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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 3, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> well, two people are found dead inside of suv, now police working to put together the clues and figure fought a gunman's on the loose. we're live with more on the investigation, and the item investigators found near the body. >> they counted up to ten, doors already open down under. that's the first people in the worlds get their hands on new iphone ten. live with people wait to go buy it in our area. >> and they couldn't have nicer weather to be sitting outside. this is a live look from our cameras. some areas could be seeing fog today. start our friday. but then temperatures will be soaring to near records. today is friday november 3rd.
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good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie keeping an eye on things this morning, hotel bethlehem? >> look good out there. >> kind of quiet down there. >> looking dollars -- looking good out there. >> happy friday. >> hello. >> oh, it will get craze think morning, you guys. you too, yes. looking outside right now, and everything is looking actually real nice. because thanks to nice dry roadways this morning, we're looking good. >> the only thing is with time the fog becomes another issue. yes, making repeat performance , in some spots that we didn't really see too much of it yesterday, so, we actually had to had have enough of the perfect ingredient coming together to propertiment dense fog advisory, goes until 10:00 this morning, it will be extended out past your typical morning drive obviously. so, specific to southern new jersey, and new castle county, that's where it is likely to
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be at it worse, visibility could easily be dropping to quarter mile or less, at the worse of this, so, this is going to trip you up. i would highly advise that you keep your low beams ready to go, you also just expect that it could be out there. because it will be patchy. sometimes i feel like that can be even worse, if it is patch at this will come up on you quick, and surprise you. so just know it could be something you run into, especially, in those areas, but anyone really is fair game now, storm scan, at least that's quiet. we don't have any wet weather to track right now. that won't be the case later as our next cold front does cross through, more little later in the show. 58 degrees the temperature at the airport, very mild, even warmer in reading, right now, at 60 degrees. and we are easily going to spike back to the 70s here today. we're expecting to at least flirt with some record high territory here today. look at this, 78 degrees, with some sunshine, however again, not totally dry day for all of us, tracking the cold front passage it, will have the ill pack that bridges a little later on, meisha? >> 78 degrees.
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katie, i just love that. good morning, such great news here on a friday. tgif everybody. looking outside right now, boulevard, looking real good. you push in the southbound direction. once you jump on the schuylkill around the boulevard moving in the westbound direction or even caring onto city avenue this is basically what it looks like, so boulevard, schuylkill , looking real nice this morning. ninety-five taillights moving in the southbound direction, around allegheny. you can see 95, starting to builds levels ever so slightly , typically what we see on a friday, and it usually ends up kinds of holding steady here until little closer to the 6:00ment we'll see what happens there. so far so good. ben franklin bridge, gorgeous shot, never disappoints, looking real nice for those every you in jersey traveling westbound into center city. so we talk about the ben franklin bridge for just a moment. it will be closing this week for an event. 10k, 2-mile walk, heads up on this for my early risers on a sunday morning it will be closed between 745 and 9:30 a.m. so just make sure you take alternate there. construction, still out here. we've got crews out there in norristown, 202 dekalb stress closed between schuylkill and lafayette street.
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so we have to use alternate. markley street your best bet. this is construction project we're getting use to, and talk more about this in the next ten minutes. >> new this morning, house comes tumbling down in philadelphia's logan section. "eyewitness news," on the 900 block every west fisher avenue , where the walls caved in around midnight. we are told the house is vacant, and fortunately, no one was injured. >> well, philadelphia police are investigating a double shooting, in kensington. >> yes, "eyewitness news" reporter january car jan carabeo live at police head quarter with the latest on the investigation, jan, good morning. >> rahel, jim, good morning. philadelphia police say they cannot rule out the possibility that this was a murder suicide. they found both of the bodies in suv, gun was nearby, they did not finds any bullet holes in that vehicle, and they did not finds any shattered glass, although, they do tell us all four windows were rolled down at the time. snow is just one working theory. this investigation is still in its very early stages. take a look at the video, you can see, the scene. police were called out to this
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scene at amber and venango in kensington just after 10:00 last night. this is the 3500 block of amber street. there they found man and woman inside after sv, both shot in the head. now, homicide detective, have pick up this case, they're talking to neighbors, possible family members, in that immediate area. and investigators tell us the vehicle is registered in that area. and again, police are searching for motive. but they do say they may have a lead. take a listen. >> right now we didn't get any information or description of a shooter or shooters who fled the scene. and due to the fact that there is a weapon recovered inside the vehicle, we're not ruling out the possibility that this may have been a murder-suicide >> so philadelphia police are still searching for a motive. they're also working to identify both the man and the woman who were found shot to death, shot in the head there in kensington, anyone with information is asked to give
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police a call. we're reporting live outside police headquarters this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, " eyewitness news," rahel, jim, back to you. >> thank you, jan. patrick o'hanlon recovering this morning, that's after police say he was shot by del ron ma hand. police say the 19 year old suspect known member of the crypts gang. officials say he almost shot the officer in the face, but the gun jammed, shooting him in the thigh instead. >> he was able to rip the gun out every his hands, and physically stay on top of him until back up arrived, which was matter of seconds. >> authorities say this is not his first run in with the law. he has extensive criminal history, at just 19 years old, already arrested ten times, convicted of three felonies since becoming a adult. >> republicans calling it a game changer for american families. house republicans officially unveiled their tax overhaul bill, saying the middle class will see the biggest benefit. democrats, though, in this -- insist the he can act thing is
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the opposite of the sex act thing in this case. here is hena doba. >> tax cuts if we get this through, i think we, will you will see this economy take off like a rocket ship. >> president trump calling unveil by house republicans the biggest tax cut in the history of our country. >> the middle class is a big beneficiary, jobs and companies are big bin february airs. >> would slash the number of individual tax brackets from seven to four. the top rate would remain at 39.6%. but it would only apply to households making a million dollars or more. >> the median households making $60,000 a year would see it rate drop 15% to 12. the plan would also double the standard deduction, to $12,000 for individuals, and $24,000 for married couples. house speaker paul ryan says typical family of four will save $1,182 a year.
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>> that $1,182 more covers about a year's worth of gas for your car. it covers your family's phone bill for the year. >> the democrats insist eliminate ago deduction for state and local income taxes hurt high tax states like california and new york. >> what they won't tell you is that many, many, many middle class families, will see their taxes go up under this plan. >> some of the other changes included in the plan, growing the child tax credit from 1,000 a year to 1600. the bill will need the backing of nearly every republican to pass. hena doba, cbs 3, "eyewitness news." >> today president trump leaves on the longest official trip by us president in more than 20 years. the first stop on his 13 day trip, will be to hawaii, then onto japan, china, philippines the nuclear situation and us trade will be the main topics every discussion. >> and visitors to president trump's famous twitter account saw this message last night after his personal account was briefly deactivated.
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the outage was reported a little before 7:00 last night. and re-activated in about 11 minute. twitter says the company was intentionally de-activated by a customer support worker on last day of the job. >> new yorkers are honoring the victims every tuesday's terror attack as investigators continue trying to make sense of the crime. a vigil was held in manhattan last night near the bike path where eight people were killed meanwhile, the is he is he installing concrete barriers along the path to prevent cars from reaching it. the suspect in the deadly attacks remains behind bars. investigators going through his backgrounds and questioning his friends. >> well, while you were nestled warmly in your bed overnight, other were camping out hoping to get their hands on the latest iphone. >> take a look, live picture from the apple store in ardmore. where about two dozen people have been lined up through the night, which is actually not that long, not that many people, their wait almost over , though, doors open promptly at 8:00 a.m. >> and the same scene playing out right now, the apple snore center city.
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that's 16th and walnut, rittenhouse, where we were told people have been lined up since yesterday morning. >> not just about the phone. about the company we have here we get to meet a bunch of like -minded people who are interested in the same thing. >> i just come from puerto rico to buy this phone here in philadelphia. >> what? come on, has to be another reason why he is here. iphone ten marks decade since the very first iphone was released: new features, facial recognition, and will cost but a thousand bucks, stay with us, liver to the apple store in ardmore. >> well, how is a free cheese steak sounds? we'll tell you where you can get one today. >> also ahead, historic debate scientists discover something inside the great pyramid left untouched for thousands of years. but an expert is now calling their bluff. we'll tell you what's at the center of the controversy. >> and where is the love? why the city's love park is opening without the famous statue. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> it looks like folks will have to wait little longer to see the city's love statue in love park. officials say the icon inch sculpture won't be back at the park across city hall until early next year, love state ooh is still being restored. the letters being repainted purple instead of blue. artist robert originally painted them purpose well installed in 1976. while the statute itself isn't ready the newly renovated love park is set to reopen later this month. >> scientists are announcing so-called hidden chamber inside the great pyramid of pizza, about not everyone thinks it is new, new discovery since the 19 century they say the void is above the inner grand gallery and was discovered using cosmic '
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imaging, to penetrate the rock but a leading egypt tolgist says it has been known for decade. >> they have to have, therefore, the 30 meters is already existing, it is already mentioned 25 years ago >> well, he seem to know what he is talking about cents, the pyramids built from 2500 years ago, the debate over their construction obviously rages on. >> okay, i have never been there. i would love to travel to egypt. >> it doesn't feel like it is the dessert out. not that hot. >> it is pretty warm for november. >> very warm. and certainly, another feature of the dessert how dry it is, we don't have that going on either. you know, actually relatively dairy say muggy start to the day. the moisture in the atmosphere , still sitting between fronts right now, that combined with the light winds that we've still got going on, perfect recipe for us to see
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some fog develop. might as well be the earliest days of the fall season, guys, harkening back to mid to late september with the kind of thermometer readings we're talking about, and also this kind of pattern. so we take a look outside. start things off just by examining where we would have to hit if we were going to hit a record. so, talking about a high of 78 s record, all the way up to 80, that was last set in 1990. just fall warmth, tech neckly still in the fall season, regardless we take a look at the live neighbor haded network that very erie task, being put out here with the moisture in the air, the mist, and also the fog settling on the boardwalk, you can make out down the lent of the board walk being but also a worth a mention weaver dense fog advisory posted for southern new jersey, except for cape may county, and then also in new castle county delaware. >> not immune to seeing the fog everywhere, even if you
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don't have the dense fog advisory, so something to keep in mind. meanwhile very mild start to the morning, 58 at the airport , we may drop another degree or two before the sun comes up. but since such a warm start to the day, no problems spiking upper 70s, next front waiting in the wings, charging east already bringing in heavy rain apart cross, next system on part putting into effect winter storm watches, got snow with it up in the northern rockies, that is our next batch of fronts that comes in. so, all over the place with the thermometers as a result, and we are upper 70s today, up ear's tomorrow. so watch for shower at some point late this afternoon, another batch of showers saturday night into sunday, another rounds of showers second half of monday and maybe even tuesday. it is just very active right now, meisha. >> we saw problems yesterday, and we'll see how today shapes up. looking outside right now, just talking about some construction out there. not here though. this is the schuylkill at the
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boulevard, headlights moving in the eastbound direction. you can see, we will be working there, looking pretty good, blue route, ridge pike, same story here. tail light moving in the southbound direction, everything is moving along on the blue route as it should. specially in the 5:00 hour. we will start to see things change little bit in the 6:00 hour. so far so good. forty-two, route 41, looking great here, as well. everyone still traveling around at posted speeds. now, cooper norcross, run the bridge event, is this weekend on sunday. so, it is a 10k and 2-mile walk by the way, because that far it will be closing, sunday , 7:45 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. so use one of your alternates, more of this coming up in the next ten minutes. rahel, back over to you. >> all right, meisha, see you then, thank you. now for look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> from the mercury man taken to the hospital thursday after falling into a pit at a pottstown construction site. first responders were called to north washington street in king street around 12:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon for rescue involving a work here had fall
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nina hole in the street. >> and the trentonian, was lauren towns ship police chief living a double life? currently under administrative investigation by the mercer county prosecutors offers for sexual harrassment complaint foiled by his secretary. sources now tell the paper the complaint connect today alleged affair. denied any affair saying he is happily married. >> from the burlington county times burlington county resident can recover confidential documents at free paper shreading event. the burlington county resource recovery complex, the event from 9:00 to 1:00 will be hosted by the burlington county boards every freeholders, for county resident only. no businesses. and identification is required >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. coming up: we're hearing from the phillies new manager gabe kapler. >> what he had to say to our don bell about his methods of coping, coming up next in sports. >> i'm kevin frazier. coming up chris hemsworth back as the god of thunder defending his own planet.
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nice to meet you sir. joseph, i'm nice to meet you.u? how's it going man? the yankees? come on. [ laughing ] look at the smiles and the hard work that the people here are doing. it's like making mini sandwiches. they're no different than anyone else.
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a bridge shut down over politics. their biggest triumph was a traffic jam. chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and our economy is crawling. we are better than this. i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that works for every new jersey family. christie and guadagno left new jersey stuck. i'm serious about moving new jersey forward.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back, we're glad you're with us. >> the phils new manager met the media yesterday. here's don bell with your morning sports. >> over the next several months, you'll hear a lot about gabe kapler. talk about his lifestyle blog, and six pack abs, just remember, by september didn't get him this job. his baseball minds did that. yesterday the 42 year old met the the media, and i spoke to gabe one-on-one and asked him if he ever envision in the day >> it is something that i have ' always been passionate about i think that started for me as a bench player, with the boston red sox, and watching
5:24 am
teeth owe frank kona, how good he was at leadership. and i said, like that's something that i want to do. i want to be, i want to be like that. and now around various leaders , up until the time that i stopped playing, that i found to be very inspiring, and i felt like i had the ability to inspire men, so certainly, yes, it is something that i have ' always wanted to do. >> now i've known you to be a very progressive thinker, very forward thinking type of guy. how do you marry two in terms every traditional approach and progressively? >> i think with a great degree of sensitivity, right, so i have a reference for the tradition every baseball. i believe strongly that there is so many valuable experiences that can shape our own. so then marrying that, with really hard cold factual evidence, and blending those two things together to make us most informed decision asks probably where i'll spend most of my time crying to create well rounded view to make sharp decisions for our team. >> all right, we move onto hockey. flyers in st. louis, second periods, no score.
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brandon manning, from the point, originally the goal was waived off, but eventually gets credit. later in the periods, former flyer brayton sean, hit with nasty hit, hits the ice hard, here is another look at the thing. returned in the thirds to the game and the flyers get the final, they win two-nothing after empty netter. >> college football, three and five, temple hosting five and two navy. first quarter frank, 40-yard touchdown. thirds quarter they weren't done. so nice they thought they would do it twice. this time for 34-yard, jennings again, a temple with the huge win, 34 to 26. your final score. >> tonight the sixers hosting the pacers at the wells fargo center. the flyers are off until saturday when they host the colorado avalanch. that's all for sports. i'm don bell, have a great day >> and don't forget this weekend's eagles action right here on cbs 3, the first place eagles have the best record in the nfl. they face the denver broncos at the linc sunday afternoon.
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if you can't be there, be here for the 1:00 kick off on cbs-3 >> and there was prime time nf l action last night, in nfc and afc east battle between the buffalo bills and the new york jets. game opened with a moment of silence for the victims of the deadly terror attack in manhattan. now, in the game, running back matt rhawn for two touchdowns, and the jets sacked bills bells quarterback taylor seven times. the jets beat the bills 34 to 21. >> well, coming up in the next half hour every "eyewitness news," why invest remembers feeling a little bit better about the job market. >> and changes coming to a familiar retailer. we will have the details on live report from wall street. trang? >> and yes, people still wait in line for iphones. i'm trang do, liver in ardmore , with a bunch of apple phanatics. waiting for the iphone phone ten launch. >> then we go inside phillies newest residential high-rise, offering some amazing views of the city. we'll be right back.
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