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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 10, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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how is it, kate. >> cold out here, you guys, skies are clear, sun has gone down and temperatures rapidly dropping very, very closely to freezing which is well below average for this time of the year. next 12 hours or so will be coldest part of this little brief blast of winter, once you wake up tomorrow morning many spots will be challenging , record lows, here's what it feels like right now starting off with temperatures we have dropped another 2 degrees in the pennsylvania hour at 4:00 it was 37. 5:00 o'clock it was 35. now 33 degrees at the airport. allentown in the 20's. trenton, reading, lancaster reading just dropped to 29 as well. mount pocono at 16 degrees. possibly a record for mount pocono. they only to have get down to 11. only 5 degrees away from that. feels like two in mount pocono , feels like 16 in allentown and feels like temperature in philadelphia feels like 22 degrees, i was able to get through my head last hour without the gloves. this time around gloves are out and bring them out with
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your head out as well. our freeze warning goes into effect at 7:00, that means any area that has not seen a hard freeze including philadelphia and points south, expect to have that hard first fleece, you won't see another freeze warning once we hit first one because it is basically denoting even of the growing season. falling temperatures again was 37 at 4:00. now 33, by 5:00 a.m. we will be at 25 degrees, and it may be even colder then that. record is 21. coming up we will tell you how close we will get to that record and when temperatures get back to more seasonal november levels. now back inside to you. stay tup date with this frigid forecast on our web site at cbs you'll find cold weather resource guide at top of the home page. we're getting a first hand look at moments leading up to a crash that injured four philadelphia police officers, today they collided, into a shooting call in kensington. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live at temple university hospital where those injured officers were
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treated, greg. >> reporter: jessica a very scary situation those four philadelphia police officers rushed here to temple university hospital, and one of those officers had a pretty serious head injury when brought here to this location. it all happened around 10:00 15a two vehicle accident involving two police suv's. this crash as a result of the four officers responding to a shooting call, rushing to allegheny avenue just east of kensington around 10:30 this morning. >> boom, a big collision, biggest collision i ever saw in my life. >> reporter: surveillance video shows second before the impact, this police suv is lights on, racing down indiana , the second on the bottom of the screen barely down d street. they collide, one spinning multiple times, crashing this tell even if pole and ending partially inside someone's living room. >> i ain'ting to go lie it was like fast and furious. >> ways in the house and it
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shook. >> reporter: all four officers transported to temple university hospital one with the serious head injury. >> the one officer he jump out of the car and his face was full of blood, full of blood. >> reporter: investigators say initial shooting call stemmed from an argument between two drivers, the suspect pulling the gun and shooting at the other, the shooting, 20 years old police say lah rested by septa police officers also responding to that call. officers with the accident investigation division piecing together what led to the two suv's colliding as l and i inspector deemed this home un safe. now ukee and jessica fortunately tonight all four officers, going to be okay. i'm live from north philadelphia, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks for that news. short time ago we have learned doctors upgraded corporal seth kill toy stable condition. path state trooper was wounded , during a traffic stop in northampton county on tuesday, investigators say
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daniel clary shot corporal kelly after fighting with him and another trooper on the side have route 33. clary was also shot. he is charged with attempted murder. new at 6:00 o'clock tonight a social media stalk's rested on the main line. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh tells us lengths police say suspect went to to meet a teen who wanted nothing do with him. >> very scary. >> reporter: radnor township residents are react together arrest of the 30 year-old michael lieb, a michigan man charged with stalk and harassing a local teen who has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media investigators say lieb began sending the 18 year-old victim lewd messages on social media then drove nine hours from michigan to the teen's home in wayne at lee five times. >> he was not responding to him, he was not leading him on in anyway, he wasn't making any suggestions or he wasn't inn trieding him. >> reporter: on october 25th the suspect knock on the front door asking to meet the teen
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and then came back again at least three times on november 7th. he reportedly message the victim's family members saying he would quote take their son. detectives lured him back the two house using victim's social media account and arrested him. >> authorities are urging parents to talk to their children about social media and to monitor their use. >> it is very important for every family to deliver internet safety, to know the signs of somebody trying to visit anybody is extremely dangerous. >> reporter: fourteen year-old nick wally says he takes extra precautions and keeps his social media accounts private. >> i try to refrain from sharing any personal information on soaks media and just keep things as vague as possible. >> reporter: right now investigators are awaiting a search warrant to search his jeep cherokee and being held on delaware county jail on $20,000 bail. his preliminary hearing is scheduled for november 16th. reporting from radnor township i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". chopper three over a fire
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in shamong burlington county, flames engulf a home at 563cy an road that have noon. house was vacant no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is still being looked into. marijuana business just may be the big winner in the new jersey gubernatorial race. phil murphy campaigned on legalizing the drug for recreational use. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan examines implications this could have on the garden state. >> we will stand firm for new jersey values. >> reporter: this week new jersians pick a new governor with the vastly different view from chris christie on marijuana governor elect phil murphy wants a bill recreational use of marijuana within 100 days and pot industry is getting ready to do business. >> it is an exciting time for sure. >> reporter: this week new jersey cannabis association announced it has been flooded with interest since murphy's election, associates of the president scott ruther says based on sales in other states new jersey could support a two to 3 billion-dollar pot industry. >> from an industry
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perspective we're talking 10s of thousands of brand new jobs report are the it could raise hundreds of millions of dollars of the tax revenues and legal says would cut down on low level drug arrests. >> war on drugs has caused more damage then cannabis has ever done. >> reporter: september poll found 59 percent of new jersians are okay with legalizing pot for personal use but in the coming month there will be groups pushing back begins legal says of marijuana organization that is for the to keep drugs out of kid hand. >> when they become defensive, more likely they they will try it. >> reporter: joseph conlin from prevention plus of the burlington county say legaliz ing marijuana for adults would make children and teens more likely to try it. >> kid will get access they get alcohol from their home f mom and dad are using or someone in the home is using marijuana they will have access to that as well. >> reporter: mar jane a legal says bill has been introduced in trenton, and expect debate in the coming movement cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" .
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well, eagles might not be playing this sunday but there is still plenty to talk about with the bird. >> carson wentz had a lot to say today on our sister radio station 94 wip sports radio. leslie's here now. carson talking about football and fans. >> carson getting a break. instead of looking at the game plan he and bird are off on the bye week. they have the best rorrer in the league thanks in part to carson wentz and his mvp-like season. in his second year carson has been off the chart leading eagles in touchdown passes and on pace to be the first eagles quarterback to throw for over 4,000-yard in the season. he has a blue collar mentality , and the first guy, to leave the complex and last to leave and it that is work ethic with winning that has made him so popular with the fans. >> you can just tell, it is a blue collar hard working mentality, city. it is just wired that way. that is exactly how i'm wired. that is exactly how i have grown up. you know, i'm a blue collar
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hard working kid that by the grace of god made to it this level. i think it is a perfect fit. they are so passionate about the game. so am i. it is pretty cool how this all came together and to be playing in the city like this. >> next up for eagles prime time she down against dallas next sunday, cowboys will not have ezekiel elliott in the line up because of the six game suspension so carson talks about the match up when you see you later in sports. what will we do this sunday. >> go eagles. >> can't you just pick up the game and see him play. >> yes. >> thanks, leslie. eagles mighting off this weekend but is there still plenty of football to see, tor i it is frenzy time. >> it is frenzy time i love that, ukee and absolutely freezing here at neshaminy high school. guess what, the guys are running the drills behind me here, pennsbury is taking on neshaminy on neshaminy's home field we will talk to that sketch right there and will give us strategy, and plans,
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coming up. it will be a good game. veterans day is still a day way but region recognizing those served our country. the ways that vets are being honored in our area. also you are looking live at logan square fountain on this frigid friday night, kate will have another chance of the chilly forecast on the other side we will be right
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veterans day was observed a day earlier. veterans and their family proudly waved american flag during the parade. >> thousands lined the route for 58th annual tradition. >> aim, fire. >> honor guard, solute, capped off the 90 minute parade this tradition began with world warp one veterans who walk these same streets a half century ago. veterans say the parade is one way they connect with others, like them. >> there are things that we can share with each other that we cannot share with other people because they don't
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understand. it is a very emotional time for all of us veterans. >> viewing stand county commissioner and state representatives and members of the congress, all took time to meet with local veterans before and after that parade. and philadelphia international airport this morning, mayor jim kenney and several guest speakers helped dedicate a prisoners of war missing in action chair of honor. former missing in action service member patrick hughes and former prisoner of war ralph gallty were in attendance this, remines everyone there will always be a place at philadelphia international awaiting the service members return. on the steps of the art museum, this morning, more than 150 veterans participated in physical training, it included drills up and down the steps, yeah, just like rocky, push-ups, so much more, the event kick off power home remodeling annual veteran leadership summit. outside of oregon former cbs-3 weatherman, helped crowd
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celebrate 242 birthday of the united states marine. navy veteran tom hosted the celebration for more than 20 years. today, there are more than 200,000 active duty and reserve, marines. nicely done, thanks, tom good to see you. special olympics of pennsylvania held a special kick off ceremony today at philadelphia city hall for their fall festival at villanova university. >> and it was part of the seventh annual unify fall festival torch run. it is a 26-mile, non- competitive run by members of the law enforcement consisting of 18 legs from citizens bank park to villanova. that run took place today ahead of the fall festival, at villanova this weekend which is the largest student run special olympics events, in the world. >> some great work, and, we have need some great coats as well, it looks to be quite chilly. >> tomorrow will be quite chilly. >> only saving grace was the sun, we did not feel too bad,
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still a tough solar angle in november but tomorrow we will have sun. temperatures will be chilly today. tomorrow's saving grace as compared with today the wind is not as strong. today wind where is whipping 30 miles an hour at times, tomorrow virtually no wind. that means it will feel better even though temperatures are still very far below average. worst of the cold is actually tonight when we don't have sun to help us out. wins dying down so that does help but out and about tonight in bethlehem flags are still flying there in the hotel bethlehem and everybody bundled up, they have hats, scarves, gloves, winter coats all those have been emerging from the closet is a cross the area dust brushed off, and everybody bundling up for first time in quite sometime. storm scan three shows clear skies all across the northeast we have lake effect snow squals here over portions of ohio, western pennsylvania, and nothing expected here. we don't have any lakes to speak of. winds not strong enough to bring these squals far enough east. we have clear conditions
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tonight and tomorrow but with the clear skies, and winds dropping again that is recipe for very, very cold conditions so, 28 in allentown right now, below freezing already in lancaster, reading, trenton, mount pocono at 16, philadelphia we are down to 33 , likely to hit freezing in the next hour. temperature right now 16 at international falls, 14? winnipeg, and you can see a warm up here see green creeping in the rockies, that is the end of it. we will see more moderation by the even of the weekend and into the early part of next week. your forecast lows for tonight mount pocono 11. that is record. mount pocono may tie a rorrer tonight, philadelphia our forecast low 23, record is 21 and atlantic city will drop do 25. wildwood dunn to 19. maybe milder then that 23 again allentown. twenty-four is what you will wake up to in trenton. near record cold, again for cast for the city is 23. here's record, 21 setback in 1961, that record has been around for quite sometime but
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looks like we may challenge it tonight. likely not going to break it but will get close. bit cold, canadian high centered over region into your saturday that will keep us dry , couple showers back here that could creep in sunday evening but weekend is precipitation free. tonight, coldest part and we will challenge those record lows early tomorrow morning. so what to expect for your saturday. frigid morning. cold afternoon. not as windy, wind chills in the 30's opposed to 20's feeling 10 degrees warmer then today which is still feeling like winter but in the quite as winter like as today felt. overnight mainly clear, wind chills in the teens 23 is overnight low. saturday sunny, cold, 41, average high 58, well below average and if you are heading penn state fans to state college this weekend important penn state rutgers it will be cold, freezing at kick off at noon, bright, sunny but layer up, fair number of many, many cold walks to class in the state college and it seems like a bubble of cold in
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central pennsylvania. next week looks milder, we will pushing 60 by thursday, so good news about this cold snap, it is only two days and then back to normal. >> rally cry, layer up, lets go. >> thanks, kate. >> leslie's up next with sports. >> talking hockey but flyers need scoring help the head coach weighs in. bye week comes at right time for eagles what about that match up without ezekiel how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪
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leslie joining us again with more on what carson's talking about on the bye week. >> people are worried about the bye week because they had so much momentum but carson wentz says he doesn't expect to see any lit down when team gets back to work on monday preparing furkow boys. he says actually bye week came at just the right time for them. eagles face dallas next sunday cowboys will not have their number one weapon on the field ezekiel elliott serving six
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games for violating the league 's domestic abuse policy carson was asked on the wip morning show what it will be like facing dallas without ezekiel. >> those are things i cannot control. we cannot control. everyone has to be suspended, hurt, both from your team and the other team. i don't really think too much bit. i think they have a handful of good running backs as well, so we don't really, we don't really think too much about that, it always seems like it is one way or the other. i never looked into it, too much. well, flyers have the day off back in action tomorrow down at center against we will last night orange and black beat chicago three-one. flyers top line of giroux, company tore yah and voracek and shut down patrick kaine's line but if the flyers hope to get in the playoffs, will they need more scoring from their own three lines. need heaven coach dave hakstol is pleased with how is team is playing.
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>> led the way offensive lie but everybody is doing their part and like i talk to a couple days ago, you know, we're doing a lot of good things and probably, you know, continue to look at every area of our game and i think we can improve every area over game. sixers five game winning streak came ton and he last night begins sacramento. sixers could in the hold on to the lead down the stretch kings scored eight straight, and darren fox with the jumper to give them lead for good. sixers have one last chance joel embiid with the jumper he missed. sixers lose 109-108. they face world champion warriors tomorrow. it is friday night, you know what that means. time for friday football frenzy game of the week, a playoff battle between two rivals pennsbury at neshaminy. lets head to neshaminy high school where we will fine our vittoria woodill. hi there, tori. >> how is it going, leslie, it is a huge game tonight. pennsbury neshaminy played a little bit ago.
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they took that game. both teams with the same record. took that game by one point. so tonight doesn't mean just something, it means, everything, so i got to talk to the pennsbury head coach and see how boys were feeling on the bus, now that they are here and take a look at what he said. >> it is quiet confidence. you know, couple that with rapidly and things like that but it was light, loose, yeah. >> not too long ago you had already played neshaminy. >> right. >> so after that game is that more fuel to the fire for this game or what is the approach. >> all you have to say is we're playing neshaminy. it doesn't matter if it is was this game, to weeks ago or two years ago we're playing neshaminy. just happened to be in the playoffs. >> that is right big playoff game tonight you can see neshaminy band behind me they are getting ready, girls, bombing, rocking, sit freezing or what? >> yes, it is super cold, how is the wind feel. >> it does feel like 0 degrees
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hopefully you get started soon so i can work the fancy foot work because yeah, i cannot feel my face. when they say, the ridge was freezing, that was completely accurate because it does feel like zero below tonight. guys, i will try and follow the band here, and feels like they are getting started here comes the feet work, happy friday football frenzy everyone. >> right back at you. >> keep warm. >> keep going. >> all right. >> thanks, leslie. not just rocking at neshaminy, the flags were flying in philadelphia tonight and we are not talking about the wind. >> when we come back who came out on top in the police athletic league flag fat ball
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a trophy was hand out today to the winners of the pal city wide flag football championship. >> kid from one field of the pal went head to head with kid from coast even pal and the at michael vick field. wynfield came out with the win flag football is one of the pal's most popular sports, among the kid, and nearly 240 people participated in the two day tournament. >> wow, nicely done. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on the cw philly and we are back here at cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". from new york here now is anthony mason. stay warm, we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: silent no hear. more. one of america's greatest olympians tells "60 minutes" she was among those sexually abused by a team doctor and blames the organization. >> what did u.s.a. gymnastics do and larry nassar do to manipulate these girls so much that they are so afraid to speak up? >> mason: the first wife of the texas church gunman describes living in fear. >> he just had a lot of demons or hatred inside of him. >> mason: tests show one of america's most widely used jets is vulnerable to hacking. and "on the road" with steve hartman. is this any way to run a business? >> reporter: you've got a lot


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