom line. they are not too happen bye that. take a look at the video we have seen, all of these new signs popping up, in these local convenient stores this new law increases smoking age here in new jersey from 19 to 21 years old. law applies to e cigarettes as well, a critical move, given an increase in the use by high school students. according to the health department 13.5 percent of all 18 to 24 years old are smokers , and the state's health commissioner kathleen bennet said something needed to be done to address young adults and smoking and says increasing smoking age gives
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the youngest adults time to mature and make informed decisions. on the flip side convenient store near college campuses in new jersey are bracing from the biggest impact from this law, some students are in the happy bit either. >> i think it is ridiculous because once we obtain a right i don't think that they should ab lud to take ate way from frustrates if we already obtained it. if i was ready to buy cigarettes why can i in the just keep buying cigarettes. >> don't mind at all i stay away from tobacco. >> reporter: that is what the state is going for, so here, in new jersey, in order to buy tobacco products you must be 21 years old and retailers found selling to someone under 21 could face a fine up to a thousand dollars. as for delaware and pennsylvania you only have to be 18 years old. at least here in new jersey the state is making it harder for 19 and 20 year-old to get your hands on those products. reporting live, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, thank you.
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city of philadelphia is getting serious about getting amazon's new headquarters we will show you ads they are placing near seattle's offices coming up ahead. this is man police say is responsible for three day licensing crime spree. >> we will tell you hoe is and where he struck. runaway dump truck terrifying moments in california the truck careens down a hill while workers say they did moments before this happened, we will be right
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he stood up to north jersey special interests nobody delivers more for south jersey than steve sweeney. to increase funding for our schools. he stopped christie's commuter tax, saving south jersey residents over 200 million dollars. and he led the charge to pass paid family leave. aarp applauded sweeney for freezing property taxes for seniors and cutting prices on prescription drugs.
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"i got to take my hat off to him. he's a man of his word." steve sweeney. because there's more work to do to get south jersey's fair share.
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5:13. back on "eyewitness news" three people injured after a runaway dump truckings down the street in san francisco. truck plowed into park cars on the way down the speed road yesterday as it held through an intersection and smashed in the uber driver and his two passengers, all three were hurt, eyewitnesses watched helplessly as it unfolded. >> and then that truck took, went to the left, and crashed into this tree and that is how it came to a stop. >> now truck's owner said his workers put on emergency breaks and put down blocks to keep from it moving but truck rolled right over the blocks as workers loaded it with trash. >> the three victims suffered none in life threatening injuries. san francisco is such a beautiful city. >> all of the hills you can see videos on the hill, terrifying. lets send it over to katie , you are talking about
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70-degree weather coming up. might as well be in southern california, but we have wet weather as a trade off, as a duo of front that will cross through. there are particular times when we are most prone to see showers and tone day some will see wet weather. place like rehoboth, delaware, however, we don't to have deal with wet weather. we will see included rolling in as day goes on, very quiet, difficult see 1lone person walking down boardwalk in the last couple minutes but he has walk out of the shot. this is just to show you, that , it is calm outside. wind has eased up since yesterday afternoon and it will continue to stay calm throughout the day but here's the thing we have a warm front lift nothing, leading edge of cloud cover working its way in pennsylvania, good portion of the eastern u.s. but this batch of moisture is heading our way. for the most part it will bypass us to the north and west, but, the further northwest you go the more likely you will see some showers. mainly this afternoon, but do i think philadelphia points
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south ande of that into delaware, south jersey, you will just see some included cover today, but further north you go into lehigh valley, poconos thaw are most prone to see that wet weather. temperatures on the rise because of that warm front there will be a cold front that crosses through friday night so pattern as a result warms up brings minimal possibility of wet weather today and as sun breaks through between these front on thursday it has opportunity to warm up outside. come tail even of the week that cold front will come through and we have 75-degree day in lesson friday but late their night we will have some showers that moved through. then somewhere along the way it started, to remind you on have this i'm in the sure why but i'm happy to oblige, but it its time to turn the clocks back. within of the nice times of the year where if you are up watching us now you normally don't get enough sleep, but get the extra hour. >> i know. >> that is worthy of the round of applause, that was emphatic , jim, wow. >> sun goes down at 4:53 on
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sunday. my goodness. getting earlier in that regard but sun starts to rise sooner obviously. let me jump to the seven day, mid zero seven's thursday and friday turning cooler on saturday but sun, returns. >> katie, did you get enough sleep. >> are you kidding. >> i'm right there with you. >> come on. >> no, not likely. >> in the one of us. i'm sure, everyone at home is going me either. >> we are looking outside we have construction crews schuylkill eastbound closed between vine and south street that is now cleared. you see that around 5c a.m. where that construction is yesterday morning around this same time start to go build up , cleaned out of the way but schuylkill eastbound, and, looking great, 422 at route 29 headlights moving in the eastbound direction. you can see glare from the headlights everything looking good still traveling at posted speed there quick peak at ben franklin bridge looking gorgeous, never disappoints, from new jersey traveling westbound in, to center city, we are looking good, great
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company with your friend and neighbors down there. and, we have an accident, and, construction, west marshall street, at cherry street we have an accident there 202 at dekalb street closed between front street and lafayette street, markly street will be your best alternate, rahel, back over to you. meisha, thank you. for newspaper headlines across our region. >> from the trentonian new jersey governor chris christie says trenton should be reexamining its way it is doing policing same way camden did. in 2013 police formed and regional county police force to put more boots on the ground. christie said wow support a mercer county police force if the department, followed the camden model. this is an idea he has fleeted before. >> camden model has made headlines and people support it. times herald p-7 700-pound of unwanted prescription and over counter medication where is collected in montgomery county during take it back day this past saturday. 4 tons of the medication where is collected at 41 locations.
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>> from the mercury a three day festival featuring biggest names in country music will be coming to chest they are county next year, lug wig's corn are horse show associations has accepted an offer to host country spirit u.s.a. a major country music concert next august, in west vincent. you know me i love my country music. >> that is a look at some of the newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. >> i like country songs too. >> just depend. >> okay. i'll get you more involved in this. >> we will see. up next pat gallen has sports. >> we hear from the eagles after their new acquisition, arrives in town, plus, will astros finish off dodgers or is there a game seven tonight, all that and more is up next in
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welcome back everyone. glad that you are waking up with us this morning. >> pat's here with sports. pat, world series going to game seven. >> it all comes down to this will be a world series game seven tonight in los angeles first pitch at 8:20. will it be first ever title for astros or first in 29 years for dodgers. last night in l.a. they rallied in the sixth age begins astros ace justin ver lander, chris taylor slaps one down right field line tying it at one. one batter later former philly chase utley would score on a sacrifice fly, which was game winner, kenly janssen got final six outs as l.a. wins three-one, winner take all, tonight. >> never been a part of a game seven, so, you know, this is when you are a young kid and trying to play through all of the heroes and heroics and talking about game seven in the world series and here we
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are. >> eagles play broncos sunday afternoon right here on cbs-3 and we will get our first look at eagles new, 225-pound bruiser of a running back 24 year-old jay ajayi, arrived yesterday from miami where he rushed for almost 1300-yard last season. that included, three, 200-yard games. in exchange bird sent a fourth round pick to the dolphins for british born running back. eagles have a chance to scout him when they helped joint practices with the dolphins in august, howie roseman liked what he saw. >> we saw the player, we had the player here in philadelphia on our field. he is one of the guys when we came back after those practices we said that is our kind of guy. he has mentality that we're looking for. he brings the kind of presence and he plays the way we want to play and we want to represent our football team with and our fans with. >> cover of the today's daily news sums it up, headlines, game changer, philadelphia will certainly be welcoming
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the pro bowler with open arms but question is, how will he fit in? reports say ajayi stormed out of the locker room after a dolphin win this season upset about the number of carries he had. he had a falling out with head coach adam gaze. here lagarrette blount will be starter but ajayi to pick up the play book quickly. >> players are pretty smart. players have been playing football their whole life and systems are similar in some ways. so what you do as a player you have a way of narrowing it down so it makes sense to you. as coaches we have a way to put it to them so it makes sense to them. that is what you do. >> the jay train new eagles teammates play sunday right here on cbs-3, that is when seven-one bird will host three -four broncos, kick off at 1:00, bird are up to eight-point favorites to make it eight-one on the season. flyers are on the road tonight with a quick two game swing through midwest,
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battling black hawks at eight, and then tomorrow in saint lou toys take on the blues. they are looking for a win. flyers who three of their last four. decision has been made, and it will be jahlil okafor's last season in philadelphia. sixers declining okafor's fourth year option, meaning he will be a free agent after this year. third pick in the 2015 draft, has played just 10 minutes all season, as for philadelphia 76ers, well, they take on the atlanta hawks tonight. kind of a shame. he was regarded as a great big man just a couple years ago and new on the way out a lot of changes for philly sports teams yesterday. >> no doubt about it. >> thanks, patrick. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we will tell you were exxon is paying millions of dollars in fines. plus lawsuit begins generic drug makers is expanding we will have details in a live report, from wall street, trang do. >> reporter: heightened security in new york city lead police continue on investigate a terror attack that killed
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eight and injured more than a dozen. i'm trang do with the very latest on the suspect and victims. also what designers are doing make their clothes more appealing and it has nothing to do with fashion, katie? maybe it will have something to do with price, i hope, guys, wouldn't that be nice. we are looking ahead to a weekend that likely is another half and halfer, are we facing the drenching downpours of this past weekend, no? but we will have showers to dodge here as early as saturday and into sunday. in the meantime it does look like we will generally just be on the cool side, nothing a typical here low to mid 60's at best so november has arrived and so has those more typically cooler conditions,
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why are south jerseyans turning been exposed as aeney's double dipping pension padder. caught spending campaign money on lavish dinners and fine cigars for his pals. investigated for being a lobbyist and a senator at the same time. sweeney voted to raise taxes 145 times
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while our economy continues to struggle. south jersey is a mess, and it's time to take out the trash. on november 7th, make a change. dump sweeney. our bodies grow babies... ...we run marathons... ...companies... ...solve problems. how? we eat. we eat almonds... ...strawberries... ...quinoa. and yeah...we eat chocolate. ♪ we eat in sweatpants...
5:29 am skirts. we eat alone... ...and together. women are strong. we eat, and we own it. special k. good morning i'm rahel solomon. i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in a moment but first here's what you need to know to start your day to day is wednesday, november 1st. >> mass casualty situation here. >> i see a truck going down toward chambers street. >> terror in new york. >> he is in the bike lane clearly in the bike lane. >> this is deadly terror wrist attacks since 9/11. >> eight people dead, suspect hospitalized after police officer shot him. >> he is recovering at a local hospital in critical condition
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>> new era beginning today in new jersey as legal age to buy tobacco products jumps from 19 to 21. >> if i was all ready to buy cigarettes why can i not keep buying cigarettes. >> all you kid out there don't put them things in your mouth. >> it all went so fast. >> suv slams into a nebraska coffee shop. >> i saw two girls covered and we started to put blankets and keeping her warm. >> ♪ those were members of the police and fire department dance to go thriller. >> all part to raise money for a non-profit which focuses on helping children with allergies. katie, novice here and it sure feels like it out there i love


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