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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 8, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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halladay, what he was forbid tone take up until his career in baseball was over. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. in this tmz sports video you can see halladay flying an icon a5, a new light sport amphibious aircraft. he owned it for less than a month. only a 20 of these planes exist. wreckage was pulled out today and ntsb is investigating and held a press conference in the past hour. >> airplane was equiped with two data recorders, both of those recorders have been retrieved and will be shipped to the ntsb recorder laboratory for processing. >> the icon a5 is a new design and been involve in several crashes, since its roll out in 2014. honoring philly fanatic mayor kenney offered his thoughts on halladay's passing. >> it is a bitter sweet day to day with the loss of roy halladay, just amazing, that you have to cherish every
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moment that you have because you never know when your time is up. >> halladay leaves behind a wife and two sons. the new video of halladay flying shows him roll over water and eyewitnesses say plane was making extreme unusual changes in altitude. >> our natasha brown showed video to an aviation expert for his reaction and she joins us now. >> reporter: very interesting reaction here, from this expert, ukee and jessica, outside of a steep tern aviation experts say they don't see any glaring obvious reasons for the crash. we talked to a pilot with decade of experience flying sea planes and got his impression of what he saw just moments before the plane went down. >> that is a perfect set up for a water landing. >> okay. >> nothing report with that. >> reporter: arthur wolk is aviation attorney and jet pilot with 45 years experience flying. we showed him tmz video that has surfaced of roy halladay's last moments, before his small engine plane, went down, off the florida coast. >> steep dissent, hard full
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and then now the airplane is leveled off above the water, and he appears to be slowing in anticipation of the water landing. >> reporter: halladay had owned his icon a5 light sport aircraft for less than a month and was among first to fly witt only about 20 in existence according to icon aviation. experts say that water landing s are common for this type of aircraft. >> it is amphibious so, london water and runway, or a street, or an unpaved field. >> reporter: ntsb is now investigating what went wrong, sifting through wreckage of halladay's plane that was found in shallow water about 10 miles off the coast of the st. petersberg florida. the beloved former phillies pitchers loved flying, picture and video of his flight clutter his twitter feed. >> video doesn't show impact with the water so we don't know when the airplane cart wheeled. >> reporter: is there only speculation about the final moments that led up to the crash this eyewitness video giving just a glimpse into what, for now, remains a
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tragic mystery. >> nothing in this video tells me that there was one, any mechanical malfunction, and, and it doesn't tell me whether or not, the pilot was doing something, that he shouldn't be doing. >> reporter: as we did mention earlier there have been other crashes involving this type of aircraft, back on may eighth, two icon employees, company's lead test pilot and director of engineers were killed in the crash in mesa county, california. ntsb blamed pilot error for that particular crash. >> wow, tragic mystery. natasha, thank you. others are still react to go word of halladay's death and among them david boreanaz philadelphia native and star of the cbs show seal team. >> much love, god rest, doc halladay. we love philadelphia. >> we invite to you stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the death of roy halladay, when we are not on television you can get the latest, developments
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at cbs pennsylvania state trooper shot in a gun battle with a suspect yesterday remains in critical but stable condition. the suspect shooter was arraigned today from his hospital bed. 22-year old daniel clary is facing multiple charges including attempted murder of a law enforcement officer, aggravated assault and assault of the law enforcement officer he is charged with escape, and resisting arrest. our joe holden is live at state police barracks in bethlehem with new information on how that violent encounter unfolded, joe. >> reporter: well, jessica first state police say daniel clary has not denied his involvement in the events that played out along route 33, yesterday morning. now he was arraigned, by a magistrate, in his hospital bed, this afternoon. here at the state police barracks members of this unit have been going to the hospital all day, to keep in touch, with a man that they much and hope will pull
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through. >> it was a bad scene. >> reporter: on the side of the desolate northampton county highway, lives shattered. >> he was not in good shape when we were there. >> reporter: two state police troopers in a fight for their lives with a man whose temper ignited in a flash. daniel clary had been pulled over, he was freed to go, it was by all accounts a routine traffic stop but prosecutors say before leaving, trooper ryan seibell suspected peculiarly was under the influence. backup was called, seth kill a arrived, clary would be arrested and then violence erupted. >> at one point all three of them were actually wrestling in the right lane of route 33. >> reporter: two minute struggle was captured on dash cam video, the troopers tried to taser clary, it didn't work he broke away, retrieved a semiautomatic pistol from his car. >> corporal kelly was hit several times, as a result of the gunfire. even after being hit, corporal kelly and trooper seibell both returned fire, shooting the
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actor multiple time. >> reporter: wounded clary drives himself to the hospital the trooper had minor injuries corporal kelly, slumped behind this guardrail reaches for one of these a tourniquet. >> even through all of this, he carried a tourniquet on his belt and he knows, and he was able to have the wherewithal to pull that tourniquet off of his bell and apply that to one of his, one of his wounds, more than likely saving his own life. >> reporter: so, corporal kelly will have to go undergo more surgeries, to quote the captain here he is by no means out of the wood, just yet. now as for daniel clary he will appear before a judge at this point scheduled for november 21st for a preliminary hearing. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we tried to question his family about his alleged involvement. you will want to see what we were met with when we spoke with them or at least tried to at the foot of their driveway. i will see new one hour.
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for now reporting live outside barracks in bethlehem i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thank you see you then teenager accused of shooting a camden police officer is sharing his side of the story. dellron mayhand was in court and so was the officer police say he shot. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan joins us now with more, cleve? >> reporter: well, a week after dellron mayhand shot patrick o'hanlon they see each other for first time and this time at his detention hearing for attempted murder charges. >> thinks an incredibly serious matter. >> reporter: through his defense 19 year-old delran may land an alleged crips gang member with the dozen a rest in the last two years offered a new version of what happened night camden officer patrick o'hanlon was shot in the leg. mayhand claims he ran and carrying a loaded gun officer o'hanlon controlled pistol when it went off and responsible for shooting himself in the leg. authorities say he purposely
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tried to kill o'hanlon, miss firing, after shooting him through the thigh at point blank range. >> the court has probable cause. >> reporter: he was denied release and will sit in the north jersey jail awaiting future hearings. o'hanlon attended court in the wheelchair, family says he is regaining mobility in his leg. >> he is sore, will get through it, physically, emotionally and he will be back. tough kid. that is the goal, get him back healthy. >> reporter: joseph o'hanlon said his son was determined to attend his alleged attacker's hearing. >> just to show that he is still, you know, he is a tough kid and it won't deter him. he will get the support and just thanking everybody coming back, by showing up. >> reporter: dozens of fellow office's tended the hearing many on their day off. >> the turnout that we had from the officers in the department and members of our department were great. >> reporter: one officer in court was veteran detective keith james who helped put a tourniquet on o'hanlon's leg at the scene. >> it will bring everybody closer. it is a learning experience.
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everybody i believe will be closer because of this incident. >> reporter: now, officer o'hanlon was a rookie and many of the officers of the 400 officers in the camden metro police department have fewer than five years experience. officials say this incident will help them be better prepared, as they continue their police work. live from camden i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" >> cleve, thank you. house fire in wilmington has claimed another victim. fire official announced that a 79 year-old woman rescued yesterday from the burning home on norway avenue has now died from her injuries. a 60 year-old man died yesterday, and a 59 year-old man remains in critical condition. investigators are still working to determine a cause of that fire. new jersey governor elect phil murphy is getting to work after his big election night victory, the democrat thanked voters at a round station in hoboken day. murphy defeated republican lieutenant governor kim guadagno by 12 points tuesday, former wall street executive says he will set up his new
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administration after attending his son's soccer game tonight. district attorney's electric larry krasner is preparing to get to work as the city's new top prosecutor. the democrat defeated republican beth grossman on tuesday. krasner a long time civil rights attorney promising big changes to the cities justice system. democrats also pick up a big win in the virginia governor's race, ralph north ham defeated republican ed gillespy by nine points but they shoot contest in virginia and new jersey as a referendum on president trump and his policies. cbs news exit polling revealed health care was number one issue for virginia voters, president trump is pushing to dismantle the affordable care act. >> if there is anything democrats may take away, it is that seeing health care as the number one issue may give them some ideas on how to campaign, heading in to 2018. >> tuesday, was also, a historic election for democrats in delaware county. we will show you why, that is coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. get a full list of the
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election results plus all of our campaign 2017 coverage at cbs the local business community came together today for an annual tradition focusing on our nation's veterans. "eyewitness news" in center city for operation gratitude day, the event put on by philadelphia convention and visitors bureau collected donations to build care packages for service members. collection boxes were set up in the lobbies of 25 area office buildings. well, are you putting your health in danger and not even realizing it. >> using your cell phone tablet watching tv, all of that can put your health in danger and we will tell you why and what you can do bit. famous chinese story comes to life in a larger then life way, coming up hear is a tail and how tall it gets. and we've got serious cold heading our way, if you think it is chilly now just you wait , we're talking near record cold. we will tell you when that happens and when we will feel our first freeze all
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this veteran's day all u.s. veteran's receive a free grand slam breakfast, because it's never too late to say thank you. ♪
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sketch hart meets his marks, bex has those stories plus a dancing school principal, and today's hot
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minute. >> thanks, ukee and jessica we are kick off with brittany spears adding painter to his resume and adding pedals to a, floral water coloring painting it didn't just get hung up at home, instead, brittany auctioned it off. rather than snag the piece for a whooping $10,000. with proceed benefiting vegas cares, raising money to convention and art piece in memory of the las vegas victims. kevin hart accomplished a goal by completing 26.2 miles in the new york city marathon. and, that goes for, both kevin harts, this story is great, nearly 23,000 fans tried to track the comedian, during sunday's race but instead, followed kevin hart of hollywood, florida a 59 year-old man who was celebrating his birthday, running through five burroughs when the officials realized the mix up they tweeted his
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bib number and congratulations to both kevins. finally, remember how, and , back in high school during pep rally. take that and multiply it for students of the lake mary high school after their principal doctor, mickey reynolds surprised them on court, joining them, and look at her go. if you were wondering how they nail every month principal reynold is a tended a few practices with the team and video home to rehearse, every single step, and she crushed it. that is your hot minute i'm be x from today's 96.5. >> sure did. >> wow. >> good. >> good. >> that was good. >> yes, well, yes, indeed. kate joins with us our forecast and your team is on the road. >> we are on the road, enjoying a nice, november day, little bit on the chilly side but today is nothing compared to what lies ahead. i will leave with you that. we will take a look at cbs mobile weather watcher has gone, this time, traveling to
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kennett square in chester county. you may know if you want to guess, right there on the screen. long wood gardens a very popular spot, if you love nature, this is a perfect place to visit, flowers are in bloom, year round, it is beautiful there, and tonight, mum's the word. meteorologist chelsea ingram, live at chrysanthemum festival , hi there, chelsea? >> hi there, kate. hello everyone. we are live at one of i think the most beautiful places, in pennsylvania, i'm really saying on the east coast for that matter. this is a chrysanthemum festival exquisite, beautiful here. i have trish evans of long wood gardens and she will tell us more about the chrysanthemum festival which is on view through november 19th. i can say, patricia one of most impressive things in here different forms you have displayed. >> that is so true, chelsea. we say at long wood we grow ordinary plants in extraordinary ways and nothing shows that off more than the
5:18 pm
chrysanthemum festival. everyone knows mum's but we grow them in extraordinary ways in huge orbs, draping from columns, shields, and every form you can imagine. >> these are not your typical three for ten-dollar mums thaw can pick up at the grocery store? tell us about that. >> these are mums, special mums, we select them for greg characteristics that enable us to grow them in the forms they want. we have one of the largest chrysanthemums collections we have 250 different varieties that come from all over the world. >> about how long does it take to put a display like this, it is, just gorgeous. how long does it take. >> we start planning more than a year in advance and we start our plants up to 18 months ahead of time. we have a stack of zero seven gardeners who worked very hard bringing our chrysanthemum festival together. >> just exquisite. coming up in the next hour we are going to talk more about the 1,000 bloom mum, i'm talking 1,443 blooms.
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we will show thaw coming up in the 6:00 o'clock show. for now back inside to kate. kate, it looks like we have mighty cold weather heading our way very cold weather indeed, thanks very much, chelsea. seems very suiting, pleasant with nice music in the background.suiting, pleasant what a great place to be on a chilly november night. live look at bethlehem looking nice. sun's down, and getting dark outside, all of the streets are lit up here on main street as we look live from hotel bethlehem following a pretty nice day. cloud cleared out rapidly, we had a good deal of sunshine but temperatures stayed below average. we are seeing the last little bit of light in the sky north and west of philadelphia on our neighborhood network. you can see light left in kutztown but i want to show you temperature of 42. temperatures dropping rapidly as sunsets. we have more cloud cover across portions of delaware and south jersey as our system from yesterday moves by to the south, clear skies to the north and west. that is where coldest temperatures will be tonight. but here's our next front. arctic cold front, you can see
5:20 pm
it has light snow, generally over portions of eastern canada, over into minnesota, dakotas, upper peninsula of michigan as well. locked up behind this front is coldest air of the season so far and it will spill south andeward by thursday night and friday morning. it is heading here quickly. if you don't have a winter coat, your kid don't have a winter coat or gloves to fit, grab one tomorrow, shipped quickly to your house, you will need it friday into saturday. it will feel like winter has arrived. temperatures right now, still chilly, but again, probably getaway with the jacket right now. we need heavy coat as we head in the weekend, it is cold, 10 in winnipeg. nineteen in international falls, 12 in canada. as we head to the next couple of days here comes that front. same arctic boundary coming through tomorrow afternoon. cloudy day. few breaks of sun. watch for spotty showers at this time, tomorrow, behind the front take a look at our feels like temperatures on friday the wind picks up friday morning when you step
5:21 pm
outside feels like 27 degrees. friday afternoon, it goes no where, by noon, it feels like 26. mount pocono feeling like 8 degrees at noon on friday and feel like 27 here at 5:00. saturday morning when you wake up morning lows will be in the 20's in philadelphia, and teens in the low high valley and poconos. we will be near a record saturday morning, forecast low 25, and the record, 21 degrees so that makes tonight's forecast not seem so bad, and tonight's low right around 40 degrees, partly cloudy and chill and by friday time high is just 41. with the win it will feel like upper 20's at best all day. saturday 43 degrees. frigid morning near record cold, it does get more seasonal next week, it is a two day blast of arctic air headed our way for end of the week. our forecast trending colder and colder every day, and some spots may not make it past 30 's on friday. >> here we go, thanks, kate. still ahead on "eyewitness
5:22 pm
news" everyone has to do their civic duty. >> we will show how turned head at jury duty to day, plus ... >> it may look like a dance club but it is a bounce room, i'm hanna doba with the nominees for, america's best rest rooms. a commercial break, is next but please, give this time to ask yourself would you ever do this? an eagles fan is feeling pretty, pretty, pretty confident these days, to say the lee, that is next in sports.
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♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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don joins us now, and in the sports related but it is off the field. >> off the court, and, very good. >> very good. >> so today was sixth annual coaches verse cancer preseason lunch, all six philly division
5:26 pm
one mens basketball coaches on hand at hilton on city line avenue. since 1996, the philadelphia program has raised 14 million, in the fight against cancer. college hoops season is right around the corner and already these guys, they are winning. getting it done. switching gears now hard left turn somewhere, somehow is there an eagles fan walking around with a thigh tattoo that looks like this. >> ouch. >> eagles super bowl champs, 2018 through 2020. >> um-hmm, okay. >> so, that is a three pete, bold, brash, bizarre, we have not been able to verify whether this is real, it looks real. the bird have never won a super bowl, okay. and there has never been a three time champion, a three pete. >> right, right. >> in the nfl. >> until now. >> and we have got a prediction, for not only, the bird but doing it three straight year. >> come on, dream big.
5:27 pm
>> i would like to appeal to whoever that is or if they are your friend, whoever that is, we want to know them. i want to talk to them. >> if they just win it once in the three-year span. >> yes, jessica wants to hear from you. >> i want to hear from the source. >> let's do that. >> ukee, big fan. >> yeah, right. >> it could happen. >> the thigh. >> oh, thigh, that is right. >> yeah. >> thanks, don. >> coming up in the neck half an hour college basketball players in hot water in chine, one is the brother of an nba star, what they are accused of and why they might be stuck in china for a while. diy home improvement is all of the rage and they are all on the rage, we will show you nominees for best rest room in america when
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(hard exhalation) honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow?
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if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain. but entresto is a medicine that was proven, in the largest heart failure study ever, to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ when can we do this again, grandpa? well, how about tomorrow? ask your doctor about entresto and help make tomorrow possible. vice-president pence is spend to go day comforting a grieving community, he is meeting with survivors of the texas church shootings, and
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the vice-president will also attend a vigil at sutherland springs tries to heel. new at 5:30 this comes as we learn more detail's about the suspect's troubled past. fbi is leading the investigation. vice-president pence landed at randolph air force base in text a this afternoon. he will meet with survivors of the first baptist church shooting as well as victim families. sixteen year-old haley kruger was one of those killed, her best friend, allison ghoul, says that she just wants to know why. >> why? why these people, why these innocent people, why would you do that to them? what have they done to you? >> reporter: since the shooting a series of revelations painted a dark pictures of the gunman's past, he was a suspect in the 2013 sexual assault, previous year after he escaped a mental health facility a police report called him a danger to himself, and others. he was also caught sneaking weapons on to his air force base and threatened to kill his commanding officers, and,
5:32 pm
discharged for bad conduct after being convicted of beating his then wife and her child. the air force admits it failed to properly submit kelly's criminal history to authorities, something that would have prevented him from buying guns. some local lawmakers are calling for tighter gun laws, they say texas need to act right now to keep guns out of the hands of people, who are not allowed to have one. >> it is reallies toy look back and say, well, none of the laws we have in place or none of the background checks could have stopped this, okay, what about the next one? it could becoming. it is going to happen. >> reporter: pastor of the first baptist church says services will be held there, this sunday. a week after the deaths of half of its congregation. several shooting victims are still hospitalized, 10 of them in critical condition. three fresh members of the ucla mens basketball team were arrested in china yesterday on suspicion of the shoplifting. one of the members involved is
5:33 pm
lee angelo ball, younger brother of the current l.a. lake era lonzo ball. they are suspect of shoplifting pairs of glasses from a store. liangelo's father and others have different view of the incident. >> he will be fine. everybody is making a big deal >> if it is for sure, then, i don't conn down it but at the same time, the chinese government is much different than ours so i don't necessity how they handled it. i hope everything is good. >> i do hope that if there were, that the coaching staff takes appropriate action to discipline them. >> the men were released from custody earlier today on bail but they are expect to remain in their hotel. under chinese law a case must be full i resolved. the suspects are allowed to return home. they will not not be allowed to play when their basketball team takes on georgia tech this weekend in china. president trump is in china as his trip continues in
5:34 pm
asia and off to a historic start. the president and first lady received a big welcome from chinese council in beijing. they had dinner inside forbidden city a first forehead of state. during tea president trump showed video clips of his granddaughter arabella singing and citing poem in mandarin. barack obama reported for jury duty in chicago this morning. what hes not selected but very popular in the injury a sem mably room. former president shook hand and signed copies of his book that some potential jurors brought. former president isn't the first former president to be select for jury duty, back in 2015, president george w. bush , was called for jury duty as well. public bathrooms are often , not the most pleasant place to be. >> but, as cbs news reporter hanna doba shows us there are 10 across the country vying for title of america's best rest room. >> plans inside historic chelsea hotel is men for its hand made doughnuts but going
5:35 pm
in the rest roomies also a treat. tiny roomies modeled after a disco. >> that is not the largest bathroom but makes up with personality. we have a disco ball right on the top, which reflects all around the mirrors and it gives it a illuminated feeling to it. even from outside you can see lights going around from the glass we have on the door. >> reporter: bathroom is just one of the 10, nominated for america's best rest room, at the odyssey aquarium in scottsdale, air zone awe watch sharks go bias you wash your hand. palmetto brewery in charleston south carolina has urinals made out of recycled kegs. renaissance bathroom will transport you to the a beautiful garden, and this in 71 in los angeles takes you back to the days of maria antoinette. it is sponsored by cintas a company that specializes in supplies and cleaning supplies the bathroom at his brooklyn
5:36 pm
bar at mirrored slabs and arched ceiling. else is a and rest room rivals were based on innovation, functionality and unique design. >> mostly it is special because of the sheer number of people that take selfieness there and posted it on instagram, just hundreds and hundreds of them. >> reporter: winner will be award $2,500 and, of course, bragging rights for having the best bathroom. hanna doba for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> through go. >> i like it. >> i like that disco, play a little bee gees, donna summer. >> winner will be announced november 16th so stay tuned. >> indeed. lots of ladies love that little blue box, from tiffany 's, now the store has some of what they call every day objects for sale, we will let you be the judge, if they would make a good gift or not. your cell phone, tablets, tv and light bulbs could put your health in danger at night , health reporter stephanie stahl explains. and this could be the video of the day what these sheep are doing that sign
5:37 pm
tastes say, shows they are pretty smart. kate? blast of cold will usher in the weekend, it will feel like winter, temperatures friday, saturday reminiscent ovulate december more like christmastime weather then early november weather. we will feel philly's first freeze and possibly near record lows saturday morning. sun and cloud saturday into sunday and then sunday is in the quite as cold, we will see chance for rain late sunday
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brandywine reality trust in corroboration with treks university broke ground on drexel square. >> first project of the master plan schuylkill yards development in university city mayor kenney, brandywine reality trust president and ceo jerry sweeney and drexel university's president, john
5:41 pm
frye were all there first phase of the project cost three and a half billion dollars. officials say it will pre dues 4.6 acres for business space, educational buildings, offices and more. tiffany's has you covered for the holiday season. >> that is if you are willing to pay big bucks for every day objects, the company behind the blue box is selling things like a tin can for a thousand dollars. and then your $9,000 ball of yarn. >> oh, yeah. >> they are made out of sterling silver. >> but still. >> they even have coffee cup for $95. >> hey, that sounds good. >> items are up for sale, right now. >> what a bargain. >> yes, it is all relative. if you have the $9,000 ball of yarn then $95 coffee cup is like, cheap. >> talk to me. >> deal. >> i like that. from little blue boxes to bad blue light. >> how your phone, tablet or tv could be affecting your health, we will be r
5:42 pm
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more warnings about blue light on the healthwatch tonight we are constantly bombarded with the harsh glare on phones, computers and doctors say nighttime exposure can be dangerous. >> um, um, um. health reporter stephanie stahl is here with the problem and simple solutions. >> reporter: we have simple solution. doctors say that exposure to blue light from electronics at night interferes with sleep and also been linked to cancer but experts say, that a few clicks on settings is one easy fix. edward has trouble falling and staying asleep so he has made big changes. >> it is just become regular routine. >> reporter: all of his electronics are set up to see warmer colors from dusk to dawn. so is the lighting in his home he is trying to block blue light from electronics and with energy efficient light bulbs at night. >> it does help me personally and sleep patient and feel more ready to sleep and get to sleep a lot easier. >> reporter: experts say blue light exposure at night throws
5:46 pm
off the body's biological clock and suppresses release of sleep harmone melatonin. >> we have done studies showing if we read for example from an ipad in the few hours before bedtime, that that resets our clock, by about an hour and a half later. >> reporter: is there also evidence that exposure to blue light at night may not just affect sleep. >> shifting our rhythms repeatedly has been associated with increased risk of various types of cancer, including colon rectal cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. >> reporter: best at advice if you work nights or use devices in the evening use settings like edward does to get warmer light, more importantly avoid bright screens, two to three hours before bed. >> the nights where i'm really compliant, yes, it does help significantly. nights where you are not compliant you really can feel it. >> reporter: that is why edward choose toss pick up an actual book now, before bed.
5:47 pm
>> crazy idea, read a book. sleep experts say it is also a good idea to expose yourself to bright light during day which can improve your mood and alertness and help you get a better nights sleep. >> interesting those settings on your phone, those tablets are important, put ate way, but look, book. >> yes, i know, right. >> what is that. >> thanks, stephanie. sheep are very smart that is what some scientistness england are saying, they have trained sheep to recognize faces of celebrity including former president barack obama, emma watson and jake gyllenhaal. sheep were shown pictures on two computer screens, one side showed an unknown person, other shows one of the four celebrities and eight out of 10 sheep chose the celebrity, they received a special reward for choosing correctly. i don't know how this helped us as a society. >> for a mini didn't know,
5:48 pm
that it would have the food there. >> yes. what does it do for us overall >> i don't know. >> sheep is a harry potter fan >> that is right, right. >> fun to watch anyway. >> kate, has our forecast. here comes the cold, here comes the cold. >> wait until you go outside on friday. >> burr. >> it will feel like we stepped into mid winter and hopefully it will go back. it will eventually go back. we will have more seasonal november weather on the way next week but friday, saturday , it will feel like late december early january around here with overnight lows in the 20's and daytime highs in many spots not getting pennsylvania the upper 30's. lets take a look outside, start off in the city where we look at our rooftop, camera mounted on the cbs broadcast center, looking toward center city. we have had cloud to start morning. cloud fizzled quickly and ended up being a nice day. little bit on the chilly side. but i was just thinking to myself, also have a winter coat this year i will buy a new one before friday because
5:49 pm
you will need one, you have to get scarfs, gloves, hats ready as well, that time of the year , by the even of the week. right now light jacket should work for tonight but temperatures are dropping quickly now that the sun has gone down. we are seeing temperatures mainly in the low to mid 40's right now. we are at 45 checking in with your our friend ed connor in chesterfield. ed has beautiful photos. we have a few leaves hanging on the trees, blue skies to the north as those cloud dissipated this afternoon. thanks, for that. 46 degrees as we check with another one of our photographers on our weather watcher map, phil chapline. i want to show you this. i talk about all the of the time. the cloud. it looks like sponge painted bedroom. all of the rage back then. when you see this it is indication of very cold air in the upper atmosphere. that is what we have got. we will see that, again possibly by the even of the week. thank you for sharing that, phil. forty-eight down into northern
5:50 pm
delaware. we will check with greg mccoy in marshallton. forty-eight. he is showing the leaves still the trees here and peak out inside in the afternoon and temperatures for the most part all across the area dropping in the 40's right now and our weather watcher locations and heading down in the 30's, in many spots, tonight. certainly at bill's house in levittown you will be in the 30's tonight, lou, eagleville, heading to the 30's as well and 46 right now. look at is what happening today? like i said we started off the day with mostly cloudy skies but as i set this time lapse in motion i can see quickly that the cloud cleared and turned out to be a nice blue sky afternoon but little bit on the cool side. temperatures were eight or 9 degrees below average. in kutztown it is only 41 degrees. what lies ahead? well, right now things are quiet. clear skies, dry air moving in but this next front we see right here that will move through our area tomorrow evening, could touch off a stray shower likely around this time tomorrow but that will usher in colder air of
5:51 pm
the season. right now we are in the upper 40's, chilly, in the down right cold, and we started week on a very mild note. on monday temperatures were in the 70's, and now look at all this cold heading our way. only 23 in bismarck. may, december weather what we are calling it. monday typical of may 7 on degrees daytime high. by friday the high only 41, that is typical ovulate december more like christmastime weather and see that cold air diving in friday , and saturday, as the jet stream dips to the south. so lets talk about what to expect as we head in you're witness weather seven day forecast, friday, saturday, coldest air yet of the season, 41 on friday, 43 on saturday but look at saturday morning, 25 degrees, the record is 21. we will get a little bit more seasonal next week with rain possible on monday. stay there we will have more news when we come right
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
she even now. anything slow her down. and aetna is moving medicare advantage plans forward right along with her. we offer $0 monthly plan premiums. and a limit on out-of pocket medical costs you pay each year. call aetna today and we'll send you a $10 reward card with no obligation to enroll. because getting older clearly isn't what it used to be.
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well, tonight at 9:00 a new episode of the hit drama seal team. >> you know what i know that the book says to over power breach when there is no friendlies on the other side of the wall but maybe we should start thinking outside of the book. >> what is that supposed to mean. >> improvise is how people get hurt. i will not tell one of my guys that she and her kid had their lives thrown out on the i flying by the seat of my pants >> hey, do i need to get into this? >> team leader jason heyes played by david boreanaz must work with a long time rival to plan a raid under watchful eye of the top military leaders. we talked to boreanaz about filming action sequences on the show. >> difficulty obviously is
5:56 pm
knowing how we orchestrated it , physicality, the way they orchestrate going in to a breach, going into rooms, it all is team oriented. i use the metaphor as a team because i will use it with philadelphia and the eagles, they all work as a unit. one of those players goes down it is next man that comes up but they all operate together and they do their job. they don't do anything else beyond that and they all work together f they are in step they will get the job done. that is really what it is about. the physicality is, can be grueling, long hours, but we're, because we want to make it real, it takes time to do that, but that is the sacrifice we're putting up to work for us. >> and you can catch seal team tonight at 9:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3. >> great show. >> well, philadelphia could be home to a new world record holder. >> a local artist is in the process of building what she hopes will be the largest, pop up photo book ever created. >> vittoria woodill takes a look at the story behind the
5:57 pm
artwork. >> every saturday morning we open it up and everybody just gets happy. >> reporter: filling her eyes with wonder as you follow 200- pound cover of the one of the largest pop up books, in the world. at philadelphia photo arts center. >> this is the title. it is the title, chinese phrase for peach bottom springs. >> reporter: utopia source of the peach blossoms was crafted by pop up artist collette foi. >> i wanted to make a large book to enter it to feel more like were you actual there i. >> reporter: one piece spread that is 21 feet long, standing high with still photos from collette's travels to china as she visited a very special village. >> the people there, claim that they were the village from the story. >> reporter: story she's referring to is famous tail written by gin dinety poet. >> it is interesting because older chinese people as in, one born in china have come
5:58 pm
here, just because they used to memorize it, in school. >> reporter: it business a village of people that lived beyond a cave in the peach blossom valley. >> people are living in harmony with nature, and each other, it was a utopia. >> push. >> but when a fisherman haphazardly stumbled upon it he marked his trail to easily return, but when he left, he never found it again. >> he found a utopia and then, when he went back to look for it he could not find it. >> reporter: massive moral of this pop up book story. >> you cannot find utopia when you are looking for it. >> reporter: but when you look for that book you will definitely find happiness. as you guys mentioned the pop up book is attempting to break guinness book of world record for biggest pop up book but guinness says it need more pages but technically it is, the largest, in the world. >> the largest. >> the largest. >> beyond 20 feet, really neat >> isn't that something? amazing. >> you can go inside with boot
5:59 pm
ies but you can go inside the cave. >> yes. >> all right, tori, thanks. >> appreciate it. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a long road ahead, seth kelly continues to fight for his life in the hospital, and as frightening details emerge of the shoot-out, that put him there we are live with the latest. also remembering, roy halladay, as memorials for doc grow we are getting a look at new video recorded moments before his plane hit the water also this. i'm terrified, i'm absolutely terrified, that all of the benefits that we're seeing are just going to go away. mother's fear her boys battling a devastating disorder and now recent decision could end up stealing some of their quality of life, our stephanie stahl explains their ruling and why the family is clinging to hope. kate? well, it is chilly out tonight but by end of the week we will feel frigid we are talking about temperatures reminiscent ovulate december or early january, even
6:00 pm
challenging record lows i'll tell you when cold air hits all right here on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. peculiarly. our trooper is battling it he is not out of the wood by any means but as i said yesterday, he is a very strong individual and he displayed a will yesterday that he wanted to live and get through this. >> still fighting parks state trooper shot in the line of duty remains in the hospital. tonight we are learning more about the shoot-out that left him wounded and bravery, he and fellow trooper displayed during the violence. good evening, i'm ukee washington. aim jessica dean. police say the alleged gunman daniel clary was also shot, the 22-year old was arraigned from his hospital bed, and faces multiple charges including criminal attempted murder and his bail was set at a million-dollar. joe holden has been covering this story from the b


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