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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 1, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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investigators continue to piece together details, here now is the latest on the new york terror attack. the number of those killed, stands at eight, 12 others were injured, and five of those killed were friend from his argentina they were in the new york celebrating their 30th anniversary of the high school graduation, the suspect , 29 year-old say lou saipov is still hospitalized. he is expect to survive. he reportedly bragged about the deadly attack from his hospital bed. that attack took place on a scenic bike pass near hudson river. the suspect drove about .8 of a mile stretching pedestrians and bike's long the way. after he ran the school busy ran through traffic armed with what police say was a pellet gun and paint ball gun, yelling allah akbar which means god is great in arab. those who were eyewitnesses to the horrifying attack are still, shake tone day. our henry rossoff talked with them and he joins us now near the scene of the attack
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near lower manhattan, henry. >> reporter: ukee and jessica most of the eyewitnesses close toes this were in a community college that runs along, almost the entirety of the west side highway, in this area all of those folks are coming to terms with what is happening as investigators are putting the pieces together. >> all of a sudden i see a white truck, just 60 miles an hour, and speeding down the bike trail, and then i hear, boom, boom, boom, boom and then i look up and there are pieces in the air, body parts flying, and i froze. >> reporter: irene was feet from getting hit herself by rented home depot truck on the break studying at nearby bro manhattan community college. >> i started calling 911, all i can say is my god. >> reporter: she didn't get a good look at the driver later identified as 29 year-old say fuel owe saipov or police shoot him as he fled the scene but he did stay and translate for friend and family, and 12
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injured in the attack. >> there were six or seven people, you know, taking just a nice bike ride that day trying to enjoy the city and then, man comes and kills all of his friends. >> reporter: all day police moved in and out of the crime scene, piecing together what happened. as an nypd helicopter thundered overhead. >> there has been a number of search warrants executed, recovered in and around the vehicle where multiple knives, the two imitation pistols one a paint ball gun the other a cross pellet gun. >> reporter: at a briefing investigators called it right out of the isis play book. >> along with the other items, recovered at the scene was some notes, that further indicate that. >> reporter: mayor bill deblasio made clear this would not break new york's spirit. >> we will not be coward, we will not be thrown off by anything. >> reporter: that is why she says that she came back to class today. >> we cannot let those people
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win. >> reporter: new york police department will have a strong, police presence in the coming days, and in this area as well as for many train and subway stops, and also introduce you coming up at 6:00 an hour from now to a muslim american professor at community college who went out of his way to find us because there is one thing he wants known about this entire situation. live from lower manhattan henry rossoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> henry, thank you. in your travels today in and around new york henry you have been there all day long, did you notice more increased security throughout the city or just in the area by the attack. >> reporter: certainly in this area where we have been but few subway and train stops that we did see we saw a manpower there, at the briefing today, they said manpower would be doubled, that, it seems about right as far as what we saw. >> henry rossoff for us live in lower manhattan, thanks very much. we are learning new information about those killed , in the killed and injured in the attack. >> eight who died represented three countries, the united
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states, belgium and argentina new york stock exchange held a moment of silence for the victims of the terror attack just blocks away in lower manhattan. five of the victims killed were from argentina, and they were part of the group in town to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their high school graduation and photo taken as they set off on the trip they posed in shirts with the spanish word for free written on them. in buenos aires the president express i had his condolences. calling the men entrepreneurs, and model citizens. another victim was a belgium woman who leaves behind two young children. >> we are looking for family and child ren. >> reporter: police say the attacker barreled along the bike path for about 14 blocks before slamming his rented truck in the small yellow school bus. >> sebastian, took this video of the bus moments after the attack. >> oh, my god.
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>> reporter: passenger side was caved in, two adults and two students on the bus were hurt. >> window was knock out, parents of one of the kid flew across that and broke the window, with his head and was bleeding and then i saw a little girl trapped in the wheel well, of that bus and then really pretty horrific site. >> reporter: authorities say the attacker told them crashing in the school bus was an accident, he wanted to continue down the road. authorities say that three of those injured yesterday have been treated and released, four of the nine remain hospitalized or in critical condition tonight, and their injuries ranged from a bilateral amputation, to head, neck and chest trauma. we have just learned that federal prosecutors have filed terrorism charges against the suspect, say full saipov. president trump did not mix word today he called the suspect an animal and, called for an event to the visa program that allowed him in the country. >> i am today starting the
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process of terminating the diversity lottery program. i am going to ask congress to medicinally initiate work to get rid of this program. >> according to the associated press the diversity visa lottery program was a bipartisan bill introduced by late democratic senator ted kennedy, and signed into law by president george hw bush, in 1990. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the new york terror attack. when we are not on television you can always fine the latest anytime at cbs shots fired in broad daylight one person is dead following a road rage shooting in allentown, the deadly shooting happened at ninth and wyoming streets and "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live with the very latest on this investigation, greg. >> reporter: and, jessica investigators said they are looking at this as a possible road rage incident, the terrified situation happened around 12:00 noon today here
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in allentown. we spoke with one eyewitness who said he saw the entire thing unfold and everything happened in less than two minutes. >> i saw the car park there right now. >> reporter: second later an eyewitness does not want to be identified saw a murder unfold in front of him. >> he was in the middle of the street and shot and then the guy collapsed over here on the sidewalk. >> reporter: around 12:00 noon wednesday allentown police rush to the corner on have wyoming and ninth street, after 911 calls of the shooting, there they found a driver of this acura sedan dead from a gunshot wound to the chest. >> i saw the shooter. >> reporter: what was going through your head when that happened. >> i yelled my wife at the other room and said that guy just shot that guy. >> reporter: district attorney 's office say they are investigating this as a possible red rage incident. eyewitness agreed said he saw the driver of the maroon pickup truck a honda ridge line pull out a shotgun after an argument with the man driving the ago another a that
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pick up driver shot the victim once in the these. >> she called 911 and i ran down the sidewalk, in my sweats and my bear feet. he was armed. >> reporter: around 3:00 a short pursuit ending at fifth street and turner this maroon pickup truck a perfect match being towed away. after its driver arrested by police. >> it was road rage, the guy, in the ridge line was at a stop sign here. >> reporter: right now investigators have not released the name of the suspect, or the victim. i'm live from allentown greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you. that suspect is on the loose after an alleged sex assault in the frankford neighborhood of philadelphia that alleged that it happened monday morning on the 4900 block of mulberry street an 18 year-old woman told police a man who claimed to be with verizon entered her home and assaulted her. victim got away, and grabbed a weapon scarring the suspect off, the suspect is described
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as a man in his mid 20's, 6 feet way tattoo on the left side of his face. a scary day for students on board a school bus in tinicum township delaware county. around 2:30 that bus went off a ramp from 420 to i-95 south. chopper three over that scene as the bus set in a ditch. we are told multiple adults and children were on board the bus but there were no injuries no word on what caused the driver to lose control. well, this first day of november brought lots of cool cloud cover to our region but the temperatures are moving in for september. meteorologist kate bilo has details of the warm up. so how warm, kate. >> it will feel more like september then november here in another day or so, in fact, already starting to warm up a little bit right now. you can see our temperatures in the region, and, starting to climb, and from the city on south, where the cloud cover is a little bit less extensive and where showers stayed away. much cooler heading in the lehigh valley, and it is in the 40's in allentown. forty-seven in reading.
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fifty-one in lancaster. mild 62 in philadelphia. sixty-four in wildwood. much warmer air is lurking just off to the south, 70's here in raleigh-durham, 69 in atlanta, and warmer air is, locked underneath a warm front , and, tonight into tomorrow, bringing warmer air with it. even nearing record temperatures. as that warm front lifts to the north, tomorrow men to friday we will see temperatures well above average. this front comes through friday afternoon but before we get there we are nearing record territory record for next two days are in the lower 80's, doesn't look like we will break them but we will be in the mid 70's next few days, best chance to see sunshine with the warm temperatures late tomorrow and then early friday. you can see how we spike up heading through next couple days 63 today. mid 70's tomorrow and friday. a cool down over weekend. we have a chance for some showers to invade this weekend as well. we will break that down and time it out and talk about the eagles game as well with the
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full forecast, for now, back to you. see you then, thank you. coming up next former local police chief charged with the hate crime a live report at 5:30. it has been one month since horror in vegas we will hear from the survivor honorary covering from that terrifying night and what some people were led in the crime scene today. another hollywood power player the target of the sexual harassment, allegations as a 80 year-old actor ace pol guying for an incident more than 30 years ago. helping teens overcome addiction without sacrificing their education, health reporter stephanie stahl shows us a place where recovery and learning will take place. we will be
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the harvey weinstein sexual misconduct scandal has opened up the flood gates of allegations against some of the biggest, power players, in hollywood. >> entertainment tonight, kevin frazier, joins us from los angeles from more on the
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latest war of word. >> stories are, continuing town fold, olivia munn1 of the women alleging sexual misconduct against brett rat nor. >> eyed to date olivia munn. >> reporter: he may have joked on the 2011 dating show attack of the show but former news room actress denied any such relationship and is now, seriously speaking out in an explosive interview with the los angeles times, olivia, long with five other women that have come forward claiming inappropriate sexual behavior by the famous director. >> don't you know who i am? he would jog my memory. >> reporter: in her book wonder woman miss adventures of the hollywood geek she shared her account of the uncomfortable moment claiming that ratnora allegedly exposed himself while she was in his trailer on the set of the 2004
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film after the sunset. >> i saw him walk out and then called out, come in here. >> reporter: through his attorney martin singer, brett cat gercally disputes the account by munn and other woman mentioned in the article we will have much more tonight on et, i'm kevin frazier, ukee and jessica back to you. we're learning of two more men in the entertainment industry facing allegations of sexual harassment. >> first is npr news chief michael who says he is resigning as a result. the second is dustin hoffman, writer named ana graham hunter said hoffman groped her on set in 1985 when she was a 17 year-old intern. graham also says hoffman talked about sex, to her, and in front of her. hoffman has apologized saying that behavior is not reflective of who he is. supporting philadelphia schools just got a little easier. today fund for school district of philadelphia unveiled, philly fundamentals, on line platform where philadelphia public schools can list projects they need help funding. donors can then go on line,
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find a school or project they would like to support and donate right there. eagles right tackle lane johnson is getting involved as well, he has vowed to donate 65 percent of the proceed from the new clothing line lj65. >> kate joins us, we have hump day in october and it is, feeling like september. >> it is november now by the way. that. >> it is november. >> can you believe it. >> it is definitely a factor. halloween yesterday. >> yes, novice here, and it is feeling like november, right now, temperatures in the lower 60's, just cloudy, glummy, but it will warm up again feelingr like september here over the next two days, we're heading into the mid 70's. we will be 5 degrees from the record both thursday and friday, temperatures are up and down. we have a few rain chances to talk about as well. lets take a peak, take you outside to the place one apartments in plymouth meeting some spots around the city and points south ande have seen blue sky trying to break through the cloud cover today,
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filtered sunshine all and all it has been an overcast day right there, bird eye view, as we look toward the hills and you can see foliage changing to late to change. still green out there but we are seeing things head toward their peak. and a look as we head toward palmyra looking across the river to the city, still looking gray out there, right now, dry for the most part couple stray sprinkles are possible but as we talked about yesterday, majority of the shower activity today is stake off to the north and west. there could be a stray sprinkler couple flips of windshield wiper and that is all you'll need this afternoon mess of the rain is missing us as a warm front lifts to the north. stray shower making tonight to kent county and few up in the lehigh veil. more cloud cover up that way keeping things cooler, allentown, reading in the 40's right now. contrast that with the 60's in millville, wildwood. drive down the northeast extension and just watch that thermometer, climbing from the 40's to the 60's. cold in mount pocono as well what to expect this evening.
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cloud which spotty sprinkles, 58 degrees as you sit down for dinner time. not too bad. temperatures not dropping that far through overnight hours but we will see fog develop as that warm air moves n by midnight or 1:00 a.m. we will see visability down to half mile, even some, very, low visability in lancaster here down to zero visibility and overnight we will see fog from the city on north and west, still some low visibility in south jersey but really around city and suburbs we could see dense pockets of fog overnight in the first part of the morning commute and then starting to mix out by 9:00 a.m. and reach full visibility by 11 or 12. tomorrow looks like not a bad day. tonight showers lift to the north. tomorrow fog and cloud. midday when sun breaks out in the afternoon looks great. this front approaches friday, and ahead of the front we will see some sunshine, here's noon , not bad, front comes through relatively dry, weak, maybe a stray sprinkle here or there as that front comes through friday night.
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rain chances over next few days stray sprinkle, a few scattered showers friday afternoon and chance for showers again saturday night into early sunday but precipitation chances taper through day. best chance for rain around kick off and then mild with cloud, maybe some sun toward the end of the game temperatures in the mid to upper 60's. your seven day forecast, warmth over the next few days, sunshine tomorrow afternoon, sunshine early friday feeling like september and then saturday cooler with increasing cloud, sunday showers especially early and next week looking pretty rainy we have a chance for monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> um, um, um. >> thanks, kate, appreciate it >> star bucks reveals its much talked about holiday cup. >> picking sweetest cranberries, lauren casey business cranberry and will tell you why you once the ber toys bounce, don. from south florida to south philadelphia, j train pulling in the novacare complex. yes, eagles welcoming their
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new addition, up next in joseph, i'm steve. how are you? nice to meet you sir. nice to meet you. how's it going man? the yankees? come on. [ laughing ] look at the smiles and the hard work that the people here are doing. it's like making mini sandwiches. they're no different than anyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. this is a nice place. yeah. he plays basketball with lauren. steve called, fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome. lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. deep down in his heart he feels for people who are disadvantaged. lauren's a light in everybody eye. she's the spark that has started the fire. the goal is to keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment. see, i love you. i love you guys too. you know that.
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a south jersey mother shocking fight she tells police this is what she discovered in her daughter's halloween candy coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 what the mother told us and what police are doing tonight. >> don bell joins with us sports. new environment for j train, i see some great things. >> fans are excited. yes, pulling in. >> chew, chew trainee cannot wait to see him do that at the linc. >> they should. >> all right. >> wow. >> from london to the city of brotherly love new eagles running back jay ajayi had his first day of work today. 2016 pro bowler hit practice field wearing number 36 brian westbrook's old number. yesterday bird traded a fourth round pick to miami for 24 year-old runner. reports out of south florida say ajayi had attitude issues with the dolphins. london negative is ready to
5:25 pm
turn the page. >> there were criticisms out there, i can only speak about how i view myself, i view myself as a team guy. i'm excited to be here on the eagles, excited for this opportunity, and that stuff at the end of the day is in the past. i woke up today a philadelphia eagle and i'm very excited about that. >> yes, turn the page. eagles are saying about the j train, will make his debut. probably safe bet to say we will see him sunday when eagles host broncos. catch that game at 1:00 p.m. on cbs-3. i totally set you up on that one. you did not leave my completely hanging. >> more to come, more to come, wow. >> thanks, don. coming up in our next half an hour delay in the new g.o.p. tax plan and confession to a democratic demand. also this. senseless bigoted hatred led to the assault of the handcuffed and defense less
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prisoner. according to authorities, purpose traitor in this case was a former police chief, we will have a live report next. a unique way to help high school students battle addiction and still get an education, health reporter stephanie stahl shows us how
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a former new jersey police chief ace accused of racially motivate add tack on a black teenager. >> former chief appeared in federal court in camden today to face hate crime charges. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in bordentown with disturbing details, cleve? >> reporter: well, officials say that after a violent act of abuse against a black teenager here at this ramada inn, they found the former chief who will face possibly spending his golden years in
5:30 pm
prison. >> the conduct alleged is shocking. >> reporter: fellow investigators said frank knew sayer a with a hate crime and depriving an 18 year-old african-american man his civil rights. according to a criminal complaint young man was arrested in september 2016 during an incident at a motel. while handcuffed in police custody, the chief allegedly slammed the black teen's head in the door jam and then punched him. >> complaint alleged that the defendant harbored an intense racial animosity toward african americans. >> reporter: concerned officer within bordentown police department reported the incident to federal authorities and told them nuc era had a long history of racism. at one point he allegedly said these n word are like isis they have no value. they should line them all up and mow them down. i'd like to be on the firing squad. >> police badge will not shield anyone from accountability for a criminal act. >> reporter: nucera who was bordentown administrators retired this past january,
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today township released a statement saying in part township has moved forward with new leadership that promotes community, inclusion and equality. >> that is unacceptable. i mean, he is supposed to be like a community leader. >> you know, how he got into authority, who knows, it is sad. >> reporter: new jersey's naacp said police department every where need to show resolve in eliminating racism. >> we would ask other police officers have the ability and strength of character to step up, and, you know, especially when it is a police chief. >> reporter: federal authorities say, to their knowledge the racist behavior was, just limited to former chief nucera who was, who was in court earlier his bail set at half million-dollar unsecured which means he was able to go home but he could face up to 20 years in federal prison. reporting live from bordentown , cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. today marks one month since the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history.
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that of course night gunman opened fire from the window of las vegas hotel on to a country music festival below. that night 58 people died, more than 500 were injured, and cbs news reporter laura podesta has more from one of the survivors. >> reporter: abby shore described a route 91 music festival as one of the best weekends of her life. until gunfire rang out and it felt like it ripped through her lower leg. she was saved by a stranger. >> he asked me he said can you walk? i tried to get up and walk and my leg gave out, so, he kind of pick me up over his back. >> reporter: investigators still do not know why 64 year-old stephen paddock opened fire from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel, killing 58 people below she still has nightmares about it but says she's trying to stay focused on her recovery. >> it will always be a part of our life but it can't become our life. >> reporter: police tape surrounds location of the route 91 music festival and
5:33 pm
even month later officers are out here monitoring what is still an active crime scene. for one day only attorneys were also allowed on the ground toss take pictures and diagram the site as evidence for their lawsuit. craig island represent rich he will shepherd who was shot three times. >> we have to find out answers first, how dit happen and what can be done to prevent from it happening again. >> reporter: for abby those questions will come later. >> let's go. >> reporter: for now she's grateful of the here'sism of the first responders and inspired to become a police officer herself. laura podest ac bs news, las vegas. we will to have wait one more day before learning about what congressional republicans have in their tax reform bill. g.o.p. leaders missed their self imposed wednesday deadline and pledged to reveal it tomorrow. they have decided to keep the income tax rate for the wealthiest earners as they continue to negotiate over key provisions in the game. democrats say that the tax overhaul benefits the rich. fighting the opioid
5:34 pm
epidemic by combining a high school education with a substance abuse recovery program, it is an important option to help students overcome addiction. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the new jersey program, at einstein health care science center. >> reporter: report interesting one, guys as one of the first of the kind in the u.s. this unique program is designed for teens battling drug and alcohol addiction, for many, the only way out is to break away from the temptation and peer pressure. scientific studies have shown up to 85 percent of students with addiction problems relapse after treatment, when they returned to their former high schools. but lisa, who started using drugs when she was just 14, found help with the special kind of high school program. >> my life was out of control. i thought bit. i was like there is no way i can live the rest of my life like this i cannot do this anymore. >> reporter: she was eventually able to complete her senior year in this recovery high school in north
5:35 pm
jersey. >> some of the support groups will happen here. >> reporter: part classroom, part recovery program where students commit to being drug and alcohol free, away from the temptations of their past. >> when you look at our kid, they go to treatment and same district or school, they are surrounded by all of the same friends, generally where unfortunately where they are meeting their drug dealers and drug using friend. >> reporter: recovery schools have been around since 1980's but in the pennsylvania four years number has grown rapidly to 41 across the country. >> i don't care fit is one kid that we have literally change the course of her life and ripple effect that she will have on other people. >> reporter: recent government study finds 9 percent of teenagers in the united states are abusing illegal drugs. lisa says she has been clean for more than two years her new life is a college sophomore at rutgers university where she lives in an alcohol free dorm, planning for a career in finance. now at so, of recovery schools says there is a lot of
5:36 pm
interests in opening up more sober high schools but cost is a challenge, about $6,000 more per student per year then traditional high school and funding different for any school but usually a combination of public and private funding. >> a lot of interest. >> yes, they fall behind in school. >> yes, exactly. >> makes sense. >> thanks, stephanie. still to come do you make your own cranberry sauce for thanksgiving? we sent meteorologist lauren case any a local cranberry shop and tell us all you want cranberry to come back, plus this. the classroom has act it out, like a charade. >> new free teen program is bringing out performers in everyone, i'll talk with the couple who started tonight this weeks story of brotherly love, kate. in the weekend watch we are talking about another split weekend but not quite as pronounced a split as last week even. we have chance for some showers on sunday, saturday night into the first part of
5:37 pm
the sunday and most likely time frame for showers but we will keep you posted as far as eagles is concern. cooler temperatures after a september-like finish to the week will feel more like novice supposed to feel this weekend, saturday is a little bit on the cooler side then sunday but we will see sunshine to start the day. why are south jerseyans turning against steve sweeney? it's because sweeney's been exposed as a double dipping pension padder. caught spending campaign money on lavish dinners and fine cigars for his pals. investigated for being a lobbyist and a senator at the same time. sweeney voted to raise taxes 145 times while our economy continues to struggle. south jersey is a mess, and it's time to take out the trash. on november 7th, make a change. dump sweeney.
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well, star bucks holiday addition cups are getting a little personal. >> this years cups are designed with open hand holding up coffee with bright holiday scenes. the sleeve says give good and nod to the company's charitable philosophy. one interesting part, blank spaces for creativity so customers can decorate the cups with their own drawings
5:41 pm
and ideas. it is now through holiday season. if you like idea of having dog but don't want responsibilities that come witt, we have just the thing for you. meet sony's popular robotic doggies being brought back after more than 10 years. robotic pet first hit shelves in 1999 but sony stopped making it in 2006. new version comes with a powerful computer chip built in and the ability to connect, to mobile networks. the high tech pup will cost but $1,700. >> $1,700. >> and is expected to go on sale in january. >> they don't come cheap you know what nothing like the real thing, the real mccoy. >> and slobber and all of it. >> rescue real mccoy, indeed. which holiday hollywood families dressed up as toy store friday halloween. >> which singer was edward scissorhand we will show you in the hot minut nobody delivers more for south jersey than steve sweeney. he stood up to north jersey special interests to increase funding for our schools.
5:42 pm
he stopped christie's commuter tax, saving south jersey residents over 200 million dollars. and he led the charge to pass paid family leave. aarp applauded sweeney for freezing property taxes for seniors and cutting prices on prescription drugs. "i got to take my hat off to him. he's a man of his word." steve sweeney. because there's more work to do to get south jersey's fair share.
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well, fall is cranberry harvest season and your thanksgiving cranberry sauce might come from new jersey. >> we sent meteorologist lauren casey and our mobile weather watcher to burlington county to learn the arts of the collecting cranberries. >> i'm here collecting cranberry company in medford, new jersey, cranberry harvest season is in full swing and i have gotten a grand tour of all of the sets, thanks to ron with pine land adventures and we are actually, in a mog right now and there are two types, i think of the wet bog like ocean spray commercials and is there dry bogs as well. can you tell us difference. >> here, at cranberry company we harvest dry cranberries, and then that is for fresh fruit so if you want to buy cranberries in the super market thanksgiving is coming up that is what you want to do if you want to harvest cranberries for processing you need to flood your bog, loosen them up, cranberries from the vine with the beater behind that, and cranberries float to
5:46 pm
the surface and then they are sent off to the processing plant. those two are different ways that we harvest cranberries. >> one even of the processing plant what would they turn into. >> cranberry juice, cranberry sauce, anything cranberry. >> anything and everything cranberry. >> yes. >> were you talking about the beater that sounds like a serious piece of equipment but what does it do. >> it gently loosens cranberry from the vine, as they slope, it makes it easier to harvest. >> i learned one thing that is important you want a cranberry that bounce uses is that. >> it turns out that ripe cranberries bounce, rotten cranberries, kind of, plop. >> don't want a plopping cranberry. >> no. >> also tell us something about the color of the cranberry as far as the taste of the cranberry concerned. >> the redder the cranberry the riper the cranberry. so, the cool nights, make red der cranberries and they are riper, more delicious. >> so mother nature's mother nature need to cooperate and give us nice cool night so we
5:47 pm
have more delicious cranberries. >> absolutely. >> awesome. i also learned that cranberries can be made into wine, with us here we make sample yes. >> we might have a little bit in the packing house. >> so we are heading off in the packing house, back to you in the studio. >> oh, my. >> bounce. >> cranberry is a big divide on thanksgiving. >> i love it. >> i love tight. >> see it is a big divide. >> yes, there is. >> it is always there but it is like, no, no. >> kate's got your forecast. >> yeah to day not so nice to look at, a little great, definitely a complete change from yesterday's beautiful sunshine and blue sky we had all day for halloween holiday but we will see sun returning tomorrow and with the sun returning temperatures returning, to more september- like levels, we're talking mid 70's, tomorrow.
5:48 pm
lets take a look what is going on right now, it is looking ominous down the shore. ocean city, dark cloud, very gray, gray, of course, reflecting off ocean making that look gun metal gray this afternoon. it is very glummy down the shore. it is not all that cold along the coast. we have temperatures generally in the lower 60's but it is colder north and west where temperatures are hovering in the 40's for most of the day as i will show new a moment. lets check with other weather watchers reporting a glummy day across the region. temperatures hovering right around 60-degree mark depending where you live. few spots in the lower 60's across portions of new jersey. we will check in 62 with allen in delran. sixty-two. do i have to show you allen sent photos of the little hudson ready for trick or treat nothing his shark conn tomorrow. i love seeing these kid. hudson and dad looking very, very handsome as they helped out to trick or treat last night. 58 degrees, as we head north and west. phil, 58 at his house.
5:49 pm
he says, saw a bit of sun earlier but cloudy again, the sun was trying to peak out. i saw blue skies here and there but most of the day looks overcast, pretty much like this photo, from bill, showing the gray skies, today not a lot of sunshine but it didn't bother the geese, mall ards at morris arboretum. he have is enjoying a nice bat o the gray day. we have a warm front starting to, activate northward across the northeast. showers missing us to the north and west. heaviest up across upstate new york and new york state throughway and back toward north and central pennsylvania , right along i80 there most of this not really making that push south ande time pack us and that is good news but still chance for stray sprinkle as we get through this evening and see a few forming here over portions of the eastern maryland headed for delaware. don't be surprised if you need to move windshield wipers here or there but it will fade to black there but we are back and we have got temperatures on the neighborhood network on the cool side north and west,
5:50 pm
it is 44 at kutztown area middle school, 52 in milford, 45 degrees in sinking spring and warmer in new jersey where cape may courthouse is checking in at 61. future temperatures, temperatures don't drop that much tonight but in some spots north and west temperatures will rise this evening into tonight and bottom out in the 50's tomorrow morning and then a quick warm up, to the mid 70 's, and once gannon friday we will drop to the 50's and 60's thursday night back to the mid 70's friday afternoon. is there your warm up. as far as rain is concern stray sprinkle, fog develops overnight clearing out midday tomorrow afternoon looks sunny , friday morning looks relatively sunny as well but watch for these scattered showers a lock the cold front coming through friday afternoon. then lets talk about saturday, starts with sunshine. by late afternoon east wind will bring in some cloud and start to cool off in the afternoon. we will feel that damp wind off the ocean and that will income down temperatures
5:51 pm
saturday afternoon and evening so, nicer start to how it will finish. showers saturday night into sunday. overnight cloudy, quiet, mild, thursday morning fog and warm sunshine in the afternoon. here's your daily reminder to set those clocks back before you go to bed saturday night, sunday, showers early and then trying to clear out forbidder sunday afternoon, monday warm but another chance of showers and that will continue on tuesday, ukee and jessica. >> kate, thank you. in this weeks story of brotherly love a music non- profit for young people is offering something new this program doesn't require a long commitment just a few hours on a friday, we went to check it out. >> unaudible. >> reporter: these teens are playing a classic improve game , one of them had to pre tend to speak into a classroom. >> the person who sneaks in don't know why they are late, the classroom has to act it out, do it like a charade. >> reporter: their instructor
5:52 pm
shekina small is using simple writing exercises. >> i'm nick. >> aim joseph. >> i have long hair. >> i have short hair. >> reporter: to teach them how to work together on the performance. >> but we're different yet the same. >> reporter: part of the new free program at rock to the future, in kensington. >> ♪ >> reporter: rock to the future after school program has been giving free music instructions to students, since 2010, it is run by jessica and josh kratz, musicians themselves. >> we are able to see just kid coming in with no experience and you know they are afraid and you know they form a band with their friend and their peers and they make new friend while here. >> when others, play the instrument. >> reporter: jessica and josh wanted to create something teens age 13 to 17, could enjoy without having to make a lengthy commitment. >> tell me about the teen music lounge. >> it is free, drop in program , you can come in one
5:53 pm
session or come in all sessions. this program each month they will learn a different topic. >> reporter: it is opened every friday from four to to 6:00 and will teach everything from spoken word to rap to music production, coming up, world music. >> i think it is fit ago this we are giving teens an opportunity to find themselves >> you can find out more about the teen music lounge on our web site at cbs brotherly. all of the instruments are donated. powerful program. >> really great program. >> you know me with young people in the arts, we love to see it. we will show you hottest hollywood halloween costumes coming up next with bex. and lebron james ride shotgun for car pool karaoke what james corden had him do before any singing got underway. we will be right back.
5:54 pm
a bridge shut down over politics. their biggest triumph was a traffic jam.
5:55 pm
chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and our economy is crawling. we are better than this. i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that works for every new jersey family. christie and guadagno left new jersey stuck. i'm serious about moving new jersey forward.
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5:57 pm
a green thumb cost her a major payday, and which basketball star is putting his singing skills to the test. >> bex from our sister station nine have .5 has those stories and here in today's hot minute >> reporter: halloween 2017 in the books, so some of the best looks, coming from our favorite musicians, like justin timberlake alongside his wife, jessica beal, and son silus bringing buzz, woody and jesse, and lady gaga owning her look as edward scissorhand and adele who dressed up as a court jester. powerhouse making headlines after she allegedly turned down 1.3 million-dollar, adele was asked to play for a private audience of billion airs but had more important plans, according to her agent, she was quote, busy gardening that week. and for more incredible vocal list cristina aguilara
5:58 pm
has confirmed to pay tribute to the late whether it is in hugh ton at american music award to celebrate 25th anniversary of her 1992 sound truck the body guard. cristina took to social media saying i'm excited, humled and honored to perform a tribute to one of my at also on. >> lebron james shot shotgun with james corden in the latest installment of car pool karaoke. >> ♪ >> reporter: two get in the ice cube as they sing long to it was a good day, but not before corden makes lebron text rap mogul jay-z. >> i love those two. >> sam smith will appear in the upcoming car pool karaoke, during tonight's late, late show, right here on cbs 36789 that is your hot minute i'm be x from today's 96.5. >> lebron, he can text anybody >> anybody. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00.
5:59 pm
>> investigators still on the scene piecing together yesterday's deadly terror attack, i'm henry rossoff in lower manhattan, detectives say this was straight out of the isis play book. we will talk to eyewitnesses there second after it happen. >> they are simple kid trying to go out and trick or treat and not expecting this in their neighborhood. >> a mother's warning she found a need until her daughter's candy how officers in south jersey are responding tonight. plus, from weapon to resource guns seized in delaware county are being recycled, their powerful new use, kate. and, it may now be november but it will feel like september as temperatures head back to the mid 70's, i'll tell you how long this warm up will last and we will track rain chance necessary our future all right now at 6:00. how long have you seen
6:00 pm
that truck around. >> i have been seeing it on and off for three weeks. >> a well throughout out plan, neighbors of the new york city terror suspect speak out about what they saw, weeks before the attack and within the last hour we have learned another person is wanted for questioning. the fbi is new looking for three two-year old mohammad, also from uzbekistan in connection to the attack in lower manhattan. no word as to why he is wanted for questioning. good evening, i'm ukee washington. aim jessica dean. here's latest on the new york terror attack. today federal prosecutors in new york filed terrorism charges against the suspect, sayfull saipov. he remaced hospitalized. he followed on line instructions in isis in the weeks he spent planning this attack. among eight people killed were five argentina students, in new york city celebrating the 30th anniversary of their high school graduation. twelve people were injured, four remain in critical


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