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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 3, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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1991, this statue went up in 1998 and in 2018, next year, in at least six months it will come down. not demolish but will move. where it will move, we do not necessity exact details. there was a commission set up a few months ago to decide where this statue would go. there were protests, a lot of controversy over summer because people believe, some people i should say that frank rizzo was an oppressive mayor, he was racist toward african americans and other minorities other people believe he was a good mayor, he did a lot of good things for this city this commission decided and announce today that the frank rizzo statue will move. they had 4,000 submissions, jessica and ukee to decide where to move it. big question where will it move? we will know in at least six months i finished an interview with city council woman helen gym, one of the people spearheading this event, hear what she has to say and other folks we spoke to coming up tonight, at 6:00. reporting live from center
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city, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> see you in an hour, thanks very much. airline crashed in the trees this afternoon in tinicum township bucks county. investigators say small plane veered off runway as it was landing ativan sanity airport. pilot was only person on board , and was taken to the hospital, no word on their conditions. police in bucks county want public to be aware after two attempted child lurings that may be connect. authorities are hoping that a picture from surveillance video will help them track down the suspect who is wanted for instance dents in bristol township. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh has more. bristol township police say officers will continue to patrol neighborhood at times children are getting on and off the bus after two attempted child lurings police believe may be connect. >> very disturbing, shocking. >> reporter: lewis lives right by bus stop, near where police say man attempt todd lure a 10
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year-old girl getting off school bus at 4:15 thursday afternoon. child reports ago preached by a stocky indian or hispanic man in his early 20's, riding in a silver four door sedan, who winked and told her to get in the consider. >> she remembered he had a tattoo on his left biceps, brown hair which was straight, his eyes were greenish report report home surveillance video caught this many age of the person of interest and vehicle police believe may be in involved. 2007 or zero eight chevy impala. >> we would like community's help identifying person driving this car so we can interview him and determine, whether or note was involved and whether or not he ace threat to the children. >> reporter: investigators are concerned that the same man they are looking for may have struck, before. on august 12th, about 5 miles away at hidden forest apartment complex, a nine year-old would i playing with rocks, says that a similar man in car approached him, asking for his age, where he lives and when wanted to go for a walk. man also reportedly asked, for
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the rocks in exchange for a 50-dollar bill, money later determined to be counterfeit. >> watch your kid, make sure they are not alone on the streets, kid that are walking home from the school bus, walk together. >> reporter: anyone with any information on this person of interest, should cat police. in bristol township i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" several police officers helped rescue residents from the burning home in north philadelphia fire started around 5:30 this morning on the 1500 block of west oxford street near temple university. officers on patrol spotted the flames, and knew that they had to act fast, fire was spreading from the first floor , to upper floors, and people were still trapped inside. >> the back was on fire. so, i didn't want anyone to get hurt. we went to the second floor climbed on the rooftop and able to get him off the roof and back on the ground level. >> three residents were taken to the hospital for treatment but we're told all be expected to recover. officials say that the fire appears to be accidental, but they have not yet determined
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an official cause. a camden county police officer shot in the line of duty earlier this week could soon be released from the hospital. officer patrick o'hanlon took a bullet during an alleged confrontation with the suspect "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live at cooper university hospital where many are checking in on his recovery, cleve. >> reporter: jessica, there was a chance officer o'hanlon would have been discharged today and would have received a very warm welcome from his fellow camden officers but we got word late this afternoon he will stay in the hospital probably for another night, as they make sure he he doesn't suffer any complications or infections because of that gunshot wound. here's a picture from earlier in the hospital room with officer o'hanlon when he got a vice from it camden chief scott thompson and chris per reen at state's top law even are force. officer retweeted that photo # hero period. o'hanlon was shot on the side when he wrestled a handgun from a crips gang member. the suspect 19 year-old delran
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mayhand is well known to police. he has been arrested 10 times in the last two years. he faces aggravated assault and attempted murder charges and being held without bail. officer o'hanlon managed to, hold down mayhand until his back autopsy lives and they took him to the hospital, and, we understand that mayhand is an army reserve member, he has been a police officer for about a year and hopefully, he will get a chance to go home and rest at home, this weekend live from camden, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, cleve. president trump has responded after army sergeant beau bergdahl received no prison time for deserting his powe in 2009 and subsequently, getting captured by the taliban. in a tweet this afternoon the president said that the decision on sergeant bergdahl is a complete and total disgrace to our country and to our military. at a hearing this morning bergdahl was given an dishonorable discharge, reduce in rank and ordered to forfeit
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his monthly pay. suspected in custody after lock down at the white house according to secret service agents the three three-year old man told agents he dropped explosives, a lock the north fence this morning. that man identified as irving petaway of washington d.c. has been since arrested. authorities say they check the area, they only found a cell phone, he dropped, he now facing felony threat charges. tomorrow pennsylvania department of transportation will be openingly newly renovated bridge. been dot will celebrate the opening of the newly rehabilitated bridge that are case edge hill road over route 161 where old york road in abington township. officials will participate in a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the completion of the bridge project tomorrow, and then, it will be opened to traffic. well, it has been a beautiful day, beautiful couple of days with warm temperatures and clear skies but the warm up isn't supposed to last, and rain may be in our near future. meteorologist kate bilo is on the sky deck work a look at the weather, shall we say, whiplash, coming our way, kate
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>> reporter: ukee, we will be on a temperature roller coaster here over next few days to day, right now it is same temperature it was when i was standing out here, yesterday but the sky looks a little bit different. yesterday was a full day of sun, today cloud have arrived courtesy of the cold front but remember yesterday we talk about how this front doesn't have moisture with it? take a look at storm scan three you can see there is really not much to see here, front coming through, generally dry, just with a few cloud, as we zoom in maybe a stray sprinkle popping up here or there but mostly it is just cloud cover this afternoon and the cloud, will be clearing, as we head through the overnight hours. and temperatures right now are still in the 70's, we're at 72 in philadelphia 71 wilmington. seventy-five in atlantic city. notice difference north and west back to the 60's, front has pass through in allentown and lancaster and we will see a little bit of the cool down tomorrow. temperatures start to buckle that is colder air comes from the northwest, and just 49 in buffalo. fifty in cleveland and 44 in ialpena. tonight we will drop down to
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the 40's. tomorrow feels more like a november day, it is supposed to feel like but it is a brief cool down i'll tell you when it warms backup to the zero seven's and time out rain for the weekend, for now, back to you. >> thank you, kate. today is day apple fans around the world have been waiting for highly anticipated launch of the iphone 10. >> people in our area started lining up yesterday for tenth anniversary phone, the thousand dollars device is a complete design overhaul, for apple, and fans say features like face id and a larger more vibrant screen will make it worth the hefty price tag, rick simms was one of the few dozen people who camped outside the apple store in ardmore suburban square. >> really just to be part of the community, apple community , it is not just about buying a phone but a computer. it is about the family. the community that creates great device is while waiting overnight was not necessary to get aid phone today some people say they do it for the experience. it goes way back. coming up on "eyewitness news" how the state of our
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country is affecting people's mental health. also black ice cream drinks and powders, the new fad in food, that some say detoxes their body and whitens their teeth as well, chelsea? and it is national sandwich day here, celebrating here, with the mobile weather watcher in manayunk more on what they called the somother cheese stake that is coming up , tori that peaked my interests, chelsea, it is friday and that means friday football frenzy our game of the week is haverford taking on north penn on north penn's home turf. we will talked about how passionate their students are and their teachers, you'll see what i mean up
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he stood up to north jersey special interests nobody delivers more for south jersey than steve sweeney. to increase funding for our schools. he stopped christie's commuter tax, saving south jersey residents over 200 million dollars. and he led the charge to pass paid family leave.
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aarp applauded sweeney for freezing property taxes for seniors and cutting prices on prescription drugs. "i got to take my hat off to him. he's a man of his word." steve sweeney. because there's more work to do to get south jersey's fair share. a bridge shut down over politics. their biggest triumph was a traffic jam. chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and our economy is crawling.
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we are better than this. i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that works for every new jersey family. christie and guadagno left new jersey stuck. i'm serious about moving new jersey forward. kate joins us any and so far so good with our november weather. >> um-hmm, yes, really nice so far. we've got some shower chances though to tell but in the
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forecast but right now front that came through earlier today really in the done much across the area it has been quiet, just some cloud and while weather is still cooperating with us it is time to get outside without the coat. you don't need it. chelsea ingrammys getting a bite. it is all about national sandwich day in somo manayunk. tell us what you are tasting here you peak our interest is here. >> there is a lot of delicious looking food out here we are here on main street manayunk right out front of somo i have this step right here, eric hall, can you tell us a little bit more about this somo cheese stake. it is fear of missing out if you didn't necessity what it means. >> i had in idea, millennial term obviously but we tried to elevate our cheese stake here, somofomo cheese stake. we start with choice filet tips and then we saute those with our secret stake sauce with a, bread/onion jam and then we put a little truffle braced mushrooms to top it off
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with arugula triple cream brie , we sold about 80 of them today. we were celebrating national sandwich day. >> several other sandwiches out here as well. >> we have somo double stacked burger, somo salmon, balt with avocado and bacon, we have pulled pork, chicken and waffles, and so we're just, all about the celebration, and tonight we will be, featuring our somofomo cheese stake as well. >> a little something special at 10 to 11:00 o'clock late night happy hour. >> late night happy hour. you come in and say. >> cbs-3. >> cbs-3, cbs-3, i get confused though. >> it is cbs-3. >> you come in, 10 to 11 you say cbs-3 you can get fomo cheese stake for free. >> yes. >> so, obviously, gorgeous weather outside. >> fantastic, beautiful. >> things are looking beautiful. >> yes.
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>> i will head in the next several hours, we are looking at temperatures in the 60's, all the way through 10:00 o'clock when you are coming down here to get your f omo cheese stake for free mentioning cbs-3. >> cbs-3. >> kate, i got a little fomo i will try this cheese stake here, back inside to you. >> fun fact if you say anything other than cbs-3 you will be m-o, missing out on the cheese stake. >> exactly, totally. >> thanks very much. enjoy the rest of the night. lets take a look outside, taking you out to the poconos where included are in place and we have got some blue skies, trying to peak out of their front, front clears in the poconos we have got some, nice colors out there. foliage is looking beautiful in the poconos. you may have noticed a lit built of the delay in the foliage we are supposed to be at our peak in the city, it is slow, we are peeking over next week or so but looking great, little bit past peak but great weekend heading to the mountains and at the beach looks good as well. not a whole lot of foliage
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beside dune grass on this shot in rehoboth beach but as we set this into motion it was a really nice day for most of the day, a few cloud filtered in late in the afternoon. look at the people on the beach on a friday enjoying nice unseasonably warm weather , now looking a little bit gray as that front moves through but front is not producing much in the way of showers outside just a few cloud as front comes through and see cloud over city and down into south jersey. once this front clears we have got sunshine on the way but there is a secondary cold front that will come through on monday working back across northern plains and that will reenforce chill. this one is a brief cool down we will warm backup out ahead of the stronger front which comes through next week. temperatures right now 72 degrees in philadelphia. seventy-five millville. seventy-five atlantic city. notice that northwesterly wind where frontal boundary is right about here as that northwest wind picks up temperatures will be dropping tonight much cooler then recent nights. skies clear by 8:00 with a clear sky, light win,
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temperatures drop rapidly but notice most of the day tomorrow will see cloud and sunshine. areas south of the city will see an increase in cloud a little bit sooner by two or 3:00 it turns cloud any south jersey, delaware. rest of us will see cloud increase through saturday evening. showers stay away through most of the daylight hours. by midnight that is when we will see wednesday spread area of showers moving through tomorrow night and start sunday morning with cloud and showers, and then gradually those showers start to lift out, by sunday afternoon or evening before that next front approaches on monday. widespread showers, saturday night and sunday, monday that is when our next front comes through with line of showers and storms in the afternoon, and tuesday, a shower is still possible, as much cooler air settles in, overhead. so overnight we will drop down to a pretty comfortable chilly low of 48 degrees. it is cooler then recent nights. your eagles forecast a passing shower at the start of the game but that is as skies start to clear by end of the game it will be nice, warm near 70 degrees gannon sunday.
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monday 73, warm again with showers in the afternoon. and then more seasonal by the second half of the next week we have highs in the 50's, so enjoy 70's we have a few more days and then november weather will settle in. >> okay, it will come, thanks, kate. still ahead newest marvel movie hits theaters. >> hey, hey, we know each other, we're friend. >> reporter: chris hems worthies back as thor why this film will keep you on the edge of your seat and, have you laughing, leslie. well, friday football frenzy now takes to us north penn high school where sports, science is a big part of the students experience, vittoria woodill will show us how everybody is getting involved next in sports.
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he's a husband, father, veteran... but most of all, he's a fighter. chris brown has never been afraid to take on the big fights. that's why he stood up to republicans and democrats alike to fight the north jersey casinos and the takeover of atlantic city. chris brown is fighting to protect jobs in our region... a true champion for the working men and women of atlantic county. on november 7th, let's keep him fighting for us. chris brown for state senate, he's on our side. medical students at the museum , coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 health reporter stephanie stahl explains the way these
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future doctors are learning in a unique way. in the meantime, it is friday. >> that is right. >> are you ready for some football. >> yeah. >> friday football frenzy kicked off early this morning with pat gallen. >> he caught up with students at north penn high school in the studio prepping for tonight's big game and they say they are ready to tackle the opposition big time. they are hoping for repeat performance against haverford high school a team they beat last season but teams are evenly matched this time around. both eight-two as they helped to the grid iron tonight. >> that is where we will bring in leslie van arsdal, it is friday night, we have the frenzy happening. >> that is right, can you feel the excitement. >> let's do it. >> yeah. >> it is building, our game of the week takes to us montgomery county north penn welcomes haverford our vittoria woodill is live at north pen high school in lansdale where sports and science unique, hi, tori. >> how are you doing, leslie, huge game tonight. playoff game. both teams are eight-two. north penn helps continuing haverford right here on their
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home field. however, all day long, i get a great opportunity, at hanging out at north penn's high school and let me tell you these teachers and students are passionate. i think the p in penn stand for passion. you'll see what i mean in this >> you know, use the sparkler to start it. >> reporter: it is a mind that is like a parachute. >> happy fourth of july. >> reporter: it only function when opened so here at north penn teacher are aiming to open mind of students by sharing bright ideas. >> wow. >> we share. >> if any teacher comes up with anything like i found this really great demonstration to illustrate something or i found a video or something, they immediately share it with the whole department. it makes us all much better teachers. >> wake up every day, you learn something new. >> reporter: ideas that spark passion. >> that is what happens when we use the word passion, in public speaking class. they have the passion, enthusiasm that you, that you wake up for in the morning and you are a teacher.
5:24 pm
>> reporter: but it comes from the top, mr. king, has been a chemistry teacher at north penn for 26 years and it was his passion for learning and fun that led him to the classroom. >> i think we all have to find something that fits our personality. if you love your work then you never work a day in your life. that is what it is to me. >> he has a sense of humor and makes it worth coming. >> reporter: he is not only one, if you take a trip in the chem lab, classroom, it is about the people. >> yeah, it is, all of the staff and administrators set this up to be great. >> reporter: i think your teacher will cry. or get to the planetarium passion for learning can be seen, and heard from these teachers to the moon and back. >> i think all of the teachers are very passionate about what they do. the curriculum, their content, in the science department, you know, we're, we love just to get around and talk science. the teachers enjoy what they are doing. so students enjoy it as well. >> reporter: absolutely. so shout out to the teachers in north penn and all of the
5:25 pm
teachers of every high school that i have been at, that are really just having fun because students are picking it up and loving it. all of these students were great today. guys, i had a bright idea, concession stand opened, right if i hit the concession stand i'm going for soft pretzels, spicy mustard and swiss mix cocoa, watery with you kind of great at a football game. if you were to hit at the concession stand, what are you getting, go. >> um, that is good. >> that and then some. >> that sounded great, tori. >> i want that pretzels. >> how about nacho's with the fake cheese. >> nacho's and cheese. >> not fake, that is real cheese. >> wow. >> i'm not saying it is bad. >> okay. >> it is just not real. >> have fun, tori. leslie, see new a little bit. coming up next, twitter on a mission, after the president 's twitter account is intentionally shut down by one of its own employees, the president's response, yes, a
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tweet. and they called it a fat berg, a quiet clog in the underground pipes of london. how they finally got it out. and just how long it took, that is coming u a bridge shut down over politics. their biggest triumph was a traffic jam. chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and our economy is crawling. we are better than this.
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i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that works for every new jersey family. christie and guadagno left new jersey stuck. i'm serious about moving new jersey forward.
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well, now at 5:30 president trump is making his way to ash for nearly two weeks. >> president will a 10 several economic summits but north korea's nuclear ambitions will be the key focus of talks with asian leaders. white house says north korea is running out of time to end its weapons program, the president says he will be delivering a strong message during stops in tokyo, beijing , soul. >> north korea is a thing that
5:30 pm
i think we will solve and if we don't solve it, will not be very pleasant for them, it will not be very pleasant i guess for anybody. >> kremlin spokesmen would not rule out meeting between president trump and russian president vladamire putin during an economic summit in vietnam next week. joining us now is cbs news chief washington correspondent and anchor of face the nation john dickerson. john, good to see you. >> good to be back as always. >> we know key aid did not go on that asia trip they have stayed behind to focus on tax reform here at home, and on sunday you will talk with house majority leader kevin mccarthey who has been a key figure in the tax reform proposal. >> that is right, this is the big push that the white house and republican leaders in congress are trying to get done before thanksgiving and get the whole thing wrapped up before christmas. that is a very short time line to do something as complicated as basically reorganize the tax code. you have already seen now that there is legislation and not
5:31 pm
sort of the fuzzy principal that is were put out before, that there is a lot of disagreement with what the house has put forward from the small business lobby to the mortgage interest, or the mortgage companies that are disappointed in the changes that are contemplate todd the mortgage introductions. there will be a lot of back and forth, pushing, pulling and then, of course, larger question whether the way in which these tax breaks are written will help middle class , will they help more wealthy, and will the corporate tax reductions really come back to people in the form of higher wages. >> big question there. you will also have virginia senator mark werner vice chair of the senate intelligence committee and this week we saw this interesting testimony of major technology companies like facebook, twitter, as they pertain to the russian investigation, will you guys be talking about that? >> we will. we have lots to talk about with senator warner on that specific case of facebook,
5:32 pm
twitter, google, up in front of the senate intelligence committee, they did not get a very good reception. officials from those co. they didn't get the sense that all of the senators were very serious in look for answer from his them about what happened and also what they are going to do to make their platforms more secure for future elections. we will also talk to the senator who is a former ceo about the corporate tax breaks and what he thinks of the tax reform. then also, of course, we have these indictments in the russia investigation senate intelligence committee has been investigating these very same issues. we want to get him to weigh in on what he thinks of the indictment of the president's former campaign chairman and guilty plea from one of his aid. >> a lot of moving pieces, thanks very much, we will see you on sunday. >> thank you. watch face the nation sunday morning at 10:30 happening right here on cbs-3. president trump's personal twitter account is back than line after it was temporarily shut down by a twitter
5:33 pm
employee. twitter says an employee, on that person's last day, intentionally, deactivated the at real donald trump account. tech giant says it is conduct a full internal review and taking steps to prevent it from happening again. this morning the president's responded to the brief disruption, tweeting, my twit ter account was taken down for 11 minutes by a rogue employee. i guess the word must finally be getting auto owe and having an impact. it has been five days since an alleged terrorist killed eight people with a rent truck in manhattan. investigators are now learning more about the isis inspired uzbekistan immigrant who faces federal terrorism charges and probably the death penalty. as president trump called for in a tweet last night. the president also had harsh word today for isis. >> every time we're attacked from this point forward and it took place yesterday, we are hitting them 10 times harder. >> the president made the comments on the south lawn of the white house before the
5:34 pm
departing for his visit to asia. meanwhile in the wake of monday's attack new york city officials every beefing up security for this weekend's marathon. crews are installing concrete barriers at nearly 60 intersection as long the path that was the scene of the deadly terror attack. the barriers are aimed at preventing vehicles from entering the path which is often crowded with bicyclist and runners. >> we have added more sand trucks, more blocker vehicles, we have more than double our observation teams, rooftop observation post and counter snipper team. >> more than 51,000 runners are expect to participate in sunday's new york city marathon on a course that wind through the 5boro, two and a half million spectators will also be lining the route. police say they are taking extraordinary steps to protect them all. also in new york since the attack this display men as crosses for losses, these eight white cross's period at bike path where bicyclist and pedestrians were killed.
5:35 pm
crosses were built by greg saneeth the same corporate shore built the memorial in las vegas following the mass shooting there last month. we're following breaking news involving hollywood producer harvey weinstein, new york city police say they have a credible rape allegation begins him and they are gathering evidence for a possible arrest, investigators say victim identified as boardwalk empire actress, came forward last month with details about an attack that allegedly happened in 2010. they say that they corroborated portions of her account, investigators say weinstein is out of the state but they will execute an arrest warrant if further evidence, backs up, her allegations. police in britain are now investigating a sex assault allegations against anchor kevin spacey, that alleged assault happened in 2008 while space i was working as artistic director of the old vick theater. british media is reporting it comes from a man in his early
5:36 pm
20's at the time. several current, and former house of card employees have already come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against the 58 year-old. netflix which makes house of card suspended filming of the season six last weeks after the accusations came to light. as we continue tonight who are the most powerful woman in entertainment, forbes releases its annual report next. black ice, drinks, powders they are all of the rage for people looking to get rid of the toxins and get healthy but what is in them? do they work? stephanie stahl has the answer in 10 minutes. i'm kevin frazier, coming up, chris hemsworthies back as god of thunder defending his own planet in thor. weekend is finally here. it looks like an unsettled couple days, we will have shower chances but that being said it is not a complete wash out of the weekend, much of the saturday is dry, cloud will increase, much cooler day , showers saturday night and sunday morning, sunday
5:37 pm
afternoon may try to clear out for second half of the eagles game and temperatures are up and down or down and up we will start off on a cool note
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prepare yourself for a meal. feast on one of longhorn's steakhouse cuts. 12 oz new york strip, center-cut flo's filet, for a limited time, 14 ounce delmonico. the feeling. the flavor. the place. longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak.
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forbes magazine has released its list of the 15 most powerful women event in tane. and media for the year, anda, beyonce not too far behind, coming in at number 46789. >> the editor in chief of russian news chan margaret a simon came in number five, also on the list co founder and editor and chief of the huffing ton powe ariana huffing ton and, taylor swift. well, tribute to the with men of the nasa is now the best selling toy, on amazon. >> the play set honors four women who played vital rolls in the u.s. space program. featured as lego characters are astronauts sally ride, and
5:41 pm
astronomer nancy grace roman and computer scientists, margaret hamilton. >> that set went on sale wednesday morning quickly sold out on amazon. as of last night it was still available on the lego store web site but something tells me that won't last very long. >> i love that. >> yes, indeed. >> fun, educational no doubt. lengths some people are going to detoxify their bodies >> um-hmm, health reporter stephanie
5:42 pm
why arit's because sweeney'sing been exposed as aeeney? double dipping pension padder. caught spending campaign money on lavish dinners and fine cigars for his pals. investigated for being a lobbyist and a senator at the same time. sweeney voted to raise taxes 145 times while our economy continues to struggle. south jersey is a mess, and it's time to take out the trash. on november 7th, make a change. dump sweeney.
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well, a giant hung of fat and gunk and whatever else you can think of has within dis lodged from a london sewer. >> fatberg as it has been dubbed weighed 11 double deck er buses and as you can imagine it caused quite a stink, gavin rumjon tell us how they took down theberg. >> reporter: experts declared victory in their nine week battle against monster lump of fat blocking a stretch of sue inner east london, it is now
5:45 pm
cleared after being caked with a mix of fat, oils and waste. scenes from these waterworks and gut wrenching conditions to get rid of the massive waste that weighed 130 tons. they used high pressure jets, shovels, and their hands, to break it apart. >> the fight drew a lot of attention in these neighborhood in east london they could not miss from it what was happening 13 feet underground. >> it is like smells like weird down here, just grease kind of. >> reporter: it took workers a few weeks longer than anticipated to finish the job and it won't be their last. every year, crews cleared about 80,000 fatberg blockages at a cost of over a million-dollar a month. waste managers say their message to keep 150 year-old sewer system running well is simple, don't block it, don't throw trash down toilet. gavin ramjon, cbs news, london >> this next story looks real good now.
5:46 pm
charcoal just for grilling? now it is branching out into a variety of products being called healthy. >> thinks all relative. health reporter stephanie stahl is here to explain the new fad and i feel like everybody is talking about this right now. >> compared to that gunk. >> yes. >> sign me up. >> yes, let me tell but this activated charcoal is an ingredient that claims to be cleansing, and for purity, and this was, the first of a beauty product and now it is being found in all kinds of foods and drinks and even tout ed as a remedy for indigestion and hang overs. it sounds great, right? maybe too good to be true. >> this ice cream shop is serving up one of the hottest new, food fad. people are lining up for these sweet charcoal treats activated charcoal claims to detoxify the body. renee moore is a believer. >> charcoal lemonade, police report report she drinks it in pressed juice at least once a
5:47 pm
week. >> keeps my skin fresh, purges some of the things in there and i can see my skin glows more when i do drink it regularly. >> reporter: activated charcoal is used to cheat, alcohol and drug poisoning, made by heating wood or coconut shells at a high temperature. the result is a dark flavor less powder that is turning everything from pizza trust to smoothies black but skeptics says there is no science. >> detoxifying agent doesn't necessarily just take up bad stuff, it takes up good stuff as well, calcium, hydration, you know, water, and electrolytes. >> reporter: doctors also warned that activated charcoal can make oral medications like blood pressure and birth control pills, ineffective. >> the product that grabs a hold of the medications so that it doesn't make it available for intestines, and bring them in the body. >> reporter: renee says she sees health benefits and that it is even, whitening her
5:48 pm
teeth. >> charcoal powder works well because i drink coffee all the time. >> reporter: for others it is a novelty worth trying. >> i think it is pretty good, it is pretty good. >> reporter: okay, so consume are reports has this advice about items that contain activated charcoal, keep charcoal in the grill, they say and not in the medicine cabinet. adding that for detoxing specifically that is the best thing to do toys make sure your diet includes plenty of water and high fiber food but this charcoal thing a lot of people are on the band wagon a lot of people are doing it. >> even people we know among us. >> yes, we will get to that in a bit. >> we will. >> yes, tell you one more thing and come back to that. american psychological association reports more than half of the people in america aren't happy with the state of our country. in the annual, survey 63 percent of responders say our country is very or somewhat, on a significant source of stress for them. the number was slightly higher then other common stressors like money, work, women
5:49 pm
reported higher levels of stress then men. now back to the charcoal. >> while we're stressing over charcoal she's not. tell us bit, kate. >> i have been brushing my teeth with activated charcoal powder. it doesn't replace regular tooth brush but it is supposed to whiten a teeth. i saw a result in a week. it is not expensive. brush it on and you just feel like you just came from a dentist. i'm actually pleased with the results. i'm in the drinking it, eating it. >> yes. >> so i'm here to say, it works for me. >> okay. >> it works for me in a year, when my teeth are black, i don't know. i like the stuff, so who knows try it, let me necessity how it works out for you. lets talk about the weather outside, things looking not too bad, little gray, thanks to the cold front moving through but front not producing much in the way of wet weather just some included outside and that is good news. still nice and mild. you can see the day coming to an end on the nice wet net for
5:50 pm
some surfers. i mentioned yesterday, if you try to go in the water, water temperatures down the shore about 61 degrees or so, need heavy duty wet suit and these surfers have got that down and they are enjoying the waves and there has been an on shore flow earlier this week and that will ramp up tomorrow, creating nice rough swells for surfers out there you wouldn't want to be swimming in that ocean but for surfers things looking good this evening and for fisherman as well. checking with our eyewitness weather watchers now, seeing temperatures well above average for this time of the year. 71 degrees moving north of the city and check with our friend , frank, in richboro bucks county, 71 degrees, what a great day for start of the november, hope you were able to enjoy temperatures. i was. hopefully did you as well. lets head into new jersey. 72 degrees, check withal men delran at 71. cloudy. peak season for fall she bright, red, orange, yellow. check the picture.
5:51 pm
that is not showing up for some reason. i believe you. picture looking g we are reaching our peak of fall foliage. kenneth martin in willingboro has mostly cloudy skies. i have a pick of what looks like a beautiful night at noel pits house and i will come over after the show if that is okay, with you. she has fire pitting. little puppy on the cushions. doesn't that look like a perfect fall scene. not that cold but cool enough to warm yourself by fireplace. it looks beautiful. lets look outside speaking of beautiful nice day in reading. cloud are still in. sky looking little gray out there but it is still dry for now and mess of the area is seeing a little bit of the break in the cloud cover just to time for sunset. see just a few colors over the city as sun prepares to set, and don't forget this is last day or two, today and tomorrow that we will see sunset in the 5:00 o'clock hour because we have to fall back this weekend storm scan three shows cloud in place and then widen out not a whole lot tomorrow but as i will tell you we will start to feel winds switch
5:52 pm
tomorrow afternoon and that will bring more cloud and showers, tomorrow night and in too sunday. we're still mild 70's, 69 in allentown. fifty in mount pocono. here's the kyle air behind that next front cool air comes in tomorrow with temperatures back to the 50's, more seasonal for november. there is a secondary stronger cold front over northern plains, that will come through on monday and really reenforce this more seasonal chill for us. so for your weekend we have a easterly win starting tomorrow afternoon and then warm front lifting through on sunday. that will bring showers saturday night into sunday, bringing a warm up on sunday best chance for showers overnight tomorrow night and into sunday morning. up, down trend, 73 today, back to more normal temperatures at 59 tomorrow and we will warm up again by monday before knocking it back down to the 50's on tuesday. tonight, partly cloudy, cooler , 48 is overnight low and heading in to your saturday increasing cloud with that evening shower chance and it is mainly overnight for us,
5:53 pm
saturday night into sunday morning, our best chance to pick up a shower. your seven day forecast, set these clocks back tomorrow night before you go to bed monday warm but another round of showers and then temperatures crumble next week back to the 50's starting tuesday, ukee and jessica back to you. giant food stores are kicking off their feeding our neighbors every day holiday campaign. >> campaign will be providing 1.6 million meals to those in need this thanksgiving, giant does this by donating thanksgiving turkies and thousands of dollars to fight hunger in philadelphia. company has already donated 2,000 turkies and $10,000 to philabundance and share philadelphia. still ahead on "eyewitness news" it has been called within of the best marvel movies yet, thor is in theaters, why you will be on the edge of the seat for your action and laughing as well, a preview when we come
5:54 pm
nice to meet you sir. joseph, i'm nice to meet you.u? how's it going man? the yankees? come on. [ laughing ] look at the smiles and the hard work
5:55 pm
that the people here are doing. it's like making mini sandwiches. they're no different than anyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. this is a nice place. yeah. he plays basketball with lauren. steve called, fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome. lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. deep down in his heart he feels for people who are disadvantaged. lauren's a light in everybody eye. she's the spark that has started the fire. the goal is to keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment. see, i love you. i love you guys too. you know that. yeah.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
well, latest movie feats tours chris hemsworthies get gooding but not just for the action but for comedy. >> here's kevin frazier with a preview of thor that opens up today. >> in theaters chris hemsworth must defeat goddess of the death in thor and gets some help from era avenge inner his quest to save asguard. >> yeah. >> this really is, a hit, you know, his own journey in a road trip journal which him, and banner, you know, the hulk >> hey, hey, we know each other. we're friend from his work. >> two of them pair up, odd paring, i don't think we have spoken on screen before. >> chris joined by mark ruffalo who plays the hulk and says this marvel movie has more laughs then we have seen
5:58 pm
before. >> we wanted to have more fun witt, have different type. >> easy, right. >> true. >> it was like what else can we throw in and how different it can look and what can we do that we have not done before, and visually kind of, up the steaks. >> kate blanchett co stars as goddess of death. >> and tesa thompson is the other. >> put together a team this team of yours, has it got a name. >> yeah, it is called the revengers. >> revengers. >> we need to know, she's a world class warrior reluctant hero. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is what you have come for. for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier. that will do pretty well. >> probably well. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00.
5:59 pm
now at 6:00. >> this trailer is scene of the gruesome homicide of the 19 year-old girl, i'm alycia nieves and i'll tell hugh marriage proposal may have led to it all. >> i think they should move it >> i don't see the need to move it or not to move it. >> and mixed feelings after the decision to move the frank rizzo statue, tonight more reaction and next steps, and,. >> but will they play, what coach peterson says about the chances jay ajayi gets on the field this sunday less than a week after being traded to the bird, kate. and we have ended the week on a very warm net but we are riding the temperature roller coaster we are going down, backup and then way down again i'll explain and time out shower chances for the weekend , "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. and apparently he must have asked her to marry, him
6:00 pm
and when he said no, he just snapped. >> it is 6:00 o'clock. a berks county man charged with a gruesome crime, police say he murdered a 19 year-old woman after she refused his marriage proposal. hello, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean that suspect in the homicide was pick up 700 miles away. >> "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is in berks county right new where this shocking crime took place, alycia. >> reporter: state police hearsay gruesomeness is, something that horrified even hardened police officers. they say they found body of the 19 year-old girl only after the alleged murder, fled to illinois and was arrested there by police on a different crime. the 34 year-old berks county man today is in an illinois courtroom facing charges for trying to, steel a farmers motorized combine, but back home he will have to deal with the more serious charge: murder. >> he asked her to


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