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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 5, 2017 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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>> something we all say does not happen in small communities we found out today it does. >> and this time it was a close knit community rocked by deadliest mass shooting texas ever seen. 26 lives loingtd when a gunman opened fire inside a church. good evening, i'm joe holden. natasha brown is off.
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community members held a candlelight vigil a short time ago across the street from scene of the mass shooting spree? let us build your kingdom as something constructive in the face of destruction. >> it was just after 11:00 this morning when a gunman fired on the congregation at the sure. in sutherland springs eat of san antonio. core spontd enter courtney saboski has the latest. >> between 40 and 50 people were attending services at the first baptist church of surgeer land springs. 11:1r5 a.m. a witnesses say a man with a gun came in and opened fair on the congregation. >> young, white male, early 20s. dressed in all black. >> four dozen people were wounded. more that half of them fatall fatally. >> at least at this moment in time there with 6 lives that have been lost. >> the gunman fled the scene in a vehicle pursued by a
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private citizen armed with a rifle. after driving morning for some time the suspect's suv left the road and came to a halt in a felt. police arrived to find the man dead inside it. >> at this time we don't know if it was self up picture toed gunshot wound or shot by the local resident. >> the suspect was later identified as 26-year-old devin patrick kelly. investigators say they have no idea what may have prompted this rampage. >> if you came here wanting to know the motive behind the shooting you will leave disappointed. >> the incident prompt aid massive response from local, state and even federal law enforcement agencies and fbi and department of home lands security are among those that joined the investigation. sutherland springs is 35 miles east of san an tone yoxt on sunday one person described as kind of place where everybody knows everybody including people who were killed courtney seboski for cbs news, sutherland springs, texas.
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>> you like the sound of 8-1. eagles are flying high tonight after picking up another pick w down at the lincment sports director don bell is here with the birds versus broncos and it was some excitement there. >> it was not even close. it was not even close. it was a lot of fun in south philadelphia. the eagles are 8-1 for fifth time in team history. the other four times they either won it all or played in super bowl. eagles hosting denver broncos and denver had top ranked defense nfl. 1st quarter we go carson went went toalshawn jeffery. birds on top 7- later on carson screen fast korey clement. weaving his way up the middle and in for score. rookie from wisconsin had three touchdowns eagles up 1 17-3 and jay ajayi been in
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town five days. >> i think he likes is so far. >> 46-yard touchdown run. eagles blasting broncos 51-23. >> we are where we are because that group in the locker room and they're playing with a lot of confidence and they love to play together and they practice extremely well during the week and prepare the themselves and they're doing the little things right. >> it feels good especially coming off a big win like this at home against a great defense owe ten servicely to put up what we did today. you know obviously we feel like we have momentum and we'll enjoy this and relax and get awe and then come back ready to go. >> and one of the things that makes this win soym pressive they did it without carson's top target zach sglerts they keep depressing us -- impressing us. >> all right. don, looking forward to that sir thank you so much. this game was predicted to be a test. eagles going up against seasoned defense in the end it
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was straight as for the birds and fans, well, some of them could not contain themselves. denver was said to be one of the most formidable defenses in nfl. >> they crushed them. >> eagles made quick work of broncos. >> i saw number one defense get absolutely destroyed. >> deconstruct what was supposed to be a force. >> we whoa who the best defense is now. eagles philadelphia in the house. >> dominance left birds' fans in aww. take this woman's word for it. >> it was awesome. it was absolutely amazing. can i say jay ajayi to die for he's my new favorite player. >> what a weapon heading for the red zone and good for. it d. this newly mentioned eagle, showing philly some love. match-up was a crowd pleaser at chickie's and pete's in south philadelphia it was like mardi gras. >> i saw the eagles blow them
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awe and we're going to the super bowl. >> we're going to the super bowl. >> after eagles crossed 50 point apology from the linc. they actually ran out of fireworks. who knows the last time that happened. >> philadelphia eagles are for real and we'll keep our eyes on them we're going all the way. >> loud calls, carson wentz. >> for league mvp. >> he's a beast. >> super bowl baby. >> and boy do we hope so. before the birds cleaned up on the field they ended their three-game home stand with their on-field sa throughout service. and in addition to special american flag displayed proudly over the field in the afternoon a stadium flyover helped to recognize sacrifice military members make. special recognition was given medal of honor recipient sergeant dakota meier as honorary game captain. sergeant meier is third living recipient of medal of honor since vietnam war and first
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living marine in 41 years to be honored. >> it's always an honor to be here. the eagles this is my second year here. they're always incredible and it's always like i said great to be a round and with these teams and to be able to add these days. >> the game was presented by toyota. toyota and sergeant meier also partner with the u.s. chamber of commerce on the hiring heroes initiative. they worked to help find veterans transitioning service members and military spouses help them find meaning full jobs. >> well, family and friends prayed by candlelight for a team fatally wounded by gunfire in north philadelphia. the hunt continues for the gunman that shot into a crowd of kids just past midnight in the 2700 block of north 19 street is. and eyewitness news reporter henry arosof spoke with neighbor sfwlz we need to hold hands and sayfullo saipov prayer. >> a crowd of candle holders.
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>> it's going to be a tough time. it's going to be a tough, tough time. >> lit up the 2700 block of north 9. >> this is a pain that we will never forget. >> hours earlier death and darkness dominated. >> promises, not props -- >> family members of 16-year-old shot and killed overnight were too overcome with grief to talk at vigil. so their neighbors expressed anguish and anger for them. >> we truly extend our hearts to you guys wherever you need we're here. >> a 12-year-old was also hot shot in the leg and expected to survive. detectives believe a man walked up to a crowd including children all sitting on front steps hanging out and opened fire. >> we got to ganler up as a family. we must stop the violence. >> they should be able to -- on the block. they should be able to play
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and come outside the house and not have to worry about this. >> police do have a decent description of the person they're looking for in connection with this shooting they believe he's african-american light skinned man in early 20s. he's thin, about 5' 9 with light brown eyes and wavy hair. he was last seen wearing a black hoodie white lettering call police about you we can niz that description. at philadelphia police headquarters henry rossoff cbs eyewitness news. >> eyewitness news was on scene of homicide in south is philadelphia. this was the scene on 1300 block of katherine street where a 12-year-old man was shot once in the torso just after 7:30 and he was pronounced dead at the hospital. so far no arrest have been made. and the man accused of killing his own brother was arraigned tonight in montgomery country. 60-year-old jamison bauchmann is facing 1st and third degree murder charges after police say he killed 64-year-old harry bauchmann in elkins park
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home. ard coming to police affidavit jamison was recently bailed out of jail by harry and harry would not allow him to stay at his home. and due to jamison's alleged history of violence. app a two alarm blaze at a home in delaware county seriously injuries one person and claims lives of two cats. firefighters responded to 16 king avenue in fallcovt. after putting out the fire they found the female victim administered cpr and transported her to the hospital. no word on her condition at the time. the cause ever the fire is now under investigation. officials say arson dog will be brought to the scene. >> stul ahead on eyewitness news bell of new york city come together to celebrate strength and resiliency. >> this is the moment that i've dreamed of since i was a little girl. and you know it's been a tough week for new yorkers and tough week for our nation.
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>> dreams do come true. how winners of the new york mar thop are reflecting on their accomplishments days after terror struck the city again. >> plus, tornadoes touching down in parts of indiana. a closer look at the devastation. the storms blew across county lines. lauren. >> and that unseasonable warmth returned again for today and it won't last a cold front will move in and bring cooler weather for the upcoming week and showers and chance of thunderstorms. i'll let you know what you need umbrella in full eyewitness forecast coming up. >> later pen pals for live how two women that managed to stay in tough for 50 years unitsed in person. stay in tough for 50 years unitsed in person. we'll be right back
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stay in tough for 50 years unitsed in person. we'll be right back welcome back, tens of thousands of marathoners ran through new york city under tight security wendy gilette reports from new york the city and state took no chances after last week area terror attack in manhattan. >> it was a sweet victory for the r for sha lien flanagan who became the first american woman from 40 years to win the new york city marathon.
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>> her triumph may have been most mem frabl sunday's race and more than 50,000 runners carried own stories of dedication, elation and pain for 26.2 miles. >> the marathoners who picked up medals at the finish line ran a course filled with law enforcement from the local, state and federal level. >> the extraordinary police presence came after two terror attack in manhattan when a man who said he was inspired by isis drove a pickup truck on to the bike path killing 8 people and injuring 11 others. marathoner knox robinson said increased security was obviou obvious. >> there was a little teption as we got on buses in the morning but to know law enforcement was throughout sweeping buses and full effect and full plain view making sure we were safe that means a lot. >> there were also more vehicles blocking intersectio intersections than any other event held in new york city. and as well as additional k-9 units. counter terrorism team and snipers. runner andrew nicholson said added measures were comforting
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after finishing boston marathon an hour before two bombs detonated in 2013. >> big thanks to anyone blue and everyone else supporting. i feel say. it felt good running today. >> race organizers said they did not see a spike in cancellations following last week terror attack. wendy gilette for cbs3 eyewitness news. >> as many as 2 1/2 million spectators were expectsed to line the course to watch th year's marathon. president trump met with business leaders in tokyo as part of twelve day trip to asia. first, president played nine holes of golf at country club with prime minister shinzu and others. he spoke about united states close relationship with japan and his desire for balanced comic partnership. the president said trade with japan not fair right now but he hopes it will be fair and open. >> crowds in center city turned out to honor philadelphia area veterans at
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a parade down jfk boulevard. >> and souchbtdz philadelphia police and fire pipes and drum band this was the third annual veterans parade and festival held in advance of veteran's day this tuesday. more than 150 organizations and 3,000 participants took part in the event. >> and communities in vietnam are underwater tonight following a massive typhoon. tour tliingts in the town had to take sfrots their -- boats from their hotels to reach places not submerged sunday. some residents and tourists took chances wading through the floodwaters which continued to rise through the day. hole tell owner opted to evacuate their guests to drier ground and closer to home. eight people injured after a possible tornado in selena, sunday afternoon this in owe o. six people were hurt at a
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restaurant and another person was hurt inside a business. and another person was injured 234 a car crash after a pole smashed to the ground. numerous power lines are down and several businesses have extensive damage. >> and parts of central indiana were also hit hard bypassing storms sunday evening and one of at least two tornadoes leveled homes and businesss in jay county before any of the damage can abscessed strong storms are expected to continue throughout the night leading to flash flooding and flash flooding warnings make that that area. >> and lauren casey here. lauren we're dealing with nothing. the sort. just seems like humidity again. >> the warmth cents up and same weather testimony in the day tomorrow and in weakened state. we can see november thunderstorms something not too come on in these parts. something to keep an eye on especially ahead in the earl afternoon and evening.
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we're extremely mild. early november and it's 60 degrees at this very late hou hour. winds out of the touj south providing warmth and moisture as well. and we did have a little moisture working throughout the day since midnight picking up rainfall with light rain today. wilmington a quarter inch and same case in ac picking up tenth of rainfall in the philadelphia today and we picked up the temperatures topped only at 59 yesterday, today 68. and well above average once again our low temperature 51. when we should be down into the low 40s. getting a live look now at rehoyb edge beach everyone tucked in. fogy conditions settling in and reduced visibility and that whim be a trend throughout the overnight period. with this mild air and moisture in place and temperatures right now we're at 6 in allentown and 63 in reading and 62 in wildwood. and but can you spot the cold front yes via parent upwind in portions of the lower midwest on the backside of the cold
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front temperatures in the 40s in chicago ahead of boundary and 70s in lexington. it's a strong cold front and it will be moving in for us as we head into the day tomorrow. overnight tonight mostly cloudy and maybe isolated shower falling back to 59 and for our monday we'll see a line of showers with imbedded thunderstorms slowly travers traversing area throughout the day and pack along that umbrella high temperature 71 degrees our record for tomorrow is 79. so really not far away from that. storm scan showing us clouds pushinging through the area. this is our line of showers and imbedded strong thunderstorms that did cause damage we saw a couple minutes ago with possible tornadoes as we continue to advance eastbound move into parts of western pennsylvania and some thunderstorm activity in and around punxsutawney area moving to state college and for our day tomorrow we'll see showers in the morning hours mainly well west of i-95 and that line will advance east throughout the day and timing philadelphia and south jersey looks to be more like
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afternoon. imbedded thunderstorms certainly and best storm chance looks like it will number philadelphia and points east. some models ipd indicating this line could strengthen a bit as it moves to south jersey. overnight period. quiet. looking good for commute. could see isolated shower around and main rain pushs in late morning hours as we look north and west of city and as we head into the afternoon hours this is 2bg. you see the line forming and continuing to move east as we head into the afternoon hours and there you see stronger cells firing up especially towards south jersey and shore and first half of the evening and then we'll quiet things down as we head into the second half of the evening. but, all day rain. we could pick up quarter to half inch of rainfall well showers and thunderstorm moving in tomorrow and cooler on backside of that front. 55. with rain chance late in the day on tuesday. we stay consistently cool for once with high temperatures in 50s all throughout rests of week and save the start of next weekend with high of 49.
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>> chilly. >> not before 70 though. >> yes. >> all right. lauren. thank you. don bell with a wrap here. >> tripping off that weather. >> it's here. no. >> it takes a village. what happens when carson favorite target goes down. >> rest of the guys step up. more on eagle next casual fridays at buckingham palace? alright, off. surprising. what's not surprising? how much money nathan saved by switching to geico.
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fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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and don bell is here. don, do eagles need a bye week at this pointment they're charged up. >> they'll take. it they'll take. it got to rest of body and get ready for stretch run man. they're looking forward to. it zach ertz warmed up for today's game but bad hamstring was an issue and wouldn't let him play. eagles lost a guy that leads nfl tight ends in catches and yards. to the game against broncos no zach and birds never look back. brent celek is longest ten toured pro athlete in philly, three catches, 39 yards. meanwhile koyrnt part tre burton filling the boyd as
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well. two catches, 41 yards. big touch down there and corner of end zone eagles score 50 points for ninth time in team history. they win it 51-23. >> got to be ready. you know to be that tight enter to come in on two tightened sets and help in run and pass game. when ertz goes down i have to be able to step up and come in and play well. i think that's what this organization xekts of me and my teammates expect of me and that's really what i got do. >> good game by those guys. coming up next in the zone. is this best eagles perform abc of the year? and bye week dos and don't. eagle john richie will breakdown high lights and mor more. >> basically should you be going to bermuda kicking it with boys and hanging out in sand and taking chances. >> taking risks. >> we'll talk about it. >> all right g deal.
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thank you, john. >> still ahead on eyewitness news friends come and go as the years go by and two women proving words with link you for life. >> we'll be right back. >> they were twelve years old and i know we only look 29 but it's been 51 years we've been writing. >> when we come back we'll meet the women whose pen pal friendship met the test of time and they finally met after 50 years of friendly time and they finally met after 50 years of friendly letters.
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>> welcome back two women who
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were pep pauls met for the first time nashville international airport this weekend. yvonne is from tennessee and mary of aard sfron canada both written letters since sixth grade started with pen pal request richardson posted in a teen magazine. they never thought to meet up until now. after both women were recently widowed. >> i mean we've grown up together. >> yes. >> we've grown old together. >> yes. >> not old yet. >> i'm shaking. i just -- i mean this is look a dream come true. how many people goat do something like this. >> all right so if you wonder after taking a quick photo two friend went on their way and they nroond spend three days in downtown nashville. richardson said she dreamed of visiting music city and of course is a fan of country music and lauren, who is back with the last check on workweek forecast and cbs3 sports zone starts up after
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lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. deep down in his heart he feels for people who are disadvantaged. lauren's a light in everybody eye. she's the spark that has started the fire. the goal is to keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment. see, i love you. i love you guys too. you know that. yeah.
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>> sports fans watch as philadelphia eagles dominated broncos tonight on the field what fans may have missed is 13-year-old south jersey boy on the side blinds. cole fitzgerald and alex's lemonade stand here sew neuroblastoma cancer disorder and born with a muscle disorder. cole doesn't let that define him. he dreams of making it to nfl
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one day. with his disorder he'll never be a player but he believes there's another way. with help of eagles he discovered that way this weekend. >> i would like to thank howie roseman and the eagles for inviting me here. it means a lot. >> what has it been like for you. >> amazing. >> kohl's two day experience with the eagles will last a lifetime. our alicia nieves has the story on cbs3. that is monday at 11. so, right now at 11 today well lauren is back with wake-up forecast. >> we wake with up tomorrow morning mild temperatures and pack along umbrella we see showers and thunderstorms developing as we head into the second half of day for host of us. 71 degrees. and then we're in the 50s by tuesday. and some chilly mornings that were really not used to cold air. pair of 42s to wake up to wednesday and thursday morning highs in 40s to start off next
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weekend. >> oh, boy. >> thank you so much. >> and that is eyewitness news for now. thank you for joining us, we're always on at and now, legalities hand it over to the cbs3 sports zone and don bell, good night. there it is. >> the game is over, eagles are champions of the world. [ cheers and applause ] e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> swing and a miss, struck him out. philadelphia fullys are 2008 world champions of baseball. ♪ from cbs3 eyewitness sports this is sports zone sponsored by jeep. a beat down before the


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