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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 13, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> live from the cbs-3 broadcast center, and, and "eyewitness news". >> justice, and, to stand autopsy begins something that is flawed and broken. >> reporter: it is 6:00 o'clock. show of support demonstrators the georgia tore rally for philadelphia rapper meek mill just days after he was sentenced to two to four years in prison. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. tonight high profile athletes and celebrities air monk those calling for action, "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden live in center city and many protesters joe had serious allegations about the judge who sent meek mill away. >> reporter: jessica and ukee, good evening. is there a star studded cast out here, dj, a number of eagles and all unfolding behind me right now, in fact, each time, one of those members goes, a liners start
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to leave this is what happens it bottlenecks and becomes an security issue. we are looking at intersection right here at penn square and filbert street, and this is how it has been playing out for the last hour or so, about a thousand people are here right now, a number of entertainers, one of them leaving right now, you are watching it live here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". you mentioned a serious allegations, i'm sorry, run down here by the crowd, but i want to tell but vinny curry, eagles defensive end we expect to just moments ago about why he went ahead and go ahead and toss that interview. >> meek mill is a friend of mine, real good dude, i'm just behind my man and i hope everything works out for him. >> reporter: do you think that sentence was harsh. >> a little bit, yeah, i think so. >> reporter: things are crazy right now. all this stemming about those very serious allegations,
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let's roll the story. >> reporter: robert williams aka meek mill spends his day in solitary confinement, 23 hours in a central pennsylvania jail cell after philadelphia judge jeanice brinkly ruled the rapper entertainer due fourth two to four years. sentence has been roundly criticized as harsh and excessive and he has support of the heavy hitters in the community including eagles safety malcolm jenkins talk to reporters in the locker room. >> i think this is an example of, you know, our criminal justice system and citizens handing out punitive sentences that are excessive. >> reporter: civil rights advocates including chaka single a california man who did time for a second degree homicide convictions and has reversed course with his life, condemns the judge's punishment. >> it is absurd, like there is no way a citizen in this country should be serving two to four years for misdemeanor, that was actually dismissed.
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>> reporter: judge brinkly didn't return numerous message s for comment, the apparent webb that she conduct with meek mill is basis for a request that she stepped down from the case. the attorney brian mcmonigal tells cbs-3 three he will file paperwork claiming that judge brinkly has shown extra bias. democratic state representative jordan harris of south philadelphia says that the meek mill sentencing is symptomatic of a larger criminal justice issue. >> the difference is that because of the person we're talking about today has multi platinum albums and has resources, the cameras are watching. had it been someone else no one would be paying attention and we would just be talking in a echo chapel ber. >> reporter: now about those very serious allegations being made by meek mill's defense team they include a shout out and mention, requested by the judge, apparently, indicating that she wanted something from meek mill in a word nothing
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his album. there were allegations that they are hoping, essentially to get this case... . >> that was joe holden reporting. new charges filed against members of the now shuttered penn state fraternity under investigation over the alleged hazing death of, fraternity pledge, timothy piazza. "eyewitness news", reporter greg argos is live in the sat center with more on the new evidence and allegations and reaction from the victim's parents, greg. >> reporter: jessica, good evening. for months the prosecution claims, someone has critical deleted evidence. the home's even tine video surveillance system was sent to the fbi. experts there able to recover that deleted video. that video has led to one dozen a digsal frat brothers being charged, and timothy piazza's parents were there for the announcement. >> a bitter sweet moment for timothy piazza's parents, after newly recovered video inside of the frat house where their son died, lead to new charges against, the beta
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theta pi fraternity brothers. >> they claimed we don't know what else happened other than what was seen in the upstairs video. we don't know what happened in the basement. guess what, guys? now we know. >> reporter: monday afternoon center county district attorney stacy parks million's announced the fbi recovered deleted video from february 2nd, investigators say it shows frat brothers giving the 19 year-old drink after drink, during a pledge event in the frat house, basement. >> coercing someone to drink seven to eight drinks in 12 minutes or close to 20 drinks in 90 minutes us reckless. >> reporter: prosecutors say a frat brother purposely delete that had video when police came to retrieve it. >> while they were there to get video from the fraternity brothers a series of commands, deliberate commands were entered into the system, it was manually deleted through certain menus. >> reporter: because of that new video 12 new frat brothers have been charged in connection with this case, five with felony manslaughter, five of the original defendants also face new charges.
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>> hazing is illegal and justice need to be served. it is time to man up, fellas and be held accountable for your actions. >> reporter: these new charges mean there will be new preliminary hearings for the defendants, parks-miller says the prosecution may show newly recovered video during those hearings. i'm leave from the sat center, greg air guess for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you. stay tuned for more on the penn state fraternity death charges on the "cbs evening news" tonight at 6:30 right here after "eyewitness news". the jury in the bribery trial of the new jersey senator bob menendez has informed the judge that it is dead locked on all 12 charges, judge told the 12 jurors to go home, clear that he head and return tomorrow to continue deliberations. the deliberations resumed from scratch this morning after seven jurors had to be questioned, about their exposure to media coverage over the weekend. last week a dismissed juror made remarks to reporters about the deliberations and defense attorneys worried it could have contaminated the
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process. one week from the eagles, bigbie week forbidder as rest of the nfc east suffered sunday losses, washington, new york, dallas all dropped their week 10 games and next up an nfc east showdown with the cowboys on the road in texas. >> carson wentz is ready to go number 11 tweet today rivalry week, #fly eagles fly, sports director don bell joins us now >> doesn't get any better for eagles nation when they are celebrating the bird did not even play a game. >> i thought this within a boring weekend, right? eagles weren't playing. it turns out people were having a pretty good time. tuesday makes eagles fans happy when bird win and when they lose, and sometimes not even in that order. the eagles have the week off so it was a good time to take inventory in the nfc east. cowboys got smashed by the falcons, dallas left tackle tie ron smith, was out with an
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injury, and adrian clay born went i have with six sacks, second most in nfl history. dak prescott was sacked eight times overall,e seek yet elliott served game one of his six game suspension. cowboys lost by 20 and eagles were paying attention. >> it seems like it will come down to them, you know, we will look forward to the challenge. we can't wait. we're excited. trust me when i say there is in lag in us from having that week off, we're excited, fired up, looking forward to get after it. >> americas team, you hear about them all year, everybody , ah, you know, they will do this, do that, i'm just excited because i know we will put in our work this week and we will make sure that we prepare for them. >> smile on his face, america 's team. coming off the bye eagles now have a three game lead over cowboys in the nfc east, to second hook up sunday night in dallas. >> dallas is desperate, watch out. >> watch outs for sure.
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>> fun game. >> it will be. >> we will all be watching. even today's weather could not get bird fans down but it was far from a marvelous monday out there. there is some good news on the way, meteorologist kate bilo is on the sky deck with more about that. >> it is getting chilly now, the rain has moved out but temperatures are dropping as skies begin to clear. we will go from dreary, drizzly to cold, and clear, tonight and the sun does return tomorrow, thank good ness. lets look at is what happening outside, storm scan three shows rain, moving out but see how cloud are starting to break up, in the area and with less winds and clear sky temperatures dropping rapidly in the 30's overnight and some spots to our northwest will drop below freezing, yet again so another cold morning on the way for tomorrow. right now it is chilly, 44 in philadelphia, 46 in allentown, 42 in reading. in the mid 30's in mount pocono. it feels like 39 right now in philadelphia. i can vouch for that outside on the sky deck, definitely getting cold tonight but a
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gradual warm up on the way this week i'll tell you when temperatures get back to normal when i join you inside, back to you. >> see he shortly. suspect accused of shoot ing a pennsylvania state trooper is out of the hospital and in northampton county prison. authorities released this new picture of daniel clarry who was shot in the gunfight with police. he is being held on one million-dollar bail, and investigators say clarry opened fire on two troopers last week during a traffic stop on the side of the northampton county highway, corporal seth kelly was shot multiple times and last check he remains hospitalized in stable condition. second trooper was not shot but suffered a minor arm injury. clarry face is a tempted murder and related charges. this weekend an argument outside a lounge and social club turned deadly, one man was killed, two others wounded , it is the fourth shooting at the night club in recent years, residents in the feltonville section of philadelphia, say that they are fed up with gun violence
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and they are calling for change. >> this is clear, it is not that we are questioning or wondering if this is an issue, it is, we need to address it, and how many more lives will be taken before this place gets shut down and we address these issues. >> the lounge did in the respond to our request for comment but on twitter, it issued a statement reading it is not about the a lounge, you can point finger at in one but people committing these crimes a 21 year-old man has been charge in the series of burglar is in montgomery county. he ace accused of entering more than 20 homes in abington , cheltenham and philadelphia between october 14th and last friday. he stole cash, cell phones and computers, and he is now being held on $10,000 bail. still to come on "eyewitness news" a sign of the future a plan on the display and september lays out its vision to expand rail service, where they want to increase service and residents say they are on the right
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public hearings are underway on a $1.2 billion rail project in king of prussia. >> "eyewitness news" at double tree hotel where septa discuss that had project, and it would extend moorestown high speed line adding stops at several locations including the king of prussia mall and valley forge casino. >> the king of prussia rail project is a transformative project that will increase regional mobility, reduce congestion, and save citizens valuable time, money. >> if this project goes through that is what we would want the option to be is to go on the north/south option so it does not go behind our 29 homes in our lovely little neighborhood. >> septa says it will pursue federal funding for up to half of the amount of the project,
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the source of the other half, remains up in the air. filling philadelphia with more trees, today dones of free trees were given away to local people, at edgeley field in fairmount park. >> it is part of the tree philly program. philadelphia parks and recreational department spent the day working with power core phl to give away 50 trees to people willing to plant them on their private properties. >> i'm a firm believe ever that we cut down too many trees throughout thecy. so replacing them i believe helps with the environment and i believe it helps us with the rain. >> these tree philly program hopes to restore cities canopy offering local people size appropriate plants for their urban yard. if you are interested in a free tree head over to cbs and we will linc you up to the tree philly web site where you can request one kate bilo joins us now and you said it has gotten chillier outside. >> it is chilly, yeah. rain has moved out.
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no longer quite as damp but now chillies starting to hit, you can feel it on your fingers stepping outside, a pair of gloves wouldn't hurt anybody tonight. lets look at today, earlier we caught this footage, it was an ugly day but deer, loved tonight jack frost big boulder , you can see deer frolicking on the slopes. definitely looks luke a winter scene out there. they have been making snow in the poconos and deer are enjoying themselves. they want to move out of the way once skiers come down but for now they are moving, enjoying day, it was a little rainy, okay for deer, love that shot, beautiful capture on our jack frost big boulder camera. storm scan three showing not a whole lot of mother nature made snow, which is good news, snowing autopsy cross maine, new hampshire back to the west we have got clearing skies and then pretty quiet weather over next few days. i will show you front coming through wednesday into thursday that could bring a stray shower but not a big deal for us. temperatures in the mid 40's,
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chilly, we are dropping, feels colder, feels like temperature in the city in the upper 30's and i can vouch for. that i was just on it side on the sky deck. it feels chill on it there 41 columbus. fifty-seven atlanta warm air to the south but starting to make an inroad back to the northern plains not quite as cold as it was last week when we were seeing single digit numbers here now back in the 60's, in shy and. temperatures are maryland rating, bridge in the jet stream, warmer air to the south, cold air locked away to the north. we have a buckle in the jet stream right here cold air pushing through the even of the week thursday and friday temperatures drop for first time. saturday we will see ridge build again so you can see warm air lift nothing saturday before another hit of cold on sunday. so quiet, cloud, sun over next few days but here comes this next front late wednesday into thursday, it doesn't have much in our area, an overnight shower wednesday and then some cloud thursday morning but it will eventually cool down as we head in the weekend as strong system moves in. this is saturday, bringing
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threat for rain, could be heavier to the north west. we have snow on the back edge but once the system moves out watch sunday. front's off the coast, see how tightly pack that he is line of pressure are. here comes lake effect snow showers and squals across western pennsylvania, northern pennsylvania, and then into new york state but a few snow squals could make tonight to the poconos, possibly men to philadelphia so, weekend starts wet and end cold that snow mix possible sunday just a brief recap what they are, fast moving, burst of snow, quickly reduced visibility, gusty winds and slick road. that would be maybe sunday to the northwest. we have time until that happens but, the workweek is quiet so we will shift focus and talk about that next system. we will keep you posted on. that for tomorrow mostly sunny , cool, 52 degrees is your daytime high, 5 degrees below average. we are closer. thursday we will get back to normal but does turn breezy,
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friday, colder and weekend doesn't look great, it starts out wet with showers and steady rain on saturday, windy , colder on sunday, only in the 40's to start next week once again. >> once again, thanks, kate. >> don's up next with sports. >> eagles getting healthy welcome back ronald darby, ready to put his best foot forward, find out what the bird corner is saying about his return in sports coming up
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eagles sign danel he will er bee an eight year veteran with playoff experience, saints released him after he suffered a foot injury, over the summer. the bird could use some depth at linebacker position. meanwhile cornerback ronald darby is fully healthy, he dislocated his and until week one with the redskins and he is back in the starting line up opposite jaylen mills and expected to play sunday at
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dallas. injuries are never fun but he learned a lot along the way. >> i learned a lot about getting hurt, all you could do is study, so every day they do on the field, i see it, i understand it. >> he is a great player and somebody we are looking forward to put back in the secondary. our secondary has performed pretty well so we are hoping that addition, you know, just takes us to the next level. >> bye week was a good time to chill, players got away but no one hat a better bye week then tim journigan defensive tackle signed a four year contract extension reportedly worth 48 million with 26 of it guarantied. today he talked about the deal >> it feels good that howie believes me and mr. laurie believes in me. they know that they made the right decision. >> it felt good. he worked hard this off season it is showing. i'm happy we got a guy that can push up the middle and
6:25 pm
help fletch and we have guys on the end that will, rack up them sacks when they push him out, congratulations to tim journigan. >> last week philadelphia sports community lost a member of the family roy halladay died off the coast of florida he was just 40 years old. tomorrow, there will be a memorial service for former fill any clearwater, florida i will make trip to spectrum field as we celebrate halladay 's life we will stream 4:00 p.m. ceremony on cbs philly and our tv coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. >> so celebration a life. >> yes. >> "cbs evening news" just a few mains. anthony mason has a look ahead. >> hi ukee and jessica, tonight sounding an alarm about a silent killer what new blood pressure guidelines could mean for you. plus another roy moore accuser steps forward, what she says he did, when she was
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16. eighteen drinks in 90 minutes new developments in the penn state student hazing death, lead to new charges. their friendship spans 50 years meet real life golden girls, just ahead on the "cbs evening
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eagles players took their talent to the world of virtual reality today. >> coming off bye week the players, played madden with u.s. military members, serving
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overseas, virtual gaming experience was part of the team's eagles care community initiative, each week, eagles team up with non-profit charities on a variety of activities aimed at making a lasting impact on the community. well, thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on our cyst fur station cw philly and back here at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", tonight sounding the alarm about a silent killer what new blood pressure guidelines could mean to you. also, their friendship spans 50 years meet real life golden girl, from new york here now is anthony mason, take care family we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> mr. moore reached over and began groping me. >> mason: another accuser. >> i tried to open my car door to leave, but he reached over, and he locked it so i could not get out. >> mason: the top senate republican says... >> i think he should step aside. >> mason: also tonight, sounding an alarm about a silent killer. nearly half of adults now have high blood pressure. parents' pain. >> they've destroyed our joy. >> mason: frat brothers accused of giving tim piazza -- >> at least 18 drinks over one hour and 22 minutes. >> mason: anr being a friend ♪ the sitcom ran seven years. >> you've lived together for how many years now? >> closing in on


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