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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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cameras all over the city. we're tracking every possible lead, every possible avenue to develop suspects and get someone arrested for this. >> reporter: twenty-one year-old taken too soon, tonight police are trying to figure out who killed her and her family comes to grips with the senseless crimes. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. police say that woman was strangled her body found in cobbs creek last week. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live in southwest philadelphia with the latest on the investigation and the response from her heart broken family, anita? >> reporter: ukee and jessica, as you can imagine they are overwhelmed with grief, kiera johnson was an honor student and dean's list at a local art school and now they are trying to track her latest movements and her killer. >> she... >> that is message eric jet has whoever is responsible for
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homicide of his 21 year-old cousin, kiera johnson. >> she had a bright personality. always outing. her own sense of style, flare. always stood for the right cause. >> reporter: investigators say life of the passionate, college art student has been cut short. >> young lady living her life doing right thing. >> reporter: medical examiner determined that the with man found face down in cons creek on friday morning had been strappingled, her mother reported her missing a day earlier after she did not return home. >> it does ant peer that the body was very long. >> reporter: johnson known as ke lived in an apartment complex in the 7700 block of linberg boulevard in southwest philadelphia. neighbor, pat says they used to wave to each other in the morning. >> it is a nice place. i never never hear from her. >> reporter: homicide captain john ryan say so far investigators have not identified motive. >> we have cameras all over the sit. we are checking every possible lead and every possible avenue
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, to develop suspects. >> reporter: the college sent us a statement reading in part , talented, gentle, kind, always smiling. she was not only a visual artist but performance artist as well. she will be missed by all, it is a particularly difficult time for us as we are a small, close knit community. family members are still working on vigil and funeral averagesments at this time. i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". church shooting in souther land springs texas has left community reeling as fbi investigators continue to comb through crime scene where 26 people before killed on sunday more details, about the shooter are becoming clear. we know shooter devin kelly threaten the his ex- mother-in-law over next messaging and we know his ex- wife's grandmother ace monk the dead. kelly served in the air force, but was court marshalled in 2012 on charges he assaulted his wife and child. today the church pastor and his wife who were out of town
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during the violence and lost their daughter in the shooting shared their grief. >> through tragedy and that entails for our family, we don't want to over shadow the other lives lost yesterday, we lost more than bell yesterday. our church was not comprised of members, parishioners, we were a very close family. >> those killed in the texas church shooting ranged in age from babies to the elderly, 10 of the 20 people wounded in the shooting remain in critical condition. stay tuned for the "cbs evening news" for very latest on the texas church shooting, jeff glor will be anchoring from sutherland springs tonight at 6:30 right here after "eyewitness news". three suspects are facing trial on human trafficking charges for allegedly forcing a young woman in the life of plus dogs begins her will. these two are of the suspects 29 year-old key shawn john john and ariana somerville both of georgia. a third suspect, tyler bachelor remains at large. the pennsylvania attorney
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general's office says somerville advertised a 21 year-old victim for prostitution on line and john ran the alleged human traffic king ring. victim was rescued last october after asking an uber driver, in king of prussia for help, the driver then flagged down police. uber praised its driver's action in a statement, uber is deeply committed to safety in the communities we serve and we want to do our part to end the transportation of traffic ked people this driver had set an exam that many everyone should follow. philly rapper meek mill has been sentenced to two to four years from state prison after judge found him guilty of violating his probation. this is video of the 30 year-old rapper whose real name is robert williams arriving for court in center city this afternoon. after the judge's ruling he was immediately taken into custody. he was quick in 2008 on drug possession and weapons charges .
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yeah, broncho busters, the philadelphia eagles dominated denver through the air and on the ground, and on the defensive side of the ball yesterday. solid showing on all side, as bird sore, to a big win, in south philadelphia. now they are heading in to their bye week at eight-one. but still best record in the national football league. a clash with the cowboys down the road. >> that is right don bell joins us now. this is fun time to be an eagles fan. >> are you enjoying yourself yet. >> you know it. >> one game at a time. >> one game at a time. >> yes we're not getting a head of ourselves. >> go bird. >> but you should enjoy it no doubt. >> listen, in fact there has only been four other times which it has been better to be an eagles fan. bird are eight-one for fifth time in franchise history. every other time they have played for a championship. eagles have serious mojo, carson wentz throwing four touchdowns with the broncos, number one defense yesterday. they have won seven straight, it is their longest streak
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since 2004. head coach doug pederson was asked how he himself has improved since last season. >> i think just overall confidence that i have had, you know in, play calling, i did it there in kansas city but it was second half of the game. you get and gain more confidence. you understand situational football just like a quarterback, you just understand those situations and putting your team in good situations to be successful. >> getting better every step of the way. eagles are 11-two at home under pederson and right now he is leading candidate for coach of the year. >> wow. >> his rookie season last year >> yes. >> big jump from the first year to the second. >> and home field throughout one fantastic. but we will play one game at a time. >> yes. >> thanks, budd. even most hardened eagles fans can't help but get their hopes up. we have caught up with the bird faithful and they are
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dreaming big. >> well, they have to at lee get to the playoffs and do something great there. now super bowl, that might be asking a lot but at least win in the playoffs, yes. get to the super bowl. get there at least. >> didn't expect much coming in the season, as we were better then last year but now we have your eyes on the prize we have to go for it all now. >> only game we lost i felt like that first kansas city game we would have won that game f we play kansas city right now we would stump over them as well. i just want to keep going to get that broad street parade, that is it. >> i hear you. >> those fans watched eagles dominate on the field yesterday they may have missed the 13 year-old south jersey boy in the side line. >> our friend cole fitzgerald in washington township is a neuroblastoma survivor born with the muscular disorder. he dreams of making it to the nfl one day w that disorder he will never be a player but he
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believes is there always another way. with the help of the eagles he discovered that way this week end. >> i want to thank howie roseman and eagles, for inviting me here. >> what has it been like for you. >> it is amazing. >> cole's two day experience with the eagles will last a lifetime, see it all for yourself, as we have the exclusive story on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 right here on cbs-3. starting off week with wet weather and tracking some showers tonight, meteorologist kate bilo in the weather center with more on what we can expect and when, kate. >> front moving through right now doesn't have a lot of moisture we have seen a couple sprinkles here and there today but not a whole lot as front comes through. we have one thunderstorm forming south of d.c. but just a few light sprinkles over northern delaware and new jersey. this front is an under achiev er producing severe weather back to the west
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yesterday. not a whole lot here. thinks overdone, ground clutter but few light spring unless south jersey and delaware here for this evening once this clears out, by 7:00 we are dry across the area skies clear quickly. temperatures drop quickly as well. tomorrow election day starts with some sunshine and then cloud, will roll in rapidly, and by tomorrow at this time we will track rain and rain could be heavier at times over south jersey and delaware. we will time that out further and tell you how much you can expect but temperatures in the meantime you can see cool air behind that front starting to settle in northwestern suburbs with temperatures in the 50's right now, still a mild 67 in philadelphia, and look at all this cool air, lock um here across the northern plains and great lakes, temperatures in the 30's and 40's, that is heading our way and by end of the week highs may not make it past 40's. we will tell you when to pull out that heavy coat coming up. back to you. still to come, getting ready for election day.
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>> a contentious district attorney's race in philadelphia, i'm henry ross off in center city. we will have a preview coming up next. there is in place like home for holidays, philadelphia officials announce their plans for upcoming season. what is new for this year, that is coming up on "eyewitness news".
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why arit's because sweeney'sing been exposed as aeeney? double dipping pension padder. caught spending campaign money on lavish dinners and fine cigars for his pals. investigated for being a lobbyist and a senator at the same time. sweeney voted to raise taxes 145 times
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while our economy continues to struggle. south jersey is a mess, and it's time to take out the trash. on november 7th, make a change. dump sweeney. tomorrow is election day in pennsylvania and new jersey and here in, philadelphia one of the biggest ticket on the ballot is race for district attorney. >> "eyewitness news" reporter henry rossoff sat down with both democrats, democrat larry krasner and republican beth grossman. >> i'm so proud of my 21 and a half years experience asiana cysttent district attorney. >> reporter: beth grossman. >> is there excitement about the idea of actual reform. >> reporter: notable defense and civil rights attorney larry krasner are going head
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to head in one of the most contentious philadelphia district attorney's race necessary recent memories. krasner emerged from the crowded primary following the indictment of the disgraced d.a. seth williams who was eventually convicted of taking bribes and committing fraud. >> i believe both in law and order and not just order. and, that is reform. we have been dealing with a symptoms which was all about order. that meant locking everybody up as opposed to following your constitutional requirement, being balanced. >> reporter: it that is outside's approach that is rubbing some in the public safety community the wrong way , that is why republican grossman has endorsement of the philadelphia police union and of the inquirer. >> i just want to serve the people of philadelphia, with honesty, integrity, and just know that they have a champion in the d.a.'s office for victims, survivors of the crime and neighborhood. >> reporter: in what is normally a race where democrat wins,ing ago way, this time around, both candidates say they are feeling confident. >> i think that voters of all types and all backgrounds will
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rally around idea of putting their money back in public schools and taking it out of excessive incarceration. >> people given me the privilege of their time, they have asked good questions and nobody has turned my away because i'm a rip. there is a very good chance here. >> reporter: in philadelphia, henry rossoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". voters will head to the polls to make their voice heard tomorrow. >> in new jersey, voters will elect a new governor, democrat phil murphy and republican kim guadagno are taking their campaign down to the wire working for every last vote there murphy has a 12-point advantage in the latest quinnipiac university poll, down from a 20-point lead about two weeks ago. voters in new jersey will also be making choiceness state senate and assembly races. polls opening up at 6:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m. voters in pennsylvania, as we mentioned also heading to the polls, polling places open up at 7:00 across commonwealth and close at 8:00 p.m. philly hot day festival
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will take place second year. >> mayor kenney announced different events and entertainment the city will offer including holiday tree lighting celebration. >> cities holiday tree will be located on the north side of broad street and its theme will be peace. >> we want to make sure we have a feeling of togetherness , family in downtown and our kid are welcomed from all over the city to enjoy, some sheer in the mid of some problems that we're having in our country. >> the multi day festival kicks off, november the 24th. meteorologist kate bilo joins us now and, you know, it sounding like we might be feeling more holidayish weather real soon. >> we may. everyone talking about black friday deals and holiday shopping, just hasn't been feeling all that holiday. >> right. >> but it will by even of the week. >> it is coming. >> pull out coats or find a deal on a new coat, gloves, hats, winter gear. it will be cold by end of the week.
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we have not been in the 30's in fail this fall. we have been there in the surrounding suburbs but by even of the week and weekend we will drop into the 30's in the city and even 40's for daytime highs. lets take a look outside, not bad still mild with temperatures in the 60's and it was another mild day to day mainly cloudy conditions for most of the day but didn't need the coat, you will though over next few days and then again, maybe some heavier winter artillery by friday. looking at spring garden street from our building, cbs broadcast center looks good there. storm scan three not showing a whole lot our front is crossing the area moving off shore. heaviest showers up across new england and few moving down through nation's capitol and few sprinkles over delaware popping up over new castle county. steady yes, sir over d.c. and thunderstorm to the south of there. we have lucked out as far as this is concern. we have in the seen much in the way of rainfall witt. back to the west our next system will really trail along the frontal boundary extend is
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here and other area low pressure will work licensing that boundary stalling to the south. moves this rain tomorrow will be off to the south but we could see it just about anywhere, a few showers and that moves a little further are north we will get rain, further are north of the city. that is the shore and delaware tomorrow will see the most rainfall. we will she what you that looks like in a moment. you can see cool air making it in allentown, reading and lancaster. sixty's from the city south east and heading to the south warmth is still hanging on in the zero seven's in charleston , atlanta, birmingham but cold air permeating throughout the nation and look at how cold in the northern plains, it is 14 in billings, machine tan a23 in bismarck. twenty-six in wrapped city. some of that cold is heading our way. stray shower for tonight. skies clear quickly and here's that system for tomorrow, off to the south, light rain and showers to the north but heaviest tomorrow evening for south jersey and delaware.
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that first batch clears out but another round develops wednesday morning waking up to cloud and showers before we will clear that out in time for wednesday evening commute. how much rain are we talking ? it doesn't look like anyone gets much more than an inch but portions of south injuries inn and delaware could sianni inch or more and notice numbers off to the northwest are much lower then that just some light showers here and there but phase one of the cool down starts tonight, stronger cold front comes through on thursday and by even of the week highs only in the 40's. tomorrow's high 52 which is a far cry from today when we were around 70. there will be sun in the morning and then cloud. best chance for rain in the afternoon to the south, and southwest, and then, of course , heading to the polls and do it on the dry night morning and midday time frame is best time to go. wednesday a couple showers in the morning. thursday looks good and then next front comes through and friday, saturday 30's and saturday night into sunday could get close to the freezing mark.
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>> wow. >> tables turning. >> don's up next in sports. >> feels like football tonight carson loves football but he is ready for a break. joe joeys no go, brand new term sixers are using to explain why embiid is out of the line
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nice to meet you sir. joseph, i'm nice to meet you.u? how's it going man? the yankees? come on. [ laughing ] look at the smiles and the hard work that the people here are doing. it's like making mini sandwiches. they're no different than anyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. this is a nice place. yeah. he plays basketball with lauren. steve called, fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome.
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lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. deep down in his heart he feels for people who are disadvantaged. lauren's a light in everybody eye. she's the spark that has started the fire. the goal is to keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment. see, i love you. i love you guys too. you know that. yeah.
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they are talking about it. >> you got to have it. >> yeah. >> wearing a non-eagles jersey to lincoln financial field is a recipe for disaster. you will get booed, mocked or worse but over last couple of weeks, a few exceptions good number of people started to rock north dakota state carson wentz jerseys. that we can deal w yesterday wentz made another push for nfl mvp award. he tossed four more touchdown in the teams blow out win over broncos. he has 23 touchdowns for most through nine games in franchise history.
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now, wentz and the bird get to enjoy the bye week. >> it is good time just being in the middle of the season. we're fortunate where our bye falls, just for, mentally, physically, to get away, get refreshed so we can come back and make our run. >> little r and r. >> atlanta or chicago, david aldridge of turner sports is reporting that the hawks and bulls are leading contenders in a trade for jahlil okafor. they hope to pick up a draft pick and they may wait as they inch closer to the february 8th trade deadline. meanwhile sixers opening up a five game road trip tomorrow in utah, team says jell embiid will not be in the line up, for, load management. whatever that is. >> excuse me. >> he was limited at practice today, and, they were all off saturday and sunday. here's brett brown trying to explain. >> i mean i really just follow like i always tell you the instruction of our medical people and there is completely
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a thought of why this plan has been recommended, and i think, you know, if it requires more information, they will be the won to explain why they have decided to make this recommendation. >> brett's like i just work here. meanwhile markelle fultz is out with the bad right shoulder so here he is number one overall pick, in practice shooting with his left hand, why not. he will be evaluated in the week's to come. time is running out on the high school football, just two weeks left in the friday football frenzy. here are your choices, pennsbury at neshaminy, archbishop ryan at archbishop wood, send contact at timber creek, go to cbs frenzy to vote and i will announce the winner wednesday night. >> yes, all right. >> load management. >> load management. >> yeah. >> okay. >> technical term. >> yes. >> thanks, buddy. >> when we come back penn state fat ball has lost two
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straight but nittany lions. >> they honored iconic mascot received and connection to the phillies fanatic. >> "cbs evening news" just a few minutes away. >> jeff glor joins with us a look ahead, jeff. >> we are on location with new details on the church shooting in sutherland springs, texas what eyewitnesses and investigators are telling us on tonight's "cbs even
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we've paid a big price for chris christie and kim guadagno. they gave out billions in corporate tax breaks. millions to whitewash the bridgegate scandal. millions more wasted on empty office space. we got stuck with the bill. property taxes up. train and bus fares up. college tuition up. women's healthcare funding eliminated with christie and guadagno we're paying more and falling behind. four more years of kim guadagno is unaffordable.
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a roar of excitement on the campus of penn state university today. >> that is because school iconic mascot nittany lion has been select as inducte in the mascot's hall of fame. nittany is among the four new mascots to join the hall which honored the professional and collegiate mascots. by the way hall of fame was founded by david raymond who was original phillies fanatic from 1978 to 1993 and first inducte in 2005. >> david was a friend of the fanatic, a friend. >> a friend, sure. >> sure. >> his best friend. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00, we are back at 10 and then here at 11:00. >> up next, "cbs evening news" , man behind the massacre new details in the texas church gunman including how 26 year-old devin patrick kelly acquired his weapons and history of domestic abuse. from texas here's jeff glor. take care family, we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> somebody ran in there and started shooting everybody. >> glor: a small-town church comes under attack. >> one of the victims came out running from the side, and he was all bloody from his arms and his face. >> we've had a listening night with our children and grand babies that we have left. >> glor: also tonight, the search for a motive. >> there was a domestic situation going on in this family. >> this isn't a guns situation. mental health is the problem here. >> glor: the heroes who chased down the killer. >> i wish i could have gotten there faster. >> glor: and has america grown numb to mass shootings? >> americans are being slaughtered and congress is refusing to protect them. >> this is this is the "c e


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