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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 9, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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this hour trying to figure out circumstance that he is led to the shooting deaths of a two-year old boy. >> heart broke even. really heart broken about it. >> reporter: two-year old boy is death after she was shot in the head around 2:15 thursday afternoon philadelphia police say. >> presumably accidental gunshot wound or reckless gun play of somebody inside the house but that is speculation on my part at this point. >> reporter: exactly how shooting unfolded remains unclear but investigators say it happen in the basement of this home in the 200 block of west godfrey avenue in olney. police say boy's father rushed him by private car to einstein medical center where doctors pronounced the boy dead shortly thereafter. >> he was just three years old >> reporter: at the hospital investigators blocked off father's vehicle with police tape while relatives could be seen outside the home on thursday afternoon. video from chopper three shows the authorities escorting a man and woman from the hospital, to police headquarters. neighbors say that no child should be able to get their
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hands on a weapon. >> please, put the guns down, put them away. >> reporter: sources say investigators did not recover weapon from this scene we will have more of this developing story coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 but for now live , i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". if you have not worn your winter coat yet this season you might want to track it down, freeze warning has been issued, we have got live team coverage, meteorologist kate bilo will tell us when it takes effect, henry rossoff is live in south jersey where emergency officials are preparing for coldest air of the season so far. we will start with kate, kate, what is it shaping up like. >> reporter: tomorrow will feel like we wake up to an entirely different season then what we are feeling today as all this cold, canadian air is unleashed upon the region. actual cold front still back here to the west. we have sometime before it comes through. we are seeing cloud and a few sprinkles as they approach but real core of the cold is still over the great lakes.
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this is all spilling south and eastward thomas we open up the flood gates to that cold canadian air. right now on storm scan three you can see sprinkles, not much but just enough to flip windshield wipers once or twice heading out tonight. few spring also cross south jersey, northern delaware, lehigh valley, lot of cloud have taken over here this afternoon. temperature wise does not feel too bad right now. look what is heading our way. chilly north and west. forty-six in reading. forty in mount pocono. fifty-six in philadelphia. that is pretty seasonal for this time of the year. we should be in the upper 50's fifty-six in millville. fifty-five. back to the west we can see two boundaries and coldest is right here over portions of michigan, as we zoom back towardalpena, 24. minneapolis right now only 20 degrees. and des moines at 30. this is the cold that will be progressing south and east as we head through tonight and tomorrow. tracking this out you can see as we go through nine or 10:00 l boundary will pass through, couple showers here and there, winds are still relatively
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light but watch what happens when winds switch. front comes through by five or 6:00 a.m. we will feel wind pick up and wind will be strong all day. this will bring the cold into the region. wind 15 to 20 miles an hour all day tomorrow with gusts higher then 30 miles an hour, so coming up we will show you which areas are included in the freeze watch, freeze warning i should say, blast of arctic air arrives, wind chills in the 20's, we will time those out and tell you when we can challenge a very cold, record low, as we head into your weekend. for now, back to you. >> kate, as temperatures drop state and local governments are getting ready. >> they are not loan. "eyewitness news" reporter henry rossoff is live in cherry hill with how everyone is preparing for the big chill , henry. >> reporter: ukee and jessica may be looking at that forecast kate just showed you thinking i got to track down gloves, make sure hat still looks good this season but i can tell you government agencies and select businesses they are taking this coming forecast, very, very seriously mother narcan throw us a few
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curve balls. >> reporter: power companies and emergency managers are bracing for winter with low temperatures expected this weekend, including the first deep freeze of the season. at an event in gloucester county, atlantic city electric showed off smart switches designed to isolate power outages keeping more people on line, when tree branches inevitably fall on power lines >> now we are prepared. >> reporter: vince says it is also important for you to be ready as well. he suggest checking your heating system right now before the cold sets in for good and never resort to risky method of heating your home. >> people have a tendency to bring lanternness their home or kerosene heaters that may not have been presently cleaned or prepared and then or use their stove for heating those are definitely no, no's we don't want people to use those kinds of systems to heat their homes. if you get in a situation you want to find an alternate location to get heat. >> last week has been real busy. people calling for heat loss. >> reporter: joe with weaver oil sees his community
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scrambling to prepare firsthand. >> it is a little earlier then usual but i think people were holding off because of the warm temperatures but they were not quite expecting it this early. now we are in a big rush right now. >> reporter: he anticipates demand to continue to heat up as weather goes downhill. >> get it as soon as possible because we're real busy right now. >> reporter: another tip we heard today that really does make good sense, down load your power company's app, most of the local companies have good apps to allow to you see current outages and report outages near you so do it now before you get in the emergency situation. live from cherry hill, henry rossoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will need hats, thanks very much. as region shivers and freeze watches go in effect counties are issuing code blue advisories, montgomery county code blue will begin tomorrow, friday, november 10th at 8:00 p.m. it will go until saturday at 8:00 a.m. cumberland county a code blue is active from 6:00 p.m.
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friday until saturday morning at 6:00 a.m. during this time period the temperature or wind chillies expected to be below 20 degrees. warming centers in new jersey will be opened in the following locations, in bridgeton, bethenny grace church, vineland first presbyterian from six to 8:00 p.m. overnight hours living hope assembly at west landis avenue n millville, trinity united methodist church will open up its doors, and you can find this full list on cbs philly .com. sports radio host in boston ace pol guying for make controversial comments about the death of former phillies pitcher roy halladay. in a 12 minute rant, yesterday , michael called halladay a more on who quote got what he deserves. halladay died on tuesday after sports plane crashed in the gulf of mexico near tampa. ntsb is investigating. he says he cannot defend his comments which he called inappropriate and insensitive to halladay's family.
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pennsylvania state trooper shot during a traffic stop remains in critical but stable condition after a second surgery this morning. police say 22-year old daniel clary shot corporal seth kelly after fighting with him and another trooper on the side of the northampton county highway tuesday morning. clary who was also shot is facing multiple charges including criminal attempted murder. his bail was set at one million-dollar. just this week we have seen officers put their lives on the line and now there is a new way to protect them. [gunfire] >> tonight at 11:00 we will show you most advanced arm or in the world and how it is being used to keep local officer's safe only on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 right after swat here on cbs-3. senate republicans released their version of a tax plan, just hours after their counterparts in the house approved their own version of a tax overhaul bill moa lenghi has details and reaction from washington.
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>> reporter: senate republicans are making their own revision toss a new tax reform plan. >> it has been 30 years, america's ready for tax reform again, to get growing again. >> reporter: senate finance committee rolled out its bill thursday offering billions of dollars of tax cuts, similar to the g.o.p. bill working its way around the house but the senate version creates seven individual tax brackets instead of four, full eye limb nates deductions for state and local taxes, preserves deductions for home mortgage interest and high medical expenses and delays the reductions in the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 . >> if is there a focus on our tax reform package, it is to make sure that middle america, hard working income earners have a chance to see more money materialized in their paychecks. >> reporter: senate republicans need nearly every party member to vote for this bill because democrats don't
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support it. >> when a party rolls out their number one legislative plan there should be trumpets and bands, but the public knows already that the bill favors the wealthy. >> reporter: on the other side of the capitol house republicans made last minute changes to their bill before sending it to the before. >> we will get this over the finish line, we will get this over finish line because we need to get this done before the american families. >> reporter: if the full house and bills conference committee would meet to resolve differences between the two versions. moa lenghi for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good news for philadelphia school district, graduation rates are up, for the third year in a row. school district officials and philadelphia mayor jim kenney gathered at a pep rally to celebrate this morning. the district credits a focus on college and career read iness, and as a participation of students, their families and teachers for the positive trend. you may have seen it, facebook is putting out a rather strange request. >> they want your new photos
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if you have any? why you might ask in they say it is for your own good. that is their explanation of all this we will explain, so stay tuned. also ahead more toys induct in the toy hall of fame , why one might be questionable. and you can still play with fidget spinners there is calls to take them off store shelves because they reportedly have too much lead in them, why target is refusing. and we know many nfl players have big hearts, new research confirms it is true and in the necessarily in a good way, health reporter stephanie stahl will tell us about a health risk for football players and what it might mean for their hearts. and sears and k-mart want you back in their stores, they are trying to make it worth your while, jim donovan has the deals
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this veteran's day all u.s. veteran's receive a free grand slam breakfast, because it's never too late to say thank you. ♪ well, it is no secret that former retail giants, sears and k-mart, have been
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struggling in recent years but they are still hoping to lure shoppers this holiday season with big sales. tonight three on your side's jim donovan has details on what you need in order to cash in on the savings. >> reporter: sears and k-mart are trying to get ahead of the holidays by putting everything on sale. through thanksgiving weekend, sears will offer up to 50 percent off everything, and k-mart will offer up to 40 percent off of all of this merchandise. it is part of a plan to get sales up. just in the past year sears closing more than 400 stores, and in the past three months sales at established sears stores fell 17 percent, compared with the year ago and big picture for sears holdings is glummy, parent company for both sears and k-mart hasn't turned a profit in seven years the company says is there substantial doubt it can stay in business, and calls the retail environment challenging but they are hoping cost cutting measures like store closures and efforts to generate revenue with massive sales will improve their
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outlook. of course, all of those sales could mean big savings for shoppers. well, sears and k-mart are holding a special event for their shop your way members. on sunday the 19th in advance of the thanksgiving members will have access to their black friday deals. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. be sure to start day with rahel, katie, meisha and me starting at 4:30 right here on cbs-3. they may be found play with but new report warns fidget spinners could expose kid to lead. of the 12 varieties of the fidget spinners found in tolly aisles in target stores two of them tested for unsafe lead levels. the lead safe model blog and u.s. public interest research group are calling for those products to be taken off of store shelves. >> it is on the center, the part that you're interacting with. it is definitely a hazard for children. >> when children are exposed to high levels of lead they can experience things like memory loss, learning disabilities. >> reporter: target declined
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to remove those products, according to the company items manufactured by bull's eye toys and labeled age 14 and up do not require lead testing. and maybe a while before fidget spinner is granted. >> the 2017 inductees of the national toy hall of fame are sure to make you feel nostalgic. twelve toys earned their place during a ceremony in rochester , new york, among them are clue, the board game, the magic eight ball, a whiffle ball, and even a paper airplane. now somebody asked is that a toy? i say yes, great time with it. they are joined 62 toy favorites that are already even shrined by national museum of play. if your favorite toys have not been on their list you can many in nate a toy, head to cbs and find out how. our don bell plays which a toy airplane every now and then. >> he floats it around. >> yes, he does. >> i loved clue. >> classic game. >> great game. >> we have to play sometime. >> i know. >> yes, in the meantime
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everybody will want to be inside tomorrow. that is not the day to be outside looking at fall leaves or anything. >> here it comes. >> if you are, definitely bundle up. it will be a very, very cold day when you step outside tomorrow morning you will feel that wicked wind and it will feel like we have been transported from november into right around new years or so, that is when our normal high is what tomorrow's high will be. when you factor in the wind it will feel down right frigid all day long. here's a look outside, starting off with our parkway central library camera checking out franklin institute. cloudy sky over center city. even though sun has set this time of the night we can see light in the sky but cloud came in this afternoon along the cold front or i should say more in advance of the cold front and that has caused cloudy, dark conditions this evening. you can see that as well as we take a look at our view from the palmyra cove nature park across the water and river you can see lights but it does look glummy outside. here comes our front. actual cold front back to the
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west coming through overnight. we're seeing cloud, sprinkles out ahead of the front, sprinkles that popped up across the east coast. real cold locked up back to the west and we feel worse of it through the day tomorrow and into the first part of saturday. all of this cold air that is again, been lock up over regions of portions of central and northern canada spilling south war, minneapolis barely got in the 20's so far. it has been frigid and we are going to get a taste of that as well. right now 56 here in philadelphia. fifty-five in millville. forty in mount pocono. these are seasonal temperatures. today not a bad day we will start with some sun and then cloud came in. you can see chill any raleigh-durham, colder there then here. colder in atlanta then here as well and st. louis. nineteen in bismarck. twenty in minneapolis. twenty-seven in wrapped city. here it comes once the winds pick up watch how quickly these feels like temperature drop. 5:00 a.m. feels like 35. front clears. by 7:00 a.m. it feels like 28.
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winds start to pick up around day break. by 3:00 p.m. tomorrow it feels like 27. tomorrow night temperatures drop in the 20's but feels like temperatures tomorrow night are in the teens and when you wake up saturday morning in mount pocono it will feel like three miserable degrees. philadelphia will feel like 17 saturday morning. saturday afternoon is marginal ly better because of the wind that will die down but saturday morning you can see 20 to 25 degrees in the blue shaded area. fill and surrounding suburbs. allentown, reading, lehigh valley, 15 to 20 degrees saturday morning. in the poconos temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees. here is that freeze warning areas that have not felt their first freeze yet from 7:00 tomorrow night until 10:00 a.m. on saturday morning freeze warning is more agricultural term then anything else, it just means season's first hard freeze and we have not reached that yet in philadelphia and all those areas shaded in purple. so tomorrow, 40 degrees, feeling like 28 or so at best.
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saturday 42. good news is there less win, bad news it is still very cold next week we will go back to normal, looks better, so this doesn't last very long but just brutal reminder of what is on the way in a couple of months. >> lucky us. >> i had to chuckle but we're ready. thanks, kate. if you have not check out late, late show with james corden you are missing out. >> ♪ >> coming up one of his performances with the cast of stranger things, in the hot minute with bex, don. reigning champs face a confident challenger, preview of the public league championship between simon gratz and mastery charter north, sports up
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a rare find in berks county. this is not an animal that normally calls pennsylvania home. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 what kind of cat is this. >> wait what? >> where is that. >> is that really got you both
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>> i need to know like right now. >> where was it discovered, and was discovered right here in our area. >> like i, i work here and they could not tell me. >> you get a pass it is not there. >> well, in the meantime just entertain us, and stories of, local athletes. >> that is right, talking about high school football. >> yes. >> all right. big weekend for the public league football here in philadelphia. mastery charter north will take on simon gratz in the 5a championship game. gratz is no strange tore this moment. they are looking for their third straight title. meanwhile mastery charter is a new comer to the big game and they are looking to knock off defending champs. both teams are ready to roll for saturday. >> i feel real comfortable this year. we have aloft people, and we all play together before, and chemistry is there, it is great, coming back to the championship, for third time, and since being here, simon gratz, we just want to, finish
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how we finish. >> for us on the field we all have to do our job and trust everybody else to do their job and we will trust in each other. >> even though we are young people look down on us, and i think we can get it done. we are all confident. we know our positions. we know what we have to do. we just to have execute. >> confident challenger, looking forward to it. for tomorrow night your votes have been tallied our friday football frenzy game of the week pennsbury at neshaminy. thanks for voting. we will see you tomorrow, night. >> it is friday. >> and kate bilo tells us it will be frigid. >> put on all of the layers. >> all of the gear, yeah. >> okay, don. >> think warm. coming up next half an hour former nfl players and big heart, new research, confirms it is true and not necessarily in a good way. health reporter stephanie stahl will tell us about a risk for football players and what it might mean for their hearts. plus this... >> in some ways i added to that chaos and other ways i
5:26 pm
eliminate that had chaos. >> he was on the job for just 11 days and now former white house communications director anthony scaramucci dishes about the job, and the president, up
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she even now. anything slow her down. and aetna is moving medicare advantage plans forward right along with her. we offer $0 monthly plan premiums. and a limit on out-of pocket medical costs you pay each year. call aetna today and we'll send you a $10 reward card with no obligation to enroll. because getting older clearly isn't what it used to be.
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well now at 5:30, big hearts and the national football league, new research on former players show they have larger aortas then non- athletes. it is unclear if that is dangerous or not. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the study and connection with a former eagle. >> exactly, guys. john dorenbos former eagles long snapper for eagles had heart surgery for an aorta aneurysm which isling to an enlargement. this new study only covered older retired players, and in were reported to have aneurysm s but dorenbos has the same heart problem. players in the national football league are men to be big, tough guys, and now new
5:30 pm
research from cleveland clinic shows former players had, significantly larger aortas, nearly 12 percent bigger when compared to non-athletes. >> the surprising result of all of this was the actual overall, average size of the aorta in the nfl group which was really much bigger then we anticipated going in to this study. >> reporter: researchers reviewed heart scans of the 206 retired nfl players with an average age of 56, the aorta is main artery that supplies blood from the heart to the rest of the body. previous studies have shown that some athletes have larger hearts and thicker heart mullahs a result of high intensity exercise. typically an enlarged aorta is a risk factor for developing a tear in the vessel wall which can be life threatening. former eagles jon dorenbos had an aortic aneurysm an enlargement of the aorta and needed immediately open heart surgery. new research did not look at any current nfl players and
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didn't address whether enlarged aortas are actually caused by playing professional football. >> until we know more, about this means, we should be cautious and continue to machine for these folks, more closely then we would normally >> reporter: research also found most of the former players didn't smoke and didn't have high cholesterol or blood pressure which are usually found among people with enlarged aortas. as a researchers say this study raises more questions then it answers and they point out bigger hearts in athletes are typically a good sign. now, as for jon dorenbos i know a lot of people really loved him. he is recovering well. he tweeted earlier this week if it wasn't for that heart surgery he would have kept playing for a couple more years. >> oh, wow what about symptoms , is there anything. >> reporter: that is the thing , there aren't and that is why dorenbos would have kept playing. >> that is right. >> a scan is how they found his, and others. >> okay, thanks, stephanie. decision has been made about the site of the texas church shooting, pastor at
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first baptist church of sutherland springs said he plans to demolish the building that is where investigators say man walk inside the church and shot and killed 26 people last week even. pastor frank palmerroy says returning to that massacre site would be too painful. he does plan to rebuild the church, the first funerals for victims will be held saturday and will take place over several days. five officers were honored today for their bravery by u.s. capitol police. two capitol police special agents and three alexandria, virginia officers were awarded the medal of honor in a washington d.c. ceremony they were recognized for heroism that they displayed when a gunman opened fire on a congressional baseball game in june. g.o.p. congressman steve scalise was among four people shot. >> these five brave men and women prevented what would have been mass execution, a lot of members of congress that are here today wouldn't
5:33 pm
be here today, i wouldn't be here today without the heroism and their bravery. >> the capitol police also awarded scalise and four others the medal of merit a civilian honor. ♪ >> scalise posted this video on his twitter page yesterday that shows him challenging sam johnson to a scooter race, inside the capitol building. scalise is still recovering from the injuries he received in the shooting, congressman johnson is 87 years young and uses a execute tore get around a man accused of attacking kentucky senator rand paul leaving him with six broken ribs has pleaded not guilty. bernie boucher appeared in court this morning. judge ordered him to have no contact with senator paul or his family and also, barred him from owning firearms. paul and boucher have been neighbors for 17 years, boucher's lawyers allege that the assault stems from a long standing dispute over landscaping but senator paul
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is disputing those claims. president donald trump is praising china and its growing relationship with the united states. president and first laid write get at honor in a dinner in beijing tonight. president trump toasted the chinese president saying together they could take on the world's problems. tomorrow the president will make a stop in vietnam. former trump white house communications director anthony scaramucci, visited philadelphia today. >> he took part in the conversation about contemporary political and economic issues. he also sat down for an interview with "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt. so david, what did he to have say. >> reporter: he had a lot to say. anthony scaramucci was white house communications director for just 11 days but he is still proud of his unusually short tenure, he is still close with president trump and he was in fail to dish about several serious subjects while having a lit fun. >> everything about me i own. >> reporter: he is proud to embrace his nickname the much, anthony scaramucci doesn't hold back when he talks.
5:35 pm
>> these are women's sunglasses, right. >> you are proud of them. >> yes. >> reporter: all kid ago side we discussed several serious topics when we sat down with him after his speech to the world affairs council of philadelphia. over the summer scaramucci had access to the most powerful man in the world, whenever he wanted, times have changed. >> absolutely miss it. i would love to be there would love to try to support the president. >> reporter: today president trump is continuing his tour of asia so far we have visited cities of japan, south korea and china scaramucci believes he said president should be tough on kim john u.n. and defended president's decision not to answer questions at a news conference after the chinese government requested no questions. >> he is in an away field situation, he should have abide by some of the ground rules. there is ample time to question him when he is home or back on air force one. >> reporter: when asked about russia and president's
5:36 pm
expected meeting about vladamire putin scaramucci did not hold back. >> there is one nation in the world that could take out the united states in 35 minutes. you in what thanasia is, russia. do you think american political leadership should not meet with the russian leadership. >> he denies any collusion, between the russians and the white house, he admits there maybe some concerning meeting that is took place but he says , his former boss and friend, president trump did nothing wrong. david spunt, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> very interesting, david. thanks very much. still to come on "eyewitness news" an odd offer , on facebook, they say you should send them your nude photos? well, if you have them, they say they can protect from you so-called revenge porn. we will explain. famous singer says performance of one of her ballots to i dance jam, and pretty serious news, i got to be honest, she gets down. don't miss the hot minute, kate?
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well, weekend is coming quickly but i hope you have winter coats at ready, we will start saturday with potential record lows, in parts of the region a very, very cold start to saturday morning, it will be cold all weekend but sunday is 10 degrees warmer then saturday and we will see sunny skies especially saturday and most of sunday but another chance for wet weather comes in sunday night into
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well, lynn manual miranda ended his broadway run with hamilton last year but repricing the role for a special reason. musical stylings of the upside down's, bex from our sister station 96.5 plus celine dion as you have never heard her before in today's hot minute. >> thanks, ukee and guess contact it is all about song and dance in the hot minute starting off with hamilton the hottest ticket in town.
5:41 pm
heading to puerto rico with lynn manual miranda repricing his performance for the first time since ending his broadway run in july 2016. lynn manual whose parents were both born in puerto rico in the aftermath of maria we decided to expedite the announcement of the project, to send a bold message that puerto rico will be recovering and back in business stronger then ever before. the performances continue with the new, and youngest motown cover band with the exception of james corden the upside downs. >> ♪ >> late, late show hoe corden took us back in time with the stars of the hit show, stranger things. the super group sported matching blue suits, giving us the jackson five, temptations and more. >> ♪ my heart will go on >> since we're going back in
5:42 pm
time i have one more for you, celine dion, 20 years later, starts off with a touching performance of her classic song at a nightclub in las vegas and then suddenly takes a titanic turn, with the help of the dj producer steve aoak. i can watch this all day long, it is on my twitter account be x on air and it is worth the view, that is your hot minute i'm bex from todays 96.5. >> you saw it. >> she does not care, celine. >> go for it. >> she is celine to the core and you have to respect that. >> yes, you company. >> she was rocking it. holiday season is here. well, almost. >> it is in one philadelphia hot spot we will take through with cbs-3 mobile weather watcher to get you in the spirit early. we just moved in about four months ago, but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy.
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just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
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just kind of ties in very well. this veteran's day all u.s. veteran's receive a free grand slam breakfast, because it's never too late to say thank you. ♪
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philadelphia is beginning to come to life with all of the festive fun the holiday season brings. >> one of the first place toss deck its halls this year is franklin square park in center city. meteorologist chelsea ingram checking out opening night of the holiday festival there,
5:46 pm
chelsea? >> that is right, we have brought mobile weather watcher on down here and i'm like where did october go? now it is november. we're talking about the holidays. everybody here really getting in the holiday spirit. you can check out franklin square holiday festival all the way through december 31st, there has been a fantastic sights, sounds and smells, delicious food out here. we heard philly pops playing earlier this evening, take a listen, they were great. >> ♪ >> weren't they fantastic? we have amy needle here, the president and ceo of historic philadelphia can you tell us more about what we can expect throughout the upcoming month, also through month of december >> sure, franklin square holiday festival really has something for everyone. center piece of course thinks
5:47 pm
gigantic kite that is electrical spectacle light show conserd by peco that runs every 30 minutes from 4:30 until 9:00 o'clock. we have a winter beer garden, with fire pits, to warm up. we have ben sweet treats all kinds of candy and treat as you just mentioned. of course, we have a carousal, we have philly miniature golf and then we have special weekend activities almost every weekend. visit historic for all of the information. >> of course, the light show, two light shows already this evening and i was just amazed bynum of people that just were standing around completely captivate by lights. more than 50,000 lights is that correct. >> more than 50,000 lights, we had teams from peco, ibew here , helping to set up the lights for the past month. so it really is a team effort. it is wonderful. people really enjoy it, they love making their holiday traditions here at franklin square. >> thank you very much. you can eat, drink, soak in
5:48 pm
the history of philadelphia and enjoy the holidays right here at franklin square. this is new through new years eve, december 31st, kate, sending it back inside to you. >> very nice. >> thanks, chelsea. >> still looks great, doesn't it. >> yes. >> gets you in the holiday spirit. >> so will that cold weather. >> it won't feel like it. >> all it takes, i turned my radio on the other day and got holiday music. i said too soon. after 10 seconds i was in to it. >> yes, indeed. >> put it on tomorrow when temperatures feel more like new years. early november, we have got some really, really cold air for this time of the year. this isn't colder then we feel in the winter but close, our normal low is normal high of 38. we will hit that mid-january, coldest part of the year, when we talk about a day in november with a high of 40, that is basically winter weather for us here in philadelphia and wind is going to make it feel even worse. lets take a look outside right now in the bad tonight. out and about in bethlehem or
5:49 pm
city, temperatures are on the chilly side but seasonal for november but it is just been a very, very quick drop, you will remember we started this week at 70 degrees on monday and we will finish the week, tomorrow, midnight, probably in the 20's, so big, big changes from monday through friday this week. it is a quick drop. gone well above average to well below average but bethlehem looking fine tonight , flags are in the flying just yet, winds pick up tomorrow morning as i will show new a moment. checking in with our eyewitness weather watchers we have temperatures all over the map. pretty seasonal. we will check with jenny janssen in cherry hill. she's at 53 degrees. cloud overhead. fifty-two north of the city and check with our friend joe's neff orland. he has cloud. fifty-two not bad. winds are not too bad either as we check in at 55 with greg mccoy in marshallton delaware, 55 degrees our normal high is 58. we are right where we should be for this time of the year but that is all about to
5:50 pm
change. it is warm before the cold so to speak. the calm before the front 54 degrees at walter's house in newark, delaware. pressure dropping. here comes our cold front. lets light time lapse. you can see we started off with sunshine in the morning but through course of the day cloud started to pick up the pace and then kutztown we saw that throughout the course of the day as well. cloud moving in, 43 degrees there right now, it is chilly, cloud won across the region but not a whole lot of rain with this front. you can see the actual frontal boundary still back over portions of western new york state and western pennsylvania we have got some cloud and sprinkles out ahead of it but cold air locked up behind it, right about here, you can see the snow that is moving over portions of the great lakes as that cold air starts to move in. right now not too bad as you head outside, still grab a pair of gloves for tomorrow morning go out tonight and do that 56 degrees in philadelphia, 45 in reading, 50 for our friendness allentown. here's the core of the cold
5:51 pm
over central canada, at is is 11 in international falls. seven in winnipeg. five in saskatchewan and three in this area. all that cold, not all that cold but cold air from that source region is diving south reason for today. that potent cold front sweeps through. by tomorrow morning we will feel winds pick up and then by saturday high pressure arctic high will settle in. good news about saturday is wind die down, saturday they we will start off in the 20's, and then it will take a lot to rebound from that in the afternoon. couple showers later tonight at 11:00 after that clears notice wind start to really pick up by 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning and winds are strong all day tomorrow, again taste of winter, our record cold high for tomorrow's date 39. cold it has ever been on tomorrow's date 39. our high 40. forty-two on saturday. close to that record cold high of 37, our average in the upper 50's. temperatures well below normal , once again, for the
5:52 pm
next two days highs only in the lower 40's. less wind on saturday, saturday morning when we could approach that record. sunday machine we are back in the 50's and seasonal heading in to next week, ukee and jessica back over to you. story everyone is talking about facebook asking users to send their their nude pictures >> sound is very strange but facebook says it will help them protect you and your privacy, yes, by sending them your naked photos we will explain all of this when we come right back.
5:53 pm
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facebook wants your nude photos. >> you heard it right, facebook says that it wants the pics to test out a new feature to prevent so-called revenge porn. >> natasha brown has been looking into this one and it has people perplexed to said least. >> that would be absolutely correct. we can tell you right now this is a pilot program tested in australia for now. facebook wants to protect your explicit photos hoping to keep them off of its site but not everyone is willing to turn over those images anytime soon combating revenge porn has been a top priority for facebook no longer well revenge full x's have a ammunition to post pictures on the site. it is tested in australia in conjunction with the australian government e safety office. strategy entails up loading your nude photos or videos to messenger in order to help facebook tag it as non- consensual explicit material, using image matching technology they would never be allowed to be posted.
5:57 pm
>> you see data, techniques and also artificial intelligence for matching of the images using computers, then it can tell whether or not an image is part of this secret nude picture database that facebook is collecting. >> reporter: doctor pablo is the chief information security officer for drexel university and sees benefits of this new technology but he also sees the risk of having a database filled with explicit photos. >> what happens, if the hackers, hack the data base of nude images. all of a sudden they have a trove of images. >> reporter: attorney see red flags as well citing most recent case involving the president. >> think about the situation we just saw with a rogue employee at twitter turning off the president's account. what a employee at facebook were to get a held of 3 million nude pictures. >> i have yet to see a fail safe privacy protects program. >> reporter: folks we talk to were leery about the concept, most say they wouldn't trust anyone with their most
5:58 pm
intimate images. >> it can backfire easily considering hackers are prominent these days, so i wouldn't trust that idea completely. >> australia is first pilot country and then facebook hopes to expand the program to u.s., uk, canada facebook's head of global safety released a statement reading in part these tools developed in partnership with global safety experts are one example of how we're using new technology to keep people safe and prevent harm. not surprisingly we have gotten a lot of feedback about the facebook plan on our cbs philly facebook page to stop revenge porn, bob writes here's a great way don't let take nudes of you and don't take any of yourself either. dianne barnes is no doubt thinking what aloft people are thinking right now, what could go wrong? >> very well put. >> that sums it up. >> bobby g, hit the nail on the head. >> just don't take them. >> that is great. >> thanks, appreciate it.
5:59 pm
that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. calm, cool night in the area get ready for those temperatures to plumet, and, cbs-3 mobile weather watcher at franklin square, it is going to be feeling like late december soon, kate. >> that it is, you guys, not too bad on the sky deck right now, winds are still calm but once that changes and winds pick up, it will feel like middle of winter. i well tell you just how cold it could get and when we could challenge a record low. also a three-year old child is dead after being shot in the basement of his philadelphia home, tonight, the response from shocked neighbors as police try to piece together what happened. learning to walk in the shoes of someone battling a devastating disease, tonight our stephanie stahl shows you how it works and reason at montgomery county happies offering this unique gadget. it is 6:00 o'clock.
6:00 pm
here's is what happening, preparing for the big chill. not a bad night at city hall, seasonal temperatures around the area but do not get too comfortable. good evening, everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we are expecting near record lows in some places and people we talk to are bracing for bitter blast. >> if i wanting to outside, it will be layered, gloves, hats, >> i will bundle up more. i have some other jackets and stuff like that. >> i will be bundled up. i will stay in my house with my hot chocolate and hot chocolate and just watch some tv and movies. >> solid plan. >> we will check with meteorologist kate bilo on the cbs-3 sky deck, this looks like a taste of winter, kate. >> as you have been saying it will take some people by surprise. we have been saying it all week but when you step outside tomorrow and feel those wicked wind you will be like wow, this really does fell like middle of winter. it will feel like 20's all day tomorrow from start to


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