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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  November 8, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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remembering roy, fans are heart broken after former phillies pitcher roy halladay was killed in the plane crash. hear how they are remembering the baseball great. a pennsylvania state trooper is hospitalized after being critically hurt in the shoot-out on the side of the road this morning we are learning more about the man accused of opening fire on that trooper. democrat phil murphy will be garden state's next governor hear what he says his victory is a clear message to the white house. today is wednesday, november 8th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. we will recap yesterday's other races but first a forecast with katie and road was meisha. >> good morning, happy hump day, all ready a few accidents out there we are starting off busy plus we have flooding around the ac expressway.
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>> thankfully storm system is gone, however so that should recede at this point but looking at the storm scan soaking rain for this moment is now moving well out to sea. you might still run in to a few left over sprinkles for the most part this is a non- issue, just aftermath problems that come in the wake of the rain from yesterday that could cause you some headaches here at least initially. forty-one in philadelphia. very chilly start to the morning. we have a noticeable breeze and it is a chilly one coming straight up from the north right now. very, very cool as a result, winter coats required and then when we look at these temperatures from lancaster, reading, trenton down in the 30's at this hour. as morning and afternoon progress we will not rebound much. lower 50's at best, below average here with again at least a few sprinkles here and there but today, not like yesterday at all, we should break out for some sunshine. we are drying out. >> that is good to know. we will get to that flooding i
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talked about in a couple minutes. looking outside on this early wednesday morning we are looking at construction, so we will get used to these areas. schuylkill eastbound closed between 30th and south street, one left lane block on the westbound side as well. we will let you know when crew s move out of the way. ben franklin bridge beautiful shot in the westbound direction couple of cars out there i would say but overall things will be steady at ben franklin bridge for quite sometime. ninety-five south at girard, this is one of the areas i'm looking at this morning and we are seeing levels, build, we're not enclose to the 5:00 o'clock hour, 4:32 to be exact and already we are heating up on i-95. people are trying to get out there earlier. we have april subsequent at 202 and dekalb pike, township line road, plymouth road is your alternate. jim, back over to you. federal aviation investigators are looking in the plane crashed that killed former phillies pitcher roy halladay. >> authorities say two time cy young award winner died after his single engine plane crash. plane was found yesterday
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floating upside down in shallow waters near st. petersberg. halladay was only person on board and reaction from the fans are pouring in. >> terrible. just devastating. we were shocked to hear. >> he played his heart out. he was respected not just on the field but inside the locker room, you know, just brought everything he had out there. we respected him. >> faa confirms halladay was flying an icon a5 a sport plane that the all-star pitcher just purchased last month, halladay was just 40 years old. in other news this morning we expect an update around 10 on the condition of the pennsylvania state trooper critically injured in a shoot-out during a traffic stop. >> suspect in that shooting is facing charge that he is include attempted murder. this unfolded yesterday morning on route 33 in plainfield township in northampton counties where a trooper pulled over 22-year old daniel clear i for speeding. he started out routine but escalated once trooper suspect
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that he might be under the influence. >> the troopers were in a knock down, drag out fight along the side of the road, the subject was able to free himself, from the troopers while they were wrestling him down on the ground. he goes back to his vehicle, retrieves a gun, takes weapon out and fired several shots at both of our troopers. >> he was also injured in the exchange and he drove himself to the hospital where he was taken in custody. name of the injured trooper has not yet been released. turning new to politics democrat phil murphy is celebrate to go day after winning new jersey's race for governor. murphy beat republican lieutenant governor kim guadagno yesterday by more than 10 percent. murphy a former wall street executive and diplomate will replace chris christie. and at lee 500 supporters celebrated murphy's win last night at asbury park convention hall, with his three children also greeted him on stage. murphy said part of his speech criticizing the current white house administration. >> this is one of the first
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major elections since donald trump was elected. tonight, new jersey sent a unmistakable message to the entire nation, we are better then this. >> murphy's win means his running mate sheila oliver will be first black lieutenant governor in new jersey's history. republican kim guadagno conceded the election from monmouth beach. >> never forget what we were fighting for here. we were fighting for our families and we will continue to have that fight for lower taxes and safer new jersey. this is not the end, this is the beginning of a good fight. we will keep up that fight. >> republican governor chris christie will remain in office until january 16th. well, progressive as cross the united states are celebrating larry krasner win as new fill district attorney. democrat defeated beth grossman in the landslide victory, krasner has been hailed by progressive politicians like bernie sanders. supporters gathered at william way lb gt center last
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night where krasner announced his win. long time civil rights attorney has promised big changes to the cities justice system. grossman claimed that krasner lack the experience to be philadelphia's top prosecutor. >> this is a movement that is tired of seeing a system that is systematically pick on poor people, primarily, black and brown people. >> i'm just proud. it was a good fight. i for the it. would i do anything for our city. i love it grossman worked in the philadelphia district attorney's office for more than 20 years, krasner will replace seth williams who was quick of corruption and sentenced to prison. we have results from other key race necessary our region. >> voters in fill after selected democrat rebecca rhynhart as cities next controller, four three-year old left the job in finance to work for the nutter administration and then stayed on with the kenney administration. also, allentown married he had pawlowski won a fourth term despite facing federal corruption charges, boy how
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ski denied accusations that he accepted campaign contributions in exchange for city contracts, his trial is set for january. and in atlantic city city council president frank gilli am defeated don guardian, gilliam ran a aggressive get out the vote campaign after dissatisfaction with the state take over of the city. long time camden official will be cities next mayor democratic city council president francisco moran coasted to victory last tonight there, were no republicans in that race, camden native will succeed dana red who chose not to seek a third term. of course, find full list of the election results plus our coverage of the campaign 2017 on our web site at cbs as well as on the cbs local app. new jersey congressman frank lobiondo announced he will retire and not seek re election in 2018. he broke news yesterday. lobiondo says he is leaving because of committee term limits and blasted what he called increasing political polar says of the nation. moderate republican has
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represented south jersey's second congressional district since 1994. penn state has punished seven students with penalties ranging from expulsion to probation, february death of the fraternity pledge. tim piazza died after a night of drinking and hazing at beta theta pi frat house. penn state says their investigation found that the students were in violation of the university's student code of conduct. another 19 students withdrew from the school before completing the disciplinary process and must complete it, as they do have plans to return to penn state. the first public hearing on philadelphia's mayor jim kenney's plans to dissolve the school reform commission. kenney announced the proposal this month. referral commission plans in november 16th vote on the resolution to dissolve. the commission has existed since the state gave the city money and took over financially troubled school district. tonight's hearing is at lutheran they logical seminar any mt. airy and begins at 6:00 o'clock. coming up president trump continues his tour through asia.
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>> this morning he is in beijing and he had tough word for north korea. vice-president mike pence is visiting texas today where he will pay respects to the victims of the sunday's deadly church shooting, we will tell you, the lead investigators are now pursuing to try to figure out the motive.
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we have a high speed chase in los angeles that began just after 10:30, officers were responding to a stone white toures, the driver sped along at speed of 100 miles an hour on freeway and 80 miles an hour on small side streets and seen passing red lights and missing other cars, the car eventually slowed down as smoke came out, local media reports that the driver got out with what looked like a joint in his mouth and surrendered and was arrested. police are interviewing an eyewitness after gunman shoots one man to death and injures a teen in west kensington.
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police say they were shot inside a car that crashed near front and lehigh just before 8:30 last night. the 24 year-old man was shot several times and pronounced dead. a 14 year-old is in critical condition. another person was in the car but was not injured, investigators are interviewing that person. vice-president mike pence travels to texas to meet with the families of the victims in sunday's deadly shooting. investigators are trying to unlock cell phone belong to go gunman devin kelly as they tried to determine his motive. authorities say kelly fired 450 round at worshipers at a sunday service, 26 people were killed. air force admits they should have passed on information about kelly. >> his fingerprints should have been put in the date base and they were not. >> this guy was dressed like g.i. joe and all that stuff. >> scary, and that man was shooting, i mean he was shooting hard. >> close watch for governor of virginia switching gears
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obviously democrat ralph north ham came out on top, he is currently state's lieutenant governor. it pitted him begins former rnc chairman ed gillespy whose campaign tactics, mimicked president trump. northham rushed off stage because of rowdy protesters and returned once given the all clear. >> virginia has answered and has spoken, virginia has told us, to end the divisiveness, that we will not conn down hatred, and bigotry and to end the policy that have torn this country apart. >> the democratic gubernatorial wins in virginia and new jersey being seeing as a referendum of the trump presidency. also in virginia chris hers has been elect to the state house, hirsch you may remember, former news anchor and boyfriend of the report shore was shot and killed on live television, he said he would fight for causes dear to him and his late girlfriend
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allison parker. parker and her photographer were shot during a live tv broadcast in 2015. gunman a former reporter killed himself. well, president trump is continuing his tour of asia after stops in japan and south korea and now in china president arrived in beijing and scheduled to meet with china's president. several times during his two day visit. hours before's arrived he spoke to south korea's national assembly and pressured china to stop supporting north korea and had a warning for north korea. >> today i hope i speak not only for our countries, but for all civilized nations when i say to the north do not under estimate us, and do not try us. we will defend our common security. >> president trump had planned to visit the demilitary zone before leaving korean peninsula but scrapped the trip because of bad weather.
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4:44. katie has another check of our forecast. >> i think issue in north korea was there was fog. we are dealing with fog but it is chillier outside, i know that. >> very much so. we are looking ahead here to temperatures that, basically put us into, christmas territory for daytime high. way for the seven day. it is quite chilly outside. cool northwest breeze or northerly breeze, helping to make it feel that much chillier but system that was here yesterday now made its departure, perhaps, a little mist but thinks something that is wrapping up, so you won't need umbrella here throughout the day. off to the north over hudson bay we have circulation, we have another batch of much cooler air that will be dipping south in the days ahead, core of that arctic air , really scares me to see the darkness on these color contours but this shows you jet stream pattern in the next few days. what happens overtime is that cold air will move far enough south. the good news is that it
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doesn't stick around too longest specially friday and saturday that are looking chilly but then that jet stream lifts north and brighter, warmer colors and that indicates warmer air. we are on the cusp of that, but we will get in on the drop and thermometer readings in the next few days. here are wind speed we are talking about. it is not terrible but winter coats required, folks. you cannot see it but i'm wearing my ugg boots in the studio. it is freezing in here and chilly outside. as we look at the rest of the day expect that things are drying out, but with a high of 52 you are below average. we are chilly tonight. down to 41 but typical. forty-one is our low. look at our best guess for highs here friday and saturday it might as well be christmas with these daytime highs. at lee sun will shine and we will rebound by sunday, meisha >> katie, thanks very much. it was very cold, walking in the studio this morning, good morning, everyone, happy wednesday, we are looking at
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construction schuylkill eastbound still closed between 30th street and south street one left lane block in the westbound side that has been since cleared and we are waiting on this side to open up and we usually clear that out by 5:00. we will see what happens. interstate i-95 in the southbound direction toward center city right around girard, looking busy, already this morning, this might be an indication that everything will heat up quicker then what we typically see. accident pennsylvania turnpike westbound past fort washington two lanes are block here already showing some yellow to let you know we are dropping less than posted speed tapping our brakes and then we have another accident second one this morning in lower gwynedd township. 202 dekalb pike is closed between schoolhouse lane and township line road. use an alternate around. that reply mutt road will be your best bet there. then we are looking at construction in warring ton township, county line road closed between easton road and line kill than pike, horsham road or street road is your best bet. back to you. coming up big changes are coming to twitter. >> we have more room to express yourself in tweets, we
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will tell you how much extra space twitter is giving users and why not everyone is happy bit like jim in this morning's money watch report. >> more
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time for a check on business news. >> dianne king hall joins us from the new york stock exchange, good morning, dianne u.s. is lone nation not signing to the paris climate accord and we also have a check on wall street, what do you think. >> that is right, good morning , u.s. is indeed only hold out, this summer president trump walked back america's involvement in the accord saying it was not favorable to this country. it commit toss fighting global warming by pledge to go curb greenhouse gas and been here on wall street it was a mixed finish, yesterday. dow jones rose eight points squeaking out a new record and nasdaq fell 18. jim and rahel. so, i understand twitter's expanding its character limits so does this involve all of us or just a limited few.
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>> reporter: this time, it is everybody, it is expanding its limit on word count. >> oh no. >> jim, you don't sound too keen on it. now expand it to 280 characters or less. it was trying out longer tweet s and like you, not everybody is happy. critics say it doesn't bring the same focus to tweets. you do have to keep it concise , if you have a 140 characters. >> it kept me sharp. >> it does. >> yes. >> and you can ram many. >> now my brain will just get to mush. >> i am undecided. when i are trying to fit into a small tweet you are trying to figure out what does that mean. >> and the grammar goes out the window. >> yes. >> give the nasty people even more, room to talk. >> all right, dianne, we will see you next hour, thank you. after some dreary weather yesterday, the sun, well, it will be making an appearance today. >> i want to hear that, katie. >> no kidding. we can bank on a quiet pattern
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in the next several days, but when it comes to any chance of precipitation but not when it comes to the thermometer. yes, another roller coaster ride and this time you're going down a hill. we will let you know which day are the coldest and will feel like december for a few days here, guys,
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wow, some controversial lear knicks that one, hey. >> yes. >> kiwi. >> i can see rahel's face right now, like what is this? what are we talking about? if you are not listening closely to the lyrics i enjoy it, though, nice for a beat. >> from harry styles, right. >> right. >> our producer chris popped in my ear and said you will
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get a song lead nothing to weather called kiwi by harry styles that has nothing to do with weather. that makes sense to me. i was wondering what is the connection here? i'm not sure how i can tie tropical fruit to the weather in the next couple of days because it is looking awfully chilly. thanks for that head up, chrissy appreciate. that lets look at storm scan it is at this point nice and empty by comparison to what we had yesterday afternoon. what a dreary day, raw, chilly , it is still chilly but will not need an umbrella today. perhaps fine my traveling this morning but for the most part we are just staying chilly, with skies starting to clear. now it is not actually even that much colder by comparison to yesterday, the difference here is i think they are starting to dry out for us. currently temperatures 41 at the airport. noticeable north breeze to make it feel chillier, it is down to the freezing mark after all in mount pocono, winter coat type of a day here for sure for everybody and we will look forward and coldest
4:56 am
day, smack dab in the middle for friday and saturday. both of those days look bright , sunny, we have that going for you but looks can be deceiving, we won't break out ovulate december territory here with these values, our high 43 on friday and just 42 on saturday. we will rebound but keep in mind the normal high is in the upper 50's so most of the forecast is technically below average, meisha. >> i guess blessing is seeing that sunshine, just do not want that weather but it is coming whether you like it or not. thanks very much. good morning. happy wednesday, to you, we are looking at construction here, where the schuylkill was closed eastbound between 30th street and south street that is just cleared, we were just watching, our crews driving away. we are looking good there. one left lane block in the left bound side, that is cleared. forty-two freeway northbound at creek road approaching 295 this is what you are working with there everything looking just as it should there. starting to heat up, but really 42 is looking great.
4:57 am
we have an accident still out here lower gwynedd township 202 dekalb pike is closed between schoolhouse lane and township line road. your alternate plymouth road is your best bet, there construction in warrington township on county line road, it is closed right new between easton road and limekiln pike another place to use an alternate horsham road or street road will be your best bet there. and then earlier we were talking about flooding, ac expressway westbound has had flooding for the garden state parkway, left lane block, you also have a speed restriction traveling around, 45 miles an hour, or slower, jim, back over to you. thanks, meisha. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" our coverage of the death of phillies great roy halladay continues with a look at how his former teammates are remembering him. new this morning a plane land in seattle with its engine on fire we will have an update. nearly a year after she was found we are seeing new video of sherry petini from the night her captors set her free, we are back at the top of the hour.
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one way to describe how it feels to lose one of the greatest phillies pitchers of all time roy dock halladay died doing what he loved pilot ing an airplane, we will remember his life and his career. >> we are monitoring recovery of the pennsylvania state trooper shot after a roadside scuffle in north hampton county yesterday, we will update on what we know about the gun man. also, a live look at lehigh valley, high atop hotel bethlehem it is a chilly start to your wednesday morning, and katie's here with your forecast including when temperatures will drop even further. >> oh, boy. >> it is wednesday in eighth good morning i'm jim donovan.


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