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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  November 8, 2017 2:07am-2:38am EST

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tha...oh, burnt-on gravy?ie. ...gotta rinse that. nope. no way. nada. really? dish issues? throw it all in. cascade platinum powers through even burnt-on gravy. nice. cascade. at 11:00, remembering a philly phillies great. roy halladay's life cut short after his plane crashes off the coast of florida. >> he mean as lot to all of us and this is. really, really, going to miss hill him >> we're hearing from at me mates and fans on the legacy he leaves behind. tonight, new jersey has a new governor.
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philadelphia has a new district attorney and we have the results of all of the big elections around the region. we begin with the tragic news that left so many of us stunned, former phillies pitcher roy halladay ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> greg argos is live outside citizens bank park, where halladay brought phillies fans so many good memories, greg? >> reporter: and jess, ukee, good evening, you can feel the impact this news has had on philadelphia. in fact, despite this nasty weather, this rain, the cold temperatures, you can see the growing makeshift memorial all for roy halladay, the face of the phillies from 2010 to 2013, the all-star pitcher. dead after a plane crash in florida. the sudden passing of the all-star pitcher roy halladay a shock which rippled through even those in charge of investigating his death >> it's sad to say it's a friend
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of ours, it's roy halladay >> around 1:00 tuesday afternoon, 911 calls starting pouring into the sheriff's office, ten miles off the coast of st. petersberg florida >> started off as a search and rescue. >> reporter: and quickly became a recovery >> roy, i can tell you you he was one in a million. it's a true loss. >> reporter: investigators say there was no may day call. it's unclear what led to the crash. in just six feet of water lay halladay's aircraft. the federal aviation administration confirmed it's an icon a5, a sport plane with advanced safety features including a parachute and a pin resistant air frame design to prevent loss of control during stalls >> it does not spin. >> reporter: his twitter feed pull of pictures of him buying it. he bought it last month. >> terrible, devastating. we were shocked to hear.
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>> reporter: remembering the 6'6" is cy young winner, an all star picture gone at 40 years old. >> he was respected not just on the field but inside locker room. you know, he just brought everything he had out there. and we respected him. >> reporter: i'm back here live at citizens bank park. it's halladay's picture beams brightly the ntsb is now in charge of the investigation there in florida trying to figure out exactly what led to this deadly crash. meanwhile, halladay leaves the behind a wife and two sons. we're live here in south philadelphia, i'm greg argos cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> thank you. tonight the phillies are remembering halladay and the enormous impact he had on the team. don bell joins us and we also heard from cole hamels former team mate >> we did, a mentor. >> no doubt. >> roy halladay retired in 2013 in part because of injury but
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also because he wanted to put his wife and two sons first. he was a family man who happened to be really, really good at baseball. >> halladay got it, the one, two pitch. pitch for third, castro has it. spins, fire, a perfect game. >> less than two months into his four-year phillies career, roy halladay threw the 20th perfect game in baseball history. >> it was all about team for him. there was a personal accomplishment in his mind, it was about team. >> reporter: halladay posted a 55 and 29 record. in 2010, he tossed the second no hitter in playoff history and won the national league cy young award. for a young pitcher like cole hamels, doc was the one to watch >> his work ethic was second to none. you couldn't beat him to the ballpark. if you did, you were going to lose from there on out.
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>> as dominate as roy was on the mound, those who knew him remember something other than his fast ball >> the thing that stands out is the type of human being he was. he was deeply caring. he carried himself in a way that not many did in a clubhouse. he was extremely thoughtful. he was extremely kind. he was extremely give of his time >> i have two boys of my own and i got to see what that meant to him every time he was able to bring them around the ballpark. and you know, that was something that really did leave an impression. >> all-star pitcher, all-star person, all-star father and family man. >> as you can tell, roy halladay had a huge mac on the people around him. coming up later in sports, away he will have more reaction from former phillies, charlie man well, ryan howard and more. >> it's a tough story. >> very tough.
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>> thanks. a pennsylvania state trooper shot three times during a traffic stop in north hampton county is in critical but stable condition tonight. "eyewitness news" alexandria hoff is live at st. luke's university hospital in bethlehem where the trooper is being treated. >> reporter: jessica, this trooper underwent surgery this afternoon and he has not been identified at this point, but the 22-year-old accused of shooting him three times this afternoon has been identified. he was taken into police custody after driving himself to the hospital. in dash cam video obtained by "eyewitness news," a driver captures the shooting suspect identified as 22-year-old daniel kaleel clary rushing himself to the hospital. notice how the vehicle merges from the shoulder with a shattered back window. left on the side of route 33, a critically injured state trooper who officials say a short time before was issuing a routine
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speeding ticket to clary. rather than taking the ticket and going, the driver >> flagged the trooper down and wanted to know more about the citation how he goes about paying it >> the trooper suspect that day clary might be under the influence and attempt at arrest led to a brawl at which time officials say clary grabbed his gun >> he goes back to his vehicle, retrieves a gun, takes the weapon out and fires several shots at both troopers. one of our troopers was struck several times. >> troopers shot back and state police say the suspect rushed himself from the scene and to the hospital. the injured trooper is a corporal at the bell fast barracks, he was shot three times total. air lifted to st. luke's university hospital in very critical condition. >> he went through a heck of a fight out there along the side of the road and he has a will to live and god will go he'll pull through this.
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>> reporter: this corporal remains in extremely critical but stable condition at this hour, we're expecting an update on his condition and on this investigation to take place tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. for now, reporting in bethlehem, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. it is election night and the results are in, you're going to go see them scrolling across the bottom of your screen, the eyes of the nation were on the race for new jersey governor, phil murphy defeated guadagno by a wide margin, murphy the former law student executive and diplomat will succeed chris christie >> murphy thanked supporters in as as bury park. >> reporter: looks pretty dead behind me, but radiant crowds, about 500 people, and despite the nasty weather outside, this place was electric. >> let me be the first to say
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greetings from as bury park new jersey. >> reporter: with his family in front of 500 supporters, businessmen and former ambassador to germany fill murphy thanked them ultimately responsible for making him the next governor >> i have campaigned on one very clear pledge. i got your back. i said it in june. i'm so grateful to say it today. you've always had mine. >> reporter: lieutenant governor elect sheila oliver joined her next boss on stage. >> the great state of new jersey is a place where anyone regardless of where they come from can live out their dream. >> reporter: murphy spent his campaign taking down his rival republican kim guadagno, governor chris christie's lieutenant governor. guadagno tried to distance herself from christie over past
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year, in the end it didn't win, she thanks her supporters also in monmouth county. >> we will continue the fight this is not the end. this is the beginning of a new fight. >> reporter: no word on kim guadagno's political future but we knew joe phil murphy was born outside of boston, he's proud to call new jersey home, jessica and ukee, he will take the oath of office january 16th, a little bit more than two months away. reporting live in as bury park, monmouth county, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> thank you. another local contest in the national spotlight. the race for philadelphia district attorney, larry krasner defeated beth gross man, krasner promises big changes to the justice system, he replaces seth williams who was sent to prison,
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bone candidates thanks supporters. >> this is a movement that is tired of seeing a system that is systemically picked on four people, primary. black and brown people. >> i'm just proud. it was a good fight, i fought it and i would do anything for our city. i love it >> grossman wished him the best of luck. frank lobiondo announced he will retire and not seek reelection. he has represented south jersey second congressional district since 1994. in statement, lobiondo said he's leaving because committee term limits. he also blasted what he called the increasing political polarry ation of the nation. >> you will see them scrolling throughout the bottom of your screen. >> a chilly rainy day in the city meant snow in the poconos.
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it certainly looks like a winter wonderful land in the mountains, meteorologist kate bilo tracking in the weather >> we did have snow in the mountains, it has come to an end and the rain is coming to an end, so to speak, but as we go through the end over the week, we'll be talking about the coldest air of the season and possibly our first freeze. i'll tell you when it gets here. ahead tonight, the high end fashion that may have you asking, what are they thinking? who's behind this dress and why it may not be as silly as it looks a new era for twitter, why you no longer have to worry about keeping the tweets short and concise. >> join me tonight i'm joined by the lovely and talented jason see gall who writes novels now. >> the late show with steven colbert is all new and coming your way at 11:35 after "eyewitness news."
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. whether they miss heavy rainfalled handle. the gunman escaped from a mental health facility in el paso in 2012 after threatening airport a superior, they're asking more questions about how he was able to buy guns despite a history of violent behavior. 26 were killed at the first baptist church in you springs. the president discussed north korea's nuclear threat and shortly before the speech, mr. trump had to scrap a last minute attempt to visit the demaryland zone. twitter announced today that everyone will have 280 characters to express their thoughts. users had been limited to 140
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characters before twitter started testing the longer tweets in september. straight off the runway, italian fashion house moshino is selling a dress that looks luke a dry-cleaning bag, the price, more than $700. >> from muddy jeans to see-through pants, out landish just may be the key to success. nicole brewer is here to explain. >> who knew all of those dry-cleaning bags you have maybe in your closet >> i have a lot of them. >> they were more high fashion than the clothes they cover. experts say it is part of a new age marketing ploy to get more eyes on the brand in an effort to boost the bottom line. when fashion models hit the runway designers hope they will turn heads, but this look has some folks scratching theirs. >> interesting >> it's ridiculous.
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>> absolutely not. >> inspired by a try cleaning bag, the unique design is part of the 2017 trash themed collection >> that's exactly where it belongs >> did we mention retailers $646. >> nordstrom is in on the trend r for $425 derby jeans so sock sandals, the high end retailer made headlines for off the wall products including last year's $85 leather wrapped stone >> the goal is not to sell. it's to create awareness >> america marketing professor said it's about shock advertising >> you want to create a disnas we call it. it annoys you a little that it
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stays in your memory. >> reporter: it's known as the sleeper effect >> what it's putting in your brain annoyance and product. >> unfortunately. it is effective. >> marketing ploy, i don't think it will work. >> i asked our expert is this kind of thing could, in fact, backfire, reid says as long as you're not creating moral outrage or offending people's values, it's a pretty good strategy especially in this digital age we're exposed to more than 4,000 messages each and every day. guys. >> that's incredible. at the end of the day we all know >> now that twitter is doubling number of characters even more. >> i got to pick up a couple suits tomorrow. kate joins us with a forecast. i got to pick up a couple suits tomorrow. >> that's about it. getting cold.
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snow. >> miserable day, cold, wet. started off nicely. blue skies this morning, if you were able to get out early maybe to get out and vote, you were sitting pretty in the afternoon, completely different story heavy rain and boy is it cold outside. and we had snow checked in with amounts around 1 to 1.2 inches in the poconos. a look outside we'll take you to bethlehem where the road are glistening. temperatures in the 30's across much of the lehigh valley, not below freezing but as you head to the poconos region, the more young lady have to worry about a few slick spots here and there especially on the first to freeze spots like bridges and overpasses. a look at a time laps video, this is in berks county. you can see clouds came in quickly and you can almost kind of see the snow a quick hit of snow in this area, there it was. another one came down just a bit later but no accumulation in this spot.
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you can see the rain is pushing off the coast. little rain left over right now, through the early part of the night and we'll start to see it clear out by morning, lingering showers, maybe a snow shower towards the poconos. the steadiest rain at the shore, atlantic city towards cape may, we have showers along the garden state parkway now. temperature-wise, chilly, 42 in philadelphia, we've been stuck in the low 40's all evening, mount pocono right at freezing, any wet spots on the roads could freeze over, especially again lower traffic areas bridges and overpasses, it's 39 in reading, 40 in allentown and 43 in millville and colder, the core of the cold air centered over the northern planes, it's 28 in minneapolis, after 2:00 a.m. most of the rain is off the coast. we'll start with clouds, maybe a shower at the shore, gradually
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the cloud cover will thin a bit by afternoon. by the time the sun goes down we could see sunshine breaking through. thursday, general al dry day, clouds moving through as yet our next cold front sweeps across the area, several systems to deal with. this front that sweeps through thursday will usher in the coldest air over the season, it will feel like winter with highs only in the 40's by friday. as we tap into his big mess of arctic air, notice how it swings on in by the end of the week and temperatures will be below average, feeling more like mid december than early november. rain still in a few spots the next couple hours, and clears out a stray shower along the coast. decreasing clouds, thursday is the nicest day. friday and saturday, cold and brisk. highs only in the mid 40's, it will feel like the 30's so we've been saying it all along, looks like it will stay cold for awhile. >> here it comes, thank you.
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>> don up next. talking about the sixers. >> in utah without jo jo. we have highlights and former phillies shining light on the bright lights of roy halladay. remember the .
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now doc, this has been a rough year for the phillies, the organization lost five members this career alone. two time cy young award winner roy halladay died in a plane crash off the coast of florida. in 2010 he toss add perfect game. a one nothing over the florida marlins, he had a 16 year career, four with the fightins, to 203 wins be 105 loss, era of 338. reaction pouring in from former team mates, ryan howard writes such a sad day, we lost a great
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ball player but a better human being. many prayers to brandy, brian and brayden, we will miss you, roy. >> roy, heart is broken lear about roy halladay. . one of the best team mates ever, you will be missed. his former manager charlie man well jumping on twitter. i'm stunned. my thoughts and heart are with brandy and the boys. rest in peace. chase utley taking to instagram. i can remember the first day we met. 5:45 a.m. first day of spring training. he was finishing his breakfast but his clothes were soaking wet. i asked if it was rain, when he got in. he laughed and said no, i just finished my work-out. i knew then he was a real deal. thank you, roy for allowing us to witness what it takes to be the best. we will all miss you. in tornado, rafters playing
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the chicago bulls. roy spent his first 12 seasons as a member of the blue jays. now for that awkward transition to sports. the sixers opening a five-game road trip. start in utah but resting joel embiid. deshawn homes in the starting lineup. and we picking up in the third quarter, sixers up by seven, jay jay reddic, sixers taking a ten point lead, reddic last check 18 points, still in the third, ben simmons with a steal and a jab. sixers up by 15, 12 points more than fourth quarter, sixers still in control. dario sarge 23 points but again still playing those numbers are fluent. the sixers on top. 83 -- 93 to 80 right now in the fourth quarter. >> check the score
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>> now that i know all about it, guys. >> yep. up next, new way to
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. terminal market, there's a new option to pick up some favorite items >> 19 vendors are offering online shopping, you place an order, workers will pick everything up for you and bring it to your car, a $5 service fee and they're testing out the online ordering system through thanksgiving but if it's successful. it could go past the holiday. kate? well, the cold is really going to settle in as we head toward the weekend. a blast of cold air on friday will linger into saturday. veterans day, temperatures in the 40's and thirsty at night. we'll see some sunshine saturday a mix of sun and clouds but sunday not much sun mostly cloudy, sunday brings a chance for a spotty shower but temperatures will head a little
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morning back tomorrow, for kate, don, everyone, i'm ukee washington >> i'm


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