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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> this early blast of winter means business, we're talking bin chills tonight that could dip way down in the teens and 20's. by tomorrow some parts of the area could experience record cold, and good afternoon everyone aim ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. freeze warning will go in effect in just a few hours. meteorologist kate bilo is live on the sky deck to tell us just how low temperatures will go, kate. >> jessica and ukee, just standing you the here in the past few minutes as sun dipped below the horizon you can feel temperature dropping, when we change from 4:59 to 5:00 i watch temperature drop from 37 to 35, 2 degrees we have shaved off and with the winds gradually dying down temperature will plumet overnight. lets look at current temperatures outside on the sky deck it feels a whole lot colder then term ter indicates right now it is only 35 degrees in philadelphia, 30 in allentown, 31 in reading. we're generally hitting our daytime high about an hour before this so we should be in the upper 50's right now. we are in where close to that
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and here's what it feels like when you factor in these winds they have been strong all day out of the north and west, 10 degrees colder then thermometer is showing you. it feels like 27 degrees in philadelphia mount pocono it feels like 2 degrees right now , it feels like 20 in allentown and these numbers will drop, in the northwestern suburbs in the next couple hours we will have feels like temperatures in the teens. here's our freeze warning. you may ask why is the whole area not under a freeze warning if we are dropping below freezing ? thinks more agricultural warning any area that has not had a hard freeze will see one tonight that includes philadelphia and points south, but temperatures plumetting rapidly we were at 37 at 4:00. we will be at 33 by 6:00. below freezing by 9:00 o'clock tonight. by midnight 28 and by 5:00 a.m. 25 degrees and it just keeps on dropping, it is even colder in our western suburbs then it is here in the city right now and for more on that we will send it tout chelsea ingram live in valley forge national park with the
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mobil weather watcher, chelsea , how is it feeling out there? report. >> all i can say people need to live vicariously through us because it is bone chilling cold outside. take a look at current conditions with the mobile weather watcher, temperatures are literally near, freezing, just look at these numbers, we have a current temperature right now here at valley forge around 33 degrees, we also have winds coming out of the northwest from 10 to 15 miles an hour, so that has calculated to us a wind chill in the 20's, so it feels even colder then what we're measuring here on the thermometer and as we head in the overnight hours tonight, we are going to be challenging some record low temperatures but forecast low temperature in philadelphia is 23 degrees, and that is going to easily challenge the current standing record low of 21, that was setback in 1961, of course, we will have more coming up in your full forecast, we will talk about the beautiful fall
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foliage in just a bit but for now back inside to you. >> chelsea, keep warm. you can track bitter blast along with our meteorologists, down load free cbs philly weather app available on itune and google play. emergency call for shooting ends with a violent crash that injured four philadelphia police officers in kensington today. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live at temple university hospital where those officers were taken for treatment, greg. >> reporter: jessica, good evening, those four philadelphia police officers rushed here to temple university hospital, this morning, one was a serious head wound. this all started around 10:15 when those four officers, a two separate police suv's were rushing to the shooting call and those two suv collided with one another. at 10:13 friday morning two pairs of the philadelphia police officers each in a police suv raced toward allegheny avenue juste of kensington. witnesses say man in the red honda was driving erratically
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got in the argument we are driver, pulled out a handgun and shot at that person once. those officers never got to the call. both of their suv colliding with one another at intersection of the indiana and d street in kensington this surveillance video shows moments leading to the impact, the crash, spinning one of the suv's and sending it in the front part of this home, licensing and inspections officers, deemed it unsafe and those four officers rushed to temple university hospital with injuries. now fortunately those four officers are going to be okay. now coming up tonight at 6:00 here at cbs-3 "eyewitness news" we will hear from an eyewitness and one man describe the crash who heard it and said it sounded like a grenade going off. that is very latest live from north philadelphia, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a woman is fighting for her life after she was stabbed , and burn, inside of a west philadelphia home. investigators say woman's nephew attack her just after 8:00 on the 1300 block of 53rd
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street. officers say that the man stab the woman once in the stomach, and burned parts of her body before he was arrested. she was taken to the hospital in extremely critical condition. philadelphia police now say a two year-old boy who died from the gunshot wound in olney pulled the trigger himself. police recovered gun used and tonight we have learn identity of the child. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is at police headquarters with more on the investigation, alycia. >> reporter: tonight we know gun that the two-year old used to accidentally shoot himself, police say it was unsecured, in the home and they also say that it should never have been in the home all together. authorities tonight are still trying to figure out exactly how it got there. to date new information about the sad shooting inside this olney home that left a two user eld boy dead, authorities now revealing the young boy's name, ibin kareem lawson. >> this happens far too frequently. >> reporter: philadelphia
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homicide captain john ryan says that this is another sad story of a child getting access to an unsecured gun in this case, authorities now say little lawson shot himself in the head when he found a loaded gun in the basement closet. the two-year old was rush to einstein medical center by his father yesterday just after 2:00 in the afternoon. forty minutes later he was pronounced dead. police began processing the home on godfrey avenue but questions arose when authorities could not find gun in the home. >> it was recovered from last night after processing the crime scene in the crash container outside of the residents just outside. >> reporter: authorities say someone moved the gun from inside the home and believe they did still because it wasn't a legal registered firearm. >> the gun was, cheltenham 2014/15 rather. >> reporter: so far no charges have been filed in, this case, police say in part because in one in the home has said who brought the gun there authorities had to send that gun out for forensic testing and say when those tests come
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back and they are able to determine who had possession of the gun charges could be filed. police will in the say at this time what those charges will be. reporting live outside philadelphia police headquarters alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police have identified victim of the deadly hit and run in maple shade, investigators say 27 year-old julian sanchez of pine hill was hit just after midnight while crossing route 73. medics pronounced him dead at the scene. we are told driver who hit sanchez reported the incident at a nearby police station and police say that driver is cooperating and no charges have been filed. veterans day was observed a day early in media, 58th annual veterans day parade brought out thousands of people all to honor men and women protecting our freedom. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt spent the day on the parade route where focus stayed on those who served. >> reporter: on a cold november morning thousands lined the streets of media, to
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honor veterans past and present. >> our family we have been coming here for 40 years, my family has been marching in this parade. >> reporter: kristin smith stood out on a windy parade route to pay her respects to family, friends and even complete strangers but cold, wind are nothing compared to what these veterans endured overseas. >> is there things that we can share with each other that we cannot share with other people because they don't under stan. it is very emotional time for all of us veterans. >> reporter: honor guard solutes, tapped off 90 minute parade, this parade began 58 years ago when world war one veterans walk these very streets, today a new generation honors our veterans >> my father is a veteran, my husband, my son march necessary a parade, it means so much to the veterans out here. >> reporter: at the reviewing stand county commissioners state representatives and members of the congress all took time to meet with
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veterans, before, and after the parade. >> it is almost difficult to comprehend the sacrifice they have made on our behalf. >> reporter: sacrifice that will continue to live on in the descendents of these very faces. >> it brings us all together. >> reporter: in media, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in honor of veterans day help u.s.a. has opened up their north veterans housing facility in north philadelphia this project aims to reflect company's ongoing effort to expand affordable and supportive housing for most vulnerable residents. help u.s.a. not only helps provide affordable house to go veterans but also children and adults in need. coming up on "eyewitness news" los angeles police make a big move to fight sexual assault in hollywood. louie ck makes a stunning admission what he says about allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against him i'll sit down and chat with mark wahlberg and will ferrell about their new movie
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dad he's home two what happened when a dad's dad comes to town, tori. it is friday football frenzy game of the week, just look. >> friendsy that is right, the neshaminy taking on pennsbury at home, coming up we will talk about what the ridge is and why it is so cold and what with the rivalry. it is freezing. i'm going with the cheerleaders.
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back on "eyewitness news" a look at the snow machines in , action, at jack frost big boulder, the popular ski and snow boarding destination officially opens to the season tomorrow, and, they are also, opening their annual boulder gives back campaign that means visitors can score a free lift ticket by bringing a new un wrapped toy or 15 non- perishable food items valued at $25 or more. they go to families in need. holiday film season officially kicks off today and comedy daddy's home two is sequel to the global hit that came out in 2015. >> our friends at paramount pictures got me together with the stars and i was wondering did they have any idea during the first project that second film would be in the works. >> it wasn't in the plan.
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>> no, we were trying to make a funny movie that felt different in the sense of exploring the world a blended family. >> reporter: blended family that now includes. >> dear god. >> wow. >> mel gibson joins cast as dusty's dad and also home for the who will days... >> daddy, daddy john litgow add his comedy timing. >> once they read these parts we were like these guys are absolutely killing it. >> i have a good one for you two dead hookers wash up on the shore. >> sean enters direct this is comedy about chaotic times during the holidays, with families with many layers and film with many stars, but reza shourd, egos not an issue. >> will and mark being center of it they set tone and they are both so professional and kind and just cool, easy to
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work w having that tone sort of the at center of your set helps with everything. >> the movie at its hearties about family and something we all relate to and we all value , and it was just a lot of fun, for everybody. >> reporter: especially for john cena he has a larger more pivotal role, as a ex-husband and dusty's war nightmare. >> last time i come in when everything is right and this time the height of the being wrong. >> it is holiday so count on the message in the family battle and, it all starts with the man in the mirror. >> the only person that can ruin your christmas is looking back at new that mirror. >> sorry, right here. there, there we go. daddy's home two in theaters to day. now you may have heard of this guy, that is denzel washington and yes, we are related. he grew up in new york state, i'm of course from this area
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as kid when he visited family home in virginia he played and had fun, like this. >> i would go down there and chase pigs and chickens and all of that and then go back to new york. >> i didn't chase any chickens >> no. >> maybe i should have. i sat down with d and talked to him for first time about our family tree, i have a sneak peak about his new movie and learn a lot more about our family tonight on "eyewitness news" at is 11:00. that is fun. >> no chasing chickens here. >> yes. >> it sounds steadily dropping out there, temperature wise. >> i walk out there at 4:55. i said not too bad. after five minutes i was like no i'm going back inside. >> the wind gets you and it makes it feel so bad out there winds have been strong all day out of the northwest gusting to 25 or 30 miles an hour and that is what made today cold, even more harsh, then it has been. only saving grace was the sun when you were out in the nice warm sun it didn't feel so bad
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but not that the sunnies gone temperatures are dropping and dropping quickly. here's a look outside at the end of the beautiful day to look at with the fall colors up against the sky, that bright blue sky, beautiful day as long as you are nice, bundled up and beautiful sunset shot here in cape may county sun has gone down but light in the ski remains for a little bit longer. i showed you all these colors as foliage out there reds orange and yellow, chelsea will have more on the current state of the foliage coming up in the show. here's another beach town boardwalk plaza in rehoboth, just a little light in the sky , lamps are on but make sure you have winter coat and the gloves and the hat as well storm scan three is showing in the a whole lot going on but you can see where wind is coming from, north wind producing lake effect snow showers and squals around cleveland area upstate new york as well and some squals there all that wind coming out of the directly out of central
5:18 pm
canada bringing cold air our way. another look at temperatures right now 35 is current temperature in the city. thirty-six in millville. thirty in allentown. sub freezing there already. already down in the teens in mount pocono. again, look at the core of this cold spell just moving south and east from central canada we are in the teens in winnipeg, international falls, milwaukee, ain't temperatures below average just about every where. thinks coldest air of the season by far so far, high pressure sits overhead as we head into your saturday, cold high, canadian high but it does mean clear skies, so we have sunshine on the way again for tomorrow, but tonight is the peak of this cold spell challenging record lows as we head into saturday morning right around day break when we hit our overnight lows and we could be challenging these record. we are right on schedule here, average day of the first freeze around here is november . we are a couple days past that it is not earlier or later but right on par with our usual here in philadelphia at least. but by 8:00 tonight it will
5:19 pm
feel like the teens every where, feeling like single digits in the poconos and doesn't get much better overnight. temperatures don't plumet that quickly because wind dies down but waking up tomorrow morning it will feel like the teens and our overnight low tonight challenging a record, 23 degrees with wind chills in the teens the record is 21. tomorrow still 17 degrees below average, no wind, tomorrow will feel 10 degrees warmer then today, sunday a few cloud, sun late day shower possible and then next week we are back to business, back to november temperatures challenging 60 again by thursday. >> little tease right now if you want to call that it. >> yes. >> thanks, kate. popular brand of pastries wants to get rid of the one of the sweet treats. >> but leaving the choice up to you, tough decision, guys, leslie. friday football frenzy is winding down we have just two weeks left tonight we're in bucks county where two rivals face off in the playoffs and
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passing the torch literally coming up at 6:00 the reason these runners were making their way through philadelphia and big event it was kicking off, tune in tonight at 6:00. leslie joins us now as we enter the final, stages of the fall season. >> yes, over the high school football season is wining down , playoffs have started tonight and we are heading in to bucks county where two rivals are playing pennsbury at neshaminy. our vittoria woodill is live at neshaminy high school with more on this bitter rivalry, hi tori. >> that is right, it is friday football frenzy game of the week and we are at neshaminy high school. >> that is right, everybody. >> this is where it is at. we have beautiful cheerleaders of neshaminy national champions here with me to explain something to you. so yes, big game today, pennsbury, or neshaminy high school is hosting pennsbury
5:24 pm
here on their home turf and it is a huge rivalry. not long ago they played each other and who won by one point neshaminy. that is right. but, but, it is a big game and guess what both games are coming out fight to go day and where they are fighting on the ridge, ladies, show them where the ridge is. and i love a wow, wow, i love anything i say they will say wow. that sign is important. the ridge is really important to the rivalry, why, lets take a look. i'm freezing. why is it so cold. >> it is top of the ridge, highest point in this area and interest is coldest, i can guarantee you. that it is bone chilling sometimes when wind is blowing so if you don't bundle up, you will freeze. >> reporter: pennsbury, they have been after this ridge sign for a couple years. >> yes, they actually took one and hung it up in their bleachers during the game when neshaminy traveled to their stadium. this is a new one that doctor
5:25 pm
mcgee purchased and hopefully we can hang on to this one but they are very expensive. >> reporter: are you taking precaution toss nail down the sign tighter knowing pennsbury is coming. >> all you can does tie it. if you this want, they will get it. >> reporter: rivalry is real tonight. >> the rivalry is big, real big, pennsbury, neshaminy, it has been going on for years. >> the girls are excited, the crowd is excited, and, yeah they are ready to rumble tonight. great game, coming up at 6:00 o'clock hour i'll talk to the head coach of pennsbury to get his strategy on the game. in the meantime it is freezing here on the ridge, i'm almost forgot what it felt like to be cold so i better jump in to these cheerleaders and get warm. back to you, guys. >> all bundled up out there. >> do your thing. >> you still got it. >> yes. >> thanks, appreciate it. leslie, thanks very much. coming up in the next half an
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hour a her long police chase a man in the pickup truck led police in the opened field during this wild chase, the ending that has everyone in the news room guessing. they didn't see it coming. it looks like a healthy little boy but just two years ago he was on the brink of death because he was born with the rare disease that caused his skin to tear like tissue paper. the first of its kind in the world treatment, that saved
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new at 5:30 alabama senate candidate roy moore says disturbing allegation as about him are not true. >> four women claim the judge made sexual advances toward them when they were teenagers and he was in his 30's. one woman said moore kiss had der, took off her shirt, pants and got in her hand to touch him over his underwear
5:30 pm
when she was just 14. republican date responded on twitter saying we are in the mid of a spiritual battle with those who want to silence our message. moore has turn the scandal in a fund raising appeal. >> the sending out fund raising appeals, based on this , is really, really, bad form. >> if that is true, i don't believe being in a place for him in the u.s. senate if they are true he should step aside. >> but moore says he will not quit race to win attorney general jeff sessions former senate seat. president trump and russian president putin donned silk button down shirts? vietnam and shook hand at asia pacific economic summit. since 1994 the summit included a family photo and local a tire, and, during a speech at the summit the president said his administration is working to correct, trade imbalances between the u.s. and other nations. this week marks the first anniversary of donald trump's election to the presidency.
5:31 pm
face the nation host john dickerson traveled to meet with six residents who voted for mr. trump and he talk to the focus group at founders restaurant about the president 's performance in the pennsylvania year. >> who here by show offhanded thinks the country is doing better now then it was a year ago. all six of you. do you think president trump has helped foster a sense of community in america or -- >> he has made it much worse. >> in the past president have brought nations together why can't he do that. >> well, lie, or make things up, for the effect it has on other people. that is not the way to do a person lives their life. >> two residents identified as republicans while the others say they are independents. and joining me now, is, face the nation hoe john dickerson thanks for being with us today >> sure thing, good to be here >> just watching some clips, from the tribute to new hampshire and interesting when
5:32 pm
do you these voters panels. i remember when were you here in pennsylvania it was a great chance to get out and see what is resonating with these voters what did you learn this go around. >> yeah, i spent so many years out on the road, it is nice to get back out there again. we know supporters of the president trump are supporters of the president trump there is nothing new in that but what is interesting is to hear them be quite critical of his impulsiveness of his not telling the truth, of his character and essentially putting that all in a box and for the most part, while they don't like those parts of his character, and the characteristics of his presidency they like the way the economy is moving. they think he is doing what he can to fight the special interestness washington. and thinks he is doing what he can to whip congress into shape. they really don't like congress. so essentially they say benefits out weigh the disadvantages with president trump. >> interesting. it sounding like they are able
5:33 pm
to compartmentalized the different parts of his behavior. >> yes, and though republican party came to power in the most recent period, learning to appeal to voters, so-called value voters and voters who had a very absolute feeling about the moral behavior about public officials, what was interesting in our discussions , the basically that compartment says we talk about the way in which moral behavior was not, a deal break er for them and they were basically able to say look if you need the president to be a moral leader, then this is not the president for you. get find it somewhere else. they were very happy with the way he was, handling the economy, and what he was trying to do to change things in washington. >> quickly you're also going to have bernie sanders on this week. we have heard a lot about that democratic primary with this new book from donna brazil will you talk about these
5:34 pm
allegations about the dnc's relationship with the candidate. >> we will talk about that but more of the point ongoing battle within the democratic party. they had a very good week this week but how does bernie sanders see resolving this question between people who support him and people that supported hillary clinton and what is his strategy for bringing everybody back together. >> john, we will see you on sunday, thanks for being with us. >> sure thing. >> and don't forget catch face the nation sunday morning at 10:30 right here on cbs-3. oklahoma man is in custody after leading police on a wild hours long high speed chase, police say man stole that pickup truck he is driving there. suspect led police on a chase for more than two hours, he stopped several times to ask for directions and to get rid of things like that heavy toolbox, an eyewitness tried to help police by shooting out suspect tires. chase ended after driver back straight in the pond, a man got out of the truck and tried to get away but police taserd
5:35 pm
and arrested him. making skin in a lab might sound like science fiction on but it is a reality that has saved a little boy's life. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has more in the einstein health care science center. >> reporter: report thinks remarkable, guys. this is stem cell technology that has create aid world's first in europe, genetically modified skin cells, it happened two years ago but just been revealed with the patient who ace little boy and now being called, cured. has hans an looks like a picture of health now but two years ago doctors in london say he was close to dying, syria refugee could barely walk or eat because most of the son on his body was blistered or infected. >> it was very, very, poor the prognosis. >> reporter: he was born with the genetic disease called butterfly disease because it causes the skin to be fragile and tear like butterfly wings.
5:36 pm
antibiotics, bandages and skin graph every graft did not help he was saved by stem cell scientistness europe who attempt aid break through procedure growing genetically modified healthy skin cells in a lab and turning them into sheets of skin. doctors then grafted the replacement skin on to hasan's body in a series of transplant operations. >> we had a major improvement after the the first transplantation because of the diminishing of the wound area the child improved dramatically. >> reporter: it has been two years since hasan's last surgery and doctors say he is cured and enjoying life as an ago i have seven year-old. doctors believe the experimental stem cell treatment could also help other people with skin disease s as well as burn victims. they now want to use their research in clinical trials. talk bay potential break through this could be, i mean, skin cells in a lab? >> that is wild. >> all right, stephanie, thanks. popular pastry maker wants to you pick which pastry will
5:37 pm
be discontinued, they are not making it easy your choice up next. and dozens of allegations of sexual misconduct against producer harvey weinstein and more being leveled against hollywood stars, investigators are taking a drastic step to check them all out, kate. well, tgif, thank goodness it is friday but thank good ness it is frigid, a blast of arctic air has arrived and it will be a frigid start tour saturday morning railroaded lows could fall across the region we will be within a couple degrees, much of the area will have their first freeze saturday morning but does try to warm up a little bit on sunday, and best news for saturday even though it is cold wind will shut off.
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five amazon pop up stores will be rolling out at select whole food location as cross the country. the stores will open up at whole food locationness illinois, colorado, michigan, florida and california. the pop up stores will allow customers to test amazon products and learn more about services about amazon prime membership and amazon purchased whole food over the summer for more than $13 billion. there are dozens of snacks , little debbie brand lovers cannot go without but one of the popular treats is on the chopping block. >> question is, which one? snack company tweeted out an image saying one down forever and asked users to choose. four choices, closing their iconic christmas tree cakes, nutty buddy's, oatmeal cream pies and then yes, honey buns.
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don't mess with the honey buns >> i like it christmas tree and oatmeal cream by. >> i have been a honey bun fan >> what will they do. >> they got a problem. >> they got a problem. >> a major problem. >> we will see. >> up next, get outside, check out colors of fall. >> you might want to stay in one car and take a drive and check out fall foliage we will show you a great place to take awwwwww...... yummmm... denny's new holiday pancakes are delicious.
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time is running out to enjoy colors of fall. >> right now valley forge national park the foliage is on full display, meteorologist chelsea ingram, taking it all in the help of the mobile weather watcher, chelsea. >> that is right we are live with the mobile weather watcher at valley forge national park, we have an opportunity to take a really nice drive through the park earlier this afternoon. we joined in well after the other leaf peepers checking out the beautiful fall foliage and we have chopper three over the park earlier showing off
5:46 pm
the beautiful, colors of the fall, and really that gorgeous , golden color that really encompasses the park this time of the year, as we are making our way through peak foliage, and i had the opportunity, to talk to one of the park guide earlier today her name was beth dungy and she told me more, on everything that this beautiful park has to offer. >> we're 3500 acres. we have one of the largest meadowness eastern pennsylvania, we have the wood lands, we have schuylkill river valley creek, is there tons of nature here and people tend to forget that, concentrate only on the history and we have nature, hiking trails, we have all kinds of stuff here. >> reporter: as beth mentioned there is history here as well so i would definitely recommend you come down here and check out valley forge national park. while making my way through earlier this afternoon i net ised that the winds that we
5:47 pm
have had today and really in recent weeks knocked some of the leaves off trees but even though that has happened there is beautiful fall color and if you notice this, this is what we're seeing on the ground, these are freshly fallen leaves so even the leaves that are on the ground have this beautiful color as well. so the landscape, the grass, just looks absolutely exquisite with beautiful yellow, beautiful red and also those orange colors. this weekend is going to be a nice weekend to check on it fall foliage as long as you can brave the cold weather, right now temperatures are in the 30's and feels more like the 20's and as we head into tomorrow we are looking at highs in the lower 40's. maybe only in the upper 30's. so as long as you can brace cold i might want to hop in the car to check out fall foliage because it will be on the chilly side as we head into saturday. lets send it back inside where it is warmer for your full forecast. >> thanks, chelsea.
5:48 pm
>> yes. >> i feel guilty. >> you know what, just a bit. >> just a bit. >> yes, i grew up near valley forge park and is there one road where you come up over this ridge and you cannot see road in front of you for a moment and come up overtop and if you can find it, i don't know the name of the road, but one of the our favorite things to go up and they call it roller coaster road. always fun time in valley forge park. and as chelsea said, do it with the heat on in the car tomorrow because it is going to be chilly outside. not even chilly this is well below average near record temperatures, all across the region tomorrow. lets take a peak what is going on outside, right now out to the parkway central library camera big night for people dinner reservations, big shows , walking around city, it is not feeling great out there you need scarf coat, gloves, hat and on the plus side if you invested in a winter coat, scarves, boots, break them out tonight because it has been warm, this fall, but not
5:49 pm
tonight, temperatures dropping very close to the freezing mark. our first free friday is underway. here's a look at our eyewitness weather watchers taking a peak across the region here and temperatures only in the 30's just about every where. lets look at 31 degrees. we will check with eileen mur any gilbertsville, 31 with the clear skies, she said burr, bundle up and throw another log on the fire, fireplace sounds really good about now. maybe put one in the corner of the studio. crackling would be a nice accompany. to the cold night. bill layden has his profile shot when he was here at our cbs-3 studios in cardington right at freezing mark and it is only 27 as we head further north and check in with our buddy chuck, at 27 degrees in bedminster bucks county. as we head south, we can see still above freezing for now. john carroll in mullica at 34 degrees but it is cold out there and getting even colder. now that the sundown you can see wind sheer, mullica only 3 s
5:50 pm
house. winds backing off and that means it is a recipe for extreme cold tonight and temperatures dropping quickly. time lapse today from kutztown area middle school. not a bad day we had cloud, sunshine, cloud thinned out early, most of the day with that deep blue fall sky looks beautiful with the foliage, past peak in our western suburbs but foliage peeking right about now philadelphia and points south eat, not a bad looking day but take a look at that neighborhood network site temperature, 27 degrees, right now in kutztown, that is one spot that may touch the teens tonight. storm scan three looking clear we do have lake effect snow showers and squals over portions of ohio, and western pennsylvania and not affecting any precipitation here until sunday and by that point in time temperatures warm up that we are talking about rain showers and not snow showers. by 9:00 tonight these are temperatures not feels like temperature dropping down to 27 in the city, down to 16 in mount pocono it will feel like the teens every where by 9:00 o'clock tonight.
5:51 pm
overnight we can see temperatures dropping through 20's with less wind it will not feel quite as bad as day felt and tomorrow temperatures will feel a little warmer then today but by 5:00 tomorrow night we will drop again down near freezing, saturday night plans in the city but not as cold as tonight but still coat and gloves and hat. your forecast lows for on the day morning will be in the blue here in philadelphia between 20 and 25, purple up through lehigh valley is 15 to 20 and in the poconos 10 to 15 . here are record that is we need to try and beat tonight in we will see any new record, record low for tonight in mount pocono 11. eighteen in reading. nineteen in allentown. our record here in philadelphia 21. trenton will need to drop to 25 overnight. tune into tomorrow morning to see in these record will fall. good news jet stream lifts back to the north as we head into next week and that means temperatures do head back closer to normal a cross the region tomorrow it feels more like january then november. we have got 40's in the city
5:52 pm
down the shore and 30's in the poconos. you're witness weather seven day forecast back to the 50's sunday with a stray shower and next week looks much more seasonal, ukee and jessica. assisted living home's paul's run in northeast philadelphia held its annual community bizarre. >> for two decade holiday bizarre wowed crowds in the neighborhood with art and fun activities, sponsored by friends and families of the home, bizarre has become a tradition that features crafts , raffles, bake goods, jewelry and so much more. bizarre will also be opened tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. still ahead a shock being statement from louie ck. >> his admission sexual misconduct allegations mount all this as his career begins to crumble under the weight of the scandal. we will be right back.
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she even now. anything slow her down. and aetna is moving medicare advantage plans forward right along with her. we offer $0 monthly plan premiums. and a limit on out-of pocket medical costs you pay each year. call aetna today and we'll send you a $10 reward card with no obligation to enroll. because getting older clearly isn't what it used to be.
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louie ck is coming clean about sexually hard rags multiple women. he admitted that the sexual misconduct allegations against him by at least five women are true, but he says he never did anything inappropriate, without asking for permission first. a premiere of his film in new york was abruptly cancelled last night and film has now been scrapped, all together, an appearance last night on the late show with stephen colbert was also cancelled. accusation as begins the comedian were first detailed in the new york times, on tuesday. >> women we spoke to they felt that this is moment to speak. there is this movement, there is this sense of solidarity, that their stories now will get support. >> louie ck is one of the world's highest paid comedians
5:57 pm
forbes say he pulled in 52 million-dollar last year. a third woman is accusing actor jeremy piven of sexual assault and he is taking to twit tore deny those accusations. he posted a statement in it he calls allegations absolutely false and completely fabricated. he also says that he is offered to take a polygraph to support his innocence. piven stars in the cbs drama wisdom of the crowd, cbs is looking into those allegations in light of the recent wave of allegations, los angeles county district attorney has created a special task force continue on investigate allegations of sexual abuse in hollywood. >> jamie youkiss is in los angeles with more on the effort by law enforce. >> jackie lazy says her task force is working in coordination with the lapd and beverly hills police department. task force including specially trained deputy district attorneys and veteran sex crimes prosecutors, to work together, to ensure a uniformed approach to the legal review, and nearly 70
5:58 pm
women have come forward with allegation as again harvey weinstein who is also being investigated by new york city prosecutors, the l.a. times says more than 200 women have accused director james topak of sexual misconduct and ed westwick of the subject of two rape allegation from his 2014. all three men have been denying wrongdoing. sex crimes cases can be difficult to prove, jamie lazy directs the largest office of its kind in the nation. she said yesterday she has not received any cases from law enforcement apartmentcy for possible criminal filing. jamie youkiss for cbs news, los angeles. because of allegations against actor ed westwick, the bbc has just announced it is pulling a new christie adoption starring westwick from its holiday television schedule. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 feeling the chill, the temperature is dropping fast, and this frigid friday is just the beginning, kate? that is right, you guys i will tell but a freeze warning
5:59 pm
that will go into effect shortly and just how cold it will get? we may approach record lows tonight but how long does this little blast of winter last, i will tell you when relief arrives. michigan man is arrested for reportedly stalking and harassing a local teenager whose popular on social media i'm anita oh radnor township with the warning for parents. also the battle over legalizing marijuana in the garden state, how new jersey's marijuana industry is getting ready for big business. 6:00 o'clock here's is what happening, get ready for bitter blast, dropping temperatures and whipping wind s, will be making for a winter-like weekend. we could be flirting with record lows in some spots. good evening. i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. how low will it go? lets get tout meteorologist kate bilo on a blustery sky
6:00 pm
deck. how is it, kate. >> cold out here, you guys, skies are clear, sun has gone down and temperatures rapidly dropping very, very closely to freezing which is well below average for this time of the year. next 12 hours or so will be coldest part of this little brief blast of winter, once you wake up tomorrow morning many spots will be challenging , record lows, here's what it feels like right now starting off with temperatures we have dropped another 2 degrees in the pennsylvania hour at 4:00 it was 37. 5:00 o'clock it was 35. now 33 degrees at the airport. allentown in the 20's. trenton, reading, lancaster reading just dropped to 29 as well. mount pocono at 16 degrees. possibly a record for mount pocono. they only to have get down to 11. only 5 degrees away from that. feels like two in mount pocono , feels like 16 in allentown and feels like temperature in philadelphia feels like 22 degrees, i was able to get through my head last hour without the gloves. this time around gloves are out and bring them


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