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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 1, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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4:30 a.m. have a great day. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it's wednesday, november 1st, 2017. 29-year-old man from uzbekistan accused of mowing down people on a bicycle pachlgt norah is near the scene. >> reporter: eyewitnesses reveal new information on how the attack unfolded. we'll learn more on those killed and how those responded. >> he allegedly left a note with reference to isis. we'll ska the mayor and governo
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plus facebook, twitter, and google tell the govnment they should have known the russia government was using their websites. we're at dartmouth college with reaction to the explosive claim. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 skojdss. >> did you call 911? >> oh, my i need an ambulance right here. >> a deadly terror attack strikes new york city. the suspect now in custody. >> the deadliest attack in this city since 9/11. >> we have been tested before as a city. we'll respond as we always do. we'll be undeterred. >> new yorkers are resilient. we're not going to allow the terrorists to win, period. >> the republicans awaiting the release of the long-awaited tax bill. still hammering out the details.
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>> pap diop las is an example of doing the wrong thing while the president's campaign did the right thing. >> striking out on the former campaign adviser. >> he would be the last guy i would pick to wit because he has no influence or power. >> the foreign interference we saw is reprehensible. >> all that -- >> this series is too good to end in six. dodgers force a game seven. >> -- and all that matters -- >> and the end of the halloween parade new yorkers came out in force. >> thousands came out hours after the attack. >> i refuse to live in fear. absolutely not. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> to all those who live and work in this great city, tomorrow and the next day new yorkers will wake up to new details about what happened but tomorrow and the next day new yorkers will also wake up and keep going because in an
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uncertain world, one thing is for sure. new yorkers will never live in fear. west coast to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is in manhattan. bianna golodryga is with us. the suspect is in custody. he may have been linked to isis. eight people were killed including six foreigners. 11 other people were hurt. >> police shot and captured 29-year-old sayfullo s on a green cart in 2010. his last official address was in
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tampa, florida. he also lived in ohio, but most recently he lived in new jersey. >> the attack left a trail of victims nearly one mile long along the west street bike path. it ended near one world trade center where the truck ran into a school bus. norah o'donnell is on the scene. good morning. >> good morning to you. they say the truck was used to plow down people on a business afternoon. this happened blocks from the world trade center september 11th memorial. in fact, there are three schools within a one-block radius of where this truck is now sitting. what we know is they believe the suspect acted alone. there's no evidence to suggest the attack was part of a wider plot. jeff fwlor is here with new information. good morning. >> good morning. police say the suspect rented that truck around 2:00 p.m.
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pabout entered w je. that bike path in lower manhattan. two witnesses told police as he exited he screamed ayllahu akba, which means in arabic god is great. it stretched for 14 blocks down a bike path in lower manhattan. >> we were really, really tear feed at what had happened and what we were watching at the moment. >> there was one female near a body. she must have seen what happened. she kept screaming. it was -- >> reporter: emergency responders quickly swarmed the scene, loading the injured on the stretcher. >> one man was on the floor of ems trying to help him and two other people who were covered with sheets looked like they were run over. >> reporter: the suspect apparently drove on a path
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around the west side of manhattan traveling 8/10 of a mile. he had two weapons, a pellet gun and a paintball gun. nypd officer ryan nash was one of the first to arriving on the scene. he fired on the suspect, hit him in the abdomen, and he was taken to the hospital. in florida, fbi agents visited an apartment complex in tampa that was listed as the suspect's last known address. in new jersey a bomb squad searched the suspect's personal vehicle at a home depot in passaic where he allegedly rented a vehicle from. >> he lived here for three months and obviously if you ask
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knows him. >> reporter: he once worked as a driver for uber. >> thanks so much. the eight people killed in the attack include eight men from argentina. they were here celebrating the 30th anniversary of their high school graduation. a sixth person died from belgium. we spoke with a man who ignored gunshots in order to take this video. demarco morgan is near the spot where the attack ended. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. a massachusetts man who met his friends from argentina was also hurt. it ended near that bridge where you can make it
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very active cream scene. five of the victims who were killed were part of a group of argentinian men from rosario, northwest northwest. they meant to pay tribute to more than three decades of friendship. one of those victims among those killed was from belgium. >> a car and school bus that collide and people in the school bus got hurt. >> he took these fats. >> i have to chronicle this, i have to see who's on the bus, get the word out to the parents.
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>> the passenger side was caved in. two students and two adults were hurt. >> one kid flew across and broke the window with his head. he was bleeding. and i saw a little girl trapped in the wheel well of that bus and some really horrific sights. >> reporter: he praised the effort of the bus driver. >> the bus driver, i really feel for him. you could tell he was hurt, he was selfless in trying to get those kids out of the bus. he was in shock. >> reporter: most of all, the father of three said he wanted to make sure some of the attacker's youngest victims were safe. >> the unknown is the terror. i've never seen anything like that. so it's all surreal. >> the city of rosario in
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argentina has set aside three days for mourning. they're asking for anybody with video or information to call them or come forward. norah? >> lots of video out there. demarco, thank you so much for your reporting. let's go back to charlie in studio 57. >> thanks, norah. hours after, president trump tweeted, quote, i have just ordered homeland security to step up our already extreme vetting program. michael morell is with us this morning. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> from what you know this morning, what stands out to you? >> what stands out is there's no doubt in my mind this is isis-inspired. several months ago they published the following in a magazine. get a truck, kill as many pedestrians when you can.
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when you can't kill any more, get out and with a knife or gun, kill more and let people know by leaving a note. he didn't have a real gun but, boy, was it textbook. >> we just did a story recently celebrating the takeover of the downfall of isis in raqqah? does that mean it them? are they growing stronger? >> they're not growing stronger, but nobody should think just because we're taking awe way their territory in iraq and syria, they're going away. they're going underground, going into the shadows, they still have influence and will still be able to get the message out. >> should we expect them to do copycat like they did in europe? >> that's an important point. the attack we see now is like in europe, an attack following by
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copy cat attacks. >> we have the manchester attack in may followed by three attacks over the next four weeks. i'm not saying it's going to happen here, but we need to be vi vigilant in general. >> it's a hotbed for terror recruitment. russia has helped with counterintelligence in the past. has that been i effective at all rchlt they still cooperating with us? >> the relationship between russia and the u.s. has been difficult. they're very difficult to work with. >> what do you do to prevent this type of attack? >> charlie, very, very difficult. if the individual doesn't other people what they're planning or express their extremist views,
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you're not going to find the p person, and you can't put barriers up everywhere. >> they say everybody has to live their lives. more people die in cars and bathtubs. >> what i say to that is your car and bathtubs aren't trying to kill you. it's fundamentally different. ahead we'll talk with new york governor andrew cuomo and major bill de blasio about this lawyers for social media company say russia continues to spread false information online even after the 2016 election. the senate judiciary subcommittee yesterday questioned representatives of facebook, twitter, and google with lawmakers wanting to know
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how russia spread backed propaganda to millions. nancy cordes has more. good morning. >> that's right. the executives from the social media giants will face more tough questions today about how exactly they are tackling this problem of russian ads and fake news that plagued the 2016 election. yesterday those executives from facebook, twitter, and google said an internet troll farm set up 120 facebook pages where it posted more than 80,000 pieces of content over 2 1/ 2 years and here's what happened next. all of that was delivered directly to the news feeds of 29 million american users and shared it with millions more,
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not knowing it was coming from russia. minnesota senator al franken wanted to know why they couldn't put it together. >> those two data points spell out something bad. >> in hindsight it's one we missed. >> okay, okay. yeah. >> facebook said the russian ads and posts did not stop after the election. in fact, they just changed their focus and were aimed at sowing discord in the country and raising doubts about president trump's legitimacy. they say this is a sign these trolls were more intent on creating chaos in the united states than they were on focusing on one particular candidate. >> thanks, nancy. newly released documents
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show how they closed in. the two men are expected to appear in federal court tomorrow. paula reid has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. both men are under house arrest, which is a pretty unusual arrangement for white collar crime. but this morning we learn why they 're demanding extreme measures. they say they pose serious flight risks, citing their past conduct. manafort registered a phone and e-mail under an alias and then travded to three places. he has three u.s. passports with different numbers. andrew weissmann who called for the house arrest is known for flipping cases. one of manafort's former lawyers
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could be called to testify, make an exception in attorney/client privilege. they're still interested in the june 25th meeting in which ma a fort attended with donald trump junior and a lawyer. while president trump tried to distance himself from the mueller indictment, the special counsel will be talking to current members of the west wing and interview more after the president's trip to asia including white house communications director hope hicks. mueller's grand jury will also be here at the federal court house on thursday to hear more evidence in the case. cbs news has learned there are other documents under seal, but it's not known who if anyone will be charged. >> house republicans pushed back today's plan release of the
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sweeping your y'all after last night working on some changes. they hope to make the plan public tomorrow before president trump leaves on a trip to asia. good morning. >> good morning. well, republicans had hoped to display the tax plan. gop lawmakers have yet to agree on key details. president trump tweet last night that republican house members are working hard and white house chief of staff john kelly struck an optimistic tone says a one day delay won't matter. the public may not be on his
7:19 am
side. nearly 60% thought the wealthy and large corporations should have their tax increased instead of the 20% favored by the president. they'll be staying here in washington instead of traveling to asia with the president ands he daughter ivanka trump will be cross-crossing the country trying to sell this propoetal. for the third time in history, the world series will come down to game seven. >> this series too good to end in six. >> too good to end in six. los angeles took care of the astros and their star pitcher justin verlander. they won, 3-1. houston is looking for their first ever championship. it was. >> i feel a hometown win.
7:20 am
they deserve it. >> you, charlie? >> i'm up in the a air. dodgers looked good. >> i hope they do, too. and the new york city terror attack attacked the busiest area in the country. why such
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ahead, the latest on lower manhattan and the terrorist attacks that kited eight people. and governor andrew cuomo will join norah at the scene. >> you're watching "cbs this morning."
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good morning, i'm rahel solomon. philadelphia police say it is officers that continue to be vigilant in the wake of the deadly terror attack in new york. large gatherings like last weekend's free streets event have large trucks parked at entrances and increased perimeter security. to help authorities say that police, authorities say police , police say residents should always report any suspicious activity. gt with katie. it looks like a relatively liftday for november 1st. nothing and farther north and western suburbpe and points southe of that does in fact stay dry. i want to remind you there is a frost advisory for some of the counties in the
7:27 am
surrounding suburbs outside of philadelphia so you may walk outside to a crunchy grass or a needing extra time to thaw out your windshield. today's high hit 60. not a locloud and then by tomorrow we will really warm up, meisha. >> just in the 70's. thanks very much. looking outside we are still bus which accidents out there. ninety-five north pennsylvania street roadblock ago this far left lane very slow moving heree route 130, ativan skyver parkway lanes blocked. southbound left lane block. back to you. our next update 7:55. up next on cbs this morning keeping people safe from truck attacks like yesterday's deadly attack in manhattan. i'm rahel solomon,
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your governor andrew cuomo and mayor bill de blasio joined thousands last night at the halloween day parade. part of the parade route was blocks away from where the attacks started. there was increased security with many police on hand. new york city parade has become one of the biggest halloween parties in america. anyone can march as long asey'r. they said, we're not going to be afraid. we're going to continue to live our lives. >> a patriotic gesture. >> and the purple of terrorism
7:31 am
is to make your afraid. welcome back to "cbs this morning." here are three things you should know this morning. we're following developments in the deadly truck attack. authorities are learning what caused sayfullo saipov to plow down pedestrians after borrowing a truck from home depot. he came to the u.s. in 2010 on a green cart from uzbekistan. he said he would, quote, provide his full support including a joint investigation with the if federal bureau of investigation and also thanked first responders who stopped the suspect and rendered immediate aid. and new york governor andrew cuomo increased security across the state after the attacks. they focused on airports,
7:32 am
bridges, tunnels, and mass transit. security will also be deployed at high public areas and at public gatherings. >> let's turn again to norah o'donnell. good morning. >> reporter: good morning again. he promised, we will be vigilant. his participation in the halloween parade in greenwich village is a signal he wants the people of new york city to continue living their lives. he's with us now from the new york city office. let me ask you, what are we learned about the suspect and did he have any accomplices? >> good morning, norah. the investigation is ongoing. the best evidence we have is,
7:33 am
quote/unquote, he was a lone wolf model. we're going through social media to see what connections he may have had. there were few interactions. the state police help him ands he truck out of a ditch at one time, but there's no evidence now that it was part of a larger conspiracy, larger plot. this is the evolution of the jihadist tactics. they have a simple play. rent car, rent a truck, create mayheming and try to disrupt society. and that's what yesterday was. a depraved coward, in my opinion, rented a truck and we lost eight people, and that's
7:34 am
terrible, but they were not successful. they did not disrupt new york city. they did not disrupt new york state. we went to the halloween parade. we had a great parade. i went myself not because i had a great costume, norah, but it was about showing up and new yorkers showed up. >> governor -- >> and they did not instill ile >> governor, i'm standing just about 50 yards in front of that truck that the terrorist used and is still on the scene as investigators continue their scene here. a federal law enforcement official tells cbs news a note was found in that rental truck that references isis. what can you tell us about that note? >> well, again, the investigation's ongoing, but, yes, there was a note that references isis. in many cases this was now, a
7:35 am
quote/unquote classic case of a radicalization of a domestic jihadist who associated with isis, and this is their new playbook to cause harm. it's new york, london, france, ohio. this is more of what we've seen. you have to remember, new yorkers, this goes back to 1989198993. my father was governor during 9/11. they have all failed. look. new york is a tar gechlt we have that statue in our harbor that holds the lamp of freedom and democracy, and there are a lot of haters who want to knock that
7:36 am
lamp out. they tried before. they'll try again, i'm sure, and they'll fail every time, i'm sure. >> one of the reasons they'll fail, governor, is the great work of the nypd. i don't want to go without pointing out 28-year-old ryan nash, the officer who shot the suspect and stopped him from carrying out further attacks. how is his condition today? >> his condition -- again, i want to leave the details until the family is spoken to, but he is a hero, no doubt. nypd did a great job. fdny did a great job. coordination. homeland security on the federal side was very helpful. national guard was helpful. unfortunately we've been through this before.
7:37 am
we have the best security on the globe. it's the most coordinated. we have first responders who are heroes. that's what you saw yesterday and you've seen before. >> governor cuomo, we appreciate your keeping us up to date. thank you for speaking to us this morning. >> we are so thankful for our city's first responders. new york police have worked for years. ahead, the law enforcement effort in response to isis calls for attacks on pedestrians, and we invite you to subscribe to our cbs podcasts. gienld them all on itunesnd apple podcast apps. you're watching "cbs this morning." ...isn't it time to let the real you shine through? maybe it's time for otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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behind us here. the riverside path is u thousands of people every day to walk, run, and bicycle. new york city has more than a thousand miles of bike routes and 200 miles just in manhattan. but that type of public space is increasingly being targeted by terrorists, which is difficult to prevent. we've seen it before. a driver in a speeding truck or van injured and k people in its path. the origin of the attack points to this to 10 issue of al qaeda's "inspire" magazine. the headline, "the ultimate mowing machine." the tk mirrors tuesday's attack. narrow spots are also better because it gives left chance for
7:43 am
people to run away. >> today there was a lot of innocent life in lower manhattan. the dead and injured were going about their days, heading off from work or school. >> reporter: listed as the busiest bicycle path in the united states it reaches the entire section of manhattan. it's no more than 20 feet wide lined with tennis courts on one side and busy highways on the other. steel posts are installed at several intersections, but now prevented saipov from getting through. nypd commissioner john miller said they've spent years. >> we've visited over 148 truck rental businesses in this area, the obvious ones, and talked
7:44 am
about the suspicious details after the german christmas market, after nice. the industry has had a high level of awareness on this matter from the nypd. >> reporter: john miller is right. in fact, we reached out to several rental truck companies. u-haul says it used a series of techniques. home depot says it's their standard approach to alert authorities if they see anything suspicious in their stores, and it appears that he did not set off any red flags when he rented this vehicle at about 2:00 yesterday in new jersey. let's send it on to gayle. coming up next, a look at the headlines including walmart's battle against google.
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so swing by your local walgreens today. walgreens. at the corner of happy & healthy. welcome back to "cbs this morning." here's look at some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. "usa today" reports on open enrollment for obamacare beginning today. 80% can find a plan in 2017 for under $75 a month. in 2017 only 71% could. this year the sign upperiod is shorter, only 45 days. payment was cut by up to 0%. and subsidies that cover out-of-pocket costs will no longer be
7:50 am
the parents of a first grader took this 70-year-old first grade teacher hostage. police stormed the classroom and shot the suspect. the teacher was not hurt. the "los angeles times" reports netflix is suspending the production of "house of cards" amid allegations of sexual harassment. this morning another accused him of making sexual contact. spacey apologized and said he didn't remember the incident yoo cbs is looking into allegations of sexual harassments against jeremy piven. in tweets she claimed the
7:51 am
entourage star grobed her on two occasions. she also said he sent her abusive texts. he said i unequivocal deny the allegations being peddled about me. >> sa former staffer spoke on claims of harassment from the manager. they the issued new riles prohibit epa from serving on panels. and fortune reports that walmart wants customers to party in its stores this schblt's planning to host 20,000 holiday parents around the country. they'll ramp up in-store product
7:52 am
demonstrations. the first on november 24th will focus on toys. cbs is always looking for new and innovative play places to host parties. >> why not there. coming up on "cbs this morning," we'll go back to norah o'donnell. and mayor bill de blasio will come to studio 57 on how to p i protect people from attacks with cars and trucks. medicare only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like any standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. so don't wait. call now to request your free decision guide and learn more.
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good morning i'm jim donovan sit of philadelphia is taking its fight for amazon's second headquarters right to amazon's backyard as like things are popping up near amazon's original headquarters in seattle. philadelphia is in the running as a site of the headquarters as the jobs amazon promises, the ads say philadelphians enjoy a high quality of life. lets turn it over to katie for the forecast. >> it is looking good here today, only thing we are starting to see a few more cloud building as day progresses and we are off to a chilly start. there are spots like poconos that started off in the 20's this morning. it is still chilly enough to require that winter coat would i say here throughout the at lee morning time frame but
7:57 am
with time we h r to 60-degree high, north aer see afternoon showers, city on south we're dry don't need umbrella and warms up in a big way for next few days. >> katie, thanks very much. we are looking outside still very busy in the world of travel we have an accident in malvern, this is where a pedestrian was struck with injuries king street at warren avenue. accident in burlington township overturn vehicle with the injuries on 130, still there, jim over to you. next update 8:25. ng on cbs this morning three under criminal investigation egations of sexual misconduct i'm jim donovan ma
7:58 am
7:59 am
why are south jerseyans turning been exposed as aeney's double dipping pension padder. caught spending campaign money on lavish dinners and fine cigars for his pals. investigated for being a lobbyist and a senator at the same time. sweeney voted to raise taxes 145 times while our economy continues to struggle. south jersey is a mess, and it's time to take out the trash. on november 7th, make a change. dump sweeney.
8:00 am
sufficient a fitting song. it's wednesday, november 1st, 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." mayor bill de blasio in studio 57. he celebrated with thousands after the deadly attack in manhattan. why paradegoers wow not let the terror ruin their night. first your "eye opener" at 8:00. the suspect in the deadliest attack since 9/11 in custody. he may have been inspired by isis. >> i'm standing 50 yards from the truck that police say was
8:01 am
dib latly used to strike down people. >> he said allahu akbar, which means god is great. >> more people describing copycat would happen in new york. >> the attack we're seeing now could be followed by copy cat attacks. i'm not saying it could happen, but we have to be vigilant. >> we lost eight successful. they did not disrupt new york city. >> the details are coming out. there's no logic or meaning. an awful person did an awful, awful thing and countless lives are now affected. it's a cowardly and pointless attack beyond our
8:02 am
a native of uzbekistan with a green card is accused of carrying out new york's deadliest attack in years. eight people were kill and 11 others were hurt. >> police say suspect say fuel lo sayfullo saipov drove a truck down a bike path. he crashed into a bus not far from the world trade 1 center. >> police shot saipov and took him into custody. he left a note in the truck making a reference to isis. norah o'donnell is in lower mants near the scene of the attack. good morning. >> that's right. we're about 50 yards from where this attack came to an end.
8:03 am
the car is still there, the truck. police say it took sayfullo saipov minutes to plow through. investigators believe at this point that he acted alone. they say there's no evidence of a wider plot, but the truck driver caused utter chaos. >> be advised we have multiple people on the ground from chambers all the way up. >> we've got multiple casualties. >> i heard the loud bang. the car was totaled at that point. >> i need an ambulance right here. they got t-boned. there's a kid right there. >> the driver, he didn't look like he was bleeding or anything, per se. he did have a noticeable limp. he looked like he was dragging his foot and he was screaming in the street. >> suddenly i heard a gunshot. i went down. i was scared. i didn't know where the gunshot was coming from. i just heard it.
8:04 am
he was down on the ground and they got him. >> at first i thought it was fireworks. we walked over to see what's going on and we saw two bodies and we were shocked. >> this is tragic. i want to commend the respeens of the nypd officer who was on his post near the location and stopped the car moments after it began. >> yeah, you heard the nypd commissioner mention officer ryan nash who was one of the first emergency responders on the scene. he's the one who shot the suspect in the abdomen. he was treated at bellevue for some ringing in his ears. five of the eight people who died in the attack were friends from argentina. they were here in new york celebrating a 30-year high school reunion. another victim was from belgium, but has not been identified. the 29-year-old suspect living for some time in tampa, florida, and also ohio. investigators believe he most
8:05 am
recently lived in new jersey. saipov came from uzbekistan in 2010. he came in on the visa lottery program which the president says he wanted to end. this morning waking up to what has happened. but you see there's about three blocks in a one-block radius from where this all ended and i see students going back to school, this city trying to return to normal even though this block is completely blocked off by law enforcement as they continue their investigation. i'll send it back to you. >> norah, that is my neighborhood and i can vouch for the resilience. thank you. this is the latest in the string of truck attacks around the world. they claim there have been reports 306,000 vehicles since 2006. attacks this year in barcelona, london, and stockholm killed at least 29 people.
8:06 am
cbs security analyst fran townsend with hoke land security and terrorist advise i to george w. bush and president of the counter extremism project. fran is joining us live. fran, you've covered so many of these events right here with us. of course, this hits home because it took place in our hometown. talk about the soft targets. >> sure. we've gotten much better about protecting large public area, but the difficulty is it's near impossible for the authorities to protect that in the way that you'd hope. people are vulnerable. >> you're going to brief the president of the united states later today. >> so the president has -- they're meeting this morning. >> what's the most important thing you can tell him? >> so the most important thing today, remember, this guy was a permanent legal resident. for legal purposes he was a u.s.
8:07 am
citizen, but the program he's been on and the president has been on a tear this morning, frankly so. it allowed him to sponsor others from uzbekistan. they've been a hot bed of islamic extreme, it was affiliated with isis. and this attack goes right by the isis playbook, right? take a van or truck, leave a note behind. get out brandishing a gun or knife. he did this by the book and frankly it's understandable that they're going to look at this immigration status and who else he brought into the country. >> it doesn't look like he intended to survive. >> right. you call it suicide by cop. but he wasn't successful, right? he's alive. >> we keep hearing. it's been reported he's not speaking. he's not talking. >> right. we'll see if -- he's entitled to
8:08 am
lawyer. >> what have you learned? >> not much. understand in order to target him, if you happen to walk by or get in the cab of a terrorist and you come up, that's another enough to come up. as i say, a legal permanent resident gets awe of those u.s. protections. so i don't believe the law enforcement i talked to had enough. >> thank you. one world trade center was lit up in red, white, and blue. one world trade center is blocks away from where yesterday's rampage ended. on twitter, continues. mayor de blasio joins us at the table. what's being done to protect the
8:09 am
city this morning? >> huge nypd presence out. we have the biggest counterterrorism force of any police force in the nation. it's out in very strong numbers so people can see it. it's a deterrent force. we are in this city very comfortable putting out large numbers of police officers with heavy gear, heavy weapons to send the message. don't try anything here. it's also to reassure our people there are a lot of presence to keep them safe. what this points to is we need everyone to be in involved in helping us fight tafr rohr. >> when you see something, say something. >> that slogan says a lot. if you see anything suspicious, bring it to the attention of a police officer. that could be the difference, a lifesaver. he did an amazing job responding quickly. that officer who's only five years on the force, who knows how many lives he saved with his
8:10 am
quicka. >> this is a case where the suspect is in custody. >> yes. >> is he talking? >> very early. look. over time, we're hopeful working with the fbi and federal partners we're going to get a lot more information about what happened here, but it's too early on to start assessing this individual. >> he was inspired by isis, but that's the extent of it. >> the assumption is he's an extremist and terrorist. who he's inspired by and how, it's too early to say. >> there was a note found. >> there was a note found. >> what was that? >> without going into detail, the note and what he said coming out of the vehicle and the manner of the attack made it clear it's an act of terrorism. >> as i mentioned earlier, this happened just a block away from my apartment. people are very resilient. people were out trick or treating. but you can't help but notice the extra police presence p we have the new york city marathon
8:11 am
this weekend. what measures are you taking? >> there will be huge police presence. a lot you will see and a lot you won't see. after the pape and the loss and the people who have lost these people. new yorkers within hours, a million strong, came out to our annual halloween parade. and i talked to them. they're not going to give in. i was inspired by it. >> they're looking to see what they can learn from them, whether they take place here or somewhere else. >> right. >> what have we learned from this incident so far? >> we've learn wed have to constantly reassess where we put up our physical barriers. there was an incident some months ago. there was not terrorism. it was someone with a potential health problem, an american, and in that instant, we made physical changes. we'll continue to make physical
8:12 am
changes. when it com to those convenience, we won't allow vehicles to cut across. that won't be allowed. we put blocker trucks because of what happened. this is an ever-evolving situation. i can tell you from new york city's perspective, but a lot of officers out, well armed, to send a deterrent message and to engage allmunities with the information we need. the attacks that have been stop thad we don't talk about in some cases with were because people went to the police. share it with the authorities. it could make a huge difference. >> it makes a big difference. >> yes. it is a life safer. >> regardless of how simple it may feel. >> let me tell you. the police
8:13 am
something has value. if you think it'ssuspicious, if you overhear a communication. we've had people in different communities go to police officers. some of the times it led us to someone who meant to do harm and they were stopped. >> thank you very much for coming in to see us today. three professors as an ivy league school are accused of
8:14 am
social media says russian attempts to deskried americans took place even after president trump was in office. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:15 am
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nice to meet you sir. joseph, i'm nice to meet you.u? how's it going man? the yankees? come on. [ laughing ] look at the smiles and the hard work that the people here are doing. it's like making mini sandwiches. they're no different than anyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. this is a nice place. yeah. he plays basketball with lauren. steve called, fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome. lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. deep down in his heart he feels for people who are disadvantaged. lauren's a light in everybody eye. she's the spark that has started the fire. the goal is to keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment. see, i love you. i love you guys too. you know that. yeah.
8:18 am
new hampshire's attorney general is investigating misconduct of three professors. they teach in the school's didn't of p brain sciences. jericka duncan is on the school's campus in hanover with what we know about the
8:19 am
investigation. jericka, good morning. >> good morning. this ivy league college is far away from the glitz and glamour of hollywood, but the accusations against three prominent prefessers could show the ever winding scope of the harvey weinstein effect. one of the accuse ud spoke to us through a lawyer. in a statement todd heatherton denied it. he has engaged in no sexual relations with students, the statement said. graduate student car li were you surprised. >> yes. >> last week the school was investigating heatherton and two others, william kelley and paul
8:20 am
whalen who has his own lab and gave a t.e.d. talk. >> you have forces conspiring who sets you off and introoid truds on your day so you don't get your work done. >> reporter: the latest investigation accuses three men of inappropriate behavior since allegations of rape and harassment led to the firing of harvey weinstein who is now under investigation by the beverly hills police department. the exact nature of the allegations against the professors is unclear, but five state and local law enforcement agencies are conducting the criminal investigation. new hampshire attorney general gordon j. mcdonnell said we have no -- >> dartmouth paid the professors on paid leave and restricted their entrance to campus.
8:21 am
philip hanlon says harassment is unacceptable. the other two professors, we did not hear back from them when we asked for a comment and a spokesperson here at the college says they plan to cooperate fully with law enforcement. gayle? >> thank you, jericka. ahead, a scare on live television. how wendy williams is doing after passing out on the air. you're watching "cbs this morning." kes hank smile, which makes everyone's ride better. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to great days. feel the power of thenew power...smax. fight back theraflu's powerful new formula to defeat 7 cold and flu symptoms... fast. so you can play on. theraflu expressmax. new power.
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good morning i'm rahel solomon. legal age to buy tobacco product and e cigarettes in new jersey is now 21. supporters say age increase allows teenagers to mature and make more informed decision about smoking. governor christie sign the bill over summer. legal age to buy tobacco in pennsylvania and delaware is 18. lets send it over to katie for a check of the forecast. it will feel like november 1st >> chilly start, we are break ing out winter coats on a semi regular basis a this is point but we have another warming trend to tell but which we will get to in the seven day. you will notice satellite is starting to show signs of life here, more cloud cover build ago cross delaware valley but you no what we lack in sunshine we are making up for with lighter wind here today. current temperature readings are still chilly over next half an hour and we have a
8:26 am
frost advisory in a couple spots. keep that in mind ready to hit the road you may have thaw go to do before you hit the road but with that said it is just cloudy today. up in the lehigh valley poconos watch for afternoon showers from a warm front lift nothing at warm front does its job mid zero seven's for next two days and few more showers coming our way by friday evening, meisha. >> katie, thank you very much. right new we have live chopper three over a bus hit route 11 trolley in southwest philadelphia 57th street atwood land avenue no kid were on the bus, there are seven minor injuries, from people, including the driver who are on the trolley, however. route 11 trolley shuttle busing between forty-ninth and 58th and wood land, trolley's right now are diverting on to chester avenue. again this is where a bus hit route 11 trolley 57th street and wood land avenue. rahel, back over to you. our next update 8:55. ahead this morning a member of the senate intelligence committee on how on line platforms are used to spread
8:27 am
propaganda i'm rahel solomon, good morning. giveyou're finished! curse you, he-man, you interfering imbecile! give us one good reason we shouldn't vanquish you to another dimension! ok, guys, hear me out. switching to geico could save you... hundreds on car insurance. huh, he does make a point... i do like to save money... catch you on the flip, suckas! geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer.
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i believe firmly in politics, but i also believe that the moment we're in right now, politics is the tail and not the dog, and what we need to do is think about our civic culture. >> former president barack obama spoke to hundreds of civil leaders from around the world at the obama foundation inaugural youth leadership summit. prns har are also spoke. michelle obama will take the stage today. chance the rapper and gloria
8:31 am
estefan are expected to perform as well. he tweeted their thoughts were with new york city last night. >> he had quite the line. and mellody hobson. >> our good friend mellody with the former president. welcome back to "cbs this morning." we'll check back in with norah o'donnell in lower manhattan in just a moment. the allegations against the producer and director stretch back to the 1990s. the women say the incidents took place in private homes, on movie sets, or industry events. he's denied it. they said, quote, nouns with made a claim against mr. rattner. researches say long term users of ppi face a double risk
8:32 am
of developing stomach cancer. the cancer link was there even after eliminating a bacteria suspected of fueling the cancer's development. wendy williams fainted on air after overheating while in her halloween costume. she was in her statue of liberty speech. she started slurring her speech and seconds later collapsed. after a prolonged six-minute break she returned. she told them she's okay, it wasn't a stunt. she was said to be feeling much better. i'm glad she's okay. that's very scary. >> americans reportedly throw away 27 million tons a year. the average person tosses 3.5 pounds of food a week that costs the economy $144 billion a year. leftovers are the single largest
8:33 am
source of edible food waist. the change is attributed in part to rises in income and ag cull real productivity. >> aww today reports fast food chains are adding alcohol to attract customers. it accounted for $1.4 billion. tacko bell plans to open 150 locations that serves beer and frozen drinks with alcohol. pizza hut serves beer and wine at about 3,500. it plans to add alcohol to the menu at 200 more. and chipotle and shake shack are bricking in alcohol. the pope admitted he sometimes falls asleep while praying. he made the confession on a catholic tv program. he said st. teresa used to do it too. he reportedly goes to bed around 9:00 and wakes up at 7:00 in the
8:34 am
morning. >> seven hours. >> he keeps our schedule. waking up at 4:00 in the morning. he's got a more important job though. the executive committee will group executives at facebook, google, and twitter. it comes after disturbing revelations about the scale of the russian effortsle nancy cordes is on capitol hill inside where the hear willing take place. good morning. >> good morning. hearings like this are key to the russian investigations into russian meddling. how exactly did they use social media companies like facebook, google, twitter, and youtube to influence the 2016 election? yesterday executives from those companies told senators that one russian troll farm in st. petersburg, russia, set up 120 pages that delivered content to millions of users. these companies say they have significantly beefed up their staff assistants in rooting out
8:35 am
fake news content but louisiana's senator ron kennedy was skeptical. >> you've got 5 million advertisers and you're going to tell me that you're able to trace the origin of all of those advertisements? you're not telling me that, are you? >> senator, the commitment we're making -- >> i'm just asking about your ability. not commitment. are you able to do it today? >> we're not able to see y07b8d the activity we see on the platform. >> the executives were asked point blank if they they russia was successful in swaying the election. they say they're not equipped to answer that question. a member of the homeland security committee, he joins us from capitol hill.
8:36 am
senator langford, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> you're going to hear today from representatives of silicon valley, facebook and others. what do you think is necessary to stop what has happened in the past? >> so the first thing that's already happened. that is to be able to acknowledge that russians and other individuals are trying to get into our information systems on social media and to try to influence opinions on that. they were false statements that came out, for instance, you could test this number to vote. you could try to text this number. clearly that's designed for voter suppression. we want facebook and google and twitter to engage, which they have, and to say how do they prevent a foreign actor from trying to reach into the american system and deter our own voting system but also our normal communications. it's one thing when one disagrees. it's entirely different when someone from the outside tries to reach in and stir us up.
8:37 am
>> haven't they done enough? >> they're starting to do more. they've hired more staff. they're individual accounts and seeing whether this is a russian troll fa farm. that job is not finished yet. it's not something we should have to step in and oversee a free speech platform. it should also monitor itself. >> do you want to hear from the ceos on this matter? >> i'd like to hear from the attorneys and their counsel at some point. at some point they're accountable for their company. but at this point i'm trying to hear from the representatives. they should be bringing the official word. to me that's sufficient to push back and say what are you doing? >> what's your feeling on the mueller indictment that took place yesterday? >> so those indictments that have come out starting on monday, those separate
8:38 am
indictments are something we expected robert mueller to do. >> can you tell us what the links might be between uzbekistan and terrorism? >> there's been a longstanding connection. obviously it's based typically into russia, that region, but there's been longstanding relationships between several islamic groups in that region as well. so we're still determining, trying to unwrap all of this. there's a long way to go to test social media. communications, was this direct or inspired. that's still being unwound right now. >> when the president says he wants to racht up extreme vetting, what do you suppose he means? >> family connections or terrorism connections. there's a terrorist that comes in with a clean record but family of terrorists.
8:39 am
we receive family members reach out to others from other countries. i'll give the white house a chance to speak out on that. >> do you think extreme vetting is a good idea under these set of circumstances? >> i think it's been going on for a long time. even the obama administration has said, how are we doing, we geeb tot review it. sometimes it's 18 months long. sometimes we don't know anything and assume it's good rather than knowing something positive. do you try to eval yeah. know smgs positive or say they're not on a terror watch list, so they must be okay. >> the suspect was here on a green card that he won with a lottery system, which is popular. can you talk about what that means for the u.s. as far as safety going forward and this lottery program? >> yeah. the lottery program has been evaluated for years. it's not something new. there are about 50,000
8:40 am
individuals worldwide that have applied. they don't bring in any special connection or family member. that i just apply. smaller countries have a more difficult time getting u.s. citizen ship love it because they have the opportunity to be able to do it. we even evaluated it for years saying they should have a skill they need rather than just your one in 50,000 individuals worldwide that won the lottery. >> senator lankford, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. fear didn't stop a famous new york halloween celebration. ahead how the
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
welcome back to thk. we're reporting from lower manhattan, just yards from where yesterday's terror attack ended. millions of new yorkers trying to get their lives back to normal. yesterday's annual halloween parade went on as planned. michelle miller learned how the parade became a symbol of strength. good morning. >> reporter: it certainly was. good morning. the nypd added extra security to
8:45 am
the parade which took place a few hours after the attack, but other than the boosted police presence, this year's celebration was just like all the others and that was exactly the point. with uniform spirit those in costumes man. ed down sixth avenue in the annual halloween parade. when you heard about the parade york usaid, got to be out here? >> yeah, we're out here every year. new york's strong. we're going the pool through. no matter what happens, we're always going to be there. >> reporter: additional police were assigned to the parade route to protect the 44-year-old tradition. mayor de blasio said life must continue as normal. >> we've been tested before as a city. new yorkers do not give in in the face of these kinds of actions. >> did you feel safe out here? >> for sure.
8:46 am
everything's blocked off. the security is more than ever. >> reporter: this 3-month-old was celebrated his first halloween parade along with his parents who were undeterred by the violence earlier in the day. you weren't afraid to come out. >> i was a little but not that much not to go to the parade. >> why? >> because this is a disney-like weekend for us and we should not be upset of such incident. >> you have to get out and enjoy life. >> autumn cromwell was drivinging up from maryland when the attack occurred. >> did you have second thoughts about coming tonight? >> no. >> no? never? >> no. >> reporter: the day's events wither not lost on these two. >> being out here, being through
8:47 am
all the things, times square, 9/11, and all that, we want to show new york solidarity. even though it's a horrible tragedy, we still feel you can't stop what we're doing. >> this year's parade is just one example of new york city showing its resiliency. the new york city marathon is scheduled for this sunday. i know you know it will go on as planned it. >> it will go on as planned. there are three schools. there's a school here and in stuyvesant. everybody is getting back to normal. >> reporter: that's it. people are going on as planned. >> thank you. >> all right. let's send it back to charlie andbianna. >> thank you. >> i wanted to bring up a plaque. i live there. p p s89 is right past it.
8:48 am
i walk by this. it's a plaque from september 11th dedicated to the heroes and first responders who came there to the a it of the children who witnessed such horrific terror and you just think of the kids who came out of that same school yesterday who is the same thing. you have to thank the first responders for coming to their rescue. the impact of the truck attack was felt all around the country. ahead, how the dodgers and astros remember the victims before one of their biggest games of their lives. remember, there's a world series going on. you can hear more on our podcast. today's the start of the open enrollment of affordable care. they discuss the latest on health care exchanges. you're watching "cbs this morning." we always appreciate that. we'll be right back.
8:49 am
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8:52 am
and we have breaking news about the suspect in the truck attack. a source tells cbs news that sayfullo saipov is very pleased with the outcome of what happened. he is bragging about the attack and is unapologetic. sources say he wrote on approximately ten pieces of paper. one of the messages says isis will endure or isis forever, depending on the arabic translation. we also learned investigators have recovered some knives. >> we'll continue to follow the investigation all day. be sure to tune in to the "cbs evening news" tonight. we'll see you tomorrow on "cbs this morning." a note to all of the people who have suffered from all of this, our hoert goes out to the people from around the world who are
8:53 am
among the dead from the terrorist attack.
8:54 am
every day, technology becomes much more personalized. ♪ ♪ like this. and this. (ai device) welcome home, gary, how was your day. and like this. introducing specifi, our digital investing platform that's built around you. just answer a few questions, and specifi will provide a tailored investment portfolio. it continually manages it, so if the market changes, it adjusts accordingly. ask us how specifi can help you reach your potential. ♪ ♪
8:55 am
good morning, i'm jim donovan. philadelphia police hope you can help them track down a pair of armed robbery suspects , surveillance videos shows the suspect allegedly scouting out family shopping place, on south warknock street in south philadelphia. this is video from monday, october 9th, police say that the suspects then robbed an employee at knife point and also got away with merchandise , from the store, if you have any information, please contact the police. now lets turn to katie for the forecast. >> not looking too bad out there today jim, not as bright as yesterday certainly but not as windy as yesterday either. so we're sort of the trading off different variables of the forecast and you can tell that the cloud have thick and he
8:56 am
cross the delaware valley. center city is still visible in the distance so fog is not a concern but again, any sun you have will yield to cloud. especially toward poconos as well as lehigh valley, your farthest north and western most suburbs we will tend up with showers this afternoon specifically from a warm front lifting n that is where cloud are coming from the first place. daytime high still typical for november 1st, 60 degrees and later tonight not quite as chilly. tomorrow and friday both very, very warm for standard but a cold front comes and does its job we are back to reality by sunday, or saturday as well, excuse me, jim. >> thanks very much, katie. we are busy. we have a overturn vehicle in new jersey route 130 ativan skyver parkway northbound all lanes are block, southbound left lane block, you will need to use alternate 295 new jersey turnpike your best bet. you can see traveling less than posted speed. traveling less than posted speed here as well we have construction crews out there with construction that was moved in further from 7:00
8:57 am
a.m. to 10:00 a.m., 495 northbound to claymont two left lanes are block there driving at bumper to bumper conditions, jim. >> well that is not good. that is "eyewitness news" for now. join us at noon. i'm jim honey, what are you doing? watching a cow...? what's it doing? impressions
8:58 am
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>> announcer: almost 600 pounds of a food addiction threatening his life. can a doctor's intervention save him. or will it all come crashing down. >> announcer: then, a fight for his life. >> i was charged with 2400 volts of electricity. >> you can't miss this story of survival. >> and he asked me if i would take a shower, and i said, you know what, harvey, no! >> will this sex scandal turn into a house of cards? >> dr. travis: welcome to the show. new research from the annals
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