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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 7, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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man that they called doc. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we hav team three coverage of the tragic accident, we will begin with "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos live from the cbs-3 sat center, he has latest on the deadly crash, what do we necessity right now , greg. >> reporter: investigators say they are interviewing eyewitnesses but they are not releasing details of what those people saw. around 1:00 famed phillies pitcher roy halladay died after his single engine plane crashed in shallow waters, in the gulf of mexico off the coast of florida. tonight sports world and phillies fans throughout the country, are reeling after the death of this all-star pitcher >> he was a great pitcher, he brought life to philadelphia. it is bad, tragic that he had to go. >> reporter: phillies fans, stunned by sudden passing of roy halladay. >> one of my top three all time favorite baseball players >> reporter: investigators say halladay died this afternoon after his single engine plane crash in the gulf of mexico 10 s
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berg florida. it happened around 1:00 this afternoon. there was no mayday calls that were sent in by tampa bay air traffic control. >> reporter: ntsb is on the scene trying to piece together what led to the deadly crash, halladay, an eight time all-star pitcher and two time cy young award winner played from the fill fridays 2010 through 2013. he was an avid pilot and posted many pictures of his icon a5 a light sport aircraft he purchased just last month. this shot shows him piloting the plane on november 4th, just three days ago, high in the air. >> roy was the most down to earth person, and if you had dropped something, and roy would be first one to bend down and pick it up. if you were in need roy would be first one to say how can i help y accept for the fact he was 6- foot six you would have never guessed this guy was a professional atey he spoke, andd true humbleuman. phillies release aid statement that says in part we are numb over very tragic news
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about roy halladay's untimely death. there are no word to describe this sadness, that the entire phillies family the loss of onee most respected human beings, ev. the company which makes the fe landingys it is meant to ife fails but there is no word on what specifically led to this deadly crash. phillies ace pitcher roy halladay, dead at 40. i'm live here from the sat center, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you, greg. dock played four seasons before retiring in 2013 but he accomplished a lot in those years, in the red pinstripes. >> sports director don bell joins with us more on his amazing, career and he certainly left a mark here. >> no doubt, lot of good times when doc was on the mound. when halladay pitched it was more like a regional holiday, something to celebrate. in four seasons he won 55 games and posted a 655 winning
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percentage n2010, his first season with the phillies, roy won his second cy young award and may of that year he tossed a perfect game, 20th in baseball history. it was one to nothing win over florida marlins. late their season, during the playoffs, he tossed the second no hitter in post season history. overall, halladay played 16 seasons, and was an eight time all-star. now moments ago i spoke with his former phillies teammate greg dobbs. >> the thing that stand out to me is type o being that he was. ay not many people did inimselfn the clubhouse. he was extremely, thoughtful, he was, extremely kind, and extremely giving of his time, and i don't think of roy as a baseball player but i think of roy as the husband, and, amazing father to bolt of his
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sons. i think of him as a human being. he was just an impeccable human being, impeccable person and someone that i looked up to and admired very much. >> coming up later in the show we will have more reaction, to this devasta manual his former manager and one of his former teammates ryan howard. all right, well, talking about someone's character, right. >> indeed. >> thanks, don. phillies fans tonight are reacting to the death of the man that gave them so many great sports memories as don mentioned that will be, lasting a lifetime. >> just an upstanding guy, very well respected here. >> big deal when he signed here and threw a no hit inert playoffs and just a terrible tragedy. >> you can stay with "eyewitness news" for much more on the death of the roy halladay, phillies will hold a press conference at 6:30. watch that live at cbs philly .com. and then tune into "eyewitness
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news" at 10 and 11:00 for continuing coverage, of this, fatal crash. >> also tonight a pennsylvania state trooper is in critical condition,. >> joe holden is live at st. lukes university hospital where a corporal is, being treated, but first, it is live in plainfield township with a time line, about this. this started as a traffic stop at 11:00 this morning that turned into an all out brawl, and then, a shoot-out, and investigators are still out here on the highway where it happened, collecting evidence and praying that their shocked corporal survives. evidence markers lined route 33 in northampton county, most marked the bullets that blasted back and forth on this highway, during a shooting and brawl between one man and two state police troopers.
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>> the troopers were in a, knock down, drag out fight along the side of the vehicles m and it got very, very violent. >> reporter: state police say man driving this blue pontiac sedan was ticketed for speeding, and after receiving that ticket. >> trooper gets back into his vehicle, about to leave, operator steps outside his vehicle and flags trooper down and speak to him more about the citation. >> reporter: it was at that time trooper suspect man was intoxicated, he called for backup and when it arrived the troopers attempted to arrest the man. >> trooper to place subject under arrest and at this point he begins to violently resist arrest. >> reporter: that is when brawl between the man and two troopers happened on this highway, the brawl turned into a shoot-out with one corporal shot three times, the shooter, also shot. >> even after being shot, the subject was able to get back in his vehicle and drove himself away from the scene. >> reporter: authorities say he drove to a nearby hospital in easton, chopper three was over the hospital as his blue pontiac was still outside.
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>> he was subsequently, transported, to lehigh valley, cedar crest campus where i believe at this point he was under going surgery. >> reporter: state police are not releasing the name of the shooter. we are told the corporal was immediately taken from the scene here to a nearby hospital, st. lukes, and again he was shot three times. reporting live from northampton county, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the troop shore was shot in the intensive care unit at st. lukes university hospital in bethlehem. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is there to continue our team coverage, joe. >> reporter: as you can imagine there are so many questions, left to answer, we expect to get a whole bunch of updates tomorrow morning at a 10:00 o'clock news conference, at the bethlehem state police barracks. some of my law enforcement sources telling me tonight the exchange that happened on route 33 that highway there in plainfield township for whatever reason the suspected shooter's temper lit up like a
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fuse. in the meantime state police troopers here at the side of their fallen brother, hoping for the best. cold rain beating down outside st. lukes hospital in bethlehem, and dozens of state troopers are here hoping for the best, after what has been a traumatic day for the men and women of the pennsylvania state police. >> right now our guy up there fighting for his life, he is a hero, warrior, and, like i said he went through, he went through a heck of a fight out there on the side of the road and he has a will to live and god willing he will pull through this. >> reporter: state police captain rich deambrose ohio wouldn't identify wounded corporal, cbs sources say he enlisted with the state police more than a dozen years ago. governor wolf release aid statement that read in part, that the senseless act of violence is a reminder of the sacrifice, made daily by all of our brave men and women in uniform. corporal was rush to this level one trauma center by
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ambulance, and spent much of the afternoon in surgery. >> he is out of surgery right now, he is in extremely critical condition, but he is stable so we are very hopeful that his progress that he has made in the last couple of hours, we're hopeful it will continue. >> you heard it right there from the captain, the policeor critical condition, but of course silver lining is he is making progress. as far as time line for tomorrow morning's press conference we also expect that the district attorney of northampton county to be weighing in on this and he will work with the state police major case team, they are driving the investigation right now, and cbs-3, of course will keep you posted we will be there and we will carry that news conference, and keeping you up to dayton the latest develop details, on this story. for now that is latest live from outside st. lukes university hospital in bethlehem i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> joe, thank you. stay "eyewitness news" of the continuing coverage of the trooper's shooting. we will keep you informed on air and on line at cbs philly voters still have time to head to the polls in pennsylvania and new jersey. on this election day all eyes are on big races in the garden state including the race for governor and seat in the state senate. our cleve bryan is live in voters are saying, cleve. >> reporter: this election day is very much a referendum on leadership in new jersey, who will come after governor voters want to keep senate president steve sweeney. >> i think we need change. >> people are ready for a change. >> time for somenge was buzz word as new jersians cast their ballots this ehappen in te as chrise will be replace by either democrat phil murphy or republican kim guadagno. mandate to the winner make new jersey more affordable. >> taxes, of course, taxes. people need some relief. >> i'm almost at retirement
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age and we need to make sure that there is going to be something for the older citizens after they work all of their lives. >> reporter: spending like never before new jersey teachers union pushed to un seat senate president steve sweeney made his third district contest against fran greener the most expensive race in state history. >> they are nasty. i think, you know, i can speak for everybody there is too much dirt throwing, too much, going too low. >> reporter: as a teacher she won't vote for sweeney because she didn't put mandatory pension payments on the ballot >> if you make a promise you need to keep it. >> reporter: many throughout south jersey say sweeney has made strong relationships locally and in trenton, and, continuing. >> sweeney has done a good job ,. >> reporter: and so who will lead new jersey in the future? polls close at 8:00. live from west deptford cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" philadelphia voters went to the polls as well, they are picking the cities next
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district attorney, that contest is between democrat larry krasner and republican, beth grossman. this is video of both candidates, voting at their polling place this is morning. krasner is a civil rights attorney, grossman spent two decade as prosecutor in the d 's as office. remember, you still got, almost two hours, you have until 8:00 p.m. to head to the polls in both pennsylvania, and in new jersey. be sure to tune into "eyewitness news" at 10 and 11:00 for election results. still to come, on "eyewitness news" hidden danger of alcohol. >> when we come back potential linc between drinking and deadly disease, and who is behind this new data. lauren? i'm meteorologist lauren casey live from the mobile weather watcher in the season'sw has been falling throughout the afternoon and early evening, when we come back i'll give you another look at this snowy scene let you know how much accumulation we could see in the higher elevations coming up.
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another reason to cut back on your alcohol inn take. cord to go new data drinking alcohol may increase your risk of several types of cancer. the american society of clinical oncology gathered that evidence, and in a statement released to day they attributed to five to 6 percent of new cancer and cancer deaths globally to alcohol. what about that glass of red wine. >> red wine consumption in moderation can potentially be helpful from a cardiovascular perspective. but, what is to say that a person doesn't take in an additional glass of wine. >> reporter: accord together survey by national cancer opinion, only about 38 percent of americans are limiting their alcohol in take as a way to reduce their risk of cancer well, right now lets talk snow, you got it, early november but we are getting our first glimpse of winter today and some spots at lee. >> yeah, check out snowy scene in the poconos, our sky scan
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three camera at jack frost big boulder showing the flakes, falling this afternoon. >> so we sent meteorologist lauren casey up the mountains to the poconos with the mobile weather watcher and lauren, show us some more what is it looking like right now. >> it is looking a little wintry, a little snowy, still some light snow flakes, coming down snow on the grass surfaces and we have a solid coating going on. i will show you this snow falling, look at that, the season's first snow. there it is. you can see trees, bushes, definitely have a covering of that white stuff, a wintry looking scene, here where we're at junction of the northeast extension and i80 just northwest of albright ville so we have at lee half inch on the ground there. check that out. we will give you a look at dash cam where snow continues to fall in and around this area. it is not accumulating on the road surface but as we head in the next few hours temperatures are right around
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freezing right now and kate will talk more about those overnight lows in the poconos knitting down in the upper 20 's near 30 degrees. there is some concern for freezing, of this snowfall as we head throughout the overnight period but for right now take it slow, take it easy and just enjoying the view of the first flakes of the season back to you in the studio. >> thanks, very much, lauren. it does look beautiful. as long as road are wet and we are seeing nice white glaze on everything not too bad looking good be safe up there as we come back because lauren says temperatures do drop in the 20 's in the poconos tonight even they we will keep ate above freezing in the city. you can see bethlehem no snow here but we have rain, you can see how wet road surface is on main street looking live from the hotel bethlehem, in northampton county that should be in bethlehem right now. you can see cars moving by, no problems out there right now as we talk about freezing conditions, in the lehigh valley or around the city. temperatures are still in the 40's, and generally will stay above freezing overnight but watch out for those colder
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spots, up into portions of northern lehigh northampton county and carbon, monroe county, that is where snow has been falling and where things could ice over later tonight once the system moves out. you can see where rain is heaviest off to the north, just moving east of allentown toward easton and holland in northern new jersey, and further to the north, we have the snow coming down, mount pocono seeing a little bit of the break but it is starting now that the sun has gone down to bleed further south, into much of the carbon and monroe counties where, temperatures are right around that freezing mark, 32 in mount pocono. thirty-seven in reading. thirty-eight in lancaster. philadelphia is at a chilly 42 it has been a killed rain all afternoon. forty-three millville. forty-four down in, wildwood. even colder air lurking in the northern plains and heading our way this week. temperatures have dropped 25 degrees in philadelphia, from this time last night until right now and it is certainly feeling like it. cold rain will continue through next couple of hours, by 9:00 it starts to shift off the coast and then tomorrow
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morning a shower possible along the coast, and then increasing amounts of sunshine through the course of the day but then we will tap into this arctic air mass. notice this cold air starts to circulate southward, by the end of the week and that is when we will get coldest air of the season so far and likely our first frost, freeze , even here in philadelphia so rain still through next couple of hours and then just cold with the breeze overnight, tomorrow, gradually increasing sunshine not bad, and thursday, looks good but then our next front comes through dry late thursday, friday, saturday we are down right cold. we will use that word cold for first time. just when you need heavy coat out there. it is cold. >> thanks, kate. don joining us once again with more sports. >> it has been a rough day philadelphia sports community is reacting to the sudden death of roy halladay, ryan howard, charlie manual on the passing of doc next up in sports.
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on the field roy halladay was dominant off the field he was beloved and it all happened from day one. he died to day in a plane crash, off the coast of florida. within his first two months as a philly, he tossed a perfect game. one to nothing win over florida marlins. halladay had a, 15 year career , four with the phillies he is hall of fame credentials , 203 wins, 105 losses, his era is 3.38, very impressive indeed. we do have reaction pouring in from his former teammates we will start with ryan howard. he writes such a sad day we who a great ball player but an even better human being. many prayers to brandy, ryan and brayden. we will miss you, roy. >> roy oswalt says hearties
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broken here about roy halladay , great friend, teammate, father, husband. one of the best teammates ever you will be missed. his former manager charlie manual i'm stunned at silence over news of roy halladay my thoughts and heart where brandy and the boys. rest in peace, my friend. jersey native, mike trout, in shock over the terrible news about roy halladay, a pitcher i grew up admiring, rooting for, praying for his family and friends, #rip dock. and meanwhile over at wip radio, the guys have been taking calls, from fans, former eagle and hoe ike reese >> not many athletes have come here and had the type of impression, and impact on this fan base which can be a difficult fan base to win over especially when you are someone from another team, from somewhere else, that just lets you know the type of man he was, the type of athlete he was, competitor he was.
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>> doc halladay gone at the age of 40. >> so young. >> very sad. >> leaves behind a leg ace any question about that. >> thanks, don. "cbs evening news" just a few minutes away. >> anthony mason joins with us a look ahead. >> hi ukee and jessica, documents show texas church gunman, escaped a mental facility in 2012, plus a witness tells us the gunman targeted crying babies, and mothers. also tonight, the president strikes a new tone, over talks with north korea, and can you put a price on priceless works of art? we will find out just ahead on the "cbs evening
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dogs at the pennsylvania spca will be getting a better night sleep. >> the barker company donated 27 orthopedic duke bed to the pspca shelter hospital in north philadelphia today. the bed eliminate pressure points from the dog's body and help k-9 patients feel more comfortable, and recover more quickly during their hospital stays. and thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on our sister station cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. reminder you can watch that phillies press conference on our web site at cbs philly .com. we will be back with a brief update to bring you some other statements at 7:00 o'clock. up next, "cbs evening news", from texas we have jeff glor and in new york city, anthony mason. take care family we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: morning's mist. the texas church gunman once escaped from a mental health facility and threatened air force superiors. witnesses say he targeted crying babies in the church. >> it sounds like he didn't want to take his finger off the trigger. he was like... >> mason: also tonight... >> hopefully it will all work out. >> president trump tries a new strategy on north korea. >> roy halladay has thrown a no-hitter. >> breaking news cy young award-winning pitcher roy halladay killed in a small plane crash. >> he was one in a million. it is a true loss for us. >> harvey weinstein is accused of hiring an army of spies to dig up dirt on his accusers.
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