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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> is it possible christmas music could be stressing us out? >> i get to the heart of the family with danzel washington. >> do people know we're cousin let's talk about it. >> we talk about it all from danzel's new music to child hood memories, and his special connection to fill. >> i also, trash trouble. what sanitation workers were caught doing on camera, in a local neighborhood. well, we begin tonight with this bitter blast, that's gripping the region. good evening, happy friday, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington live coverage of this blast of winter. kate, talking what, possible record lows? >> we are indeed. i kind of feel bad like we should have started with natasha t looks so cold out there. let's get to the temperatures quickly, you can see how colds it is, we drop another degree in philadelphia, in the past hour, now down to 26 degrees. keep in mind we're not going to hit the morning low until
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around 6:00 or 7:00 a.m., gives us plenty i of time, seven, eight hours to drop to that record, only 5 degrees from it now, down to 14 in mount pocono, likely to touch the teens in the northern lehigh valley, temperatures in the low 20's right now, looks like we could get down to 18, 19 in some spots, 20's even across south jersey and the four-point, it is cold, everywhere, and when you factor in the breeze, which is still an issue this evening, winds are dying down, but right now here's what it feels like. stepping out the door in philadelphia, feeling like 15. it feels like zero in mount pocono right now, and it feels like 18 in millville. this is cold even by winter standards. and certainly, by november standards. freeze warning remains in effect that goes until 10:00 tomorrow morning, from the city and point south. all areas that have not had that first hard freeze, well it, has happened already. the ends of the growing season has happened, and more freeze warnings after. >> this but our record, could fall tonight. we are forecasting 23 degrees, the records is 21, and some spots may be closer to
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breaking them, i'll tell you more about that, how long the cold lasts coming up. ukee, jessica. >> see you soon thank you. those outside are bundled up. bitter blast causing some concerns, our natasha brown at dilworth park and talk to those braving the cold as is she, natasha? >> reporter: yes, we certainly are at this point, ukee, and jest, a we can tell you i think just the initial shock of it all, initially, okay, now, it is really really cold. it is not like we haven't been far warned about this winter blast, many of the folks that we talked to tonight say they're just not ready. >> this is the perfect night to find a fire pit to cozy up to. and this couple has done just that. >> nice and cozy, by the fire, keeping warm, hot chocolate. perfect. >> i love this weather like trying playoff football wetter >> some embracing the first bitter cold taste of winter, others say they're just not ready. >> it is too darn early. too darn early. >> i like the winter but like it went from like 60 to like
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20. i'm like come on, mother nature, what's with that? >> folks crowded ice skating rink first night of the garden opening, and despite the complaint about the frigid temperatures, for many, this family is taking it all in stride. >> we're from russia. >> oh. >> with temperatures dipping into the 20's, the city has also issued its first code blue of the season. extra homeless outreach teams are being flooded with phonecalls, finding those most in need of shelter. >> i are my hope by the end of the night we don't have anybody on the street. you know, prayer fully that happens. >> well the code blue emergency went into effect at 7:00 tonight. it will remain in effect until 7:00 a.m. sunday, so there is a hotline you can call this number that you will find on our website if you do see someone in need of shelter. that's the very latest now, reporting live in dilworth
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park, natasha brown, cbs-3 " eyewitness news." >> natasha, thank you. philadelphia homeowner is upset with the city overeager back collection. tonight our alexandria hoff has an exclusive look at surveillance videos showing the trash trouble. >> each day jerome gas patrols from his property to the ends of the block making sure it is trash-free. >> i'm from a part of the city where we take pride in our neighborhood, and keep our neighborhoods clean. and i moved in this neighborhood, and i bought a house there, and i keep my neighborhood clean. >> but one day a week, wednesdays, specifically, he notice that his hard work was undone. >> my house was trashed, my neighborhood was trashed, and i wonder what happened. >> so he decided to review his security cameras. >> i found out the city is trashing my house. >> wednesday, just so happens to be trash day, in the frankford section of the city. check out this video given exclusively to "eyewitness news." in it the city garbage truck pulls in front of gass home,
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after the bins are emptied, workers are seen hurling gass containers back on the street tossing remain trash with them >> put the trash out. i expect it to be taken away. >> well, something elsa period to be taken away. watch the beginning of this video again. gass3 trash cans tossed a bag at the curb. three cans are emptied. but only two thrown back. >> i have chased my trash can down the street, got it out of the trash truck numerous times >> he said he's running out of recepticle containers and patience. >> i care about my neighborhood. the city i want them to care about me. >> now, we did show that video to the city, and they told me that they are looking into the matter. reporting live in center city, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> alex, thank you. comedian lewis ck opening up about his sexual harrassment of multiple women. he he has admitted the sexual misconduct allegations against
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him from at least five women are true. but he says he never did anything inapropriate without asking permission first. a premiere every his film canceled last night, other project involving him have been scratched. >> emergency call for a shooting ends with a violent crash that injured four philadelphia police officers in kensington, the two police suv's collided at indianna and doctor. street around 10:30 a.m. this morning. one of the vehicles hit a house, the other damage add utility pole. surveillance video shows the seconds before the impact the officers are expected to be okay. >> police now say a two year old boy who died from a gunshot wounds in olney pulled the trigger himself. the boy has been identified as evan kareem lawson. police say he shot himself in the head after finding the loaded gun in the closet. the gun was later found in a trash can outside the home. authorities believe it was there because it was reported stolen two years ago. a social media stalker is arrested on the main line. michael lee of michigan facing
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charges. he is accused of stalking wayne teenage here has hundreds every thousands of followers. investigators say, he sent the teen leud messages, and then drove nine hours to the teen's home at least five times. last month the suspect reportedly knocked on the door asking to meet the teen. he allegedly came back at least three times on tuesday. he's behind bars. today's thousands of people lined the streets for the 58th annual delaware county veterans day parade. honor guard salute capped off the 90 minute parade in media. hundreds every veterans mapped in the parade and many thanked them for their service. in the first parade 58 years ago, world war i veterans walked that same route. and as they prepare to officially mark veterans day tomorrow, we wanted to take closer look at just one of the many men and women who have selflessly served our country. specialist rely told me he would do it all over again if
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askedment and tonight, we give him three cheers. >> ♪ >> receiving the camden county military service medal on wednesday, meant a lot to specialist leroy. >> that, i was really touched to receive the recognition, for serving my country. >> he served in the u.s. army for four years as a field medic. he's now retired living in collingswood, new jersey, his patriotism motivated him to enlist. >> the love of country. i love my country. i think this is is the greatest country in the worlds , and i'm willing to fight for it and die for it if necessary. >> consider how lucky we are to have men and women who are willing to give the ultimate sacrifice to defend our nation some fought in famous wars, defending america abroad, others like boxdale never served in conflict, but stood ready giving the rest of us
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peace of minds to live our lives, knowing they would protect us if we needed them. how do you properly thank someone for that? >> for someone to come up to you and say well thank you for your service, that's very important for a veteran. that's really meaningful t means a lot to us lisa dicioccio roy boxdale, thank you for your service, for yourself less necessary and love of country. we give you and all of the men and women out there who serve three cheers. >> of course we're going to honor all of them tomorrow. we are so very grateful. we also want to say a special thanks to the jewish family and children's services of southern new jersey and the cats jewish community center, they hosed us today, they president a lot of programs and help for veterans out there. >> three cheers and a salute. >> absolutely. ukee, you recently a familyly reunion of sorts. >> sure did. caught up with my cousin danzel washington starring in a few film, we talk about a whole lot more.
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>> philly's real. >> real folks. >> his special connection to the city of brotherly love. also, finds out exactly how we are related. >> plus, it is not unusual to already hear christmas music playing. but could those familiar tunes be doing more harm than good? why one doctor says hold off on those holiday jingles. >> and the cold can't stop the frenzy. lesley van arsdall has high school football highlights from around the area. the friday football frenzy on the other side.
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>> christmas music can be heard in the radio and the mall. >> is it too early? nicole brewer has the more the impact songs could be having on your health. >> like it or not, the superintendents and sounds every christmas are here. >> and while some light up. >> i love christmas music. >> bridges back a lot of memories, as a child. >> i've already started listening to it. >> the sooner the better. >> it leaves other folks -- >> it casino every reminds you of all of the stuff you have to do. >> the cooking, the shopping, putting the decorations out, making sure you go see this person, that person. >> something a british psychologist backs up, saying christmas music would play too early, too often, can cause
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anxiety over holiday chores. >> really, i don't believe that. >> puts in you such a good mood. >> more in the spirit to motivate me to do things. >> the list will be long no matter what. >> the expert adds store work remembers hardest hit by the festive fatigue since they're hearing the same songs over and over. >> i guess if i worked in a store where they had it all the time, maybe might be over kill. >> i work in retail, in college, and you aoun it out real quick. >> when should the stores press play? >> halloween, starts next week , i would be fine with it. >> i would like for it to hold off until after thanksgiving. >> i'm thinking about making a turkey, not a christmas tree. >> so based on that random and unscientific sample it, seems we all march to the beat of our own drummer boy. you see what i did there? >> yes, did i. >> and thankfully we can turn it up or down to suit our needs. what we didn't mention and i think is valid is some folks have negative memories, and associations to the holiday, maybe going through some type
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of hard time. i heard from people on facebook it, makes it tough for them. so we all have our own stories >> nicole, thanks. >> your welcome. >> get ready for another film starring danzel washington. i covered number of his movies since we first met during the shooting of philadelphia in 1991. the film office here, introduced us. we discussed a lot of his work over the years, but never had a conversation about how we are related. until now. family that old saying is true , when it comes to distant cousins, they're like aunt, you see them often but you know they're there. >> let's talk about it. >> the washington side of our family settled in virginia in the 1800s. 60 miles west of richmond, right between the towns of farm villain fillwicks, danzel with his mother in mount vernon new york but as a child during the summer he would visit his dad near dilworth. >> i would go down there chase pigs, and chickens, and all of
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that, then go back to new york my uncle john killed my favorite chicken by the way. ya. >> uncle john didn't do that. >> killed my favorite chicken and made us eat them. >> the double oscar winner, memories of humble combination diehard. not too hard to figure out our relation, you see, danzel's father and my farther's father , grandfather, first cousin, danzel and my farther, second cousins, that makes me. >> oh, man you lost me already >> it was easy to build back. >> jack myers, expert in geneology and family trees, focused on crunching the numbers. researching the names, applying the dates. so with danzel senior annual he's senior being first cuss else, d and i are. >> second cousins once removed >> and family takes care of family. he gave me part in the remark, 13 years ago, it's been a while shall cuz. >> you know, you got -- you didn't ask. could you have been in this one. >> say what?
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>> this one is roman j israel esquire, a driven defense attorney, he has no filter and conveying his knowledge, ends up getting way out every hands , dramatic thriller and i could have been in it. >> i know this is on tape. >> okay. >> all right, never mind. >> i'm doing ice man comet on broadway. would you like to be in that? >> i'll be in the audience. >> oh, you got choked? >> no, i'll save you for the next comedy. >> maybe we can fill testimony here. he lovers the tri-state region has garn earned many friends including late hall of fame boxing promoter, very fond of fill. >> i man, the food, the people , you know, philly is real. >> real folks. i've been down there there, i lost my boy, rich lewis, used to go down there all the time. >> and over a period of time, the sports fan he is, he's been watching it, enjoying what's happening in south philly pro-football. >> hey, and the eagles is kind o do? eight and one? >> you know it, the talk of the town, thanks for our talk.
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we welcome you any time to the city of brotherly love and kin dread kindness. love you, brother. >> yes, sir. >> and that's a brief sketch of what our family picture is all about. >> my man. >> wow. >> my man. >> but you know the plot thick glenn okay? >> research by mr. jack myers, after our story was completed actually has third cousins, not second once removed, getting further away by the minute. >> wait a minute. >> that's why we just go by cuz. >> all right. >> it applies. >> just cuz, just cuz, more on robert j israel esquire it opens in our area november 22. >> you've got a bit in it? >> could have been in it. >> i got to get the fro. >> go to broadway way. it is on. >> that was fun, that was fun. kate's got the forecast and here we go. >> tum tears plummeting, as we speak, we'll walk out there, will feel like mid january outside. tonight is cold, even by january standards. but it is only early november.
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and doesn't seem that long ago , because it wasn't that long ago, temperatures were in the 70s. we hit 70 monday. now it is friday, and temperatures barely even hit 40 today. and take a look outside right now, skies are clear, here is a live look from our parkway central library camera, toward logan circle, the cameras, center city, quiet night. the winds has died down. not talking any rain, and certainly no snow. there was rain it, would actually be snow. because temperatures are in the 20's, all across the region right now. take a look at time lapse from today. cut town we started the day with a lot of cloud cover. then it was beautiful blue sky in the afternoon. set off by the nice foliage across the region, look at the temperature at the kutztown area middle school right now. 22 degrees. and many spots on the neighborhood network are in the low 20's, right now. kutztown, milford, sinking spring, cape may courthouse sitting at 25 degrees. and middle township high school. storm scan3 shows clear skies, high pressure is overhead, we will talk more about the cold high in just a moment.
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let's recap these temps. because they're very cold, for this time of the year certainly. and again, this is more like a mid winter night. it is 26 in philadelphia, 14 in mount pocono, 23 in allentown, and as i showed you earlier, it feels like the teens, everywhere. north and west, this is our source air mass, where it is all coming from, central canada see the pink shading, temperatures only in the single digits right now. how low will we go? overnight down to 23 degrees in philadelphia. we got three more degrees to drop. we drop further than that, we will get very close to record. mount pocono bottoming out at 11, allentown, reading, lancaster, these numbers actually may come down even few more degrees to the upper teens, in a few spots, and we will be challenging a lot of these record lows, mount pocono, drops to 11, that will tie the records from 1956. reading and allentown have dropped to the upper teens, philadelphia, again, our record is 21. and some breakable records here in atlantic city and trenton, records in the low to mid 20's. so here's this cold canadian
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high sit overhead. we head through the weekends, most of the weekend dry. but it is turning very cold tonight, into tomorrow morning , that's when those lows are challenged, that's the colds he is part of this cold spell. so, a frigid morning gives way to very cold afternoon, it is not as windy, windchills in the 30's, versus the 20's like today. it is cold either way. and not quite as blustery as the day. overnight mainly clear sky, windchills in the teens, tomorrow's high only 41. the average high is 58. so more than 15 degrees below normal again. but it doesn't last forever. sunday, 50, late day shower. monday, trying to warm back up by thursday we could be pushing ten once again. so little peak into what january may feel like around here. >> thank you. >> all right, leslie up next with sport. >> hard to believe but college bass cents death ball is here. villanova with the first game of the season. temple is trying to win on the road in cincinnati. yes, it may be cold out, but the high schoolings is heating
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up. highlights. friday football frenz
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>> college football tonight, on the road, owls must win two out of their final three games to become bowl eligible. to the thirds quarter, temple up by six. frank goes over the top, wide open keith breaks a touchdown, and the owls up by 13. eye says a wright returns the kick. 98 yards to the house. the owls are now five and five on the season with a 35-24 victory. >> hard to believe that the college basketball sees son here. tonight sixth ranked villanova wildcats hosting columbia down at the center. second half, cats up by 12.
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phil missed last season with a injury, and the lead now 14. later in the game inbound pass to eric paschall. drives baseline. and fouled. eric led the cats with 15-point. they took care of the lions 75 -60 the final. it's time for the friday football frenzy. hi, leslie. (cheers). >> thank you, ladies, well there is week the temperatures drop for most of the teams, in tonight's frenzy the playoff in full swing. let's start close to home in northeast philadelphia. we have lasalle facing st. joe's prep. that's one way to deal with the cold. side line heater gets the mvp status tonight. well, we never highlight the kickers on the frenzy. tonight we finley get the chance. lasalle, dan, nailing the fields goal right, there and three-nothing, but the preps, cannot be out down. anthony, nails field goal of
11:26 pm
his own. that will tie it at three. but prep wins the game 17 to three. cinnaminson and camden, brandon on the goal line plunges in for the score. cinnamon sin wins it 28 to 12. >> timber creek, devon leary, plenty of time in the pocket. goes cents deep. hits a wide open mike for the touchdown. timber creek wins 62 to 31. ocean city, visiting delsea, mason maxwell running. options to hand a. looks like touchdown to us, but hand a was out at the one. they score in the next, delsea wins 56-34. back to pennsylvania, pennridge visiting perkioman valley. kyle with nice run. pennridge with the shut out 25 to nothing. >> upper perkioman visiting pottsgrove. coach rick pennypack where his final home game for coaching at pottsgrove 28 years. the team want to send him out with a win. upper perk on the offense, kieser looking deep, what a
11:27 pm
throw, nice catch by ryan, right there, but pottsgrove would not be denied. jay sisco, plunging in here, so pottsgrove the winner 38 to 14. all right, stay right there, not done yet. still have one more game. it is the game that you vote today see, pens berry at neshaminy. playoff action tonight. highlights coming up when we return.
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>> it is the game you have been waiting for the game of the week. >> this week you vote today see pennsbury at neshaminy. let's head to the fields and get things started. >> we take a look at this, neshaminy coming out on the field, the girl holding the sign want no part of this, get out of the way, gets the grounds gahm going first, joe stills the senior, great run here in for the touchdown, neshaminy able to get on the board. but here comes pennsbury. robbins with a run right up the middle. untouched into the score. back comes neshaminy, joe stills again. very impressive run. nice, break away speed. he scores. a big day for stills. but pennsbury defense, they've tightened up. check out the sack by lewis, that's a big kick. so pennsbury with the upset win over top seeded neshaminy, 36 to 17.
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they'll take on coatesville next week. good luck to both schools. thanks to neshaminy for the hospit (hard exhalation) honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort)
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>> coming up next the late show with stephen colbert followed by the late late slow our morning team is back tomorrow from 5:00 to 7:00. for kate, leslie, everyone here, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> thanks so much for watching good night, family and sleep
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