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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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ting ready to set clocks back this weekend. but some want to couple seven time change all together zoo keeper's big scare after an animal escapes, it is all on video. plus no time to think philadelphia police officers rushed to save people from a burning home. >> the only way out was through back windows. >> heroic actions of these seven officers, how they worked together to save lives. but first, students, sickened, police say a popular dessert is focus of their investigation. good evening everyone aim ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. the authorities in radnor township are testing brownies served at a pep rally with toy figure out exactly what happened. >> "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria movies outside police department tonight with the story, alex. >> reporter: well, ukee and jessica police spoke about this matter tonight because they say there has been lots of misinformation and they have been fielding lots of calls from concerned parents. the label on this evidence bag read pot, but the truth is police are not exactly sure
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what is in this browny. >> mar juan, something more serious or nothing at all. >> reporter: parents at radnor high school became alarmed after several female students whom police say may be all members of the cheer leading team became sick after consuming brownies on school property, during thursday night's pep rally. >> parents invited officer at the time that six students total had been sick, two were in the emergency room. they have been released and they are fine. >> reporter: police believe that the total number of six students is three. their main symptoms, nausea. investigators add that at first they were informed that the students had no idea, what they took a bite out of. >> we have reports that they knowingly ate it, realizing that it contained something, of a controlled nature. >> reporter: what that something is, fit is anything at all, will be determined once the browny given to police by an affected student is tested by state police. the school district is also, investigating and no arrests have been made. reporting live from radnor
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township alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> alex, thank you. after another day in the 70's we're about to experience weather whiplash, meteorologist kate bilo is tracking big changes as we head in the weekend, hi there kate. >> hi jessica head might spin this weekend as we go from cold, to warm, you didn't need jack tote day but need it tomorrow, put ate way sunday but pull out umbrellas. but weather is whacky over next couple days. storm scan three shows not a whole lot going on, cloud along the cold front that moved through this afternoon now just starting to clear the coast and cooler air starting to filler in from the north and west. so, really we didn't see much in the way of cloud cover, through the evening, hours, over philadelphia, northwestern suburbs and hardly any showers, the cloud were around through the midday hours and now we are seeing star lit sky tonight and that is allowing temperatures to begin to drop on the northwesterly wind, down to a chilly 50 in allentown. forty-one mount pocono. fifty-three reading. still at 55 in philadelphia
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just starting to see these temperatures fall off from the 60's down the shore. still 62 in wildwood. the core of the cold is autopsy cross great lakes where temperatures in the 30's and 40's and that is cool air that will filter in tomorrow but you can see from where we were last night it has been a 15-degree drop in the pennsylvania 24 hours in allentown, 8 degrees colder then in the city, 17 degrees cold inner mount pocono, so cool down on its way, we will tell you how chilly tomorrow will be and time out showers for the weekend, tell when they will impact the eagles game. monument is on the move, philadelphia officials decided to relocate the controversial statue of the former mayor frank rizzo, "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is at municipal services building in center city with the details on the decision, david. >> reporter: ukee, frank rizzo died in 1991, his reputation lives on some people say it was a good reputation, others say it is a terrible reputation, his controversial statue behind me in front of the city hall will be taken down and not destroyed and
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that has mixed emotions stirring tonight. over the sum they are statue across the street from city hall sparked a protest and a conversation. former philadelphia mayor frank rizzo died in 1991, but his reputation is still debated today. >> it hasn't changed in 70 years still looks the same. >> reporter: rizzo was known as a no nonsense lead shore served as police commissioner and then mayor this statue went up in 1998 and it has always made some proud and others uncomfortable. >> i remember when he was mayor. i didn't like him then and still don't like him. >> reporter: city offerings as nunsed on friday that the statue will be removed but not destroyed. it will just move to another location sometime next year. >> i was always for relocation , you know, i think it is fine to have statues, i think it is different when it is in the center of the city. >> reporter: city council would man helen gym proposed removal idea over the summer during a time when southern states removed confederate statues.
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>> i think there should be a process to see where statue could go, where it could be respected, where it is not harmed. >> reporter: others say leave ate loan, but that won't happen. >> i kind of think maybe it is okay to leave the statue here, i know, loft people don't agree with me. >> reporter: where will it go? that is the big question. we won't know until 2018. it will take at lee six more months through next spring. city officials held basically an opened discussion about where this should go, they got 4,000 suggestions, 4,000 different places, ukee and jessica where this could go, again we will know sometime next year. reporting live tonight from center city david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. new york city police say they are investigating a credible rape allegation against hollywood producer harvey weinstein, investigators say they are gathering evidence for a possible arrest. the victim, identified as a star on boardwalk em pair actress, came forward last month with details about an attack that allegedly happened
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in, 2010. official says they have cooperated corroborated portions of her account. traffic stop for shoplifting ends in a crash that sends three people to the hospital. chopper three over the scene just before 2:00 this afternoon at newtown road and abrams lane in radnor township officers were following the car because would the man inside were suspected of stealing, sheets at a nearby home good store. no one was seriously hurt in the crash, and they arrested all three women. a berks county man will be brought back to pennsylvania from illinois to face murder charges. police say he killed a 19 year-old woman who refused his marriage proposal. this is the suspect, 34 year-old christopher tucker, he was in court in illinois for trying to steel a farmer's giant. police say tucker fled to illinois after killing 19 year-old, tara sereneo. tucker reportedly confessed to the murder wednesday night and he told police in illinois that pennsylvania authorities would find the young woman's body wrapped in a rug in his albany township home.
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president trump has responded after army sergeant beau bergdahl received no prison time for deserting his powe in 2009 and getting captured by the taliban n a tweet, the president says decision on sergeant bergdahl is a complete, total disgrace to our country and to our military. at a hearing this morning bergdahl was given a dis honorable discharge, reduc ed in rang and ordered to forfeit some of his, inly pay s. right now the president is in hawaii on the eve of his first official visit to asia. he is touring u.s.s. arizona memorial as part of the pearl harbor site dedicated to the attack that drew the u.s. into world war two. the president is also meeting with leaders of the u.s. pacific command and the governor's of alaska, hawaii and pacific u.s. territories. he will leave tomorrow for japan, the first stop on a five nation, 11 day journey through asia. seven philadelphia police officers are being hailed heroes tonight after rushing through a burning philadelphia
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home to save the people inside that fire started around 5:30 this morning on the 1500 block of west oxford street, that is near temple university. patrol officers spotted the flames, they knew they had to act quickly as the fire spread from the first floor. three people were taken to the hospital, for treatment, but we're told all are expected to recover. and we know, first responders, sign up to put their lives at risk to save others but these officers reminded us we should never take that sacrifice for granted. tonight, we get three cheers to the officers from the 22nd district who ran into danger, to make sure that every one else got out safe >> it was only, a few hours ago, these officers were rushing into a burning home. >> it is a real situation. you know, you can practice all you want but there is in coming back into that mess up. >> reporter: officer brian hall machines man, joseph,
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tommy bergie, joseph stairy, matthew market, katie langford and eric thief said there was only time to act. they got three people out of the front door of the burning build fluking were three trapped upstairs including a child and an elderly woman. so, the two officers climbed up the back of the house and knocked out a window forming a human chain with the other officers to pull people out. >> you go in there you do what you have to do we're under equipped when it comes to fire you know, there is not much we can do. but risk our lives and get everybody out and make sure everybody is safe and south. >> reporter: they are modest about their actions like so many first responders they say they are just doing their jobs , but to risk your life to save a strangers is anything but ordinary. each of these officers has worked a fatal fire in their career, and they told me that these memories, never leave them. when they had a chance to save lives, you know, they ran to it. >> we have families here. hey, that could be one of our
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family and it is to get in there and rescue as many lives as possible. >> reporter: fire isn't normally the business of police officers, but on friday morning, these officers, made it their business, and they ordered a saved the lives of people they do not know and for that we give them three cheers. it was great to have them here. >> in question. >> and, you know, one thing they said they took away was the community came together, and they say neighbors were bringing out water buckets, fire extinguishers and it was just a beautiful moment when everybody came together and then, of course, fire department was able to get there and then temple police, so it was a community wide effort. but they were leading the charge there lady and gentlemen, thank you, nicely done. some of us loved it, others not so much this sunday we set clocks back one hour. >> it is that time of the year when we say good bye today light savings time and straight ahead why someplaces want to get rid of the time change all together.
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also, hippo on the loose, where the zoo animal escapes in the outside world and what it took to bring it back. plus kate is closely watching your weekend forecast , best chance for rain and when will it impact sunday 's impact game. it is friday night and that means high school football, leslie advance ars dale has highlights from around the region nor friday dale has highlights from around the region nor friday football frenzy, coming what can you do with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches dale has highlights from around the region nor friday footbafor $5 from dunkin'? settle a debt. make a friend. save the day. or keep 'em both for this handsome devil. with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 the future is in your hands. america runs on dunkin'.
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well, denim and diamonds, was the theme tonight for the children's crisis treatment center's 17th annual round you will. hundreds of people turnout at curtis center in philadelphia to help raise money for cctc which provides behavioral health services, to a few children and their families. health reporter stephanie stahl is a board member of the children's crisis treatment center. well, this weekend we fall back, daylight savings time ends sunday. >> while we might get an extra hour of sleep this weekend not
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everyone thinks changing the clocks is a good thing. nicole brewer is here to explain. >> is there definitely a split , there is no question. >> so when we turn our clocks back at 2:00 a.m. sunday morning we resume standard time. while some welcome that change , others want to make ds t a permanent way of life. this time of the year there is a lot to look forward to. >> it is not too hot, not too cold. >> change of colors, change of season. >> i'm excited for pumpkin spices latte. >> pumpkin coffee and pie. >> in the morning waking up on monday morning. >> it gets dark too soon. >> it could go either way with that. >> we're talking about daylight savings time, that is right, saving. >> it is like, city line avenue, it is really city avenue. >> one of the many misconceptions including how it started. >> i thought it had something to do with the train schedules >> farmers. >> practice which is incorrectly attributed to ben franklin was first observed in german any 1916 to conserve
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electricity. to two years later it was implemented in the united states where we use it for an extra hour of daylight. does it make sense. >> no. >> i think it is better then to stick with the natural rhythm. >> perhaps that is why hawaii, arizona remain on standard, opposite of massachusetts, states that proposing use daylight saving year round. >> some people have gone out a little bit. >> you can support massachusetts. >> i would support massachusetts. >> massachusetts formed a special commission by the way to study the issue of year round daylight savings time and in the report it says switch would meaningless crimes, fewer traffic accidents, and less energy consumption, not to mention benefits for retail. the report prompted other northeast states to consider, making the change, because if massachusetts did it by itself , that would be kind of the chaos of the clock all over again. >> yes. >> chaos of the clock. >> in the meantime, thanks,
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nicole. >> you're welcome. new jersey hall of fame un veiled nominees for 2017 among 51 mom inn in me are tom cruise, mission impossible star grew up in new jersey. american soccer player carli lloyd, two time olympic gold medalist was born in delran township and late show hoe stephen colbert lives in montclair. you can vote on line through november 26th. inductees will be announced next month. speaking of colbert, late show is all new tonight with ronan far he will, and it is coming up at 11:35 right here after "eyewitness news". you know this story, thinks surveillance video of the female hippo, making her escape. except she's going slow. security guard sees her go out from the zoo there, hippo was reported as she lefties rail's central safari zoo through a main gate. after a short while though she had a change of heart, came back in, and zoo keepers say the hippo did taste grass outside even close another
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before, she returning home. >> oh, she did. >> yes. >> go ahead. >> grass isn't always greener on the other side. >> kate's here. >> i got three squares and place to go i am going back. >> she's not in a real hurry. >> i know. >> maybe next time. >> kate joins us with your forecast as we head through the weekend. >> up and down weekend. little weather whiplash, head will whip around when we get from the 50's back to the zero seven's back to the 50's again in quick succession, over the next five to seven days. lets take a quick peak at time lapse video today. today started off with fog over the city, that is 7:00 a.m. the sun came up with a beautiful blue sky start to the day, before midday included rolled in along the cold front but front came through generally dry, i just saw a few rain drops earlier today. i don't know if you saw any, flick or two of the windshield wiper is all we had and skies are clearing and it is 53 degrees. storm scan three shows skies
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clearing, cloudy pushing to the south and cooler air from can inadequacies ace filtering down in our region, back to the west we will go and here's our next system we have a warm front across portions of the mid south here and next cold front bringing this system bringing some snow to portions of wisconsin and minnesota tonight. won't bring us snow but it will bring us a notice be cool down. secondary front. first front that came through earlier tonight now we have tapped in the cool air, winds out of the north, down to 50 in allentown. forty-one mount pocono. fifty-five in philadelphia still hanging on to the lower 60's in south jersey. heading through tomorrow, actually overnight hours cleared, tomorrow 8:00 a.m. wake up to sunshine nice start to the day but cloud will increase a lit about native noon as east wind picks up. 4:00 p.m. cloud are in place and once the cloud filter in and that east wind picks up it will start to feel chilly. may feel nice in the morning, and midday but by late afternoon it will feel cold and then as we head into tomorrow night a couple
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showers start to come through. they are widespread here around 2:00 a.m. and then as we head into sunday morning a few spotty showers before we try to clear things out in time for the eagles game on sunday afternoon that next front then comes in on monday afternoon with another chance for showers, and thunderstorms and that is going to then income temperatures back within more time. rain chance saturday night into sunday morning widespread showers but mainly while we are sleeping, monday our next line of showers along a cold front then cooler air arrives tuesday with a stray shower possible. and then overnight it is cool, down to 48 degrees partly cloud ace we head in the weekend we have just talk bit to set those clocks back saturday night into sunday morning for end of the daylight savings time and speaking of sunday your eagles game looks better then last week, could be a passing shower around kick off but nice, mild and possibly even some clearing by end of the game but keep in mind it will get dark by the time people leave that stadium on sunday. monday warm again, showers, 73 s
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chilly for election day, with chance of showers, 57. >> chilly. >> yes. >> okay. >> thanks, kate. >> leslie van arsdal up next with sports. >> you know, the sixers record was above 500 could they do it tonight with the pacers. and friday football frenzy , did we get to your school? find out next in sports.
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sixers hosting pacers tonight, and both of these teams riding three game winning streak and the sixers got off to a fast start robert covington with the dunk, the sixers ben simmons who had his second career triple double. then in the third holmes get the dunk off rebound, the strong season debut for the big man.
11:24 pm
sixers up by one. sea saw battle came down to the wire, jj reddick gets his seventh, three pointer of the game right there, he had eight , three's on the night, with 18, three's for team record, the sixers win their fourth game in the row. they are over 500 mark for first time since november 13th , 2013. next up we have at utah on tuesday. unaudible. >> i mean we've seen him do stuff like that, and really when you look at our owe even if, the four, three's robert had that big three, jj had three of them, you know, you feel like stuff like that seals games. looking for the friday football frenzy. >> wow. >> ♪
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>> wow. well, thank you guys, weather was perfect for the football at delaware valley today, eight games on the schedule and we will start off with a couple of public league playoff games. central, and hand off to dwayne parks, breaks out of the tackle and breaks another and gone 82-yard to the house work central, will come back and win this one, 20-10. and martin luther king, at northeast, and the snap will go to daniel scott, he gives to it dwayne thompson. defense. and, he is heading in the end zone, northeast with the 47-20 victory. >> go across new jersey and, florence township, hand off to bobby parent, bunches it in. florence township got the victory 35-19.
11:26 pm
clear vei at dell if i, hand off, up the middle bounce is it outside nobody will catch him. 60-yard to the house, delsea with a 49 to nothing win. and camden at winslow township, amir wilson drops back, and airing it out, to due juan hudson making that catch, camden wins 36-20. interest bureau pottsgrove, woodbury home, chris, and fights his way for a 5-yard score. pottsgrove with the 337-eight. pen wood at perkiomen valley malik smith gets who in the file, and then breaks through 53-yard touchdown run right here. they hold on to a 38-30 win. we are not done just yet coming up, grand finally the game that you voted for haverford at north pen, friday football frenzy game of the week is up next. nobody delivers more for south jersey than steve sweeney. he stood up to north jersey special interests
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to increase funding for our schools. he stopped christie's commuter tax, saving south jersey residents over 200 million dollars. and he led the charge to pass paid family leave. aarp applauded sweeney for freezing property taxes for seniors and cutting prices on prescription drugs. "i got to take my hat off to him. he's a man of his word." steve sweeney. because there's more work to do to get south jersey's fair share.
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we've paid a big price for chris christie and kim guadagno. they gave out billions in corporate tax breaks. millions to whitewash the bridgegate scandal. millions more wasted on empty office space. we got stuck with the bill. property taxes up. train and bus fares up. college tuition up. women's healthcare funding eliminated with christie and guadagno we're paying more and falling behind. four more years of kim guadagno is unaffordable. it's a like, a dagger?a worm!
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a tiny sword? bread...breadstick? a matchstick! a lamppost! coin slot! no? uhhh... 10 seconds. a stick! a walking stick! eiffel tower, mount kilimanjaro! (ding) time! sorry, it's a tandem bicycle. what? what?! as long as sloths are slow, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. well, moment you have all been waiting for game you voted to see, haverford at north penn, and lets head inside the locker room. >> here's how we will do it. i said it last week, four to 62nd every play, reset it, and do four to six again. only thing we have to correct, let's just be honest is the mistakes. we correct the mistakes, and we will go four to six, we will a long ride home. we have to bring it in.
11:30 pm
>> haverford wasted no time getting on the school board, jim wayne takes hand off, keeps it, and finds a hole in the north pen defense. he goes 80-yard to the house. haverford takes the lead. >> and not to be out done, north penn will respond, this time, cartright gets the ball and runs over haverford defenders and goes in the end zone for the score. >> and then in the second half we will go north pen with the ball, justice henry takes the snap, cart right, and he keeps it. he is gone, north penn wins a shoot-out 41-26, taking back. >> thank you, they came in played hard, they have nice receivers. i thought 18 had a great night their quarterback was very good. battle g to see us come out on top. >> great game, and thanks to everyone who voted, for their hospitality. we will be right
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coming up next it is late show with stephen colbert followed by late, late show with james cornered. our morning team is back from five to 7:00. for kate, leslie, everyone here i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. find us at cbs >> thanks for watching. have a great weekend good night family, sleep well.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> the president is going to leave for a big asia trip on friday. >> the biggest and most complicated international trip of his presidency >> a real moment in the young presidency of donald trump, his first big trip to asia. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪


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