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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 7, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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on our breaking story two time cy young award winner and former phillies ace roy halladay has been killed in the plane crash off the coast of the florida. >> greg argos joins us from the sat center with what we necessity as of right now, greg. >> reporter: jessica and ukee this news just breaking in the past few minutes passco county sheriff's office in florida confirming former phillies pitcher roy halladay has died, after crashing his single engine plane. investigators say that the 40 year-old was flying icon a5 a light sport aircraft around 1:00 this afternoon when he crash landed in the gulf of mexico about 10 miles west of the st. petersberg. sheriff office says he was the only occupant and only person killed in the crash, and it is unclear what led to his plane going down. investigators say there was no mayday call from halladay, cord to go his twitter account halladay was a pilot and recently purchased first 2018 model of the icon a5, in an article from the plane's manufacturer, halladay said he dreamed of being a pilot but
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was only able to become one when he retired from baseball. one of his most recent twitter powes shows him in the pilot seat high in the air. now phillies fans, of course, upset over this news, halladay an eight time all-star pitcher , and, two time cy young award winner. he played for fill fridays 2010 through 2013 and may 29th , 2010 he pitched the 20th perfect game in mlb history. he also threw a no hit their same year during the playoffs. halladay retired from baseball in 2013 and lived with his wife and two children in florida. >> roy was the most down to earth person, if you had dropped something, roy would be first one to bend down and pick it up. if you were in need, roy would "eyewitness news" has an update on the breaking news be first one to say hey, how phillies former ace and two can i help you. time cy young award winner roy he was 6-foot six, you would halladay has died after his single engine plane died off have never guessed this guy was a professional athlete by the coast of practice in the the way he talk, way he spoke, shallow water nears st. peters he was definition of a true berg florida. officials say halladay was the humble human being. only person on board, he was >> reporter: reaction coming in from all over the sports 40 years old. the national transportation
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world, the phillies, tweeting safety board is investigating, meantime, reaction from fans, it is pouring in. ... very tragic news about roy halladay's untimely >> he was such a great player death. for city of fail for so long, there are no word to describe sadness that the entire you know, it is just phillies family is feeling over the last of one of the spectacular. >> every game he played he most respected human beings to played his heart out and he ever play the game. was respected, you know, not now the team will be holding a press conference at halladay tonight at 6:30 we will stream just, on the field but inside it live on our web site cbs the locker room. >> phillies will hold a news conference in about an hour, we will bring it to you live, all-star pitcher roy halladay at cbs dead at 40 after plane crash also tonight, a in the gulf of mexico this pennsylvania state trooper shot i line of afternoon. sports director don bell will >> that trooper is now in the have much more about halladay intensive care unit, 's amazing career in sports and hear from phillies recovering from surgery and suspect who was originally fans. that is latest live from the pulled ove the traffic sat center i'm greg argos for stop under goes surgery at another hospital. cbs-3 "eyewitness news". "eyewitness news" reporter >> greg, thank you for. alycia nieves is live in that we will keep an eye on plainfield township where that reaction that is sure, once again, to be pouring in, very shoot-out took place. tell us more about what sad day. happened here. to our other story tonight , northampton county >> reporte jessica,he was where a state trooper, and suspect were shot this morning issued a ticket, and, for some during a traffic stop. reason he decided to get back >> police say confrontation
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happened on route 33 near oat is when t realized route 191 in plainfield he might be intoxicated. township. police also say that the they went to arrest him and suspect then fled the scene that is when things turned penne and drove himself to easton hospital for treatment. police officer is shot this the trooper was air lifted to morning on route 33 in st. lukes hospital in bethlehem where he is listed northampton county police shut in critical but stable the highway down for hours. condition. we have team three coverage of what happened here was a the shooting, joe holden is at traffic stop that turned into police. the troopers were in a st. lukes but we will go to alycia nieves at the scene with the time line of events, knock down, drag out fight alycia? >> ukee, shooting that was along the side of the road with them essentially described as a shoot-out on a busy highway and it got very, very the confrn happened around 11:00 this morning on a highway just about a quarter mile from video already. where i'm at, see the state it was a very violent fight. police cars, they have part of >> reporter: one that led to the shoot-out on the busy this highway still shut down, highway and one corporal in and, this is part that they the hospital. >> he went through a heck of have shut down is where that the fight on the side of the trooper was shot, three times. road. >> reporter: authorities say man who was pulled over for speeding shot a trooper three after a pennsylvania state times but he was also shot. police officer is shot this morning along route 33 in somehow during the back and forth gunfire on the highway, northampton county police shut he was able to get back in his highway down for hours. authorities say that what car and flee the scene. happened here started in a >> after being shot the traffic stop, turned into a subject was able to get back in his vehicle and he drove income out, drag out fight with one man and two troopers, himself away from the scene.
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and then turned into a >> reporter: authorities say he drove to a nearby hospital shoot-out on the highway. in easton, chopper three was over the hospi blue >> isocon fronttation on video , we went through a fight pontia outside. alongside of the road. >> reporter: authorities say >> he was subsequently man who was pulled over shot a transported to lehigh valley, trooper three times but he was also shot, and somehow during cedar crest campus where i believe at this point he is the back and forth gunfire on under going surgery. the highway he was able to get back in his car, and fleet >> reporter: trooper was transported from here immediately after the shooting scene. >> even after being shot the and taken to a nearby hospital subject was able to get back in his vehicle and drove himself from the scene. , st. lukes while police and state police are >> reporter: authorities say he drove to the nearby out here investigating trying hospital in easton, chopper to collect some evidence. three was over the hospital as for now reporting live from his blue pontiac was still northampton county, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness outside. >> he was subsequently transported to lehigh valley news". survivors are revealing details from inside the texas cedar crest campus where eye church where 26 people were believe at this point he is killed, new details are also under going surgery. emerging tonight about the gun man. >> reporter: authorities at this time are not releasing cbs correspondent meg oliver the shooter's name but they has more from sutherland are releasing more detailed springs texas. account of exactly what >> reporter: according to a happened here, moment by moment being of what happened police report devin kelly here, we will have more of escape from the mental health that coming up but for now facility in el paso in 2012. live from northampton county, he was reportly held alycia nieves for cbs-3 thereafter he threaten his air
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"eyewitness news". we will go live to force superiors. police found kelly at a bus "eyewitness news" reporter joe stop and returned him to the holden live at st. lukes facility. university hospital in report is raising more bethlehem where that trooper questions about how kelly was is being treated, joe. able to buy guns, despite a men history of violent >> reporter: jessica, good evening. state police corporal after behavior including his ouster being shot was transported to from the air force for domestic violence. st. lukes hospital here in the >> all of a sudden i hear city of bethlehem. it was a relatively short firecrackers, popping, pop, drive just about 10 miles, pop, pop, pop. again by ground, won brought inside here we are told that >> reporter: roseann phillips the picture was grim. and her house back were sitting near door of the first baptist church whenfired on the. he survived though after surgery and right now fingers are crossed and prayers are >> e started screaming going out for this corporal. , yelling, i mean it was so scary and that man was family members embraced shooting. i mean he was shooting hard. rushing inside st. lukes hospital state police consider >> reporter: the gun man rally with from the belfast barracks is in the operating methodically went through pews room under going surgery for looking for more victims. as many as three gunshots. she said in one was spared. his prognosis grim according to sources, all day state >> i could feel the gun shots, troopers from around the area, i saw, i saw them on the filed, in and out of the carpet because they have a emergency room, hoping for carpet in there i could see good news. we are told wounded corporal gunshots coming down. has been enlisted with the >> reporter: she was shot in the arm her husband was hit by state police for more than a
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shrapnel but they survived by dozen years. playing dead. at 3:20 now a steady cold rain investigators are not sure what prompted shooter's falling captain rich, updated rampage but they are looking reporters on the corporal's into ongoing could be flick condition. with his inlaws. >> our trooper that was struck >> we have no reason to here at the scene was believe that this was critically injured. politically motivated. he was struck several times. >> reporter: efforts are underway to help victim families with burial expenses. he was shot three times. a funeral home is offering >> reporter: hospital listed the corporal in extremely caskets for all of the victims critical condition, he is now meg oliver for cbs news, recovering in intensive care. aside from the three gunshot thatrland springs, t.e panel fs wounds from the corporal he sustain injuries in what was said to be a roadside income transported freddie gray before his death not guilty.offd down, drag out fight. we do know the identity of the state police corporal but we are withholding that until firing for his role in the gray's 2015 arrest. pennsylvania state police, make that official. injury he suffered during the now, as for the suspected van ride and that let to riots shoot inner all this he was flown to the hospital, treated police department's lawyer argued goodson should have , for his injuries, and been fired for failing tpo he sustained gunshot wounds after a responding trooper gray into his seat and getting returned fire and that all him medical attention. played out on busy route 33 president trum is in south near the allentown area. korea as his trip across asia of course, coming up at 6:00 continues. south korea's president toast
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much more we are working ed mr. trump during a our sources to learn more state dinner. earlier they discussed about what played out here and the defendant's role in military strength that the allies have in dealing with possible prior criminal north korea's nuclear threat. history, i will see you in an president trump says all hour for that part of the team options are on the table coverage. dealing with the regime's for now reporting live outside leader kim jong u.n. including st. lukes hospital in bethlehem northampton county, negotiations. joe holden for cbs-3 >> i really believe it makes "eyewitness news". sense for north korea to come >> see you at 6:00. stay with "eyewitness to the table and to make a news" for continuing coverage deal that is good for the of the trooper shot. we will keep you informed here people of north korea ain't on air and anytime at cbs a philadelphia police people of the world i do see officer just back on the job certain movement, yes but lets from maternity levies hailed a see what happens. hero after helping rescue a >> president trump is also hinting at a surprise family of six from their burning home. announcement before he departs two alarm fired just after south korea said during a toast at a state dinner being 3:00 at 200 block of manheim held in his honor, we will in germantown. residents in one twin home have an exciting day tomorrow were able to get out safely for many reasons that people but another family next door will find out. first lady melania trump was still inside. the officer did not hesitate took part in a friendship walk and team with south korea's to act. >> a arrived on the scene the entire house was engulfed. first lady. they toured the ground of the i heard people. i asked neighbors outside if presidential palace. they were still inside. first lady later spoke with the group of school children. they weren't sure.
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i could hear them clearly. she is there to promote her they were in the side of the girls play too initiative tone sure boys and girls have equal house, went to the back door and helped everyone coming out access to sporting facilities. of the house. >> officer also credited a jurors continue to neighbor with helping her get deliberate in the bribery the family and their dog out trial of the new jersey senator bob menendez, the jury of harms way. we are told one fire fighter reconvened this morning after suffered a minor injury. deliberating for about 90 minutes at the end of the day the cause remains under investigation. yesterday. jurors heard about nine weeks election day and voters in of testimony, overall, and pennsylvania and new jersey still have time to head to the polls. nearly eight hours of closing here in philadelphia turnout was light at this polling arguments. the senator is charged with place in olde city, taking political contributions "eyewitness news" cameras , and gifts in exchange for political favors. caught up with mayor jim kenney as he cast his votes veterans day is this this morning. saturday at an assist ted less than three hours and living home in new jersey is counting until polls close in honoring military veterans in new jersey we are keeping an their care ahead of the eyes on a couple big races in the state including the weekend. >> more than 15 world war two veterans or their spouse from gubernatorial showdown between phil murphy and kim guadagno, his spring hill cherry hill both of whom are hoping to assisted living are receiving the military service medal or suck set current governor chris christie. our cleve bryan is in south korean war service medal those injuries which more on that and the senate race, cleve. honors have expressed gratitude and appreciation for >> reporter: even before the at ward. >> this is a tremendous honor polls opened up at 6:00 a.m. because i have tremendous here in west deptford middle school people were lined up and officials say there has respect, for this beautiful been steady turnout throughout country a country that gave me so much and i didn't quite get the day as there is voting on
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two powerful positionness new back to her what she gave to me and i love her dearly. jersey. >> time for some change. >> reporter: new jersians in addition to today's choose their candidates this election day one outcome is medal presentation residents certain: chris christie we cited pledge of allegiance another ace coming to an even. and shared the stories. >> yeah. >> i think people are ready still to come on "eyewitness news", iphone, i for a change. >> like what chris christie glitch you are not crazy text has done. >> reporter: seeking to replace christie is kim function may have a weird glitch that changes one letter guadagno and phil murphy, to the other. we have a work around. former wall street executive and u.s. ambassador in germany we told you p diddy formally >> i think she would keep doing, the progressing the shawn combs has a new nickname same. >> we need some change. he has another update for you. i'm here to put my vote in for stay tune, kate? some change. >> reporter: how will that theme of change continue to well, cold is really going the legislative branch? to settle in as we head toward senate president steve sweeney wed, air on , state's most powerful law maker is trying to hold friday wiling inner to temperatures only in theat nigh. off fran greener, most decisive force in that race we will see some sunshine could be new jersey's teachers union. they launched a multi saturday mix of sun and cloud but sunday not much sun, million-dollar ad campaign town seat sweeney for deciding mostly cloudy, sunday brings not to put mandatory pension mperatures will head closerut payments on the ballot. >> i'm a teacher, so i support to normal as we go back to
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njea all the way. he broke his promise to us. so, now we need to let him know if you make a promise you need to keep it. >> reporter: many pool here in the third district like sweeney as a person and enjoy his influence in trenton. >> sweeney's always does a good job for south jersey. >> sweeney has done a good job , he has helped south jersey quite a bit and difficult vote for him, yes. >> reporter: senate president sweeney stay? who will be the next governor? polls close at 8:00. live from west deptford cleve bryan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". elsewhere voters in camden are casting their ballots for mayor, that includes mayoral candidate, voting at crammer elementary school this morning the current mayor dana red announced in may she would not seek a third term. she has endorsed moran as her successor. moran is challenged by independent christian lafferty ty and jerome taylor. philadelphia voters are hours away from electioning their next district attorney that contest is between larry krasner and republican beth grossman.
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krasner was surrounded by supporters as he made his way in his polling place in west mt. airy this morning. he is a civil rights attorney, beth grossman republican date for philadelphia d.a. cast her ballot this morning in east falls. she spent two decade working as a prosecutor in the office that she now wants to lead. if you have not voted just yet there is time, polling placeness pennsylvania and in new jersey closed tonight at 8:00 o'clock. hollywood a lister and high maintenance singer is rumored to have weight loss surgery. we will get word from our friends at entertainment tonight. memorial stand at site of the sunday's church shooting in texas as we get more information about the violent history of the gunman. we will have the full report at 5:30. iphone, i glitch, the text function may have a weird glitch that changes one letter to the other, we will have a work around, lauren? i'm meteorologist lauren casey live from the mobile
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weather watcher on i80 where we are on the hunt for the season's first snow fall i'll show you what we found coming up
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new sachsby's opened its doors today. >> familiar faces went behind count tore help out eagles defensive end chris long took to the morning shift as celebrity barista at chestnut street coffee shop. philadelphia mayor jim kenney stopped by to celebrate the, the grand opening was pay as you wish, all proceed will go to the fellowship which will help provide scholarships to 10 college students. we applaud you as well. that is great. it is not you, iphone has a glitch that is turning one letter into another. >> we will tell you thousand work around it this veteran's day all u.s. veteran's receive a free grand slam breakfast, because it's never too late to say thank you.
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mariah carry has never been shy about showing off famous curves but has she taken extreme measures to slim this veteran's day all u.s. veteran's receive a free grand slam breakfast, down. >> kevin frazier joins us from los angeles with more on what has become a hot topic. because it's never too late to say thank you. >> reporter: ukee and jessica new report that has caught ♪ fire claims man lie a went under knife after on line body shamers attack her appearance. >> other people want to be shady, and if they want to be shady, that is fine. >> i don't know them i have never even met them before. >> reporter: that was 2016 mariah taking a tough stance but on line body shaping apparently proved too much for the grammy winning star. et confirmed that mimi underwent gas particular sleeve weight loss surgery about a week ago. >> carry had become target of the comments following images from her vegas residency in july, and this photo posted on her instagram account. mariah with her boyfriend brian 10oca were celebrating her performance and added caption after the show it is after party.
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>> you sometimes you have to block people constantly and yes, i love it because i get to watch the fans, that send me love. >> reporter: as they are fans defend her she has battled weight issues. her represent wife not comment on the singers surgery but source tells et that mariah's extremely insecure about her weight. she has tags cut out of clothes so she can be bliss fully unaware of her size >> you just have to focus on whatever you are focusing on and keep it moving. >> reporter: we will have so much more on this tonight on entertainment tonight. i'm kevin frazier, back to you ukee and guess contact ukee, if you are an iphone user i'm sorry for questioning your you may think your smart phone eagles love and allegiancey has a mind of your own auto correct the letter i when you type. they blame it a glitch on the sent deaf a text. donovanpdate. my man. okay. >> we just like to have a good time, all right. shows thousands work around >> kate, a lot of rain. that problem, until it is >> it is miserable out there. fixed. >> reporter: chances are if you updated your iphone or i >> yes, yes. >> waiting for someone to come pad to the latest operating home hold dinner off because it is slow going. system whenever i type the there is a lot of rain falling letter i, it auto correct is it to the letter a, with this not only ran even though it is
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raining in most areas to our symbol next to it. north snow is actually falling many frustrated users took to twit tore complain about the meteorologist goodies lauren on the ios11 update.morning to casey's in the mobile weather watcher driving through poconos. have you seen any flakes just i think that the new ios11 t to auto correct yet. >> we saw some snow laying on the ground, lot on the grass an he will. while this buggies persistent surfaces and trees. we will give you a look what throughout several differentt e. is going on right now. it is snowing. i will in the lie. i was pretty exited to get out company recommends using and see snow. i can pick snow up in my hand. replacement as a could have made a mini snow solution.settings and then gene, man. we have definitely a solid next tap on keybo coating you can see on the text replacement, then, click side there. roadways are wet at this point on the plus sign in the top cor. but our temperature right now in and around this area is around 32 degrees and will the side phrase type upper shift down in the upper 20's. case i and short cut type there is concern in the lower case i, tap save in the poconos for freezing of this precipitation as we head in tap right. turel emmys planning to the rest of the evening and overnight period we will get a look at the roof camera. software update but in word when that will be available. you can see signs on the road reporting for three on your there, that is snowfall along side, i'm jim donovan. that grass. be sure to start day rahel, so yeah, healthy coating. katie, meisha and me starting we could see light snow falling, patchy in nature over at 4:30 a.m. right here on
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next several hours until the cbs-3. >> i will need to watch that nine or 10:00 o'clock hour or again. >> quiz mountain morning. so. we could see accumulation in and around mount pocono, >> okay. kate has your forecast rain. carbon, monroe counties, potentially up to an inch in >> it is pretty miserable. we have been dealing with that those grass surfaces. the concern we are not expect cold rain all day long. to go see accumulation on the the temperatures got pretty roadways but with this wetness on the roadways and far close to 50 degrees, lower temperature near freezing and 50's in some spots, but when likely dipping below freezing rain came in temperatures mark throughout the overnight period and early tomorrow plumeted and stuck in the low to mid 40's, hopefully got morning everyone will to have take it slow for our morning your voting in the morning commute tomorrow. because i went late in the afternoon bring came to work kate, but yeah this is our first sign that winter's and definitely needed umbrella coming and i know you have it was cold, wet, morning was more signs with season's time to go. lets take a look at is what coldest air in the forecast, going on outside to the too. i'll let you, bring everyone library camera at center city in on that. i'm sure they will be very parkway central library there excited about that. looking toward all lights of >> nothing but good news today the city right now. raining outside, low cloud are here, lauren, winter weather in place but still a beautiful and coldest air of the season but as weather geek just like shot from our parkway central i am you are exited to see library camera. no problems right now walking those first flakes coming down or if you are taking perhaps the subway or underground >> yes. >> she was indeed. lets take a quick look at our transportation but if you are on the road we have got slow time lapse video in bernville, downs out there.
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there is a lot of rain, very junior/senior school and you dark, there is road spray. can see just bearfully berks that is slowing things down all across the area certainly county a few flakes falling here right about now and of course we have some snow in another round later, no the poconos which we will talk accumulation on the ground about in just a moment. here in berks county but they checking with our eyewitness did see white flakes falling weather watchers these from the sky, only 36 degrees temperatures were in the mid right there as lauren 60's. now we are seeing 30's out mentioned only 32 in the there 39 degrees checking in poconos. with phil. you can see where that snow is he is in chestnut hill this is a very typical type of reporting rain at his house, storm in the winter, usually 39 further north as well and cold enough here but we will lee ruh's house in eagleville, see snow in the city but he has rain coming down there, definitely in the cold enough for that even though it is also, 38, upper 30's here chilly we are seeing thin line eileen murray all the way up of snow in the mountains where temperatures are cold enough in gilbertsville where chill, to support it. rest of the region seeing is in, 38 and raining doesn't heavy rainfall we have had red get much more miserable then. shading moving through portions of upper bucks, that 43 degrees in northern delaware. greg mccoy send us his stats, steady rain around city and down into portions of south and said rain is causing these jersey and delaware. wet leaves to fall on the larger pattern shows this ground. moving out quickly, good news of course that can make things slippery, wet leaves can be the precipitation will generally come to an end slick so please be safe before temperatures drop too traveling all across the area far overnight but road are tonight. we are still in the 40's in still wet in the poconos as south jersey, mostly at lee 43 lauren mentioned we will see threat for slick spots there with david dutn also, reportin. on those bridges and overpasses.
5:20 pm
temperatures right now right been in place just around freezing in mount about every where, tough to see looking acros river pocono. thirty's in allentown reading from the palmyra cove nature and lancaster. there could be a few slippery park everything looking blurry as rain continues to fall. spots here and there depending when it comes to an end. here's current status on storm scan three. forty-three in philadelphia 44 well, heaviest rain is moving in millville. through portions of the lehigh forty-five in wildwood. you can see it is colder back valley, you can see where red to the west, another cold shading is just pouring out front moving through northern there and that is headed for plains that is why we are new york city as well, slow seeing dark blue shading here around minneapolis and in the commute around that city tonight as well as our city of dakotas, we are looking at 40 's across the great lakes. philadelphia and down into portions of delaware. temperatures in the we have pockets of the heavy pennsylvania 24 hours and this time yesterday dropped a full rain on the back edge of this and there is snow to the north , so lets zoom in, again 25 degrees, in the city, 24 degrees drop in lancaster. see yellow around center city through the next few hours northeast philadelphia, pretty heaviest of the rain will heavy rain, in montgomery shift to the city on south county as well, heading up around 7:00. toward lehigh valley where still snowing in the poconos and still snowing at 8:00. heaviest rain is just about to push into allentown, northeast rain does push off by 11:00 extension, long 78, to 22, when we go on the air we will see it move off coast. things are slow go and as we tomorrow could have a stray move north we will get snow shower and then cloud decreasing through the day as still snowing at a good clip more sunshine arrives but then around mount pocono and where we will tap into this. snow has piled up on the ground in spots. look at this big bubble of we will check with lauren casey next half an hour for arctic air and watch how this another look up toward pocono
5:21 pm
region. rotates southward here by the steady rain through 9:00, end of the week just a little after 9:00 it shifts off shore from west to east. nose of cold air making its way in here by friday when the early on wednesday a stray coldest air of the season will shower possible, namely east down the shore but things look approach. rain early tonight and then dry for next several days. cold breeze at 40. temperatures are in the 40's, next couple days in the all look at how warm it is to the that cold, sunshine returning, south but you can see with your our next front is right thursday, 57 but then friday about here and look at how and saturday, highs only in cold it ace cross northern the mid 40's, both days, still plains. that unseasonable cold will may be slightly optimistic move in and that comes in by numbers with the wind it will end of the week. feel like the 30's, each first storm moves out high pressure moves in, secondary afternoon so get heavy gear cold front passes through on ready. thursday as multiple system >> yes. >> keep it warm. sweeping through by friday >> thanks, kate. highs in the 40's and we will still ahead more on the talk about potential for our break news. >> we still can't believe this first freeze even around the >> no, sad day for sports city. tonight rain early and then cold breeze, tomorrow stray world phillies tragically died in the plane crash reaction shower in the morning and then gradually decreasing cloud from shayne victorino on the through the day, 53 the high. passing of roy halladay next up in sports. your seven day forecast,coldestd saturday, saturday night or friday night into saturday morning i should say down to 30. that could our first freeze. we will let you know ifwatches d i think they will as we head
5:22 pm
toward end of the week. back to you. two of hollywood's biggest stars are putting their support behind meek mill. >> and sean combs sits record straight about his new nickname. bex from our sister station 96.5 has those stories and more in the hot minute. >> thanks, ukee and guess contact we will kick things off with philly own rapper meek mill, who was flooded with support after being ♪ ♪ sentenced to a minimum of two years in prison for violating probation. sketch hart shared this photo with the caption quote the storm will pass, stay strong and keep your head up. it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ rapper jay-z whose company roc nation manages meek mill took to social media to denounce the sentence, calling it heavy handed. also in the rap world we ♪ ♪ have an update from sean combs , yesterday it was reported that the industry mogul was changing his name to brother love. well, he seems to have had a change of heart. y okay. i didn't change my name. it is just part of my alter
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egos. >> diddy wsechange created a storm on the internet said he will respond to brother love or any of his other names. on to another video, the webb, one fiance goes above and beyond to sell his ladies 1996 honda accord. now generally speaking he put the car up on craigs list and e bay with a few photos but not for max landman of last angeles california. he found a entire commercial to find a buyer. video which has gone viral shy of 4 million views, also pick up some traction on e originall9 , reached $150,000 before e bail cancelled the original auction. that is your hot minute i'm be x from today's 96.5. >> still ahead, on "eyewitness news" it is one of the philadelphia's hidden treasures. >> tori woodill ventures inside for the for the mifflin and why this is a must see.
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as a bonus she learned thousand fire a all right. don joins us now and, don this
5:25 pm
has been a terrible afternoon. >> sobering, right. >> yes. >> you go about your day and you get news like this and it is just, sad, definitely. if you are just joining us it is a sad day in philadelphia and world of baseball. two time cy young award winner roy halladay has died in the single engine plane crash over the gulf of mexico. halladay retired in 2013. he played 16 years and spent final four, here in philadelphia. may 2010 he threw 20th perfect game in baseball history. othing win over florida marlins. and that same year, he tossed the second no hitter in playoff history. chase utley called halladay the ultimate competitor. halladay leaves behind a wife, and two sons, and he was 40 one of his former teammates tweeted shayne victorino gone too soon my friend blessed to have shared the as a teammate, competitor, friend and more importantly a blotter. praying for brandy, ryan and brayden. the phillies have scheduled a
5:26 pm
press conference for 6:30, we will have their reaction tonight at 11:00. reaction is pouring in, as it will. >> yes. >> thanks, don. coming up in our next half an hour more on our top two stories, again former phillies ace roy halladay killed in the small plane crash in, florida. and a pennsylvania state trooper shot in the line of duty, we are live with the very latest on his condition. plus, a memorial now stand s at site of sunday's church shooting in texas we will get new information about the violent history of the gunman we have a full report for you coming up
5:27 pm
a zoo in santa barbara, california has been get something of its youngest residents ready for their public debut, a new trio of asian small quad otters were born to first time parents october 7th. they are the smallest in the world and they live across a variety of swam ins south east asia. zoo says young trio will go on display to the public in december. >> how about that. >> yeah. our area is, of course, rich with history and one of theldest rel region sits at end of the one of the runways at philly
5:28 pm
international airport. >> our vittoria woodill takes to us fort mifflin where they are about to celebrate a veryt . >> may have just passedter by pf times, but not far from center city is one of the only fort is still in existence. that predates the founding of the united states of america. >> fort being here for 240 years but because we're on the outskirts of town, nobody knows about us too much. >> reporter: it is fort mifflin and it is philadelphia 's hidden treasure soak in history and in mud, it is also known as mud island for the for. >> ground was always soggy, wet, sometimes mud was so deep would it suck shoes off mens feet. >> reporter: became famous during siege of philadelphia which occur on the evening of november 15th, in 1777. >> it is now in, this place and we held british off for six longs week, 177. we delayed them, otherwise, you know, watching it, could
5:29 pm
have made it to valley forge. so it was the forge, and then, our army would have been defeated. come in the war and should be change. >> buildings are original to the day they were built and of course you cannot help but notice the mouth. >> it should been kept in thos talking 17, 1800s, talking about cannon balls, and, so, the idea is to provide protection against cannon shots. >> ready, fire. >> reporter: cannon shots like that. >> wow that was strong, powerful. >> and then. >> gets me every time. >> yes, nice. >> boom. >> i mean, what a good time. fort mifflin has also, been a part of the, in the only the revolutionary war but civil war, and the first, second world war, and it is amazing right in our backyard and this weekend they will commemorate 240th anniversary of the siege
5:30 pm
and bombard. of fort mifflin with a full weekend of living history which means reinact. and boom, more cannon fire. >> well, you know, there weren't any thing being projected out there of the cannon. >> right, right. >> for a few reasons. >> but quite a good time of it >> i bet it was. >> that mike was good. >> yes, mike was so good.
5:31 pm
"eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. he was a, probably one of the most humble human beings you will ever meet. for somebody who won cy youngs as i said, one of the greatest pitchers in baseball he would walk in the room as if, he would just be anybody. >> and that was at 6:00 we are remembering roy halladay as much more than just a baseball player, the former phillies ace killed today, in a plane crash off the coast of florida tonight, we're looking back, on the life and career of a man that they called doc. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we hav team three coverage of the tragic accident, we will begin with "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos live from
5:32 pm
the cbs-3 sat center, he has latest on the deadly crash, what do we necessity right now , greg. >> reporter: investigators say they are interviewing eyewitnesses but they are not releasing details of what those people saw. around 1:00 famed phillies pitcher roy halladay died after his single engine plane crashed in shallow waters, in the gulf of mexico off the coast of florida. tonight sports world and phillies fans throughout the country, are reeling after the death of this all-star pitcher >> he was a great pitcher, he brought life to philadelphia. it is bad, tragic that he had to go. >> reporter: phillies fans, stunned by sudden passing of roy halladay. >> one of my top three all time favorite baseball players >> reporter: investigators say halladay died this afternoon after his single engine plane crash in the gulf of mexico 10 .
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