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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 8, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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one way to describe how it feels to lose one of the greatest phillies pitchers of all time roy dock halladay died doing what he loved pilot ing an airplane, we will remember his life and his career. >> we are monitoring recovery of the pennsylvania state trooper shot after a roadside scuffle in north hampton county yesterday, we will update on what we know about the gun man. also, a live look at lehigh valley, high atop hotel bethlehem it is a chilly start to your wednesday morning, and katie's here with your forecast including when temperatures will drop even further. >> oh, boy. >> it is wednesday in eighth good morning i'm jim donovan.
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i'm rahel solomon. we will have the latest election results. katie and meisha keeping an eye on this chilly wednesday. >> happy wednesday, looking outside, already we have been talking about a few accidents out there that will slow you down plus flooding and ac expressway, we were talking about this earlier, so any rain today. >> no, we will see some mist, i wouldn't be shocked but disturbance that brought in those flooding issues yesterday that has been well out to sea. we are looking good in that regard. it is a day that is still chilly. we are in the seeing too much difference from yesterday's values on the thermometer from this same time this morning. but this prognosis a lot different. this disturbance is making its exit. we will have a chance to clear out nicely here throughout the course of the day, with, granted, still some cloud for a good portion of the day but we will see some sun, filtered through as well, daytime high does rebound in the lower 50's at best. we would normally top off in the upper 50's, it is cooler then average, when it comes to
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the highs. current temperatures are chilly, lower 40's. not all that atypical, lower 40's on i-95. colder in the outlining suburbs down in the upper 30's from quakertown, to doyletown to pottstown. now moving forward in the forecast later today expect that we will see some sunshine but it is still cool, so i would add vei walking out with that heavier layer and pair of sunglasses no umbrellas needed , meisha. >> i can take sunglasses, umbrella, but it is cold, i did have a winter jacket on this morning. i don't like it. looking outside at the vine looking good westbound jumping on the schuylkill looking good we are looking as we should at 5:00 in the morning on a wednesday. but wednesday will get busy. we will see this change moving in deeper in the 5:00 o'clock hour. traveling in the eastbound direction on the vine we are looking okay too but it is heating up quicker then westbound side. then when we look at 422 headlights moving in the eastbound direction at route 29 this is what we are looking at there still very dark, still construction crews out there as well, we will get to
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that in a second. we have an accident lower gwynedd township. right now 202 dekalb pike is closed between schoolhouse lane and township line road so use an alternate around. that plymouth road will be your best bet, it doesn't look like it will slow you down too much just yet but fit stays out there until 5:30 and pushing closer to 6:00 we will to have put on your brake lights. construction warrington township county line road closed between easton road and limekiln pike, your alternate horsham road or street road, is your best bet. now back to you. this morning we are remembering phillies great roy halladay. >> all-star pitcher was kill in the plane crash yesterday. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live with more on the investigation and also how fans are remembering him this morning, trang do? >> reporter: well, rahel, ntsb is handling the investigation and cause of this crash remains a mystery but roy halladay was a member of the phillies organization from 2010 to 2013 but in that short time he made a huge impact with fans and teammates alike.
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here outside citizens bank park some fans have left a small memorial here with a, hat, as well as a t-shirt, in honor of the man that they lovingly called doc. >> 1/2 pitch, hit toward third , he spins, fires, a perfect game roy halladay has thrown the second perfect game in philadelphia phillies history. >> roy halladay's time was short but unforgettable. >> probably top three all time favorite baseball players. >> great pitcher, he brought life to philadelphia. it is sad, tragic he had to go >> reporter: just afternoon time tuesday halladay's single engine icon a5 crashed in shallow water in the gulf of mexico. he had just purchased the sport plane last month and expressed his excitement in a promotional video on you tube. >> to think i get to take that home is surreal report report now fans, and organization and community in florida he called home, mourn looks of the great
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baseball player and by all accounts a great plan. >> many know roy as a cy young winner future hall of famer, within of the best pitch tours ever pitch in the game of baseball. we know roy as a person as a caring husband loved his wife randy. he loved his two boys tremendously. >> reporter: injuries and desire to spend more time with his family ended his baseball career in 2013 but in retirement he continues his love of the game by coaching youth teams and he loved to fly. document ago this passion through photos and videos posted on twitter. >> his father was a pilot. i think that was right there. he you look up to your dad always. i think that is something where he had that love too, to want to fly. >> reporter: outside ballpark here a tribute to halladay shines bright overall of the stadium is here, now roy
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halladay is survived by his wife randy and two sons, he was just 40 years old. for now we are live outside citizens bank park i'm frank do i for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". rahel and jim back to you. pat gallen will have more reaction from roy halladay's former teammates and coaches. our coverage of the death of the roy halladay continues at 5:30. we are expect to go learn more this morning about the pennsylvania state trooper, critically injured in the gun battle during a traffic stop, the suspect in that shooting is facing charge that he is include attempted murder. this happened yesterday morning on route 33 in plane field township in northampton county. that is where troopers pulled over 22-year old daniel khalil clary for speeding, violence ensued once it was suspected that clary may be under the influence. >> troopers were in a income down, drag out fight, along the side of the road, the subject was able to free himself from the troopers while wrestling down on the ground, he goes back to his vehicle and retrieves a gun, takes weapon out and then
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fires several shots at bet of our troopers. >> clary was also injured in the exchange and drove himself to the hospital, the name of the injured trooper has not yet been released an unexpect is expected about 10 this morning. phil murphy is making plans for his administration after being elect as new jersey's next governor. he beat republican lieutenant governor kim guadagno by more than 10 percent. murphy a former wall street executive and diplomate will succeed chris christie. 500 supporters cheered on murphy at asbury park convention hall, and greeted on stage by his wife and three kid. murphy spent part of his speech, speaking out against current white house administration. >> this is one of the first major elections, since donald trump was elected. tonight new jersey sent a unmistakable message to the entire nation, we are better then this. >> and murphy's running mate sheila oliver will be new jersey's first black lieutenant governor, meanwhile
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republican kim guadagno conceded the election from monmouth beach. >> never forget what we were fighting for here, we were fighting for our families and we will continue that fight for lower taxes and a safer new jersey. this is in the the end, this is a beginning of a good fight we will keep up that fight. >> chris christie will stay in office until inauguration day on january 16th. in philadelphia voters have chosen democrat larry krasner to be their new district attorney this comes two connection after former d.a. seth williams was sentenced to prison. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live in center city with more on the importance of this race, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. larry krasner is new top law enforcement officer in this city meaning he will work hand and hand with the police department and that will be a interesting partnership since the police union here in philadelphia backed his opponent during this race. take a look at the video.
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>> unaudible. >> this was krasner's victory party at william way center last night, beat out republican beth grossman, to succeed former district attorney seth williams who was sentenced last month to prison for corruption. krasner a long time civil rights attorney ran a campaign with the in equality of the justice system. he will encourage a number of reforms including changes in bail practices that currently result in poor people being jailed, while awaiting trial, and incarceration for lower level crimes. now despite the president of the fraternal order of the police here in fill calling krasner quote anti law enforcement, krasner says he will be able to help the police commissioner and expects to have a productive relationship with the department. here he is speaking to his supporters last night. >> this is a movement that is tired of seeing a system that systematically pick on poor people, primarily black and brown people.
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>> i'm just proud. it was a good fight. i for the it. which do anything for our city i i i just love it. >> that was the republican date beth grossman there, speaking to her supporters and thanking them last night. larry krasner will take office in january. reporting live from center city, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". with democrats out numbering republicans by seven -one margin in philadelphia perhaps came to no one's surprise that a democrat also won city controller race. >> rebecca rhynhart defeated mike tomlinson. she left a job in finance to work for the nutter administration and then stayed on with the kenney administration. she pledged to bring new transparency to the controller 's office. allentown married he had pawlowski won a fourth term despite facing federal corruption charges. pawlowski denied accusations that he accepted campaign contributions, in exchange for city contracts, and his trial is set for january. in atlantic city city council president frank gilli am defeated incumbent
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republican mayor don guardian, gilliam ran an aggressive get on it the vote campaign after dissatisfaction with the state take over of atlantic city. long time camden official will be the next city's mayor, there, democrat city council president francisco moran coasted to victory there, were in republicans in this race, camden native will succeed democrat dana red who chose not to seek a third term. of course you can find a full list of the election results plus coverage of the campaign 2017 on our web site cbs and cbs local app. new jersey congressman frank lobiondo will retire and not seek reelection in 2018. he broke the news yesterday. lobiondo says he is leaving because of committee term limits and blasted what he called increasing political polar says of the nation, maryland rate republican has represented south jersey's second congressional district since 1994. overseas president trum april arrived in china overnight after his two day visit to south korea and china
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pulled out all of the stops for president trump and first lady melania. president trump is hoping to get chinese presidential support to reign in north cover re, trade is also another issue high on the agenda. see dramatic moments when a woman is drag by her own car as she tried to fend off a carjacking suspect. >> it is a scary scene in the busy west coast airport. more video coming up showing an airplane landing with one of the engines on fire. i will tell you why it may soon cost more for people to rent in a local shore town. ♪ >> all right. jim and i like this song thanks, for this musical selection, there will be a lot of cool kid waiting at the bus stop this morning and temperatures will get even colder this week. katie will tell us when the
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slows will feel like, mid december. >> i like to think of us as cool kid. >> we are always cool in the studio. >> we will be right
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a woman is dragged as she tries to stop a carjacker this
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happened on monday at a gas station north of hartford, connecticut. victim said man jumped in her car and started driving off while inside convenient store, she runs out to stop him, you see him grab the driver's side door and then was dragged. police are still looking for that suspect presumably would the man is okay. this dramatic scene played out at sea tack international airport in seattle last night. one of the evening own hawaii airlines jet burst into flames onlookers from a terminal captured this video. only the flight crew were on board the plane at the time and no one was hurt and faa is investigating. while philadelphia got its share of rain folks in the poconos are seeing their true signs of winter, cbs-3 mobile weather watcher found snowflakes flying at hickory run service plaza in jim thorpe, and kate said we might see snowflakes. >> there was a light coating, and spread over parts of the
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area. >> not quite enough for skiing , but... >> no, definitely in the yet but anybody that owns a pair of shoes is like, sweet, so it is a good sign already coming up here that yeah, maybe you'll have a decent season here. however, what we are finding right now is just a chill in the air and things quieting down no one else will see precipitation let alone snow for rest of the day but may see fine my, but things are drying out. lets go out to our poconos network cameras. we will have to look closely especially watching us in sd here but if hd this is blue mountain and this you look at that lamp post you can see a ring around that post and snow on the outside. so, it has in fact snowed. it is still sticking up here, and, there were a couple other places where we did better then this lets look at a short list here, it was a 1.3-inch total in summit hill, leakslee has an inch. albrightville we pick up an
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inch as well. really nice pocono communities up that way and if you were out there enjoying that snow it must have been a nice afternoon for you. that system out there that is clearing out, we are left with a clearing sky as a result for the most part. as afternoon progresses we will get to 52 with brakes of sunshine. we have another cold front to reenforce chill that will touch off shower in a couple spots late half of the day and look at where we bottom out here, again, basically, late december temperatures that we are looking at with the daytime high only at best in the mid 40's on friday, even chillier on saturday and look at that early morning low on saturday in philadelphia bottoming out to 25 degrees, my goodness but then we will rebun here back in the 50's for early next week, meisha. >> twenty-five, that makes my eyes water, thanks, katie, it will get cold. so cold walking in the building this morning. as katie has been saying grab that winter jacket. i-95 at cottman pushing in the
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south bun direction taillights moving in the southbound direction, into center city this is what we are work w we are looking okay, there. schuylkill gladwynn headlights in the eastbound direction taillights moving in the westbound direction you can see what we are working with there. heating up there but overall in that area we are looking g then we have the boulevard as we push in the south bun direction toward schuylkill i would say we are looking good, we are looking just as we should, typical morning, commute on the boulevard and that is always a good thing. we have an area where a vehicle has hit a deer. pottstown pike at prim rose lane and we have another accident, out there, lower gwynedd township this also has down pole and wires as well, 202, dekalb pike is closed between schoolhouse lane and township line use, use reply mutt road as your best bet around there. rahel and jim, back over to you. meisha, thank you. now eye look at newspaper headlines. >> burlington county man has been charged with murder after a stabbing victim dies, 34
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year-old william heinz is accused of stabbing scott willis multiple time this month at an apartment they shared. officials have not disclosed a motive, heinz is being held in burlington county jail. news journal renters in rehoboth beach might be seeing a price increase, rehoboth beach commissioners this week discussed raising residential rental tax from 3 percent to 6 e 2.2 million-dollar in revenue to off set cost of beach cleaning and trash pick up. from the mercury nurses at pottstown hospital will be honored under a new recognition program that the happies implement nothing conjunction with the daisy foundation. they plan to recognize six nurses each year, families and hospital staff can many in nate a nurse when they are provided or witness act of compassionate care. i love nurses. i would rather deal with a nurse then a doctor. doctor frighten me. >> that is true, nurses are compassionate. that is a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. still ahead latest on the
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texas church shooting as vice-president pence gets ready to visit to day. we are seeing new video that police say shows a young mother moments after she escaped her captors last thanksgiving, see more when we come right
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5:24. back on "eyewitness news" police are interviewing an eyewitness after a deadly shooting in west kensington. victims crashed in the emergency room entrance to episcopal hospital. driver died and 14 year-old is in critical condition. investigators are speaking with another person in the car but not hurt. happening today a public hearing on mayor jim kenney's plan to dissolve philadelphia school reform commission. kenney announced the proposal earlier this month. tonight's hearing is at have at lutheran they logical seminar any mt. airy. reform commission plans a vote on the resolution to dissolve later this month. the commission has over seen philadelphia schools for 16 years. police in calorie leased new video in the case of sherry pepini whose kidnapping
5:25 am
last year made national headlines. detectives believe this surveillance video from the church shows her on the morning she was fun on the roadside, last in police released sketches of two women that she said kidnaped her last november. she was found on, thanksgiving day chain, battered and burned and despite, exposure the case remains unsolved. vice-president mike pence meets with families of victims of the sunday's deadly church shooting in texas, investigators say gunman devin kelly escaped from a new mexico mental health facility in 2012 where he was sent after making threats against his military chain of command. kelly was court marshalled after domestic violence charge as begins his wife and child but that information was never forwarded to the fbi. >> his fingerprints should have been put into the data base and they were not this guy was dressed like gi gentlemen, dressed in black. >> it was scary. that man was shooting hard. >> authorities say that the death toll of 26 from sunday's
5:26 am
shooting now includes unborn baby of one of the woman killed. coming up in the next half an her of "eyewitness news" we have more election results from our area plus tell but historic first across the country, pat. we will look back at the great roy halladay, he left a lasting impression in philadelphia hear from teammates and coaches after the passing of the doc. also ahead have you seen this video? we will show you what happens to a century's old oil painting when restored when we come right
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katie and meisha will be along in a second but first here's what you need to know to start your day, it is wednesday, november 8th.
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>> he means a lot to all of us and we will really miss him. >> roy halladay has thrown a second perfect game. >> phillies ace roy halladay has died in the plane crash. >> at citizens bank park, halladay's pictures beams brightly, ntsb in florida trying to figure out exactly what led to this deadly crash. you went through a heck of a fight along the side of the road. >> a shoot-out with a suspect ends with the pennsylvania state trooper shot three times >> god willing he will pull through this. >> this is what democracy looks like. >> philadelphia has a new district attorney, new jersey has a new governor. >> i've got your back. i said tonight june and i'm so grateful to say it today, you have always had mine


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